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  1. What bookies are you seeing that quoted?
  2. Ukraine at Hampden first the winners of Wales v Austria at Hampden, that’s superb in my opinion
  3. Yep, The final I mentioned, Paisley to Hampden is 10 miles, police made the Saints coaches go all the way along the M8 past Easterhouse, South onto the M73, cut off after a few miles then head back Westerly towards Hampden, making the journey around 30 miles. Scandalous
  4. A farce indeed, When St Mirren played Rangers in the league cup final in 2010, despite Paisley being to the West of Hampden all the Saints coaches were made to drive all the way thru Glasgow, go South onto the M74 and approach from the East. What should have been a 30 minute coach journey due to volume of traffic turned into close to 2 hours with many Saints fans missing the kick off. All so they get their traditional end, absolute fkn joke. edited to say as we lost to 9 men, so missing the whole match would have been a blessing.
  5. I would guess the Celtic coach was under more scrutiny and research because nobody had ever heard of him.
  6. By my reckoning ( might be wrong ), after all the maths and head scratching only Portugal will have a better runners up record than us. Wasn’t that long ago that the 2 best runners up used to qualify automatically. 🥲
  7. Not as mental as a Ukraine win tomorrow night and they’ll be in the play offs with only 2 wins from their group games.
  8. Works well here in Jersey, a few weeks before the 6 months is up everyone receives an appointment letter, there’s an option to call a hotline and change the appointment time due to work commitments etc.
  9. Nation league qualifiers will be unseeded, but Wales can still secure a seeding and a home tie in the play offs thru their qualifying group. Thats my take on it anyway, but maybe I’m wrong.
  10. Disgusting language Mrs TDYER, this is a family message board, tut tut
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