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  1. This is the other dude - it probably explains a comment I saw yesterday as to whether or not they were wearing spiderman outfils. https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/people/it-s-so-simple-for-a-father-to-be-pushed-out-of-child-s-life-1-8088558
  2. The Michael Woolger dude's twitter profile photo is a picture of Liam Gallagher which is kind of ironic. He also appears to be a member of the Orange Lodge, which isn't a surprise. His interests other than Rangers and Orangism appear to be music, outside of Oasis, he also likes Paul Weller, Gary Barlow, Olly Murs and Adele. MMA - Connor McGregor in particular (awkward). Britain's got Talent and Top Gear seem to be favourites. Oh and he seems to also have an interest in pornography and "dating" pornstars. I'm guessing he's not married. Also follows PoliceScotland, which is very ironic. He also appears to be from Penicuik and obviously isn't the smartest knife in the drawer as his twitter profile is still completely open. @mwoolger1690 - no surprise there then.
  3. The night before the game by complete coincidence, the Proclaimers were playing at the Academy in the Gorbals. I went along with a load of folk from WESTA and they'd got the WESTA flag in, no doubt due to a certain up and coming DJ being on the laptop that night. Between the support band and the Proclaimers coming on, they got the flag over the balcony and the place went absolutely mental, whole crowd singing Scotland songs, then the bouncers turned up and told them to take it down, usual fire safety bollocks. As you say, probably misplaced, but there was just this real sense that we would do them. I remember the back page of the Record on the Saturday where the headline was "Fadiator" and they had a mock up of James McFadden as a gladiator. Brilliant stuff.
  4. Because it was already over the minimum unit price. Buckfast is only slightly more alcoholic at 15% than a standard bottle of red wine. The problem with Buckfast isn't so much the strength of the alcohol related to the price but also the amount of caffeine in it. It's that combination that's particularly problematic when consumed in quantity.
  5. It was also study of 13-17 year olds. IIRC, MUP wasn't brought in specifically to target underage drinkers but rather, older problem drinkers who were drinking high strength low cost alcohol. It might be that it was thought there would be an overall lowering of consumption across the board, but the target was that group specifically and people likely to find themselves in that group in the future. A survey of 50 people is better than a survey of none, but it's still pretty limited. The whole thing sounds like a pitch to get funding to do a bigger survey. If I were the Public Health Minister, I'd say, I agree, we need to have a much bigger study and then I'd give the contract to someone else out of badness.
  6. What time is the last train back from Aberdeen to Edinburgh on a Saturday night? It's bad enough TV coming up with kick off times which don't consider those attending the game without clubs getting involved.
  7. That might be where he works now, but he went to the Joes in Kilmarnock
  8. If she only taught at the Academy then I am too old as that opened a few years after I left the High School.
  9. Mrs Squirrelhumper was one of my favourite teachers.
  10. It was genuine and was from 2008. The posters were put up in Edinburgh, so was obviously a publicity stunt.
  11. Matt O'Connor - great English name. If that poster's genuine it's probably actionable. It's from 2008.
  12. Friend of mine - who's a dirty Leeds fan - pointed out to me that Leeds have been top of what ever division they've been in at the turn of the year at the start of the last four decades. 1990 - top of Division 2, finished 1st. 2000 - top of Premiership, finished 4th 2010 - top of League 1, finished 2nd 2020 - top of Championship, finished ?
  13. Fair point. Surprised you're not advocating for Mount Carmel and the Joes. Everyone knows where the best schools in East Ayrshire are anyway 😉
  14. A very good and old friend of mine is the headmistress at Crosshouse Primary, she'll be delighted to hear that you you rate it.
  15. There was me looking for a relatively benign Christian comparison. TBF, nothing surprises me at all about any form of closed society. That said, I think that child sex abuse is prevalent across all strata of society - and in most cases is carried out by family members - it becomes "institutionalised" when particular organisations or societies feel they need to cover it up to protect the wider society allied to the closed nature of these societies meaning its easier for predators to get access.
  16. I think that day was probably the drunkest I'd seen Glasgow as a city. From what I recall most of the pubs in the city centre were full before lunchtime, with a five o'clock kick-off and most people not going to the game but watching it in the pub, carnage was guaranteed. Post-match we went to McNeills at Queens Park for a couple of pints as we normally do. Got the train back into Central about 8-30 or so. Walked up Hope Street and a full on, wild west style, bar fight came barrelling out of a pub just as we passed, including somewhat surreally an active participant on crutches. We weren't planning on going in but if we had, that would've changed our minds pronto. Went for a curry instead then went to Sports Cafe to be greeted by a police officer guarding the ladies toilets and forensics officers in white disposable suits as someone had been raped in there - or hadn't been raped as it eventually transpired.
  17. TBC, I'm responding to your post to add to it rather than countering anything in it. In these particular cases, you have a cohort of men who are - mainly but not exclusively - first or second generation immigrants from rural Pakistan. Their belief system towards women is - tbf - medieval, whether that's down to an interpretation of Islam itself or its something that stems from the values system of their community isn't clear. It also manifests itself in forced - as opposed to arranged - marriages and honour killings. That of course is not to suggest that all people from this community or who hold those beliefs are involved in child sex abuse. To draw a comparison. The Amish of Pennsylvania are Christians but have a particular belief system around certain interactions with the modern world, eg. they won't use motor cars and have certain restrictions over dress, which isn't shared by the vast bulk of Christians worldwide. In their case I'd suggest that several centuries ago their ancestors had a particular fundamentalist interpretation of the bible which formed the basis for a set of rules and a belief and values system which has been passed down over the generations within that community to the present day. Their belief and values system is benign in comparison and largely impact only themselves. These men - because the important thing, and the common factor with virtually all cases of child sexual abuse is that its men - target white girls in particular because they feel they are "lower" than girls from their own community and that they are "fair game", which is in itself racist. They also target girls who are in the care system because they are easy prey, they are vulnerable for all sorts of reasons, not least because they have their own personal issues but also because they don't have anyone looking out for them in a lot of cases.
  18. For those people interested in promoting any form of unilateral declaration of independence as a solution they might want to look into states that have done exactly that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unilateral_declaration_of_independence I think that in the last 50 years, with the sole exception of Catalonia - and we know what happened there - UDI either preceded or followed a war between the "parent" state and the seceding state.
  19. Well you didn't really answer the question unless the answer is "it'll be a constitutional crisis" . i suppose that I was hoping for more of an explanation of how to get it of that crisis and what the end state would be. The problem with these schemes is that they all seem basically be along the lines of "if Westminster won't play ball and allow a second referendum, we'll just have our own vote and then everything will be okay because, err...". The problem with that is there's a real life example of what happens when you take that approach and its Catalonia. Now I'm not suggesting hat the response of the UKG would be to send in the thugs to beat up voters or jail Nicola Sturgeon and Ken McIntosh - that wouldn't be cricket - but nor do I expect them to play fair. The end result I fear would be the same, the UKG would say "Jog on Jocks" and the International community would be "nothing to see here".
  20. And what if the UK Government refuses to negotiate, what then?
  21. I'm assuming he's the same guy that's in the clip. About three or four days before the wedding two years ago, I was in Windsor and thought I'd take a look at what was happening with the preparations. This muppet along with about four or five similarly minded chums already camped out on the street. There were also a couple of American versions as well. Up close, they are even odder than they appear on TV. The irony that on the other side of the road, police were clearing rough sleepers away while to crews from around the world were queuing up to interview this circus act wasn't lost on me.
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