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  1. He's been very quiet on Catalonia as well and funnily enough the Spanish Scocialists are against Independence as well. It is a complete contradiction but all these so called Internationalist Labour types suddenly change their tune when it becomes part of their own country that is looking for self determination. Try getting one of them to explain it, the knots they get themselves into are amazing, especially the Eurosceptic ones, a shipyard worker in Govan has more in common with one in Gateshead but not Gdansk apparantly.
  2. SinnFein have been an isolationist party insofar as Westminster is concerned for 100 years. Michelle O'Neill the SF leader in NI was on Politics Live earlier in the week and was asked this exact question and she dismissed it out of hand. She also made the point that they sit in the Dail and that's where they see themselves bringing their leverage to bear. Quite an interesting short interview, she was accused of secretly wanting a no deal as it will make an United Ireland/Independent Scotland more likely. Her reply was that Brexit will be damaging for NI, ROI and the U.K. and that while a United Ireland is what gets her up in the morning she wants to take people with her, which is basically what Nicola Sturgeon says whenever she's asked the same question wrt Scotland.
  3. United Ireland is a bit of a red herring. I'm sure Corbyn might be a bit more equivocal in his support if there was any Labour prescence in Northern Ireland. It's a free hit for them. Or maybe he subscribes to the George Galloway view that Catholics would be slaughtered in an independent Scotland.
  4. Pretty feisty tonight from Guildford
  5. I've yet to meet someone who professes to support Indy that would vote No on the basis they don't like the SNP.
  6. Brian Kerr the former Scotland International or Bran Kerr, the former ROI manager?
  7. aaid


    There are two Halls of Fame. The first one is that SFA Hall of fame which started off as being for - male - players who got 50 'A' caps. I doubt that at that point anyone could really complain about any of the inaugural members as they were all genuine legendary players. Then a couple of things happened. Firstly there were a lot of deserving cases who didn't have the required 50 caps largely because when they played a lot fewer games and careers didn't last as long in a lot of cases than they do now, guys like Jim Baxter and Jimmy Johnstone. Then you started to get some guys getting to - or approaching -the 50 cap level who, frankly could not be considered to the quality of many of those who were excluded. The Scottish Football Hall of Fame started off pretty decently and again if you look at the original list of inductees you aren't really going to complain about any of them. Started getting a bit silly when Larsson and Laudrup were inducted but, tbf, both of them had extended careers in Scotland and were genuine quality players and were at the top of their game when they played here. I think the whole thing has gotten a bit ridiculous in recent years which I think is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you've probably already inducted everyone from the past that really deserves to be in there and secondly, they have this big annual gala dinner which they need to sell tickets for. Here's a radical idea, if there aren't any worthy candidates, don't have an induction. Some of the recent entries are laughable, IMHO, George Graham, Terry Butcher, Ally MacLeod, Gary McAllister, Jock Wallace, Scot Symon, Frank McLintock, Queens Park, the Lisbon Lions - when they are all individual members - and the biggest joke of the lot, Archie McPherson. Edit - Just to clarify, Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967 is one of - if not the - biggest achievements in Scottish Football. The members of that team are - rightly - all inductees. There is no need for "The Lisbon Lions" to be separately inducted other than to sell tables at £1000 a throw or whatever it costs.
  8. aaid


    Gascoigne should never have been nominated in the first place for all sorts of reasons and whoever suggested it needs to take a good look at themselves for thinking it was a good idea in the first place. Not to decry Tommy Burns at all, as a footballer, manager and a man but I can't see how he would be anywhere near inclusion. A good solid career as a player with Celtic and Kilmarnock and a mixed one as a manager isn't worthy of inclusion into the HoF in my book. A legend as far as Celtic and Kilmarnock are concerned, fair enough, and by all accounts one of the good guys but I could think of loads of people more deserving of inclusion.
  9. I doubt even he believes them.
  10. aaid

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Only person to come out of this with any credit is McGregor who has at least kept the scoreline respectable.
  11. aaid

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    That lasted well
  12. You're about the only person I know that has a bigger fuckwit of an MP than I have.
  13. I tend to think that will also be what will happen but it all depends on what happens with Brexit and more specifically how the aftermath shakes out in Westminster. There are three options as I see it. One is that May manages to get a deal through and remains in place. The other is that she falls but the Tories manage to stay in Government. In each of these cases I'd expect that a request for a section 30 order - i.e. the ability to have a referendum - is turned down. NS will know that in advance but I suspect there will be a formal request and that the UK government will have to formally turn it down. The other option is that there is UK general election and as part of a deal with the SNP, Labour would agree to the section 30 order. Labour would need to do a deal with the SNP and probably others to get into power. Labour might make that reliant on there being a mandate delivered by the 2021 Holyrood election. TBH, if we can't deliver an Indy majority in Holyrood in 2021 then we won't win a referendum either.
  14. SNP and Greens currently hold a majority for Indy though. In current circumstances - with the country split 50/50, give or take, - it's actually easier for an Indy majority rather than a Unionist one. With the Greens focussing on the list, they're less likely to cost the SNP constituency seats. However for the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems it's a lot more difficult for them to organise themselves collectively in the way they would be required to be able to game the system. SNP and Greens also don't have the problem that the others have that their UK operations would be conflict with any kind of Scottish electoral pact.
  15. aaid

    1987-1998 Scotland B-International Games

    It was in the middle of December and absolutely freezing - one of the coldest games I've ever been at.