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  1. Thought the B side was better I want to be a punk rocker 🤣
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but it was that Tory bastard George Osborne who passed the buck onto the bbc fuck all to do with the bbc it was even in the Tory 2015 manifesto that they would safeguard the license fee for over 75s and it was a labour government who introduced it so it’s all political
  3. Something seriously wrong with that guy god help us to think he’s more or less going to be the next prime minister here’s hoping that he will be shortest ever one think the record is 119 days
  4. Apologies should have said wizz air fly directly from Luton
  5. Mates booked up Glasgow to Munich then onto Belgrade thinking about it myself think wizz air fly directly to Belgrade
  6. What a waste of a hour that was not one of them cunts gave an answer to food banks and universal credit-question bojo the clown was asked 3 times about it and the others done no better complete waste of time roll on a general election
  7. When on the treadmill my head tells me I am 21 but my legs tell I am 53
  8. Wee bit of a gamble but this guy has coached at the highest level so highly delighted with the new manager
  9. here’s me thinking your one of the more polite posters on here I think you have been radicalised by the tamb think I might put a wee £20 on them . Ps got a nice big gammon joint for tomorrow any advice would be greatly appreciated as the best way to cook it 🤣
  10. ffs Macy what’s got into you you seem a rather nice and positive chap the day your normally a very negative chap if you don’t mind me saying
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