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  1. Disappointing that neither Bates nor Mulgrew started tonight.
  2. If anyone is eligible and if they are committed I have no problem. I suspect he's probably better than what we've got but haven't seen a lot of West Ham.
  3. No Hearts players, whats happened to their crop of youngsters?
  4. what exactly went wrong with Milne? I know he had problems with the drink but iirc that was really after his playing days were done. He was some player back in the day, incredible that with his talent he never won a Scottish cap.
  5. Glenn Whelan to Hearts, probably a good signing. I'd like to think he'd help bring on some of their talented youngsters rather than just replacing them.
  6. Any updated news of whether Ryan Fredericks might be available, Scottish grandfather I believe. I'd like to think someone was keeping tabs on him and that he might be approached, we've not exactly got lots of options in that position.
  7. He was a decent prospect at one stage, came in after Tony Adams's IIRC , big boots to follow!
  8. Jordan Archer. Largely because he played for my local non league team and was easily the best keeper in the league. Seemed a nice guy with his head screwed on but his career seems to have nose dived pretty quickly from earning his first Scotland cap just over a year ago to being released by Millwall and no longer having a club as far as I can tell. Other than that it will be interesting see how Fleck and McGinn get on in the EPL.
  9. The last one , Charlie Nicholas?
  10. Took Griffiths a while to getting going and now most of us would have him first choice upfront
  11. I'm just glad Lafferty's gone. I can just about understand why we went for him but didn't think it would work out and I wasn't alone in that opinion. Glad to see the back of him tbh.
  12. Hertsscot

    Next PM

    Lib Dems swing further to the right.
  13. Hertsscot


    Except painful congratulatory speeches before the trophy presentation. Like having teeth pulled.
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