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  1. Fair play to you, if I'd heard them I'd have had to have words too. I remember standing on the west terrace with virtually everyone monkey chanting at John Barnes. I don't expect kids these days to have to experience similar lessons in real life.
  2. There was one song last night that took me ages to work out what the tune was. Eventually came to me, Rotterdam by the Beautiful South. Can't remember what our new lyrics were though 😄
  3. 100% agree, but sectarian language I certainly don't approve of. Pleased to report I never heard any such comments from around where I was standing.
  4. Some agricultural football would be the polite way of putting it. A stronger ref may have reduced them in number. The Irish we encountered seemed like a great bunch and their big turnout certainly helped the atmosphere. Could have done without the "Oo ah up the RA" chants though.
  5. Disgruntled Irishman walked past us after the game saying "I'll be hearing Super John McGinn in my sleep for the next two feckin weeks" 😆
  6. Best runner up from League B (ie 21st in the rankings) will also be Pot 2, due to Germany automatically qualifying.
  7. Not in terms of finishing above Ukraine, but three points will really help our chances of pot 2 for the Euros.
  8. Finished 0-5. Clearly expecting a favour from Armenia was a long shot.
  9. It does seem like a scorched earth policy. With the main players getting their lifeboats in order before the ship goes down.
  10. It was actually at Molineux but no less impressive. They have a far better team than their racist fans deserve.
  11. The old eligibility laws were ridiculous. Imagine we'd had Baker and Law up front for Scotland? 😕
  12. First game I can remember seeing players wearing black armbands was the Celtic v Rangers League Cup final after McKean died.
  13. 42000 looked about right. There were a lot of no shows and empty seats dotted around. I expect there will be a bigger crowd on Saturday (although there may be no shows due to being in the pub all day) 😄
  14. Another unfortunate accident...
  15. This was going on as I walked in, some folk seemed to be both clapping and booing! 🤔
  16. Her Maj was apparently one of the few members of the Alan Rough fan club...
  17. When we used to use GSTQ as our anthem even the Rangers fans booed it.
  18. Actually no sorry, there were 4 paths of 4 teams in the Euro 2020 playoffs, because there was no automatic host qualification. There's no dedicated play-off path for Nations League D this time (there's only 7 teams in that section after the reformatting), but the way it pans out there will almost certainly be at least one League D team in the play-offs.
  19. Surely it's only 3 from the play-offs with Germany qualifying automatically?
  20. Maybe we've picked this up wrong, and Gary Mullen will be singing FoS?
  21. It is about a victory for the Scottish monarch though, who the queen was descended from. Anyway this is a batshit idea from the SFA, have the players wear black armbands, that will suffice.
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