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  1. Not at all, that's just one ward and it's not really clear what you can read into it either way. In this ward the whole thing is complicated in that there was no Labour Candidate and there was an Independent. The by-election was triggered by an independent councillor standing down. If you look at how the votes worked out in 2017 - it was a 3 seat ward with 5 candidates, one Tory, two SNP and two independents. The Tory got 33% and the first SNP candidate got 30%, that was enough to see them both reach quota. If you look at how the transfers then there were 165 "extra" votes to transfer from the SNP#1 most of which unsurprisingly went to SNP#2. There were 285 "extra" votes to transfer from the Tory most of which went to the two independent candidates one of who won the final seat against the SNP off the back of transfers from the other one. It seems that the Tories increased their vote share off the back of what looks like a Tory friendly independent standing down.
  2. On the surface less encouraging, however, the by-election was caused by an Independent councillor who had 18% of the FPs in 2017 standing down. The independent who stood yesterday also stood in 2017. Also, there was no Lib Dem candidate in 2017. As always with council by-elections, pays to look under the covers at them.
  3. aaid


    Is it actually harder to not qualify for the playoffs in this stupid competition.
  4. Presumably they'll be bussing in a suitably rapid SNP-bad audience for the Leader's Question Time tonight.
  5. That's not restricted to the press but any sort of online comment. Be warned.
  6. Wasn't she on the board previously to essentially represent Weir and it was the shenanigans that went on when she was ousted earlier in the season that caused him to pull the funding in the first place. Sounds very much like there's still some unresolved internal squabbling going on.
  7. The Appalachian Trail is 3500 km long and I'm about 1 m into it 😄 I crossed it on the way up to Clingman's Dome once.
  8. aaid

    Liam Palmer

    You may well be right in that. I'm not sure he should ever have been made captain in the first place. That's no slight on Robertson, I just happen to think that in terms of on the field influence the captain should ideally be a centre back or central midfielder. I suspect Robertson got the captaincy primarily because there was no other option. Obviously there's the whole off the field aspect of being captain, which is as important, if not more so than on the field influence. Only those in and around the squad will know how Robertson does in that respect. Long term McGinn probably looks like the best prospect.
  9. aaid

    Liam Palmer

    It's very difficult for a full back to be dominant in the way you suggest and to take a game by the scruff of the neck in the same way that a central midfielder, defender or forward can do. Maybe he thinks he needs to do more and as you point out, doing his job well should be his main priority.
  10. It really is. One of the first things you're taught is to play the ball the way you're facing.
  11. He should be heading the ball either the way he's facing or to the side, not behind - simple as that.
  12. Fair enough but I'm not a Scotland Internationalist. Not too much to expect professional footballers to do the simple things properly.
  13. Why would FIFA be involved in play-offs for a UEFA competition?
  14. Will it be the SFA or UEFA setting prices though?
  15. This is the key error that leads directly to the goal. The guy who lays the ball off is free and unmarked between four players - McKenna, Jack, McGregor and Gallagher (just out of shot where the X is). McGregor gets sucked towards the ball and leaves his man (the guy who scores). That means he's 1 on 1 with McKenna. Jack doesn't track back quickly enough, Gallagher could possibly step up to press the ball but McGregor shouldn't be leaving his man. If he tracks the runner then there's no option for the pass.
  16. He's right though, Sturgeon very rarely ducks a straight question in either interviews or press conferences. People may not like the answer they're given but at least it's an answer to the question asked.
  17. Not really, there were a couple of mistakes in the lead up to the goal that caused us to concede. The fact that we may have made other mistakes that either the opposition didn't take advantage of or which we were able to correct isnt relevant. We're - as a team - too prone to individual errors and that's costing us, you only need to look at the number of goals we concede and the manner we lose them to see that.
  18. Having another look at their goal, I'm not sure McKenna did too much wrong or at least nothing you could be too critical of in a 1-1. He stands up, doesn't commit himself, is goal side and is looking to push him outside. I doubt he's expecting the shot from that distance, especially one with so much whip on it. As good a goal as you'll see so you have to give he guy some credit for that If I were Clarke I'd be more annoyed at Palmer losing the ball in the first place and which ever one of Jack or McGregor it was who should've been sitting to protect the defence. The time and space that their midfielder has to take the ball turn and lay it off is ridiculous. Its a bit like the goal on Saturday, a great strike but they should never be in that position to take the shot in the first place.
  19. Go back and watch it again. An inswinging cross towards the back post and he's running in with the forward towards the goal. Ideally he should be a glancing header out to the flank for a throw or the easier and percentage option, knocking it behind for a corner. Then you set up again and defend the corner You don't do what he did and head it back out to the edge of the box. His positioning is all wrong as he's gotten ahead of the ball and can't put it where it need to go. That's pretty basic stuff.
  20. To be fair to him, Palmer did well there, good piece of possession play leading up to the goal
  21. That's something we've been very bad at over the years.
  22. He's signed an improved contract and has just bought a house. Never say never but his future seems to be at Villa for the foreseeable.
  23. aaid

    Euro 2020

    I saw an interesting quote from Michael O'Neill at the weekend. He was making the point - in comparing Scotland to Northern Ireland - that Scotland had four midfielders that were good enough to play international football but that in total they had less caps than Corry Evans had on his own. His point was that sometimes having a much smaller pool - as NI have - means you can have greater consistency of selection. You see the same with Wales who then have the benefit of having a couple of genuine quality players in addition.
  24. A defender should be the one putting pressure on the forward not the other way round. The defenders job is to do one of two things, clear the ball or to impede - legally - the frown from attacking the ball. He failed to do either. It's actually his positioning that's a bit off, he gets underneath do the ball so that all he can do is head it backwards and because it's coming from behind him, he can't get enough on it so he clears to an unmarked player. It's not unlucky it's poor positioning .
  25. He could've put it out for a corner which would've been a safer option. If you're going to head the ball back out then you have to get distance on it, which he failed to do. There should've been pressure on the Cypriot who shot but it was a poor defensive header.
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