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  1. There will be constant reports from now till Thursday morning, some will be true some qill be nonsense The fan I know over there are having a ball, sending pics of people enjoying themselves
  2. These post box topper things are appearing in London and around where I live 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  3. The biggest factor has got to be our players not playing at a high level for so long. Our own league had top class Scotsmen who could compete with the top in Europe- the 60s, 70s and 80s then our domestic league changed. The OF pulled away from the rest and filled their teams with foreign talent We stopped producing players who could get into top EPL sides but EPL sides also filled their sides with top foreign talent. Its no surprise we are doing better when we have top talent playing at High levels. Tierney, Robertson, mcginn, mctominay, Adams, Cooper, Hanley, Armstrong, gilmour all play in arguably the best league in the world I think next year will be even better too. Gilmour will find a better loan move, mckenna could be in the EPL,christie will be in the EPL the only negative is Hanley will be back in the championship. Patterson can break through at Everton or get a decent loan move and hickey is likely to move to the EPL Imagine how good we would be if we had 30+ goal striker.
  4. Rangers are going to win the Europa League IMO. Van Brockhurst won't under estimate frankfurt. Positives - I guess it makes Scottish football look slightly better. Negatives - very little Scottish players on show Rangers go straight into the groups of the CL which will increase the gap in the domestic league. Then again there is no appetite to close the already enormous gap so it doesn't really matter Their fans will be unbearable and win or lose will likely trash seville. At least the celtic fans will be spewing because winning th europa will dwarf anything celtic have done for decades.
  5. Within the last three days you've insulted me directly in five occasions now yer greeting about being abused 🤣🤣 . All you've done is prove every single poster correct,your full of shite and a liar.
  6. The media out with Scotland and even some within Scotland will want a Ukraine win because this will create an easy story for the to write or talk about. If Scotland win, nobody will give a flying fuck about the Ukrainian football team anymore.
  7. I hope you weren't expecting a sensible answer. Thplinth summed him up, abuses and antagonises everyone else then cries like a baby when he gets it back. I think the guy needs help, god knows what the guy will do if Rangers pull it off tomorrow night
  8. This seems to be subject people are afraid to discuss. This will inevitably end up a point scoring thread once certain people get involved. For what it's worth I think celtic have behaved terribly by trying to distance themselves from this. Their apologies have been half arsed to say the least.
  9. If the British public are racist and they get what they want as you say, what exactly did they get?
  10. You're a very strange person. I'm not sure how you can blame thick people, I blame the cunts who played on that stupidity and lied constantly to get what they wanted.
  11. Why bother?🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to the wee sheep brigade tho mate. Same for @thplinth
  12. Our society is definitely based on wealth creation, that is more wealth created for the few.
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