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  1. I had to read your first paragraph 3 times before I realised you had typed orangism and not orgasm. I could not see the connection between orgasm and marches at all πŸ˜‚
  2. Everyone keeps talking about this party β€˜split’ . Lets no forget we are talking about politicians here . As much as I think there are some genuinely decent politicians in the SNP , and would like to think they are all good guys with the country’s best interests at heart , first and foremost its their job and their lifeline , and its being an MP/MSP in the SNP that is keeping them in the job. Do people really think politicians will take the risk of losing this by standing as a candidate in a new party ? Personally I dont think so.
  3. Yip, thats exactly what I was thinking. She has been making herself seen as much as she can at the moment and its probably not without reason.
  4. 😁 Tbf you could replace β€˜ the SNP’ with β€˜any political party’ .
  5. I am enjoying the story but some of the acting is bad. Dutch guy and his wife particularly, their accents are awful . Tim McInnerny is pretty poor too. But I am 3 episodes in and is worth watching .
  6. Yeah , I am not disputing the confidential part being removed, it was more the response. I suppose it was the Daily Record. Could have been Tam Cowan that said it 😬
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/nicola-sturgeon-blames-westminster-removal-23318291.amp Is it just me or is this an unbelievably selfish statement to make : But a UK Government source told the Press Association: "The reason we didn't want to publish these figures was because everyone in the world wants these vaccines, and if other countries see how much we are getting they are likely to put pressure on the drug firms to give them some of our allocation."
  8. I was going to post that second link yesterday but forgot, to highlight how much of the EU fund was being given to Ireland. They are getting more than any other EU nation. Does anyone know how much Scotland is getting from the UK to offset the Brexit impact ? I could only see what has been awarded over the past few years to deal with the preparation I imagine, which was about Β£100 mio.
  9. She sounds like the ditzy blonde girl in the Vicar of Dibley 😁
  10. Firstly, can I say I am shocked and stunned that I actually agreed with Bonny on something . I cant remember writing that at all, I must have been drunk or had a hangover that day 😁 I used to enjoy drinking a lot when I was younger, even up to my mid /late 40’s. I only binged at a weekend but enjoyed the social aspect and the fun . But I find these days I dont get the same enjoyment and it often makes me tired. You may be the same when you get a bit older. I still give it a good go right enough on occasions and probably still drink more than I should , but I have never been good with h
  11. When we were in Metz a few years ago for the football me and Mr Tidy were in one of those bars where there are loads of tables with beer pumps and you top up your card at the bar then pour your own . The barmaid took us round , describing each beer then said β€˜ I will now show you the low alcohol beer’ . It was 5.5% ! πŸ˜‚ Mr Tidy thought he had died and gone to heaven. The french were sitting with small glasses sipping away and the scotland fans were filling pint glasses of 9.5% beer πŸ™„πŸ˜
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