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  1. Hertsscot

    Tory MPs

    What is the matter with them? Began the day with creepy Andrew Griffiths and end the day with Islamophobe Michel Fabricant. They are not normal.
  2. Unusually as a Rangers fan I have a soft spot for Aberdeen. My concern is you've lost a dozen players and only brought in three which leaves the squad threadbare. I think last season the Dons could put together a decent first eleven but the squad was lacking in depth and quality. There's time left to bring in a few signings but Milne' s lack of ambition would worry me. Get a decent goal scoring forward and a couple of others and things might look better.
  3. Absolutely! He's a good player, and I hope for all our sakes that he does well with you.
  4. Hertsscot

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    Six nights of violent rioting in Derry, cars being set on fire, pipe bombs, explosives thrown at Gerry Adams house in West Belfast. Why anyone would contemplate a bridge to Ulster is completely and utterly beyond me.
  5. Surprised you haven't heard of your newest signing seeing in a moment of madness he set up your equaliser against us at Hampden. Other than that he should be a good acquisition.
  6. I think we'll narrow the gap, make it a wee bit smaller but I can't see us taking the title of Celtic.
  7. Now with almost half of the Premier teams in competitive action seems a good time to assess whether you think your team has got better or worse with players leaving or coming in. As a Rangers fan I feel we have improved with the signings we've made, particularly McGregor and Arfield. I also hope Umar can solve some of our goal scoring issues as I'm not confident about Model is. I think we'll close the gap on Celtic but they're still a lot better and will win the league. Will probably overtook Aberdeen who seem to be weaker now than at the end of the season. So, what about your team and player/ managerial changes?
  8. Hertsscot

    Scottish player transfers

    Jason Cummings to Peterborough on a year long loan. Can't see him being the answer to our striking problems.
  9. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Southgate has done really well. Most England fans were lukewarm at best at his appointment, certainly not too many Premier division clubs were after him.
  10. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Still got a decent salary In this age of austerity.
  11. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    I reckon I'll be the only one in work tomorrow with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a jaunty whistle.
  12. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Croatia. Too wee, too poor, too stupid. Hey, look what proud small nations can achieve.
  13. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Happy days are here again. Best £20 bet I've lost in a lifetime!
  14. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Call it mercy killing!
  15. Hertsscot

    Russia 2018

    Anyone old enough to remember 66. Advice, please. Watch and cheer on Les Bleus, demand to watch Wimbledon?