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  2. I dont know anyone who is complimentary about him either but another leadership contest so soon after the last is not something Tory voters want as it suggests a government in disarray . I think the Tory MPs will think the same and if it does come to a vote of no confidence i think he will win it. For now. I see the 1922 committee have decided to keep the time required between no confidence votes at 12 months instead of changing it to 6 months . Funny that.
  3. To add to your comment. BF has reportedly been in touch with GVB on who sevco should sign.. He's no a hun?? That takes the biscuit man..๐Ÿ™„
  4. As a Celtic supporter, I will describe it any way I like. A tackle like that can end someone's career, believe me, I have seen it. BTW, it wasn't any of the rags you mentioned.. Have a great weekend big man..๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿบ
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  6. I see the Brent crude price has hit the $90 a barrel mark for the first time since 2014. Nae wonder Labour are pushing a windfall tax on oil and gas as a viable solution.
  7. Ok fair play. My argument is back then football was far more physical. Neymar would spend 90 minutes rolling around on the park.. I'm no being funny. I have seen umpteen videos and documentaries on Pele, the man was class. Very quick and went through people, and got kicked around the park. Neymar is not even in Pele league.. I disagree with the journos, but that is just my opinion.. And like you, I can't stand the little prick..
  8. As much as I detest Neymar, and haven't seen the documentary, Id somewhat agree with the journalists. Fitba players from 50-60 years ago simply wouldn't cope with todays 'athletes' physical abilities. Obviously Pele with todays physical abilities would be very different, but Id guess that's what the journalists are getting at.
  9. Just thinking of a new topic on anything mental - thinking, imagination, reason, brain, perception, psychological, states of mind, conscious, memories...
  10. Not defending anything - never like to see any sportsperson suffer an injury but it is a hazard of their job unfortunately. Was just remarking on you copying the way those cunts in the Sun and Record write - or should I say the way their editors ask them to write. Yes it was a heavy tackle - dangerous tackle - a tackle likely to injure - call it what you will, but save descriptions like horror for scenarios that merit it.
  11. Why? Did you see the pictures? Are you defending the tackle? Please explain..
  12. Straight out the tabloid dictionary. Up there with calling a foreign team "cracks." So what was it - the Sun or the Record you were reading before posting?
  13. Not in England and particularly under FPTP.
  14. Nope. I thought "hun" did not bother you. Yes, he is a hun through and through..
  15. I agree but politics change and there is real scope for a strong left leaning party. Im not talking full out left but one that endorses many of the policies Corbyn talks about. People tend to vote by looking at their own lives in my experience. At the moment most people can see that the status quo isnt working for them. That will increase in the next year and Labour just isnt a viable alternative in its current format.
  16. Totally agree with this. We are being manipulated. This isnโ€™t about the rights and wrongs itโ€™s about wielding power.
  17. Does it really matter much if most of the money comes in the summer as lng as its guaranteed? Obviously its better to have cash in hand but I doubt Aberdeen would be reinvesting much this window and 800k would be a good amount to pay off any debts or bills arising from COVID. If anything id be pushing for a big sell on clause. Add ons only reallly work if the player is likely to be at the buying club for a few years. If Ramsay goes there and does well he will be sold on by next summer.
  18. The lurch away from the left got the last labour government into power.Hopefully it won't be Scotland s problem soon mate
  19. Believe me, none of these guys are rapid, rabid certainly. Another predictive text fail.
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