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  1. Weather shit and was bored. Can only watch so many reruns of the 1987 Scottish Cup final 👀
  2. Don’t normally bother with Old Firm games, but off today and just watched Saturdays game. Gerrard played his tactics to perfection, he played it like an away European game, stayed solid, kept possession well, hit on the break and were in complete control of the game from start to finish. Celtic were utterly woeful, bookies now rightly so have Rangers favourites to win the league, but I wouldn’t write them off quite yet, Celtic are more than capable of blowing teams away and getting on a run. I can’t call it ( or care to be honest 😊)
  3. Goodwin was a disgrace last night, he only named 4 subs when you’re allowed up to 9. Our players gave their all but were running on empty in the last 10 minutes ( when you scored both your goals ). He never even made any substitutions in the game. I think he was trying make a statement cos he was pissed off we sold MaGennis to Hibs. if that indeed was his agenda he can get tae F”ck, totally petty, unprofessional and cheating the players who gave everything. (As well as our support).
  4. St Mirren were the last team to win our country’s premier cup competition with 11 Scotsmen.
  5. Enjoying the game, hesgoal.com has a good interrupted link if anyone is interested
  6. I fear for my team tonight, as pathetic as this may sound I’d take a 2-0 defeat now and move on.
  7. Excuse my ignorance but what does TAL mean that BR is accused of using 🤷‍♂️
  8. I’d be very surprised if any Celtic supporter viewed 10 in a row as being a bigger achievement than being crowned European Champions.
  9. Fancy a wee “battle of the Jims” £10 charity bet? St Mirren to finish above the Arabs, loser pays a tenner to TASA 👍
  10. Don’t hold out much hope for my lot at Ibrox later. Same ref as the corresponding fixture last season, only gave Rangers the 4 penalties that day, let’s see if he can go one better today.
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