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  1. That’s a great point, as a St Mirren I can only think of 2 Morton fans that I actually know. None of whom are on my phone contact list. St Mirren/ Morton rivalry is a strange one, as there’s probably half a dozen clubs closer to Paisley than the 15 miles down the road to Greenock.
  2. lol, that was just coincidence as I was watching Arsenal before he was with them. if he’d played for that lot from the arse of the bank I would have divorced his sister immediately.
  3. Took a liking to Arsenal years ago after St Mirren played them in a friendly (1980) couple of years afterwards worked in Islington for a short time and used to go to home games. My brother in law also used to play for them. Go over for home games when I’m not working as can I get return flights for as little as £50 return from Jersey. Love my trips over there, but sometimes feel I’m cheating on St Mirren 😯
  4. Wasn’t there, but to be fair to our new manager Stubbs left us in a total mess, he spent all of our budget bringing in total dross. Its a case of hanging on in there anyway we can until the January window when hopefully OK can bring in some better quality players.
  5. You’re not on Jim’s naughty list mate, but I’m going to have to decline answering that for the time being due to being out on my works Xmas Do, a bit pished but we won 1-0 against the Well today so I’m a happy buddie X Have a great Xmas RB
  6. You’re lot are just as bad, “Utter Vermin” both of you, you live for each other and basically couldn’t survive without each other. As previously mentioned 2 cheeks same arse, unlike most non old faces firm fans on here who seem to lean to hate Rangers more than Celtic I disagree with that as I despise you both equally. Merry Xmas x
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/855031/leicester-star-riyad-mahrez-says-trial-at-st-mirren-defined-him-as-a-footballer-and-toughened-him-up-for-life-in-english-premier-league/
  8. St Mirren had Riyad Mahrez on trial before he went to Leicester, after a week or so he stole a bike to escape from Paisley.😂
  9. Jersey Jim

    Racism in football

    To mimic a well known peanut advert at the time in the 70’s, Celtic fans had their own chant about PW “Paul Wilson, he’s jungle fresh, Paul Wilson he’s jungle fresh” PEANUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Seems mental now, but that was Celtic support ( in the Jungle IRONY ALERT ) endearing chant about one of their hero’s. fans had a chant about Paul Wilson
  10. Jersey Jim


    Square go ya C”nt.
  11. Awful result for St Mirren today, just when I thought we might have turned a corner beating the Jambos last week. Ah well never mind in London out on the lash and off to Arsenal v Tottenham game tomorrow.