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  1. I will be surprised if he doesn’t take that as a compliment …
  2. Tbh I wouldn’t read past the first couple of paragraphs of this. Not necessarily because I think he is talking pish ( although i suspect it) but because of the totally unnecessary personal remarks about folk. He sounds like the male equivalent of Katie Hopkins. He has the cheek to have a strap line that reads ‘soaring above Scottish politics’ when he is spewing gutter journalism.
  3. 😂😂 I know someone who worked in Safeway and if folk are moaning about harvesting now then the last thing they want reintroduced is a supermarket selling tickets …. And no, I didn’t know the person then !
  4. The grown up conversation ended at ‘Lee Anderson’, though I sincerely doubt it was ever genuine in the first place.
  5. Leaving aside the rich/poor dig in this ‘grown up ‘ debate you are never going to please everyone . It is shit , but I really am not sure how you make it fairer. For 14 years I could never get to any away games as I had 2 children so could not get away, as well as not being able to afford it. I just had to suck it up. Loads of folk will have restrictions of their own, but some folk will have none of the restrictions . Life is not balanced. I still dont have enough points for many away games despite ATTENDING almost every home game for the last 20 yrs. If you want to make things fairer financially then I suggest the SFA get back to individual sales nearer the time. Points become totally irrelevant when people cant afford to buy the tickets months in advance , even the individual ones. Or they could implement a ‘pay up’ structure , but that has disaster written over it if the current organisation is anything to go by. As far as points issue is concerned the ‘can transfer but dont get a point ‘ solution is the obvious workaround. It must have cost a bit of money to get this app to where it is , it would not have cost much more to add a function like this. Maybe it has and we just have not been told.
  6. 😂 I am not hept up in any way whatsoever. You are the one accusing folk of deliberately harvesting. If you check back I have said on more than one occasion you shouldn’t get a point if you don’t attend. But you should be able to transfer your ticket . We are going round in circles , probably best leave it there 👍
  7. That is a fair point but up till now you bought individual tickets a couple of weeks before the game, so they could buy it then and have saved up. The SFA have changed this now ( if my understanding of the ticket sales is correct) and you now have to buy all the individual tickets upfront as well. I would say this is a bigger restriction for fans. Assuming there are ways round transferring your ticket ( which there may not be) this new system is giving an advantage to people with cash and who can afford to buy a number of tickets at once, whilst knowing they can transfer on, so if the SFA are being serious about not transferring or not getting points it needs to be full proof. I agree with you in principle but its up to the SFA to have a robust system in place you are just not going to prevent people taking advantage if they see a loophole.
  8. 😂 I do understand this but every member has the opportunity to buy a home ticket, its not like away games, if you desperately want a point then buy a ticket, given the injustices in the world its hardly a hanging offence. Unfortunately we are living in 21st century not Munchkinland. Nor do I think for one minute thousands of fans are doing this deliberately to get points. Its not a big thing and I don’t think anyone should be condemned for buying a package knowing there could be games they cant attend.
  9. 😆 I asked you this before and you didn’t answer. How can someone prevent another member having enough points ? There are tickets available to every member for home games so every member has an opportunity to get a point per game .
  10. The answer is ‘ no one knows’. I personally think if anyone can get the app , and you give them the sign on details of the person who can’t attend, it would work. But not sure if it will be a simple as that. You could then just change the password afterwards for security. 500 people all changing their password after the game might be a bit obvious right enough …
  11. Which you might not have signed up to ! My email only came in at 10.04 today 🙄
  12. In the guide it says I wouldn’t be surprised if they put the cart before the horse and used the new marketing list to send out the email 🙄
  13. I got my tickets ok and didn’t see the email with the instructions but having looked at the email now, the way I got into the site is not what it looks like in the instructions. I had no ‘ sign in’ link like in below pic, all i got was the old ‘login’ button like previously. Nor did I get all the information showing drop down boxes that is why I found it difficult to remove the extra seats I had added by mistake. I got the tickets ok in the end but a bit confused as to why my layout looked different. Have I missed a step somewhere when signing up a few days ago ?
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