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  2. You are getting boring wee man. Try something new.
  3. Andy's back and winning
  4. I forgot that you are the premier intellectual of the TAMB aren't you ? How silly of me.
  5. The FA Premier League are against it anyway... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48703852
  6. Is it though? Sounds more like a straw man argument
  7. They cannae afford KT. Get tae fuck. He is ours..🤣
  8. I'm pretty disappointed with this. Norwich seemed like a good move, he'd have played under a manager who improves players as well as putting himself in the shop window for a bigger club.
  9. WTF? He is signing now. I guess intelligence has prevailed. Welcome young man, if it happens.. 😉
  10. I think the Nigeria game plus last night’s debacle will see the VAR keeper-on-the-line enforcement quietly dropped.
  11. Today
  12. The guy was suggesting you move to England... You responded by saying you hate England... We weren't talking about sport.
  13. I am a top class, experienced, well respected football manager here in Ottawa. I tell my keepers to move, they have to. I have yet to have one of my keepers called for moving early..
  14. If a goalkeeper were to follow the rules, ie, not move until the ball is struck, they would never save it, its impossible unless your fuckin Spiderman. I agree with your post . It's a joke. Every keeper moves, it's been like that for decades, but to bring it to a head at a World Cup final, is a joke. It cost us yesterday. Just my opinion mate..
  15. 3-0 Italy if you use VAR for the big decisions in that game. Unfortunately VAR can't be used on dodgy freekicks or we could've kept the hypothetical game to just a two nil defeat.
  16. It's usually from cunts that object to women doing "traditional man's jobs", think kids deserve to battered if they don't behave, opposed gay marriage or take a flakey if you mention that Phillip Windsor is technically an asylum seeker from revolutionary Greece.
  17. Oh aye. Ronaldo spends more on a haircut than I earn in a week!! He is pretty though. 🤣
  18. Britains fairly recent habit of trotting the world hanging out the bumhole of the USA is a bit embarrassing to be honest ☹️
  19. Caterpillar eyelashes can put yae offside anaw. VAR said so mate. 🤣🤣
  20. McGregor must be on his way out if they are spending that much money on another attacking midfielder.
  21. I often hear this “ pc bullshit rammed down my throat” line. Any examples ? Not being funny, maybe I move in different circles but I don't recognise it at all.
  22. David Turnbull to sign a 4 year deal with Celtic in what has been the strangest transfer saga in a while. The lad held Celtic to ransom. He'll have the hit the ground running if he wants to win the favour of the Fans. Personally I'm disappointed by his lack of ambition. I don't think Celtic (or Rangers) fans realize that winning trophies in Scotland is akin to going to a medal store and buying a medal. It's meaningless.
  23. Messi penalty compilation Watch that video and you tell me how many times a goalkeeper stays on his line. I'll give you a clue. It's either none and zilch. The "goalkeepers have to stay on the line till the ball has been struck" isn't a new law. Keepers get away with it all the time, and they'll continue to get away with it. Why they're using this World Cup as a Guinea pig to clamp down on keepers moving forward off their lines is baffling. Next season in the EPL they won't allow VAR to get involved with keepers moving forward during penalties and I'm sure that the other top leagues won't, either. Referees need help. but not when it comes to this. The ref is usually watching when a penalty is being struck so it should be his sole jurisdiction. If they're going to take all power away from the ref then why not just introduce VAR Drones to officiate the match.
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