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  1. Anyone on this board applying? Anyone you think should be applying?
  2. Similar comments could be made about Southgate. His record in club management was limited and unimpressive. Most England fans were not very excited when he got the job but they wouldn't swap him now.
  3. Both you and I know that they'd settle in Ayrshire rather than England.
  4. In spite of the Good Friday agreement it's never totally gone away. There does seem to have been a rise in republican violence over the last few months. Judging by witness accounts some idiot was firing indiscriminately and unfortunately one of the bullets found a target. I hope the get the idiot who did this and that the death of this young woman will not be in vain.
  5. I must admit that would probably have been my choice as well though he undoubtedly had better players than we have now. The only thing that I would be critical about was he didn't seem to bring enough youngsters through towards the end of his time although no doubt he would say there were not quality youngsters to bring through.
  6. Okay given that most managers careers are doomed to end in failure but who was the greatest ever manager of the national side given the resources at their disposal? It's easier to think of those who underachieved
  7. I just hop they don't rush into another jobs for the boys appointment. Take your time and get the right person.
  8. Is that a definite?Scott Parker's done pretty well since taking over and would be popular among the fans.
  9. It seems that Wayne Hennessy may have scooped this particular prize: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47946382 There's some pretty damning stuff there. Who are the other contenders for least likely to be on Mastermind?
  10. Hertsscot

    Israel Folau

    Well the inevitable has happened: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/47932231 I agree with Morrie, I can't understand why sports stars (or people in general) feel they need to share all their views on Instagram unless Falou was responding to something specific. However it shouldn't surprise us that religious people have views that are in accord with the teachings of their religion and may not be in accord with what modern liberal western society thinks at this particular moment in history.
  11. Hertsscot

    Israel Folau

    I see that Billy Vunipola is in a bit of trouble for liking that particular post.
  12. I wonder who laid on the scran and did they want to be associated with the casual sectarianism expressed in that post?
  13. Hertsscot

    Next Manager?

    Just watching BBC on Allan 'Superstriker' Russell honing England's strikers. Do we have anyone like that in the Scotland set up? I guess a new manager would have a major say in coaching team abut i just wonder how we compare with other nations in the set up and not just the bloke at the top.
  14. I'm glad that you wrote that. I totally agree with your comments on Mcleish as a player and from everything that others have said he's a decent bloke. Yes some decisions he makes we might not agree with and we don't know the inside story of why we appear to have some many call-offs. I'm sure he's doing his best and may well believe that he can turn it around. I worry however that he isn't the same manager as first time around and that we need someone fresh in to get us out of the rut we are in.
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