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  2. Look it’s obvious, people won’t vote for independence if SNP MPs sit indoors with their hoods up.
  3. Aye think he would thrive in Italy or Spain
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  5. What's happening on this thread? Should be about Scottish Independence and we're bitching about photos? 😜
  6. Agreed. Hope he gets a loan or something (preferably in one of the European leagues).
  7. Theres more chance of me becoming King than there is Tartan tonna being an independence supporter He reeks of unionist troll
  8. See, you CAN do light hearted banter! Keep it up 🤪
  9. I assumed the picture was a meme but she actually posted that? Deary me, politicians and social media is rarely a good thing. In terms of the content of her tweet, she’s not said anything embarrassing.
  10. Needs a move badly and needs to be guaranteed playing time. Critical time in his career.
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  12. Aye we will just get them game by game same as we did last time. I'm hoping to get to a couple of away games this time round, probs won't have enough points to get actual tickets though.
  13. Where’s she suggesting anything like that, here’s the original tweet. Sounds like your just looking for any excuse to have a go. The fact she’s happy to be a bit self-deprecatory is to her advantage as far as I’m concerned. The point is about not needing to have “work clothes” on and being able to be comfy.
  14. Does anyone see the irony in someone inventing a push up bra for women to make their tits look bigger then spending the cash on getting a boob job to make their own tits massive ?
  15. Come on It's like billionaire Sunak saying he empathises with people worrying about their energy/food bills Unless you think Blackman will struggle with her energy bills like the rest of us
  16. Well, well, well, what do we have here then. Well known anonymous Yoon troll posts the same meme not two hours ago.
  17. In fairness it was (another) epic fail from Blackman I mean, what the actual fuck was she thinking when tweeting that photograph ? It's almost if she thought to herself "How can i damage the SNP"
  18. To put those numbers into context, Hanvey and MacAskill, the two Alba MPs, each claimed £269k and £244k respectively. Those expenses were for the same things as Kirsty Blackman and there seems to be nothing wrong with them either. So a bit of an epic fail from Alba man there then.
  19. In which the Tartan Troll demonstrates that he doesn’t understand how MPs expenses work either that or he’s just knowingly spreading falsehoods about. Of that £207k, the bulk of it - around £160k - relates to staff and office costs. The rest relates to travel and accommodation. Funnily enough, it’s expensive for someone to travel from Aberdeen to London every week for their work. Don’t believe me? It’s all here.!/mp/787
  20. Kirsty Blackman can't afford the heating bill lads. She's a grifter. Hopefully Flynn sacks her in the morning.
  21. Billy Gilmour unused sub in a a friendly with Aston Villa today (despite Caicedo and MacAllister not being back from World Cup duty). Make of that what you will:
  22. Ok. Big man. Here is a a survey done this year and findings on folk as short as you. It proves that there is a wee angry man syndrome. You fit and you should have a read. Might help you with your alcohol and meditation issues.
  23. Hypocrisy ma left nut !! Stop trying to play the victim ya fuckin troll.. Should you not be thinking of your next identity wee man??? Away an geez peace ffs!!
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