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  1. There aren't any of this size over deeper waters though. A long bridge over fairly shallow water is straightforward enough. It's the combination of length of span and depth of water that makes this so difficult. That's not even considering the million tons of munitions that's down there as well.
  2. If VAR had been around they'd have won loser's medals.
  3. I do, but only because I was looking at the Wiki page earlier on. interesting you describe Ashton United as the nicer of the two teams. I was wondering what the dynamics of football in Ashton-under-Lyne is. Ashton United are the older club, formed in the 1870s whereas Curzon Ashton were formed in the 1960s but somehow they play in a new ground built and paid for by the local council. I wondered how that came about. i reckon if I lived there, I'd be a United man. Reminds me of being in Harrogate last season where more than one person said "up the Railway, fuck the Town"
  4. Kate Forbes promoted to be new Finance Secretary, the Economy part of that portfolio goes to Fiona Hyslop, she keeps Culture but, External Affairs goes to Mike Russell (makes sense),Tourism goes to Fergus Ewing (again makes sense). Jenny Gilruth becomes Junior Minister for Europe.
  5. Mystery solved. It's Hurst Cross, the home of Ashton United. https://images.app.goo.gl/5dWKoyzYVtEmtQVw8
  6. Too small for Burton Albion, definitely a non league ground. Goid spot though, I reckon it's Curzon Ashton who're in her constituency.
  7. Zero chance of even a millimetre of concrete being poured. Boris Johnson couldn't even build a bridge from London to London.
  8. Because exactly what Scottish Labour needs is some gobby Northerner coming up and Britsplaining to everyone. That'll help.
  9. I guess that's my point, it tends only to be politically engaged people who tend to be interested in this sort of stuff, until it goes wrong and the shit hits the fan by which point it's too late,
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