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  1. No, my opinion is based on Lennon being unstable and being a shite manager. I thought that would be clear from both my posts.
  2. Lowry wins comfortably. Enjoyable open this year
  3. If rangers get their act together, gerrard will easily out fox Lennon. Lennon is unstable and he is very lucky to be in the position he is in. I'm sure hibs fans will confirm he is a gump.
  4. Rangers should feel confident about this season since celtic appointed a shaved ape as their full time boss
  5. An embarrassing result it was but its doesn't justify our starting position in these tournaments. By our I mean scottish teams. Aberdeen and rangers could end up playing wolves who've been given a later start despite not playing in europe for 40 years, they get one qualifier because they play in one fo the richest league in the world. There should be no seeding till the group stages, actually I'd rather there was no seedlings at all but I'd accept the groups being seeded. Every team should have a fighting chance to improve their standing in the game and I do mean every team. Another fine example. Celti have actually won their league and the European cup but spurs have won absolutely fuck all since football's were brown and heavier than kris Boyd's gut yet spurs waltz into the groups because they play in a rich league It's a fecked competition which seems to give smaller nations an even lesser chance of competing every year because the bulk of money in football is funnelled up to the rich leagues.
  6. Utter horse shit The old firm like the rest have had some shite results in Europe
  7. What an utterly stupid thing to say. They were the form team in scotland next to celtic for a while last season. One bad result in europe doesn't reverse that.
  8. What the fuck do I know 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. I think yesterday summed up the whole tournament. The matches on both the womens and mens game have been poor in terms of drama, competitiveness and entertainment. The only exception being kyrgios v Nadal which delivered everything. Hopefully Nadal and Federer roll back the years to deliver a classic. I have a feeling Nadal will do it in three sets but its Federer, he cant be ruled out.
  10. To be honest the name is not an issue, it's the format and how it's become a closed shop.
  11. Ajax won their league,they arguably lit up the tournament last season, they've got a great European pedigree but they have to come through 4 matches to qualify.................spurs have win the square root of fuck all, they last won their league in 1961 yet they walk straight into a group slot all because of the league they play in has more money and TV viewers
  12. There are teams with automatic entry who haven't won their league for decades. The CL is an absolute disgrace.
  13. Agree with this. Also, Wimbledon has been disappointing so far with the exception of kyrgios and gauff. I hope Andy does well as always but itll be through gritted teeth because I'm no fan of serena. Shes classless
  14. Murray has been good wih kyrgios, I doubt Murray has an arrogant bone in his body which is probably why kyrgios likes him
  15. His interview after the match was equally entertaining, He makes a good point re nadal and his time wasting.
  16. If Scotty is correct I am already destined to burn in the lake of fire for eternity. I will see you and 99.99% of the TAMB there
  17. Kyrgios v Nadal is highly entertaining
  18. Its really hard not to laugh at fairbairns post. You expect someones last words to be along the lines of I love my family but no, he wanted his son to have his porn stash. Great post Fairbairn
  19. There seems to be lack of activity from the big guns in this window, I wonder if they are feeling the effects of FFP? 🤷‍♂️
  20. Celtic signing a left back from rapid Vienna. Is this an indication that Tierney is off?
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