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  1. Cant see it happening. Boris has it wrapped up, he does as he pleases and gets away with it. The attitude down here seems to ge 'but corbyn would be worse'
  2. If VAR was introduced in scotland, you can guarantee rangers would be the first to want to removed when something went against them
  3. Another injury for tierney. Once he gets over the injury he will need at least 10 games for arsenal before he is ready to play for scotland.
  4. Being a scotland fan could be described as cold and isolated too
  5. Both of which were better players at the time.of jack leaving Aberdeen. Jack is a better player now but back when jack left I wasnt that bothered. He deserves to be called up to the Scotland squad but for now i will enjoy his tears 😜
  6. Dunno who i said would replace him, you obviously do. I dont really care. Watching that rat cry made my day
  7. A national cup final on a subscription channel. Well played SPFL
  8. Fucking hell that last sentence 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Super fan dandydunn
  9. Leicester never set out to win the league that year. They ended up on a run that everyone including them believed would stop until close to the end. It's a ridiculous comparison to use, it's a one in a million chance that will.unlikely happen again in our lifetime
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