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  2. I doubt FIFA would be into it. They’d be terrified in case the likes of Hungary (and maybe even Scotland?) got into pot 1 ahead of teams like England and anyone else from the teams FIFA really want to get to the World Cup that might end up getting relegated from League A. UEFA don’t mind because the top teams will generally always make the euros regardless of whether they are pot 1 or pot 2.
  3. Dont know about anyone else but last Sunday my young cousin came round and brought her 2 year old girl Isla Isla hadnt been well for about 3 weeks before this but was "much better" On Tuesday morning i knew something wasnt quite right but tried to ignore it Come Tuesday night i was absolutely fucked - shivers, headache, sharp intakes of breath and painless exhales - all night and right through to the next day So tired all i wanted was to sleep but as soon as i hit the pillow my mind started racing and REM sleep was impossible - does anybody know how brutal that is ? I have been the very same every night since then and i stink even after coming out the shower I have never been as unwell for such a long time - tested negative 3 times Was actually hoping it was Covid
  4. Did it come back into fashion by Wigan Athletic fans singing 'Will Grigg's on fire' a number of years ago, and then suddenly teams co-opted it for their own teams/players?
  5. If UEFA want to increase the profile of the Nations League they might want to change that? They would need FIFAs permission though, so that would depend on the size of the broon envelopes.
  6. I think we all hope so. We're very lucky to have Adams, he offers so much upfront. I think it's probably fair to say that he wasn't going to be considered by the land of his birth but he has been excellent for us. He looks like he enjoys playing for Scotland and I hope his gran (if she's still with us) and any Scottish relatives of his are really proud of him.
  7. I think it was simply that "they" got relegated and we haven't have many opportunities to laugh at them recently.
  8. Yeah who knows how they’ll work it. Only thing about getting into League A would be the possibility of getting 6 pumpings which would affect our world ranking and therefore our seeding for the next World Cup qualifiers. It’s a pity the Nations League doesn’t decide the seeding pots for the World Cup as well as the euros as getting promoted would ensure we were in pot 2 at worst for the next WC draw.
  9. That's how it worked last time, right enough. The next WC has 16 European teams, so they will have lots of options how to do it next time round. The might go for 10 Group winners and then 10 runners up plus 2 Nations League teams have a straight home and away play off. It depends on how many game they want to schedule, so it will be down to TV rights (as usual). If they want more games they might go with 10 runners up plus 8 Nations League teams in 6 x three team mini groups? Loads of permutations they could go for. Let's just get into League A, then see if we can get into pot 1 for the WC draw. 😉😂
  10. Long time since I have heard such open animosity towards "them" at Hampden park... Was it because we were playing Ireland ? With whom we share a common dislike of the morris dancers. Or are people finally getting pissed off with brexit, johnson, no indy ref2 <etc> ?
  11. They clearly don’t take it that seriously and they’re not the only ones. France and Germany are currently third in their groups and Spain may well finish 3rd. Belgium could possibly win their group but they’ll need to go to Amsterdam and win by at least 3 goals to have a chance. Kevin de Bruyne has stated recently he thinks the Nations League is a waste of time. If he thinks that I wonder what his feelings on friendlies are.
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  13. What is the origin of this tune ? Seems to have become a real tartan army anthem recently. My kids love it - which is odd as I remember it as being average cheesy 90s club track.
  14. You really have to laugh at the English reaction to being relegated in the Nations League, viewing it as a non event of a competition. They usually stroll through qualifiers for World Cups and Euros scudding the minnows on way. Along comes the Nations League which gives them some competitive matches against perceived similar standard opposition and they can’t compete against them. Since the conception of the Nations League they have won 5 ( five ) out of 19 games they’ve played including the 2 draws when they fluked getting to the finals. They are blind to accept how poor they really are.
  15. True. 😂 We might actually be better off if we can scrape into pot 2 as the best placed runner up. It would mean we have a better chance of winning our next Nations League group which might get us a World Cup playoff. I would still rather get promoted to be fair.
  16. I don’t really understand your first point but in terms of relegated teams reaching the playoffs It happened in the last euros. Iceland, Slovakia and the 2 Irelands reached the playoffs via the Nations League and I’m pretty sure they were all relegated.
  17. Hopefully. But it might give us something to cling onto if we go 2-0 down after 70 minutes. 😂
  18. Looks to me like a lot of the top teams/players don’t give a shit about the Nations League. Hungary are obviously taking it seriously. Would be interesting to see what we could do against the big teams if we could get there as we would obviously take it seriously as well.
  19. I find slagging a team that’s going to the World Cup when we are not for getting relegated in a tournament they don’t really give a toss about a bit of a brass neck. Just my opinion. I don’t really give a shit about what England do to be honest but if it makes others happy then fair enough.
  20. True but we’ll be relying on Finland and Iceland failing to win their final games I think. Hopefully we’ll get at least a point on Tuesday and we won’t need to worry about other results.
  21. Panic over have found email with ticket pickup details
  22. In my recollection there are only 3 people on here in last couple of years that have posted their personal details. RH, Ramy and McTeeko. The last one being sound of mind. I am from Argyll and name is Sam.
  23. I’m from Paisley, live in Jersey and support St Mirren. ( and my names Jim 😂 ) 99% of folk on here would have no issue saying where there from and who they support. Big Red Flag there fella. You’ve obviously got something to hide. Anyway welcome back.
  24. Ramy. He will never work in Scottish Football again. I would bet my bottom dollar he will be sacked this week. Sacked for stupity I might add. Some end to a decent footballers career.
  25. Kyle Lafferty should be dropped by Killie. Disgusting behavior. I watched the video, it makes me sick these footballers who are supposed to be role models, professionals, highly paid, to resort to bigoted sectarian behavior to a young man just wanting a photo. This needs dealt with severely.. Calling a young man a "fenian", fuckin scumbag !!!
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