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  1. thats not an unpopular opinion, thats just you being ignorant. If you honetly do think teachers work 9 to 3.30pm with 1 hour lunch then I suggest you go and seek help because thats a fucking ridiculous suggestion.
  2. There is when you have victory in your hands and then you throw it away. That VAR nonsense shouldn't have had such a big effect on the game, Scotland gave that game away before then
  3. Thats not what was said. What is being said is Scotland always find a way of fucking it up and some believe out country lacks in confidence both in sport and in politics.
  4. No idea if true or not but Willie Miller and McLiesh apparently told them to eff off. Ferguson played for Ranger but as a manager he told Rangers to eff off.
  5. They're Scottish, it's our way. We fuck every opportunity we get and blame it on hard luck. Scotland cant even run it's own affairs.
  6. England on every BBC region except Alba 🙄
  7. John hartson? Are you taking the Michael? He always seems to think hes commentating for Celtic tv.
  8. I want Argentina to win it. I want messi to win something on the international stage
  9. Every club will go to the media when a bid comes in, I'm sure there are examples of Celtic doing the same. It's usually to alert other clubs of the bid. Nothing wrong with motherwells actions in this instance.
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