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  2. Politicians are both pragmatic, and romantic when they want to be. Biden's Irish affinity places him in a position where he could end up supporting, or not standing in the way of, reunification of Ireland. As such he could be supporting, or not standing in the way of, a break up of part of the UK. While in principle the USA might support the integrity of the UK, they are hardly going to stand in the way in the event of a democratic mandate for N Ireland to leave the UK, and so not necessarily going to stand in the way of Scotland either. Certainly it's hard to imagine Biden being Johnson's puppet in the way Obama was Cameron's.
  3. Third one was a bit pish. I thought it wasn’t a penalty if it came off your body into your hand?
  4. Lol i doubt it. Arsenal will probably be offering a decent wedge to the agent plus hickeys wages will probably be tripled at arsenal.
  5. 3-0 down to Portugal after 37 mins in our opening game. Could be even worse, we've been absolutely dreadful
  6. Surely if you can’t manage you should sell them for face value to one of your Scotland fan pals & nae behave like a ticket tout which is what it looks like you’re doing 👍
  7. I was thinking that. I just wonder if Hickey's agent suddenly got cold feet on the deal after Arsenal's loss last night?
  8. I’ve got a pair for the play off final in Cardiff. If Scotland make it, what would be the going rate ?
  9. I’ve got a pair for the play off final in Cardiff. If Scotland make it, what would be the going rate ?
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  11. There will be constant reports from now till Thursday morning, some will be true some eill be nonsense The fans I know over there are having a ball, sending pics of people enjoying themselves
  12. Fans of a certain club are setting up fake accounts and reporting trouble with photos of trouble from other hooligans at another time/place You have to be careful as i found out yesterday However the fanny that abused Iona Skye which let to a pile on was the same guy that was removed from a Ryanair flight by police for presumably being too drunk
  13. Yeah leave the wife and kids out of it arsehole.
  14. Curious how he did not deny being barely literate. I feel sorry for his wife and kids having to put up with someone like that.
  15. I see The Times are doing a piece on Murdo Fraser's travels to Seville for the cup final If there is trouble i hope that cunt gets caught up in it Rangers fan my arse
  16. You could probably argue either way in terms of qualification difficulty i.e. less countries but there were less qualifying places in the past. Today more countries but many more qualifying places for Euros/WC etc. However, there's no doubt in my mind that Scotland have fallen behind in terms of skill and talent and the rest of the world has caught up or passed us. We've shown some gradual improvement in last 3-4 years though.
  17. I saw the night before the game there's the Dublin Derby. St Patrick's v Shamrock Rovers. Any TA going along to that? Tickets look about €15 mark Alternatively has anyone heard of any TA events lined up?
  18. That is hideous . The crown looks like one if those knitted toilet roll holders from the 70’s. It will be worse when the birds in the tree shit all over it. I saw UJ napkins in the Card Factory today. I was thinking ‘wft this is taking the European Final a bit far’. I completely forgot about the jubilee. Its not much of a thing up here that I can see.
  19. These post box topper things are appearing in London and around where I live 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  20. Well we had such a task a few years back when drawn in a group with France and Italy who were European Champs and World Champs if I remember correctly and we got edged out.
  21. For the 70s world cups we had to beat the czechs who were euro champs in 76. Thats quite a tough task although we did have better players back then. Would you like to face the euro champs to get to the world cup in qatar? Not sure i would. In 78 we also had to beat a pretty decent wales team as well.
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