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  1. Err, they didn’t vote for border checks, they were told there would be no border.
  2. The issue with Thatcher - despite her, or more accurately her party now - is that they’re political rivals, however there’s also the fact that rather than helping other women to advance, Thatcher is generally considered to be someone who pulled the ladder up after her. An independent Scotland will be a member of NATO, you might not like that but that’s certainly SNP policy and I suspect would be the view of the majority of the electorate. Trident is a different issue - I am personally opposed - but I wouldn’t like to predict what might happen in any future negotiations. It’s the only thing that I could see splitting those in favour of independence in the same way as the Brexit negotiations split the Brexiteers. It could be our NI protocol.
  3. All countries act in their best interests. That said, Obama has subsequently admitted that he made those statements as a favour to Cameron. Given the relationship between the current administrations in Washington and London, I don’t expect a repeat performance. similarly, I don’t expect Joe Biden to come out with a kilt on shouting Freedom before any vote. Afterwards is when having friends in power in Washington will help. The key thing in the immediate aftermath of a successful vote to turn that into reality, is for international recognition to put pressure to bring the UKG to the table to start negotiations. We’ll need friends wherever we can find them. FWIW, I think that when Sturgeon talks about how she admires someone like Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Merkel, etc., it’s less about the detail of their politics but more that they’re women who have risen to the top, and I think that gets reciprocated.
  4. Which international agreement do you want to breach, the one signed in 1998 or the one signed in 2020? It was obvious in 2016 that anything other than a soft-Brexit and retained membership of SM/CU would cause problems for the GFA. The reason for that was that the GFS was at its heart a compromise which allowed someone who lives in NI and who considered themselves as Irish to be able to live their day to day lives in as much the same way that someone who considered themselves British. The apparatus that underpinned that was the EU, specifically freedom of movement guaranteed all those rights in law on both sides of the border at that point the border came down. I can recall trying to explain that to people in England at the time and being met with either blank looks or it all being hand waved away. I see that Boris Johnson finally admitted the truth yesterday in an interview with Channel 4, that he signed the agreement because he thought that there would be a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach from the EU and everyone would live with the smuggling.
  5. Third most important politician in the most important country in the world so someone it’d be good to have on your side.
  6. That take on NI Unionism is pretty much way off the mark. Unionists in NI don’t trust the UKG one inch and that’s not just the current incumbents, for pretty much the last 150 years or so since - initially- Home Rule for Ireland started being touted Unionists have been distrustful of the UK government and parliament, that’s their default position. The DUP haven’t lost control in Stormont, they never had control in the first place. Post the Good Friday agreement, the law states that there has to be a Unionist/Nationalist coalition. For the past 20 years or so, Sinn Fein has had as much power in Stormont as the DUP has. The motivations for NI Unionists are very different from Scottish Unionists and are rooted in history and reflective of how the different constitutional arrangements came into place. This is a very simplistic definition of a complex mindset but the main motivation for Unionists in NI has been about security first and foremost, for their Scottish counterparts it’s is about the economy. That’s why the DUP and other hardliners have no problem with burning the house down economically if they have to. It would be a mistake to try and conflate the two.
  7. I think Celtic have insurance to cover any settlements. That might also explain why they, for want of a better phrase, do the right thing and settle at this point.
  8. Ignorance is no defence and lets not forget about the responsibility for due diligence. People don't tend to walk into corrupt relationships unwittingly.
  9. If there was equality of opportunity, if there was a level playing field, if all wealth was earned through people's efforts and not those of their ancestors, if all of that were true, then maybe you have a point.
  10. Both parties are guilty in a corrupt relationship. You implied before that you'd worked in the city, I'm amazed you don't know about this.
  11. Government is not business though. If people in government favour their connections then that is corruption.
  12. How about blaming *both* the government *and* the profiteers, particularly those who were only able to get the contracts because of their connections to the Tory party.
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