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  1. I thought i would miss football but I'm not. I was already losing interest due to the corruptness of it. Its barely even a support now
  2. The SFA is made up of its member clubs, each club has its own agenda. UEFA need to give confirmation regarding european places first. If they insist on next seasons european competitions starting at the usual time, there may not be enough time to finish this season.
  3. I didnt realise ra bairns were infamous for writing statements every 30 seconds like rangers, thanks for confirming. My favourite part of the rangers statement was when they pretended to have the interests of the whole game at heart. That was very nice of them. Every single football fan who isnt a complete moron knows why rangers are against the season being ended and celtic crowned champions and it has nothing to do with fairness. Hearts may feel like thet are being shafted, i doubt you woild hear a peep from them had they been 2nd bottom or 3rd bottom. Theyve been pish all season. The alternative is to void the season which then shafts the likes of dundee united who are practically home.and hosed as winners of the championship. The longer this drags on, the less chance of finishing the seasons. Persobally i think UEFA needed to show stronger and better leadership thab they have. Ive no idea how they expect smaller nations to finish with out proper guidelines regarding european competition. Qualifiers for europe tend to start in july, what are uefas intentions here? The only choice for scotland and other similar nations is to declare or void and do it asap.
  4. You make a valid point but if they take a pay cut they pay less tax which is less money to the nhs. Surely coming up with a scheme whete they actually give away some of their own cash and pay the tax is a better plan? Regardless of what footballers or owners do, the government shouldnt be targeting any group of people becauase of how much they earn. The targeting of players was a deflection tactic by a governmemt who knows the health servce isnt even close to being prepared. I feel sorry for the nhs workers but watching the current tory government clapping on a thursday night is vomit inducing
  5. EPL players launching an initiative to help the NHS. As great as these donations are from players and the likes of bet365...... the question i have is why are these donations needed? Sorry, i forgot. We are not allowed to question the government right now.
  6. another statement from ra peepil 😂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52217121
  7. Decision on the scottish premiership deffered till later in the month. I assume this is because they want more info from uefa about finishing early No mention of reconstruction
  8. The SPFL are not meeting till tomorrow yet a lowland chairman knows the outcome before the meeting takes place?
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