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  1. Some random internet talk is everyone else is straight up refusing to do it and defend Cummings.
  2. Someone I know was talking to someone else who is in the know is basically my information, can't say more than that, mainly cause it might be pish and somewhat in case it isn't pish and they get in trouble
  3. I have anecdotal evidence that British company is mass producing 400 million vaccines for Coronavirus as it's works , might take a bit longer to get approved but they've started the mass production efforts as they're confident it works.
  4. Folk saying it was his maw's birthday that weekend. Citing a companys house reference she was born in April 49. I just keep coming back this Chomsky clip.
  5. From a 15,000 sample size study in the lancet just released today A large observational study suggests that treatment with the antimalarial drug chloroquine or its analogue hydroxychloroquine (taken with or without the antibiotics azithromycin or clarithromycin) offers no benefit for patients with COVID-19. The study analysed data from nearly 15,000 patients with COVID-19 receiving a combination of any of the four drug regimens and 81,000 controls. Treatment with these medications among patients with COVID-19, either alone or in combination with macrolide antibiotics, was linked to an increased risk of serious heart rhythm complications in these patients. Researchers suggest these treatment regimens should not be used to treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials until results from randomised clinical trials are available to confirm the safety and efficacy of these medications for COVID-19 patients. Prof Dr Mandeep R. Mehra, lead author of the study and Executive Director of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Center for Advanced Heart Disease in Boston, USA, said: "This is the first large scale study to find statistically robust evidence that treatment with chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine does not benefit patients with COVID-19. Instead, our findings suggest it may be associated with an increased risk of serious heart problems and increased risk of death. Randomised clinical trials are essential to confirm any harms or benefits associated with these agents. In the meantime, we suggest these drugs should not be used as treatments for COVID-19 outside of clinical trials."
  6. A quick look into this it seems fee paying students objected to this as opposed to it ostensibly being anything to do with the recent case (from Kieran Andrews covenor of scottish parliament journalist association). I notice the article claims the student body was consulted. However other claims were they had a vote and 60/40 were in favour of keeping it. https://archive.is/ZSHb3 It's exhausting the amount of fact checking one must do these days.
  7. My name is an old nickname from when i was in the cadets as a "kid". I was at RAF bullmer in the early 90's on a camp and the food was making me do horrendous farts, one night some older cadets had snuck in and one of them wrote "Phart" on my leg, meaning for it to be "fart". Others in the dorm had other stuff written on them, I woke up and thought why has someone wrote P Hart on my leg, it wasn't till later someone said it was meant to be fart, but they had spelled it wrong.
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