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  2. Im exactly the same. The CL has lost its appeal for us but we are not the target audience. The target audience is in asia and america nowdays. I honestly hate what that competition and uefa have done to football.
  3. I genuinely only found out Liverpool were playing when a friend posted that bet 365 had an offer on it, and found out Dortmund was the other game as the teams were coming out the tunnel. I'd have watched the Motherwell game ahead of either. And this is from someone who would have stopped everything they were doing to watch the CL growing up. Now I watch the semis and final at the very most.
  4. Its about time this stupid rule was challenged. Id have tuned in to watch a scottish cup match. If it wasnt for the tamb updates on haaland, id have no idea whonwas playing in the CL last night.
  5. The signed pics of Andy Robertson and John McGinn were a nice treat for the kids memberships I should say. There was also signed pics of two of the womens players, you're welcome to have them Dohadeer. I'd probably just use them as drinks coasters or something anyway.
  6. He has no interest in the playoffs so i expect he wont be posting.
  7. Today
  8. If you clicked on images, probably a wee pinger???
  9. I just googled Women’s Association of Tennis Professionals in acronym form. Guess what came up.........😏
  10. Apologies, I don’t follow tennis like you. Whatever their tour is then, but now you’re being pedantic. Yet again, you’ve avoided every other valid point because your head has been swayed by what is meant to be right and wrong instead of what is right and wrong. To quote Jim Brown, it is education that you need Martin Luther King was a misguided leader. He worked to be recognized as the leader of black America when what black America needs isn't a leader, it is education.
  11. There are no women on the ATP.
  12. From all that pish, I read: Women can’t physically compete as well as men, therefore are the lower gender but rewarded just the same anyway. You really are a sexist arsehole, I’ll bet most women on the ATP could smash your arse off a tennis court any day of the week. Quite frankly, you disgust me with that attitude, zero respect for their physical abilities. edit: I notice you completely avoided my points about men being treated the same as women in Hollywood, why is that? Don’t you think they deserve that at least?
  13. Just wow. I’m not someone who frequents Facebook, Twitter, social media, etc, so when I hear mention of how vitriolic and sexist it is, and how women are abused on there, I can’t really picture what that looks like. Now I’m starting to see. If this is what someone on a football message board would write, where there is no need for any of us to be showing any kind of prejudice, I hate to think what anonymous trolls on social media can say. As a tennis fan, if I can try and justify. The money that men and women receive is PRIZE MONEY, for reaching a certain stage of the tournament. It’s not an hourly wage, based on how long they have spent on court. The amount of time spent training, practicing, doing media commitments, etc off the court, is presumably similar for men and women. The fact that women’s bodies are physically not able to play the same length of matches as men, does not mean that they should be penalized and receive less prize money. That would be the very definition of inequality. And ‘birds doing Ghostbusters.’ You’re not in a pub with your mates in the 1950s. You’re speaking publicly, on an Internet forum in 2020. If those are seriously your views then shame on you, but at least keep them to yourself, where they won’t cause any hurt to other people.
  14. Well they shouldn’t. I have no idea what you do for a living, but I assume you’d be pretty pissed off if a woman got the same wage as you, but got to go home an hour or 2 early every day. It’s ridiculous, just a pity men do t have the same representation in equal opportunities these days. I see there’s works to get an all female fast & furious film made, what the fuck is that all about, as if the birds doing ghostbusters and oceans 8 wasn’t bad enough. Just for reference, I’m still awaiting for Hollywood execs to get back to me with my idea for Charlie’s Angels featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt & Matt Damon, but I’m not holding my breath. This world is fucked up.
  15. My shite on a piece would be better than that fish thing 😩 Shes no made that soup since I don’t think. Its good like but far too watery to dip some bread in.....
  16. Please be careful. There’s no need to be aggressive about it. I’m not enjoying this. 🙁
  17. They get paid the same and the same amount of coverage was what I mean. They play less sets due to physical differences, but they receive equal standing to the men in terms of prize money etc.
  18. Haha. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. This being 2020 doesn’t mean I need to show support for a team I don’t give a hairy rat’s fuck about.
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