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  1. Experienced that at the hotel we stayed in for the friendly game in Yokohama about 10 years ago, scooshed straight up my kyber. Got the fright of my life, I felt completely violated at first, by the 12th time it was fine 😀
  2. Rangers dominating, Aberdeen central defence posted missing for the goal.
  3. My Sheffield Wednesday mate over here reckons he was on over £35k a week. But who knows, he’s out of contract and might just want to play football.
  4. I think most clubs did that back then. One that springs to mind is George Bests debut for Hibs at Love St. Official attendance was given as just over 13,000, Hibs brought thru around 9,000, our average crowd then was over 8,000 and loads more turned out that day just to see Best play. At least 19,000 that day.
  5. Where's the edit button? Just checked tinternet, we did indeed have a bigger crowd for our home game against Dundee than Rangers did against the Hibees. But not against East Fife, old age kicking in I suppose, but point still stands, Rangers getting 12,000 and 16,000, St Mirren 12,500 and 10,000. Celtics home crowds were similar back then also.
  6. Spot on, remember as a youngster at school slagging off my Rangers mates as St Mirren got bigger crowd for 2nd Tier home game against Dundee And East Fife, than Rangers got for their home games against Hibs and Aberdeen the same month. ( Would have been around Feb/March 1977 ). How times have changed.
  7. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Motherwell Kilmarnock Hibs St Mirren Livingston Dundee United St Johnstone Ross County Hamilton Probably over optimistic about my teams chances (7th), but hey-ho we live in hope.
  8. He came a long way after he stole a bike (Allegedly) to escape the Paisley weather whilst at St Mirren.
  9. 1,X,1, X,1,1,1, X,X,X No away wins for me, that’ll get you a few points
  10. I’m saving my £100 voucher to take you and MrTYDER OUT 😂
  11. All Jersey residents over 16 to receive a £100 voucher/gift card to spend in local businesses to help the economy get back on its feet. Gift cards can be spent in local restaurants/cafes/local tourist attractions/ high st shops etc. Costing £11m Great Idea.
  12. That’s a bit harsh on Mr Tidy, he’s a good mate of mine.
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