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  1. Congrats to Saints, I hope their fans enjoy today, even the daft hoor in Chicago 🤣 Always like seeing a non Old Firm team winning a cup
  2. Agreed, the playoff is a better idea than straight forward up and down
  3. Isn't it great to be able to argue about whether we should take up and coming youngsters with us to the euros? 😁. Wasn't so long ago we were all down at the lack of players coming through. Patterson us in a unique situation, we have limited options at RWB/RB so it's likely he will go if he continues to play for Rangers before the season ends. He played 45 mins the other night, he came on for some guy I've never heard of, is Patterson 3rd choice RB at Rangers?
  4. I think they need to introduce promotion and relegation or add Georgia to the mix. On another note, walea may be the luckiest team to ever win the triple crown
  5. People are getting way ahead of themselves. Boris said 10000 fans MIGHT be able to attend football matches in May. Whereas the Scottish government haven't given a date because they want to see further progress on the Covid front.
  6. Aye OK chripper, the dark Knight and Taylor1996 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Another stupid deal by doncaster and agreed by the clubs.
  8. Moving it to England is a great idea. The original idea was fucking stupid.
  9. You definitely don't have to look far to find a prick. Just look at the post above yours 😜
  10. My favourite so far is her smashing Ruth with the house of Lords bit.
  11. I didn't know Ruth the cunt was heading to the house of Lords. She's a classic tory, throw as much lies and smears at your opponent as possible and hope it sticks. I hope she shits antlers
  12. Fair play to moyes He has turned his career around. I'm in the camp who thinks he wants given a fair crack at man utd. I hope he keeps this up with west ham and takes them to the champions league. It would be great to see Leicester in again and west ham so some of the regular big guns were left our.
  13. If managed properly rangers would do very well in the EPL because they'd have access to the pot of gold.
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