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  1. So that's how you rationalised getting your arse handed to you in every debate with him. Cool
  2. It's no surprise that Donny also couldn't abide ET. No doubt a badge of honour that "high and mighty intellectual types" avoid him like the plague.
  3. I only know it as a meme. Least we agree that it's something you should identify with. Common ground is always good.
  4. Since we're going down the "meme" route allow me to encapsulate your posting history in 1.
  5. The last post was 54minutes ago, so doing a 5 second countdown is a bit dimwitted.
  6. Get their daughters a kick-in? Cause they're not as anonymous as they think they are? "Dicks" stand out and all that.
  7. They don't even know for a fact they can detect Gravitational waves cause the commensurate EM waves haven't been detected.
  8. The report it refernces is the thing i posted earlier. It's both persplexing and grim as fuck.
  9. Big investigation into the Amish ongoing with tales of incest and sexual exploitation. This came out only 3 days ago https://www.typeinvestigations.org/investigation/2020/01/14/amish-sexual-abuse-assault/ To be honest the whole thing is depressing, to be informed, you have to read reams of disturbing shit. I don't even have kids and it's a headwreck. Injecting heroin into them and then exploiting that for sexual gratification, folk turning blind eyes, the senior people "declining/refusing" to participate in investigations.
  10. It's more complicated than "all Asian men" it's to do with opportunity and how demographics fit into society. All the mass child abuse covered up round boys clubs and churches is done by "white british" in certain areas where things like late night takeaways and taxi's are dominated by "asian men" its much more opportunities driven. Child Abuse has been covered up for ages, the catholic church, football clubs, i went to Thomas Hamiltions youth club when it was Linlithgow, folk were actually egging and flouring him when he came out and it got closed down, but he just moved town. Fuck all done and we know how that ended. The fact that a lot of the senior people involved in the mis management of this, coroners and senior police officers wont talk to the investgative team is totally persplexing, the fact that Dunblane got sealed is troubling. Something isn't right at all.
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