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  2. He put a lovely ball across the face of goal, only needed a touch and it was surely a goal.
  3. I think this was the first band I ever saw & still one of my favourites.
  4. Ralston was horrible. McGregor and Turnbull offered nothing either. Tidy in possession but no penetration.
  5. Got It - I think. Baby? There's no 'o' in that is there?? 🀭
  6. None of the posters on here claimed anything like that. Some of us posted rumours we had been sent. You already know this unless you cant read, youre just looking for a reaction because you are a cockwomble. Theres your reaction
  7. I mind last week when the experts who had inside information said that McIness was resigning the next day. Was that just lies?
  8. Used to have a wee crush on Wendy James 😍 probably still have 😁
  9. The truth is rangers have wanted to stop 10 more than celtic wanted 10, the league was over for celtic realisticly before the game at New year, only thing that I take as a plus is we have been more shite rather than rangers have improved as good as the point difference
  10. Why, after handing in his / her resignation, is that individual still posting on this board ? What a lying person that is
  11. I dont think anyone can believe whats happened to Celtic.
  12. Nicky Devlin must be getting close to being the best right/back in the league outside the Old Firm, another decent game against Celtic today. He’d adjust to wing-back no problem, has played there a number of times for Livingston. I also thought the young Right-back for Celtic today looked a decent prospect, Ralston, I think his name is?
  13. Its gone stale, the fans are apathetic anf theres no signs he can take aberdeen any further
  14. Ha ha pal. Big daft Ramy is on the nightshift tonight for the Canadian Mounties. Once he gets under the shawl again.
  15. It's a pity Ramy isn't the scout he could probably do a better job πŸ˜‚
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