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  1. Really? I think of myself as more of a Ciro Di Marzio character. Snappy dresser and cool as feck.
  2. Spot on Marky, it’s definitely Killies Hammarby moment. ( at least Hammarby were a reasonable side ) edited to explain for non St Murn fans, we drew 3-3 away in Sweden, were 1-0 up at Love St with 2 minutes to go, a place in the last 16 of the UEFA Cup was in the bag. Then the worst 2 minutes of my footballing life as we conceded 2 late goals and got knocked out.
  3. I feel for all the Killie fans that booked to go to Belgrade.
  4. That must have been a nice change for you and the hubby being in Italy at stupid ‘o’ clock not having to carry a drunken comatose chap back to his hotel 👀
  5. St Mirren after him I believe, if he came to us and we ended up with the player St Johnstone had then I’d be delighted.
  6. If this did happen ( big if as it’s probably Scottish Sun talking bollocks) I’m reliably informed that Saints would receive £3m. That would mean that the 2 biggest transfer fees that Saints have ever received in their history would be for the same player who no longer played for us. £1m when he went from Hibs to Villa, then this IF it happened, it’s a strange old game, but well done to our previous chairman Stewart Gilmour for the sell on contract clauses.
  7. He was our youth player, when we sold him to Hibs we put a clause in for a percentage of EVERY profitable future transfer that involved him, we made a million out of the transfer to Villa, Villa were also aware of this when they bought him, if this unlikely Sun scoop happened we would get around £3m.
  8. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4427051/man-utd-john-mcginn-50m-aston-villa-hibs/ Probably Utter Bollocks, but how hilarious would this be if true. St Mirren and Hibs get another windfall and Celtic left spewing lol.
  9. St Mirren looking for their 11th manager in 9 years, season starts soon only 14 first team squad players. Shambles.
  10. You sure you weren’t drunk? Normally at 3am on a Saturday you’re dancing around the kitchen with Mr TDYER shaking his head disapprovingly.
  11. Disagree as I thought season 3 was the best so far, the episode when Ciro got exiled to Bulgaria was superb. Beforehand wasn’t too keen on series 4 as the aforementioned Ciro was killed off, I thought he was the coolest main character ever and it was a bit like killing off Tony in the Sopranos. Happy to say series 4 has been excellent so far.
  12. Season 4 of Gomorrah on Sky Atlantic at the moment. Superb viewing.
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