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  1. I'm voting leave in the next referendum, for the lulz.
  2. Are you less fortunate? What did the bad man say to you?
  3. Post pics or we'll have to assume they look like a row of vandalized gravestones (oh sorry is that mocking the dead)
  4. Anonymous person uses message board to attack person by calling them a coward even though the person he mocks uses his own name on here and the accuser does not. We've not had one like this for a while boys and girls, let's enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry that they've latched onto you Scotty, but if anyone is going to enjoy persecution it would be you
  5. First off you're going to find it impossible to police your "pipe down" policy. You just don't have any resources. You've only been on the board a minute. Your main contribution appears to be that of a fantasist. Talking about sources close to Rogers when it was Delia in charge. So talking for "every sensible" person might be a stretch of the resources available to you. I'm going to chime in whenever i want and you will do nothing about it.
  6. We don't have free markets, hence the bank bail-outs and a million other things that contradict free market.
  7. ah you're the victim in all this, sorry my bad never realised.
  8. I want him as PM. Be interesting to see what happened.
  9. I'm a misanthropic cunt. I don't remember.
  10. So 3 out of 4 then. You'll forgive me we had a banned user who used to post exactly the same at scotty follow him about etc, then they got banned, you appeared and one of your first posts is just telling Scotty to shut up. Then just took of where the other guy left. First off you have a go at "eating christ's body" in a thread and Scotty doesn't reply so you start going at him directly. I remember thinking at the time, man you make it so obvious (this guy has had several usernames over the years and sniffed him out each time) however if you say so, then I've got it wrong this time.
  11. The category “Black, African Am., or Negro” was used in Census 2000, based on research in the late 1990’s that showed there was an older cohort of African-Americans who self-identified as “Negro.” Surprisingly, about 56,000 persons took the time to write in under the “some other race” category the word “Negro.” Above half of them were less than 45 years of age in 2000. https://www.census.gov/newsroom/blogs/director/2010/01/the-word-negro.html So you like Scotty's beliefs? Are we meant to believe that? That's 3 out of the 4 assertions proven without a doubt. I guess we're relying on your personal honesty for the 4th one. So might have to concede that.
  12. It's in the 2010 US Census at the behest of people who want to identify thus. By your logic they would be "self-hating negros" but cause you've got limited knowledge you're happy to label someone a racist. Lets see who has the character to apologise.
  13. I thought the context was "not got a clue" as opposed to "political genius" That leaves 99% of the field still in play.
  14. Doesn't help the press are basically trying to equate Corbyn and anti-semites. Every bit of establishment influence will be used to keep him out of power. Cause he will truly change things (for better or for worse). Go ask Colin Wallace what happened last time we almost had a left-wing government and what the security services were up to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clockwork_Orange_(plot)
  15. The US Census had "negro" as one of the 3 choices in a subsection the other being Black and African American. It was included at the insistence of people who identified as negro. I know you don't like Scotty's beliefs but following him about the board through numerous banned incarnations to then mock outrage and try and make him out to be a racist is rather extreme don't you think? You going to boil one of his family pets next, you tried to dox his job on here once as well.