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  1. I get quite fed up with Wishart at times. Undoubtedly he gets a lot of flack from zoomers in Alba but he accuses them of being divisive and then publishes on social media a resignation letter that is a gift to Unionists.
  2. Didn't realise Jones had gone. He's possibly a really nice guy, unfortunately never came across that way!
  3. Presumably travelling on trains is for plebs and if Tory MPs have to use the railways they'll have accompanying minions.
  4. Yep, full house! Mention of Scottish Government, SNP, quote from opposition MSP and call for the Health Minister to resign. Bingo!
  5. It really is sickening, these people wrap themselves in a Union Flag, declare how patriotic they are and yet make a killing when others are dying. Ordinary people make sacrifices, they just look to make a quick buck. They are contemptible.
  6. Matt Hancock. Just read reviews of his book on Amazon. I'm not buying the self promoting scribblings of a delusional narcissist but I suspect that he may have paid his mates to write some of the reviews.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63890726 I'm just posting this as it's another fine example of how reporting events in England is different from how they're reported in Scotland. Horrible picture of problems in NHS England but not one single mention of the words Conservatives, Tories or references to the Health Minister or quotes from opposition parties. Any problems in Scotland it's SNP fault, in England it's just that the NHS is failing.
  8. Membership renewed, bargain 5 match package particularly compared to previously having to get a return rail journey from Kings Cross and a having to get a hotel in Glasgow for the night!
  9. That's why McLeish impressed me with McTominay. As I say I've got no idea what really goes on but you'd think a smaller nation like ourselves would be making every effort to get people to play for us.
  10. Pretty much what his dad was reported as saying. There must be a lot of footballers who are 50/50 when it comes to international representation. I just wish people at the SFA would be a bit more proactive in making Scotland the number one choice of promising players. Maybe I'm being unfair but sometimes they don't give that impression.
  11. Alison Thewlis thrown her hat into the ring to be next SNP group leader at Westminster. Has Stephen Flynn actually put his name forward yet?
  12. I know what you're getting it but Ireland had said decent players as well, Irwin, McGrath, Houghton, Sheedy, Aldridge.
  13. Daft foul given away by Behich that led up to the Argentina goal. SPL contingent playing well apart from that.
  14. Fair play to big Lyndon, hopefully one day he can get a chance to show what he can do in a major final.
  15. Part of the problem is the SNP are both a party in Government and a party campaigning for independence and it's difficult to do both. I think my comments are sometimes based more on her tone rather than anything else. We've not fallen out, she still sends me a Christmas card. I do think GRA has been a mess and distraction, I do think the SNP should be more on the ball in refuting Unionist lies, I'm disappointed with the lack of support she gave when Jo Cherry was subject to death threats, lack of SNP presence at some Indy events (eg AUOB marches) etc. I do think the SNP in general have been too dismissive of the concerns that have led to many people leaving the party. Having said that and for the record I think the way to go is via a de facto referendum at the next General Election. UDI, no matter how tempting, is a dead end for the reasons you lay out.
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