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  1. This guy doesn't seem too happy. https://thedandydons.com/me-being-a-dick-about-glass/?fbclid=IwAR3BuJ7FHmZLHM4dVuT1xlc7b6j5zUqyQUGQiGqjAxfeZgc2n6FFfWMLPKo
  2. Maybe you should pat attention to people who can tell you what its like when you have an egotistical maniac take over your club, or maybe you can just stick your head in the sand. I know a fair few Aberdeen fans and they are all concerned about Cormack.
  3. All he mentioned was RedTV but the point stands. It’s on a different platform from the one he’s being interviewed on, imagine Nicola Sturgeon was being interviewed by Andrew Marr and was asked a question about COP26 and she said, “go look at what I said to the SNP conference, it’s on the website”, how do you think that would go down
  4. If you don’t want to have to answer questions then don’t do interviews. He surely knew that he would be asked questions about the manager given the run of results. Referring back to a previous interview he’s done on the clubs in-house media while on national radio with adifferent audience comes across as him avoiding the question.
  5. Schoolboy error Chaff - you can get that for £76.89 one way. Leave Central at 8:36 and arrive at Temple Meads at 15:15. Change at Carlisle, Crewe and Newport. Plenty of seats available. For a pound more you can leave at the same time, go direct to Euston, tube to Paddington, and direct to Bristol. Technically one fewer change but it takes 19 minutes longer. www.splitticketing.com
  6. Thankfully the Daily Record has printed a transcript of a portion of the interview. Here's some highlights. Starts as he means to go on. Avoided answering the question, deflects straight on to talk about other clubs and their managers. Completely defensive. In summary he blamed everyone other than himself and Glass - because by implication, he'd be blaming himself as he appointed him - for the position they are in - previous regime, the players, bad luck, etc., etc. Unfortunately they've missed the bit where he said "you don't hear us complaining about players being unavailable" and then went onto mention the players that were unavailable. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/every-word-dave-cormacks-air-25243341
  7. Well she was never likely to be attacked at a constituency surgery, that’s for sure.
  8. Apparently she's on Panorama tonight going on about how much abuse she's had on social media. Not saying she hasn't but I doubt she'll be being asked about her interactions with Brian Spanner.
  9. Local organiser for Glasgow is Rhea Wolfson. Former Labour NEC member and parliamentary candidate. Richard Leonard was also full time organiser for the GMB for decades before becoming an MSP. The GMB's hands are particularly dirty when it comes to the gender pay problems at GCC.
  10. I think you have the problem right there. A big red flag should've been when he named the training ground after himself - take it from me, that spells trouble.
  11. I think the fact that his many and various character flaws are priced in to some extent, it would have to be something major to derail him at the moment. That said though, when the time is right I expect he'll be thrown to the wolves.
  12. I see David Davies is still complaining about being silenced, in a column in the Daily Telegraph.
  13. I wasn’t casting any aspersions, good or bad, about his character, I don’t know enough about him to do that. More that people tend to not speak ill of the dead and so eulogies tend not to be the best assessment of someone.
  14. It’s absolutely shocking but to be honest when do you ever hear people say anything other than good things about someone after they’ve died.
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