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  1. vanderark14

    league cup

    cracking post but I am one of the few who are fed up seeing Mcinness poop his pants when we play the OF but I agree with the rest. I've gone back and fore on whether to go to this match but I keep thinking it will be a wasted journey for me. 14 hours in the car in one day doesn't sound appealing considering MCinnes record against the OF recently
  2. vanderark14

    league cup

    I have just read the rest of Scotty's post and its hard to argue with it. I don't care if the guy is a celtic blogger, he's right about corruption in Scottish football and whether you like to admit it or not, almost every decision in Scottish football is made with the OF at the forefront
  3. vanderark14

    league cup

    Fair enough FB but I think it could be Scotty's way at winding up Rangers fans which is fair play in my book considering what he takes from others on here.
  4. vanderark14

    league cup

    1.l Disagree, its part of football banter. Its not anyone's fault if rangers fans get their pants in a twist about it.....................I wonder why that is!! 2. agreed but the same goes for your side. Both side are obsessed with each other and can't live without the other. Just because someone isn't neutral, doesn't mean they cannot be right
  5. vanderark14

    league cup

    he's one of the most genuine fans you can find. he's Travelled all over the globe to seee aberdeen and scotland perhaps you should look at yourself before giving others stick, especially after the pish you posted about how hard it is for you working offshore. you were made to look pretty stupid
  6. vanderark14

    league cup

    so basically both the dons fans and club were protesting but not in sync with each other. No change there
  7. vanderark14

    league cup

    ok, please explain why this would affect other clubs?
  8. vanderark14

    league cup

    I gave you my reason for not going, there are a few who feel the same. Others will have different reasons for not going. The club did kick up a fuss and to start with they did the right thing, they took it too far. From some points of view they will look like tits but for others they will see why they took this stance. As Scotty says, why didn't they let AFC start selling from the North onwards? it could have worked but the SPFL didn't want it that way. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet about this over the last few days. why? I don't think any of the clubs except Hearts come out of this looking good.
  9. vanderark14

    league cup

    The parts in bold are not true but the rest is. AFC have fucked up by not realising the mood of their own support IMO. For past semi finals or finals you couldn't stop me going but now we have a manager and team that shits its pants at the mere mention of Celtic and Rangers. I'm not to keen on watching a piss poor performance and a bunch of scared sheep again. What harm have Aberdeen done to any other non OF side? At least they kicked up a fuss and didn't settle for the original decision, I'd agree they took it to far but it won't harm any other club
  10. vanderark14

    league cup

    the part in bold is horse shit , nice bait though
  11. vanderark14

    McCann away

    😂😂 you should be a politician, that's an absolutely fantastic way of saying he's a diving we shite
  12. I read something elsewhere that your crowds used to be around 9k, that would be decent IMO and it would be great to see a return to that.........................even though you have Kris Boyd upfront 😂😂
  13. vanderark14

    league cup

    I stand corrected, at least ICT got what they wanted in the end, all their fans in the same stand I thought it was the police who halted Aberdeen fans being in the tier above ICT fans?
  14. agree with Mitre, good to see crowds returning, its great for the game. When was the last time Killie had decent crowds? The burns era?
  15. vanderark14

    league cup

    erm, yes. ICT said they were happy to be where they were and give the rest to Aberdeen. I'm not sure what the problem is.