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  1. That's fair. I'm in a the more things change the more they stay the same mindset atm.
  2. It's just plain wrong the claim. If journalism is the presentation of facts without bias or favour then it fails. Anyway there's 7 folk reading this thread the majority agree with 99% of what the others are saying i'm assuming. I'm just burnt out with these sort of things atm.
  3. I took the quote from the article you posted which claimed it was setting a precedent. There was contempt cases for stuff posted on facebook, or do they mean someone who worked in the media, seems like a stretch so they can make use some hyperbolic rhetoric. For example someone got twice the sentence Murray got for posting a picture they took inside court to facebook. Journalism has been a shambles forever look at how after the first wave (covid) journalists from certain publications were amplifying voices saying it was over etc, tens of thousands of dolk died. Or how they talk about global warming but never mention that since 1998 100 companies are responsible for 70% of all emissions , this will create catastrophic conditions displacing a 1,000,000,000 people wipe out large chunks of the planets Fauna and god knows what else. The answer is yes they do get treated differently and if you needed this case to answer that then you haven't been paying attention. I've posted the Chomksy/Marr exchange dozens of times over the almost 20 years i've been posting here. Spoiler alert No one is going to say anything. nothing is going to change The major police forces have been shown to be instituionally corrupt and racist, the army ran huge dirty trick campaigns in Northern Ireland, planted journalists whipped up support for wars on dodgy premises, yet folk are perplexed that Craig Murray is going to get 8 months for continually laying out trails of breadcrumbs to identify folk he was told over and over again he can't identify then refusing to take it down, doubling down etc, all while the courts exonerated Salmond anyway. It really reminds me of the apocryphal "Dundee man lost at sea: Titanic sunk" level of monomania. Craig Murray has become a victim of his own peremptoriness.
  4. You would have liked to think so, but since he didn't capitulate against "authority" then it was inevitable that same authority would throw throw the book at him, if he's not going to temper his actions based on the issues you raise then the court certainly isn't.
  5. Both the article and the Craig Murray group claim "Murray is also the first person to be jailed in Britain for contempt of court in half a century" However, "The first juror to be prosecuted for contempt of court for using the internet has been sentenced to eight months in jail. Joanne Fraill, 40, admitted at London's high court using Facebook to exchange messages with Jamie Sewart, 34," "In 2012, juror and university lecturer Theodora Dallas was jailed for six months for carrying out her own research about defendant Barry Medlock, who was on trial for causing grievous bodily harm." "In 2016, Damian Parker-Stokes was jailed for 15 months for taking photographs in court as his friend Ryan Sheppard was being jailed for murder. Parker-Stokes posted one image on Sheppard's Facebook page with the words: "Respect g at least u had the balls to admit it ..." The then Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas, said people who used Facebook to "mock the administration of justice" and "cause considerable concern" to a victim's family, "must be deterred by the most severe sentences"." "Tommy Robinson has been jailed for nine months for contempt of court. The ex-English Defence League leader was found guilty last week of interfering with the trial of a sexual grooming gang at Leeds Crown Court in May 2018." It has happened before and to multiple people, claiming it doesn't while it demonstrably does doesn't help the case. I guess they could mean in relation to a jigsaw identification specifically but then state it rather than the quote above. Cause you read that and think "oh really, let me check that" then you find page after page showing it is a false claim. Ineffective rhetoric. Especially considering you can make the case more effectively in more factual ways. Going to jail when being convicted of contempt of court is totally normal. Folk got twice the sentence for just taking pictures in court. Considering Murray whistleblew on the UK government as soon as he gave them a bite they reeled him in. His reporting could have collapsed the case then imagine the shit storm from that. That's the reality.
  6. Queen secretly lobbied Scottish ministers for climate law exemption Monarch used secretive procedure to become only person in country not bound by a green energy rule Wonder what the greens will do.
  7. 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988
  8. Not sure we should be making public health decisions off the back of an incomplete recollection of an eavesdropped comment made by a single child in a mcdonalds queue. I'm maybe being an intellectual elitist though.
  9. She's withdrawn from the individual all round as well. I have no idea how quickly kinesthesia can be repaired. I watch combat sports and it's canon in them that you don't compete if your head isn't right. I trust the judgement of the folk in the gymnastics who don't seem surprised/outraged. I'll defer to their judgement as opposed to making bad faith judgements from my couch.
  10. Well obviously, they're not going to base it around data when it doesn't suit that'd be ludicrous.
  11. Wow you took that almost as personally as Morgan seems to. I read it all the way thinking it was another verbose joke but it wasn't.
  12. It's always amusing when someone most famous for mendacity and then storming off his show in a huff tries to judge someone with like 2 dozen gold medals in international competition on their mental stregnth in competition. He's the worlds foremost ultracrepidarian
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