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  1. Bojo is now considering making masks more compulsory down here😂😂 Theres going to be some seriously confused yoons and huns out there
  2. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18571349.former-mp-george-galloway-return-scottish-politics-row-border/ Another boost to the indy movement
  3. Its hardly a big deal. England did exactly the same, rumours circulated in the industry about stamp duty for at least 5 days before the stamp duty holiday.was announced. Sales were delayed but nobody complained.
  4. Cant see anything regarding the title being taken back from Club Brugge? Where are you seeing this?
  5. Former Everton and Norwich man Naismith has struggled to defend the game here when he speaks to ex-team-mates and friends down south. He said: “Scottish football is a laughing stock down there. Trying to explain what’s happening is like a comedy strip. “It’s embarrassing and the way things are set up is ridiculous. You’ve got a structure that doesn’t work. "It’s for the sake of people going to a board meeting, saying they’ve made changes and how good it is for the Scottish game. No it’s not. Down here in england they think scottish football is a laughing stock regardless of recent events. To most english football fans, scottish football has always been a joke. On the odd occassion you will meet someone who has a scottish team as a 2nd team but even they dont give a shit Half of what naismith says in that article is ranting. Understandable he is angry, he signed a lucrative contract at hearts, well lucrative in scottish football terms but now he is facing championship football in scotland.
  6. There is no club in scotland deserving of sympathy, absolutely none. They all.voted to put doncaster and the current board in place. Rangers may have been the loudest voice in seeking an investigation have also benefited from doncaster and co in the past. Every single club has to take a share of the blame for the shambles we get in scottish football
  7. How he played, well thats easy. Take yer pick pal. 1. He is fucking shite and hates scotland 2. He plays in the epl therefore is better than every other striker we have. Apparently you will be an idiot if you disagree. 3. He is a prick
  8. Mcburnie subbed after 49 minutes No idea how he played.
  9. It wasnt me who did that but i dont think the person is an idiot for disagreeing with diamondscot.
  10. Fair enough, I won't be risking it till I feel comfortable we are over this, if there are still beaches being locked down, pubs being closed, cities being locked down I won't bother.
  11. I think you are putting too much stock in this. These incidents will happen, you cannot prevent them but you can work around them The guy in question is english and wanted rid of the foreigners so he voted brexit. There is no reasoning or shutting up that type of fuckwit
  12. I don't think its that simple. Taking a look at our strikers. Griffiths - if he is fit and up for it mentally he gets the nod before everyone else. His eye for goal and set piece ability beats Mcburnie everyday of the week Mcburnie - ok he is playing in a very tough league but he doesn't have the same eye for goal IMO. Shankland - I agree he needs to be tested at a higher level, I saw someone say he has scored goals at every level, not true. According to transfermarket site he hasn't even scored in the Scottish PRemiership yet. In saying that I do believe he has the potential to move on this season to something bigger. Fingers crossed he does and he grabs the chance In defence, Hanley and Cooper haven't looked any better than Mckenna when playing for Scotland.
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