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  1. I think it will be increasingly difficult for the Tories to be seen as democrats when you get people like Johnson and Jack saying they will not allow another referendum for a generation. So, no matter how badly Scotland is treated, no matter how much she is ignored, they won't even allow Scotland to decide whether she wants to pack her bags and leave. That's not a democracy, its a dictatorship.
  2. Looks like Chris Cadden and Lewis Morgan are both off to the States. Jordan Archer has just left Oxford where he was on a short term contract, seems to have done well.
  3. For what its worth... "Harvey Elliott and Tony Gallacher as well, he's played excellent at left-back and then right-back. I think those two, more than anyone, have been the two that have caught my eye" (Andy Townsend) Right back?
  4. The longer it goes on in some ways the better for independence as it will allow the negative effects of Brexit to begin to be seen as I do think we might see something of a Brexit Bounce. If Boris refuses the SNP can still claim that they tried for a referendum in 2020. To me the result on Thursday just showed that if you're a Lib Dem or Labour voter you now have a stark choice, you either vote for independence or you consent to the indefinite rule of a Tory Government and Scotland's subjugation to England. I appreciate some of them probably won't understand that but the choice should have just become a whole lot clearer.
  5. That would be the situation as I'd like it to pan out. I just feel a compliant media (and there's little sign that the Scottish media is anything but that), some sweeteners on the table for Scotland (more frigates any one?) and a sudden break out of Boris as being Mr Reasonable and the portrayal of Nicola as unreasonable is a tactic he might employ to sway some of the Feinthearts.
  6. I think you've made some really interesting points. The question now is which way does Johnson go, if he's belligerent then that would in my opinion be an error. His best chance of stymieing independence is actually to offer a decent deal to Scotland, possibly along the lines of the infamous Vow and cut the ground beneath the SNP's feet. The press headlines down south are mostly very triumphalistic and no doubt will continue to be so. Johnson won't be hiding in the fridge anymore or avoiding interviews and I think there will be a lot of positive spin in the upcoming months with media and ordinary voters probably thinking what a great job he's doing, pledging money for all sorts of things or cutting taxes. If the sky doesn't fall in with Brexit and threats of the end of civilization as we know it don't materialize it might well neuter some of the short term support for independence.
  7. Predictable stuff from Halligan. I wonder why they don't put that on all the right wing newspapers down her, that would soon get English voters demanding an end to subsidising the union, they'd positively be demanding a referendum and encouraging Scots to vote yes!
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-50718869 Funny this news only got released after the General Election, might have got some voters in England to take their heads out the sand.
  9. He's started pretty well at Arsenal as well. At least its not an old injury, just one of these freakish ones that can happen to anybody.
  10. Problem is there's no one available who is obviously any better. Hopefully we can show a bit of character and come back.
  11. Dai Davies, former Royal Protection Officer was on the radio yesterday. I don't think I've ever heard someone connected to the royals speak out so damningly about their behaviour. His section begins in response to a question at 03.20
  12. Marshall Palmer Gallagher McKenna Taylor Jack Fleck Naismith Christie McGinn McBurnie ...something like that
  13. My heart sunk when I saw Houston on the touchline.
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