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  1. Hampden i've went back and read all your posts in this thread can you point to the one where you called it?All I can see are the ones below.
  2. I'd argue using what "reality" says rather than what "media" says would be the more intelligent route for governance. Anyway it appears the SNP had nothing to do with it and the Greens forced their hand by getting them to accede to their demands in exchange for not ousting Swinney in the Vote of no confidence. Backing down and giving into demands when the political gun is pointed at your Deputy's head doesn't anything like strategy. I might just be too dumb to see the 4d chess move though.
  3. It's mental that the political partisans can only see how the "game" is affected , the lives of young adults or the integrity of the education system aren't actually important things. Their importance is directly tied to how they impact the partisan war. It's a straight up form of delusion. Americans dying of coronavirus to "own the libs" type of thinking.
  4. 4 weeks without a death in Scotland. Infections up a bit but not going crazy and probably due to isolated clusters.
  5. The folk affected are going as mental as they did up here. Seems to be even crazier results than up here in some cases, although larger sample size so more chance for outliers i guess. Top media tweet for me (i know it will change on which broweser is viewing it) Least Scottish education is essentially fee free.
  6. Independence is a "psephological quirk" if it weren't for Tony Blair, i laughed hard at that.
  7. Was a wild night of lightning localised flooding in a lot of places too.
  8. Yeah, I have no idea what the best practices are for making those sort of decisions. Seeing Boris talk about a "moral duty" to get schools back just makes me roll my eyes. Israel put schools back and it faciliated a relative disaster, US looks like going that way as well.
  9. The original decision and now the fix are the two paths of least resistance at least with the fix really bright students aren't losing out cause of their school.
  10. not sure the implications for schools going back.
  11. I had similiar problems and used a plumbers snake to sort it. (this was just a few months back) Depends on where the problem is , it sounds like the water is going down then flowing back to the lowest level hence why it's coming up the shower which will be lower than the sink. Eventually the blockage was not shifting so the council got somoene out with a pressure thingy (technical term) and cleared the blockage that way. You can pick up a snake pretty cheap i'd go that route first before anything else.
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