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  1. Not seen it but would make a crazy story, think brexit denial was bad.
  2. least he had "Chripper" and "Debian" backing him up in that thread. So no doubt he was in the right after-all. meh meh meh draw a line ...
  3. Good point that list all the way up to Patel is frightening.
  4. He's just a Grima Wormtongue gatekeeper. I don't like this subject so i'll just come in and try and ruin or belittle the conversation. There's at least one on every message board. They add nothing and try and take stuff away. The guys idea of conversation is to ask you what birds you've seen in your garden and what the weather is like, conversations about super-powers having a complete policy U-turn on unidentified flying objects in conjunction with a global increase in sightings is just so far out of his sphere of reference to even register. None of this is a problem till they try and stop other folk from having a conversation about it though. Now this personality trait exists solely online as well. I've never had someone in pub tell me to stop talking about something. The anonymity allows the dis-inhibition effect to take place. Now i'm drawing a line under this portion.
  5. Two discrete conversations. You might think differently but that's only relevant to you.
  6. Self praise is no praise. It isn't a game of winning or losing, it's objective facts. You might think whatever score is running in your head is relevant, but you've been proven wrong on the facts regardless of what the counter in your head is displaying. You're reduced to going "nah nah i beat you" on a discussion about objective facts. Mind when Charlie sheen was going on about "winning" but he was actually a drug addicted HIV Carrier with no job?
  7. I know i was leaving it as a mistake for someone else to correct. No bite though.
  8. I know loads of folk voting green for the first time. now ofc "loads" is relative and i doubt will swing any close votes, but if replicated elsewhere could add up nicely.
  9. Formation of the moon brought water to Earth New research explains how Earth became a habitable planet Planetologists at the University of Münster (Germany) have now been able to show, for the first time, that water came to Earth with the formation of the Moon some 4.4 billion years ago. The Moon was formed when Earth was hit by a body about the size of Mars, also called Theia. Until now, scientists had assumed that Theia originated in the inner solar system near the Earth. However, researchers from Münster can now show that Theia comes from the outer solar system, and it delivered large quantities of water to Earth. The results are published in the current issue of Nature Astronomy. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190521101505.htm outside the solar sytem interesting.
  10. I'm going to vote Green i think. Hope you're wrong.
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