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  1. I wouldn’t even go as far as “average” for his international career, I’d plump for “disappointing” at best. File alongside Bannan, McBurnie and the rest. One of the good things that Clarke has done is to build a tight squad where everyone knows what they are trying to do and they’re all bought into that. Bringing someone out of the wilderness as a “wildcard” for the biggest game we’ve had against Ukraine in the last four months is crazy talk.
  2. Martin O’Neill showing that he is still the classless prick he’s always been.
  3. This is why the BBC as an institution can never be absolutely impartial where independence is concerned as it is existential for them. That doesn’t mean that every report or every journalist is fundamentally biased but that the BBC as an organisation is hugely vested in a No vote.
  4. He seems to have been reading the “Idiots guide to Irish Republicanism” on his sabbatical. God help him when he finds out that Sinn Fein are a lot more woker than the SNP are.
  5. Here’s an interesting chart for those who are advocating that an EFTA rather than EU membership route is the way to go.
  6. *checks notes* 100 years on, Northern Ireland is still part of the UK
  7. I see that “the SNP” is currently trending on Twitter. That tends to occur when something happens that sends the Yoons into a meltdown. And then this maniac above coincidentally turns up after an absence at the same time. Funny that.
  8. These guys do seem to be a bit clumsy around stairs and open windows in tall buildings.
  9. “Nicola’s not moved the independence dial one notch”
  10. When did anyone who was in a confident position feel the need to tell people that they weren’t bluffing?
  11. Scotland is social democratic, centre-left slightly tending to left of centre, it’s very far from hard left.
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