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  1. Ive started watch Aberdeen on red TV, the commentators on there annoy and I’m an Aberdeen fan, it takes som getting used to after watching BBC, BT and sky. ive only once watched Boyd and it’s clear he is also part of lunatic fringe of old firm fans. i agree this will all be forgotten about next week when rangers get a decision against them and they get to borrow the victim card for the rest of that week, round and round we go. the worst part of all of this is the OF and the SFA don’t even see these types of episodes as embarrassing or wrong but i guess that’s what happens when you feed the egos of two massive clubs for decades.
  2. Yes I'm fucking serious. πŸ™„ Again I'm not surprised at your post. You and macy are exactly the type of Celtic fan these statements will appeal too. You will lap up the conspiracy theories even if theres not an ounce of truth to them.
  3. I'd 2nd that but according to sportsound it is breaking a rule............. No club media outlet should question a refs integrity or something like that. I dont see boyd as the issue anymore, that statement from celtic is an issue. Backing boyd was silly and only appeals to the lunatic fringe of the Celtic support
  4. Considering the size of each fan base, it cant come as any surprise that a ref supports one of the OF. I'd be willing to bet theres a few Celtic supporting referees too. It's just this week it seems to be Celtics turn to scream conspiracy, next week there'll be statement from rangers, in fact didnt ranger have a problem with beaton after they played hibs a year or two ago? Its honestly embarrassing.
  5. And here was me thinking Scotland couldn’t produce a footballer uglier than davie Dodds and zander diamond
  6. πŸ˜‚ I’m honestly not surprised by this post.
  7. I would agree until,Celtic agreed with him. A club questioning a referees integrity is wrong and shouldnt happen
  8. I see Celtic basically backed Boyd in their statement. what a fucking circus
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It was always a classic chick young exclusive. I've no idea mate, there may have been approaches we dont know about.
  10. IMO we need to beat russia twice to stand a chance.
  11. Or when aberdeen were linked with Jurgen Klinsmann. Or when jess was always signing for rangers
  12. Mctominey starts for man utd tonight against wolves
  13. The two aberdeen lads are both talented with great potential, ferguson more than mclennan Mcinnes should be starting bother each week but that's another argument πŸ˜‚
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