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wheres the pies

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  1. Got a wee feeling for 1-0 killie win the morra
  2. Think it will be a very tight afair the day so going for 0-0 draw
  3. wheres the pies


    Wid that no gie you the boak Tory bastards hope they choked on the fucking haggis
  4. Here’s hoping for another great result for killie on Saturday always been a hard place for us Aberdeen
  5. Well done pal fucking brilliant killie
  6. Cunts on £130.000 a week at Bournemouth apparently and no kicked a ball keep it up
  7. 🤣 take a draw the night fuck it 2-1 killie
  8. wheres the pies

    The World at War

    Watched that on Netflix couple of years back might still be on it
  9. wheres the pies

    Winter weather thread.

    Was in zakopane Poland 2 years back in January it’s in the tatra mountains very cold there minus 37 was like earnest Shackleton after half an hour in the cold fuck that went back into the hotel hardly went out for the week that we where there