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  2. It seems to me that any oil and gas from our resources are a mere drop in the ocean compared to the output of the likes of Saudi Arabia and Russia. If Scotland were to cease production entirely, all that would happen is that other nations would increase their production to make up any drop in supply. Sturgeon is of course going to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon because she generally fails to see the bigger picture. Until the major world producers cut their own output, whatever we do is going to make very little difference, so why harm Scotland's economy under these circumstances?
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  4. What the hell is wrong with these people?
  5. I'm going to a big event in London on Saturday, no vaccine passports required
  6. Re refund looks like it’s an option but hidden in background and as ever with some low cost carriers they make it complicated to do!!
  7. wait until christmas it's going to be a complete shitshow 🍿
  8. Of all the social media platforms twitter is by far the worst. Even when I was on it i hated the person I became on it. It's an echo chamber full of ego's. I posted something a few years ago and it went viral and it was the worst experience Ive ever had, something like 14.5k retweets and 35k likes. I got banned for calling george galloway a cunt, ive never looked back, awful platform
  9. I would say the main thing with Gaidhlig is speaking it frequently in order to keep your pronunciation up to scratch. I could only speak Gaidhlig up until the age of 5 when I started going to school and slowly transitioned to speaking English all the time. It's nearly 20 years since I lived in the islands and although I understand it I would shy away from speaking it to a native speaker.
  10. With the sh!tty flight times its probably not worth going now. Wizz air you've played a blinder.
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  12. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    Will be there with the girls. Possibly not the most risky prediction to suggest they may score more than the men did v the Faroes.
  13. Yip, just got the change. Thats a pisser of a time change. Basically kills of the first day / night. We are still back on the Saturday night. Clearly they are consolidating flights. Options they give you are rebook, or get 120% Wizz Air credit. Erm, where’s the option for a full refund? J
  14. sounds fun, strawberries and cream and a glass of fizz, no competition for the Tunes thread 😏
  15. Wizzair have absolutely shafted us with flight changes Way out now 12hrs later and arrive almost midnight on the Thursday and Sunday flight now changed to the Saturday night.
  16. Booked up and keeping a close eye on developments... should be interesting!
  17. Did you see Glasgow after referendum? Multiply that by 100 if these cunts got banhed from wearing their daft wee costumes. Sadly central Scotland is riddled with the cunts. Easy to ban 200 (some of which aren't local) Harder to ban 7500 matchers and the same again walking alongside them I hate the cunts but it's a volatile situation sadly.
  18. What festivals needed proof of vaccine in England? Were some gigs that needed negative lateral test (box ticking) but if it was anything like Wembley it was a waste of time.
  19. Well. I'm in shock .... @TDYER63 mrs Mitchell has dyed her hair red. now I love a red head, ( still not sure about VCM tho) however has her colour change been brought on by marriage disharmony? 🤔 what causes a beautiful woman to change her appearance so drastically? has it been the bookmarks that have done it? Do we need to make our move. thoughts 🤔🤔
  20. And yet, there was a poll out today showing No ahead by 52% to 48%. 🤦‍♂️ I guess food shortages are a small price to pay for blue passports and a Union Jack.
  21. Yep - and flights to the Faroes are scarce at the best of times. I booked Atlantic Airways from Edinburgh last week for £472. I suspect I got one of the very last flights. It's going to be interesting to see how many people travel assuming there is a ticket allocation (which I think there will be)
  22. Never really followed siriki dembeles career but he is looking good so far in the English championship. He pretty much creates/assists in all three of Peterboroughs goals. Can see a few epl sides taking an interest in him in January if he keeps this up.
  23. I'm booked heathrow to copenhagen and then onto the faroes.£500 plus for a flight now.Far too dear to be honest.Don't know what happened to the direct flights from Edinburgh.
  24. Yeh ppl are being pretty harsh on the guy, hes still managed 5 goals and 2 assists in 14 appearances in a struggling celtic team. Mcginn, Armstrong and Christie are his main competitors for that attacking midfield role but armstrong is 29 so he might not be around for more than 3/4 years. Hes definitely going to be a mainstay of our squads for the next ten years imo.
  25. I watched Celtic's recent matches against Real Betis and Livingston, and still rate Turnbull as he likes to both change direction and glide past players to make room for a shot. He never needs a second invitation to shoot, and is very accurate, mostly keeping the ball low, unlike Christie who has a habit of blazing over the bar. I am not so convinced by the defensive part of Turnbull's game, plus he has a tendency to disappear when the going gets tough. But I would definitely keep him in the squad for his goal threat and dead ball prowess. Currently he is playing in a Celtic side that needs sorting out.
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