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  1. Might have broken a bone(s) in his face, rather than his whole face - that would be alarming!
  2. Hope we've got another RB lined up, Tavernier will probably get crocked first game of the new year!
  3. 'Only 33', isn't that quite old for a full back at the top level? I have no doubt about Patterson's ability, just can't believe Rangers so stupid that they didn't give him more game time. Like others I think he is a better defender than Tavernier who has been poor defensively at times.
  4. Robbo went to Hull for about a million, got sold to Liverpool for about £10 million. Goodness knows how much he's worth now. I did see somewhere that Tripper was being valued at over £50 million. The mind boggles!
  5. From a Rangers perspective I would have preferred it if we had off loaded Taverner and kept hold off Patterson. It was being reported earlier as £10 million which is daylight robbery.
  6. Not aware that the players he's keeping out of the Norwich team are any better than him. Bit of a bounce factor when Smith was appointed but seems a long time ago.
  7. Not exactly going alone, Wales, N.Ireland have also taken a more cautious approach.
  8. Okay, not the most impressive tree. Almost caused a divorce cos I was being an arse and wanted a real tree and my wife was being practical and saying just get a fake one. Only moved into the house last Saturday so probably haven't done too bad.
  9. Wife has got this bloated Britfest on. I see England footballers were team now of the year. Fine achievement getting through to European finals. However Scotland's women and men not only got through to European championship finals but actually won them. Well done our curlers!
  10. Livremento at Southampton is also eligible for us. He looks an excellent prospect but at the minute is with England. Maybe Che could help him see the light, or maybe he'd fancy his chances getting ahead of Alexander -Arnold, Lamptey, James etc. rather than the Scotland players mentioned above
  11. Got the keys to our new home today having sold up in 'Mad BoJoland' four months ago and living a fairly nomadic life ever since. Our removal company was going to bring everything up from storage on December 22 so a Christmas tree was looking like it might not happen this year. But they rang this morning and are going to get up here a week earlier so the tree is definitely back on the agenda!
  12. I tend to agree. Undoubtedly they've got a bad run but ripped my team to shreds the other day and were a bit unlucky in some games I've seen. Any thoughts from Hibs fans, is there anyone out there guaranteed to do better?
  13. So World Cup qualification just recently becomes high point rather than springboard. Shame because there are some good players, Weir, Emslie, Cuthbert etc.
  14. I don't follow the women's game intensely but the tram sheet looked very different to the one that did so well to get to the world cup. Lot of unfamiliar names due presumably to retirement and / or injury. Tough lesson tonight.
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