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7 hours ago, aaid said:

We got the train - overnight sleeper from Berlin - into Minsk.  On the way back we were going to Vilnius and then back to Berlin.  Had a flight booked from Vilnius to Berlin.   Got Wee John's bus from Minsk to Vilnius.   I think that only around half those that went down with him had went back as they all had other plans.  Problem was there were six people more on the bus going back than went down, so half a dozen had to get off and walk through the border as "foot passengers" and get picked up on the Lithuanian side.

You were lucky them mate, we were treated like criminals, as mentioned above that trip we took the piss and made it a week away, used the old “yeah but it’s cheaper if you include a Saturday night 😂 

Thats nothing compared to trip I’ve got planned with Marky who posts on here occasionally ( TDYER63 wee brother ) our itinerary below for the Austria game, we’ve got very understanding wife’s 😂😂, going out Friday August 27th.  

Boat to St Malo ( one night there) 

Trains everywhere else 

1 night Paris 

2 nights Düsseldorf 

2 nights Cologne

1 night Koblenz

2 nights Munich 

3 nights Vienna 

2 nights Budapest 

Fly back to Jersey Via Gatwick.

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On 6/1/2021 at 3:47 PM, Jersey Jim said:

Definitely up there with my favourite trips, about 10 of us flew to Vilnius hired a minibus and driver to Minsk.

Was interesting at the border on the way back as 3 of our party had made alternative plans for travelling back so the “Dolph Lundgren” lookalike guards weren’t having it as 10 arrived and only 7 leaving the country, we got fined a small fortune, it was quite worrying as I thought we might have ended up buried in the nearby forest at one point 😂

I'd love to go back if we come across them again! I could probably write a wee novella about the capers that went on in both Vilnius & Minsk. 

We got a chartered bus in (£10 including on board carry out) and the sleeper train back. On the way in we were held at the border for over 2 hours. The robocops kept coming on and checking passports and just generally growling at everyone. Found out later from a local if we'd slipped them 50 bucks we'd have been waved through in 5 minutes 😂

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On 6/8/2021 at 12:06 PM, vanderark14 said:

proposals to increase England's MPs and decrease Scottish and welsh

Suits me. Just points to more evidence of Westminster wanting to throttle the opinion from outwith England. In any case what Scotland wants never gets listened to in Westminster no matter how many MPs we have there.

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35 minutes ago, Hertsscot said:

hope somebody's watching. There might be a few big contracts going to companies in which he has a stake, loyalty bonus.

Or at the worst (is that a real word)? A wee directorship in one or two of them 🤔

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