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  1. Despite the fact that I do not know one person who hasn’t condemned him for partygate , if the people in England that I speak to on a regular basis are anything to go by then scarily enough there are a number of people who will be prepared to let it go if there is any chink of exoneration in this report. If he gets enough support down there it wont really matter what happens up here. You are right though it will linger , a slow lingering death no doubt as his time will eventually come, he is just not cut out for this level of government . I cannot believe people will overlook his numerous failings because ‘he got Brexit done’ or ‘got the vaccine done’. Have they seen the state of Brexit and do people really think the vaccine programme would not have happened without Boris Johnston ? The Scottish Conservatives really will have a big decision to make if he stays as a large proportion of them have displayed their discontent. I have no doubt whatsoever they will simply roll over as they are stuck between the devil and the deep blue Conservative and Unionist party , and they just cannot be seen to do anything that may jeopardise the union. You would think their flip flopping would piss off conservative voters up here but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  2. I have only 1 episode left , its going to take a pretty strong ending to heave it up from a 7/10 😁 Even having 2 of my heartthrob actors in it , James Nesbitt and Richard Armitage 😍 , still hasn’t done it for me. I have read a few Harlan Coben books, I may have just become too familiar with his plots. What on earth are those 2 left field characters all about. They look like they have been parachuted in from the People’s Postcode Lottery adverts.
  3. No reference to any of the points made by Blackford , just a cheap jibe at his weight. That prick is going to survive this fiasco, he is far too relaxed . The report will stop short of sufficient direct blame and even if there are enough letters of no confidence submitted there are more shitebag Tory MPs who will support him.
  4. I must admit that was the first thing I thought.
  5. Things ramping up a gear …
  6. ‘Any Conservative and Unionist Prime Minister will be better for Scotland than the Scottish Nationalist Party ‘ . Meh, you still think that Theresa ? The warnings were there all along with Johnson. How on earth did anyone think he was capable of holding this position? The racist fooker orchestrated her downfall yet she was still prepared to support him against Blackford’s comments. And what is it about Tory Prime Ministers that they struggle to even grasp the name of the SNP ? Their disrespect to Scottish democracy is beyond the pale.
  7. Happy New Year Britain.
  8. Will try and find it on catch up or Youtube 👍
  9. 😬 Despite his fine lyrics it would appear heaven actually couldnt wait any longer 😞 😂 I am most definitely a case of you can take the girl out of Paisley etc…. We were in the Grosvenor cafe or whatever it is called now. It is lovely but it is also pretty big , I imagine it could seem a bit soulless at times . There was a DJ and he was playing loads of retro type music , it was a great laugh. There was 9 of us and we were on a long table just below the DJ, there was a group of asian guys at the other end and another group of really young guys across from us. They werent giving a damn up dancing to Abba despite the group of cool chicks sitting near them sniggering. We were all dancing away at our tables, then Paradise by the Dashboard light came on ! It was like I had been transported back to 1985 😁 I was a baw hair away from hauling myself onto the table . Turned out a great night. Hope you got your karaoke !
  10. Fantastic. I am getting it on before I go out tonight.
  11. I initially interpreted ‘the same pub’ as being the same pub as me, and I was thinking, not only did Fairbairn live 3 miles from my current house, he was in Jersey for 10 years . How the hell do I not know him ! 😁 Yes, yes I know you are much younger than me …… Go on, its a Friday night, get out there ! Do it for Meatloaf 🎤🎸🍻 I am in the West End tonight, no chance of any Meatloaf being played there ☹️
  12. If you buy a 3xxlll i will run up 2 Mediums on my sewing machine from it.
  13. This suggests he may have died from Covid.
  14. Brilliant memories of Sunday afternoon in The Watersplash in Jersey when i lived there in the mid 80’s. It was a kinda surfers pub right on the beach, the place was always heaving and when Paradise By the Dashboard Light came on it went totally mental. Everyone on the tables belting it out. Always think of that place when I hear it. He had some great tunes. RIP.
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