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  1. I disagree, he's a headless chicken at best.
  2. Taylor didn't do a bad job when he came on. It's unreal to think the depth of our squad now has two celtic full backs as third choice for Scotland. Why are you amazed a player who has had an average career is not in the squad? He's also not started for his current club yet.
  3. Singing oooh ah up the RA isn't mocking us. They can shove that chant up their arse with their hoof ball kick the opposition style football
  4. Ireland got what they deserved. They came to play a physical game because they aren't as good as Scotland. It was the only way they could win, they failed and in my opinion scotland deserved the win.
  5. Gary breen made that win even more enjoyable. He was up there with Kevin Thomson and Alex rae
  6. Disagree with that. That was a 50 50 game, if anything we edge it slightly.
  7. Scotland finally get 4 class full backs, two on each side.......and all 4 are now fucking injured
  8. Craig Gordon is a fucking god
  9. Dykes for Adams was a mistake
  10. Ireland are also lucky as fuck
  11. Ireland are boring as feck
  12. Martin O'Neil is still a penis
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