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  1. πŸ˜‚ no, they filter it at his fathers farm.
  2. On the contrary , it was an early evening quiz and I was relatively sober. I will no make that mistake again, we came in last. I am pretty sure a psychologist would evaluate it as reasonably normal expression of someone who has been locked up for over 2 months with Mr Tidy , in a never ending loop of cooking, washing up and zoom quizzes. Btw , I edited my post , I dont want people thinking we are texting each other πŸ‘€ I did of course mean β€˜your post β€˜, not β€˜your text’.
  3. Canny be that enjoyable if you are posting on here. I, on the other hand, have an ironing I am trying to avoid.
  4. Och , one mans conspiracy is another mans speculation 😊
  5. I just noticed your post again when i posted about the sink. Made me laugh as I actually drew the below on Friday night on a zoom quiz. I was given the name of someone to draw and Mr Tidy had to guess who it was. This was my drawing. Can anyone guess ?
  6. I was meaning the conspiracy theory behind the facts being debunked rather than the individual facts. I am not on any other social media so will always be at the coo’s tail for information. I wasnt sure if this has been circulated and come to nothing.
  7. I take it this has been read and debunked . https://truepublica.org.uk/united-kingdom/something-more-than-a-bit-fishy-about-cummings-visiting-castle-barnard/
  8. Douglas Ross resigns on Cummings fiasco. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/may/26/uk-coronavirus-live-dominic-cummings-boris-johnson-latest-updates
  9. Exactly. She is looking at the wrong big picture. If they get away with this they will get away will almost anything and god help the employment situation by then.
  10. A university lecturer was interviewed on BBC after Cummings statement , she said something like β€˜ we all know the rich elite have different rules from the rest of us. There are bigger things we need to deal with so the media should move on. β€˜ Its hardly surprising they get away with it when university lecturers come out with stuff like this . She may be right on the first point but this should not be swept under the carpet just because everyone knows the game being played.
  11. Good question hen ! β€˜β€™ Why did you go out your way and take a trip to Barnard Castle when you could have driven towards London and stopped and come back if you were unwell.β€˜β€™
  12. Sadly I think you are right. I could not see a way back for him but now think people will lap up his stuttering and stammering, ill child , dead uncle etc etc. This is a guy who is supposed to be advising the PM and he can hardly deal with a few questions here . He is either playing up to this or he is in the wrong job.
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