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  1. The fact is folk who have gotten themselves skilled in, say nursing , teaching, logistics etc are being put into positions where depending on area they can't afford to live. They're being told "pasta is cheap" when they complain about trying to feed their families etc. There is enough resources for everyone, it can even be asymmetrically distributed somewhat and there is still enough. If folk are struggling in these conditions then it is clear there are systemic issues that need to be addressed regardless of empty rhetoric and asinine dogma.
  2. The war crime was starting the war, as explained by all the really smart folk after World War two, precisely cause of all the shit that then happens due to a war of agression being intiated.
  3. They're a banned weapon. Folk rightly kicked up shit when Israel used them.
  4. I don't know if they're all exactly the same person but OLAS was the guy who slept on the window ledge. However they're more famous to me for that Parklife(the poster) meme when he got unfairly banned for a time. Which happened to Parkie a lot, he was always getting weird bans or warnings. I hope everyone mentioned is doing well!
  5. You think it's bad for us, should see Africa on a map, in fact lots of countries.
  6. I'm referencing (for those that don't know) McTaz's suggestion(many,many moons ago) during an Israel/Palestine discussion that the Gazans should stop whatever tactics they are using and instead just let down the IDF's tyres.
  7. I remember a time when letting down tires was an approved form of protest on this board.
  8. A Salmond onlyfans might be the way to pay for the next election campaign.
  9. Every loss will be cause folk voted for other people.
  10. According to my friend who is a lawyer in Washingotn state , it's basically that, states now free to choose, as no federal protection. 22 states also have automatic law changes or something if Row vs Wade got over-turned. I put black-bitch into the lab computer after telling someone about the marches in Linlithgow many moons ago. Then had to explain it to the Russian prof.
  11. It's an interesting lens to see what this case triggers as a response, why suddenly it becomes framed in trans issue. If you have a hammer then everything looks like a nail I guess.
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