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  1. They make rangers fans look like gracious winners
  2. Or he was assistant to the guy who masterminded what Iceland did and has been shite since then 🤣
  3. Little house jock wants to please his english lords - SHOCKEROOOOOOONIE I live in England, my two kids were born here, I have a lot of english friends and english colleagues................................... I hope england get absolutely horsed on Sunday
  4. why is it a great appointment? It seems to me that you are no anyone but clarke and you aren't putting any though into it
  5. The refs initial call was the right call I often feel the ref is pressured into changing their mind in this situation
  6. Awe look, a wee hun troll signed up to troll some Scotland fans. It's cute how much you and yer wee pals hate Scotland
  7. The thing is, mccoist doesn't have to lick their arse, he could give well balanced commentary. Roy Keane isn't a little house paddy, he gives his opinion and he's respected and often lauded for it. Mccoist plays the little hun house jock perfectly and he seems to have ramped it up ever since Scotland fans booed GSTK. Get the cunt te fuck
  8. I will 100% cheering on holland, ABE In fact I will be doing this in the livingroom if Holland win
  9. Messi on the scoresheet too I haven't been watching it but I did notice Argentina didn't play him in every group game. It would be incredible if he were to win a 3rd international tournament after waiting so long to win his first in 2021
  10. Or watch another channel. RTE is a breath of fresh air in this tournament
  11. We obviously have different definitions of good politician then.
  12. So he's good at lying his tits off and feeding off gullible cunts?
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