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  1. Jackie Baillie would be highlighting the jobs benefits to West Dunbartonshire.
  2. aaid

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Fucking predictive text. I'm just going to completely ignore the word you just typed in, even though it's in the dictionary, and replace it with some other random word that makes no sense and doesn't remotely resemble what you typed.
  3. aaid

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    I bet you weren't composing when Hearts were jam packed with Lithuanians
  4. For today but then tomorrow is another day. This does seem like a political version of whack-a-mole as its impossible to put together any form of "deal" that everyone will be at least able to accept. I'm still not convinced but its looking more and more likely that the government will fall and we'll have another general election. The problem is though that I don't think that's going to resolve anything.
  5. Exactly, that'd be the same Nick Cohen that attacked the demos at Pacific Quay in 2014.
  6. aaid

    Scottish player transfers

    Never ceases to amaze me that people don't understand how football transfers work and think that the price paid for a player is solely indicative of their abilities.
  7. aaid

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    There's certainly an argument that if the Balkan war hadn't happened and Yugoslavia hadn't split up they would have won the Euros and 1992 and possibly the World Cup in 94. In fact Croatia, had they been able compete might have done if on their own. I was one of a hundred or so Scots lucky enough to see Croatia's first competitive game in 1994 - and that deserves a thread of its own - and they were packed with talent. Prosnecki, Jarni, Boban, Boksic, etc, etc.
  8. aaid

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Younger folks might not remember this but the former Yugoslavia were one of the better nations in world football before the 1990s. They favoured a game that concentrated on excellent technique which was unusual in Europe at the time. So much so they were referred to as the Brazil of Europe - at a time when that was considered a compliment. I think Croatia have largely just taken that on and run with it. In reality they were decades ahead of us decades ago.
  9. I'll brlieve it when I see it. The U.K. Parliament is designed to be a two party system and has been for centuries since the days of the Tories and Whigs. Individual parties may have their good periods or bad periods but the overall system goes on.
  10. You don't need much of a deal to leave a political union, you just need to agree a split of assets and liabilities,,the divorce bill, if you like. I think that's been largely settled some time back. The problems come around trying to negotiate what your *new* and ongoing relationship with that political union is and that's where we stand now and of course that's very problematic when - quite understandably - want to retain all the bits the liked but walk away from the bits they don't.
  11. Outside of extreme ideologues, how many people really care about the ECJ?
  12. My point is that flexible labour mobility will be something that is entirely achievable under current EU regulations so there's no incentive for any other EU country. As part of this, the EU may implement some reforms over freedom of movement. Right wing Brexiteers will be mightily pissed off but short of kicking up a tremendous fuss, there won't be much they can do about it. Don't concentrate on what the Chequers agreement says, focus on the direction of travel and how further the UK government will shift in the months to come. That's why all the Brexiteers are kicking up so much fuss, they can see the end game.
  13. I reckon we'll end up leaving the EU but will effectively be in the Customs Union and Single Market but it'll have some different sort of name to make it more palatable. Freedom of Movement will no longer be in place but will be replaced by flexible labour mobility - or whatever it's called - which will effectively mean you can come to work in the the UK from the EU with no restrictions but if you don't have a job after a period of time, you won't get any benefits and can be deported. Which is pretty much what the UK could do already with the EU but Successive governments made the - correct - decision that putting in place a system to monitor EU migrants to enforce that would be more expensive than any benefits that were paid out so didn't implement the controls. This may or may not be reciprocated. This will cost us a huge "divorce bill" and we'll have to pay an annual contribution, which will be smaller but not massively so, than the current net contribution, but when you take into account the divorce bill to the EU and how much the whole process is costing us, we might break even on by the end of the century. And we'll have zero representation within the EU. That's what leaving the EU will look like.
  14. Apparantly, Johnson told May he was going to resign tonight but then No 10 announced it before he'd actually written his resignation. Reminds me of someone I worked alongside years ago, he was both unpopular and not very good but thought he could wangle a pay rise by claiming he'd had another job offer and putting his notice. His line manager just about ripped the resignation letter out of his hands and he was escorted straight off site - which was pretty unusual for resignations.
  15. I get the impression that the public in general have got a bit bored with the whole "Boris, what's he like" schtick.