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  1. In that case we are in agreement I just don't believe now is the time to call him up
  2. This doesn't prove the point and wouldn't justify calling up Stewart. Would England have considered calling up vary when he was at Fleetwood? Nope.. Would you call up an Elgin city player for Scotland? Np you wouldn't To be clear here, I am not completely against stewart ever being called up but at this time it's too big a gamble to do so.
  3. There's always going to be an exception or two
  4. Good post. I agree with you, certain players can look like the best finishers but it's sometimes because of the league they play in and the opposition. League 1 is miles off international football, especially the level scotland are about to play Wales and Ukraine have world class footballers, its not wycombe
  5. It's shocking 16 of the last 18 trophies have been won by the OF Prior to that during the years when rangers had to re-enter Scottish football and start from league 2..... it was something like 6 or 7 different clubs won a trophy.
  6. I'm not surprised at all. As soon as Rangers were back on their feet the bad old days were going to return to the domestic game. If King or Lowry had any sense they'd go to England asap
  7. In fairness I would expect this game to be of reasonable standard considering its the pinnacle of the women's game I still won't watch it, I barely have enough motivation to watch my own teams let alone start watching the women's game too
  8. Disappointing to see the old firm win every trophy
  9. You will be celebrating no matter who wins 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. Same here. I think Clarke will go for Odonnell at RWB
  11. Are you related to Ross Stewart? Serious question He is scoring in league one, it's genuinely a world away from a world cup playoff semi final against a side that will be more up for it than anything we've seen in years.
  12. A bold move but absolutely the right move IMO There is no need to ban Russian or Belarusian athletes
  13. St Johnstone up 2 nil already in first leg of the playoff
  14. It's all about opinions but their are some bloody crazy opinions on here.
  15. Mcginn is already a guaranteed starter so your not dropping anyone for him. He will play as the main attacking midfielder. There's not one fan who wouldn't have him. What I believe is insane is dropping out best forward. He's not ronaldo or a 30 goal a season striker but he is our best. Dykes again plays at a level above Stewart and has more experience. Stewart may well get a call up one day but I suspect he has found his level. Ross County and league one
  16. Adams scores at a higher level and has scored for Scotland in front of 52000 against Denmark. Using your own logic Adams makes more sense than Stewart. Stewart is banging them in two leagues below Adams. It's beyond insane to play Stewart in this upcoming game. He may be playing at Wembley but it's against Wycombe, that's the standard of the opposition he's been up against all season. Scotlands biggest miss is a striker, Adams is by far our best and he plays at a high level. Dropping him right now would be crazy
  17. Mcginn, glimour and mcgregor in the middle with Adams and dykes upfront gives us much more fire power Playing an untested league one striker in our most important game in years is a bit wild
  18. What reason would uou leave out dykes and Adams?
  19. Also, I am not even thinking about the wales match. I believe the Ukraine tie will be the harder game. We will see a side more energised than anything we have faced before, it will be like how pumped we were against England last summer x 10. This doesn't mean the tie isn't winnable, if our players remain calm and stick to Clarke's plan, we will beat them
  20. Good post regarding the youth players. They seem to be happy to gamble with playing a player with a shocking injury record but not happy to gamble with a young potential star with no fear who loves the club he plays for.
  21. I don't see any connection to his penalty last night and our potential match against wales. Coming up with this prediction seems extremely far fetched and dramatic to me.
  22. AS I said in my post above, the OF rivalry is back with a bang, the UJ waving, armed forces day celebrations, Irish Flag waving, the belittling, gloating and generally being a fud will be with us forever more.
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