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  2. Takes me back that game... Hampden really was a different proposition back then. Would love for us to go back to the low tech pipes and drums, with none of the firework pish we get now. And love to have a no nonsense centre half like Tom Forsyth. That shoulder charge at the end 😊
  3. Just heard on Sportsound that his wife Linda recently passed away as well. Nice tribute on Sportsound for him.
  4. But this isn't a sevco in crisis thread Scotty ma man. Its a Rangers thread. Why don't you start a sevco thread if you don't believe a Rangers thread could exist?? Seems like a bit daft to me 👉
  5. My first ever football sticker was tam Forsyth 1978 World Cup panini.
  6. "Relentless Like a dog on a bone We got gas in the tank to go all night We got gas in the tank to go all night Relentless We don’t walk alone Relentless It’s time to get to work, now let’s get goin’... " Sevco have continually been in the news for the past 8 years for all of the wrong reasons.
  7. It was the centenary cup final in 1973. He sclaffed it in with his studs for the winner for 3-2 against Celtic. I was on management duty one night at the college and had to wait till all the lecturers had signed out. His wife Linda taught a flower arranging class and she was always at the coos tail. All I wanted was to sign everyone out and get home for a pint. Eventually, fed up, I went away round to her class. Tam was sweeping up the debris. Linda said 'everything alright?' I said naw naw just take your time! Had a wee blether with him. They had a flower shop in Lanarkshire somewhere. If you watch how he played against England in 77 I didn't realise how good a player he was as well as a hard tackler. His tackle against Channon remains one of the best tackles in a Scotland jersey. If you haven't seen it watch it on you tube.
  8. I don't. I'm commenting on the deal that's making the news. Sevconians (want to) believe that they are free of MA. I'm strongly suggesting that they're not. Since you were previously very upset at my posting the word 'the' before 'Rangers', it'd probably be more accurate to say that me reminding you of the history and current status of the establishment team ruins that aspect of this part of the board for you. (Brother... Please put me on ignore.) My choice is to either 'pretend' or call it like it is. I genuinely don't see being sensitive as a weakness, but please try to take on a thicker skin when it comes to the truth. Rangers 2012 are a club that remain without a line of credit to a bank and will be operating while insolvent once the directors can't stump up any more money. The Rangers have gone all in this make or break season, and although it's early doors, it's a very good start for them. Thank you for your kind words. Those would be facts. 👍
  9. Also got an early memory of him sclaffing the ball over the goalline with his studs. Think it was maybe a cup final.
  10. Sad news. 206 appearances for Motherwell. 22 Scotland caps as well as his Rangers career. Set the tone for hard as nails centre backs ay Fir Park, Wullie McVie, Stewart McLaran, Gregor Stevens, and was assistant manager to Tommy McLean during the best times to be a Well fan in my lifetime. RIP Big Tam.
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  12. Started watching 7 seconds after seeing it mentioned on here. It’s very good. Not so good is Reckoning on Netflix. I enjoyed the first few episodes but it fell away badly.
  13. Agreed, just as you are allowed to have your views on other posters comments. I don't repeat things. Scotland Forever.
  14. He's free to refer to them how he pleases. Just as you are free to post whatever you like. As long as posts don't venture into racist or sectarian grounds then crack on.
  15. I've already had enough to protect me for life
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000lwld I am pretty surprised the BBC can get away with this given the pending inquiry . Will no doubt be a hatchet job to ensure no one connected with independence comes out well.
  17. Plus if the games are played when fans are allowed back in the stadium, then they should be played behind closed doors. Then you dont get the clubs having the advantage of having fans back, and making money out of it. Fulfilling the fixtures/ deductiing points is a hard one. What if the club does everything by the book, and yet infections still occur? We are still not 100% sure how the virus really spreads. Celtic will be pretty fucked by this, unless they drop out of Europe/Scottish Cup at an early stage. The SPFL are already are on the verge of not having enough time to play the season. Plus, I doubt these will be the last lot of fixtures suspended.
  18. Finished the 3rd and final season of Dark. My brain is bursting. If I am honest I probably didnt understand half of what was going, but I really enjoyed it. Probably one of those programmes where a second viewing would help understand it more. If you struggled keeping up with the different families in Game of Thrones you can forget it . If on the other hand you understand this, or the subject interests you , then you will probably enjoy it. ‘What is reality? And is there only one of them? Or do several realities co-exist? To help explain, Erwin Schroedinger devised an extremely interesting thought experiment. Schroedinger’s cat. A cat is locked in a steel chamber with a tiny amount of radioactive substance, a Geiger counter, a vial of poison, and a hammer. As soon as a radioactive atom decays inside the steel chamber, the Geiger counter releases the hammer, which smashes the vial of poison. The cat is dead. However, due to the wave characteristics in the quantum world, the atom has both decayed and not decayed, until our own observation forces it into a definitive state. Until the instant we look and see, we don’t know if the cat is dead or alive. It exists in two superimposed states. The properties “dead” and “alive” therefore exist simultaneously in the microcosm. But what if the simultaneous existence of life and death also applied to the macrocosmic world? Could two different realities potentially exist side by side? Could we manage to split time and allow it to run in two opposing directions? And by doing so, allow the cat to simultaneously exist in both states, dead and alive? And if so, how many different realities could exist side by side?’
  19. I think being made to play the games with a weakened squad sounds reasonable (in Celtic's case it's arguable how much weakened they'd actually be!). If, for whatever reason, the teams in question can't fulfil the fixtures, then they forfeit three points to the opposition - where's the fairness in them being messed around when they've done nothing wrong? Bringing in rules retrospectively to penalise clubs seems totally against basic justice. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time this year Scottish football authorities have punished clubs for circumstances beyond their control.
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