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  1. Assange about to be thrown out of the Embassy into the MET's hands. We'll see what sentence is handed out here.
  2. phart

    Golfers Forum.

    You practice with a different ball than you play with? Some amount of full kit w@nkers at the golf.
  3. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Yeah i picked these two days out to make time to watch them, glad i did. 10th fastest time up ALD since 2006 as well. That stage was brutal yesterday as well, and they also sat up to wait on Nibali on the Alpe after he crashed. Tom Doumolin has been eating his weetabix as well as Bardet, some really strong riders in this years tour. Froome maybe feeling the Giro a bit as well, can't blame him, Pyrenees next plenty of time for anyone to blow up.
  4. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Only 27 riders finishing within 22 minutes of the winner, brutal , brutal stage. Don't think any sprinters left in the race.
  5. phart

    Le Tour 18

    alpe duez is a fucking zoo lol. Hope nothing happens on the way up, this is shaping up to be interesting.
  6. phart

    Le Tour 18

    SKY looking vulnerable, lost a couple of their train, movistar going to the front to increase pace.
  7. phart

    Golfers Forum.

    some shot
  8. # Thought i recognised it, Great bit of British Propaganda to get folk to sign up.
  9. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Good start here, really strong break as well. These two HC before the Alpe are total grinders, 29km and 25km climbs, folk that have climbed them say both heat traps as well.
  10. phart

    Le Tour 18

    I think after watching the breakaway all day and it almost succeeding had me hating THomas and Froome racing up to the line. So I might have missed the simple shit as i forgot Froome had responded to Martin. Will be a good stage again today. Teams need to blow the race up with elaborate plans involving getting men in front in breakaways, otherwise the SKY train will just tempo up each hill fast enough that any conventional breaks will be impossible. Froome vs "G" might be the interesting competition, a throwback to badger vs Le mond. Climbing the Alpe must be mental, it's an absolute Zoo there right now! Imagine when they get there with the race.
  11. Wasn't that original picture about shaming folk into fighting in world war I?
  12. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Froome never really protected him(i think),he attacked him right at the end, so Thomas went again and then caught Neimel (sp?) who should have got the win, but internal SKY politics seem to be at play. I'm not 100% with this, just the impression i got watching it. 5 of the surviving 10 climbers were SKY, that Rowe was doing massive turns the folk in the cycling news race forum thought he had been dropped but he re-appeared and folk were joking that he was going back to get a cheese and wine platter. and someone else was playing angry birds while everyone else was getting shelled out the back. I think the majority of the current UK fans never saw US Postal so the same BS from back then works on them as it's original. I'm looking forward to later today as well, The UCI and WADA proved they don't give a fuck so i'm just enjoying it now. No point moaning about cheating when the relevant authorities don't give a fuck either.
  13. phart

    Le Tour 18

    Great stage today. Watch highlights.
  14. The station signs have been changed to display the manager's name until the end of Tuesday lol
  15. It's a shambles. Total shambles.