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  1. Still wouldnt stop the media trying to make a thing about it amid fighting within the independence movement.
  2. As someone who uses this board as their only form of social media , I am fairly confident in saying that life in the physical world does not represent the hysteria of twitter and other online sites. GRA is not a priority for the vast majority of people, I think if Covid has taught us one thing then its not to sweat the small stuff. That said , it shouldn’t stop people demonstrating very real concerns as there will be areas of it that are unpalatable to many, PIAK does raise genuine concerns. But I think things need to be put in context and there will be a lot of unfounded allegations
  3. Wtf. Abolish the Scottish Parliament party ? How can these folk look themselves in the mirror. The Scottish Family Party sounds like The Broons 😂
  4. Tbh I think Alex Salmond would be good at negotiating but he would not be doing it on his own and if he and NS cant see eye to eye on the timing of indyref it would never get off the ground. Unless he is planning on offering Boris a dossier on Nicola’s deviant personal life in return for a referendum ....🙄
  5. Thanks. Difficult one because as much as my gut is telling me a list vote for SNP where I am is wasted , I am totally against UDI which I feel Alba could push towards. Or are they suggesting a less contentious route ?
  6. Well , I had hoped my warm and fuzzy approach to the 2 Tories may have lured them on here, but it would seem they are going to remain as big a mystery as the emoji fiend. Have read this now @Orraloon and have a couple of questions from this blog for you or any other Alba supporters. 1. Who at Westminster are they suggesting is not too bothered about independence? 2. What alternative strategic ideas are they (Alba) bringing to the table ? These are genuine questions, I am not questioning the validity . Also, Renfrewshire North and West , my constituency, h
  7. Not once that Positivity thread is flying. This board is going to be awash with Rangers supporters and Tories just desperate to get involved. Thats understandable , ‘Tartan Army Message Board ‘ is a bit of a giveaway but there must be some Tories /unionists out there. Have we chased them ALL away ? Or Is the message actually ‘Fook off Tories and Rangers supporters’ ?
  8. Celtic supporters pissed off with the polis? 🙂 Looks a bit strange right enough.
  9. Its possible its just a wind up, but every bit as likely its genuine. Not that you would ever know as I cant remember the last time I read any pro conservative posts on here. Why is that ? There must be posters on here who vote Tory, why wouldn’t there be. Do they feel they would be lynched as it is very pro indy ? I hope not, it should be of interest to everyone who wants a fair country to listen to everyone’s views, not for people to lurk in the shadows afraid to speak. I am not saying that is the case, but i can understand why people may be unwilling to contribute as they probably
  10. The leaflet I received from our candidate has independence all through it. It’s possible they are aware that a lot of people want to focus on recovery from the pandemic and so are trying to highlight this in some leaflets whilst ensuring a referendum is mentioned too. That way they cant be accused of fooling people into voting for them who maybe arent ready for a referendum. On the other hand I may be talking a load of horse dung.
  11. The export taxes have come as a surprise to a lot of companies. I havent saw much in the news about it either, unsurprisingly. Someone I know who, on questioning the tax with the UK government, was simply told to sell to the US instead. They already do so there is no new market there. The response from a European customs dept when questioning the tax was ‘see the Brexit agreement and speak to Boris Johnson. ‘
  12. You may be right, when the people I am encountering with this attitude are people who I generally get on well with, I hate to think what others are saying. They seem to take the thought of independence very personally and are quite indignant. Not one of them stops to think what it would like if the boot was on the other foot.
  13. Its brilliant stick with it. Is is probably in my top 3 programmes. You do need to buy into the outrageous storyline though. We got to about the 6th series and Mr Tidy says ‘ this is just too ridiculous now’ , like the first 5 series had been completely believable 😂
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