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  1. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Do I? Which posts of mine are you referring to? I'd like to see them
  2. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I 2nd this motion.
  3. vanderark14

    Declan Rice

    I agree, well there's also the fact Ireland helped to develop him by using him through the youth levels.
  4. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I agree with the part in bold to a certain extent, Celtic should have done a lot better last night, the wayward passes and lack of movement from some is basic stuff.
  5. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I'll leave you to it, you're posts never make much sense anyway. you seem hell bent on having a go at people and having arguments rather than having an adult conversation.
  6. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    congrats, you're still a prick
  7. vanderark14

    An experiment in optimism

    3 left backs? why?
  8. vanderark14

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Decided to watch Celtic last night, for once I had time to watch a game not featuring Aberdeen or Scotland. Its the first European game I've watched in years which didn't feature Aberdeen. Brown was beyond shite, probably the worst I've seen him play. Is he passed it? Celtic looked devoid of ideas, does Rodgers not know when to change formation or tactics?, passing the ball along the back four was like watching Levein's Scotland. I really wanted to see the Scottish lads play well but I thought most were non existent, it could be argued Burke, Christie and Forrest were starved of the ball but at times they were completely static too. Poor performance and I reckon that tie is over
  9. vanderark14

    Declan Rice

    The guy played right through the Irish youth system and then played for them three times. turning your back on a country that had a hand in your development is out of order. If he'd not played for either country at all I would almost understand his decision but did he all of a sudden think he was english after playing so many games at different levels for Ireland? I think he's exploited the rule for his own career.
  10. He's made several unprofessional comments about aberdeen players in the past and then the tackle on Shinnie who was one of the player undeserving of a cap in his view. This from a guy who walked out on Scotland.
  11. vanderark14

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    I thought the forwarding passing was just as comical, especially the last one
  12. vanderark14

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    What's your thoughts on the advantages played by the referee? Seemed excessive to me but in saying that, Scotland beat themselves yesterday. You can't make that many errors and expect anything a team of Ireland's talent
  13. vanderark14

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    I'd say grown men rolling around pretending to be hurt on football pitch would be better described as putrid wankers but crack on with the stereotyping. I've met much more arseholes at football matches than I ever will at rugby matches.
  14. I've not seen it, did powers get booked?
  15. It's been embarrassing for years, this hasn't brought it up a level
  16. Please just fuck off back to follow follow you stupid hun troll
  17. That's utter garbage pal and you know it is. You and every other rangers fan on here are welcome to bring up the kick on Jack's head just as we are allowed to point out Defoe is a diving cheat. You're lowering yourself to rolling hills level, as I've said before there is no anti rangers agenda on the tamb.
  18. There's plenty scum bags who've raised money for charity.
  19. Nah I'm comfortable with my description of him.
  20. vanderark14

    Scotland Podcast

    Just finished the Kenny Miller podcast. He was very passionate about playing for Scotland, I would have him in and around the players, he would have ran through a brick wall for Scotland.
  21. Boyd is still a scum bag regardless of whether he was there to watch rangers. That's like Christmas and birthdays all at once for him, he gets to work with his manager's blessing and watch his beloved at the same time.
  22. Hard to tell via a still picture but the killie player has his eye on the ball, possibly accidental? Possibly meant to boot Jack in the face. Either way the panel will or should review it if the ref never punished the player. Defoe 100% dived, he actually tried to make contact with the defender.
  23. You can start one if you want. What happened?
  24. I have to admit I laughed at that too, I expect those kind of replies from white ceelo but surprised at aaid. I'm not sure how you can be classed as a bigot for not liking bigots 🤣
  25. vanderark14

    Wembley 77

    I tend to ignore him, the block function is next to useless because his posts are quoted by others. You're right, he'd just come back under another name. I've never understood why people do that, If I ever was stupid enough to get banned from a forum I would take the hint and fuck off.