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  1. I felt , and feel, the same way. It concerns me sometimes that it still takes up so much of my emotional wellbeing, I really don't understand why this means so much when I have never been a particularly nationalistic and have had no interest in politics . I really don't think I could go through another 19 Sep 14 at work unless the result was different, and I would not get the day off because of the job I do. I was listening to the radio on the way to the station this morning and the Β£5k minute was on radio clyde. Its a quiz. First question was β€˜ what referendum had its 5th anniversary yesterday’ . The guy passed on the question as he didnt know the answer. It could be that he was nervous on the radio but I could not believe someone in Scotland didnt know the answer . Oh how I wish I could be like that guy πŸ˜•
  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am no quite sure what you are referring to ... I am blaming it on the fact I am physically exhausted having just been to the gym for the first time in 23 years. Soulless places, I remember why I don't go, but its still preferable to fasting for 10-21 days or losing a foot . Which may be the alternative if I continue to eat maynards wine gums by the box every night.
  3. As I said, I haven't watched it , I am meaning in general terms it seems extreme. Of course losing a foot is worse.
  4. Haven't watched the video yet so probably not best placed to make judgement but I would agree with Duncan that small amounts regularly seems most sensible. Could perhaps see the merits of fasting for 2 or 3 days to clear you out but 10-21 seems extreme to me. I of course do none of this, eating 3 meals a day the last one at 8.30pm, so hardly a cheerleader for healthy living.
  5. 10-21 days ???? Wtf. I shall have to watch this , I am intrigued to find out what benefits there are .
  6. I haven't had the chance to watch this but I doubt fasting is for me. The only time I have been deprived of food was prior to going in for a colonoscopy a few years ago and could not eat anything the day before the operation. I was delirious with hunger and dreamt I was being strangled by my bowel, I felt absolutely dreadful the next day.
  7. No goodies whilst watching box sets ? πŸ˜• I may have to reevaluate your suitability as a potential goggle box partner πŸ€”
  8. πŸ˜‰ You could probably order Britney Spears from a takeaway these days .
  9. It was a pre internet telecommunication device. Infact it was the first form of communication that allowed you to tell cheeky bastards to fuck off, without fear of getting your head kicked in .
  10. I feel the same about the house phone. Its always bad news or ambulance chasers.
  11. My daughter has a flat with her boyfriend and she comes to us for her dinner once a week when he is playing football because she cant cook. I walked in the door the other night after work to the smell of burnt toast. She is a teacher and was marking homework in the kitchen. She finished the toast and I made her a cup of tea , she had 2 chocolate biscuits with it. I then made her dinner. Pork chops , salad, coleslaw and crispy potato slices. When she left ( with 2 pizzas and a 12 pack of coke from the fridge) I sat down to watch Mind Hunter. I asked Mr Tidy if he would bring me the family bag of galaxy counters from the sweetie drawer. He couldn't find them so I went through to look myself. Nothing. I went out to my car with a torch as I had bought them in Morrisons the previous night and thought they may have fallen out the bag. Nothing. Went back to the kitchen and reluctantly made do with a Flake. Texted my daughter about something later, still moaning about the missing galaxy counters. She said β€˜ I ate them whilst I was marking before you came home β€˜. 😑 Anyway, stop pretending you are popular and fun to be with. You started this thread on a Friday night clearly having nothing better to do like the rest of us 😊
  12. Och, its not all bad, I couldn't wish a nicer bunch of people on Fluffy . Every cloud ....
  13. Debate question on Sky News today : β€˜ should courts get involved in politics’. In other words, it is fine for courts to be involved until a Scottish court makes a decision they dont like .
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