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  2. East Stand F3 Row CC, near corner flag. Unfortunately not able to make it tonight Not looking for any payment, but if you can make a donation on my behalf to the Tartan Army Children's Charity, for whatever you can afford, that would be great.
  3. The only conspiracy worthy is that the SNP membership is only 50,000 odd
  4. The first guy I met said we don’t like your lot in here’ , I said ‘what? Scottish guys?’ He laughed right enough but it’s the worst welcome I’ve have anywhere since Bratislava lol 😂
  5. I remember he scored a winner for us well into injury time in another qualifier. Can't remember much about Spain game.
  6. another shooting in the USA, this time 3 9 year old kids were killed. Here is the congressman for Nashville where the shooting took place. That was his family christmas card They make westminster look normal
  7. Ticket for tonight fallen through, looking for one ticket anywhere in ground but North stand preferably. Available to transfer.
  8. Will take this if still available, sent message
  9. You must have got McManus? Hard to forget his part in the game. 😉
  10. For those saying "we are due a big performance against a big team", don't forget we handled Denmark impressively about 15 months ago. If my memory is correct, that result determined our seeding for the play-offs so there was a prize on offer.
  11. Just like Santa Claus. Only need to work one month a year. 😉
  12. People are talking like he’s in the last chance saloon but he has plenty time on his side yet. We’re too quick to write people off in this country just as we’re a bit too quick at building them up 😂
  13. Good speech there from Lorna Slater, gung-ho on independence.
  14. Today
  15. On my way in, anywhere looking good in town?
  16. Not fussed if together or not
  17. I just wrote them down but still only got 5
  18. It was. Problem is you welcome young fans which will be the life blood of the future, but too many at once and it becomes like a family day out. Can only hope the supporters are well up for it tonight and create a raucous atmosphere. CMON SCOTLSND.
  19. It is disgusting however the reality is that he wont be alone with that kind of thinking As an aside - 20,000 SNP members not voting is another massive whopper that very few seem to have picked up on
  20. I get the impression the crowd again Cyprus was alot more families too.
  21. That was a blistering performance against a top side though. Similar tonight and the place will be jumping.
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