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  1. Being a former scotland captain doesnt make him immune from being an arsehole. He is and always has been nothing more than a ned
  2. Its going to bw like 2012 again but this time it will be celtic playing the victim card
  3. Id be surprised. If you consider their complete lack of self awareness during this saga, id be surprised if celtic think lennon did anythig wrong.
  4. not sure why you would find it funny, not all fishermen voted for this, the more vocal greedy ones did. There are a lot of people in this industry who didn't ask for it
  5. I don;t think there will be much sympathy for the fishing industry because there were a lot of vocal fishermen desperate for brexit to happen
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55706114 Fishing lorries arrive in london
  7. Theres only one way to solve this. Null and Void the season. 遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲遲
  8. None of the posters on here claimed anything like that. Some of us posted rumours we had been sent. You already know this unless you cant read, youre just looking for a reaction because you are a cockwomble. Theres your reaction
  9. I dont think anyone can believe whats happened to Celtic.
  10. Its gone stale, the fans are apathetic anf theres no signs he can take aberdeen any further
  11. Do you mean oh dear another joke piece from the express or oh dear scotland can't run their own affairs? I suspect you are just being a troll again, if so I have no idea how you find enjoyment in this. I know when I am not wanted I leave the building instead staying around to annoy people but each to their own as they say
  12. Thanks phart, this will be useful in the future when the funs and games on indy ref 2 start again
  13. I wouldnt know where to start but i hope you get some more messages for the wee lad
  14. Youre the one who keeps going on about it.
  15. FFS who the hell gave me a plus 1, show yourself 不不不
  16. Im amazed anyone gives a fuck
  17. Apparently selling your ground and ground sharing will solve the problem. There arent enough facts to confirm what this young lad wants to do. If he takes the huff and picks wales because he wasnt picked for us, well that says a lot about him. I am sure he will be on the SFAs radar.
  18. I got as far as the 3rd comment and stopped. The SNP are apparently to blame.
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