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  2. This does not surprise me in the slightest. Went there when we played them in 2005 and it was without doubt the maddest few days ever 😲
  3. I can't be that bad of a chef, I've managed to survive 27 years in the business, got trained by John Weatherburn (Manager of the Scottish culinary team), Willie Deans (Scottish chef of the year 3 year on the bounce if I remember correctly) and John Mullen (Former sugarcraft world champion). I have worked with Nick Nairn (I was part of his team that got a star), John Webber (The guy that taught Gary Rhodes), and the late and very great Andy Fairlie (I can cook, but Andy was a fecking genius, far better in my opinion than Ramsay, and a hell of a better human being). I then spent 12 years as Scottish area chef for one of Britain's largest pub/restaurant chains, before stress, depression and a change of management, forced me out of that job. Since then I have worked for my mate, just as a chef, nothing fancy, just straight forward cooking, and I love it. I can go into work, do my job, have a laugh, sometimes even have a wee cheeky beer or 10, and go home at night, no working away for month's on end, no hassel worrying about stars, stocks or what some wee smarmy food critic has to say about the quality of a goga berry flavored panna cotta (It tasted sh^te, but It wasn't my recipe, so I really didn't give a feck). As for taking 4 hours to make the meal, if had a kitchen the size of that wee lispy cockney fud nugget, I could have done it in 2, but when your kitchen is the size of a fecking shoebox, and you can only do 1 job at a time, 4 hours is no bad, when you consider I had to make everything from scratch, (pastry, shortbread, cook the stew, ect). As for the lack of romance, ask your maw, she said I gave her the best 30 seconds of her life (30 sec includes cuddles, and a fag). Rough as a badger, 4 can became 15 with some voddie thrown in, thank feck I am off work.
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  5. Im back to work, which helps a lot, but also in the middle of directing and producing a short video of all the kids from the football team, playing social distance football, it’s a load of pish really, but already clipped 5 videos together and my boy thinks it’s funny. If I’ve got permission from all the parents, I’ll post it on here when it’s finished, may even make a guest appearance myself.......
  6. No. Just fed up of rolling hills trolling, who seems to have gone very quiet on all fronts, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
  7. thesaint


    Agree with you 100%.They cancelled.It's up to them to initate the refund.I have flights booked with easy jet,ryan air and last minute.com.Impossible to get in touch with any of them,by phone or email.I know it's a horendous situation,and not too worried when i get the refund,as long as i get it.Just think it's not too much to expect an e.mail saying they will refund in due course.
  8. Using my life experience... how did wake up time go for you this morning?
  9. Going by the polls it appears that the snp are going to win 70 seats giving them a majority. Also there has been a couple of polls in the last six months putting yes ahead so this whole case hasn't affected independence support too much. It may even have increased support with certain ppl believing this to be a stitch up job by the brit establishment. Obviously we have to see what will happen in the next year or so with salmond perhaps looking for revenge and how that affects the snp.
  10. Reporting during the trial rain the risk of the trial collapsing so that was worse. A period of silence would probably be welcome right now from all parties.
  11. There is a lot of anger over the way AS was treated throughout this whole process by (ohhh let's call them) the SNP 'leadership cadre' . For a long time it was just a suspicion that grew and grew as more information came out one way or the other. Now I'd say this anger will go from a slowly growing simmer to become a roiling boil. By the time this is all over I would expect full on open revolt... What staggers me is just how fucking stupid and unnecessary all of this was by the Team Nicola leadership cadre. This was like calling in a nuclear strike on your own position just to take out one fucking guy! So now they are sitting in a smoking crater of their own making all their plans in tatters around them... and we are as well. But imagine if they had 'won'... AS, an innocent man and huge contributor to the independence movement, would be rotting in a jail cell facing the prospect he'd likely die in prison and the unionist media would be having a field day everyday forever, just like they did everyday that this dark cloud was hanging over Salmond, for what nearly two years. Even with this verdict - cleared of all charges - you have the media just repeating the accusations over and over. It was a huge lose-lose for the independence movement no matter how it turned out. An idiot should have been able to see that.... This was all done on NS's watch. It does not matter if it was malice or incompetence, incompetence is probably worse at this point, she has to go. And all these arseholes she has surrounded herself with as well. It is over. They gambled and they lost badly and inflicted a huge own goal on the party and independence movement. We should be riding a huge wave of support to YES right now. Instead we have this pile of shite. You know the tree by the fruit it bears. I think we have seen enough of the NS harvests by now to know we need a change. I think the only thing saving her right now is COVID 19.
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    I'm also still waiting on Easyjet contacting me. The cancelled both my EDI-LTN flights and have not contacted me. I do not want any other flights...just a refund. Can't get through on the phone at all. However, if I wait it out they will have to refund me eventually, as they did not provide what I paid for....
