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  1. Sorryz you've confused me. Do you have an issue with head coach and director of football set up? Or do you believe cormack is interfering with the team selection?
  2. Had a look at one of the dons sites today. Seems to be a split in the support about Data Dave. I'll take him over milne any day of the week.
  3. The answer was good enough for me. Mcintyre is an ass, one of the worst Scottish football journalists ever
  4. Gerrard's name being mentioned as expected I'd be surprised if he gets it
  5. Where? I don't know any. Anyone I know has still to make their mind up about Cormack since hes been here five minutes or they have some concerns
  6. If you really want the answer, go and find it. its not rocket science😂
  7. Why are they worried about Cormack? is it because he has the club in a sound financial footing? is it because we have better training facilities and those facilities are named after him as the biggest financial backer to build those facilities? Is it just because he has named a manager who is currently struggling? Lets say I start worrying about Cormack and his intentions, what exactly should I do about? post on a forum? that will teach the cunt.
  8. So? if a journalist keeps repeating the same question or a journalist asks a question he knows has been answered, I have no issue with anyone basically telling them to fuck off.
  9. You'd get a divided opinion like you have now, I'd be the same as I am now. I wouldn't give aflying fuck what the unionsit media said about sturgeon but in this case I don't really give a shit what rangers fans or the west coast media think of Cormack. As I said, Cormack has answered the same question previously why should he repeat himself?
  10. A very balanced article about Cormack
  11. The interview is on youtube not just in house TV. After Cormacks interview I can't wait for the match on Saturday, of course I may be setting myself up for a fall 😂 but a win could galvanise the support and players.
  12. I think Glass has to go, it will happen soon enough. Cormack has taken a huge gamble on Monday by fiercely back Glass and the new regime but if the next 3 results don't go our way, cormack will have no choice.
  13. Can't say I've seen that in any Aberdeen fan I know
  14. So he has answered the question in hour long interview. Not sure about you but when I get annoyed when asked the same question repeatedly
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