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  1. You have the option not to participate. Fair play to Celtic if they want to organise a tribute to a rival player but fair play to them if they didn't do anything.
  2. Australia v Fiji was an entertaining match. The Aussies took there time to get into gear but eventually did, Fiji going down to 14 helped but they gave the Aussies a fright.
  3. Brazil is Like souness, nicholas, jim white and any other Anglo scot in the media, they know fuck all about scottish football.
  4. I didnt say the SFA weren't doing anything to change things, I said they were to blame along with the clubs for the lack of talent scotland is producing over the last 20 years. To be clear here I am blaming both the SFA and the clubs for the lack of talent. The SFA is an oganistion run by its members who are the clubs so they are all to blame. The performance schools are a good idea, I've said as much on here, getting rid of them would be utter stupidity because we are only now seeing some players graduating. I only used bain as an example of another Scotland player produced by Aberdeen. I wasnt commenting on how good he was.
  5. Thanks I'll have a listen however I can.imagine itll make me angry when.i hear about the call offs.
  6. The clubs in Scotland can't be trusted with anything, that has been evident for years. There's not a set of balls between them to change things. As long as there's TV cash and 4 OF matches a season, the clubs/SFA are happy. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sfa-grassroots-review-power-scottish-20064153 This article sums it all up perfectly for me, the part about the lack of funding for Gemmill is a fucking disgrace
  7. Come on min, I agree that the calibre of player all clubs have produced is not good enough in the last decade but you are clutching at straws if you are using Brophy, Taylor and Boyd. There is no club producing a conveyor belt of talent in Scotland. Celtic are at least giving their youth a chance, providing 3 or 4 of the scotland starting line up IMO is a decent return for the country's top club. I completely agree regarding Rangers, they are on a mission to stop 10IAR and its clear their manager doesn't think the scottish boys are good enough, whether he is right or not is up for debate. the only thing we disagree is who's to blame, I see the blame at the door of the SFA which is run by all of its member clubs not just the four "big" clubs.
  8. I'll give you rangers, but you are being very selective. 4 players from celtic isn't actually a bad return considering all 4 are likely to start. If I'm being pedantic Robertson also started at celtic albeit he was let go. McKenna and fraser are likely starters so that's two from Aberdeen which again as arguably the 3rd biggest club, I would expect this to be about right. Staying with Aberdeen we have Campbell and mclennan coming through who if they realise their talent they will eventually become Scotland internationals, not guaranteed obviously but I'm illustrating how bad your eoin jess comment was. Rangers recent record is poor, granted but prior to their death they produced great talent like Ferguson and mcgregor with Hutton also being a regular starter. Hearts have souttar and they did produce craig gordon who was until very recently our number one goalie. Scott Bain briefly got that job and he is a product of the Aberdeen youth system. You're being very harsh on Celtic and Aberdeen. So what about dundee united, motherwell and Hamilton? You.mentioned these teams. Who have they produced that would get into a top european side? None of our clubs have produced that level of player, the only players we could put at that level are Robertson and maybe Tierney but Tierney is still a maybe.
  9. the reply is exactly what your post deserved but just in case you actually believe what your wrote You said "It is Hamilton, Motherwell, Kilmarnock, Dundee Utd even St Mirren currently that have done their bit for the national team in recent years" I went through the current team and teams from recent years and I can see plenty players who have come from Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, Rangers and Celtic. The current team has a few from Hearts, Aberdeen but especially Celtic. You even contradict your own post by stating who Aberdeen and Celtic have produced in recent years.
  10. agreed, shankland hasn't even proved himself at sottish premiership level, how anyone thinks he is ready for international a level football is beyond me. The championship in Scotland is competitive but its a very poor level of football. As much as I rate Tierney, classing him as one of the best full backs in the world is very premature.
  11. This 100% Every penny should be invested in the performance schools and youth development right now not developing a stadium which is already deemed good enough to hold matches at major tournaments and european finals.
  12. @dandydunn #mcinnesootleveinin 😂😂😂
  13. Craig Levein is on the verge of being sacked, that will create a few smiles 😂😂😂
  14. It wasnt a serious comment mate. I was playing around after yet another "the tamb is anti rangers" debate
  15. He may have looked good in training but what if he wasnt match fit? I've not read enough as I dont care that much.
  16. I'm sure youd find a negative in even the most accomplished performance 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻
  17. When I saw his comments I weighed it up, gerrard is know for talking bollocks to the press. See his first visit to pittodrie and numerous other bowlers for evidence. Clarke on the other hand isn't known to be full of shit and has been complimented on his coaching until now. Gerrard may well be right but none of us will ever really know.
  18. I agree re hearts, they are poor this year, I reckon a loss next week and levein is gone. I cant see the support taking anymore. Hes doing worse than Ian Laptop cathro. I honestly think anyone of the other ten can finish third if they get their act together. Aberdeen are so hot and cold this season, I cant see it being them.
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