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  1. Just copying what Nicola's been doing one week later.
  2. I doubt he's even been out of the house.
  3. Saw there was a bit of excitement over this on Twitter in the Yooniverse. I wonder what some of the more - err- loyal supporters will think about his views on Ireland. I doubt he'll be pushing the "we need the Union to stop all the Protestants killing the Catholics" line this time though.
  4. I wouldn't bet against extracts leaking as November gets closer though.
  5. I think it's more to do with the add on effects, so increased sales of furniture, paint, etc, and more work for builders, decorators, plumbers, joiners and the like.
  6. US Supreme Court has just ruled 7-2 that Trump has to hand over his tax returns to NY State prosecutors. Popcorn time.
  7. I don't know about that but politically certainly on the extreme. Heavily involved with SnG from what I understand.
  8. Peever1745? Had some pretty close and worrying affinity with the Deep South of the USA, IIRC.
  9. That's a very good point. Assuming this does come to pass, then whether the argument is "why *isn't* the Scottish Government doing this" or "why *can't* the Scottish Government", then the basis of the argument shifts from the SG being a bit rubbish and not as good as the UKG to being about the mechanics of the devolution settlement and the SG being prevented by the UKG from doing what it needs to do. Yessers would want it to focus on the latter, Unionists on the former. That's why I think its potentially a dangerous situation for the UKG to get into, it could easily backfire in terms of public opinion.
  10. I once thought I had a really good deal on a flight to the Faroes and then realised it was to Faro, thankfully before booking. Also once tried to book an IBIS hotel in Perth, in Scotland, but the website directed me to one in Western Australia - that one was entirely the fault of the website but it did confuse me for a bit.
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