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  1. From memory the only time clubs have listened to fans is when the chairman were trying to parachute rangers into the championship and it looks like this 5th division nonsense will be fucked off too because the fans do not want it in the form being suggested
  2. Its definitely worth the move - Ange will end up about £10 million richer after he gets sacked
  3. They call the shots because the SPFL sells the game on the old firm Derby and that's it. They have zero imagination
  4. The SFA often use Spain and Croatia as examples of successful counties with B leagues but they conveniently leave out the Shite countries like Estonia and Bulgaria. 5 players from the Croatian squad have played B team football and one of those was in Germany. This idea looks like it will be pissed on by the majority of clubs now. Celtic and Rangers will want it but that's about it IMO
  5. Actually, when I think about it we may see Clarke rotate some of our midfield. I could see Gilmour starting against Georgia
  6. Couldn't agree more with this. Mcgregor has excelled with Scotland recently and he will give his all despite the club season being over
  7. Porteous has the advantage of having Clarke as his coach. SC will have porteous and the other 1 or 2 CBs as ready as you can be for a super human striker. Haaland has faced the best defences on the planet and still destroyed them. The difference here is his supply isn't coming from the best of the best which is where I agree we should aim to starv the supply
  8. Not sure why anyone would want porteous dropped after his last performance for Scotland.
  9. Could be a big chance for Shankland to shine.
  10. It's one out of left field. He might surprise a few people like Barry Robson did. No experience as a No 1 but plenty experience in football. Appointing someone who excites the fans is extremely difficult for a club like Dundee, in fact it's extremely difficult for almost every SPFL club Aberdeens last 4 appointments didn't get the fans buzzing. Most dons fans were a bit meh at the mcinnes appointment aft3t his poor spell at Bristol City but it worked out for a while.
  11. He probably knows this....he just wanted to have a pop at celtic again.....because he's a dick head
  12. I used to think the same about diamond scot but he's not hun in my opinion. He posts a lot of sensible stuff on football regarding most teams. One of the better posters on the board
  13. I'm not on the wind up. Other than yourself there's nobody who would disagree with me on this
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