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  2. Again it’s all about opinions. Yes McTominay needs a defensive midfielder to sit behind him, he’s not great defensively, and he enjoys getting forward at every opportunity, which we want to encourage. So to fill the whole left behind McTominay we need someone to sit and facilitate McTominay going forward, this will also allow him to press higher up the pitch alongside the forward and McGinn. I’ve watched plenty of Patterson and Hickey and I’d agree that Hickey is better defensively, but he’s not “light years” ahead of Patterson. I’ve watched enough of Hickey at Bologna and Brentford to see that he very, very rarely has any contribution to goals or in the build up to goals from either full back position or wing back. He offers next to nothing offensively. I don’t think he has scored a goal yet for Brentford or Scotland for that matter. The goals I recall him scoring at a couple at Bologna from the edge of the box, when the ball has came to him from opposition defending a corner. He’s played 35 games for Brentford with 0 goals and 1 assist. He’s played 14 times for Scotland, 0 goals, 0 assists. Now obviously I’m not expecting goals and assists galore from Hickey, but he offers almost nothing offensively. For us to score more goals we need a right wing back that offers something in attack. I think you are getting players mixed up, McTominay plays on the right, Christie and Armstrong on the left. As far as McGinn, I prefer him when he plays as a number 10 and given a free role to find space wherever it is. I agree, McGregor is our metronome, playmaker but I prefer to see him given more of a free role to drift deep and to push forward, not just sit. There are times he’s done this for Scotland and it’s been Gilmour who is usually left to sit in front of the defence. But I just don’t like Gilmour there. I’d much prefer someone like Hickey, someone with a bit more physicality, pace, mobility, stronger in the tackle to be in front of the defence. “Do you think he plays the high tempo high energy attacking mid role as good as McGinn, McTom, Armstrong or Christie?” No, but it’s a different role, I want to see him orchestrate these players, not try to be McGinn or McTominay. I think he will do that more effectively if he is allowed the freedom to move up with play, rather than sit. The question might be, can Christie do the job better than McGregor come the Euros, because he seems to be playing a very similar role for Bournemouth at the moment and by all accounts doing very well. Again the question was, is “can this team/squad be better when we get to Germany?”. I’ve given my opinion on how I believe we can be better offensively without any “new” players. I think it would improve us offensively and defensively.
  3. That’s what I was thinking, given there’s multiple categories in a stand, there’s a pretty good chance that arranging to swap with someone would be easy enough.
  4. When we play a five at the back, it’s effectively Tierney that fulfills the roll of DM as he steps forward into that area frequently. For me, that’s one of the reasons that he’s such a big miss - no one else that we’ve tried in that position does (or can do) what he does. To his credit, Porteous has been pretty decent at replicating it on the right, albeit slightly more conservative positionally and instead focussing on forward passes. Maybe having Hickey in the LCB if Tierney is out would be a potential solution? If Tierney is available, I’m picking Hickey over Patterson at RWB every time at the moment, though. That slip aside, he was one of our best performers throughout the qualifying campaign. RE McGregor & Gilmour, I think that if he continues with the progression of recent weeks at Brighton for the rest of the season, Gilmour will be ahead of McGregor in almost every category. His improvement recently has been rapid and DeZerbi has been commenting on it. McGregor is still slightly ahead of him if it’s one or the other right now, though. By the time of the euros, we’ll see…
  5. No you won’t. You’ll be there. Me and you both know that we don’t know each other but if we qualify .. we will find each other .. find a comfy doorway in Germany … huddle up and wait for kick off.
  6. I'm on 22 points and devastated to learn from the OP that I just missed out on being in the elite. Ach the points threshold for ticket sales didn't really bother me as there's three of us who go regularly - I'm on 22, my mate is 18 and the other 16, so I would likely have had to wait for it to go down to 16 anyway as after such a long wait to qualify it'd be rubbish being in different sections. However, I do think they could simply have began with 13-32 points. By doing that you would have needed to have gone to at least one away game to qualify. But, it's a small thing, and the three of us after a stressful 10 minutes all got fans first tickets. There probably won't be this argument again for a generation anyway because all the future tournaments coming up won't have the same demand. I include Euro 2028 in that.
  7. I'm mid 20s on points. Paid €270 for the 3 games. Mates on less points got 3 fans first. Shit happens.
  8. As others have said, its Uefa who are to blame here for the stupid prices. I understand that some high pointers want to feel some extra reward for their efforts however where do you draw the line? Should high pointers get 1st dibs on having tickets seated together aswell? High points guarentees tickets, nomatter the game or stadium. Thats what the travel club was created for. Realistically most high pointers will have got fans 1st or cat 3 tickets. The cat 3s werent out of this world stupid money. Its really the 11 pointers that have been shafted by the prices as they were basically left with missing out or remortgage.
