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  1. What was the medical condition he had that meant he couldn't sweat, that sounds like a totally weird excuse. Miss Roberts said you were sweating profusely. Listen i wasm't there i was in a pizza express in woking and i had a medical condition that means i can t sweat so obviously it was all lies. lol no wonder folk are incredulous.
  2. That's explained because the writer isn't using a coherent holistic argument but merely applyling rhetorical tricks individually to each statement. Then when viewed as a whole the contradictions and hypocrisy come to the fore.
  3. Not seen Andrews interview but i have read all the released files. Andrew great friends with Epstein. Charles BEST friends with Saville. The above fact while it can merely be coincidence still seems very sinister to me.
  4. I don't know how drones work well enough to make any educated guesses on how they measure altitude. Well flying there is one thing doing anything useful is another. If you're trying to film something you do need to see, sure if you just want to fly your drone like an advanced 3d scaletrix set then sure you don't need to be able to see anything bar the drone. The Drone is just a fancy tripod for a camera same functionality, outwith races with them etc. Hong Kong were using laser to fuck up cameras and other intelligence gathering methods (Facial recognition)
  5. Either way it came down either cause the owner couldn't see shit and intiated it to come down or it was brought down, jump or push was the options it seems.
  6. What do they mean it's not real? The footage is faked? doctored? Also " Drones navigate with GPS (radio waves), not via light. " Radio waves and light waves are both electromagnetic waves i'm not sure what distinction he is trying to make. The Electrical Engineer i spoke to mentioned possible to overload diodes but he wasn't sure and it was flying erratically. The video posted doesn't show anything. The guy posts " i been close like 2 mts from this scene and happened that the owner of the drone are in the middle receiving the drone. was a controlled descent. Here is the video." then posts this video We see someone with a drone in their hands.
  7. You can see it in their media, there are two simultaneous protests going on in Hong Kong and Chile. In HK it is protestors fighting for freedom, in Chile it's rioters. The US is against China and for Chile. Both the Hong Kong Protestors and Chilean Protestors have been giving big tips on how to handle the tactics of civilian control, defuse tier gas, how to bring down dronse etc The Chilean police have been blinding protestors somthing like 200+ eye injuries in one day, the next day the protestors rocked up with lasers like thousands of them, also i someome brought out what looked like a carbon monoxide blue laser it doesn't even look real it;s something from a lab. It's fucking mental. This is like cyberpunk or bladerunner shit
  8. Also two of my mates who are in europe are trying to get their postal votes sorted and they're both hit snags to do with their unique identifiers not matching anymore. They have previously voted by post. 2 points of data is hardly indicative of anything but if it's being replicated...
  9. So as predicted Shane Sutton is said to be the guy who got the testosterone, and he stormed out the tribunal. "Ex-British Cycling technical director and Team Sky head coach Shane Sutton furiously denied claims he is a "doper" before storming out of Dr Richard Freeman's medical tribunal. Dr Freeman alleges the testosterone he ordered to British Cycling headquarters in 2011 was on behalf of Sutton." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/50387501 Where's Oor Brad? He kept saying he wanted to have his say yet he is silent. Some funny healines Shane Sutton insists he can “get a hard-on”, storms out of Dr Freeman inquiry
  10. Labour having to deal with DDOS attacks as well, Corbyn even said some rather bland things that may amount to him thinking it was suspicious. Our politics have gotten overtly more dirty it would seem.
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