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  1. As a Rangers fan I have every sympathy with Newcastle fans celebrating seeing the back of Ashley. However this is a poor day for English football. More money than morals. You wonder exactly how bad someone's human rights record has to be before they fail the fit and proper persons criteria.
  2. Just waking up to this. I kindly got offered tickets for the game but had to decline them as we're flitting on Monday and my wife would have been less than impressed/killed me/divorced me. Saw a couple of tweets early on which didn't give details but suggested things weren't going well. Thought I'd spare myself the agony of following it and didn't check the score til now. Great result and there seems to be a growing self belief and resilience amongst the players. Job nowhere near finished but hopefully no complacency and get the points in the next two games. .
  3. I liked it when we had TAMBers were posting their own designs here. The only depressing thing was they were invariably so much better than the ones that were then brought out.
  4. I hope that's not the case. Wan-Bissaka is still young and I imagine Patterson's game time would be limited. I 'd love him to see him at Ibrox for years to come but other than at least get a decent fee for him. Maybe we could swap him for Gilmour.
  5. Really good article, obviously feels a strong affinity to Sierra Leone. Best of luck to him. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/aug/05/steven-caulker-sierra-leone-charity-trip-qpr
  6. any chance someone could convert him to a sitting/defensive midfield player?
  7. More Brexit nonsense from UK Government, GB car number plate stickers no longer valid abroad. Now you've got to have UK plate or signifier. Petrol shortages, Covid shambles, food shortages, not enough HGV drivers and all these flag waving idiots do is add yet another unnecessary expense to people to fuel their myth of a United Kingdom.
  8. In England gething rid of astronomic dental charges would be good.
  9. In East Yorkshire at present, Hull to be exact. On our way to new home in Scotland. My wife wanted to fill up, no queues, no problem. On the other hand reliably informed that in some stations in Bradford staff were checking drivers fuel levels and those who were just topping up were told they weren't going to be served.
  10. keeps up this run of results then that will be a possibility. Any signs of improvement or turning the corner?
  11. Based on their forum a few weeks back some fans were saying he was too lighweight. Can't see Farke lasting much longer.
  12. I remember showing Vanilla Sky as part of an A level Philosophy course I was teaching. It's a few years ago but it got into my head and unfortunately I can't remember the details but had at least one very weird dream afterwards, dreams within dreams, jumping chronologically. As I say can't remember the details but was very odd.
  13. Norwich getting hammered. Look relegation bound already and looking at the forums Hanley, McLean and Gilmour don't seem to be rated.
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