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  1. His Twitter poll isn't going he way he wants.
  2. First Minister calling for an Independence Referendum within the lifetime of the current Scottish Parliament, i.e. before May 2021. Starting to introduce legislation to enable this and have it in place by the end of this year.
  3. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times and he always had time for everyone. A really humble man despite all his many achievements. An absolute gent and one of the good guys. Really sad to hear of his passing.
  4. Fascism and Communism are two radically different political philosophies. The totalitarian fascist and communist states - particularly in the 20th century probably didn't look much different to each other if you were living in them though.
  5. There are a number of different beliefs, views or opinions that could be characterised as far right however a common and important theme is a belief that certain groups of people are superior to others and by implication other groups are inferior. In a lot of cases that manifests itself in respect of race or religion but it's not limited to those. How would you define far right?
  6. I reckon UKIP will be basically finished after the upcoming elections. They've gone to the complete loop-the-loop right and are probably sitting somewhere around where the BNP were a few years ago. I suspect most of the old UKIP vote will go to Brexit party purely because of Farage, I think he's something of a rallying point for that segment of the electorate. It'll be very interesting to see how they do in the Euro elections. There's also council elections in England coming up in two weeks. In England they stagger the council elections so they don't have countrywide council elections at the same time. At the last lot of council elections in 2018 UKIP lost 123 of 126 councillors, this year they are defending 176 seats and could see a similar wipe-out. I think that the Brexit party - and ChangeUK - are too late to have any candidates on the ballot. In terms of demographics, the councils up for re-election are largely Tory held - 5521 seats to Labour's 2278. For Corbyn, to stand any chance at a future GE, he has to make a serious dent in that. Look out for Windsor & Maidenhead, which will be of particular significance as it is Theresa May's council. At the last council election 56 of 59 councillors were Tories. The number of councillors has been reduced to 41 and there's a lot of local issues that could see the Tories lose overall control. There's also local elections across NI, so again that will be interesting to see if their Brexit stance harms the DUP but then again, NI Politics has its own dynamic.
  7. You're most likely correct in what you say however the problem is that the violence escalates and the security forces get more involved and then there's an incident where the security forces are out of line and then - understandably - there's sympathy in the nationalist community and we're back to where we were in 1972.
  8. Blues fans that I know - and I know a few - were more annoyed at him for going to Villa than getting relegated.
  9. And led Birmingham City to their first trophy in nearly 50 years which you continually forget to mention. Mind you, as someone who obviously can't spell their user name, what else would you expect.
  10. As an aside, they obviously completely screwed up the seedings for USA 94 for UEFA. 12 spots were available, 37 nations entered, there were 6 groups and the top two went through. Of the teams that qualified, 4 were from pot 1, 2 from pot 2, 2 from pot 3 and 4 from pot 4. As many teams qualified from pot 4 as pot 1!
  11. Not sure about that. Brown took the job after Roxburgh failed to qualify for USA 94 when we were in pot 2, albeit in a tough group that included Italy, Switzerland and Portugal. For Euro 96 we were in pot 3. I can't rightly recall how they did the seedlings back then but I think they were a bit less empirical than they are these days.
  12. Roxburgh and Brown were the only managers to get us to consecutive tournaments. Arguably Roxburgh had the better players, Italia 90 and Euro 92 were our last good squads with loads of competition for places. I'd also say that Brown had it harder with the breakup of the USSR and Yugoslavia meaning qualification was more difficult, although on the other hand both the Euro and WC finals were enlarged. On balance, I'd go with Brown.
  13. No score draw I think. Not a great look for Dugdale that she was wrong but got off with it because she was too stupid to realise what she was saying.
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