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  1. It would solve the dilemma of where to play our world class left backs though.
  2. I suppose my glimmer of hope in this is it he does make it under Tuchel he will really have earned it and he will hopefully be an even better player for it.
  3. There is no denying that Tuchel has done very well so far. However Igot the feeling that when Lampard left many Chelsea fans were sad as not only had he done well particularly in the previous season but he had actually played their academy graduates more often, the likes of James, Tomori, Hudson -Odoi, Abraham etc. Tuchel seems to have reverted back to the old guard with the exception of Mount.
  4. I see that he's not signing a new contract at Hearts. He was highly regarded a few years ago and is still a teenager. I know Hearts have had him out in loan, another what might have been or is he still one for the future?
  5. was Roofe fined for the challenge? I thought it was the club for not controlling their players.
  6. I agree it is frustrating but in fairness half that bench would be in contention for our starting line up
  7. At least though Scottish voters will have the chance to get rid of those who they don't feel represent them, which is a still an advantage over the current system dominated by Westminster.
  8. I can't believe how divisive some of these people are. Groups which have been alleged to support lowering age of consent should simply post a public statement clearly stating that is not their intent. Alba candidate makes public apology and we all move on. either Scotland gets a pro-Indy majority or it will remain part of Toryland for most of not all of life times and people should shudder at that thought, more poverty, more foodbanks, more mental health problems, more nukes.
  9. Because it is just so respectful to the Queen and the Royal Family to be throwing petrol bombs and attacking buses at other times!
  10. Well the regulations are you're only allowed 30 at a funeral until 21 June at the earliest. I wonder how that one will play out?
  11. I was chatting to a friend of mine last Sunday and she'd lost her husband a couple of months before hand. They'd known one another for 62 years. I'm no royalist and would like tot see the Windsor firm abolished but at a human level must be very difficult for anyone when you've been with someone for so long.
  12. Or please not another left back?
  13. Hope I haven't put the mockers on him but it's great to see Craig Gordon doing so well given that he spent so long out of the game with injury.
  14. Just a shame we couldn't introduce Patterson, Gilmour., Gauld or Turnbull for the last 20
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