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  1. I'm not suggesting for a minute he's done anything criminal. He was cleared of all charges and I think from the basis of the evidence that was the correct verdict. However, not being guilty of any criminal behaviour doesn't equate to being beyond reproach. Remember that when he was first charged, Salmond himself said words to the effect of "I'm no angel but I'm no criminal". That's been proven to be the case. Its not a case of mud sticking, this is all stuff he's admitted to, and to me it's behaviour that is well short of that I'd expect from an elected representative let
  2. Having a younger member of staff on her own in your bedroom drinking alcohol late at night is a "minor issue". Then cuddling up on the bed. That's what actually happened not some hypothetical situation. You see no problem with this whatsoever. Even if it had been consensual there's the whole issue of abuse of power. If you go to the other extreme and suggest that the women is making all the running - which I'm not for a second suggesting was the case - its a massive error of judgement to put yourself in that position in the first place.
  3. I can't see any set of circumstances where its remotely appropriate and at best shows a massive error of judgement.
  4. Me, in my bedroom after midnight with a young woman, drinking My Tai and doing paperwork, with my reputation. What could possibly go wrong.
  5. Not really, he put himself in a position that enabled people to make false* accusations and for those accusations to be taken seriously. Remember that in some of the cases the actual facts weren't disputed, ie, he admitted they happened, what was in question was whether they were consensual or whether they amounted to criminal acts or not. That doesn't strike me as the actions of a canny operator. * assuming you think the accusations were false.
  6. TBF, the same thing happened with Rangers in the late 90s and 2000s. Those people who remember the late 70s and early 80s - imho - tended to be a bit more philosophical.
  7. Given that he's had - at least - two accounts subject to permanent bans, I suspect he doesn't go through any shite on Twitter any more. He was always more likely to be the one doling about the abuse rather than being on the receiving end as well, hence the bans.
  8. That would certainly explain a lot. Mind you I thought Stuart Campbell was a computer games journalist and not an accountant.
  9. You don't think that Craig Murray sees the secret hand of the establishment behind everything? As I said, I have a lot of time for Joanna Cherry and agree she comes in for a completely unacceptable level of abuse. However, calling - rightly - for a lessening of abuse and then sticking the boot in herself isn't a great look.
  10. Again, trying to cast losing as winning and vice versa.
  11. Hey, I'm not disagreeing with that. Personally, I think that if people are exercised by any particular issue that they'll put that ahead of independence then they are in the wrong party. The Greens might be a better place for some. Just that I think the whole "25% of FPs for Craig Murray is a wake up call" is a load of baloney. It is a bit troubling that 25% of delegates think that having a professional conspiracy theorist as President is a good look, thankfully 75% of them didn't agree with that. Also a period of silence from Joanna Cherry - someone I generally have a lot
  12. Were back? Back in the sense of exactly what? Back losing elections?
  13. That's the same sort of logic that was deployed by the BBC and others to try and convince people that the real winner of the 2016 Holyrood elections was the Ruth Davidson party.
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