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  1. vanderark14

    Allan McGregor

    One big performance and we’ve got a call for Gordon to handover the number one jersey to McGregor 😂😂 Wow just wow
  2. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    and some disco lights
  3. vanderark14

    Europa league qualifiers

    are any of tonights matches on the telebox or some new online sports channel?
  4. The journo made me laugh - the journo - "Mctominey is your hghest profile player" Mikey Stewart - Why's that? Stupid Journo - "because he plays for Man Utd" all the sportsound team - 😆😆 for clarity - said journo is the man utd correspondent for some manchester based rag
  5. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Sergio Ramos is a sneaky fucker and not anywhere near the same type of character as brown. Sergio also gets punished...................he's had 24 red cards and thats only at Real Madrid. Brown has had something like 4 Brown plays on the hard man image because he's allowed to, in any other league he'd be punished and he'd soon change his attitude. I prefer players who get stuck in too and not every modern player is a pussy, you can play a fair and strong game without bouncing about like a ned and beating your chest like you're some sort of tough guy.
  6. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    In the modern game It speaks volumes about the state of game in scotland when a thug like Brown is lauded as some sort of hero. The type if player Brown pretends to be is long gone from the modern game.
  7. vanderark14

    Ben Stokes

    TalkSPORT claimed the gay guys saw stokes as a hero.
  8. Yes, find Mondays podcast One if the best episodes ever
  9. I had the same feelings, especially after the last few days hearing English journalists slating the Scottish game. Listening to Michael Stewart, Daryl Broadfoot and faddy rip the English journalist to pieces the other night was brilliant I went back to wanting them to lose by the end 🤣🤣🤣
  10. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    You haver some amount of pish min
  11. In any other league the morelos red card would have stood, Brown and Naismith would also be sent off. In our backwards league it’s a yellow only or completely ignored depending on who the player is. the Sfa have set a dangerous precedent with the Morelos incident
  12. Good to hear, my post was a joke by the way. Is hadn’t seen the incident yet.
  13. I saw a list of hun activities during the first week of the season. It’s like that club has completely imploded and they’ve all taken paranoia to new heights. the SFA rescinding that Morelos red was a massive mistake. Massive can of worms opened