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  1. vanderark14

    Andew Robertson

    and by the age of 24 he will have played in a major international tournament too 😉
  2. vanderark14

    Andew Robertson

    agreed, arguably it would a good choice. He's a Celtic fanatic and he'd be what? 25 or 26? when/if 10 in a row happens. His name is then written into his clubs history forever and he could make them some money with the transfer fee.
  3. vanderark14

    Racism in football

    we will have t agree to disagree on this, I see at as blatant hypocrisy and I don't see why someone should be abused because of what they believe in or what colour their skin is. The part in bold is genuinely ridiculous
  4. vanderark14

    Racism in football

    Correct, throw a few people out of the ground for abusing someones race - good but then let them sing and fire abuse at people based on religion. Hypocrisy at its finest
  5. vanderark14

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Before the season starts, Arguably half the teams in the EPL could end up in the championship. If Celtic were playing CL football every year I'd agree Bournemouth aren't a better option but whether we like it or not teams like Bournemouth are a better draw for multiple reasons now. Imo the only reason Celtic would be more favourable would be if the player is a fan of Celtic or just wants to win trophies.
  6. vanderark14

    Racism in football

    Don't think racism in Scottish football is anywhere close to the sectarianism problem and it's not just the authorities, the club's involved are a huge part of the problem by not doing enough to combat it
  7. vanderark14

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Armstrong is playing against better opposition down there which will help him develop. I'd rather our players played at the highest level possible, as much as I dislike the EPL it's where are players are better off as long as they get game time
  8. vanderark14

    Scottish Cup

    I would have liked to see the fife derby but the picks are not unexpected. Premier sports picks 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. vanderark14

    Racism in football

    Probably opening a can of worms but the same can be said about sectarianism which is a bigger problem in Scotland. The club's should be doing a lot more as could the governing bodies
  10. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    It wasn't really a title race, there was always a feeling within our support and the media that Celtic would get away, we had a blistering starts to the season, correct but our squad was also small in comparison to Celtic it was never going to last. to put that into perspective and using the front 4 you talk of, they scored 41 league goals between them. Leigh Griffiths scored 31 on his own, Celtic scored 30 more league goals than Aberdeen. It seems that everyone except you thinks Aberdeen were in a title race because I don't remember anyone saying we could do it. We didn't lose because of Mcinnes limited ability as a manager, we lost because we did not have the squad size or the quality within our team to match Celtic.
  11. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Aberdeen should have won the league? Really? why is that? You are the first person including Aberdeen fans I've seen say this. Can you elaborate? Your last paragraph shows a lack of knowledge of other teams which is pretty standard for you but I'd love to know why you think Aberdeen should have won the league or what that has to do with this whole discussion There was no point in that season where I could honestly say I felt Aberdeen should win the league. Looking back at the 2nd half of the season I think we got within 3 points of Celtic after beating them at pittodrie. That was in February 2016 so Celtic still had the advantage by having the bigger squad and better team, where was the point you felt Aberdeen should win it?
  12. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    As much as Celtic and Rangers have benefited more from their dominance, the other clubs are not blameless, they were gullible enough to plod along accepting it. This doesn't absolve the OF but this is scottish football, they never have and never will never think as one and that's why nothing will ever improve.
  13. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    was he running against one legged runners?
  14. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Since the last time a non OF team won the league - 6 spanish teams have won their title, France has 10, Germany has 6, Portugal has 4 and Italy has 8. Almost every league has had more than two winners but I don't think that's the point being made. Most of the league mentioned have seen title challenges of some sort, not every season but most. Celtic have had it easy with no challenge at all because they completely out muscle the others for finance. There is close to zero hope of anyone challenging unless Celtic make an arse of it which they kind of did at the start of this season, they seem to have their act together which IMO will see them hose the league from now till end of the season. Chripper's point is its easy for celtic, their wild celebrations would be like Usain Bolt celebrating wildly after he beat a guy with one leg. Last week there was a buzz about the game in Scotland, even some celtic fans welcomed the challenge from Killie - this week normal service has resumed. Its tighter than usual but thats down to Celtic rather than the other teams. Celtic had a slow start for some reason but they've stepped up again, back at the top with a game in hand. I guess celtic can't win, they should be beating everyone in Scotland as a minimum, if they don't they rightly get chastised, if they do it shouldn't be looked at as a huge achievement. If they make a mark on the EL this year, that would be a very good achievement because they play against comparable clubs. The whole gulf in finances/resources goes far higher than just Scottish football, In the CL Celtic now suffer what the rest of the teams have had to suffer for over 20 years in Scotland and ts only going to get worse.
  15. vanderark14

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    thats not entirely what happened with the 7.5m bid. I think it was villa who basically wanted him as a trialist for 6 months, if they liked what they saw they'd buy him for 7.5m. It was a laughable deal which I am glad aberdeen said no too. If McKenna keeps up this form, we will be lucky to keep hold of him in January and extremely lucky to hold on to him next summer. barring injury, I reckon he will be at a lower half EPL team next summer