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  1. I think there's very little power that the UK PM has sole authority to exercise. It's not a presidential style system where there are defined powers, authorities and checks on that. Constitutionally, the U.K. elects a parliament and that parliament appoints the PM as their representative. Then there are certain powers which the government exercises under Royal Perogative. Most of the time, this is all pretty much academic as due to the electoral system which generally means the party of government has a majority and can pretty much get their business through. We saw in the last couple of years what it's like when that's not the case. i imagine Dominic Raab can pretty much do what he wants from a legal perspective. From a political perspective,it's unlikely he'll do anything controversial.
  2. That's where he lives. Technically, I think he actually lives at number 11 as that's a bigger flat. When Blair became PM he swapped with Brown as at that time Blair had a family and Brown didn't. Since then I think PMs have lived at 11 and Chancellors at 10. Chequers is another option but I could see that going down really well if he buggered off there to self-isolate, think Catherine Calderwood x 1000. I'm not sure he owns any other property, at least none he can stay in. He obviously has the family home, which I think may be in Islington, where his wife and some of his kids live. He obviously was thrown out of there and while he was Foreign Secretary he lived in the FO equivalent of 10 Downing Street, which is No 1 Carlton Gardens. When he resigned, the usual practice is to clear out of these grace and favour residences immediately but he didn't do that straight away. Before becoming PM, he was staying with his partner at her flat. Since he's a London MP, he probably doesn't have a residence in his constituency - no need and London MPs don't get the same expenses for a second home that those whose constituencies are outwith London do for pretty obvious reasons.
  3. It also happens to be the closest hospital to where he lives.
  4. I'd say it's better to be safe than sorry and people should be seeking treatment if they feel its necessary. If anything - particularly amongst men - there's probably more of a reluctance to seek help. There should certainly be no barrier to medical services, particularly not cost. But then that's just me.
  5. One of the songs banned was In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins which should be permanently banned purely on the basis it's shite. Generally whenever the BBC bans a song it gets to number one.
  6. Awkward https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/israel-health-minister-who-claims-coronavirus-is-divine-punishment-for-homosexuality-tests-positive-for-covid-19/ar-BB12goRL?ocid=st
  7. You still spouting that nonsense. Lisa Nandy might have been but Rebecca Long-Bailey certainly didn't take that view
  8. I'm talking about the seriousness or otherwise of his condition, it's been downplayed consistently since he fell ill.
  9. Given that at 5 o'clock, the line was that he'd been taken in for precautionary tests, he was in good spiris and had been working from his hospital bed its safe to assume that everything being realised to the press is *not* accurate.
  10. Wasn't really much in the way of competition was there.
  11. Interesting stuff. When you hear stories like that you realise just how hit and miss it is for players to be picked up. When Alan Shearer was a youngster he went for a trial for Newcastle and apparently they put him in goals. He then went to Southampton as an apprentice and then Newcastle had to pay £15 million - which was then a world record fee - to get him back.
  12. If that's true then it would've been in a youth setup since Roxburgh took over as 'A' team manager after Mexico, at which point Houghton was already capped by the ROI. All sounds a bit too convenient and sounds like it's a justification after the fact. I suppose the key would really be whether or not he was asked back. The ROI didn't come in for him until he was 23-24 when Charlton took over as manager and they then really went down the grandparent rule for players - although Houghton was more straightforwards as his father was from Donegal. One of the things that surprised me was that although he was born in Glasgow and still has a noticeable accent to this day, his family moved to London when he was 10. Apparently he was very friendly with the actor Phil Daniels growing up. I wonder just how bothered he really was about playing for us. That said, he was sitting behind me on the flight on the way back from Dublin the last time we played out there and had a brief chat with him. He mentioned in passing that his brothers were big Scotland fans - I resisted the temptation to ask if they call him a judas bastard. Very friendly guy actually, was scathing about Martin O'Neill.
  13. Putting a transfer ban in place for a year would probably wipe that out - by which I mean players who move within a contract for a fee. If they're still planning to complete the season - and I think that's unrealistic - then it's probably fairer that all clubs retain their current squads as much as possible. I saw a good comment earlier to the effect that how can clubs justify furloughing non playing staff now and be prepared to shell out £20 million in the summer for a second-choice left back in the summer.
  14. I get where you're coming from but I'm not so sure, while I'm not saying we had anyone better in his position at the time, I'm not sure he'd have made the difference. I don't think his career for the ROI was exactly stellar, any of their fans I've spoken to seem to be if the opinion that he flattered to deceive and never really delivered when it mattered. I know he wasn't an out and out goalscorer but 5 goals in 93 internationals tells its own story. For me, he got found out when he left Celtic. Different type of players but I'd put McCarthy in the same btacket, I don't think he'd have made a big enough difference.
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