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  1. GERS is an imperfect measure of Scotland within the UK, it's not a indicator of an Independent Scotland's public finances particularly on the expenditure side. Even if they looked fantastically encouraging they would still be an imperfect measure of Scotland's public finances in the UK.
  2. I think you'd probably be right that over the years Rangers and Celtic get more decisions going their way, however I suspect it's down to a couple of things. In general, they've been the better teams in the country, therefore more attacking, less defending and so more opportunities for decisions to go their way, eg goals allowed that shouldn't be, penalties awarded, etc. conversely less opportunities at the other end for the same. Then I think you have larger crowds causing referees to bottle it at times. I'm not sure that you can really draw any inference that Rangers have benefited more from this than Celtic, there is of course nothing that proves or disproves this. What I would say is that in the past - and I mean 50+ years ago - it might have been possible for Refs to favour the teams they supported because of the level of scrutiny that comes these days I don't think it's possible.
  3. I guess the problem would be that because so many people in Scotland support either Rangers or Celtic you'd struggle to get a referee to take any of their games - and don't forget the allegation here is that Beaton is biased against Celtic because he's a Rangers fan means that you can't have a referee who is a fan of either team handling games involving either side. Then even if you had a referee who said they supported Brechin City it would be "Aye but who do you really support?"
  4. This was the late 1980s, half the players. Would probably have been in the pub the night before the game as well.
  5. I tend to find that one thing that's common across fans of all teams is that they have 20-20 recall of those dodgy decisions that go against them but can never remember anything about those that went in their favour.
  6. Let's not forget that this is club where a supporters club hired a private detective to follow a referee - Jim McCluskey - as they thought he was a Rangers fan and was biased against him. Around the same time, McCluskey was living in the same town as me and myself and some mates were talking to him in the pub on a Friday night and asked what game he was doing the next day. Turned out it was Rangers v Aberdeen which we were all going to. I said to him, I fancied Rangers to win, McCluskey said he fancied Aberdeen. The result - a 2-2 draw.
  7. That's pretty much my take as well. If there was any US agency involvement - and I'm not saying there was - the more plausible explanation that was in the form of collusion with the group that involved the actual hijackers.
  8. Fuck knows what's gone on there, it was supposed to be a reply to a post about Graeme Shinnie.
  9. Two goals against England most likely. I've never been convinced by him but options aren't great elsewhere. Like Boyd and Rhodes I suspect he's a bit of a flat track bully
  10. That's probably what Bazza added when he heard Maurice Ross was going to be playing as a holding midfielder.
  11. It's just a crazy mad idea but I reckon that Steve Clarke's got an office somewhere at Hampden and doesn't have to hang around the dressing room when there's no games on. Years ago, I did the Stadium tour at Hampden the morning after we played - and lost to - Denmark in a friendly under Berti Vogts. When we got to the dressing rooms they still hadn't been totally cleared out from the night before and the flipchart was still up with Vogts' tactics. Even seeing that I still didn't have a clue what he was trying to do. Looking at the team that played that night, STO was Robbie Stockdale. I've no idea who STC was supposed to be. Weir and Dailly were the centre backs. Maurice Ross as a holding midfielder - me neither. FER - Barry Ferguson, LA - Paul Lambert, NA - Gary Naismith - left midfield? Edit - this must have been the half time team talk. STCR is Stephen Crainey who came on to replace Kevin McNaughton
  12. That's the breaks unfortunately. He must have known there was a pretty good chance that Lampard would be off to Chelsea when he signed though.
  13. I'd say these are the two comments that have gotten Boyd into hot water. “He’ll probably be welcome down his pub tonight, again.” “I’m mystified, well I’m not mystified… I’m not mystified, John Beaton, it’s as though it was a premeditated decision not to give that penalty because it was so late in the game, I’m not sure.
  14. I don't believe you. If it had I'm sure someone would've mentioned it at some point.
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