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  1. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    sure the Dutch will be in the mix next time round and also the Germans they will be planning the next World Cup as of now
  2. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    My Spanish friends tell me that there’s 400 Spanish police on duty in Benidorm all quiet in the old town in Alicante was a few English fans the night but mainly couples
  3. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    Ok mr bongo let you aff on this occasion given the glorious night it’s been 😂🤣
  4. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    FFS what’s mr bongo been on to be fair he’s normally not a bad poster but mark Burchill OMG maybe all that heat has finally got to him
  5. wheres the pies

    French air traffic control strike

    Got an email from Ryanair to get £238 the reason for cancelled flight was operational reasons initially thought it was to do with the French air traffic control strike and they are going to square me up for taxis
  6. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    Wonder if they will take up the offer of those 10,000 tickets that where handed back from other supporters
  7. wheres the pies

    The Brexit Thread

    Now the fun begins let’s all watch the tories implode
  8. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    Thank god I am over in Spain at the minute it was a pleasure listening to the Spanish commentators not that my Spanish is that good of course but not having to listen to shearer and co if the unimaginable did happen fuck nose how I would cope living in Bournemouth when I get back
  9. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    Not to many Nigel’s in the old town here in Alicante vastly outnumbered by those kind and lovely folks from Sweden
  10. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    who you going for today ? Going for France over Uruguay and Belgium over Brazil just on that one
  11. Cracking news humper what’s the score with Jordan Jones you think he will sign a new contract ?
  12. wheres the pies

    russia poisioning

    The plot thickens them two near Salisbury have been poisoned by the same nerve agent
  13. wheres the pies


    God bless the wee lass aye your right family most likely to be involved or some local would imagine the police will arrest those responsible soon given its a small community
  14. wheres the pies

    Russia 2018

    Jealously will get you no where have to say you are right 😂 maybe he’s got a few bob you know what they say money can be a great Aphrodisiac