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  1. Some pubs in England having to close already due to customers testing positive for Covid. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-53315702
  2. Wtf happens to women when they turn 35 ? Trying being 56. There is no even another category after that . Least you have 20 years in yours.
  3. Unfortunately Ramy stumbled into the dark side of the board on his way to Wanky Phrases , followed by his nemesis. Which might explain the ban.
  4. Bloody hell Phart that really is an incredible achievement. Unless you are 7 foot tall I imagine you were a tad overweight which may have posed health risks. Coincidentally I started back exercising as my blood pressure was starting to creep up, I am not overweight but years of unhealthy partying is probably taking its toll. I know this is a thread about the weather but I hope anyone reading this is inspired . With you i mean, no me. I must be only person that is exercising more and putting on weight.. Just think of those big car park puddles as strides, like hurdling ! But if you are struggling come winter due to the weather it is worth looking at a gym. I dont know what options you have near you but some gyms are pretty reasonably priced and they will probably be offering discounts when they re-open . I use puregym , its pretty basic but it provides what I need. You can pay monthly and are not contracted. My husband goes to the spin classes ( which are free with the membership) as he likes a challenge and puts weight on easily if he doesn't exercise, but I just like doing my own thing. I found it quite intimidating the first few times I went but I soon got used to the machines etc. Its worth considering. Dont be expecting to see a room full of healthy fit freaks, there are all shapes and sizes. You are right about the bloody phones. i think I mentioned on here before that I was waiting to get on an exercise bike one night and a girl was hogging a machine, hardly even moving , and phoning for a chinese takeaway ! Anyway, I am wittering on again, I had better get on with my housework .
  5. Cant have been easy lose weight AND motivate yourself to exercise. Though there is no doubt the combination will have the aided the weight loss. It’s good to have some sort of exercise plan to work with. I just get changed , warm up for 5 mins, start running, then warm down for 5 mins when I get back. If I remember πŸ™„ I started running for the first time when I lived in Jersey. The flat we had was directly across from the promenade that ran right round the bay from St Helier to St Aubins. The promenade has lots of wee shelters dotted along it and when I started running I ran as far as the first shelter then ran back. I did that the first few times I went out ( it took me longer to get changed into my running gear than it took me to run the short distance ) then I ran to the second shelter and back. I built it up and within a few months I had ran right round the bay which was just short of 10k. It was so nice running by the sea, though it was windy in the winter. Everyone just has to do what works for them, but a plan really will focus you more. I doubt I will run outside come this winter, the gyms will probably have reopened by then so will go back there, but I really dont like them. They are soulless places. Like healthy Wetherspoons 😊 Good luck and keep it up .
  6. Well done ! Doesnt matter how slow you run to get from nothing to 10k in less than 2 months is great. I really dont think I could ever get to 10k, I could do that when I was younger but after 23 years of no exercise I have only managed to get back to running and built it up to 5k over the past few months . I am fine with that though, when I was younger I really challenged myself with both the speed and distance I was running, now I am just happy if I manage to motivate myself to actually get out. I do the same run all the time, people ask if i dont get bored, but , like you , I just let my mind wander. I have visions of me striding along like a gazelle, when , in actual fact, when I see my shadow on a sunny day I am barely moving 😁 The feeling you get when you have finished is great though .
  7. If my own experience ( not social media ) is anything to go by then I think you are spot on Exile. At least that is the conclusion I have come to for the change of opinion from some β€˜no’ voting friends. These are people who have been watching the daily updates, and have said how good she has been. The only thing I can see that is different is that the media need to broadcast the entire update ( at least in the height of the pandemic ) and therefore cannot twist what is being said. Oh the irony. The friends I talked about earlier have previously seen Nicola Sturgeon as an angry wee wummin, an easy assumption to make when you are not sure about independence and when any snippet can be taken and broadcast out of context. These friends may now be having their eyes opened to the other side of the coin.
  8. Congratulations ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 🍻 That is great news, he is a wee cracker . If you are having a celebration today I hope you are wearing your nappy too 😁
  9. You are right about the entrenched positions, and it would be foolish to say that the same tribalism doesn't apply to the SNP. The difference being, whether you like her or not , no one can accuse Nicola Sturgeon of shirking from difficult interviews or being unable to take action when someone has breached rules or guidelines. It beggars belief so many people still rally behind Johnson. Hopefully it may be diminishing , you are probably in a better position to witness this being in England, his stock up here couldn't really sink much lower.
  10. Its dry just now. You get scootin up here with a piece of Mrs Lairdys cake. 🏍 🍰
  11. I honestly do not see the point of any interviews whatsoever if he is only going to choose his pals to interview him and make light of any awkward issues. FFS, the guy who has to make major decisions on the country is unable to handle anyone other than his LBC mates, Philip Schofield and Holly Willouby. As I have said a million times before, I am not on social media so perhaps there is a bit more of an uproar than I think there is and people have made up their mind and do feel like me, but I have heard no one mention it. Has it got to the stage that people just shrug their shoulders and say β€˜meh, what can you do? ’. Or maybe I am just making more of an issue of it than is required.
  12. I will take your word for it that LBC is normally of decent standard, I dont listen to it at all. I dont mind his Tory pals sucking up to him and much hilarity if the discussion was about his dads performance on I’m A Celebrity or Gogglebox, but to be so dismissive that government guidelines have been disregarded by his father during a pandemic stinks of complete and utter arrogance from all of them. He would command a bit of respect if he had the balls to criticise him, but as usual he just evades the question.
  13. Completely agree. The interviewer couldn’t be further up his arse. This is a 79 yr old man, therefore in a high risk group. His son is the PM , who has ( we are led to believe) been seriously ill in hospital with Covid-19 only weeks ago and his governments advice is to avoid all but essential travel. His father travels to his holiday home, in another country, a country that has banned all flights from the UK , under the banner that letting his holiday home is essential . And this country just rolls over time after time.
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