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  1. Watching the build up to celtic v hearts, Naismith is a proper tink.
  2. SA have put the lions back in their box today
  3. Settle, Wright has played one game against Livingston who weren't anything like up for that match today
  4. I suspected Patterson wouldn't see much game time, time will tell but I'll be pleasantly shocked if he gets more than 15 starts this season.
  5. I agree regarding golf and tennis. They shouldn't be there
  6. Bob, as in a street cat named Bob has died. Sad news ☹
  7. Time will tell, managers talk mince to keep players happy all the time and pre-season is never a good way to judge whether a player will play or not.
  8. Team England and token jocks out I don;t think football should be in the Olympics anyway, Football gets enough coverage as it is
  9. If he moves to Sunderland, Odonnell will still get called up because we have a lack of options. Will Patterson play for Rangers this season or is gerrard going with Tavernier?
  10. Looks like England are heading out
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