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  1. I'm wondering whether this recent self funded puff piece points towards Mone and Barrowman knowing that criminal charges are pending and are trying to get out in front of them. Cant really think of any other reason.
  2. Just to be clear, I was talking about the period before the SSC started to give out points for home games. They were warned in advance that it would be impossible to police. In those days, I’d buy the full package of tickets in advance - with a discount - and because I live in the SE of England, I’d generally miss one or two games. This is one of the reasons why I packed it in. The SSC went through a period of not really caring who got the tickets, I’ve no idea if that’s changed.
  3. I wonder what Lisa Cameron has to say about the FCO closing down their office in East Kilbride?
  4. Its actually even better than it appears to be and makes Cameron look even more stupid. The meeting was set up with an FCO advisor acting as minder/grass. The Turks changed the time at the last minute. The FCO lackey couldn't make it. Humza took the meeting without the FCO present. So problem here is lack of available FCO "supervision".
  5. I wouldn't know as I only got in 5 minutes before kick off having been stuck outside for an hour in the most ridiculous queue you've ever seen
  6. Waiting for the usual suspects to say that he’s talking to the wrong sort of world leaders and that Erdogan isn’t the hill I’d die on.
  7. I don’t think that being unable to shift Tavernier reflects on Patterson at all. At the point Patterson left he was all about potential, Tavernier was simply the better player at that point and arguably still is. Tavernier didn’t look like he was going downhill any time soon and he’s - injury free - likely got another 3-4 left at Rangers. When they eventually have replace him, Rangers are going to have to find two players, a right back and someone to score 15-20 games a season - he’s a one off. The deal made perfect sense to all parties.
  8. People are forgetting that the opening game of the World Cup and European Championships is considered by FIFA and UEFA as a marquee game. I’ve never understood why that’s the case but it is. In this championships, the ticket prices are the same as the semi-finals. It was exactly the same in France for the Brazil game. I can’t remember the price of my ticket but given it was behind the goal in the bottom tier I’m assuming it was one of the cheaper ones. I saw a friend of mine put his ticket up which was 500 FFR, or about £70 at current rates on exchange. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the most expensive ones. For some reason 1000 FFR rings a bell.
  9. Did you watch the stage 3 debate? Jamie Greene spoke, quite movingly, and explained exactly why he would be voting for the bill.
  10. This x 1000. That’s how it’s always worked, I’m amazed anyone would think it would be any different. This whole elite thing is a load of bollocks anyway. It started as a wind up for the wanks who have zero self awareness. I stopped going six years ago so I’ve no points. However before that for about 25 years I would probably have been in that category as in the years I didn’t go to every game I was missing one or two. It started as a joke because, in the odd occasion when there was a big game was an oversubscribed - actually it was more in the build up to a game as funnily enough everybody who wanted a ticket got one, you see these sort of complaints. ”I’m a massive Scotland fan but <insert personal tale of woe> I haven’t been going as much, so I won’t get a ticket but these “jocky come latelys/points harvesters/middle class wanks/people who can fly to Japan” are stopping me from getting a ticket” Points harvesters was the biggest myth going. In the 2000s and 2010s when Scotland were pish, absolutely rank, and couldn’t qualify for love nor money. What exactly were people actually buying tickets with no intention of going, what tickets did they think they’d be missing out on. When I was a regular ten pointer I used to think, all the people who are in the same boat as me are at this game as well, I can see them here. This week I’ve seen it all playing out on Facebook. Guys you wouldn’t trust to cross the road by themselves complaining about the cost of tickets, flights, hotels, beer, food, trains, hookers, whatever. It’s the fucking European Championships in a foreign country. Of course it’s going to be more expensive than a game at Wembley and two games at Hampden.
  11. But surely thats a good thing as long as it’s only used to overturn things that I don’t agree with. I mean why bother with democracy when WM obviously know better.
  12. aaid

    The Weemin

    Even more applicable to comparison with the Women. One team in the final game with nothing to play for and the other with everything.
  13. aaid

    The Weemin

    Denmark who had already qualified and could not be knocked off top. A Scotland team that could do no better of worse than finish second. A effective friendly. I think I’m very realistic with where both teams and managers are in term of their relative ranking, their strengths and weaknesses. I actually think Clarke is a very good manager, I also think that his record over the last couple of years bears comparison with Losa’s. We’ll see how good Clarke is next year when he’s managing in League A, let’s see if he does better than Losa. We’ll see if he can perform miracles. Let’s not forget that run of three defeats against England, Spain and France. Most people reasonably gave Clarke a free pass because they were playing against top teams. The only way to get better is to play better teams and to realise what you need to do to counter them.
  14. aaid

    The Weemin

    Apart from Spain, I can’t recall Steve Clarke achieving a victory against a team of note.
  15. Three Home Secretaries have gone to Rwanda but there’s been zero refugees.
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