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  1. 1977 Whilst playing in the second tier of Scottish football St Mirren took an estimated 18000-20000 fans for a 4th round Scottish Cup tie, I was 12 years old in the main Stand, I think they have the official attendance as around 25,000 but there was much more than that as little ones got lifted over the Turnstyles in those days and we saw loads climbing over the wall without paying. The urban myth in Paisley is that there were more St Mirren fans inside Fir Park that day than there has EVER been Well fans inside their own stadium for any game in their history. I have no idea if that’s true but it sure sounds good lol.
  2. Yep, pretty much agree with this, I can’t call it, will be a great atmosphere on Sunday, and like Marky can’t wait.
  3. Old St Mirren Park was never officially called Love St, just like Celtic Park has never officially been called Parkhead.
  4. Shut it you or you won’t be sitting beside me on Sunday, we’ve got 4 tickets so I’m putting your hubby and your brother in between us.
  5. Make that 5, utter joke that wasn't a corner to us. Worrying
  6. Dunno aboot the rest but as for GHfaeGTA, dial up Internet has been down in Guernsey for 6 months now. At least his VHS video is working so he can watch his cousins in Deliverance. 2-1 Arabs tonight 3-0 St Murn Sunday
  7. Yeah a lot of the squad that Fergie built, with the addition of Peter Weir, Frank McDougall and Dougie Somner, so a lot stronger than when Fergie left.
  8. Enjoy mate, As a 14 year old vividly remember St Mirren finishing 3rd in 1980, I went to every game eventually finishing 6 points behind champions Aberdeen, we had a genuine chance of winning it with 5 games to but capitulated, and Fergie won his first title for Dons, the rest as they say was history.
  9. Indeed, it’s inconceivable to believe the hierarchy at the club didn’t know what was going on, just like the BBC did with the whole Saville scandal. Celtic need to do the right thing and admit accountability and look after the victims, this is only going to get worse for them if it ends up in court, seeing those 3 predators in the same photograph makes me feel sick to my stomach. It’s time to put the victims first and not the reputation of their football club, they need some sort of closure and justice.
  10. That was first trip to Rugby Park, we could easily have got double figures that day, think we were 4 or 5 up at half time, rumour at the time was the senior players ( Somner, Stark, Abercrombie, McDougall, Weir etc) decided to take their foot off the has we had great affection for Jim Clunie as he had been a fantastic manager for us the previous 3 seasons. Edited to say, just read those players names back, I think we were just an Aberdeen feeder club back then, throw in Sir Alex well.
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