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  1. Seen this on Twitter the other day braw picture Ben Nevis- fort William
  2. What’s the weather like in Scotland the noo it’s a bit milder doon here the noo
  3. that story was doing it’s rounds on WhatsApp last night and was posted on Twitter by unionists and a lot of folks were saying it was fake so it appears it’s not fake so I stand corrected
  4. Fair enough however I wonder if the police are on there way to arrest a certain mr Cummings
  5. Seems like it I guess it’s just a free for all for fucking nutters like Bonny and co
  6. Looking at Bonnys profile pic I would disagree . Ps mods really surprised that you’ve not yet cottoned on to Bonny the trolls profile picture
  7. Always called slice in Ayrshire think I’ll have 2 bits of slice this morning oh fuck I’ll go for 3 did buy nice crusty rolls this morning from Tesco bakery
  8. I can confirm that said steak pie was braw as was the slice I had this morning with brown sauce of course
  9. don’t have a online shop but if you call up like I did they will send a parcel down to you comes well packed with ice gel packs inside the box steak pies and slice and other produce all in good order they use parcel force so all good
  10. Well thought I’ll join this wee tread as I do like a a gid steak pie got mine sent down from wm Allan in stewarton Ayrshire also have nice bottle of Malbec to wash it down also got some Stilton cheese but not sure if I can manage it will keep you posted
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