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  1. If you are going to consider Craig Murray as a journalist then by the same token you also have extend that to Tommy Robinson.
  2. While I'm not sure that jailing him is necessarily the most productive approach - and tbf, you could say that about a raft of different offences/cases - it's hard to see how anything other than a custodial sentence would be the outcome here and the factors you mentioned would've been taken into account as mitigating factors in sentencing, the maximum sentence is 2 years. He set out to deliberately breach the court orders, was warned in advance about his conduct, was requested to remove the material in question - and refused until he was found guilty. All of this was in the context of probably the highest profile trial in living memory in Scotland, if not ever. If he was found guilty he was unlikely to be let off with a slap on the wrist. It seems to me that most of those defending him do so from one particular perspective: where they stand in the conflicts within the wider Yes movement; his associations with Assange and his prior whistleblowing; a freedom of the press perspective. Very few, if any, focus on the actual facts of the case and those that do tend to indulge in whataboutery -ie, whatabout Dani Garavelli. He's also without any sense of contrition or any acceptance that he has done wrong, furthermore, he's now being extremely disingenuous as his recent comments about "not knowing who or how he's IDed" contradict the evidence led in his defence during his trial.
  3. That tends to be how contempt of court cases are dealt with and why it’s generally not a good idea to piss the judge off. I didn’t see too many people complaining when Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was imprisoned in similar circumstances.
  4. There was a trial, there was also an appeal.
  5. The person who gets cast up a lot is Dani Garavelli, I’ve read the piece in question several times and I can’t see where she’s even gone close to IDing any of the complainers. On the other hand with Craig Murray it’s absolutely clear what he’s doing and who he’s talking about. I think there were a few cases of journalists mistakenly tweeting the names of complainers during the trial but quickly deleting those tweets which probably explains why no actions been taken. In Murray’s case he didn’t take down the offending articles until after the trial which would have had an impact on both his conviction and the sentence. There’s a massive amount of revisionism going on from the Salmond side about the trial and the evidence led by both sides.
  6. The post makes me think that he's just picked a club out of the air - i.e. Aberdeen - with no idea what's happened there over the summer.
  7. Before any Dons fans jump on this, its not a criticism of Aberdeen but you can hardly describe them as either having a settled squad or management team. They've a new management team including a manager with very little top level experience. Also, take a look at their first team squad and the number of appearances, 15 players with less than 10 appearances for the club. Nine players in so far and seven out the door. They are very much a team in transition. They might do well, they might not, but settled they aren't. https://www.afc.co.uk/teams/1st-team/
  8. A players value as defined by their transfer fee is whatever the buying club is will to pay and whatever the selling club is prepared to pay. If you got two hypothetically identical players then they would likely be sold for different fees. A player’s ability is obviously important but that’s actually got very little to do with the final transfer fee. The players age will have a bearing, younger players coming into their best years will go at a premium because the buying club will see that they’ll get good use out of them and they will also likely have a resale value. If you buy a guy at 28 on a four year deal, the likelihood is no matter how good he is, he’ll walk a play at the end for nothing. Any cross border transfer represents a greater risk compared to a transfer between two clubs in the same league, another reason why transfers between Scotland and England appear undervalued. Also the relative wealth of the selling club will play a big part as well. No disrespect to Hibs , but we’re talking about John McGinn here, bluntly, it would take a much smaller cheque for a club to tempt him from Hibs than if say he’d been at Celtic purely because the amount of money Hibs could turn down would be a lot less than Celtic could and the buying club know that. It’s also why Celtic tried to get him on the cheap themselves assuming that because he’s a Celtic fan, he’d automatically go to Parkhead. Trying to equate a player’s value to their ability or worth is a mugs game and as evidence of that I give you £17:million pound Oli McBurnie.
  9. aaid

    The Weemin

    FIFA do as the Olympic football tournament is run by them and therein lies the problem. If it were an unofficial or unsanctioned competition you could write it off but this is the thin end of the wedge.
  10. aaid

    The Weemin

    The SFA are not “neutral”. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/scotland/story/2992904/scotland-and-wales-fas-refusing-to-back-idea-of-team-gb-at-olympics
  11. aaid

    The Weemin

    They’ve put their own personal interests ahead of the wishes of the SFA and als the best long term interests of the Scottish National team.
  12. You don’t think victims of rape and sexual assault should not be entitled to anonymity? Are you happy with the atrociously low level of convictions in these cases.
  13. I'm not expert on Celtic but for the obvious successes that have been mentioned, I suspect there's many many more over the last decade or so that have been bought for 2, 3, 4 million, been total flops and who left for a loss.
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