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  1. The favourite never wins a Tory leadership race, a fairly safe bet he won't be then.
  2. As told by my old man at the time:- The hare was so confident of beating the tortoise he volunteered to race blindfolded. As they lined up at the start the hare asked to feel his opponent's face just to check it wasn't a ringer. Grabbing the tortoise's head in his paws he went...."His skin is rough and leathery..... he has no eyebrows or ears....I'm not racing him.....he's Niki Lauda!"
  3. Voted a couple of hours ago. Miniscule number of names had been scored off the sheet.
  4. That's true, it'd be interesting to see how many of those 67 games were won by the team with 70% possession.
  5. No it's claiming to have come from the outer solar system ie. beyond Mars.
  6. What a legendary competitor. Deserves much credit for his campaigning against Boeing after the crash of one of his airliners, which hastened the introduction of improvements that may have saved many lives.
  7. Good read that. Didn't realise all 5 of Europe's big leagues had been retained this year. This fact really sticks out:- "In 67 Premier League games this season one side had 70% possession or more; 15 years ago there was one"
  8. Looks like it'll be well over 100 quid to get a ticket anywhere other than behind the goals. And they're onsale before we know if we'll even be participating too... Linky
  9. Aye, it used to be the only criteria too. Hence why Joe Baker played for England instead of Scotland, and his brother Gerry played for the USA.
  10. While I agree with those who've said our midfield currently hasn't been up to much for a while, the OP has a point regarding strikers. Really concerning how poor our goalscoring options have been, for pretty much all of this century so far.
  11. The club is exceptionally well run in comparison with the previous regime. I'm confident with the right appointment success can be maintained. Thinking back (as I can) to the impact Alex Ferguson had as manager of St Mirren, the club benefited for about a decade after he left.
  12. Apart from living here virtually his whole life
  13. Thanks Steve Clarke, 3rd place for the first time in my lifetime, and that's quite a while!...
  14. 50 billion global population - they cracked it!
  15. Watch Debate Night folks, it's considerably better.
  16. 15 years outside the top flight, way too long for a club the size of Leeds.
  17. The decision is being made in the next 48 hours, supposedly the announcement won't be til next week...
  18. A bit conflicted, the Scotland fan in me would be delighted if it's Clarke, the Killie fan would be devastated
  19. Fortunately for Killie's chances I'm in Lisbon for the weekend. Score updates will be required...
  20. That horsing from St Mirren pre dated Clunie, he oversaw further Premier pumpings two seasons later.
  21. By the time ma faither got us into the ground we'd missed 3 goal. Unfortunately for Jim the Scotsport cameras didn't miss it...
  22. Disappointing for us yes but you can't blame someone for wanting to play for the country they've lived most of their life in. Dembele on the other hand I have much less respect for.
  23. Agreed, I don't think Rangers will be treating it like a training game. Hopefully Killie will be right up for it, looks like there will be a big home support.
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