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  1. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Great stage today. Watch highlights.
  2. The station signs have been changed to display the manager's name until the end of Tuesday lol
  3. It's a shambles. Total shambles.
  4. No idea exactly why. I imagine shared interest. Funding "Free Tommy Robinson marches" Funding is through the legal fund project of the MEF (Middle East Forum)
  5. I wonder how much longer the can can be kicked down the road on this. Has anyone made a meaningful decision in the last 2 years on this?
  6. Private US groups funding the right-wing marches over here. Going to be amusing watching our streets getting polarised for political gain by outside influence. Will be hard to admire the poetic justice of it all from within the bubble but i'll try my best.
  7. phart

    Tennis 2017

    So Isner has been involved in the two longest matches in Wimbledon history, and the one a few years back must be the longest match in history it went on for like 3 days.
  8. Matt LeTissier was world class as well.
  9. England wasted their two most talented players either not playing them or playing them out of position. Matt Le Tissier being one, the worst being Paul Scholes, who was the best England midfielder by a mile but (speculation here) as he was quiet it was easier to put him on the left as Lampard and Gerrard would moan.
  10. who's signature is basically 999y?
  11. Logged into world of warcraft, England getting it totally tight in there as well. Ironically the best word for all this is German lol
  12. I had bet on England to win 3-1 on this match. Had a fiver spare from winnings at the weekend.
  13. Judging how they're running about they got the same Asthma Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins have.
  14. They all got checked for asthma before the world cup by their new Doctor, Rob Chakraverty