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  1. Regardless of how "bad" one perceives Nicola Sturgeon to be, We're not even in sight of me not voting Yes. Being stuck with the decision makers in the UK establishment is still the worst scenario by so much it's the only scenario.
  2. That's interesting reading. plus the HOL report as well.
  3. The UK seized an iranian Tanker last week at Gibraltar so this is a tit for tat. Iran trying to get Europe to break sanctions using a risky strategy.
  4. Probably been entrapping folk for decades for the security services. It's weird cause David Bowie etc fucked a14 year old and are held in high esteem, Jimmy Page dated the same girl. There's something not quite right with all this. It seems more prevalent than it "should" be. Like why the fuck was Saville a confidant of Prince Charles and at Christmas with Thatcher. Prince Andrew palled about with Epstein at one point.
  5. my favourite schadenfreude moment for a while was watching his live stream of the election and him suddenly realising Trump was going to win. Look at how happy there are at the start. Me liking this so much does reveal much of the cunt in me though.
  6. Does he mention the puppet masters? I generally avoid all collective nouns as a vague threat. Illuminati, puppet masters, the elite etc. I'm used to working with names now. Within reason of course. For instance the first person to give Jeffrey Epstein a job was the current Attorney generals of the US father Donald Barr. Tommy robinson/EDL got money from Alan Ayling (Lane) got funding from that US MMEP or whatever the acronym is, dont have it to hand.
  7. Totally ignorant of a lot of this, might be just a touch too young to mind the reports, i think i was still at school. Will need to give that documentary a look.
  8. banks has gave him a load of cash, where Banks got it from i'm not sure.
  9. Every politician has "backers" you don't get to the races without them. Nigel Farage has Aaron Banks Any other understanding is just naive.
  10. If i put my tinfoil hat on, tommy Robinson and others are being used to start a race-war in much the same way Anders Brevik wanted too.
  11. Just noticed Brant Grebners twitter account is suspended, no happy.
  12. I like AOC, while far from perfect she's done a half decent job on holding folk accountable in congress.
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