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  1. If Paul Dickov gets the job, Hampden will be full.
  2. I'm not sure he was banned for the thread, I think he was probably banned for the reply he gave Auchinyell Hun bashing is definitely the best TAMB suicide.
  3. I know people who have had a dwarf handcuffed to them, is it bad taste, yes but really don't see why so many are again getting annoyed on here. The TAMB is getting too serious nowadays. On another note, i was on a stag weekend when a dwarf was in the pub, one of the guys on the stag party though the dwarf had been hired by someone else in the stag party, turns out the poor cunt was only out for a pint, cue a beaming red faced from the culprit
  4. in that case pal, please go and take your face for a shite have a good day
  5. Clarke loves a moan nowadays, I'd still have him as our manager. He could be our moaning bastard
  6. That all makes perfect sense pal, there's only one problem. There was fuck all sectarian in O'Neil's post and there was nothing divisive, if there are rangers fans on here who were genuinely offended by it then they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and get over it because there was nothing sectarian in there. The term hun has been used to describe rangers fans for years and is not aimed at their religion/sky wizard worship. Its just like the term sheep shagger is used to describe aberdeen fans. From what I have read, the term hun came from an english newspaper article where the journalist described rangers fans as "marauding huns" after they trashed and english town, possibly Wolverhampton but not sure. It had fuck all to do with protestants. Rangers fans then led a campaign to ban the word because one day one of them woke up and decided it was a derogatory term used to describe protestants, it never was. This IMO was the start of the crazed tit for tat we see from both sides nowadays, social media escalates it too. This is one of the many reasons this board is now failing, people are absolutely desperate to take the moral high ground when there is no need to. Steve clarke was right to highlight the abuse he took because did have a sectarian element, thats the difference here.
  7. " a person who wants to divide scotland" Using the N word or people who are offended by it is in no way comparable and if you were half as clever as you think you are, you would know this. Anyway, thread is now fucked and it had nothing to do with O'neil's post.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48029680 Killie might as well appeal, everyone else does nowdays.
  9. Personally I think people should grow a set and stop looking for a reason to be offended or sulk. There was absolutely nothing wrong with O'Neil's post. Certain huns on here have become a bunch of precious little darlings.
  10. please tell me the two of you are joking?
  11. There was a bit of a fan revolt, they were united and rightly so but every support was united there. This is different, there are sections in every support who not only don't care about the national side but they openly detest the national side and I am not talking about Rangers, i am talking about all clubs. The clubs have exactly what they want, all the power without having to worry about the national side. I honestly think the starting point has to be with us getting to a tournament to raise spirits and get some of the support back.
  12. a total clear out needs the backing of the clubs, the clubs won't budge unless the club fans revolt. There's no chance of that happening.
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