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  1. I mentioned on some thread I went for a run ( well more of a jog) on Friday and agree it definitely helps. I have been aching the past 2 days though and didnt manage out but will go again later today. This weather has been a godsend for getting out , can you imagine what it would be like if the weather was how it was 3 weeks ago.
  2. It looks like being a nation of couch potatoes has eventually paid off.
  3. 😁 no , I doubt I would feel like dancing to a punk band.
  4. 😂😂 in that case when I get my reaction allowance back you will get 3 ! One for The Libertines, one for David Bowie and one for your joke ! 😁
  5. You will kick yourself if you dont get 20. Its so obvious when you know 😁 Try to consciously uncouple your mind from other things to get No 7.
  6. Big Ears is connected to someone IN the group 😁 15 is in the top 3 groups I have seen live, though admittedly that is unlikely to help you much 😁
  7. 8 and 9 are both well known groups to you. 15 too I would imagine, but are of a different era. Clue for 8 : Big Ears. I am not giving you a clue for 9 as you will definitely get it yourself. 15 is probably easier than you think so you may be right. Dont read too much into it.
  8. I know, its a message board, its not like we are voting in an election 🙄 Some folk think they are pointless but if someone says something i strongly agree with , like, or find funny I will use them. No two days are the same so if they are going to offer them at all there really should be an unlimited amount.
  9. Some good tunes last night. I tried to give some reactions today but after 2 it said I had used up my allocation 😕 Eisergerwind was going to get 2 but that Rangers pish negated both of them 😁
  10. I wouldnt worry, the time it takes royal mail to deliver at best of times is long enough for the virus to be killed off.
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