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  1. My options are terrible in east hants so I've decided not to vote. First time I've not voted since I was old enough.
  2. Wow Ra pubs will be shut down. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Cant see it happening. Boris has it wrapped up, he does as he pleases and gets away with it. The attitude down here seems to ge 'but corbyn would be worse'
  4. If VAR was introduced in scotland, you can guarantee rangers would be the first to want to removed when something went against them
  5. Another injury for tierney. Once he gets over the injury he will need at least 10 games for arsenal before he is ready to play for scotland.
  6. Being a scotland fan could be described as cold and isolated too
  7. Both of which were better players at the time.of jack leaving Aberdeen. Jack is a better player now but back when jack left I wasnt that bothered. He deserves to be called up to the Scotland squad but for now i will enjoy his tears 😜
  8. Dunno who i said would replace him, you obviously do. I dont really care. Watching that rat cry made my day
  9. A national cup final on a subscription channel. Well played SPFL
  10. Fucking hell that last sentence 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Super fan dandydunn
  11. Leicester never set out to win the league that year. They ended up on a run that everyone including them believed would stop until close to the end. It's a ridiculous comparison to use, it's a one in a million chance that will.unlikely happen again in our lifetime
  12. Back then they had a point. Nowadays is a completely different scenario.
  13. Are you seriously comparing the gulf in finances then to now?
  14. I've doubt fans are bored, I'm bored of it too but I'm bored of scottish football as a whole with exception of scotland but that because there is the tiniest of lights at the end of the tunnel and there is scope for us to improve and bring relative success. Without massive cash injections or radical reform in club football, nothing will change. The old firm have an even tighter grip on the game here than they did back in the 70s before aberdeen and utd took them on. I'm sure some will see this as defeatist, it's not its reality.
  15. Aberdeens target every year is 3rd, that doesnt mean they and mcinnes aren't striving to beat that target. I never said you said he should have a perfect record in the market. I've pointed out the conditions he is up against and that many managers fail with transfers including the best. I doubt theres much in scotland whove seen the majority of a managers signings turn out to be successful. I agree with your regarding 3 at the back, it doeant work with Aberdeen. What formation and tactics would you employ?
  16. You seem to be so certain we can do better? What is better in your mind? And how would it be achieved He has had some poor signings but also a some good signings, I've yet to encounter a manager who has a perfect record or even a close to being perfect transfer record. To use someone you used as an example recently, fergie made some absolutely honking signings. Hes had to replace players every season on a similar budget whilst rangers and celtic have upped the spending and wages rise in england. I'd be interested to know what you see as success? For what its worth I've already said in here that mcinnes should have at least one more trophy in the bag IMO.
  17. I doubt this will change your mind on mcinnes and I'm not actually trying to but I got sent this tonight. we are 4 points better off at this stage than the 16/17 season when we had mclean jack hayes rooney shinnie and maddison in the team. Mental. Despite the poor performances we still have more points at this stage of the season compared to any other under mcinnes. IMO he should have one more cup in the trophy cabinet, there was one scottish cup final where I felt we should have won it. I wont shed tears if he left but I'm not going to he jumping for joy either. Theres a few fans on the forums who hate him and cant wait to get rid of him, I'm not really seeing the need for that level of hatred.........yet 😂😂
  18. I'm starting to go off wings. Hes maling it personal and taking his eyes off the goal. I thought wings was great at debunking the no campaign and union lies but hes losing the plot
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