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  1. The same Gamrie lads are telling me its true, its easy to believe people we trust but even they can get hoaxed. It will no doubt hit the tabloids soon since the Nationial has it
  2. I am still not convinced this is true, I had heard rumours a while back and I have seen the messages on whatsapp but not 100% convinced and why would the school pander to the kids and then deny it?
  3. I am no fan of his but where has he stabbed Goodwin in the back?
  4. They did but quite a few fans knew the position was false, I still felt they were playing poorly and couldn't believe they were in 3rd position at one point
  5. The Rangers game didn't kill them, as Aaid points out, since the world cup break they have been on the worst run of form I can remember from an Aberdeen team.
  6. I thought I would be more pissed off that I am but such is my apathy for the scottish game................I'm a bit meh.
  7. Who do you know who stays awake at night or is having their entire day ruined because of the lyrics of a song? Just because someone highlights bigotry does not mean they 'sit awake at night or have their entire day ruined over certain lyrics of songs'
  8. Congrats, you are now the thickest cunt to ever grace the TAMB
  9. They were mouthing off at each other last night during the eubank jnr v Smith fight The fight last night was a complete shock, I never saw that coming
  10. I wondered when the daily dose of hyperbolic shite would come.🤣
  11. I wonder what the tournament organiser would have said if it were Djokovic who complained about laying till 4am? The organisers response yesterday was genuinely laughable
  12. Murray looks knackered after those marathon matches. The Aussie open cheifs needs to take a hard look at themselves and how they organise this tournament. Wimbledon gets done within 14 days with a day off and thats with plenty of rain delays and less courts. There is absolutely no need for any player to be starting at 10pm and then finishing at 4am.
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