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  1. Yeah you are right, it did end up getting abused. I am pretty certain it was the same person in various guises misusing the emojis. There are threads on the board that are humorous, its not all facts and serious discussions, the haha reaction was good to use in those situations. It was a total sledgehammer to crack a nut reaction( no pun intended 😊) to get rid of them all.
  2. I only ever used the upvote and haha, I do think humour is essential . Occasionally used the wee cup if someone helped me out but an upvote was just as useful in those situations. The other 2 emoticons were unnecessary negatives, if you dont agree with someone have the balls to argue your case, not hide behind an emoji.
  3. Meh. After it changed from spam to junk, very seldom.
  4. Agree with all of this. Its also probably a bit quieter due to the school holidays, hot weather , and fewer covid restrictions. Once we are basking in the traditional 6 degrees and pishing rain more people will return. That said, it is generally a lot quieter. When the emojis stopped I asked the mods/owners why, was told they didn’t add much. Think they got that decision wrong. They should have just got rid of the folk abusing them.
  5. I have nothing either, though I made the mistake of putting my husband as the lead name so the email /tickets will go to him. I was thinking it would be physical tickets, not codes, and that it wouldn’t make a difference which of us was lead name. He says nothing has arrived but I am not convinced he doesn’t have them, he only knows where his inbox is so he wont have checked his spam 🙄
  6. Piers Morgan is an utter prick who will say anything to create controversy. He lives in the British 70’s and in his time has probably created mental health issues for many people with his articles and tweets. He chooses to be in a cut throat business and if you choose to be outspoken then you need to be able to suck it up when you are on the receiving end. I didnt know anything about this gymnast but I can only imagine the pressure top level sports people are under these days , you are absolutely right, social media has become a beast and the hypocrisy stinks. I have no reason to think she is using mental health as a excuse . She is only 24 , regardless of her tough regime and high endurance levels she will still be vulnerable, and the consequences of making a mistake could be catastrophic . But I do think social media goes overboard with its focus on mental health, which ends up diminishing the seriousness of it. Piers Morgan seems more concerned that she is letting down her country and her sponsors , what a surprise.
  7. 😂 Sounds like that selective data again. And surely any decision that slows down the McDonalds queue has to be positive.
  8. 😂 I forgot about that. That was the most entertaining thing on the thread after the result.
  9. 😁 I am not sure if you are referring to me actually posting something on here or if you are referring to my magnificent tunes . I couldn’t resist a bit of Stevie Wonder in the hottest July for a while .
  10. Will give Home for Christmas another go but will need to wait till the winter I cant watch it when its 25 degrees outside 😎 Will take a look at the others, apart from perhaps the Jeremy Clarkson thing. My brother has recommended it too and he doesn’t like him either, but Clarkson honestly makes my skin crawl , I am not sure how I can get by that.
  11. I have seen Downton, I was addicted to it when it was out ! Haven’t seen the film though so might try that 😊 My daughter watches Below Deck Mediterranean and likes it too, will take a look. I love boats , that is a ‘Great Outdoors’ i really do enjoy. Went on a traditional sailing boat in Barbados for our 25 th wedding anniversary, only 200 people on it, was fantastic. One of the best holidays I have had. Has anyone seen Catastrophe ? Have heard that is quite good.
  12. Both Money Heist and White Lines are ridiculous storylines but Money Heist was quite clever with a few unexpected turns. White Lines is nothing like that but it is easy watching , the episode I watched last night where they all got together for a meal to talk about Axel was quite good, Marcus going mental was funny . But it doesn’t hold a candle to Money Heist , the main character actually annoys me which makes it a bit difficult to really enjoy it. The blue seas and sun are a bonus though.
  13. I will give Queen of the South a go that seems quite popular 👍 Yes, I would have subtitles any day over dubbing. I didnt realise there was another series of Money Heist, that has cheered me up. I also just read this morning that there is a new series of Dexter coming out in the autumn. I loved that programme but it finished years ago. I hope the new series isnt a let down.
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