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  1. I'm inclined to agree with daviebee 1) Iirc the money was not regular donations but a special crowd funder. I guess he might have felt there was a genuine legal point to be made and I have some sympathy with him on that point. Also maybe he felt that an accusation of homophobia would be used as a rod to beat him with by a Unionist media. 2) I can't comment. I know there are different opinions and some are impatient with a perceived lack of action by the SNP hierarchy. 3) The argument is that candidates would only stand for the list and in probability would increase the number of MSPs supporting independence. 4) The problem with GRA is that a lot of more conservative minded voters and those with concerns about erosion of women rights might not vote SNP on these grounds. It is an issue that Unionists would undoubtedly weaponise, you can see the Daily Mail headlines now. 5) In all honesty I'm still trying to process this. I think he feels that BoJo will simply refuse any request for Indy Ref2 and therefore the SNP must wring this concession now or otherwise they'll have no way of getting a referendum. I can see why he says that but I'm not sure I agree with his analysis. Agree with you that he does some excellent analysis of media reporting in particular but have frequented WoS less frequently as too many roasters bickering amongst themselves. We need Indy supporters to keep the heid at this time, legitimate questions fair enough but not personal attacks on those who hope and work for the same goals, the prize is bigger than any individual and their ego.
  2. Let's put a positive spin on it. Maybe he's looked at the quality midfielders we have in the age groups above and decided he's got more chance of getting an England cap. Startling lack of ambition why anyone who had the choice would choose England over us.
  3. Excellent result. I didn't see the game but I see that Patterson was missing tonight. He'd looked quite good at right back in the two games that I saw.
  4. Problem is there were the Nazi style salutes as well as abuse so it's difficult not to see it as being anything other than racist.
  5. You can only beat the opposition in front of you but well done lads. Radio reporting if game gets called off it'll be played tomorrow?
  6. Curling? Elephant polo? We could put together a decent 4x1500 metre men's relay team
  7. Scotland like lots of other teams have played one up front for years. When I started watching and playing most teams had two. If we were bold enough to play two up front who should we go with. In the past combos seemed to be a big target man and a wee nippy fella who would actually score the goals (Toshack and Keegan, Hateley and McCoist) or goalscorer and creative guy with quick feet (Rush and Beardsley). Who would you go for because I'm struggling to think who would fill the vacancies. At the minute I'm inclined to go for McBurnie and Forrest because I've never been convinced by him as a winger but I'm sure there are other pairs.
  8. Someone suggested that once. I mean an actual manager rather than a TAMBER.
  9. I liked Patterson and Kennedy as well. Bit of a rammy at the end going down the tunnel. It'll be interesting to see how they got on against Germany on Tuesday.
  10. Number of positions he can play in, rb, lb, ch, def mid, left wing
  11. Could King Kenny play centre half?
  12. Should have been 2 just now...and now it is!
  13. Tierney certainly number one choice in which Scottish player we would like to see cloned!
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