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  2. Not a massive fan of gilmour as he is still dining out on the England game . However Brighton would be an excellent move his style of play would be suited to them and he would have a good amount of quality around him unlike Norwich where he ended up as bad as what was around him . would still be a difficult midfield to break into but would have more of a chance than at Chelsea
  3. Really enjoyed Top Gun Maverick. Cheesy as fuck (like the original) but thoroughly enjoyed it! A great couple of hours entertainment!
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  5. I've got better things to do with my time than follow the PM hustings circus. Maybe it has been asked but isn't the obvious question 'When would be the right time?' Has any journalist actually put that as a direct question and, if not, why not?
  6. Another medal for Eilish McColgan. She's had a great year. One medal at the beginning and now she's got four.
  7. Don't think we've got a thread on this so far (apologies if we have). 'Where the crawdads sing'. Bit boring and clichéd, saw the ending coming several miles away. Nice scenery and wildlife pictures.
  8. Some result for Neil Lennon tonight! It would be feckin hilarious to see him and his team back in Scotland in the group stages at Tynecastle or even better at Ibrox! 😂
  9. Lovely goal by morgan. Thats 11 for the season, hopefully gets in the september squads.
  10. Going by fans seems to have impressed tonight.
  11. If he's any good he will, if he isn't he wont. As you say, better than the current limbo and I would say better than the championship too.
  12. What’s the likely number of points needed to get to this game?
  13. Good to see but I wouldn't read too much into it.
  14. I saw that everywhere today it's from 2017 as well. Must have just went viral again.
  16. Certainly better viewing than last Thursday. Sets up a humdinger at Tynecastle.
  17. Virtually none for many reasons Catalonia is different in that Spain has an actual constitution Spain transitioned from a Fascist state to a democracy only 47 years ago and there are still remnants of it left within law enforcement agencies Sunak only said the other day that the Union is voluntary but he still wont allow a referendum to leave All the UK Government will continue to do is ignore it on this level even if we have a referendum and win All moot anyway - there wont be a referendum and the next General Election will be a plebiscite vote If the UK Government still ignores it then the Scottish Government takes it to the International courts
  18. A bit off topic and no doubt been asked endless times, but what are the realistic chances of this happening? Truss (nor Sunak) hae the nouse to deal with this and reckon we'll be in for a bit of Catalan style rubbering (if the high court rejects Scots government argument for having one or it's a lengthy case). As for now is not the time. It's never going to be is it? Covid or 10% inflation, they're going to keep saying this for next ten years and Starmer will too (if they win the next election).
  19. Harrison Ashby is starting for West Ham tonight.
  20. Yes, I've been trying to think through why he used those words. My first thought--because it was an Alba video-- was that 'our people' referred to the Scottish people (in which case, the use of the word 'crushed' really does paint a bleak picture). But then I realised that the context was that he was speaking to RMT rail strikers, and maybe he was simply giving a nod to what happened to the striking Miners back in the Thatcher years ? So 'our people' here would be referring to the striking Railway workers (and other people in a similar predicament working in other fields?). So basically he was saying: "Win this or we'll be treated like the Miners were back in the 80s"? Either way, strong words.
  21. As ever the problem is the distorted mirror that is the British media The solution has to involve normal people talking to normal people The majority of Scots would be on the side of the protestors
  22. I was listening to a podcast called fortunately, apparently this is going to hurt was misogynistic
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