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  1. Do you think Greta Thunberg is a better climatologist than Joe Rogan is an immunologist?
  2. The problem isn't whether the Earth used to be hotter it's to do with habitat changes. Over half a billion people live in a habitat that has near term(relative) unviability due to rising sea levels. Food production in these areas will be lost, all the socio-economic factors when you have hundreds of millions of people migrating. Continuing resource wars. Countries affected first taking unilateral action including eco-terrorism etc. Humans didn't exist nor their progenitors 50 million years ago. Hominids started about 6 million years ago. The planet is 4.5 billion years old and has had life in one way or another for over 3 billion that's not the issue. The Earth will be fine, life-wise for dozens of millions of years till the next periodic hit from the solar systems main asteroid belt. Then it's a toss up, but life has survived multiple hits so might be the sun that eventually wipes out life. Or the Vogons.
  3. The issues for me are the worrying affects on climate. The trends coming from the climate models that have shown their predictive powers the last decade. How quickly international consensus and action can be harmonised into real reductions and how quickly can we mobolise innovation to invent or scale up mitigating technologies.
  4. they have in some countries for the mopeds they use. Just take out in your own batteries at charging status, then put in charged ones.
  5. Only £19 less than flights to Seattle I was looking at earlier! Bargain.
  6. It can go backwards really quickly, Health service had little rest for a year now. Underfunded as well.
  7. To be fair it was the dude who made it work. I just copied pasted the thread.
  8. I become eligible end of November for booster. Gran got hers last week. 5 days after she became eligible.
  9. I haven't been able to find a suitable source for the Scottish numbers but this guy is doing daily updates for England on booster.
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