  9. You think to get the best out of McTom he needs a holding midfielder after just scoring 7 goals from open play despite not even starting the 1st game? Paterson is better than Hickey going forward however Hickey is light years better than Paterson defensively. This is important for Scotland as McGinn tends to play on the right for Scotland and although McGinn has many attributes and brings loads to the team, covering back is not one of them. Its the opposite on the left, as you say both Robertson and Tierney like to get forward but are both good defensively and tend to cover each other, in addition the left attacking mid has either been McTom, Christie or Armstrong. All 3 of whom are workhorses and provide great defensive cover. Id also disagree about McGreggor, his best position imo is deep playmaker, he is our tempo setter, keeps the ball moving and is also good for organising the guy playing alongside him. Do you think he plays the high tempo high energy attacking mid role as good as McGinn, McTom, Armstrong or Christie? I totally get the want for a defensive mid but as I said, what game when we have played a 5 has it been really obvious that we need one? Everytime we have been hopelessly exposed its been when we play a 4.
  10. I'm booked for Karlsruhe as well for the 23rd, less of a jaunt to the airport on the Monday morning.
  11. SSC members shouldn’t be preventing other members from getting a ticket by buying a ticket for a mate who isn’t a member. If they do they should keep quiet about it.
  12. Why wouldn't someone get one for a pal if they could?
  13. Hardly a surprise. UEFA should be ashamed. Reasonably priced tickets would have sold out long ago.
  14. if you had 2 could maybe do something here, could potentially do one swap if you let me know nearer the time
  15. €600 Germany tickets all that's left.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Doubly glad I stay away from Twitter & Facebook! Was pretty stressful, and some folk will have missed out on some or all tickets they wanted. Am grateful to be going to my first away finals and perhaps my last. Even then just for what is looking like just one very quick week for 2 games. Just think of the carnage though if we get through the group 😄
  18. I always had doubts about Jacks mobility as a defensive midfielder, he is quality on the ball, but off the ball, I have always had doubts. Souttar would be an interesting possibility, I’m sure Porteous played a similar role briefly for Hibs at one point.
  19. You’d think the allocation for FAs would increase the deeper into the tournament you get rather than decrease. I’ll be at home eating beans on toast after the group stage even if we get out the group so won’t affect me but man that’s grim.
  20. I believe to get the best out of McGregor and McTominay we need a holding midfielder, even when we play 3/5 at the back. A lot of posters here, seem worried about where the goals will come from since we have a limited choice of centre forwards, none of which are of the same quality as the majority of the rest of the squad. I think the way we become better offensively is to get the most out of the players we have already. I think to get the most out of the players we have, we really need a defensive midfielder to give the likes of McGregor, McTominay the freedom to be more involved offensively. Our left side, Robertson / Tierney is quality, and offensively Robertson especially has been immense. I think we need more threat from our right, I think Patterson is the best attacking right-wing back that we have. Our formation, 3/5 at the back is at times a very attacking formation, there are times when both wing backs, nearly all the midfield and the forwards are high up the pitch in and around the opponents box. And at times Tierney is also up there. And it’s either (depending who is playing) Gilmour or McGregor sitting deep. In my opinion you want someone else sitting deep and McGregor higher up orchestrating the attacks. I think that’s what he’s best at. That’s why I think a defensive midfielder could help us offensively. Rather than looking for another striker or Harvey Barnes etc. I think the squad we have can be more effective with a little tweaking. For example look at the performances of McTominay since he was allowed to play higher up the pitch, McGinn also. I think McGregor would also benefit from being given more of a license to get forward and join in offensively.
  21. Surely it's easy enough to figure out. The fans first is basically bottom tier behind the goal. Get the capacity of that, subtract how many we got. That's how many went to ballot
  22. Agreed but there is also nothing worse than someone sitting in your seat. When we got to Wembley in 2021 people were sitting in our seats and we got a mouthful of abuse for asking them to move. 25 people crammed into a row of 18 seats at Hampden is also annoying. Just sit in the seats you’ve bought ffs (unless you get a genuine swap).
  23. I think the suggestion (or if it wasn't this would be a possibility) is that you could use the seat together option and then if Cat 3 and FF were in the same area you could just swap seats in the ground. No harm linking your order to a random and then when you get the seating plan on the day sorting out something.
  24. Why would you admit that on here? Poor show (unless I have misunderstood).
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