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  1. See how easy it is to get the meaning correct when you want to Weird I was using the word correctly here as well.
  2. Well authoritative is relative like "near" and "far" insomuch as it depends on where you stand. It's the contents not the title that informs me, It wasn't a cheap rhetorical trick for headline readers it was me asking thplinth a question and just typingh quickly without thinking about the semantic purity of my sentence. It was a quick example as i wanted counter examples. If I wanted to emphasize the authoritarian nature i could just list the legislation as i'm familiar with the text having read it all.
  3. The named person policy is an authoritative policy , thplinth had said she had introduced "left-wing policies" i pointed out one that was "right wing" and asked for examples. It's a simple concept. Is anyone else having trouble understanding the point? Or is it just Aaid?
  4. It's an argument about interpretation not definition. Once Aaid realises there is a more common usage for the word my post makes sense, rather than it being a premeditated attempt to muddy waters about the named persons act. I was actually just asking thplinth to point out the "left-wing" policies of Sturgeon and gave a policy i saw as being Authoritative as opposed to left-wing. Thplinth has failed to point out any left-wing policies as well. Which i have pointed out to thplinth earlier.
  5. I never used guardian in that definition, this isn't the first time i told you this. Now go to the OED and acquaint yourself with the other definitions.
  6. What is material change in this context?
  7. Deflect from what though? You're inventing special definitions that don't exist outside the confines of your skull. If that definition exists then go and get it , instead of linking to interns writing for american law firms.
  8. What point? That is an invention of yours. I just used guardian in it's normal use, you interpreted me as using it in a legal sense , a definition that you still can't produce by the way. You invented my usage in your own head, and can't actually point to the definition anywhere beyond googling it and putting the first website you find. There is no substantive point outside the straw-men concocted in your head. Normally i just let all this pish slide as i got older and realised all the arguing i did on here was basically pointless, however every now and again it's good to engage and point out the nonsense.
  9. Then finally we go to the author. Jessica Tran who is " Legal Content Developer – Intern at LegalMatch" so an intern at LegalMatch wrote that. Let's look at LegalMatch " LegalMatch is a private U.S. corporation established in 1999 as an online legal matching service to help people find prescreened local lawyers, and to help attorneys get leads matching their legal specialty. LegalMatch operates its legal matching service in all 50 United States. " So citing an intern writing for an American Law firm as the " Guardian has a very specific legal definition wrt to children" Then have the gall to say "I'ts misleading in the extreme to use that in relation to the named person legislation. " Who has misled who here? Let's open up the phone to callers and let's see.
  10. Also lets look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. The Legal Information Provided in this Web site is for General Reference Only and Should Not be Relied Upon - You Should Always Consult a Lawyer to Determine Your Legal Rights. This site only provides general information about the law which is designed only to help users of the site learn more about their own legal needs. But general legal information is not the same as legal advice - true legal advice is the application of local and federal law to an individual's specific circumstances, and true legal advice can only be given by a lawyer. This Web site is not operated by a law firm, and the content provided by this site should not be used as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified lawyer. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, the laws vary considerably in different jurisdictions (from State to State and from County to County) and laws change frequently. As a result, you should never rely on the accuracy or applicability of the information provided by this Web site because there is no substitute for true legal advice from a lawyer. We strongly recommend you consult a lawyer to discuss the laws in your area and how they apply to your particular situation. They state themselves it is legal information not advice
  11. " Guardian has a very specific legal definition wrt to children" and you essentially post This (see below) a site asking for zip codes. So i ask again what is the "very specific legal definition wrt to children" in the context of Scotland not a country that uses zip codes. I know you were making a facile point so it's funny watching you try and substantiate your pish by googling after the fact. What Is a Legal Guardian? Find a Local Family Lawyer near You 1 (may not be the same place you live) 2 Can't find a category? Click here What Is a Legal Guardian? Legal guardians are individuals that have legal authority to care for another person. The individual being cared for is called a ward. Legal guardians must take care of their ward's personal and property interests. Legal guardianship is commonly used for: Incapacitated seniors Developmentally disabled adults Minors Legal guardians for minors are the most common guardianship. A legal guardian acts as the primary caretaker of a child or minor. This person may be personally selected by the child’s biological parents, or appointed by the court. Guardianship arrangements are necessary when a child's biological parents are unable to provide care. What Are the Rights and Duties of a Legal Guardian? Becoming a legal guardian involves many different legal rights and duties. A legal guardian generally has the right to make legal decisions on behalf of the child. These can include decisions, such as where to live, where to send the child to school, and other important aspects. Responsibilities of a legal guardian are also broad. In most cases, the legal guardian also has legal and physical custody of the child. This means that they must fulfill duties in the same way as a parent would for their child. These responsibilities may include: Providing food Purchasing clothing Providing shelter for the child Maintaining the child’s physical and emotional health Protecting the child from safety hazards Find the Right Family Lawyer Hire the right lawyer near your location Find My Lawyer Now! Is Guardianship Permanent? This depends on the order issued by the court. Legal guardianship of a minor will generally end when the child reaches the age of majority (usually 18 years old). Guardianship may also end for other reasons, for instance if the guardian becomes incapacitated. Also, some legal guardianship arrangements are designed to be temporary at the outset. This is common if the biological parents request for the guardianship to be temporary, or if there is a pressing emergency situation involved. Should I Get a Lawyer If I Have a Legal Guardian Issue? Yes. Legal guardianship determinations are treated seriously in family law courts. These will affect the child’s future upbringing as well as the rights of the biological parents. If you need help with legal guardian laws in your area, you should contact an experienced family law attorney. Your lawyer can provide you with legal advice and represent you during guardianship hearings in court. Post Your Case - Get Answers from Multiple family Lawyers Jessica Tran LegalMatch Legal Writer Last Modified: 04-11-2018 07:28 PM PDT Link to this page: Law Library Disclaimer
  12. The predictive accuracy speaks for itself. The smears without facts also speak for themselves and the users are doing it as late as yesterday so nothing changed there, no personal growth.
  13. Indeed notice how the "specific legal definition" hasn't actually appeared, but of course it's misleading in the extreme. Zero substance just opposition based on identity not actual facts. In the hands of someone more competent it could be construed as sinister, since it's just some random on a forum it is more funny. At some point i'll get bored and just dump my nuclear arsenal of all publicly available information on here and amuse myself with the fallout.