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  1. Meanwhile oil is predicted to hit $100 pb by end of the year on sanctions against Iran.
  2. Would seem they have almost given up on trying to win back seats from the SNP and focusing on stemming the flow of votes to the Tories . Unbelievable hypocrisy as Craig says , but it should split the Unionist vote more. Ruth wont be able to claim it is only the Tories that want to save her precious Britain from splitting up.
  3. TDYER63

    Israel tickets on sale

    I got tickets ok 1/2 hr ago for me and my husband, was also able to choose pick up over there.
  4. I think a large proportion of folk who voted Yes already do use their passion in those areas, hence why the whole campaign started. Imagine if the greedy bastards in this country contributed 10% of their wealth to sort out the same problems.
  5. TDYER63

    Independence Reminders

    I have a friend in the borders, the largest customer of the company she works for is based in England and threatened to take his business away if they voted yes. The boss in the company her son works for told the workforce if they voted yes they would have no jobs. This actually convinced them to vote yes as they were undecided. I doubt many others were that brave.
  6. TDYER63

    Independence Reminders

    The following day was worse for me too. I could not believe how the folk I worked with just treated it like any other day that year, like absolutely nothing had taken place. My heart was breaking and they were discussing whether to get a chinese or indian takeaway that night. I felt so alone that day.
  7. TDYER63

    Israel tickets on sale

    Ah, I forgot about that , thanks. If you leave a glass of milk and a carrot with the ticket Santa might deliver your other points for Christmas 🙂
  8. No clarification required. That bloke makes Kez sound like Abraham Lincoln.
  9. TDYER63

    Israel tickets on sale

    How many points do you get for renewing your membership? I seem to have received 2 points connected to membership renewal but I renewed my husbands membership at the same time as mine. Is it possible I have been awarded his point as well as my own? I am on 7 points with these 2 points included , I cant check his points online as he cant remember his password nor can he remember what email address they have for him 🙄 If I have been given his point he will only be on 5 points which could pose a dilemma 😬
  10. I honestly dont know if people would vote differently, I think many will just drift along with whatever life presents as they are more scared of an unknown alternative. Most folk dont give a fook about politics, until Indyref came along I was one of them. If truth be told politics still bores the arse off me, but I genuinely feel the country and its people would prosper on its own and for this reason I try to keep involved. People need to feel they have confidence in the big issues. I attended an informal workshop recently where the guy ( retired economist) feels very strong about the prospect of our own currency and that banks in an independant scotland need to be changed from fractional reserve to full reserve , ie banks need to go back to basics and keep all depositors money in cash to avoid them going bust. The government should take back control of the banks as influential businessmen have too much control over the banks. Of course people might then feel the government has too much control, but you can always vote out a government. I could see this being attractive to a lot of people, banks have a shit reputation and probably for good reason. But this is quite different from what the Growth Report suggests so really not sure how much of a chance the idea would have. Until we decide upon a strategy and have the answers to allay people's fears we will be relying on a total fook up of Brexit to get independance over the line.
  11. 🙄, here you go again, I am still catching up , glad I watched episode 4 last night 🙂 Not only is his acting shit he looks totally unconvincing in the role of a bodyguard. Until the end of episode 3 when his hair took a battering he looked like a model from a Next catalogue. Does anyone think Gina McKee has been made to resemble Theresa May? The way she dresses and hunches over looking uncomfortable is very similar to May.
  12. 🙄 I am sure most people get Budapest and Bucharest mixed up. Anyway, after me and Mr Tdyer humpfing Jim around the docks in Genoa for an hour at 3am trying to find his hotel on a previois trip I was looking for an alternative route.
  13. That businessman was brilliant, crazy as fook. Fitting finish as well.
  14. Some folk want to have their cake and eat it too. I dont blame the guy for being pissed that he is paying more tax but he needs to decide if he wants independance or not. You cant just cherry pick the bits you like. I may be wrong but if he is working in oil offshore I imagine he is getting a decent wage, higher tax or not. That said, there is so much shit going on just now it is understandable for him to have lost a bit of enthusiasm, he is probably more frustrated than anything. No government will get everything right, and many people will support the SNP purely as a way to reflect their desire for independance. Whilst Labour continue to reject independance they are unlikely to win back many voters. Much as I disagree with some of the things the SNP do and I will be vocal about this, whilst they are making a decent job of running the country and against a constant barrage of negativity, I think anyone who wants independance needs to get behind them.