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  1. So you’re one of these “don’t tell me what I can call someone” who is telling me what I should call someone?
  2. Watching Reporting Scotland tonight and the Scottish Government seem to be being criticised for the following: Ailsa Brighton being placed in Cornton Vale while undertaking a risk assessment “interfering” with the SPS to get Ailsa Brighton moved to the male part of Saughton blocking councils from cutting teacher numbers Police and prosecution being too good so there being too many gangsters in prison Only really Jim Goodwin that they’re not being blamed for.
  3. Not really sure why you’re saying that as it seems pretty reasonable to me when it comes to sex offenders, I’d question whether a pre op trans woman who has been convicted for something like fraud and who is not sexually attracted to women would be better housed in the men’s or women’s estate, but that is a question for another day. I prefer decisions to be made in a case by case basis rather than by diktat. Still, in this case, she’s not going to be in the women’s estate to serve her sentence so it’s not relevant.
  4. In other news, Brownings were runners up in the World Scotch Pie Championships today, so quite a couple of days for John Gall.
  5. It’s the same poll that came out a few days back, the National are just dripping out the results.
  6. And if they get £50 a week more somewhere else then that’s where 90% of players will go to, don’t kid yourself different. BTW, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this.
  7. I wasn’t suggesting they were and I’m not suggesting they’re funding it on the never-never but they do have a significant number of players who’ve a decent level of experience playing at a higher level and they won’t be dropping down purely because the dressing rooms are good. WoSL is a decent level and they could do with expanding the number of teams that are promoted and relegated.
  8. In what context would someone be expected to take the above statement? What exactly are saying is conflated?
  9. You can see that, I can see that, the strange thing is why do his acolytes that hang on his every word not see it?
  10. Until fairly recently there were plenty of people who used to describe homosexuality in the terms you are using. Thankfully, as a society, we are now starting to look at the 1%, 2%, 5% or 10% of the population who are attracted to the same sex, both sexes, process information differently or whatever as not having anything wrong with then and needing treatment, but - for want of a better phrase - simply being wired differently from the norm. As for activists being violent, there seems to be a lot of name calling and treats being made - both viable and unviable - but there is - as far as I can see - very little in the way of *actual* violence. That's not to say that name calling and making threats is acceptable, but there's also a load of faux outrage going around here. One of the placards at the weekend that people are losing their shit about said something like "I'm going to eat Terfs", do people really believe that is a threat this is going to be actioned, I mean cannibalism, really?
  11. Shinnie was on the bench. Aberdeen obviously *should* be able to beat a team from the sixth tier but... There is a lot of money going into Darvel and they have more than a few players with SPFL experience, so they're probably a team that could compete in the Lowland League or League 2 but who are playing in the WoSFL. They are also top of that league and are clearly a team that is full of confidence. Aberdeen on the other hand have no confidence and rather than being a team look like 11 individuals. If I were an Aberdeen fan, the thing that would be worrying me most is that they conceded relatively early on, so had plenty of time to recover, but they couldn't do so. A friend of mine who is an Aberdeen fan told me that they dropped 17 points and lost a cup semi-final from winning positions in games this season and have picked up nothing from being in a losing position.
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