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  1. More likely half the tweets are people slaughtering her for her embarrassing performance at FMQs and the other half are people asking why she's trending.
  2. I think that players moving abroad and to England and it not working out is the lesser part of the problem, its that they're not - or in that past haven't - being replaced by the next wave of young players but rather what are essentially journeymen players from other countries. There needs to be a balance. England went through the same problem although with their larger pool of available players, they could compensate more.
  3. Bosman was a disaster for certainly the National Team but basically all clubs were complicit in that. Essentially it was a double whammy, young promising players left on Bosmans -initially to go to the continent as intra-UK transfers weren't initially within the scope of Bosman - for more money. Most if not all of these moves were disastrous as for one reason or another they didn't kick on and that potential was never realised. In contrast, the clubs replaced them with more experienced but , ultimately, not any better players from Europe on the cheap. Every club did this to on
  4. Donald Trump is a ginger. Probably uses the same hair dye as Frank McAvennie.
  5. This is a total non-story and is an attempt by Sky - and jumped on by the Unionists - to muddy the waters and to make Nicola Sturgeon look bad. In doing this, it is deliberately conflating two separate things separated by almost a decade. Firstly, the accusation of misleading parliament aimed at Nicola Sturgeon is that she told parliament that the first she'd heard of the accusations of sexual misconduct was when Alex Salmond told her himself on April 2nd 2018. That was specifically related to the two allegations made in early 2018 by Scottish Government employees under a new discipli
  6. I think your last line there - "just to keep us watching" - is very accurate. I suspect that this isn't some grand plan to radicalise people rather a focus on the development of algorithms to suggest content rather than identifying and blocking of truly dangerous content. On the surface these prediction algorithms that sites like YouTube and Amazon use should be largely benign - putting to one side arguments about targeted advertising which are wider than just the Internet - as essentially they're designed to cut through the billions of crap on here and show me things I'm really inte
  7. Splitting hairs there. Either way, you go down the route of banning things because you don't agree with them it doesn't end up well.
  8. I suspect Angus Robertson will win Edinburgh Central but it won't be as straightforwards as some suggest. It's a real 4-way marginal, with a lot more complex demographics than most constituencies. In 2007, Labour won the seat with the Lib Dems and SNP neck and neck for 2nd and 3rd. In 2011, the SNP won it with a majority of 237 from Labour and in 2016 Ruth Davidson won for the Tories. The Lib Dems have also traditionally done here as well. This was blamed on the Greens because Alison Johnstone stood and "split the Indy vote", letting the Tories in. Personally, I don't blam
  9. That approach can only be successful when the status quo is seen as a safe option as it plays into a natural fear of change that a lot of people have. When the status quo is a dysfunctional mess, it tends to backfire as people are inclined to think "how bad could it be? It couldn't be worse than this."
  10. The Wee Frees are a distinct sect of the Kirk from those adherents who would be associated with Orangism - which what I guess you're getting at with marches. Those in and around the Orange Lodge would tend to be Reformed Presbyterians, that's the strain of Presbyterianism most common in Ulster, flows from the Covenanters - a lot of Covenanters fled Scotland to Ulster in the 16th and 17th century to escape persecution. The Free Church was formed out of the schism caused by the Great Disruption of 1843. On Orange marches, no matter how unpleasant and antiquated they may be, denyin
  11. You seriously think that if the SNP were to split as a result of - whichever side you sit on - is a pretty dirty affair and likely to get worse, do you think both sides would go "ach well, we'll just go our own ways but we are all still pals". NOT. A. HOPE. IN. HELL.
  12. Tell Maree Todd that SNP list votes outwith South Scotland are a waste. The key is "expected to do well". I remember in the run up to 2016, this narrative was being pushed heavily - that the SNP would win all the constituencies - but with the Greens as the beneficiary. They didn't win all the constituency seats then and won't do in May. Here's another fact. In 2011, the SNP won all constituency seats in NE Scotland *and* they picked up a list seat. Anyway, what's being discussed here, is not some "List only" party but a fully fledged pro-Indy party which would have a different sla
  13. Gordon Brown would see being Branch Office manager as being beneath him. He'd also never accept sitting in opposition to the SNP. I suspect he sees his future role as being some sort of figurehead for the No side in any future IndyRef who can be wheeled out to opine but is never questioned - Gordon really doesn't like to be questioned. I also suspect that his standing with the Scottish electorate isn't as high as the media and UK establishment and commentariat think it is.
  14. Since Dewar its been one incompetent after another. Interesting to wonder how things might have worked out for them had Dewar not died so suddenly and so early on in the life of the parliament. Dugdale would probably have been a lot better if she got the job now rather than then and she'd had more experience. Murphy was a complete disaster and probably as good an example of a party not being able to "read the room" as it is to see. I still laugh at how he was being touted as the hammer of the SNP and all the Yessers were giving it the full Kevin Bridges - are ye, aye.
  15. I assume that now she's acting leader, Jackie will be replaced on the Salmond inquiry. Just as its getting juicy - she'll be spewing. At the very least, they need to take a neutral position on Independence, that way people who support Independence but would be more aligned to Labour's other policies could vote for them with conscience that they wouldn't oppose a referendum. I doubt that would be enough to see them overtake the SNP but it might be enough to tempt back some former Indy-supporting voters. All their Yoons that've gone over to the Tories think they're already too sof
  16. Lets be accurate about it. The judicial review didn't prove that the complaints process was both biased and unfair. It - to the best of my knowledge made no comment on the fairness or otherwise of the procedure itself, what it did say was that investigation was tainted by the perception of apparent bias. It didn't say it was biased in itself and the Scottish Government while accepting the ruling and conceding the perception still vehemently deny there was any *actual* bias. From the evidence given to the inquiry so far, my view is that the specific problem - that the investigating off
  17. I wondered about Le Guen, he had been successful at Lyon, no doubt about it but he had been out of the game for a year when he went to Rangers. Personally, I think he was over hyped, not least by Murray and his subsequent career tends to support that. Regardless, I think the point still stands about the sort of managers that the OF can reasonably be expected to attract and the market they are in.
  18. On here from 1:44 on https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000r4lx
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