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  1. First constituencies expected to declare on Friday afternoon. Going to be a slow process to get the full results though.
  2. He's been having merry Christmases in the House of Lords ever since...
  3. Too right, had to put the heating back on. And to use the full terminology it's kers.
  4. Right who are the Iranian agents on here?... https://www.arabnews.com/node/1852941/middle-east
  5. Looks like C McGregor cost Celtic the game.
  6. Even a point from the St Mirren in those circumstances would at least rule out 12th, barring a cataclysmic goal swing in the last game.
  7. It's certainly got the potential to drag the standard of Scottish political journalism down a notch (if that's possible).
  8. Team looked shattered, I'm actually relieved there's no semi up next. 10 day break til the St Mirren game, hopefully that makes a difference
  9. We've got friendlies coming up in Portugal which would be an ideal opportunity to give him a run out.
  10. Very harshly relegated. Pleased they'll be a Championship club again for the fans returning to Firhill.
  11. Big Asian community in her constituency might give Anas a leg up. Would certainly be the banter outcome, an SNP majority and Sturgeon with no seat!
  12. Jason Leitch was asked about this on Off The Ball. He said the figures given by government eg. 2000 as quoted, are what clubs can admit without asking for additional permissions. He added that if the SFA want a larger crowd at the final they would require to liaise with government for approval, but didn't think it was unfeasible to have a larger number of fans at the game.
  13. I'd be right up for a Killie away game in Lisbon to pick up a couple of tarts... ...before you ask, this kind:-
  14. Surely they could hammer out a deal with UEFA? There will be over 20 days between the final and the Czech Republic game.
  15. I think the 40 year old Peter Shilton was more mobile in the Italia 90 semi final!
  16. Danny Bachmann's just helped get Watford promoted to the Premier League. Sadly well out of our budget now
  17. Absolutely fookin' brutal 1984 the last time Killie won on pens! 😖
  18. Very true, that remains a concern. I certainly want to avoid catching this thing if at all possible.
  19. What will end restrictions is hospital ICU patient levels returning to normal manageable numbers. Having a large percentage of the population vaccinated should achieve that.
  20. The SNP became mainstream in the 1970s surely. They were seen as a major constitutional threat at the time.
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