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  1. David Amess the face of the 92 election. Tragic and worrying development so soon after Jo Cox. Going to be increasingly more difficult to encourage people into public service.
  2. Aye there will be three paths of four teams, A, B and C. The winners of the first semi final out of the hat in each path will be the home team in the finals, so that's the game you want to be draw in. In the dream scenario we are seeded and drawn in a semi which gives us two games at Hampden to qualify 🤞
  3. Captain Kirk has boldly gone...
  4. We'll also be seeded if we only take 3 points as long as they're off of Denmark 😁
  5. Poland have Andorra and Hungary to play so will likely end up with at least 14 points and a superior GD. If Spain win their last 2 games they'll top their group and be replaced by Sweden. Which for our play off chances I hope happens. I fancy Portugal to beat Serbia to top of their group, the Serbs are guaranteed a seeding though. The Czechs may well get edged out by Wales and take up one of the non seeded Nations League slots.
  6. There's also the possibility that a 1 nil defeat to Denmark could see us get a seeding, but we'd miss out by losing 2 nil. It certainly won't be a dead rubber!
  7. Beaten to it by BH. Pleased to see Patterson come on and make a difference after the haranguing he took on Saturday. McGregor should've been on from the start without a doubt.
  8. According to wikipedia the seeded teams will be equally ranked in the draw, but it wouldn't be the first time FIFA/UEFA have changed the rules at a late stage.
  9. Up to third in the seeding table after tonight but the only additional points we can get are from Denmark.
  10. Always seems to be a dreadful fixture for us this one.
  11. No. That was in Toftir, this is in Torshavn.
  12. McTominay giving the ball away every time.
  13. Our tactic for the previous few years had been to lump the ball up for Kenny Miller to chase and the 4-6-0 team was no different, however the problem was Kenny was sitting on the bench.
  14. For Mexico 86 it was predetermined when we were drawn in a 4 team group that the runner up would be in an intercontinental playoff with the Oceania group winner.
  15. Yep to me the delays were 100% down to QR code scanning issues. Was bad enough at the Moldova game so fully expected it to be horrendous with a 50,000 crowd. Fortunately we turned up earlier and got through in plenty of time.
  16. Anyone get held up on Saturday due to vaccine passport checks?
  17. It's going to be very tight. Obviously priority #1 is three points tomorrow but racking up a few goals could be vital in the final reckoning.
  18. Yes they currently are, they'd be unseeded though. The only way Austria can't get a play off is if two of France, Spain, Belgium, Italy or Wales don't finish in the top two of their groups, pretty much guaranteed then!
  19. McCoist at the winner 😄
  20. Fantastic development. Possibly one positive spin-off from Covid would be the improvements in vaccine science.
  21. Absolutely insane shout by Hibs to appeal that.
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