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  1. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12532811.when-we-were-kings-the-night-155000-attended-two-european-semi-finals-in-glasgow/
  2. I would guess London. Arsenal, West Ham and Spurs twice from 1979 I think.
  3. I watched their league game against Sheffield United during the week and the atmosphere was equally shocking. I could actually hear the players shouting to each other during the game, that’s what happens when these big clubs increase the size of their stadiums, an extra 15,000 day trippers coming thru the turnstiles at Anfield now, Liverpool’s new stand has a high percentage of corporate season ticket which are sold by travel agents ( mainly to Scandinavians, Japanese and Chinese supporters ) just like Arsenal, Man U and now Tottenham it makes for a shocking atmosphere, clubs don’t give a shit tho as these day trippers are all spending a few hundred quid each in the club shop.
  4. Bacon - Brown sauce Hot dogs/burgers - Ketchup and mustard Lamb - Mint sauce Beef - Horseradish Turkey - Cranberry sauce The above is actually in the bible.
  5. 3 dogs and 4 cats, all rescue, life wouldn’t be the same without them.
  6. Absolutely, JR is a top manager in my opinion, shouldn’t have went to Sunderland as they’re a car crash of a club, I’m going to predict he’ll be at the Hibees for the next 10 years., and be very successful.
  7. To be fair the final was awful, not as bad as the 94 final tho.
  8. My favourite memory of Italia 90 is a betting one. Owner of my local Chinese restaurant gave his new KP who’s just arrived from China £7000 to put on Argentina to win the opening game against Cameroon at odds of 1/7 thinking it was the easiest £1k he’d ever make. The slightly confused employee put it all in Cameroon at 8/1, owner went racing back to bookies to cancel the bet but the cunt bookie refused. Well we know how that turned out, I only wish I’d been in the bookies to see him collect his £63k, it was a local bookie not a chain and he was a total wanker of a bloke.
  9. They’ll be the Everton fans then. As mentioned earlier Liverpool supporters have this sense of entitlement, I work beside 3 of them and several drink in my local pub. Horrible blinkered self pitying tw@ts every single one of them.
  10. FFS, my lot have only scored 3 goals in the first 7 games and we”re still only 3 points off the top 6 😂
  11. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Rolling Hills agenda is to kill of the TAMB for good. The traffic must be slowing down on the site due to his pre meditated inane drivel. I was going to say hidden agenda but it’s so fecking obvious, yet the troll is allowed to continue.
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