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  1. Yes, the denial is clear from the start. Based on what I have seen so far I would definitely recommend it. Its a TV dramatisation so there is probably a bit of poetic licence, but it does provide a believable account of the atrocity, its difficult to watch in parts.
  2. Reliable taxi number , in case you need it going back. http://www.renfrewshirecabco.co.uk/
  3. You could walk from Glasgow to Paisley quicker than waiting for a train to St James in a Sunday. Better with a taxi.
  4. I remember reading somewhere, might have been on this board, someone saying that when you are in power you need to pick a side . Trying to appease everyone is impossible, and playing the middle ground means you get attacked from both sides. I thought it was a good point, and the current situation is probably a prime example of this.
  5. I was actually hoping in her farewell speech she started effing and swearing and slagging off the lot of them, as they try to tear the mic off her jacket.
  6. Not forgetting the book which is probably being penned as we speak.
  7. He strikes me as one of these intelligent ( I do think he is intelligent in an β€˜educated at Eton and knows lots of stuff β€˜β€˜ kinda way πŸ™„) but gaffe stricken buffoon and for that reason, amongst many others, he should be nowhere near the job. But will probably get it. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-conservative-leader-mistakes-gaffes-prime-minister-theresa-may-quotes-a8928791.html%3famp
  8. TDYER63

    Next PM

    No he shouldn't, but when has common sense prevailed in this fiasco ?
  9. TDYER63

    Next PM

    Least damaging is difficult to work out. The main candidates all look awful. Any of the outsiders could be damaging too due to their lack of experience. And they would probably just be a puppet for the main candidates anyway. They probably thought May was a good option at the time as she was a remainer and look how that turned out. Boris will get it IMO. Whether he is less catastrophically damaging than the other remains to be seen. Like Huddersfield says , its like being asked to choose the least rancid apple at the bottom of the barrel.
  10. Started watching Chernobyl last night. Only watched 2 episodes so far but thought it was excellent, quite harrowing and tense.
  11. Who knows, I am biased because I am not a Tory and do not resonate with most of their ideals. One of the outsiders may surprise us but none of them will have the experience of guiding the UK through this Brexit shitfest, there is no time for learning the ropes. It has to be one of the big guns and none of them look appealing. They are the extreme of the Tories.
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