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  1. Probably. But I think it would have been difficult if he hadn’t created Alba as many anti SNP supporters would probably just see him as a nodding dog for the SNP , which in turn could stop those people voting for independence.
  2. If I am being honest, probably many of policies Joanna Cherry would advocate .
  3. Yes, I was struggling a bit with sound when it went to the audience but someone was saying they felt that by chance the Supreme court’s decision will actually have played into the hands of independence . Whether it was by chance or not I think we need to grab advantage of it to highlight how undemocratic the union is. As you say moderate unionists will struggle with that, there is very little to counter the argument as AS eloquently demonstrates. It will need ‘pro democracy’ campaigners to drill this home as this whole political imbalance just goes over the heads of a lot of people until something happens to directly affect their own lives .
  4. Thanks really enjoyed that. Only a political partisan would deny how good how Alex Salmond is. There are areas they slate the SG and are perfectly entitled to. There is a lot of good content but the over riding factor is Salmond’s personality and delivery . In fairness Kenny McAskill was also good on his energy speech. Didn’t know Salmond’s mother was a Tory, until she felt she had to back him through family loyalty 😂
  5. Means heehaw really but a friend of mine is quite big into gambling and checks the bookies odds fairly regularly on this. Says this is the first time’ No ‘ has not been favourite.
  6. Nothing can ever be equal when one country has 84% of the people in the ‘union’. That in itself should be obvious to most folk, though it clearly isn’t. This ruling does drum it home though and it is getting a fair bit of attention . Like her or loathe her NS seems to be making the most of it : ‘’Former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption says the response of Scotland's first minister to today's court ruling "is a political manoeuvre" and describes her as "a very shrewd politician". Nicola Sturgeon earlier said she was disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision that the Scottish government cannot hold an independence referendum without the UK government's consent. "It enables her to blame everyone other than herself for not having a referendum," Lord Sumption tells BBC Radio 4's World At One’
  7. This is where complications arise. You really cannot expect someone to ditch their political beliefs, even for independence. If I were a strong labour/anti SNP independence supporter i would not be happy with that. There has to be another solution , something the SNP will need to address.
  8. This. I know that James O’Brien, by his own admission, is possibly swayed due to his dislike of this UK government, but his video shows that it’s just not greetin faced nationalists that think it’s unequal. Nor do I think he would feel any different if it were Labour in power as many Labour supporters voted for Brexit and Starmer is adamant there will be no referendum, so in this regard this is nothing between the Tories and Labour. It just needs some of our own country to see this for what it really is.
  9. It beggars belief there is still anyone out there that still sees the UK as a partnership of equals. I can only assume that people who have no doubts at all about remaining in the UK are either devoted unionists or are so scared of going alone they are quite prepared to put up with continuous slap downs .
  10. You are not alone. Loads of folk hate subtitles. I dont mind it at all and as I get older i am using subtitles for some English speaking shows as my hearing is getting worse 🙄 So in 20 yrs you can catch up with all the good shows you have missed 😊 I can honestly say some of the best shows i have watched in the last few years have been foreign. I cant do dubbing its too weird.
  11. Both leaders are marmite. I would however take dour over a party in power who chooses numerous incompetent leaders within a few years and an ex health secretary who fooks off to the jungle whilst he remains an MP and thinks its ok to wipe bird shit off his seat with his hands.
  12. Was as I expected too. They came to a decision far too quick for it to be anything else imo. Not sure what to take from this other than very messy 😕
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