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  1. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    Exactly, the ref made an arse of that despite having VAR at his disposal. VAR isn’t killing football at all.
  2. No matter what boost the co-efficient gets, it will never ever be enough for any scottish side to compete in Europes closed shop. As has already been demonstrated, its even harder for teams from this country to make any sort of mark on Europe because UEFA simply don't want us. Its gotten so bad I would rather Celtic were papped out early on so they don't get access to the big pool of cash in the CL
  3. vanderark14

    Tennis 2017

    Anderson v Isner is currently in the 5th set. 13-12 right now.
  4. vanderark14

    Croatia support thread

    fixed it for you We need the right mentaility in Scotland. Players have to be taught from a young age that playing for scotland is a privilege and just as important as playing for your club
  5. vanderark14

    Potential squad for Belgium

    This squad will be interesting McFadden didn’t hold back when talking about the players who didn’t go to Mexico and Peru.
  6. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    Off to Wimbledon with a group of co workers who have become unbearable since the Colombia penalty shoot out. Today will be a good day.
  7. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    Croatia, Please please please please beat them tonight. I'm sick of this "its coming home" shite.
  8. Its not easy to avoid it down here, I work from home most days but even music stations are getting in on it.
  9. We know exactly why they do it. They're pandering to the bigots among their support
  10. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    I agree with this. Engla d have learned their lesson, play as a team instead of a collection of egos and individuals. As for us, we were outplayed that day at hampden. We don't have the talent or the team to compete at that level yet and I don't think enough of our lot have the passion to succeed in a Scotland shirt.
  11. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    Sweden - average but some how manage to get through qualifiers and a playoff against Europe's top sides. They got through a 1st round which contained the holders and they just neat the team ranked 5th in the world. Not bad for average Croatia - bottlers. Really? Based on what? No team has played brilliant in all 4 games so far but Croatia looked brilliant again Argentina and also have some great talent. Croatia is a country we jocks should look on with envy. Same population but less history yet they're in the world cup quarter finals. Russia - arguably one of the poorest sides in it but some how their passion and drive has got them to the quarter finals. England - just won their first penalty shoot.out in a world cup and have had an easier route to this stage than any other side. I Iinclude their qualifying group in this too. They haven't been tested whilst the others above have had some big tests. England definitely have a chance of winning this tournament, only and idiot would argue against that however their route isn't easy just because some of the teams in it are not the traditional big guns.
  12. vanderark14

    Russia 2018

    A lot of slating of Colombia going on here and rightly so but England had their moments, Ali and lingaard both want down more than once at the slightest touch. Stones was a lucky boy, even that idiot hoddle agreed. If neymar had gone down like Henderson did after that "headbutt" the English media would have slaughtered neyamr for it. Listening to pundits and commentary for England matches is like watching a match on Celtic or rangers tv, they see things that aren't actually happening. It's comedy gold. I don't even think England were that good, Colombia showed how relatively average stones and Maguire are when they went at them. A team with a decent front line will tear that defence apart.
  13. vanderark14

    Tennis 2017

    I've do it once, like you I went on the first Friday of the tournament. We got there for 4am and there was already a reasonable sized queue forming. When we got there we got tikets to court 2 and a ground pass, basically any court except the two show courts. Having been to the show courts at the french and US opens I was initially disappointed but I ended up enjoying it more than the the other two events. If you want to guarantee centre or court 1 tickets, get a tent and do the all night queue.
  14. vanderark14

    Potential squad for Belgium

    Should we bother with this match? Our poor athletes might need another rest 🙄