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  1. Full card of games in the Scottish cup and not one comment about it. Well done trolls, you win
  2. a pair of dafties who need to grow up a little, nothing more.
  3. There far too much being made of McBurnie attending this game and making gestures. he's been a little bit daft with the gestures but it hardly warrants the FA getting involved.
  4. Havent looked since mod december but it was working back then. I'll know tomorrow if it's working, assuming I'm home from work.
  5. I was there in hospitality when we beat Holland 1-0 in the first leg of the playoff. I dont care if the upper south seats go on sale to general public.
  6. Any truth in rumour o'Donnell is off to oxford next season?
  7. I've only booked the calcutta cup match this year, I doubt I will make it to any others Laidlaw, Seymor and Barclay are massive losses IMO. the other sides just look much stronger except Italy. Humpings await
  8. Dreading this years competition Thank fuck for Italy 🤣
  9. Ho many caps did Griffiths take to score for us? Mcburnie has his faults but the stick he is getting is OTT in my opinion
  10. Thats not what you said, you said I genuinely can’t think of less worthy player to be capped multiple times Mcburnie isn't perfect and many don't rate him, I get that but Scotland is littered with player throughout history who are even less deserving of a cap.
  11. The daily Express have outdone themselves with this cracker
  12. Mcburnie is far from ideal but your last sentence is beyond dramatic.
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