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  1. That's a bummer He only needs to be fit enough to take our 5th penalties though
  2. Tbh I think I'd prefer that to the 3 team group nonsense they've got planned for 2026. 64 team finals with a straight knock-out from the off.
  3. Under 21s only. No need to apologise! Any excuse to show that clip
  4. Capped 6 times. Also got a free kick technique banned from the laws of the game... mcnpauls doing a bit of thread reviving today?
  5. I dunno 40,000 season ticket holders, Champions League, brings in a lot of revenue. Similar to what Celtic did after they got their act together. Worth noting the spine of Rangers 9IAR team, during a period when foreign players were limited in European competition, were Scottish, several of whom couldn't even get into the Scotland team. So the gulf wasn't that enormous.
  6. The Rangers EBT years didn't start til after 9IAR. I'll add here that I have no horse in this race. I know a lot of Celtic and a lot of Rangers fans who will be equally gutted / ecstatic with however it goes. Personally IDGAF.
  7. Didn't realise that! If it was summer I'd have blamed the midges.
  8. I worked in Edinburgh in the late 80s and the Hibbies there all referred to Rangers as the Huns. Growing up in Ayrshire I'd never heard the terminology at all!
  9. Toepoke


    He seems like a decent guy but it might backfire a bit if he scores against us!
  10. That is a bit close to home! A couple of things though, it was Dalmilling in Ayr that was on the list, not Dalmellington. And why is there a flag on Arran???
  11. Great result for Killie playing with 10 men for almost 90 minutes
  12. That'd see a return to 7 team groups, memories of the marathon Euro2008 campaign. Can't see that happening without the Nations League being binned.
  13. IIRC Goram had to pull off some great saves from the Swiss so it was probably also a case of making sure we got the win. That said McCoist should have got a hat-trick in the first half which would have made it a formality.
  14. I think it will be pretty similar to 2022. Next year the 10 runners up join with 2 Nations League group winners into two rounds of play-offs for the final 3 World Cup spots. For 2026 they could do the exact same but only have one round of play-offs to decide the final 6 teams to qualify.
  15. Wales were deffo bottom seed in the group.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_(UEFA) We beat the top seeds home and away and lost to the bottom seeds home and away. I'd doubt that's ever happened any other time in World Cup qualifiers history! Edit...apologies, quoted the wrong post!
  16. When we qualified for Euro 92. Romania drew 0-0 with Bulgaria after we'd played our last game, longest afternoon ever following it on Ceefax!
  17. He's pushing 30, most of his career is behind him. If he can get the opportunity to earn a few million in the English Premier, as above, it's an absolute nae brainer.
  18. Swings and roundabouts then, get pumped and relegated from League A and your chances are reduced for Euro24 but increased for World Cup 26.
  19. I would've thought League B group winners would get play-off priority over those relegated from League A?
  20. Ha no! Let's just hope we're allowed to spend some cash watching the team next year
  21. All depends how the format is decided, but it might be better if we remain in League B next time as well for when it comes to deciding the play-off spots for the 2026 World Cup. I might be getting ahead of myself here though
  22. Triple header in March then seven games between September and November. Your credit card will be red hot
  23. And Wales or Austria (unless we'd won by a couple of goals).
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