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  1. Thats where I am. I have a reasonable suspicion the SNP might go through a Liz Truss situation, though I think Humza will last a bit longer. I then think Kate Forbes will be our Rishi Sunak in as much as there is a realisation the party chose the wrong person. That is making me hang on in the hope we have another bite at the cherry of SNP leader. I am also forever hopeful some miracle happens and Humza has been hiding his light under a bushel, but I would put my money on a 5-0 Scotland win tonight before betting on that ๐Ÿ™„ I would also not write off a Tory resurgence down south. Sunak seems to have steadied the ship there. I dont think that a Labour shoo in is guaranteed.. Made the mistake of listening to Radio Scotland in the car there. Jackie Baillie ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก George Bowie is a lot better for your blood pressure.
  2. You never know, he may have been saving up all his skills for the top job ! I just think its fair to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have done everything that was in my power to avoid him getting the job and I am gutted that he has won. But he did. If my doubts are confirmed though I will probably cancel my membership by way of dissent as I honestly would find it hard to put my support behind him.
  3. ๐Ÿ˜‚ and โ€˜ the atmosphere really IS shit at Hampden nowโ€™ .
  4. None of them are great at communication. Kate Forbes is a bit awkward as well but she is more natural than Humza. I will give him a chance, I think its unfair for anyone to just dismiss someone, but I am not optimistic, I think the divisions in the party may be past repair.
  5. There is nothing in this world would convince me to vote Labour. A party who stands against the Scottish peopleโ€™s right to self determination will never get my vote. Ever. I would vote Alba if I felt SNP were failing.
  6. He is going to get such a hard time. The only small positive I can think is that people might feel a bit sorry for him as he is not as combative as NS. If unionists push too hard it could be counterproductive for them.
  7. You would think those people would have cancelled their membership before now though if they were that disenfranchised. Itโ€™s most likely 30% thought they were all shite and couldnโ€™t make a choice.
  8. Its the worst result ever with regards to the split. Only 70% voted as well which is a pretty poor reflection given the importance of the vote. The only plus side is that literally right after the announcement the door went and I have received 6 bottles of wine which I didnโ€™t order. Someone must have preempted the result and sent me it.
  9. No, he took the price tag off but he paid for it on our joint credit card. 80p from Tesco. He didnโ€™t even try and disguise the price by buying other things. He spent ยฃ17.27 on toffees in B&M the same day.
  10. I am getting a wee bit nervous myself! I really am pinning everything on a David and Goliath result ๐Ÿ˜
  11. I did read the totality of the conversation and stand by my comment. Maybe you should recognise humour rather than dive in on the defensive. Just an observation.
  12. Ffs aaid , totally unnecessary. It was obvious he was just having at pop at the BBC.
  13. It is quite samey, but I suppose if a formula works then dont change it. I think its brilliant how he manages to turn really simple storylines into chaotic nonsense. It is one of the very few programmes I have watched that get better with every series. Some of the episodes are real laugh out loud. The fact that a lot of it is not scripted I think is fantastic. Comedy is just so subjective though . Someone I know recommended The Outlaws and I am just not finding it particularly funny at all. Stephen Merchant is quite good and the girl that plays the community service boss, but the rest of the characters I just find annoying.
  14. Thats where we were. Angus Gunn slipped at one point going for the ball and everyone drew a sharp intake of breath . Wet pitch doesnโ€™t really excuse the poor crosses though, unless the rain actually did shrink the pitch ๐Ÿ™‚ Its wasnโ€™t particularly windy either. The atmosphere reflected the performance a bit. For almost a full house it was pretty shit most of the game. Not too sure if I am a fan of a 2 pm kick off either. All that said we did have good retention for large parts , a few years ago we would have been all over the place against a team like that, and I do think we deserved the 3-0 score.
  15. Dont be ridiculous I never went, I sent Mr Tidy. I am moaning on his behalf . He was still going on about it this morning. Its our anniversary and the first thing he showed me was a headline from the Daily Record about the prices. About an hour later I got a card.
  16. Still working my way through the full 12 series of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Does no one on here watch this apart from me and DJ Mick ? It is hilarious, though maybe not for anyone who is easily offended as it does push the boundaries a bit at times.
  17. We we more or less behind the goals and was really aware of this. That needs to get sorted. I thought the pitch must have shrunk at one point it was happening so often. From about 10 minutes into the second half up until the second goal it was excruciating. We were in different seats as I left it too late to book our usual seats and I was actually missing the bloke that normally sits behind us moaning his way through every game. It felt like we were just settling for 1-0 and although it didnโ€™t look there was a chance of them scoring we have so often been caught out. The subs did made a difference though . Watched the Spain/Norway game in a local pub. I am not sure if the TV makes things faster, or it was the fact I was sitting about 10 inches from the screen, but the tempo in that game compared to our game was like night and day. Norway played very well even without Haaland, I felt the scoreline did not really reflect the performance . We will need to sharpen up but 3-0 is a brilliant start for us. As an aside , ยฃ3.30 for a cup of Bovril ! Wtf ! And a 25 minute wait. Looks like the SFA are putting a premium on food and drink to offset the lower ticket prices.
  18. Yes, judging by possession we really should be 2 or 3 up . Could do with a quick second goal to make it a bit more comfortable.
  19. No, you can definitely cancel direct debits yourself . Trust me, I work in a bank, its one of the few things I am reasonably certain of on here ๐Ÿ˜Š
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