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  2. My worry is that Turnbull doesn't 1. Have the tenacity to fit into Postecoglou's system and 2. There are no strikers at Celtic good enough for him to assist. His chance creation stats from last season prove he is one of the most creative players Scotland has, but his teammates couldn't score them.
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  4. 3 silvers and a gold in the end though. Record breaking haul
  5. Fair enough and its a bit harsh to judge him after a gameā€¦needs to up it to stay in contention i think.
  6. Dons and Hibs will have a wee bit more incentive for their games on Sunday now.
  7. Very mature. Slasher had an opinion and you start with the personal insults. Grow up ffs...
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  9. Turnbull wasn't brilliant but a long way from "very poor"
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