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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The 2nd one, straight and to the point 😂😂😂
  2. If the other ten clubs got together and started by announcing how pissed off they are, the SPFL would have no choice but to listen, the problem is the other ten are happy to let the SPFL board do this.
  3. Nobody ever has questioned this except maybe mad vlad. Every other club should be coming together to question this but they wont and that is why they will continue to get away with it
  4. Stuart armstrong sets up the winning goal for southampton against man city. Southampton no safe from the drop. Armstrong will have EPL fitba next season
  5. Robertson may have been poor on thursday but he has been immense for liverpool this season. Thursday was a total dead rubber, a game that i doubt liverpool were up for. Mctominey and mcginn are the only.two scotsman with games to play with meaning. CL spot or relegation to play for. Tierney may look good for arsenal but lets not toss each other off till we know if he can ne fucked to play for his country yet.
  6. All week ive said i wony go to the local on the first day its open because it will be too busy. Went for a walk, saw it was quite quiet, now sitting with a nice pint in the pub gazeebo on my own😂
  7. If scotland doesnt jump at the chance of independence with this current tory government, it never will. The disdain this lot show for scotland even the working class in england is beyond belief
  8. Sums it up perfectly The reaction is so pathetic. Some people have had to let loved ones go without being there, people have missed cancer treatment and died but ask some cunt to wear a mask and its open revolt. Fucking fannies
  9. Social media is hoot. Loads of folk upset about wearing a mask as if its a form of control or torture. We really do live in an age of morons.
  10. Its putting a mask on yer face, thats all. Hardly the chore its made out to be. Ive ordered a tartan mask and a dons mask
  11. Thats it in a nut shell. The SNP have always been nothing more than a meas to an end for me. Give the keys to the SNP start a fresh independent country or leave the keys with Bojo and his pals or whoever England votes for at the next election, its a no brainer for me
  12. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18554778.sports-direct-claim-will-sell-rangers-new-home-kit-exclusively-august-1-following-castore-unveiling/ Top trolling by mike
  13. Ill get excited about tierney when he turns up for a match and gives his all
  14. We would need to see more commitment from players IMO
  15. One Aberdeen player has tested positive for Coronavirus, no confirmation who it is yet
  16. I dont think my point was made very well, it was more about highlighting someone who is well known and on TV regularly going against the grain. Its a dangerous game for him to play in todays society.most will just do it regardless if they agree or not to keep their job. Patrice Evra also ditched the badge along with jamie redknapp, thats four ex players, two of them black who have ditched BLM. Its about more than Matt Le tissier now
  17. What the hell is a CHOP zone was my first reaction. Murica is a fucked up place
  18. Lets say the above stastic is evened up, although i doubt it as the next census is due next year and i would be surprised if scotland is still 96% white. Anyway, lets say the amount of BAME MSPs is equal to the percentage of BAME people living in scotland. Some are going to think its now all fair but why assume the views of the BAME MSP represents the views of the BAME community? For example, i dont think every white person represents my views Surely the person voted in will be the one whos views or policy equal what the individiual voter wants? Theres lots of statistics like the one.above in politics and in football but the question should be how many of the BAME community have stood for office and who did they lose to and why did they lose? If the number of candidates is extremely low then ask why nobody in the community stands for office? If they lost to the better candidate then its surely fair and they can try again next time. Not sure if that makes sense or not but hopefully you get my point
  19. I wasnt expecting you to listen to him. I found it interesting that he was questioning why he has to wear it because he doesnt want to be associated with the far left or far right. Its surprising to see anyone with a TV career question this.
  20. Some interesting comments from matt le tissier and karl henry. Le tissier is reviewing with sky.whether he wants to continue wearing the BLM badge. Henry reckoms the UK needs a new neutral anti racism movement away from BLM Le tissiet doesnt want to be linked with the far right or far left
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