  13. The authorities, a Police, Crown Office (CPS in England) have always been against pre-trial anonymity for people charged with sexual offences. They argue that when an alleged abuser is charged and named other victims cancome forward which helps convict offenders. There does seem to be an inherent unfairness that someone can be cleared but can have their reputation destroyed. That said the whole thing is a complete nightmare - unlike any other sort of crime I'd suggest - and it's very difficult to weigh up the conficting rights of accused and accusers.
  14. Four hours???????? You cannae be much of a cook, Jamie Oliver would have done it in a fraction of that. And, probably got a hump anaw.
  15. Take out all the ridiculous charges of sexual assault that were nothing incidents but were cynically elevated by the prosecution to the status of an assault in order to trigger the Moorov Doctrine and what you are essentially left with are the two serious charges which Salmond claims were fabricated. i.e the women lied. Someone on that stand was lying because both accounts of events cannot both be true. The jury decided who they believed. Two alleged liars buttressed by a dozen assaults charges that were not assaults. That is why Police Scotland needed to go on the massive fishing expedition contacting over 400 people Salmond knew trying to convert any incident they could find into a sexual assault of some description. They knew it was unprovable one way or the other so they tried desperately to amass charges to show a pattern of behaviour but in doing so they had to convert nothing incidents into assaults. The jury to their credit did not buy it. If these two women lied it is them who have done immeasurable damage to the secrecy laws protecting victims. They will have tainted them. If they did indeed rip the pish out of these laws in order to screw over AS it will always raise a question mark over any such similar future testimonies. And this will be down to them and them alone. If someone lies in a court and those lies would result in someone going to jail for 5 or 10 years or longer then if they are later found to have been dishonest they in turn should face similar penalties. And especially they should not be allowed to hide their crime behind saying 'but, but, but prosecuting me will discourage honest women to come forward in the future'... you fucking what! Nonsense. If they lied they should go to jail for it. That is why perjury is a serious offense that will get you jail time.
  16. I agree. It might not have worked very well in this case, as Salmond's name would probably have got out. But in general, I think it's a good idea. Loads of people's reputations, and sometimes their whole lives, have been ruined by accusations which couldn't be proved.
  17. If they keep on colluding in the press after due process has been completed to push a narrative against, or as they say in prison parlance "put a rape jacket on", Salmond then it seems no one is respecting the process anyway. It's a lot easier to care about what Murray said during the case than what he said in response to the latest salvo. Be easier to adopt the Irish system where no one is named.
  18. They won't have spoken to each other for well over a year for legal reasons. There may be other reasons as well though?
  19. It is basic stuff. This is why we need to know who the accusers are... Knowing who they are will show clearly the Motive for taking out Salmond, it will show clearly they had the Means to do it (like drafting new rules specifically to retroactively accuse him) and the opportunity to do it (well clearly they did because it happened, twice). This is why they collapsed their own case before it went to judicial review. They did not want any of those secret machinations to see the light of day as it would have thrown their accusations into an entirely different light.
  20. Like I said earlier we'll only know when he reveals where he is to stand as a candidate and who to represent. If it is as a SNP candidate then we can all rule out him blaming Sturgeon - I mean no way on Earth would you canvas for a role that would see him answering to someone he thought had stitched him up. In short - he stands as a SNP candidate then that absolves Sturgeon of blame. If he stands as an independent or under a new political party of his creation then that would certainly point towards him blaming Sturgeon and wanting to damage her and the party she leads as way of recompense.
  21. What is the relationship like between Sturgeon and Salmond these days? Are they still friends, on speaking terms even? Does Salmond believe Sturgeon was involved in trying to rat fuck him? I'd say it kind of looks like he does... we'll see eh.
  22. One thing that surprised me was the accuser who claimed AS tried to rape her after a dinner. The prosecution did not specify a date, they just said in May. Imagine that.... having to provide an alibi for a whole month. You accuse someone of rape but then say it was sometime in May. Of course the accusations cannot be proven to be a lie. All of the accusations were such that they could not be proven one way or the other. Every single one... They tried to get him sent down by colluding to make as many of these unprovable accusations in order to the use the Moorov Doctrine to stitch AS up. It was an extremely calculated, well planned, attempt to get an innocent man sent to prison just to stop him re-entering politics. These anonymity rules are there to protect honest victims but they are also wide open to abuse by people prepared to collude and just bare face lie. And that is exactly what I think has happened here. The only question that remains is how involved was NS (a laughable question at this point IMHO).
  23. In this particular case the women involved are not really anonymous. Anybody within the SNP who need to know their identity (and plenty other people as well) already know who they are. Folk who simply want to know their identity are just being nosey.
  24. The narrative from some that the complainers in this case need to be prosecuted is a dangerous and irresponsible one. As alluded to above, if every complainer in cases of rape or sexual assault were to be prosecuted if a guilty verdict isn't reached then absolutely no-one would ever come forward again and that just isn't acceptable. There's a real danger that in their thirst for "revenge" on behalf of Salmond, these people are just as guilty of looking for "a head on a pike" as they accuse the media of being. That, of course, is not to say that the complaints in this particular case need to be investigated but that's a process best served behind closed doors until the facts have been established with regard to any possible conspiracy.
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