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  1. Disagree with that last part. Aberdeen have the resources to win more cups than one every 25 years. Mcinnes had plenty opportunity to win another and he failed. He also failed at every attempt to get to groups in Europe. The problem at aberdeen wasn't getting rid of mcinnes, it was how the club has been managed since. I'd also add mcinnes wanted to leave at the end of the season too.
  2. a 7-1 win s never down to just the opposition being shite. Celtic were clinical, 10 shots on target, 7 went in. So they did something right On a side note, it looks like 7 different scorers from Celtic too, has that been done before?
  3. Clancy should be look at the hearts players reaction and know that is not a penalty.
  4. Perhaps this cunt should look at why there are so many protests? Perhaps it's because your actions are not those that the people of the country agree with you utter cunt.
  5. Too many journalists are not really journalists. They have an allegiance and a motive for a asking questions, that motive isn't the truth, it's what sells papers or its about painting an individual or organisation in a good or bad light. See scottish football for an example how bad journalism is nowadays.
  6. That penalty for hearts......and clancy gave it after reviewing it ont the screen.
  7. Is your default position alwasy but but rainjurs pure did it as well?
  8. He was being condescending but he wasn't being sexist in my opinion. I can believe how desperate you are for BR to be branded as sexist and strung up and I can definitely believe the whataboutery, it happens with every incident involving the OF
  9. Sick individual
  10. Not often I disagree with you but I don't think he had anything to apologise for.
  11. That's a decent win for Murray
  12. I'm surprised anyone still peddles this nonsense. Any self respecting journalist would simply ask, if scotland is subsidised by London, why doesn't London want Scotland to leave the union?
  13. Was Rodgers being sexist like her is being portrayed or was he sating good girl in the same way you would say good lad?
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