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  1. 😁 These Tory bassas would have us all working 7 days if they could. We will all be driving bloody trains soon anyway to be somewhere warm, or have to work 7 days to pay our bloody fuel bills. . My friend got a quote to fix for 2 years with EDF. 6 grand a year , or £4500 floating ! Wtf. Admittedly she has a detached house , but it is not exactly a mansion, its a fairly typical detached house. How the hell will someone on an average salary afford these fuel prices.
  2. Yeah , I am in support of strikes for the right reasons too. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have employers that consider their staff. On the drivers, I would have thought the drivers had really good conditions, surely the health and safety laws cover this adequately because, as you say, they are transporting hundreds of people ?
  3. OMG. I am eeking out all the episodes because I dont want it to end 😭 My daughter is ahead of me and she sent a picture of her after watching an episode I haven’t seen yet, and her face was just a big red blob. Its a brilliant programme. Funnily enough Jack turned up in an episode of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel the other night ! It was only a fleeting part but I couldn’t take him serious at all in it. Finished Ozark last night . Like you I enjoyed it despite Lady MacBeth not getting her comeuppance . Also watched the 30 min documentary about the filming of it, that was ok too. I was actually a bit drunk last night . After Ozark I stayed up till 1am listening to the Mrs Maisel sounndtrack 🙄😁
  4. This will be my first and last ever post on this thread as I dont like boxing. But have just watched a fight involving a young British guy Micky Burke and a 37 yr old Croatian. It was hilarious. It was like the older guy had been plucked out the audience 🤣Would not have been out of place in a Jack Black movie.
  5. I have to be honest and say I dont see this at all, but then nothing in this world would make me interested in driving to either Glasgow or Edinburgh as I have free parking at the station and 4 -5 trains an hour to Glasgow. That is what they should be aiming for at more stations if they seriously want to encourage public transport use.
  6. Plenty countries run successful nationalised railways. The UK is hardly a great example of successful privatisation. Dont think anyone is suggesting folk completely bin their cars, thats just hyperbole.
  7. The thing that bothers me most is that it detracts from the people out there who really are working for peanuts and under poor conditions and who do not hold the same power. Unless someone uncovers some legitimate reason other than greetin about the pay rise I have zero sympathy for the drivers. Yeah exactly… Just blame the government , half the public will be happy to, its an easy win for them.
  8. No , you shouldn’t, but plenty businesses do. Maybe thats why it needs nationalised .
  9. So, well above the average wage in Scotland. I am a bit confused also that they are snubbing the pay rise as its not enough, but presumably have enough money that they can refuse to do overtime.
  10. I have no doubt about that either. But when all you have is the media and that is all they are printing it’s hard to feel sympathy. It’s just seems that train drivers are constantly working to rule or going on strike. It would be good to know what the other problems are to weigh up if there is justification.
  11. The problems are due to drivers refusing, yet again , to do overtime as they are unhappy at their pay rise offer. Tbh I am getting pretty fed up of train drivers causing chaos every year, any sympathy I had is long gone , to my knowledge they are not in a badly paid job. I am happy to be educated more on the problems though, perhaps @Caledonian Craigcan expand as I believe he works on the trains.
  12. That is hideous . The crown looks like one if those knitted toilet roll holders from the 70’s. It will be worse when the birds in the tree shit all over it. I saw UJ napkins in the Card Factory today. I was thinking ‘wft this is taking the European Final a bit far’. I completely forgot about the jubilee. Its not much of a thing up here that I can see.
  13. 😂 Aye, we do allocate jobs based on gender and since he is at least 6 inches taller than me he has to deal with any chores above 6 foot in height. Or mice. Particularly the mice who climb up the curtains onto the rail. The insects were right at the top of the blind, he managed to flick a couple off but some were stubbornly clinging on .
  14. So you want Thatcher 2022 ? I can see why you are concerned there wont be a right wing government in your time in Scotland. I dont have a problem rewarding entrepreneurs, there has to be a carrot to encourage innovation. Right to buy only works for everyone if you continue to build new affordable/ council housing stock to replace the housing , which did not happen in the 80’s onwards . Plus home ownership put a lot of people under massive pressure with the upkeep of their home which they hadn’t anticipated, and high interest rates on their mortgage . It also created ‘ghetto’ type areas as the houses no one wanted were run down .
  15. I was lying in bed yesterday morning and noticed some wee insects had been squashed on the roller blinds, they must get caught when the blind is down then get squashed when it is rolled up. I asked Mr Tidy if he could clean them off . Later that day they were still there so I reminded him. A short time later I was in the shower and he came in the bathroom and pulled the shower door open. It came as quite a surprise as he usually comes nowhere near the bathroom till the shower has stopped for at least 10 minutes and he knows I am safely covered up in my dressing gown. He pulls a basin into the shower and says ‘ shove over , I need to fill this’ . ‘What for ‘ I asked . ‘To clean the insects off the blind’, he said. I am standing there shivering like a drookit rat so I said ‘ can you not fill it in the kitchen’ . ‘No he says ‘ you have bleach in the sink’ . I said ‘ well can you not empty the bleach, or use the wash handbasin, as I pointed over to the sink’ . Then I remembered there is no hot water in the bathroom sink. The hot water was coming through the cold tap and also the toilet flush and instead of getting a plumber he just switched off the hot water . This was 6 months ago. 🤬👱‍♂️🪓 Meh. This hasn’t really resolved anything but I feel a bit better now.
  16. Glad its not just me, it seems ridiculous to say the picture is too good to be true , but it feels like that. It’s probably just what your eyes are used to seeing.
  17. £200 mio in PPE contracts is more than ‘some cash’ . I think you are on the wind up on here. This thread might be more suited in the Anything Goes section right enough , I am getting giddy having posted twice in this section.
  18. Its a right wing mindset thats says if there is something there for the taking then go for it, regardless of the morality. She could have used her position to highlight the shortcomings of the process to the government, instead she chose to capitalise on it. How anyone can justify her actions is beyond me.
  19. The Daily Mail has a tendency to do that to folk. Here they are 3 weeks ago setting the scene.
  20. They are going to be no threat whatsoever if they go into coalition with the Tories . I actually feel sorry for Labour supporters who vote for them for their traditional policies and not for their anti independence stance. They are getting fooked.
  21. 😂 och, habit of a childhood . Btw, ‘we’ have been overtaken by Serbia 😂
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