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  1. Agree with this, bookies have this game odds on to be a draw which is almost unheard of. It would be Karma tho if Austria did play for a draw and get knocked out, anyone remember them and West Germany doing the exact same thing in Spain 82? A 1-0 win for the Germans put both teams thru, Germany scored early on and neither team tried to score for the next 80 minutes, fkn disgraceful as it meant Algeria were eliminated. Algeria had played earlier in the day, so both teams knew exactly what was required, that’s why the rules were changed that final group games had to be played simu
  2. Swiss now -2 GD, so no more goals here would be perfect. Unless It’s Turkey who score 😂
  3. My scenario above would also see us finishing second. 1-0 to the Czechs and 2-0 to us 👍
  4. Why would the Czechs need to beat England by 3 goals? Or am I missing something here? they beat England they’ll have 7 points to England’s 4.
  5. If the Czechs beat England 1-0 and we beat Croatia 2-0, Czechs win the group, we’ll be second and England third. In that scenario We’d both be on 4 points, the head to head was a draw so we’d finish second having scored 2 goals to their 1. 🤞🏻
  6. As many have mentioned our biggest problem is up front. We’re a dozen games into the first round of tournament games and only Italy and Denmark have had more attempts at goal than us (19). That's the positives I’m taking into Friday.
  7. I think the BBC should cut their coverage and went back to the studio long before they did. It’s looking promising now, but it didn’t at the time and they were showing his wife being comforted on the touch line. Edited to say, DD had already made my point but never noticed, apologies.
  8. Will “We’re up to our knees in Athenian blood” be allowed?
  9. The Lions training camp is in Jersey prior to the Japan game and South African tour, I’ll have a good view of the training sessions at work 👍
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