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  1. So Burke the makeweight in the deal then. Seems about right.
  2. It’s not for no reason that Cooper is known as League One Liam amongst Leeds fans. If McKenna does well there then maybe he can get a move to a better club, Forest are another basket case of a club
  3. Only really been following the reporting from James Doleman on Twitter but the whole thing sounds like a complete shambles. Comms breaking down, barristers self isolating, defence calling expert witnesses who have been part of the defence team.
  4. 😄 I’m not saying anything other than what came out in the trial and is in the public domain. The complainer in question had been involved in a political project after the alleged incident which shed been hoping or expecting Salmond to support and which he didn’t do. That was widely reported. Woman H -https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-51926614 And I’m saying no more than that 😂
  5. I watched a few of the early shows and thought that the biggest problem was that it was just a bit rubbish. Salmond is definitely a much more interesting and watchable interviewee than interviewer. I doubt 99% of those who criticise him for doing the show never watched a minute of it. He could’ve been filling it full of anti-Putin stuff, he’d still been criticised. That’s not the point though. Salmond knows that - fairly or unfairly - RT is a pariah channel and if he was seriously considering a comeback he’s a canny enough politician to know to steer well clear. I mean look a
  6. I don't think he was the only one either. I think Collins had a handle on pretty much everything that went on in Dublin Castle. Completely different time and circumstances though.
  7. Remind me never to ask you for your lottery numbers - Mystic Meg you aint. This thread is worth a bit of a skim though to remind yourself of what was said around the original HR policies and investigations as a lot of the different strands to this whole affair have become twisted together. Judith McKinnon is the key individual in this as it was her involvement as the investigating officer of the complaints after she'd had previous involvement with the original complainants that led to the judicial review finding that there had been "tainted by apparent bias", so her evidence - assumi
  8. Firstly, not only was there no suggestion he was planning on a comeback, after losing his seat in the snap election, he was behaving in exactly the way that someone with an eye on a comeback wouldn't do, the show on RT and doing a show at the Edinburgh Festival with pretty lame and politically incorrect jokes. If you follow your logic on it being designed to destabilise the SNP then by definition Nicola Sturgeon is either complicit in that or was stupid enough that she didn't see what might be the unforeseen consequences and I don't buy that on either count. Bearing in mind here w
  9. I'm fully prepared to accept and believe that some people might have had a personal grudge or score to settle with Salmond and saw this as an opportunity do exactly that. On the basis of the evidence presented at court you could draw that inference from the most serious charge - the attempted rape. Without getting into jigsaw identification, you could see that Salmond did the dirty on her - or at least you could see why she might think he'd done the dirty on her - and so it might make you think there was an element of getting her own back. That's not to say that was the case or the jury
  10. Power is a great aphrodisiac - but that doesn't mean that everyone is attracted by it and the self-aware people know the difference and what the boundaries are. Lets be honest - he's no oil painting. Nothing wrong with questioning the leadership of the SNP or wider Yes movement - although arguably that's either the same thing or, there's no actual leadership of the wider movement depending how you look at it. However, its when that starts to conflict with the chances of actually delivering what people are supposed to want then it becomes dangerous - as you point out, you're doing your
  11. As I’ve done throughout this whole affair, I’m reserving judgement until the facts become apparent or at least until enough becomes apparent enough to take a view on. Bottom line is that only those directly involved will really be aware of what’s actually gone on and what people’s motivations were. I’ve a few observations to make. In respect of the criminal charges Salmond was found Not Guilty on all bar one, and Not Proven on the other and that is the end of it, he is innocent of all charges and that’s the end of it. To me, based on the evidence that I saw reported - which as I
  12. Obviously it’s six years to the day but I feel more confident today than I did then that Scotland will be an independent country again and sooner rather than later I appreciate my social media feeds are self-selecting but I’m heartened by the number of No to Yes stories I’m seeing and also the number of youngsters who were active in 2014 but are now old enough vote.
  13. You think he’ll have ousted Tavernier by the end of the season?
  14. Ross McCormack has signed for Aldershot
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