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  1. Stayed in a Airbnb on Walcott st just up from the backpackers place was really quiet in March just coming out of the wet season but they had a really dry wet season this year and the heat some days the feel like temperature was 51+ as the humidity was really high drank in the Roebuck hotel sort of rough and ready outback Aussie pub and also divers tavern on cable beach the RSL club was not up to much again very quiet a few croc sightings on town beach as well as cable beach done the Malcom Douglas croc sanctuary some big fuckers in there a few 5 meter crocs seen the stair case to the moon at town beach it’s something special when there’s no cloud all in all a good time was had not cheap there and there some amount of Scots up that neck of the woods a lot of them fly up from Perth to work on the gas rigs and a few of them stay there also to add there’s a very big problem with the indigenous folks with the bevy a lot of them come from the outback to Broome for the grog as they call it lot of homelessness with these folks you see them sleeping in the parks bushes that sort of thing but they don’t really bother you apart from asking you for a few fag or a few dollars
  2. The maybots time has finally ran out this surely don’t think she’ll be pm in a weeks time famous last words
  3. Here on holiday in Broome Australia my front and back garden is a bastion of sound and a colourful array of local birds seen a parrot earlier with a red and black plume that’s about my knowledge of birds
  4. Rumours going around that may could call a general election today
  5. The guardian has the video up thought Bercow handled it well was even offering to buy the clown a coffee
  6. Poor show posting that on a message board did not look at it normally enjoy the plinths post but that was beyond the pale you really are a disturbed individual
  7. You should at least get the full stand behind the goals it’s only fair
  8. Was always a bit of a flash point that part coming out the ground remember back in the day up seeing killie the bottles and such like would come flying over the road at you looking like the old days are back
  9. Off to Broome for 21 nights in March anyone been looking for some advice done the east coast a few times in the past first time in the western side of Australia weather looking hot 36+
  10. Killie game abandoned due to fog that must be a first at home for killie
  11. If your man Rodgers were to leave I think killie would look to be losing Steve Clarke
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