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  3. Forgot to mention, they are ne even ma Bagpipes. I just asked the girl if I couod have a go on them walking between QST and GC..🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. Ramy is back in Glasgow !!! 🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 20230601_121827.mp4
  5. Time will tell and I hope im wrong. I dont think he will be a total flop. I think he will score the odd goal, be a solid off the bench player. He will probably go on a scoring streak of 4 in 5 but then multiple without scoring. McBurnie got 22 in 42 for Swansea and then 9 in 17 for Barnsley in the Championship. A rate better than 1 in 2. Id be hugely surprised if Nisbett gets anywhere near that scoring rate in the Chamionship. *(Im aware McBurnie has since went zero in 28 and then 13 in 38 this season so currently not living up to his own previous form which is why ive no issues with Nisbet being selected fot this squad ahead of McBurnie)
  6. Aye definitely and being on there doesn’t do him justice, one of the better msp’s on the go
  7. 😂 found it a bit rundown and seedy between the central square and the river - which was a huge building site to be fair. Was with the wife and kids.
  8. I attended the fans consultation on this issue at Stenhousmuir FC last night. The meeting was chaired by club Chairman Iain McMenemy. The document the SFA sent to the clubs was presented, without opinion or comment by the Chairman before the floor was opened up for opinions to be aired by those in attendance. Everyone in the room expressed negative feelings towards the plans laid out and the Chairman said he would take that away to the board and they would provide an update on how they intend to vote in due course. If they align with the fanbase the Stenny vote on June 6 will be NO. The issues with this proposal seems to be how rushed it has been. There are many glaring holes in it such as with the revenue promised to the non-B teams in the conference league, and how it would operate as the fifth tier of the SPFL although it would be run independently of the SPFL, so in effect it could change the rules within its setup after a few years. As it stands it doesn't even have the 4 B teams it proposes as Aberdeen knocked back the invite to join and Queen's Park have done the same. If a 4th club isn't willing to enter a B team - and absorb the costs that it would entail - apparently they want to run with 9 teams in the league. So it seems to be coming apart at the seams already. Hope those of you on here that are interested in this found this helpful.
  9. I think you’re well off with Nisbet. Hes a good player, holds the ball up well, scores all types of goals & has a bit of X factor. I think he’s a good signing for them. If Oli McBurnie can score goals in the championship then Nisbet certainly can.
  10. I think he is a competent player but just dont think he has the attributes to do well. He isnt quick, doesnt hold the ball up well, isnt tall or strong and doesnt have tricks or skills. He had a decent shot and eye for goal so by no means do I think he is a bad player, I just watch him in the Scots prem against relatively average defenders and he doesnt do enough for me. Against better players week in week out I think he will struggle. I could see him scoring about 1 in 5 in the Championship. International class is a very difficult term to qualify. Do I think he should be in this Scotland squad. Yes. Do I think he should get any gametime ahead of Dykes and Shankland. Probably not.
  11. Nisbet would do fine in the English Championship. The division above he might struggle in but in the Championship he should be okay.
  12. Man who was being spoken to by police released without charge
  13. Like all polls it will be those people who were polled who are a representative of the targeted demographic. In this case people over the age of 16, eligible to vote who live in Scotland. But then you knew that anyway, so I’m struggling to think what the point of your question is 🤔
  14. After Jose had confronted him in the car park after the game. He'll hopefully get severely punished for that. Not excusing bad behaviour but I wouldn't be taking my family with me if I was a ref.
  15. Referee Anthony Taylor who was with his family confronted by Roma fans at Airport
  16. Police trying to not prejudice the case is my guess. Also want witnesses to say what they seen not what they read about.
  17. Hamburg doomed to spend another year in the 2nd Bundesliga unless they can overcome a 3-0 deficit at home to Stuttgart, who look to have saved themselves from another relegation nightmare. A team I follow in Germany Arminia Bielefeld having to play Weisbaden in a play off battle 2nd Bundesliga/3rd Bundesliga.
  18. Was thinking this as well, immediately thought a jet ski but that's been ruled out.
  19. To be fair, we found a nice wee 'neighbourhood' mussels restaurant and had a good meal but that is one of the least attractive places I've visited.
  20. Sounds strange but Malky Mackay will be the happier of the managers, really should have been 5 or 6
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