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  1. I’m from Paisley, live in Jersey and support St Mirren. ( and my names Jim 😂 ) 99% of folk on here would have no issue saying where there from and who they support. Big Red Flag there fella. You’ve obviously got something to hide. Anyway welcome back.
  2. Full back Injuries could be decisive on Tuesday, hopefully not, but it’s quite concerning that Ukraine basically rested their whole expected starting 11 earlier today.
  3. I think Hibs signed Gerry from Man City to replace brother Joe when he left to join Law at Torino, may be wrong don’t think they ever played in the same Hibs team together
  4. His brother Gerry scored 10 goals in one game for St Mirren in 1960 in the 3rd round of the Scottish cup ( we were the cup holders at the time )
  5. I assume he’s talking about the added on shouts of “No Surrender” between lyrics. The 2 words are not sectarian as such, but we all know what they mean.
  6. Could be a cunning plan to get booted out of the competition before Liverpool annihilate them.
  7. Have the Green Brigade turned up with banners on any of the motorway flyovers yet 😂
  8. Fantastic TV viewing this morning for all patriots. Are you being served is on UK Gold. So far Mr Humphries is free and Mrs Slocombes pussy had to be rescued by a Fireman.
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