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  1. Its not something that I normally watch because it has a bit too much of a religious flavour for my liking but I caught the tail end of "The Big Question" which is hosted by Nicky Campbell today. It was from Glasgow - I think it was from Hutchey - and it was actually a very balanced show and nowhere near as shouty as Question Time, even though the two politicians on were James Dornan and Adam Tompkins. I think the general theme of the programme was to do with faith and indenity. In the first part they were talking about religion, sectarianism and the old firm, I turned over just as that part finished. They went on to talk about Brexit and English Nationalism. Robin McAlpine was on and made what I thought was a very good point that Scotland had gone through a "national conversation" about what it meant to be Scottish in the late 70s, 80s and 90s to the point where - he claimed - that there was a more defined sense of what that meant and that in England, they are only going through that now and that Brexit is a huge part of that - not so much that Brexit is driving that process but more that the that general sense of unease and lack of identity has manifested itself in Brexit. I have to say that chimes with what I observe has been happening in England over the last few years. Probably worth watching it on iPlayer.
  2. Just to add, he's a pretty good example himself of someone who denigrates political opponents, always playing the man rather then the ball is Alan.
  3. It's a comment on the hypocrisy of people who don't want British people who've gone abroad and done bad things to be able to return because they represent a danger to society and yet want to be able to deport foreign people who've done bad things here for exactly the same reason. Views that were pretty widely expressed yesterday in various media outlets. Same mindset as ex-pat Brits who don't realise that freedom of movement applies to them as well. FWIW, I have very little sympathy for her and the situation she finds herself in.
  4. No doubt they're very keen to deport loads of foreign criminals at the same time.
  5. When I said "someone" needs to get their jotters, that's clearly who I meant. It's undoubtedly a stitch-up job, but one's that's backfired spectacularly and has exposed what's been going on behind the scenes.
  6. They've got 13 Scottish Tory MPs representing them.
  7. I saw that he'd shouted stuff about Salmond and if that's the case you can understand why the BBC edited it as broadcasting it would be a contempt of court. However, they probably should have cut his - Billy Mitchell - whole piece in the interests of balance. It further calls into question the question to invite him - this isn't some random guy that's unknown to the producers - in the first place and also why he wasn't removed at that point from the audience. Someone at Mentorn needs to get their jotters over this, won't happen though.
  8. It was noticeable at the time that there'd been an edit. I assumed it was because of an obscenity.
  9. aaid

    World Cup 2030: British and Irish

    If - and that's a massive if - it comes off, then I can see it being an rUK and United Ireland bid.
  10. Cambrian - Ordovician – Silurian (550 - 400 million years ago) Both England, Wales and Scotland are in the southern hemisphere but are separated by the Iapetus Ocean. Scotland is attached to a plate comprised mainly of North America and Greenland. England and Wales are part of an arc-shaped microcontinent, perhaps comparable to modern Indonesia, along with Scandinavia and Newfoundland. England and Wales, and Scotland are both situated on continental margins and under marine waters for most of this period. The Iapetus Ocean is slowly closing and by the Silurian the two continental blocks collide producing the Caledonian orogeny. The Scottish Highlands and the Scandinavian Mountains are remnants of this mountain chain. The collision brings England & Wales and Scotland together. Don't tell Scotty.
  11. I've never actually asked the mutual connection about it, best not to, I guess 🙈🙉🙊
  12. Well to be completely accurate, Britain is the island and that's been here forever. Cromwell has a role in Scottish history, although probably not so well known. Following the execution of Charles 1 and until the Stewart Restoration under Charles II, Scotland, England and Ireland were ruled as a Commonwealth by Oliver Cromwell. As elsewhere Cromwell had a pretty bloody reign in Scotland.
  13. No names no pack drill but let's just say I was very surprised when LinkedIn suggested Paul Ferris as a connection based on the fact that he was a 1st level connection of someone who used to post on here reasonably frequently and pops up occasionally - and who I know and who is a connection of mine there.
  14. It's not just case of simply "not liking bigots", it's a case of wishing the entire membership were dead and that's bigotry on my book, bigotry this particular poster has betrayed on more than one occasion. Dont get me wrong, I have no time for the OO as an organisation and if it died off tomorrow I wouldn't shed any tears - I think it's pretty much withering on the vine though - but while I know there are some complete scumbags in the OO there are also some decent people who have deeply and and sincerely held religious views, not ones I agree with myself, but ones they're ever bit as entitled to hold as anyone else.