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  1. That's "poe's law" you can never tell a genuine mentalist from someone just trolling.
  2. Nah i'm going to post teh Q-anon folks cognitive dissonance that Trump didn;t drain the swamp etc. Remember they did that long term study of that eschatological cult, and how when the end didn't come instead of changing their mind they just doubled down. "When prophecy fails" it's called.
  3. 1820 deaths reported today. That's from infections 3 weeks + ago mainly as well. 92 in Scotland.
  4. To be honest its well above my area of expertise/ability, Time will tell! Let's hope they've picked the create method. I have trust in the time put in studying these things.
  5. Should be able to just click on this one and scroll down
  6. One reason speculated about is how all the richer countries are hoarding the vaccine and at some point that might get challenged or changed. We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. As someone put it in answer to the amount of deaths being downplayed
  8. Now admittedly it isn't a Youtube video by someone with no qualifications in the subject they're speaking about but it is a fully referenced mortaility data analysis for Decemeber. The one slight problem being to understand it you need to have spent a considerable time learning a few branches of mathematics. The coronavirus (COVID-19) was the leading cause of death in December 2020 for the second consecutive month in both England (accounting for 20.8% of all deaths registered in December) and in Wales (27.4% of all deaths); dementia and Alzheimer's disease was the second leading cau
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