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  1. I think that's in part 3 this week. Allan Little's comments have made the papers today... https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17506742.bbc-in-bias-row-after-senior-journalist-criticises-colleagues-over-indyref-coverage/
  2. Right you are... Rangers players need protection indeed.
  3. Surprised there's not been a discussion about this documentary on here (unless I've missed it). Haven't watched it yet myself but will make some time in the near future... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00037wn
  4. 6 tries in a row v England at Twickenham. Has that ever been done by anyone???
  5. Sucker punch but at least we retain the cup
  6. Unbelievable stuff. I'm now recording STV +1
  7. Thoughts are with any TA who have made the trip down.
  8. They've been good today I'll give them that, very hard team to beat right now.
  9. Killie leading at Ibrox at the break. We're bound to win, I'm not at the game
  10. Great video (apart from the soundtrack). Ronaldo is a classic example of a player who really had to put the workin to achieve what he has done...
  11. Sad news. NZ is one of the last places you'd think something like this would happen.
  12. Actually I don't think it's true either but I like the phrase.
  13. Great away European performance from Liverpool tonight. Daft booking from Robbo to put him out of the next game however.
  14. Of course! I remember his quote earlier that season "I will do everything I can to keep Motherwell in the top flight"
  15. Who are the 9 managers btw? Including Murty twice and Kenny McDowall I can only get 7...
  16. Also got to factor in the inability to get promoted from the Championship in 2015, which given the size of the budget must be one of the biggest failures in football history.
  17. Barring a miracle in the league that's 9 years without a trophy, the longest any incarnation of Rangers have gone since winning a major honour.
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