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  1. Hertsscot

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    I feel despair that its Johnson v Hunt but to be honest whoever got through I was going to feel the same way, Gove v Javid or McVey v Raab would have been no better.
  2. Does seem very harsh to give the keeper a yellow. Isn't retaking a penalty for a minuscule infringement enough punishment? Just seems cruel. I was bewildered when the ref blew up last night thinking there must be another four or five minutes time to play. Why cna't that do what rugby does and have a clock that just stops for stoppages, would be a lot more sensible.
  3. We were three nil up last night and looking comfortable, playing some of the best stuff I'd seen from a Scotland team for some time. They had taken off one of their best players, it was going so well. Yet even then there's that feeling of how are we going to conspire to mess it up. In any sport you've go two options with defeat, look at others or look at yourselves. Subs we're far too late on we could have done with some fresh legs ten minutes before hand, then there were a catalogue of individual mistakes. Full backs have been a weakness all competition, I wonder if Kerr regrets not taking Mitchell? I feel very sorry for Alexander, I suspect it must be very difficult for a keeper to change a lifetime of habits over night. However even in the pre tournament friendlies there was a slackness in our defending and credit to Argentina they took advantage of it. VAR is not our friend but we have to look at ourselves and learn. The women did well to qualify for the tournament, I think they'll know they could have gone further.
  4. Not a Killie fan and I appreciate what Gary Holt said about British managers being overlooked but quite nice to get a different name. Sometimes in the past Scottish football has just seem a bit of a merry go round with one fairly mediocre manger getting sacked by one club just to join another one a few months later
  5. Alistair Dick looked like he could have been very special except for injury. Also John Kennedy's international career over before it began due to an act of thuggery.
  6. How many times in the good old days when we qualify did we go into the last game still mathematically possible to go through and then blow it? Certainly happened a few times down the years. It's the hope that kills you. Looked a stone cold penalty and its the inconsistency that is galling.
  7. Jones and Stewart, not exactly getting the heart racing. Time will tell but not sure that this is an improvement on what we have already got.
  8. Hertsscot

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    Always look on the bright side!
  9. So how do we now fit him, Tierney and Robertson into the team!
  10. Three years ago and four years ago before their recent run where they've won pretty much every game they've played. Three years ago they had good players now they're putting it together a s a team.
  11. Hertsscot

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    Never trust a Tory. You should know by now!
  12. The standard of women's football is not as good as men's but it has improved immensely. It may never be as a good as mens but so what, it is still entertainment, its still people trying to do their best. And in this context its about wanting your country to do well. What bugs me is they'll men who'll come onto this forum and slag off women's football when they are no exactly Messi or Ronaldo themselves. Funny many male professionals seem to respect the women's game for what it is and yet those who never p[played professionally seem to think its okay to say how shite it is.
  13. Good comeback by Scotland, hopefully they can build upon that and take some confidence from the second half performance. They started brightly in the first half I just think got the wind taking out of them with the VAR decision but grew in confidence. Emslie deserved the goal, put in a really good shift on the right hand side.
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