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  1. I've got better things to do with my time than follow the PM hustings circus. Maybe it has been asked but isn't the obvious question 'When would be the right time?' Has any journalist actually put that as a direct question and, if not, why not?
  2. Another medal for Eilish McColgan. She's had a great year. One medal at the beginning and now she's got four.
  3. Don't think we've got a thread on this so far (apologies if we have). 'Where the crawdads sing'. Bit boring and clichéd, saw the ending coming several miles away. Nice scenery and wildlife pictures.
  4. Strange advert, unsuccessful attempt at humour perhaps, but distasteful but 'offensive' is probably pushing it. Really interesting thing is I've seen the advert, but couldn't actually tell you what brand if paint it was advertising so maybe not so successful on that front.
  5. I've only just come across this article. Last Friday, eve of the rail strike, listening to the radio on the way to my early morning swim. BBC Five Live interviewed fan travelling from England to watch Livi. It's not mentioned in the article but in the radio interview he said he was going to have to travel from Glasgow to Livi by bus. At which point I pointed out to my wife how ridiculous as ScotRail were operating as normal. The BBC presenter didn't mention that services in Scotland weren't affected by industrial action. Either BBC just don't know or its deliberate. https://inews.co.uk/news/train-strike-football-fan-forced-to-take-eight-hour-overnight-coach-to-watch-match-because-of-rail-strikes-1790787
  6. I made a comment earlier hinting that possibly some of their new signings may be little more than journeymen who won't improve the team. In reality he has brought in a lot of new players and it will take a while for them to settle in.
  7. Seemed to be a lot of optimism around Aberdeen this season. Largely based on signing a lot of players most of us had never heard of? Is that unfair as an observation?
  8. Hope the Turkish Delight and Double Decker didn't melt in the heat.
  9. From a Utd point of view there must be disappointment about the two Aussies they've signed. The keeper looks shaky and the left back was way off the pace. Neither looked like an experienced international player, tho I believe the left back hadn't played for a while.
  10. Anyone who knows anything about Scottish football know that Rangers have a bigger than average share of numpties in their support. No doubt some of them will be so sad they add a sectarian twist by referring to Dundee Hibernian as well. Not all of us feel the same. The success of any Scottish team in Europe reflects well on the league as a whole and we desperately need to have a more competitive league.
  11. Be interesting to see what team he picks against Hearts. There's a lotof Utd players who need to step up but will be a tough, tough game. Real test of character.
  12. Going horribly wrong. Five goals in fifteen minutes of play. Utd imploding. AZ are good but too many mistakes being made defensively. Big challenge for Ross and Utd after what was a very good performance at Tannadice.
  13. Disappointing it didn't work out but was evident some while back that he wasn't what we needed.
  14. So you basically made £1.5 million on what turned out to be a short term loan?
  15. 4x400m women just added to the total as England disqualifed for lane infringement. Always feel sorry for athletes when that happens as sometimes it's marginal but delighted that they took bronze. Couldn't have been too far away from national record.
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