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  2. I can speculate, but is there any evidence as to why that was?
  3. Nae danger. It's quite embarrassing that the SFA steadfastly refused to play any matches outside of the so called "British Isles" until 1929. By contrast England were playing European teams on the continent as early as 1908.
  4. Apologies, my comment was not clear, I was referring to our games v England.
  5. Sorry to say but we've never beaten Brazil (who we first played in 1966) in any of our ten games against them. Drawn two, lost eight. Played Argentina for the first time in 1977. One victory (in 1990), two losses and one draw. Played Spain for the first time in 1957. Three wins, six losses and four draws. Played Uruguay for the first time in 1954. One win (in 1983), two losses and one draw.
  6. The modern game was developed in Scotland yes, have a look into the Scotch Professors... we also took the modern game all over the world, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and of course England... we used to pump them regularly in the first internationals and they got fed up with it as our style was hammering them, so they took on our pass and move tactics and dumped their kick and rush. Have a wee look at this site... https://hampdencollection.com/the-hampden-collection-team/
  7. Might just have moved on though. Am sure we had some crack shots with rifles in the 20th century olympics. Jackie Stewart was deadly vs clay pigeons too.
  8. All the young trainspotters featured in both series have come across quite well. It's better to be out and about pursuing a hobby one cares a lot for rather than being slumped in a chair at home eating crisps and playing console games for hours on end. Mon the trainspotters ! I also like the three station workies who appear in almost all the episodes fixing the clocks and putting up the bunting. They are really down to earth lads. Probably the kind of guys who constantly use the words "fuck" and "cunt" in every sentence when the camera's aren't on and can't stand the high heid yins at the station. Mon the workies !
  9. Today
  10. My mate's girlfriend (yank) has just told him she wants to move to Scotland permanently once non-essential travel is permitted again. She's genuinely scared about the future of the USA and said she doesn't feel safe there anymore.
  11. I've been to the nordderby (HSV v Bremen) but would love to see HSV v St Pauli.
  12. And now we're crap at football but still not world archery champions. 😄
  13. My bad. Was walking a fine line between assuming you (or anyone) DID like it or assuming you didn't (and that might also be a laugh).
  14. Well done. Plenty of creativity there, and we may be more tempted to listen to hear what the different instruments are.
  15. Gies a break I was pished and trying to have a wee laugh 😄
  16. Sure... it's also meant to be stuff you like, or what you think others might like to discover? 😉
  17. There are probably more than enough stats for anyone here https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/ - infection rates, test rates, how many people in hospital in ICU, recovered, dead. It's got international comparisons and regional variations within Scotland (South v North Lanarkshire, East v West Lothian, etc.) (it's been posted a few times here)
  18. That's the problem aye, as soon as English teams start sniffing around there's no chance.
  19. English champ sides sniffing around. No chance the dons will compete with that
  20. You sound like a bandit. I would be cutting your handicap if I was your handicap secretary.
  21. I reckon Hayes will be back up the road and see out his career with Aberdeen
  22. Dangerous in the sense that they enjoy a tear up or dangerous in the sense of the extreme right wing that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans, which one is it?
  23. Haven’t Rangers just got rid of 6 or so players?Company I’ve been working for turned over £18m last year and have still put a lot of staff on furlough yet have also let 5 staff go in Spain. At the same time they’ve employed someone in graphic design in the UK. They have to promote their products and this designer can help them do that whereas the people in Spain couldn’t. It’s just simple business. I assume that’s Rangers thinking too (possibly giving them too much credit here). They have a product to sell to their season ticket holders and maybe they think Hagi can do a job that Halliday and the others couldn’t do. Despite some tragic situations some people are in, business has to continue and managers of those businesses can’t sit on their hands. Whether Rangers shafted taxpayers in the past or not sadly shouldn’t come into their thinking. Nobody should be looking at the past for any other reason but to learn from it.
  24. We’re just doing stableford with our group of boys just now. 23 points by the 8th and nailed one down the middle on the long par 5. Standing over my 2nd shot, I was already counting the 4 points for a birdie as I had a stroke too. One duck hook into the shite later and I was walking off with a 7 and 10 points accumulated for the back 9 😂😂
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