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  1. Hertsscot

    Continental players

    Seems to be the most we've had for a while. I'm sure it's a good thing although doesn't automatically work as Oli Burke found out.
  2. Hertsscot

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    I can only assume there's some injuries.
  3. Hertsscot

    Team for forthcoming matches

    That's the team I would go for.
  4. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    I haven't been to a Scotland game for about 4 years pretty much all to do with shifting fixtures away from Saturday. I wonder whether attendances have gone down throughout Europe as a result of these changes. I doubt that UEFA or FIFA care though.
  5. Hertsscot


    The interesting thing is that I suspect most of them didn't play in a three for their clubs. I'm just wondering how easy it is to switch from being a pair to three at the back, similarly how difficult is it for the full backs to take on the wing back role?
  6. Hertsscot


    Think a lot depends on personnel and how well drilled they are, didn't we play like that under Craig Brown or am I imaging things?
  7. Hertsscot

    Team for forthcoming matches

    I would certainly agree with that back five and McTominay in front of them. Bit of a test of character on Monday, defeat was maybe not surprising but manner of it was disappointing.
  8. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Problem is there are no other centre halfs in the squad, Mckenna, Hendry, Berra all injured. SOS Grant Hanley, Liam Lindsay, Liam Cooper?
  9. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Okay our FA may not be the richest in the world but given the devotion and loyalty of our support given years of failure you'd expect they could do more to get a decent manager. They just seem to local vision and ambition.
  10. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Bringing back very painful memories. As At least though we were in Germany for the WC finals the following year.
  11. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    At least we had Faddy and Fletcher coming through.
  12. Hertsscot

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    The question is which manager who could improve us would want us?
  13. Hertsscot

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    If there chance I'll go. I've never seen any Scotland team play in the World Cup finals and if I can get over and support them I will.
  14. Hertsscot

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Excellent save. Female goalies are often criticized but some of that is unfair. I guess most of them are five of six shorter than their male counterparts which can't help when the goals are the same size!
  15. Hertsscot

    Scotland V Switzerland

    Fantastic stuff, credit to all involved who have worked so hard. I've seen the women's team a few times over the years, even once staying in the same hotel (unknowingly when I booked). My daughter was really chuffed to see players at breakfast. They don't get all the perks I think Julie Fleeting once played for Scotland one day and in an FA Cup Final the next but really well done. Hope they make us proud when the finals themselves come round but they've done us proud already in getting there.