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  1. If you look at the sentence statement then you will also see that by publishing the petition, i.e. the detail of the charges against him - which also identified complainers - he didn't do himself any favours whatsoever.
  2. I think that's the key thing, it was obviously a mistake and was quickly corrected. If it was Philip Sim who was reporting from the trial, I saw a comment from him around the time Murray was in court to the effect that his notifications were full of examples of contempt of court, ie. people were responding to his tweets and openly naming the complainers. On Dani Garavelli and Paul Hutcheon, I strongly suspect that first of all you are talking about two experienced professional journalists who know their way around things like court reporting and contempt and libel and also that their pi
  3. TBH, I thought it might be a bit longer. The guy from Rosyth who got six months outright named some of the complainers but then he pled guilty. Murray while his offence related to jigsaw ID pled not guilty, he has/had a wider reach than some random on twitter, he'd been warned about his behaviour but ignored that warning and he also didn't take down any of the articles that were in question - some of which I see have been copied verbatim on here, so those responsible might want to think about that - until after he was found to be in contempt.
  4. I suspect you won't get an answer to that - at least not one which is coherent or rational.
  5. It was still working after his shot so that probably proves it was him.
  6. Apologies in advance if this is another long and condescending post but its not something which can be explained in a singles sentence. Alba never spoke in details about how many seats a super majority was or what they would do if they achieved that. I think there's good reason because at this point I suspect that would scare a lot of voters off. The super majority was introduced as part of the Smith Commission recommendations and means that certain legislation must have at least 2/3rds of the parliament backing it. That's 86 seats, that's the number you need to get to for it to be
  7. Incoherent indeed. I see that the majority of the media* aren't buying this line so I expect it will quietly get dropped. *that's a majority of the media that covers politics, not including those that cover TV, Sport, Royalty, Celebrities and reality TV so not a real majority so it doesn't count according to Unionist maths.
  8. 33 out of the 64 SNP MSPs are women - that'll piss off a few people.
  9. 😄 Well in the past I have built websites and sold T-shirts. Hell I've even built a website to sell T-shirts. Never for the SNP though😉
  10. I'm genuinely intrigued as to what you think my employment is as my background is as politically neutral as its possible to get. As for Salmond. I used to have a lot of respect for him. I can never hand on heart say that I liked him, he has, IMHO, an arrogance that goes beyond gallusness and that is a trait in people I don't like. When he was acquitted I thought - and still think - that was the right verdict as I don't think there was enough evidence to prove criminality. However the behaviour that came out during the trial - and which was admitted to - was totally unacceptable fo
  11. A couple of weeks ago you told us you'd met Salmond and that he'd told you that everything was going to be good. You constantly stated that you thought the polls were underestimating Alba. Then on Friday you come out and say that it wasn't a surprise as internal polling was showing them at 3% or whatever. I could repeat that for just about everything related to Alex Salmond that you've said over the last two years. So either you're being fed falsehoods and believe them or you know its false but push it regardless.
  12. Surely - like pretty much everything to do with the "Indy offer"- that would be something that would be debated when the referendum comes around.
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