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  2. Rolling hIlls

    Europa league qualifiers

    PM'd you mate. And I am not Big Ron!!!!
  3. N4Footsoldier

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Albanians haven't had the displeasure of dealing with ScotRail so I reckon we'll be fine
  4. Political parties say*
  5. I beg to differ. The only reason the Labour Party has seemed to have done well is because the main focus on everyone’s eyes, including the media, has been because of the tory party’s infighting, division and poor handling of brexit. Brexit and the tory party are the main topics. These are also the reasons why they’re doing so well in the opinion polls. There is not much alternative in England to choose from. As for labour’s pie in the sky NHS. Corbyn, like many labour politicians before, will promise the earth when not in power, but when in power? yes they put more money into the NHS. “However, in 1999 ‘New Labour’ marked the start of a transition of the NHS from a public sector provider to include the private sector under the disguise of choice and competition. New Labour’s reforms of the NHS proved to be highly unpopular both within and outside the mainstream Labour Party.” https://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/kailash-chand/moment-of-honesty-is-required-new-labour-began-dismantling-of-our-nhs There’s a mountain of information out there to suggest that the Labour Party is just as bad, if not worse, with the nhs as the tories are. That, imo, will not change with Corbyn because he will fall into the establishment role.
  6. It’s naive to believe anything the Labour Party say.
  7. Caledonian Craig

    The Brexit Thread

    He has been totally spineless on Brexit. Where does he stand on it? How would he handle Brexit differently? Nobody knows as he says very little. This Tory government is pathetic in every way yet you wouldn't believe it the way he constantly gets fobbed off in PM question time by May. Sorry that just shows how weak he is.
  8. Scotland Ever More

    Europa league qualifiers

    Know your place
  9. Today
  10. EddardStark

    Europa league qualifiers

    Draws for the third qualifying rounds will be made tomorrow
  11. He's done well to run the LP on behalf of the members despite constant sabotage from the right of his party plus T. Blair.
  12. EVERY party - EVERY party? The Tories are idealogically opposed to the NHS. We can protest all we like but only a Labour govt. are pledged to save it.
  13. Huddersfield

    This Board Needs Tunes

    I got quite into listening to protest music a while back...a few favourites:
  14. Rolling hIlls

    Europa league qualifiers

    PM'd Scotty
  15. wanderer

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Ferry website http://www.adriaferries.com/en/lines/linea-bari-durazzo.html
  16. wanderer

    Ferry from Bari to Durres - party in Bari

    Durres is only 45 minutes or so from Tirana, and ferry gets in for 8am, so if arriving on match day, more than possible to reach Tirana in time to get Davy’s buses. Reading about, Durres is a resort town and seems to shut down in winter (which is a shame as it looks really nice and had it been earlier in the summer a full day would have been very tempting).
  17. iainmac1

    league cup

    I imagine the points will be awarded to Cove and Hearts will also get a fine. I'd be shocked if the punishment was anything else. That will have a big impact on the group as Caley Thistle could have the group won before the final game against Hearts.
  18. Like Ron will ever come clean. (Gavin Gillies) PM me with who you are. 99.9% of folk on here must know me or have had a peek at me by now and can I just state that I cannae stick Huns? 😂
  19. Sempre

    SSC points

    Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere, couldn't see it. The number of fans on each point category has been updated after the Peru and Mexico games. 16 points: 95 15: 32 14: 49 13: 44 12: 104 11: 191 10: 232 9: 304 8: 324 7: 459 6: 536 5: 859 4: 1731 3: 4534 2: 6913 1: 2266 0: 2048 Last 10 away games: Italy, France, Malta, Slovakia, England, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary*, Peru*, Mexico* *2 points awarded 1 point awarded for Costa Rica 1 for renewing before 31 March 1 for being a member for three campaigns
  20. Dave78

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Some beautiful finishes. What's his chances to goals ratio like? (On a scale of Kenny Miller to Gerd Mueller).
  21. And since the Word of God (KJV) is my AUTHORITY and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that would be the answer. A CLEAR gospel message and dispensational study with sound doctrine (Romans through Philemon especially Romans 1-8 for the basic doctrine), building up the spiritual inner man, is what cures the mental slavery - NOT by trying to serve God through the energies of your flesh because you think that makes you look good (which is more sin -pride/self rghteousness - whatever is not of faith is sin) - as what the vast majority of the Christian Religion does sadly. God is a Spirit and must be worshipped in SPIRIT and TRUTH.
  22. I'm going home next month after 12 years as an expat in various countries around the plane(t) (be prepared 😂)
  23. I'm convinced this is posturing for the negotiations. May says 'no deal is better than a bad deal', but i'm similarly convinced she doesn't really believe that.
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