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  1. You should have tried going to a St Mirren game there in the 80’s, totally mental all the way to Cartsdyke station, certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted.
  2. You’ve lost me, “ Rangers stabber guys” ? Who allegedly ran amok in a bar against whom? Not taking the piss mate as I’ve no idea of the story you’re commenting on.
  3. That Rangers protest is utterly hilarious, as Marky who posts on here occasionally commented ”Never seen the cunts protesting outside Pacific Quay when BBC Scotland were doing everything in their power to protect their precious union”
  4. Don’t you remember he was trying to get Austin MacPhee to sign his pie holder in the Angel Share 😂
  5. Yeah I saw that lol, sticking up for his old club that both of his brothers also currently play for, and a former Hibee, bet he’s popular down Gorgie way. Still trying to recover from the weekend, I’m a total lightweight these days, that’s what happens when you drink with tdyer63, ( thanks for the lift back to the airport yesterday )
  6. Just saw that tackle again, it was indeed a shocker, if that’s not a straight red nothing is, we certainly got away with one there.
  7. Cheers Gents, I’m a tad drunk now, thought we deserved at least a point, had resingned myself to relegation, now I’m not too sure. Byraway, fucking love Edinburgh ❤️
  8. Anyway back on topic, enjoying a nice weekend in Edinburgh, will be attending Tyncastle today more in hope than expectation, would be delighted if we could have a repeat of last weeks point at Pittodrie. C’mon The Murn
  9. Given the Spanish police previous for being a tad heavy handed, it’s probably advisable not to break seats at the match tonight. They do love a baton charge. My advice to any Celtic fans tonight is if you see them putting their visors down on their helmets run like fuck.
  10. If the kid gets ill and cancels the party you’re more than welcome to join us. I reckon deep down you don’t want to follow follow Rangers and there’s a Linwood St Mirren supporter in there just dying to get out, me, Marky and Tdyer63 will easily turn you lol Guilford Arms 1200, be there
  11. Only St Mirren can get their best result of the season and fall further behind at the bottom. Upside is any idea of staying in the pub next Saturday is oot the windae, easy Winn for us at Tynie next week.
  12. Having a weekend in Edinburgh next week for the Hearts game, flying over with Marky who posts on here and meeting up with another TAMB poster TDyer63 and her hubby, Marky suggested fucking the match off and staying in the Guilford Arms on the lash all day, I’m beginning to think that’s not a bad idea lol.
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