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  1. Now that's how you write a hagiography.
  2. This has mysteriously disappeared as well.
  3. I see the UK government have lost the case for their secret mass surveillance operation that Ed Snowden told us about. I wonder if those pictures etc are now admissible in court 😛
  4. I heard they were just waiting on their mates lol
  5. phart

    Tennis 2017

    ITF backs the referee.
  6. phart

    Tennis 2017

    Serena's coach admitting he was coaching on national TV made it even more of a spectacle. Most child stars become entitled brats. Osaka day ruled cause a child couldn't handle reality. Least she never fled to her panic room like she did when the drug testers came.
  7. Ditto for the polis as well. In fact i'm struggling to think of a bigger public funded liar than the Police Scotland.
  8. I was seeing a northern Irish lassie years and years ago went for a walk along port rush beach , saw polis with guns, it is a shock when no expecting it. I flew into O'hare in 2003 and this boy looked 17 and was just putting folk into the immigration rows and he had this massive handcannon on his hip, was outrageous like something from a cartoon.
  9. phart

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    The thing is judging by what we know, folk do bottle it up for years for a variety of issues. Without trying to elevate myself too much my personal opinion on why the social sciences get so much shit wrong is they assume rational actors, humans aren't rational in their actions.
  10. Yeah it's a daft question. Of course it was a conspiracy. I guess you could say i was making a point so vague no one could interpret anything from it, but then what would be the point of making it in the first place.
  11. While traces of Novichok were found in the London hotel room, there is no risk to other guests who were staying at the hotel at the time, police said.
  12. phart


    Correct. Gazza isn't well at this stage in his life, the folk using him as a prop are a lot worse.
  13. What are you talking about? It was a conspiracy regardless of who did it. Getting together to murder folk is a conspiracy. It's easy to say you have enough evidence when it will never go to court. Russia won't release them. If it was a covert hit on Skirpal it has failed spectacularly. Remember Skirpal and his handler worked for the guy who made the Trump Dossier so there is another angle here as well.
  14. phart

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    Nothing to do with that at all, just simply the fact you care.