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  1. The Northern Powerhouse. Just as long as they don’t extend any power as far as Scotland. Shock horror. Just another in a long list of lies.
  2. You could always try back to back marathons 😉 That is a bloody disgrace how can they expect folk to use public transport with prices like that. I know its close to Christmas but you would expect extra trains to be put on, especially after last year when people were not allowed to travel, surely a high demand should be expected.
  3. Aye, Deb was great. I really enjoyed Dexter but it did take a wee while to get into. The ending was utter shit right enough , almost as bad as Game of Thrones. Good timing for the new season coming soon which will hopefully make up for the poor ending. Just hope that isn’t disappointing too. Not long finished the latest series of Moneyheist which has lost its way a bit and reverted to predictable shoot outs rather than clever plot lines. And have started Succession. Really enjoying it but can’t remember watching a series with so many hideous characters. They are fookin awful 😂 Some great performances though.
  4. How anyone can defend the Royal Family in its current form is beyond me . Trying to ‘normalise’ themselves whilst at the same time using Queen’s consent to cherry pick opt outs as and when they feel fit.
  5. I didn’t think you were, I agree with you that you rarely hear bad things after someone’s death, at least not publicly. I was just highlighting the words my MP used. He really could have used more generic wording in an email to SNP members but by personalising it makes me feel David Amess was respected across parties.
  6. You cannot get away from voting records and they do tell you a bit about a persons character. However I received an email from my SNP MP, suspending leaflet distribution out of respect for David Amess. As has been mentioned, people rarely say anything bad about someone after their death but the email was extremely sympathetic and alludes to him being a good person , this paragraph an example : ‘Today is about paying tribute to a thoroughly decent man struck down, in front of his staff, whilst doing his job and listening to constituents concerns. I didn't know David well, but it was clear from my dealings with him, and from colleagues testimony, that he was an absolute gentleman. A warm and dedicated politician of a different era to some of today's ilk.’
  7. Wtf. Was there any sort of negative reaction to this ? Admittedly I am not an expert on all issues Green but I would have thought I would remember this if I had read about it.
  8. If you are not too comfortable going it alone fees of around 0.5-0.7 % are not excessive. You need to consider the tax implications of drawing a pension whilst still working , an advisor will be able to advise you on all of this and of any future changes to tax rules which could be a distinct possibility as one of the ways to pay back the government debt. Advisors are tightly regulated these days so need to be careful on the advice they give you making your investment less risky. But you may have an interest in managing your pension yourself as others have done. The last thing I want to do when I retire is be connected to the finance industry I have been in for 40 years, but others may enjoy it . Whatever you choose, dont micro manage your pension or you will become obsessed. Even in a safe environment the value of your pension could be volatile during periods of instability, you need to ride the storm till it is over. Good luck.
  9. The best news Africa has had since Band Aid.
  10. In Greece just now. They have a different way of ‘encouraging’ younger folk to get vaccinated. They had a huge problem as only 15% of young folk were vaccinated and they depend on tourism, so they are offering all unvaccinated 16-26 year olds Eur 150 and Eur 50 of data for their mobile if they get vaccinated . Nicola Sturgeon would only need to offer all 16-26 year olds free entry to Sub Club and a Zombie cocktail to get the numbers up here.
  11. We had tickets but couldnt go to the game due to family holiday commitments. Our tickets went to a guy and his young son and gut wrenching as it was not to have been there, there is some consolation knowing the boy saw an exciting match .
  13. 😂 I self ID-ed as a fish long ago so I could become a clown at will 😁 Its been very successful.
  14. I had a pension much the same value as yours. I was happy to pay the fee as it took all the hassle out of it for me, despite working in the finance industry I just cannot be arsed wading through websites. I got all the initial advice free then I paid £5000 to move out of a final salary pension, this was between the financial advisor and the company that took it on , and i pay 0.5% a year thereafter. It has gone up 14% in a year so I am more than happy with that return. Just depends how much involvement you want and how much you are prepared to pay.
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