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  2. I think the biggest difference between the Scottish Premiership and English Championship is you're playing against teams of a that standard on a more regular basis. If we say half the Scottish Premier wouldn't compete above the relegation battle in the Championship and that's roughly half your games, playing in the Championship makes your average game tougher - even if you're missing out on regular matches against the Old Firm duo.
  3. Disappointing for Aberdeen to lose a player of that quality, especially whilst still being in the Europa League with a winnable tie against Sporting - with all their unavailable players. If I understand correctly, it seems the deal is for £3m - which may be enough to see the club running at the same cost base throughout the stadium closures. Albeit, probably would be less that they would've got for him under normal circumstances. From McKenna's point of view, this is a very good move for him and will hopefully see him improve his game. I'd think that Forest are going to be towards th
  4. Tbf shinnie played last season and is a first team player this season for Derby and barrie mckay did well initially when he went to Nottingham forest. I would say there is alot more successful examples than failures. Guys like s fletcher, mccormack, Paterson, Snodgrass are success stories along with the guys you already mentioned. Your right in saying it is a step up from the spl but it's not a massive gap imo. I think at the moment Aberdeen and hibs would do OK in the English championship and maybe kilmarnock. The lower half of the championship/top half of league 1 is standar
  5. Also this graph has Spain at under 10k cases halfway through October.Yet the Joh Hopkins has them reporting over 10k cases the last 3 days. World of meters has them over 10k as well. Maybe it's the 14 day day average or something. But it does say daily reported cases. EDIT: Scrap that it's at the SAME RATE not talking about actual numbers just the same rate of increase, problem is my English not their maths
  6. Bit light on centre forwards. I take it Nisbet is too old? Scott is not really a CF is he?
  7. I think Porteous should get called up but we have too many central midfielders playing at a high level to justify promoting mcrorie.
  8. There was a guy called Joseph that was kicking around Germany the first half of the 20th Century that used to come out with stuff like that.
  9. Independent SAGE do a weekly broadcast and they used 3 separate studies to show where the doubling rate of 7/8 days came from. We also had probably 100,000 cases a day in March. I don't think the government is listening to the science at all, so the decision maker probably isn't even a scientist. It's right at the start here. need to wind it back can't stop it starting at 2:11 for some reason.
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  11. Yes, that's the main purpose of age restrictions, to promote to seniors. Think this time around they will only get in if there are injuries. Clarke probably knows his team V Israel.
  12. Promising stuff, but very weak up front. Not convinced at all by Hornby and Scott didn't even play there last night. Turnball would be a better option.
  13. Thought this was pretty interesting: Sir Patrick did point out the 50,000 figure was not a prediction. But it was used in the knowledge it would grab the headlines. Why? One person close to the decision-making told me it was about influencing behaviour - to try to persuade the public to redouble its efforts https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54255635 That projection is miles off where Spain and Italy are but reading between the lines loads of folk have thought 'f**k it!' since Dom went Durham. It's a bit 'Ministry of Truth' for my liking though when the
  14. I think some of the Under 21s may get promoted to the senior squad as well. Ross McCrorie has made a good start to the season could see him coming in maybe Porteous also
  15. Decent squad for next month. Ashby in which will tell us a lot about his involvement. ( now and future) A win against the Czechs could see us in a really strong position to qualify. After that home to Croatia and away to Greece. Czechs have played san Marino twice already. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54262348?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story
  16. How many Scots have moved direct to the Championship and become long term success? I can remember lots of guys who many on here tipped to go to the Championship as a stepping stone but ultimately couldnt establish themselves. Guys like Liam Lindsay, Stevie May, Steven McLean, Barry McKay and Greame Shinnie etc Trying to think of anybody other than Fraiser, Adam, McGinn and possibly McLean. I think the step up is much more than people think. Yes there are some rubbish players in the Championship however most teams have much more quality and certainly strength in depth than anybo
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54262348?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story Well we've moved quick to get him involved.
  18. Ashby's in the U21 squad for the first time for the games next month.
  19. Dundee United's 20-year-old forward Logan Chalmers was watched by scouts from Premier League clubs Crystal Palace and Southampton, as well as Championship side Birmingham City.
  20. Harrison Ashby has probably seen the talent England have at right back and thought his best chance is with us. As long as he gives it his all and plays well then I will support him. Let's hope he gets some more game time this season.
  21. It is continually blowing my mind that the magistrate ruled that Assange's lawyers face a 30 minute time limit (guillotine) when question their witnesses but the prosecution lawyers representing the US are allowed to take hours and hours questioning the exact same witnesses. This trial is a fucking farce. It is really shocking seeing how unfair it is.
  22. There’s no precedent to suggest old firm games lead to trouble in and around pubs, or Rangers fans having an adverse reaction to being told they can’t watch something on a big screen (too soon? ) 😜 I think the idea of socially distanced sat at a table with members of yours and maximum one other household, wearing a mask to move around, socially distancing, hand sanitising... all sounds perfectly reasonable and enforceable. Good luck when someone scores or whatever. 😂 There’s already “COVID police” going round the pubs round my way. I reckon every pub would be shut by half time.
  23. I'll see your sand & raise you a brick. 😃 From the album Unhalfbricking.
  24. He asked Steve Clarke to be included in the previous two matches. Clarke snubbed him. His time is over.
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