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  2. Last chance for Friday night 🧀? lover of the Russian queen + Russia's greatest love machine... (they shot him till he was dead)
  3. Maybe if it was at the principality but Wales will easily sell 30,000 tickets and we’ll have (hopefully) about a tenth of that.
  4. Nice bit of research. Yeah not a fantastic record but not terrible.
  5. You would fancy our chances more against a team we haven’t beat for years than a team we beat in Austria a couple of months ago? Odd.
  6. You've got to assume Ukraine will have been celebrating the fact they avoided the likes of Italy, Portugal and Russia. They'll look at the tie against us as winnable and already be researching and fantasising about the likely final opponent. Good. They'll underestimate us, and we'll crush them. The first game is by far the most important. Win that, with a good performance, and the confidence and momentum we'll take into the final will sweep away Wales or Austria. I am overjoyed at this draw.
  7. We put ours in the garage after chasing the recycling around the drive in the Shire. Seems to have dropped a bit now though!
  8. Exactly this, we could potentially turn wales away into a home game given the amount of welsh plastic fans!
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  10. They've generally had a very strong record at Cardiff city stadium since they moved qualifiers there, very rarely lose whereas playing at Millenium was pretty self defeating as less intense atmosphere and away teams got more motivation, Spain battered them about 4-1 in a rare game they played 3-4 years ago. Of course they could get 75k no problem for potential final so sure FAW would be tempted on revenue but would be amazed if it was moved. Overall no real complaints with draw. Ukraine can be tricky but when you look at overall record in last two years it's really not that good, they were very fortunate to get to QFs of euros and mediocre qualifying record. Tough to break down though so wouldn't shock me if it's a repeat of Israel match in the last play off. Actually one of the few matches Wales lost at home in last few qualifiers was 0-1 against Republic of Ireland in October 2017. ROI did a number on them that night in what was pretty much a play off for 2nd. Hopefully one of Bale/Ramsey is injured for March aswell. Both teams still have to get to the final but I had a hunch this meeting would happen to make world cup, would be some build up.
  11. This topic of conversation got me curious in relation to our play-off record. We have only been involved in 5 play-off events( some were single game, some were two legs and more recently its a semi-final & Final arrangement) 2020 - We came out of two play off games, making it through with penalty wins over Israel and Serbia. 2003 - Won 1-0 and then 6-0 v Netherlands, 6-1 aggregate loss 1999 - Lost 2-0 v England and then won 1-0, 2-1 aggregate loss 1985 - Beat Australia 2-0 and then drew 0-0, aggregate 2-0 win 1961 - Lost to Czechoslovakia loss 4-2 AET In regards to the prize (prize being qualification), we are 2 wins and 3 losses Goals For : 6 Goals against : 12 Goal Difference : -6
  12. I would fancy our chances a lot more in Wales than in Austria, I would go as far as to say Wales away is the only option. Ukraine first though.
  13. There were three 4 team groups. Second in those played off rather than qualified automatically. We lucked out as our group runner up was drawn to play the Oceania group winner. The other play-off ended up being Belgium v Netherlands!
  14. Thanks fella. Parkrun tomorrow. Going to try and get into the Hertha Berlin game tomorrow but we'll see
  15. That’s it, imagine a swashbuckling 2007 style win and the momentum/juggernaut will be huge…man if we do it please let it be wales, part of me is dreading it but the occasion would just be epic and a win down there…wow. Wouldn’t get any better. Huge ladder to climb tho granted.
  16. Worth remembering we did go to the euros and went out in 'classic' style... the Schick 'wonder goal' essentially fucked us before we even got going... I think we were all thinking that maybe Clarke was a mistake at that point... but somehow I think it has maybe made this side realize that they don't want to be that same butt of the joke Scottish side that we all know supporting Scotland this last XX years. Win or lose I don't really care. For the first time in a long time I am not embarrassed by or worse ashamed of the Scotland team. The only way to shake off the loser reputation is to win. So in that respect I'd far prefer (beating) Austria than Wales but honestly the real test will be Ukraine. If we beat them I think we will be flying.
  17. TDYER63

    The Weemin

    1-1 . We deserved more but its better than losing . Bit of karma that we scored in extra time after all the time wasting that went on.
  18. Well I don’t think you can describe the last 20 years as historical but if it’s just semantics we’re talking then fair enough. We’ve been playing international football for nearly 150 years so I would say 20 years is fairly recent. Our qualifying record in the last 3 years is pretty good though. One tournament reached out of two. Possibly two out of three depending on what happens in March. What has happened prior to that is pretty irrelevant in my opinion. If Ukraine, Wales or Austria think they will have an easy time of it because we lost to Netherlands and England in playoffs around 20 years ago then they are pretty daft. They will likely be relieved to be playing us because we are one of the weakest seeded teams though which is fair enough. Hopefully they will underestimate us.
  19. Favourite writer... Engine engineer... died in a car crash (take your pick)
  20. By recent do you mean 20+ years. That is not 'recent'. Recent would be like 3 years max. But aye ok... how many world cups did we go to in total...and we never made it out the first round. Same with the euros. Ireland... how did they do when they qualified. Wales... did they not reach the semi finals of the euros 'recently'. This Scotland side under Clarke look to me like they can break the loser mold of sides of old. (that may have rhymed)
  21. TDYER63

    The Weemin

    The women are cursed at scoring as well it seems. God knows how they are losing this game.
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