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  2. Clarke seems to go on a lot about Cooper being one of the "leaders" behind the scenes who will encourage players and take the younger players under his wing, to the point its like having a extra coach in the set up.
  3. Surely its got to be Liam Cooper who I'm puzzled why he's even there in the 28, and the same for Ryan Jack. We're taking two extra players in the "not fit or match sharp" box which includes Grant Hanley,Ben Doak and Stuart Armstrong and maybe Soutar.
  4. We already had our outward journey booked but it involved a london layover then landing in holland on the 13th and going down to munich on the day of the game. So, we decided to take the financial hit and book the new flights ryanair put on glasgow- memmigen (near munich) saves a lot of travel for like 100 quid more.
  5. We're so short on attacking options I don't think Clarke really had any decisions to make there. Except maybe the inclusion of Doak, which seems to be a pretty popular choice.
  6. Good looking squad, can't think of anyone who isn't there, but should be. Kelly to drop out from the goalkeepers. We have 11 defenders in there, two RBs, two LBs and seven CBs, you have to think that one of the CBs will drop out. Armstrong and Jack are injury concerns, Id guess that Ferguson being fit would have stopped Jack getting a dubious call up. No issue with any of the five forward players, hope they all make the plane.
  7. I am referring to current Celtic players
  8. Probably a mixture of Clarke feels he owes him to prove himself after missing out on Euro 2020, Gilmour and Armstrong may be carrying some knocks, and basically he is taking the spot that Lewis Ferguson would have got had he been fit. I think Ralston is the designated RB, and it was down to McCrorie and Max Johnstone, with McCrorie's versatility to play in various roles that edged it for him. Unlikely he will take 4, and he is probably taking 4 to Portugal just to make it appear his mind is not made up, rather than break the news to Kelly now he is not going.
  9. Hmm, Christie when at Celtic was decent for Scotland. Armstrong too (England game excepted)
  10. Hopefully Taylor isn;t needed. He is back up at best but for me he is the same as the other Celtic players - great against shit opposition but when it gets to the big stage they just aren't good enough. The exception here is McGregor who for me is a starter
  11. I don't see the point in Jack being there. I appreciate that we're struggling for injuries, but even when he's fit, Jack's only on the fringes of the side. I'm pleased for McCrorie, and his inclusion is a good call in the circumstances, but he's still a step down from Hickey, unfortunately. I'd probably go with Hendry in that position and play slightly more conservatively, especially in the opening game. Excited to see what Doak can offer - Gilmour grabbed the chance when thrown in at the deep-end, hopefully Doak can do the same. Not sure what to make of Forrest, he's been poor in some previous Scotland appearances, but was also carrying the whole team on a couple of occasions in McLeish's disastorous 2nd spell. Four goalkeepers seems excessive, I'm assuming one of them won't make the final 26.
  12. Livermento has not flown out to Australia with the Newcastle squad. No injury reports.
  13. Doak is exciting and even if he just does a Walcott there for experience then it makes sense. Would be a bit mental to drop him from here as it's going give everyone a boost even if he just comes on for 10 minutes to run about like a lad in the playground. Hopefully gets some minutes in the friendlies. Would be a bit dispiriting if he was called up then not make the 26 given the other options.
  14. He might be the least deserving scotland call up ever.
  15. If you think teams would exploit Taylor at LB, then they'd have a field day with Christie at LWB. I'd also prefer we used Christie in his actual position. Thank god this forum doesn't pick teams/formations!
  16. I suspect its Ralston getting the RB slot, and McCrorie there as his cover, plus given he is more versatile that Max Johnson, that might have just edged it for him to get in to the squad that he can cover a number of position if called upon (Aberdeen almost played him entirely across the back line, and even as a sweeping midfielder, so that might appeal to Clarke)
  17. Could be a multitude of reasons. Squad morale might be better with Forrest than Fraser.
  18. Quite happy McCrorie is in. Lets start him in the friendlies and see how he does.
  19. He is insufferable on the radio. I don't follow Rugby so no idea on that.
  20. Doak to start v Gibraltar and score a hat trick on debut 🙃
  21. Why not? Especially if Doak is just there for the experience. The reality is that we're taking too many CB's.
  22. Kirk

    Euros squad

    Aye didn't realise so many fitness worries, doak probably will go, even if it's just for the experience She's a fanny I'm not a big fan of Forrest or Fraser as many will know but Forrest has been on fire recently and is capable of taking someone on. Fraser just doesn't give me that confidence. And he's a wank As above I think doak will more be to have a look at and take for the experience if nothing else.
  23. I would sooner have another midfielder in the squad and use Christie as a makeshift LWB. Taylor lacks the physical presence and general confidence to play international football. He is a weak link that other teams will exploit.
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