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  1. Just looking at the Wellcome website and it states participants started getting protection from about 10 days after the first dose (of the Pfizer vaccine).
  2. I had the flu jag for the first time ever this year and the nurse said it normally took a few days for immunity. Presumably its the same for Covid as well, though I can't remember seeing anything. Just reinforces the importance of physical distancing even after the jag. Some anti-vaccers have made claims about how people have had the injection and still died because of Covid, this presumably would be part of the explanation.
  3. Lib Dems now seem to have abandoned the idea of remaining the EU. Pretty rubbish for voters in England but I wonder if in Scotland it might lead some voters to vote SNP as they offer some hope of getting back in.
  4. And oncemore we're back to the media who so willingly provide a platform for the arseholes.
  5. So Lennon says, "We've been held to a far higher standard than any other club". I don't think its a higher standard but it is a higher profile. Celtic players have had to isolate just as they would have done if there was an outbreak at home. Its not like they've been docked points or anything. "As soon as Celtic are deemed to do something wrong, bang, you're all wanting blood, it's absolutely scandalous. The fallout from this has been way too much." In fairness quite a lot of that flak is from Celtic supporters who feel the club have let them down. Lenny certainly isn't helping his cau
  6. Disappointed we dropped points today but I hope that Alexander's successfull at Motherwell. Always comes across as a decent bloke and Scotland stalwart.
  7. I appreciate that Aberdeen are going through a bad run and you may be right that McInnes has taken them as far as he can.But overall as an outsider I'd judge he's done a decent job. I was fortunate enough to watch Aberdeen in the 80s under Fergie and it's been downhill ever since. I'm all seriousness who would you want in, who could do a better job? For me it's the sadness that there really is no competition to the Auld Firm and I say that as a supporter of one of the 'ugly sisters'.
  8. Maybe the problem isn't so much them marching but where they march. It frequently is intimitadatory. Personally I'd just laugh at them, maybe give them flowers or sweets, love bomb them into seeing how truly pathetic they are.
  9. Get fed up of all these idiot stories. It's like Scotland is the only country in the world which couldn't be independent. Like there's something unique about Scots that they couldn't survive in their own. It's just racism. If there is a case for Unionism it has to do better than that.
  10. Obviously listening into the conversation in my kitchen. My wife's a Labour Party member and I told her Leonard had resigned. That was exactly her reaction.I guess he's a bit better known in Scotland but I thought her response said a lot.
  11. I know we imploded after Christmas last year but can't see us chucking it away. I always felt we'd have a decent chance with Lennon at the helm. You need to move on, on the plus side Turnbull looks a decent signing and seems to have been a bit of light in the gloom of recent weeks.
  12. From a football point of view I can see what Lennon was doing but jetting off to warmer climes is always going to make people envious, in lockdown even more so. No doubt the club hoped there would be no problems re. Covid and the break would act as a catalyst for improved performances. It was highly risky strategy from the start and has rebounded on them massively, I can't see much sympathy for them from any quarter. John Kennedy admitted the club had been guilty of "minor slip-ups" in Covid-19 protocols during their six days in Dubai. The problem with that is 'minor slip-ups' in a pand
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