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  1. To be fair the final was awful, not as bad as the 94 final tho.
  2. My favourite memory of Italia 90 is a betting one. Owner of my local Chinese restaurant gave his new KP who’s just arrived from China £7000 to put on Argentina to win the opening game against Cameroon at odds of 1/7 thinking it was the easiest £1k he’d ever make. The slightly confused employee put it all in Cameroon at 8/1, owner went racing back to bookies to cancel the bet but the cunt bookie refused. Well we know how that turned out, I only wish I’d been in the bookies to see him collect his £63k, it was a local bookie not a chain and he was a total wanker of a bloke.
  3. They’ll be the Everton fans then. As mentioned earlier Liverpool supporters have this sense of entitlement, I work beside 3 of them and several drink in my local pub. Horrible blinkered self pitying tw@ts every single one of them.
  4. FFS, my lot have only scored 3 goals in the first 7 games and we”re still only 3 points off the top 6 😂
  5. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Rolling Hills agenda is to kill of the TAMB for good. The traffic must be slowing down on the site due to his pre meditated inane drivel. I was going to say hidden agenda but it’s so fecking obvious, yet the troll is allowed to continue.
  6. Skorlive.com For anyone wanting to watch the Rangers game. Just scroll down it’s near the bottom of page.
  7. Spot on, even though we won his performance in the 2nd leg play off at St Mirren Park last season was easily the worst I’ve ever seen.
  8. Joking aside I think you used up all your dodgy decisions when you got 4 penalties in one game against St Murn last season. One justified and 3 ridiculous decisions, imagine the meltdown if they had been awarded against you.
  9. Not really a surprise is it? Population of Croatia is less than Scotland but they reached the World Cup final last year. As Vanderark said obviously they’re teaching the kids something right. from an early age.
  10. Alan Stubbs saying that you need to question Celtics recruitment policy. The irony of that statement isn’t lost on us St Mirren fans. C0ck
  11. Saints first win over the dons for 8 years, pleasing.
  12. Only 20 minutes left in English Prem transfer window, Arsenal still not officially announced Tierney, problem with medical perhaps????
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