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  1. The UK has just got the biggest clown ever as PM who has histopry of disparaging words and his thoughts across the political spectrum and on Brexit, the NHS etc is frightening. I do feel the need to speak out but perhaps biting ones lip is best. Let him show himself up for what he is then start pressing as they have done on Brexit. Wait until the damage is finalised and there is no way back then pounce. The same goesa for Coco the Clown as, going by BBC Scotland news, there are people in Buchan who actually feel he can do a good job.
  2. However, much depends on how staunch unionist parties adapt themselves in an independent Scotland. Labour, Tories and Lib Dems will be in a state of disarray having to completely re-invent themselves and think about policies that will appeal to Scots that are forward-thinking for an independent Scotland. In their present guises those three parties will take a long time to adapt and adjust to a brand new political landscape outwith the union. Whoever can adapt quickest could be the first to topple the SNP.
  3. Not just differing opinions though. I would say it just examplifies that different people have different degrees of desire for independence.
  4. It is staggering though to think people are willing to vote No on really quite hypothetical and trivial shit. If Scotland becomes independent we have no guarantees anywhere we'd get accepted into the EU if/when we apply but no matter on what if scenario people will vote No on a matter of Scotland's independence which it has been striving for for so long. People will seemingly also vote No because they do not like the direction the SNP are heading or hate NS. Well if Scotland do not get independence the SNP are guaranteed to hang around whereas it may be disbanded or broken up if it achieves its goal so it seems to me the most logical way of ridding yourself of the SNP is by voting Yes.
  5. The EU is already into its second ID. Remember its forerunner? The EEC.
  6. I am sorry I just do more follow thst logic Paris I really don't. Scotland has been locked into this union now for 300+ years and chances for independence wont come around again in our life times after a next vote. Now an independent Scotland in the EU is no way going to be tied into the EU so tightly it will last anything like 300 years. Heck even the EU probably wont last for another 20 or 30 years in it's current guise yet you are willing to pass up the chance of a lifetime to stay locked, shackled and gagged by Westminster for the rest of your life. Hmmm....eh no thanks. I would vote Yes tomorrow whether it was Scotland in or out of the EU. Independence is the main goal nothing else.
  7. And what has to be recognised is that Scotland has to be welcoming in non-Scots to take up critical jobs such as in the health service, education and such-like. Sadly, as well, there are jobs that many young Scots (and other UK nationalities) see as below them. In my range of work I witnessed a far, far higher turnover of Scots/UK nationality employees than Poles, Spanish etc etc. I noticed too many of those in UK nationalities live their lives in the clouds and hard work doing menial tasks (no matter how well it is paid) is one they cannot and will not hack. Meanwhile, there was a far better chance that Poles or Spaniards etc would stick that job and progress onto higher grades. It is a sad indictment on our society and these jobs need doing hence why multi-culturalism is in no way a bad thing as long as it is kept to a controlled level.
  8. Somethings have changed for the better such as more new houses being built, better transport links, much-improved export figures and much-improved tourism bringing revenue into Scotland
  9. To be honest I have not thought about it. For me the first and most important thing is independence. Gain that first and concentrate on that and then we can begin shaping our Scotland.
  10. Yes but the same could be said for Salmond. I know of Yes backers who did not think he was the man to get us across the line either. Politics is like life - it is all about opinions.
  11. Thplinth, independence is about just that. Sure if you are losing faith/confidence in the SNP that is fine but that should not be confused with voting for independence. The SNP are merely a party pushing for independence but not the be all and end all of independence. An independent Scotland will give you that chance to remove the SNP from government - remaining in the UK will not.
  12. I get that part but this Tory government have shown this issue wont bother them as long as they hold the keys to No 10. This government has been blown out more times than a wind-sock in Westminster but they are still there. They are in disarray and the polls make for nasty reading. At present even if they did better at a GE than all polls suggest they'd still fall way short of a overall majority and absolutely nobody would form a coalition with them.
  13. I see no reason whatsoever why BJ would call a snap GE. He can just sit tight until 2022. To kill off Corbyn? Jeez is there a need. Leave the man to do that himself as he is doing a good enough job of that.
  14. I have said many times on here and will say it again. The reason we cannot go for an indyref now is multiple reasons. At present the best polls put Yes at around 50% and the worst put us at the low 40s. For a Yes vote to be returned we have to convince the waivers and diving in for an indyref before the Brexit disaster is finalised would play straight onto Bitter Together 2's hands. Think about it. The chief reason indyref2 is being pushed for is Brexit and that Scotland voted to Remain in the EU. Now at present the UK is still in the EU. If the SNP were to somehow force indyref2 now before Brexit is sorted then Bitter Together would have a field day. All of the waiverers would be told that you see indyref was never about Brexit at all and they are just using it as an excuse as nobody even knows how it is going to end. That will scrub thousands of potential Yes votes off that we desperately need. On top of that the dreamers, the ever optimistic and the gullible would also be put off voting Yes. They would be in limbo and still hold out a hope that Brexit may not happen or it may come about with deals. In short they wont have the balls to vote Yes without a definitive view about how Brexit is going to pan out. More thousands of potential Yes voters scrubbed off the list. If a Yes vote is to be returned next time it needs to play it smart. That is waiting until Brexit has been confirmed and probably with BJ confirmed as new PM and already pissing lots of people off. That will then be the time to move not now.
  15. Hypothetically, thplinth if there were an indyref tomorrow with NS in charge how would you vote? I am presuming it would still be Yes? What must be remembered is that NS reign is temporary but independence is hopefully permanent.
  16. I agree. The only way those in studio should review it is if the onfield referee contacts them to say I am not sure about that decision can you check it. If they don't do that then it should be left alone.
  17. Aye okay 12 yards but point stands.
  18. The more home-produced players sold abroad for big money the better as it encourages clubs that youth development is their bread and butter and very much worth their while.
  19. It was friggin painful listening to Pearce. As the missed penalty was about to be taken he was entrusting about how she may take a magnificent penalty (not the word he used his was even more silky). I was sat there thinking it is a penalty you cannot call a kick from 18 yards such a thing. What a twat he is.
  20. Tsitsipas getting knocked out was also a big shock and Gael Monfils is out having to retire in the 5th set with a knee injury.
  21. Jeremy Hunt saying he won't allow the union to fall. And how exactly is he to stop it if Scotland votes for it in a referendum. Sounds like a complete and utter tit but amazingly a better option than BJ but nonetheless useless.
  22. I really don't see what the Alex Salmond case has to do with Scotland wanting independence. I have seen bigger scandals revolve around Westminster and politics have continued regardless.
  23. Ha Ha hard lines Jonathan Pearce. Your dream never came off. No exhausted USA side for England to face in the semis.
  24. Commentary is embarrassing. Jonathan Pearce cheer-leading for France urging them to get an equaliser to force extra-time and tire out the USA or France for the semi against England.
  25. There is more to it than that though if you research your history. Scotland's trading with other countries was systematically throttled by the union. Scottish trading ships were blocked at ports by East India Shipping Compsny under orders from Westminster. It greatly affected the Scottish economy at a time when a union was prior to being proposed. Cunning. Get a country financially on its knees then move in. What a great bunch to be ruled by eh?
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