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  1. Ice rink musical memories = Irvine Magnum= Cool for Cats . They only had about 5 records.
  2. When I heard the song in Morrisons I could not for the life of me remember what it was or who sung it, despite grinding my trolly to a halt and launching into the dance moves. When I got home I googled it as it was annoying me . The first search was ‘ novelty songs of the noughties’ . Nothing. I then tried ‘ ‘worst ever one hit wonders ’ . Bob the Builder et al, but not this one. Then I tried ‘novelty summer songs ‘. Bingo ! So yes, definitely a summer song , and despite shrieks of disapproval from the music snobs , we love them 😊 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2002/oct/18/artsfeatures.popandrock
  3. The problem with artificial sweeteners is they taste shite. Moderation is the key as it is in most things that are unhealthy. But I do recognise the addictive problem.
  4. Yeah, I dont doubt it would take time, the euphoria alone in the immediate aftermath would ensure the SNP were in government initially. But I do think it would erode. The stark reality of delivering a successful independent nation would sink in and there would be some pain. The comparison to the Republic is interesting. It is quite possible the unionist parties disappear, though it would take a long time for the bitterness to leave.
  5. Yeah, and that is why we should never ever demand that on Brexit. I voted Yes and Remain, and if Indyref2 wasnt on the agenda I would probably be happy with a Peoples Vote, hypocritical as that may seem . But independence takes priority for me and in no way should a precedence be set .I cannot see what can be achieved by that. As has been said a million times before, If a Peoples vote returns ‘Remain ‘ we have no ‘ change in circumstances’ to promote Indyref2. If it returns ‘Leave’ it opens the floodgates for a Peoples Vote on Independence, should Yes win.
  6. I agree. After independence I honestly think the chip will be removed as the monkey will be off our back. That should in turn will create a dilution of the SNP and a focus on how we move forward. I dont know what parties will be involved I just think there will be a better balance.
  7. I think you are all correct. I think independence is now inevitable, its just a matter of when. Without a shadow of a doubt voters will drift from the SNP once this happens as the objective has been achieved. Strangely enough I think No voters are more likely to get a less ‘nationalistic’ government after independence than before it as there should be a more balanced representation.
  8. They dont half play some random piped music in Morrisons. I was sauntering round last night and this came on. Took me right back to a mental holiday in Turkey where we met families from as far afield as Erskine and Irvine. Anyone who had young children, or were young children, in 2002 could not have escaped this. And no, I feel no shame whatsoever in bumping my own shite thread to the fore 😙
  9. Useless qualities when you are pan breid. You have however solved my question on the After Life. The TAMB’s first poster from beyond the grave.
  10. Just started watching this and know why you like it. Pietro Savastano looks just like you. You want to be him, dont you 🙄 I am quite enjoying it, wasnt convinced on the first episode but have now watched 6 episodes and it has grown on me. Could have done without the spoiler right enough 🙄
  11. I didn't phrase it very well. What I mean is I am a bit lazy when it comes to looking at things differently , I am not particularly imaginative and can contribute very little to discussions on subjects shroud in mystery . There’s not much to challenge religion or the big bang at the moment but it would be interesting to hear if anyone has any other ideas. Just imagine, the true meaning of life discovered on the TAMB. I would need to buy a new frock.
  12. This is more my level of conversation. Yes Jim, it was. And I am pretty certain all the futons in Italy heaved a sigh of relief too 🙂
  13. I doubt I am intelligent enough for a conversation this deep but I agree, ‘God’ talk is an unhelpful diversion when considering where we are from and what happens when we die. I feel religions have been used, as someone else said, as a method of control. I wouldn't rule out them out completely as I don't know if there is a God or higher being but I am highly sceptical. The big bang holds more weight with me because science has proven so accurate in other areas . But there have been a lot of mistakes too and the universe is a huge unknown, how do we know they haven't made a mistake on the biggest unknown of all. So could both religion and science be wrong? On the specific subject of ‘is there life after death?’ . I find it interesting that some cells in your body continue to live for days, weeks even months after you die. In fact some work harder than when you are alive. This is a reasonably recent discovery. If this activity exists after death then who is to say something else isn’t going on that scientists have not yet discovered. I have to be honest though and say that it is unlikely there is life after death but I am probably a bit more open minded than I was.
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