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  1. I would say the quicker you get the op the better. Anyone I know who has had it done has had a successful operation. They are so common these days and you should not be going through this pain needlessly . I think it really will make a big difference to you. Lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of additional health problems and 12 hour shift patterns will be gruelling. And if you are not fully recuperated by September I will wheel you into Hampden myself ! Thats something to look forward to 😁
  2. Was at George Benson last night in the concert hall. Absolutely brilliant , especially for a man of 79 yrs. Great , enthusiastic , crowd, hopefully he feels it was worth the effort of all the travelling and covid delays .
  3. That is mortifying. This sentence hasnt aged well : ‘ We urge every patriotic Scot to help maintain Scotlands placein the United Kingdom which has served Scotland so well.’
  4. I wouldn’t be concerned about needing it done again in 15/20 yrs , in that time medical science will have moved on even more and recovery time etc is likely to be quicker . Look how medicine has come on leaps and bounds even over the last 20 yrs. And if you end up with one leg shorter than the other its not all bad, you might get a wee bit more TV exposure which will pay for the op 😉 Seriously, I wish you luck. Take whatever pain relief you can get whilst you wait for the op . I have a painful hip, not bad enough for a replacement but I need to take 1 , 30mg cocodomol every night as it too painful to sleep . I hate taking it as I have never really used painkillers but it’s either that or I dont sleep. You just need to admit that with age comes health problems, and just do whatever you need to make life as pain free as possible. If it were me I would stump up the cash to go private if I was financially able to.
  5. Fair enough. I suppose being called a ref is better than being called a cunt. Though some folk think they are one and the same thing , depending on what team they support 🙂 I do sit on the fence a lot, it’s usually though because I often can see both sides. I voice my support for AS as much as I do NS , so by that measure people who dont like AS may see me as supporting you and others who like AS. I know that my desire for independence perhaps blinds me to the shortcomings of people within the movement, but its not a personal thing.
  6. 👍 that is really helpful in understanding their concerns.
  7. ‘Smeared and attacked ‘ can you provide evidence of where I have done this ? It would seem that anyone who does not dislike her with the same intensity you do must have a cult mentality. I try to be as balanced as I can and have made it very clear I like both her and AS . ‘Both’ ( plural) , a fact that you seem to overlook. Using your ( singular) own words, ‘how convenient’. Neither however are close to the perfection that would define a cult status . Infact I dont think I have ever felt cultish ( not to be confused with ‘cuntish ‘ … ) since Donny Osnond circa 1973.
  8. Just watched that. I havent really seen any of his interviews. The Kay Burley snippet was actually very funny, even if it wasnt supposed to be. The final interview was the one that provided most insight. I cant say I had a lot of sympathy for the train drivers ( up here) given the salary they earn but he is right with what he is saying that loads of people’s salaries are being eroded but they dont have unions to support them. Maybe it’s everyone else that is being too weak. His point about the public needing a good rail service to encourage people back to town centres and cities is very accurate. Town and city businesses will not survive without customers and if passenger numbers are getting back to pre covid levels there should not be transport redundancies. Folk will just not use public transport if it is unreliable . It is a catch 22 , you would think they would keep the rail personnel at current levels for a year or so to see how things pan out. I know in my company they have literally only announced that office working is being encouraged again. It will take time before we can see the longer effect of covid on home working.
  9. No , it isnt talking about honey. Hating honey is MUCH worse . Sweet and natural and produced by those cute little 🐝, and I have an all consuming hatred of it ! 🤮What kinda person does that make me? Dont be so sensitive ….
  10. People use the word hate all the time. I hate honey , it makes me boak. If it makes you feel any better i will change it to ‘ your extreme dislike of her ‘. Well, you obviously give a shit or you wouldn’t spend so much time on here moaning about her.
  11. Perhaps my definition of ‘hate’ is different from yours. Would you not agree this is how you feel towards NS ? I am not getting into personal insults between posters , I am talking about independence and how you view the leader of the only party that will get us there. I dont care if you hate her, you are not alone, I just think you need to see beyond the personal feelings and look for other positives.
  12. Its called ‘hope’. You are letting your hatred of NS become all consuming. Thats not to say you dont have genuine concerns, but it sounds like you are almost ‘willing’ independence not to happen. I doubt many folk other than uber unionists or Salmond fanatics look at her and think ‘ she is right nasty and evil’. The current gap between yes and no is in no way insurmountable . I think you are right however regarding the EU and I agree with the others that say EFTA should be the target to overcome one large obstacle. However , on the other hand, you could argue that the Baltic nations should never have left Russia if trade was going to be an issue..And as far as close proximity goes, I dont think Ireland is doing too badly since the UK left the EU. If we start from a base of ‘ it will never happen’ then it really is never going to happen.
  13. They also get pounced on by the unionist media . ‘ SNP Civil War’ !! by the usual newspapers. They are in a no win situation which is shit .
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