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  2. Nope. Mourinho played him there to prove a point to the board for not buying him a proper CB. Think they got hosed that game.
  3. There is a group within Celtic support who are pally with Wrexham and Bohemians. Hence the banner at the game too.
  4. I agree that it’ll probably come down to the toss of a coin to see if we have a decent chance of qualifying or not. Just like we wouldn’t like to have to go to Norway or Serbia, they certainly wouldn’t fancy a one off game at Hampden especially as it would be a sell out. If it’s at Hampden and we have most of our best players available, there’s no reason why we couldn’t beat Norway or Serbia. It would be great if Griffiths got some good game time between now and March because if he can get back to his best, he’d be a great asset at Hampden. Let’s just hope luck is on our side on 22 November!
  5. That's pretty massive news if true. Fwiw I think he plays better without the captaincy. (Another stroke of mcleish genuis) Naismith is a fantastic captain, if not him just give it to centre half/midfielder who have more responsibility to lead anyway.
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 I've yet to meet a scottish football fan who thinks the SPL is the zenith of football. 😂😂😂😂 This place is comedy gold at times.
  7. You're clearly not a Scotland fan so why are you on here you boring bastard?
  8. Seems to me that those criticising Gilmour are faulting him for not winning games single handed.
  9. Three threads, where he has said the same thing in each one. Anyway, I believe we'll win the playoffs if we get two Hampden games. Don't have much confidence in us going to Belgrade or Oslo and winning though.
  10. I more meant them as being established Scotland players who play in the premier league. im a huge fan of gilmour, think he’ll be the best player produced in Scotland in decades. I’m just saying I can understand how it may be difficult to call him up just now with our strength in his position.
  11. Today
  12. Yep. Against West Ham. In fairness, he was any worse than his two defensive partners in that match. McTominay is not a centre back. He's not an anchorman, either. If you look at the stats they tell you that he's the most fouled player in the EPL and he's completed the most dribbles. His natural game is getting the ball and striving forward with it. He's an old fashioned box to box midfielder.
  13. Wales were a pot six team at that time. We beat the pot 1 team twice and lost to the pot 6 team twice.
  14. I went to check what I voted for because I couldn't remember. Couldn't find my vote. Pretty sure I've voted for this six times already.
  15. How is Armstrong "established"? He's in and out of an awful Southampton team, meanwhile, young Gilmour is making the bench of an exciting Chelsea team. Besides, it's at home to Kazakhstan, in a glorified friendly. If this isn't the chance to blood a youngster then when is?
  16. Well, I wouldn't quite go that far, our crowds are low enough as it is.
  17. Clarke has established premier league centre midfielders in Armstrong and fleck out the team so as much as I’d love to see Gillmour ASAP, must seem like a bit of an unnecessary call up at this point.
  18. Well, seems it’s impossible to go to an Antwerp game as a visitor. Got a reply from the club eventually saying that they can’t sell me a ticket without an account, and you can’t get an account without going into the ticket office and showing ID, and they won’t sell tickets on match day.
  19. Calling up Gilmour and bringing him on as a sub against Kazakstan would give the fans a wee lift I think.
  20. Pretty sure mctominay wasn't very good at CB and man utd gave up on that idea.
  21. It takes a while to mould a great team to be better than the sum of its parts though, doesn’t it? I don’t think we can do that from the doldrums we are in just now, to the playoffs, with so few games in-between. We have more and more weak spots in our team, without quality players, that the difficulty of qualifying is getting greater and greater. This was obviously reversed somewhat by both Euros increasing to 24 teams, and the Nations League providing qualifying spaces for lower-ranked teams. However if you look at World Cup qualification, with only around 14 European places, we are so far away from that, that it’s not even a realistic aim at the start of a campaign any more. Sad but true. Also, if we fluke our way through the playoffs, then I hate to think what awaits us at the finals, as we’re not in any shape to put together a team which could compete at that level.
  22. That’s your suggestion for playing in our midfield? At international level? You’re suggesting a defender, who has played one season in the SPL, and by your own admission, never played in midfield before?! I mean, by all means, if we want to rack up another 20 years of not qualifying for major finals, that would be the kind of selection that would go a long way to achieving that! Where did you pull that suggestion from? A. You’re a Hearts fan. B. You’re Craig Halkett’s father. C. You’re Craig Halkett. (And just in case the suggestion didn’t make us laugh enough, you even called him Craig ‘Hacklett’ for added comedy value.)
  23. You are pretty much spot on with that analysis but I think Texas Pete is right in saying we have some decent players at our disposal granted if we can get them turning up for the squads. We have players that could get into alot of countries teams outside of the elite ones. Serbia have strength in all areas whereas we are very weak in central defence and strikers. Serbia would be easily favourites against us but we could cause an upset especially if we can mould our team into being better than the sum of its parts which is what Iceland and northern Ireland do.
  24. That’s completely deluded. Andy Robertson is perhaps the best left back in the world, and would indeed walk into pretty much any club or international team’s starting eleven. The other players you have mentioned may well get into ‘most’ international teams - given that there are 150 or so teams ranked below us, that’s no great achievement - but I don’t think that many of them would get into those teams which qualify for major finals, which is the level that we’re discussing here. The majority of Serbia’s defenders play in the top half of Serie A and play Europa or Champions League football. The majority of our defenders play in the SPL and English Championship. That’s a big difference, surely you can see that? Our strongest line-up has good players, including some of the players you mentioned, but also perhaps 2-5 players who aren’t of ‘qualify-for-major-tournament’ quality. Serbia don’t have those weaknesses. Hence why they were at the World Cup last summer, and a whisker away from the knockout stages of the World Cup. Hence why we’re a whisker away (Cyprus having the ball over the line, goal not being given) from finishing below Cyprus and Kazakhstan! That’s the difference in standard right there in a nutshell! We might have both finished third in our respective groups, and topped our Nations League groups, but any sensible and impartial delve into the facts, shows a huge discrepancy in quality. You have to be able to step back and analyse things unbiasedly here. (That’s not to say that we can’t finish ahead of Serbia and qualify. Just that it’s probably nearer 75/25 in their favour, than the 50/50 which some people are trying to claim.)
  25. Tbh, if it's just the responsibility of being Captain he can't be bothered with, I'm not going to have a go at him for that. Some just want to play and I get that
  26. ‘Pre Madonna?!??’ Please let that be a joke. If it’s not, then I’m extremely worried about you.
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