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  1. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-fc-manchester-city-real-madrid-champions-league-european-super-league-b930535.html Please let that come true
  2. This is where the plus one thingy would explode with over use不
  3. If I was to hazard a guess at who will return to this thread, I'd say you will return to it before anyone else 不不不
  4. After watching some of Patterson yesterday I'd be quite annoyed if Clarke never called him up. RB/RWB is an area we need to improve and Patterson has earned the right.
  5. Agree with this, my concern is he gets dropped when Tavenier comes back from injury.
  6. You said you weren't allowed to gloat but you were gloating yesterday. That's what I pointed out
  7. I'm hurt, you've insulted me
  8. You were literally on yesterday going on about natural order.
  9. Clutching at straws now wee man Tiny Tim owned up to why he had a new account. Fair play to him PS doesn't try to belittle everyone on the board and he is civil to me with his replies. I don't think I've insulted you for saying Adams would start for Scotland A stalker, aye OK TDK.不不不
  10. Is it, I thought it was Harry kane?
  11. I notice you didn't deny it. Not surprising
  12. Are you genuinely denying you weren't The dark Knight, chripper or any other username? And that you've never been banned?
  13. Nothing tdk, nothing at all 不 you're great at moving on and letting it go
  14. I've asked you countless times why you've came back after being banned 4 times under other different usernames, you've never answered now you get all upset when I won't answer your question. Hmmmm
  15. Really, your the last person who should be telling anyone to let something go
  16. I'm copying you, you've inspired me to be like you.
  17. Avoiding the question about your bans again......I wonder why that is. Are you like this in real life? If so I can only imagine you get slapped alot and don't have any friends 不
  18. Trail through my posting history if you want, I don't care. I don't follow you around but I do call out your bull shit. You belittle everyone on here, you antagonise people and come across as a self righteous know it all, I'm at least the 10th person to point it out, you've even admitted that is who you are when you were using TDK as your username. If you openly admit to being this way, don't complain when people but back. I really don't care about Harry kane or Harry maguire, I just took the chance to laugh my tits off at you again. Talking of suspensions, why did you come back afte
  19. I'm not trying to sound smart wee man. The only frustration here is coming from you and let's not pretend you don't deserve these insults, you continuously belittle everyone else on here because you can't cope that someone has a different opinion about football. If your insulted by that, I suggest you get you seek help immediately because your going to struggle in the real world
  20. It wasn't long ago you were telling everyone on here you took insults as a compliment on here and let's be honest, there was only one insult in DS's post and it was an extremely mild insult. You were backtracking and deflecting,
  21. Fixed that for you RH I don't watch the CL, it's a snooze fest but that doesn't mean we can't discuss the wider implications of this league and the CL.
  22. The hypocrisy spewing from neville is laughable, this morning the cheeky chappy mccoist is at it too. Both have been involved in clubs who have played a huge part in destroying competition but now they've found their sporting integrity. 不 There were something like 6 places up for grabs in the CL outwith the big five nations. That's not competition, that's making sure the bulk of the money stays within 5 leagues, ensuring certain super clubs can attract the best whilst everyone else feeds off scraps. It's a money making machine, not a sporting competition. This super league is j
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