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  1. If they keep on colluding in the press after due process has been completed to push a narrative against, or as they say in prison parlance "put a rape jacket on", Salmond then it seems no one is respecting the process anyway. It's a lot easier to care about what Murray said during the case than what he said in response to the latest salvo. Be easier to adopt the Irish system where no one is named.
  2. The accusers are using platforms to still besmirch Salmond even after a full acquital by the courts and doing so anonymously. It's basically slander now. I personally don't know who any of them are and i've not tried to figure it out cause i actually believe they deserve to be anonymous in full , not just anonymous in the press.
  3. Yeah a huge difference, Murray is dealing with facts Robinson doesn't.
  4. What did they try and fit Assange up for again? Oh aye... I think his reasoning will be more to do with "truth" (as he sees it) rather than wanting to end up in a cell which will be seen as a cost of "truth"
  5. long watch but good and everyone has times on their hands
  6. They had to reset it like the millenium bug cause Parkie almost got to 100k.
  7. I've seen various models and the "southern temperate" sub totals have always been lower, that maybe a function of population being lower in that sub region though or it may be enviromental conditions affecting transmission. Until more info is gleaned from study a lot of these models are operating with huge margins of error though. One of my friends was bemoaning the lack of sensitivity testing on these models. She knows what she is talking about unlike me.
  8. The problem with that line of thinking is neither of these causes of deaths overwhelm the health service to the point that any critical health issue becomes a death sentence. If you just read the totals and not the actual underlying ripples caused by these totals then you could compare like for like, the situation is more complex than that though.
  9. Cuba always send doctors to every outbreak they led the effort in Ebola as well. China sent volunteers from a province Italy had helped in the past. Italy have been begging everyone for help.
  10. From BBC holy fuck BreakingUK deaths climb above 1,000 A total of 1,019 patients have died after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Friday, the Department of Health has said, up from 759 the day before. EDIT: is that 260, fucking hell...
  11. I might try this yoga challenge as well I need to up my flexibility. My own method of easing tight muscles by having a super hot bath then super hot shower ended up setting off my fire alarm when i forgot to open a window and left the bathroom door open.
  12. the boys holding 2 packs of "chips" so it is 5+9x2 so 5+18=23 Got a pair of shoes on too so 5+19x2= 43
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