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  1. Might be talking shite ( as usual), but I think this may well be the first time in my lifetime that St Mirren have finished above Aberdeen, and I’m an old git.
  2. The “Champions” league final a couple of season ago was between 2 English sides who hadn’t won their domestic league for a combined 87 years. Think that just about sums it up.
  3. I was 18 at the time, watched the game in the Manchester Pub on the promenade in Blackpool. To my recollection no actual Aberdeen fans in there as such, but loads of fans from Scottish and English clubs who celebrated Hewitts winner as if it was our own team, place went mental. Good times. 👍
  4. As my username suggests. I live at the far end of this bay.
  5. What are foreigners got to do with it? Aren't you about to win the league title with a team made up of foreigners and a foreign manager? Wasnt Henrick Larsson recently voted your greatest ever player? yep, you definitely need a lie down.
  6. Rangers fans singing the much English loved “10 German bombers” song throughout the game. What a total fkn embarrassment these Neanderthals are to Scotland.
  7. As Blackadder would say. ” I think it rhymes with clucking bell”. Sums up this thread 😂
  8. I hope you Aberdeen lads went along to the darts tonight to cheer on Big Ramy.
  9. Link doesn’t work, I’m not very techy, plus it does appear to come from a Celtic source, so who knows 🤷‍♂️
  10. Rumours have it that it was the Rangers Ultras who did this. Union Bears or whatever the Feck they’re called.
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