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  2. I am a referee now, I must say that I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. Still has its moments, like when I was in the middle of a 20 player brawl at the end of an u16 game trying to break it up. Or when the coach from a lowland league team is shouting about a decision in an u17 game and when you offer to show him the laws of the game he tells you he doesn't care. 😂
  3. I mind the media coverage at the time focusing on the type of music he listened to, similar to columbine in that sense. The media coverage is never good, regardless of who did or didn’t do it.
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  5. Saw something that Channel 5 had had to pull it from catch up as they apparently unwittingly revealed the identity of a witness that they feel should be a suspect. Seems to be a bit of a problem at the moment.
  6. Yeah, channel 5 catch up has the first two episodes. Looking like a dodgy as fuck conviction, horrible media involvement as well. Be interesting to see how it pans out.
  7. Jim (hope you don't mind me calling you that, just that I have your book next to the bed still!!). When myself and my pal started the Sons of Wallace in 1999 you should have seen the hassle I got going out on a Saturday night. The Rangers fans, probably about 80% in the Dale used to argue that they wouldn't join as Wallace was a catholic. When replied that they were all catholics then. Their reply was I well we worrny! It was 99% good banter but I knew I was never going to change there minds. I used to like a wander on a Saturday night and my brother in law used to drink up in the St Ant
  8. Thanks Ramy. I ddi get called that last week on here though and that is the one thing that gets to me. Call me anything they want on here and I will take it. I can be a dick as we all can at times but never a bigot.
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  10. Was speaking about McBurnie on a zoom quiz the other night. Even with players that you don’t like/rate, there’s usually something that you can say is a good attribute. I genuinely can’t think of anything that he is good at, can’t score, can’t hold the ball up, control is poor, passing is pish, vision is cloudy, is lazy as well. I wouldn’t want him at my club, let alone country.
  11. I do think he’s athletic and quick enough to be a useful squad member. The early price and Red bull put pressure on but still like him being about .
  12. Being raw is going to follow him till retirement! He’s quite average but has power and pace but that’s it.
  13. Agree once again. He just not good enough. He gives up to easy off the ball anaw.. No thanks from me...
  14. When can we stop calling Burke raw? McBurnie won 12 headers and lost nearly as many, Dumb tactics will never show us if he is any good
  15. I mind when Mitchell was accused he was a wee laddie (14/15 I think?). Next time I saw him (maybe the trial) he looked like a man - beard and ponytail.
  16. Nah, no seen this documentary but loads have been talking about it. I mind it all at the time, so I’d like to watch it. Whats it on and is it available on catch up or anything?
  17. Yesterday was the 1st time my oldest met her newist cousin, she’s 8 months old 😢 We were quite wary of doing it, but it worked out that it was only 1 set of visitors at a time and both my nephews were really missing seeing trains from the back garden, they loved it 😂
  18. Kierney getting MoM for the worst Gooner defense this century. Sort we need. heard Klopp mention Robbo , and just shrug whistfully , and that’s what I got from the radio interview. The spine is there. Just need the pubs keeping shut.
  19. I can see it getting bad once the half pints of lite lager kick in 😂
  20. It's got to be done. Everyone is doing their best to be sensible but for your own mental health you need some family time! If you manage to get pished in the process it's an added bonus! Cheers 🍷🍻
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