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  1. Petty politics aside , there is a serious sense of privilege or vanity by anyone who makes a fuss about wearing a mask at this time. Really, how difficult is it ? Obviously apart from someone who has a respitatory problem which was aggravated by a mask, but I doubt people in this category would be going out much anyway at the moment. My daughter and her boyfriend were in Glasgow yesterday returning some clothes they had bought online, they said everyone in the shops were wearing a mask which is great to hear.
  2. Was in the car with Mr Tidy the other day and we stopped at an M&S food outlet. I went in and got a loaf then got back in the car. He says β€˜ you do realise you just ignored that massive queue and walked straight in the shop ?’. I said what queue ? He then pointed to a queue of about 15 people, one of them of policeman. I never even seen the queue. He said the folk were all rolling their eyes.
  3. That 50% restaurant bill thing is a complete joke. Mon-Wed only and maximum of 10 quid. You get a better offer on a fookin Meerkat meal.
  4. πŸ˜‚ anyone whose heard of Victor Meldrew is old. I dont know, my supermarket is pretty busy and I am pretty certain there isnt a system apart from the checkout aisle. They need to mix up a bit, I think it would be quite scary walking round a supermarket , everyone with masks on walking in the same direction. Asda in Linwood is scary enough at the best of times.
  5. Ok, can someone explain to me why this is allowed as I think I must be missing something. A furloughed person gets 80% of their wages paid by the government, but cannot work for the company during that time. Yet they are allowed to take a job in another company so long as that company does not have staff furloughed. So they are effectively getting 2 wages, one being 80% of their salary paid by the government for doing nothing. Can someone pleaae tell me its not as simple as this ?
  6. πŸ˜‚ listen to Victor Meldrew , the aisle polis . I didnt even know there was a system, I just walk any direction in Morrisons.
  7. I remember it. I can understand why you were offended if you took his words literally but no way was he being serious , I am sure you know that. Dave78 is a good poster and I am pretty certain there is mutual respect between you. Its hard to know the boundaries sometimes as people react in different ways and often on how they are feeling at the time. Still everyone at least has the right to a response if they report something and there does seem to be some blatant inconsistencies. Might have been better to just to bypass the Mods, PM Dave and sort it out. Or get yourself over to Ireland and have a pint with him in The Morgue πŸ˜‰ Yours Myra Hindley
  8. Thanks for the info Lobey, I have to say I am still a wee bit concerned as I am lazy with passwords and tend to use the same ones. I was totally distracted when I did it , felt like an idiot. I did report the email to Amazon so hopefully they can do something with it. I dont know how sophisticated these scammers are.
  9. It was YOU thplinth reported. He PM’d me to tell me . πŸ˜™
  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ GTF , this is exactly the type of thing Ramy would believe !
  11. Looks like he will be paying stamp duty on Β£50k of the Β£300k. Free up to Β£250k now.
  12. When did Ramy go to Canada, if he has been there donkeys years he may not pick on some of the scottish banter. Sometimes it is quite difficult to work out if someone is being serious or joking when conversation is in written form, especially if you have been brought up in Canada. Maybe he is misinterpreting things. Perhaps that is why he uses emojis all the time. Either way, I dont think he should have been banned and certainly not without the other person being banned too. I dont really like talking about someone when they are not here , so Ramy , if you are watching, I hope you are feeling the ❀️😁 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  13. I can definetely see your points. Only thing I would perhaps say is what others have touched upon, that a Β£300k home in Scotland will get you a good home, either by size or by location. I am pretty confident a similar house in England would cost more than this therefore he would have to stump up the extra cash for the house either in the form of a bigger deposit, or mortgage, He cant cherry pick. He could argue that he neednt move to England, he could vote in a party in Scotland that will fall into line with the UK on stamp duty, but that party would still need to pay for that somehow so effectively just robbing Peter to pay Paul. Its going round in circles. I definitely agree with you though that these are the type of voters you want to keep onside , paying more Income tax AND no stamp duty relief will piss people off and understandably so.
  14. Why was Ramy banned ? I thought it was perhaps due to the squabbling on the Epstein thread but the other person is still posting. If Ramy was banned then so should he. Was it something that was posted on this thread that has now been removed ? I rarely come on here but can see nothing over the last few pages that would warrant a 2 week ban.
