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  1. It worries me greatly you trying to make a joke out of Tory Saville and trying to disconnect him from a party you vote for and evidently defend and admire. A party who incidentally did the best they could to protect pardophiles by losing (or perhaps disposing of) a whole stack of investigation notes handed to them by the MET police for them to act on. You are saying some random person giving Tories the V sign would lead you to vote No when Tories and their supporters have committed far worse. Tells me you are just on the wind-up here. Pretty sad really on such an important thread for Scotland's future.
  2. Hmm right and the fucking mess the UK has been for many, many years under Tory rule would not inspire you more to vote Yes? And can I remind you Jimmy Saville was a Tory.
  3. Blatant lies not being challenged on it from Liz Truss I see last night and the brain dead Tory audience actually applauded her for it. She brought out the old myth of 2014 being a 'once in a generation' referendum. The official white paper The 2014 Scotland Act signed by David Cameron and Alex Salmond states quite clearly in this legal document that whatever the result in 2014 it did not mean the whole matter could not be revisited at anytime in the future if there was a call for it. It just shows how out of touch Tory MPs are with legal papers and how their opinion is not worth Jack shit.
  4. No sorry I lost all sympathy for him when he was cheering on Ukraine against Scotland.
  5. True but the Yoon media will play this to the max and use a few people as the average Scottish independence supporter trash talking poor little Tory MPs. It is the unfairness of the media as Tories can trash talk Scotland has much as they want without being scrutinised or criticised.
  6. Indeed. There is a pattern here. It was not whilst Brexit was going on then it was not during a pandemic now it is not during this latest financial crisis. The Tory Yoons will have an excuse always lined up. Pathetic that people like Malcolm cannot see the raison d'etre of the next potential PMs. Erode devolution, leverage powers from Holyrood and give them to Westminster. So you see the Better Together 2014 pledges were all blatant BS. I am gobsmacked people are still happy to be governed by the sham that is Westminster government.
  7. The Tory leadership debate rolls into Perth tonight. I hope any undecided on independence Scot watches as you'll see the direction things are going under Tory leadership ad nauseum. Truss and Sunak will outline plans to give Westminster more control of matters in Scotland and holding Scottish Government accountable for various stuff. Who the f*** holds Westminster accountable then for years of ineptitude, crooked dealings etc etc? Anyway as I say people should watch as it is clear it is the first step to further erosion of devolution.
  8. No I have come across a fair few of them recently on Twitter and Facebook hence my rant.
  9. Well no as they post just with the saltire and spout anti-independence or pro-unionist shit.
  10. Nah that does not wash with me. He has played under several top notch managers at United without it having a great effect on his performances for Scotland. It is not about learning for me it is about playing regularly in a confident team playing good football, feeling appreciated by management and fans allowing him to build some confidence which is shattered at United. He should jump ship at the first opportunity.
  11. To me it strikes me that the venue never vetted the show's content. Saw the name and signed him up without fully understanding what they would be getting so they must take the blame. However, evidently the people at the show bought the tickets as fans and knew what to expect at the show (content and humour-wise) so not a PC brigade by any means. But whatever they heard/saw even shocked them enough to lead them to complain and the venue crapped themselves (fearing the backlash) and pulled the show. Lets remember The Fringe has long seen blue comics famous for controversial material appearing for years without having their shows cancelled so that says what Sadowitz did or said must have been real bad.
  12. Gilmour is in an unfortunate position but one that he must do all he can to get out of it. He came to prominence when impressing for Chelsea and us especially V England in the Euros. A new manager at Chelsea had other ideas and Gilmour went out on loan that did not work out. Tuchel evidently does not rate Gilmour enough to give him a chance but Chelsea no doubt are pinning a big price on Gilmour putting a lot of clubs off. The result is Gilmour is left in limbo. Gilmour needs first team football and a settled future NOW and he should be looking to move and making that known to Chelsea and even in the press sending out 'Come and get me messages'. Lower his wage demands if necessary as long as he seals a move and start re-building his career.
  13. Something that truly pisses me off are people who post on social media with a Scotland flag emoticon but support the union. What thick f***ers. The St Andrews flag stems from a time when Scotland was an independent country and fought to remain that way. If these unionist Scots support the union at least post with the appropriate flag of your beliefs - the Union Jack and do not try to pretend to be a patriotic Scot.
  14. Nah as there are the odd Gers fan who are anti-monarchy but they still brain-deadly sing Royalist songs.
  15. I never said anyone new was going to breakthrough (that is possible though - McRorie for example). I said the situation will be different in two years time and it will. Rangers most likely will have bought a foreign goalkeeper as McGregor will have retired and he may be first choice. Back-up goalkeepers of ours at the moment may have moved on to new clubs and enhanced their reputation or stayed put and gained more club experience. Long term injuries are possible and yes young goalkeepers such ascRorie could have broke through or made a name for themselves being promoted to the SPL. So, for sure, the same situation will not be in place as there are so many variables. Like I said, mccaughey85 was worrying about Gordon's retirement in two years' time and who replaced him. Well McLaughlin will be 36 by then and close to retirement himself so I wouldn't pin hopes on him being the answer for the long-term. And, in any case, talent and reliability-wise I would not (at present) place him about the likes of younger options such as Clark or Kelly. Point being let's not just make a decision based on who he plays his club football for.
  16. The situation won't be the same as now - pretty sure of that. We'll see when that time comes.
  17. I don't see there is any real difference between him and our other options. Lets not just opt for him for who he plays for.
  18. Personally, I think he'd be better off with a move away from Manchester United. They are stagnating (by their standards) as a club and it is doing his career no good. The United fans invariably blame him and that must erode his confidence which does not help at all. A move from United to somewhere where he may be appreciated and where he can rebuild his confidence would be for the best for him, for United and for Scotland.
  19. Try BBC I-Player Sunday evening's live show I watched it on there.
  20. There are parts of coverage certainly screamed bias but ducking away from a long distance race to give 60 seconds of coverage also in athletics ain't it. It is akin to other long races - you are never going to get 100% live coverage of the race when there is so much other live sports going on. They ducked away from live events where English went on to win Gold is that bias too? In any case the whole race was on live as was the whole athletics programme in I-Player.
  21. Jeez where have you been living? We've been in a crisis with this Tory government for years.
  22. That would make very little sense. McLaughlin is already 34 and after the Euros will be 36 - hardly one to look to the future with. We should look to younger crop. After all those behind Craig Gordon are all much of a muchness talent-wise anyway.
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