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  1. Hertsscot

    Declan Rice

    I think most football fans will be of the opinion it shouldn't be allowed. He's played three friendlies for them. Rice says he has equal respect for England and Ireland, I don't think he's shown a lot of respect for the latter.
  2. Hertsscot

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Thought we were a bit unlucky when Hogg was taken out and they scored shortly afterwards but the Irish deserved the win
  3. Hertsscot

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Sums it up really. Thought we were better in the first half and should have gone in at the break in the lead. Second hand we looked too eager and that led to some poor handling as we were over anxious. Bit frustrating
  4. The Lembit Opik of the Green Party.
  5. That's bizarre. The great American singer song writer has turned into a great Scots singer songwriter. All very perplexing.
  6. Never ever feel you need to apologise for posting a bit of Steve Earle!
  7. I'm not sure its hand wringing. It is however demonstrating that there's another side too Churchill, a side that very few people know about and certainly aren't taught about and perhaps don't want to know about. Greer's remarks were unjustified in my book and he came across naive and blinkered himself. Anyone looking for a genuine assessment of Churchill is unlikely to find it in a debate between Greer and Morgan.
  8. 100 years ago it was all kicking off. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-46884527
  9. Hertsscot

    Scottish player transfers

    I don't think Stoke even offered that. The Potters have been a bit of a mess this season, best we'll avoided.
  10. Hertsscot

    Scottish player transfers

    Aberdeen apparently turned down a bid from Stoke for Mckenna - good!
  11. I read Bill Innes 'St Valery' last year and that gave a different take on those events. IIRC a sacrifice maybe but Innes suggested a necessary one from a strategic point of view. Churchill doesn't come out of it very well with the Greeks either: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/30/athens-1944-britains-dirty-secret
  12. Hertsscot

    Tennis 2019

    And the beauty of watching a match without shrill ear splitting screeching from players every time they hit the ball!
  13. Hertsscot

    Tennis 2019

    Really enjoyed the women's final. Great win by Osaka and incredible to see Kvitova back in a final after she must have feared she would never play again.
  14. Hertsscot

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Something about strikers and Hibs in recent years...
  15. Anyone think they'll be much more activity before the deadline? Overall looks like fairly typical Celtic have been run close by a few clubs over the last few years but then bring in players in January that will guarantee the league. Can't blame them but must be frustrating for fans of other clubs.