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  1. aaid

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    To be fair when he did make that 10 yard pass , it was usually to Paulo Sousa.
  2. No deal isn't going to be a grey area, its going to be a big fucking black hole.
  3. There won't be a poll before the end of the year because the terms of Brexit won't be known by then. The polls won't materially shift until the terms of Brexit are known and even then may still not do so.
  4. The two things aren't separate you know. If the resulting deal is demonstrably very bad for Scotland - and the UK - then you would expect the polls to shift in favour of Indy. If there is a demonstrably bad deal and the polls don't shift then there's little point in having another referendum. Ever since she put the prospect of a second referendum back on the table after the Brexit vote, she's been consistently asked when that will be and she's given the same answer - "when the terms of the Brexit deal are known" and she's always used the UK government timetable as a guide for that. The original "expectation" was that it would all be wrapped up and agreed by the end of October. Can anyone look at where we are know and seriously believe that will still be the case. Both strategically and tactically she can't call the referendum until it's clearer what Brexit is going to look like. That's anyone's guess at the moment what that'll be and when we'll know.
  5. aaid

    Scottish player transfers

    I agree with a lot of this. While you can never be certain about new owners, one thing that is certain is that Villa's big problems over the last few years were directly related to Randy Lerner. I reckon Villa push for promotion this season and I also expect that McGinn will feature prominently for them. He's the sort of players that managers love as he's always looking to improve himself and has a great attitude. Funnily enough managers reckon that they can trust players like that and tend to pick them. Bruce is also a decent manager and has been successful at that level in the past. Of the various options that were being touted for him, I think Villa's probably the best move.
  6. I'm guessing he doesn't know the difference between a hijab,, a burka and a niqab. Either that or he had a bad experience as a kid with a wifie wearing a headscarf over her rollers.
  7. aaid

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Thanks for that. Given that they seem to get data from Opta that's encouraging however there's a fundamental problem with statistics like these is that they tend to concentrate on when a player is "actively" involved in the game with things like pass completion rates, tackles won, distance cleared etc. While all that's important if you think that in the average game the ball is in play for around 60 minutes, players will generally be either on the ball or directly impacting the ball for around a 10th of that. So do these stats cover important aspects of "off the ball" play such as forwards making runs to open up space for others, midfielders tracking their runners, a goalkeeper organising his defence so that he *doesn't* have to make a save in the first place. Giving extra points for man of the match is just a total joke as who decides that? I was once fortunate enough to have corporate hospitality through work at a Chelsea v Newcastle EPL game. As part of that we got to pick the man of the match. We were basically told "who would you like to meet after the game". We obviously chose Zola who was the big star at the time. It was one of those games where no one really stood out, Chelsea had won and Zola had scored one of the goals so it wasn't that controversial a decision but it was still just the opinion of a group of random guys. Given all that though, any empirical data is still a better basis for analysis than the random musings of punters on Internet forums or worse still, Twitter. However, like all data, it's useless without context.
  8. Not tin hatted, just a nasty little anti-Semite. Take your bile somewhere else and give us all some peace.
  9. aaid

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Who comes up with the ratings and what methodology do they use? How do you know they are accurate and how can you trust them? A few years back a friend of mine did the player ratings for his club for the FIFA games. Only problem was he was on a ban and so didn't actually go to any games for a year.
  10. aaid

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Someone who should get a game before Barry Bannan does.
  11. aaid

    John Fleck

    He was 1 in 3 in that period which is better but not stellar. As a comparison, in the same period Kenny Miller was 0.7 goals a game better. 36 goals in 109 games for Fletcher as opposed to 59 goals in 137 games for Miler. Any striker worth their salt should be looking at an average of 1 in 2.
  12. aaid

    John Fleck

    Two words. Robbie Keane.
  13. aaid

    John Fleck

    Career average of just under 1 in 4 for a striker is pish. Add to that the fact when he does score it tends to be in streaks and you get a striker that hardly scores, which is a bit of a problem I get that our options up front are limited but it amazes me that people think players like Fletcher and Rhodes are suddenly going to come good when all the evidence suggests that they won't.
  14. I'm sticking a tenner on Tommy Robinson.
  15. He would say that though. wouldn't he. Any bets it'll be "I may have mentioned Wings to the BBC but I 100% never actually *complained* about it"