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  1. Problem is there's no one available who is obviously any better. Hopefully we can show a bit of character and come back.
  2. Dai Davies, former Royal Protection Officer was on the radio yesterday. I don't think I've ever heard someone connected to the royals speak out so damningly about their behaviour. His section begins in response to a question at 03.20
  3. Marshall Palmer Gallagher McKenna Taylor Jack Fleck Naismith Christie McGinn McBurnie ...something like that
  4. My heart sunk when I saw Houston on the touchline.
  5. I don't think anyone is suggesting this crop just get thrown in though you can make a case for possibly one or two.
  6. It will be interesting how his career pans out, certainly looked solid tonight. Middleton looked lively when he came on, just seemed to lack composure even when we had an extra player.
  7. Not seen a lot of the u21s but the age groups below have looked more impressive to me in the little that I have seen.
  8. Sorry I meant who was responsible for the good decision!
  9. Who has been responsible for that decision? Goodness knows we've made some many bad ones over the last decade or so.
  10. Harvey Barnes is a decent player, how's he eligible for Scotland?
  11. And now he's going off injured!
  12. At least Celtic have got four on the bench whereas Rangers have only got one. As a supporter of the latter I would like to see a few more coming through and hopefully we will do in the coming years.
  13. Hertsscot

    The Weemin

    Massive coverage of Lionesses v Germany down South on state broadcaster. Its a friendly albeit with a very big crowd, you'd never think though that there had some been some competitive matches the other day. Just rename it EBC and have done with the pretense.
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