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  2. Great to see Avril being found out.
  3. Big Ramy 1314

    Pick the top 3 now.

  4. Scotty CTA

    Pick the top 3 now.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that you'll have it pretty much bang on by May.
  5. Just saw the stats. 5 goals in 15 minutes??? WTF
  6. Eisegerwind


    Anyone got a bit of colour in their garden at the moment. My winter stuff is green but i think is dying a slow death. Maybe nest year. Aaaah fuck and Arthurs wee enclosure that I built that I didn't have the heart to take down will be there to the summer.
  7. Big Ramy 1314

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Celtic Killie Livingston 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Yesterday
  9. Eisegerwind


    Geminid, was a bit of a washout (cloudout) then. Never mind, have we all got our pagan deccies out for the solstice on the 21st.
  10. Big Ramy 1314

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Ok. Thanks mate. Hope he is ok.
  11. adamntg

    Andew Robertson

    I’ve just noticed there’s a number after my name. What all this about then? Is it like Pokemon? Does this mean people don’t like me? Do I have to get a gun!?
  12. Whoops too late for the edit, too old to remember Cop yer whack, no, 'Solo'
  13. adamntg

    Andew Robertson

    I’m not really sure what your dig at the end even means, but anyway, I’ll put it another way. Andy Robertson is a world class left back but given his strengths are driving forward into space, he’s unlikely to be a world class holding midfielder, a position whose key requirements are an ability to hold your ground and not get caught up the park. With Robertson left back we have a world class player in the team. With Robertson in at defensive midfield we probably don’t.
  14. mrniaboc

    Andew Robertson

    Robbo would make a great left half!
  15. mrniaboc

    2018 MVP

    So hard to argue against Forrest if it's only on competitive Scotland matches.
  16. Alan


    Antwerp is a cracking place to base yourself.
  17. Saw his telly prog last night. Seemed in not bad nick, certainly better than I've seem him previously and better than the Parkinson story a few months back. There was current footage and old reminiscence footage. It's was nice to see him on telly again but it did give the impression he was tidying up few loose ends which was a bit sad. Would I be wrong in saying that 'Live' and 'Cop yer whack for this', on cassette obviously, was a revolution for Scottish identity.
  18. tramsnpandas

    Davy Bus Cyprus

    Another 2 seats from Paphos please
  19. Malcolm

    Andew Robertson

    Baxter wasn’t a winger. He played left half, and occasionally inside forward. Hopefully you are not confusing the left half position with winger.
  20. Don't really think I've ever met anyone I'd describe as evil, I'd have to look up psychopathic but wouldn't have thought you could describe a government as psychopathic, is that not an individual thing.
  21. The prankster probably put it up upside down, and everyone thought you were a British naval vessel in distress.
  22. Evil for lack of a better word, psychopathic might be more suited. Most people aren’t evil though.
  23. Livi did their bit for the bet - wtf Hertz ?
  24. You'd be as well saying people are evil. That's probably up for debate. Then that's getting into god bothering territory and I've already been warned about that.
  25. Maybe not a global conspiracy but I do believe at its core government is evil, for many of the reasons you mention, so the less of it the better which is probably were my opposition to the EU and the union comes from these days.
  26. Me, not being an 'A' class intellectual, yes, that's basically it. Obviously a simplification, but , yes. It's a golf club committee, it's a Union committee, it's a football club committee, it's school gang committee it's a mother and toddlers club committee.It's full of people, lying, cheating, helping, assisting, being discriminatory, being bigoted, underhand deals,nepotism,caring about others, it's people being people. What it's not, is some global conspiracy as I think you are implying.
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