  15. I think everyone needs to look at their own circumstances and make a judgement from there. I am going to Prague , a city, and if it was next week I wouldnt go as there are , for me, too many restrictions in place for getting about and doing things . For me, that would not be enjoyable . If I was travelling to a quiet beach resort to simply relax all day and have something to eat at night then I may feel different as I dont think there would be too many restrictions round that. Others will simply not take any chances at all as they feel the risk is not yet worth it. I only booked this bloody trip to Prague as friends from USA were coming on a European River boat cruise and asked us if we could meet them in Prague. I had to tag Prague onto a holiday that was already booked, so now have a Glasgow/Jersey/Luton/Poland/Prague /Edinburgh combo to try and navigate my way round in a pandemic. Meanwhile our friends cruise has been cancelled ! And as a final great big GIRUY, we fly to Prague the day AFTER Scotland play the nations cup game there πŸ™„
  16. Thats totally understandable, I am just keeping my options open just now. If the break was next week I would not be going.
  17. Nor would I if I hadnt already booked anything but I dont want to be left with a hassle getting back if this goes ahead. This break is 2 months away and anything could have happened by then. If we are able to travel I will. If the government says travel is acceptable to Prague I will go. I have abided by the guidance through all the restrictions , therefore if they say it is acceptable to travel I will. But I will need to ensure I have some way of getting back. There are flights to Edinburgh for 24 quid so I am as well booking something. I will get a refund if they cancel the flight.
  18. 2 weeks ago Wizzair pulled my flight from Luton-Poland in September ( was going to poland for 3 days then travelling to Prague for 3, not football related ) so I binned Poland and rebooked flight direct from Luton to Prague to spend 6 days there instead . Flights were dirt cheap and everything else was already paid for. Jet2 have just cancelled my return flight from Prague, saying they have reduced their flying programme due to Coronavirus . Its going to be chaos I think. I will need to find an alternative flight back, there are now no direct flights to Glasgow. This trip was booked in January. I would not be booking anything at the moment if I didnt already have plans.
  19. Unfortunately they still exist, I know as I was caught out not long ago, and only a few days after completing, and passing, a β€˜Cyber attack’ compliance module at work πŸ™„ The vast majority of dodgy emails usually go direct to my spam and are blatantly obvious, but a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Amazon. It referred to a change that I had actually made on my account only the day before and wanted me to confirm it, it looked completely legit. I stupidly signed into my account using the link they provided and then realised something wasnt quite right. I immediately called my bank and cancelled the card that was saved on my amazon account, changed my amazon password and alerted them, and changed the password on any other accounts with the same password as my Amazon account. In the end no damage has been done but it was a load of hassle that could have been averted if I hadnt been so bloody stupid and just contacted Amazon first. I know you will all be thinking β€˜ffs how thick is she’ but some of these emails are pretty professional. Had they not referred to a change I had actually made I would immediately have been suspicious, as it happens it was a random coincidence.
  20. Some pubs in England having to close already due to customers testing positive for Covid. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-53315702
  21. Wtf happens to women when they turn 35 ? Trying being 56. There is no even another category after that . Least you have 20 years in yours.
  22. Unfortunately Ramy stumbled into the dark side of the board on his way to Wanky Phrases , followed by his nemesis. Which might explain the ban.
  23. Bloody hell Phart that really is an incredible achievement. Unless you are 7 foot tall I imagine you were a tad overweight which may have posed health risks. Coincidentally I started back exercising as my blood pressure was starting to creep up, I am not overweight but years of unhealthy partying is probably taking its toll. I know this is a thread about the weather but I hope anyone reading this is inspired . With you i mean, no me. I must be only person that is exercising more and putting on weight.. Just think of those big car park puddles as strides, like hurdling ! But if you are struggling come winter due to the weather it is worth looking at a gym. I dont know what options you have near you but some gyms are pretty reasonably priced and they will probably be offering discounts when they re-open . I use puregym , its pretty basic but it provides what I need. You can pay monthly and are not contracted. My husband goes to the spin classes ( which are free with the membership) as he likes a challenge and puts weight on easily if he doesn't exercise, but I just like doing my own thing. I found it quite intimidating the first few times I went but I soon got used to the machines etc. Its worth considering. Dont be expecting to see a room full of healthy fit freaks, there are all shapes and sizes. You are right about the bloody phones. i think I mentioned on here before that I was waiting to get on an exercise bike one night and a girl was hogging a machine, hardly even moving , and phoning for a chinese takeaway ! Anyway, I am wittering on again, I had better get on with my housework .
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