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  1. Im exactly the same. The CL has lost its appeal for us but we are not the target audience. The target audience is in asia and america nowdays. I honestly hate what that competition and uefa have done to football.
  2. Its about time this stupid rule was challenged. Id have tuned in to watch a scottish cup match. If it wasnt for the tamb updates on haaland, id have no idea whonwas playing in the CL last night.
  3. He has no interest in the playoffs so i expect he wont be posting.
  4. Its 50/50 for me. I think we have the slightly better team this season but everyone is still on edge from the bad run of form. I assume its not on the telebox because of the CL garbage?
  5. Records are meant to be broken, they will lose eventually.
  6. Three weeks ago id be expecting killie to knock us out but i think the tie is now in the balance. The dona look much better than they did prior to the hamilton match
  7. James forrest has been outstanding for celtic but has very rarely replicated that form for scotland. Mcburnie is exactly the same but at least mcburnie has time. The point being, club form is not always replicated on a scotland shirt.
  8. Wow, just when you thought people on here couldnt sink any lower
  9. Griffiths is playing in a 2 as well. I prefer him to mcburnie but i have reservations about griffiths playing the lone striker role nowdays
  10. To keep up the act this long shows conviction but it also shows he's a wanker
  11. Rolling hills is the big scotland fan yet theres hardly any posts by him in ta specific
  12. I agree, griffiths being back will push him to the top of the queue. It might be harsh on naismith but if i had to pick one of those to put a chance away, id pick griffiths. He needs proper support though, christie, mcginn , armstrong and fraser behind him would be perfect Fletcher would divide opinion, personally.i dont think he should be considered. It would be great if he was on form and committed to scotland but he clearlynisnt committed.
  13. He said it was a pit stop and he wont be around for the playoffs. I dont beleive hin because he clearly cant stay away.
  14. Where is this feeling? The general feeling now is fans are happy he has finally changed the team and tactics. Its only 2 games but the team seems much more motivated and attack minded. If it stays that way mcinnes wont be going anywhwere
  15. Its no surprise weve played better without hoofball tactics and cosgrove upfront. Some dons fans dont agree but i think cosgrove is extremely overated. Maybe thats harsh and he would be more suited to the ball being on the deck but his team mates opt to lump it to him. Main is much better at harrasing defenders and bring other into play. Mcginn must stay in the 10 role
  16. Massive. 13 points ahead, albeit two games more. Dont think rangers will catch you now
  17. See my latest post. Celtic have quality compared to aberdeen which means you cannot give them an inch, if you go at better teams like we did today, it can work but you have to comcentrate and keep up thw pressure for 90 minutes. I think there will be celebrations within yhe celtic dressing room but also a sense of relief because that was much tougher game for celtic than i expected
  18. Happy with how the dons played and battled today. Its no suprise to me that weve played better when cosrgove is dropped and we play mcginn in a nunber 10 role. We deserved a point today, at least but wheb you dont take advantage of possession against better sides, you get punished.
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