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  2. Maybe so, but that is what we officially got (according to a SFA archives - https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/norway-ticket-information-3-points/) plus that was a WC qualifier, so we were entitled to 10% (which that roughly is).
  3. Middle sections of South Upper started to go on sale for Israel game. Only one section of the East still to open.
  4. There was a hell of a lot more than that in the ground though. Was Scotland fans in tier above us and you could see Scotland flags behind other goals from where we were.
  5. Ah right, I thought you meant it had some sort of exemption or something.
  6. 2009 we only got 2200 tickets.
  7. Agreed. If we as fans & even the players don't believe we should beat Israel at home, we should give up.
  8. Seen this sort of talk all over twitter this morning, are people suggesting we just wait and see what happens with the Israel game and not pre plan as if that somehow will affect the result?
  9. This is the other dude - it probably explains a comment I saw yesterday as to whether or not they were wearing spiderman outfils. https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/people/it-s-so-simple-for-a-father-to-be-pushed-out-of-child-s-life-1-8088558
  10. I'm fine champ, my team will win as much as yours this season.
  11. It would have made more sense at the start of the idea of the nations league to play a one game final at a neutral venue.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396603943789684/permalink/2627097177407005/
  13. Hanley feels like a backward step to me. Unless they are all playing in the same league its hard to compare each player. This debate over average defenders is probably the reason we wont qualify.
  14. The Michael Woolger dude's twitter profile photo is a picture of Liam Gallagher which is kind of ironic. He also appears to be a member of the Orange Lodge, which isn't a surprise. His interests other than Rangers and Orangism appear to be music, outside of Oasis, he also likes Paul Weller, Gary Barlow, Olly Murs and Adele. MMA - Connor McGregor in particular (awkward). Britain's got Talent and Top Gear seem to be favourites. Oh and he seems to also have an interest in pornography and "dating" pornstars. I'm guessing he's not married. Also follows PoliceScotland, which is very ironic. He also appears to be from Penicuik and obviously isn't the smartest knife in the drawer as his twitter profile is still completely open. @mwoolger1690 - no surprise there then.
  15. Both times I've been to Norway we've taken a damn sight more than 1,350 and neither of those were play off finals. In fact we had about 3,000 officially and many more in the home end in 2005 and we were effectively out of qualification by then. Same in 2009, must have been 5,000 Scotland fans over there.
  16. The night before the game by complete coincidence, the Proclaimers were playing at the Academy in the Gorbals. I went along with a load of folk from WESTA and they'd got the WESTA flag in, no doubt due to a certain up and coming DJ being on the laptop that night. Between the support band and the Proclaimers coming on, they got the flag over the balcony and the place went absolutely mental, whole crowd singing Scotland songs, then the bouncers turned up and told them to take it down, usual fire safety bollocks. As you say, probably misplaced, but there was just this real sense that we would do them. I remember the back page of the Record on the Saturday where the headline was "Fadiator" and they had a mock up of James McFadden as a gladiator. Brilliant stuff.
  17. Pish? Tell me what your club has won since its inception in 2012? The Petrofac Cup! Not a bad return for the 2nd biggest budget in Scotland. I would rather Killie were 'pish' and play by fiscal rules than be your kinda pish and waiting for a knock at the door again by Lizzie's henchmen!
  18. Some guys just can't handle a knock back....
  19. You and your mates had a 40 page thread on follow follow wanting a young Celtic employee sacked after the cup final ya fucking banger.
  20. Hanley is one that I honestly can't make my mind up on! I think you're being harsh by saying he's always been horrendous but he has had some dodgy moments. He's playing now at a higher level than Cooper against harder opposition and is he honestly any worse a defender than McKenna or Gallacher? Part of me wants him to play due to his experience but the other part doesn't coz it's Hanley lol
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