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  1. Book arrived today Slasher. Off work for a few days now, going to be warm tomorrow, so shall have a few beers sit in the garden and enjoy your scriptures👍
  2. FFS, if I’d known that I’d have saved a few quid and waited till the next time me and yer wee brer went up to Wick to see Academy and hoovered up his spare copies 😂
  3. Remember seeing something on telly about a couple of season ticket Blackburn fans who lived in Burnley. To get to that game at they had to drive to Blackburn early doors and get on an official supporters coach as the police wouldn’t allow any away fans entry if they never travelled on those coaches. After the game had to get the coach back to Blackburn then drive home to Burnley. they only lived 400 yards away from Turf Moor, mental
  4. 😂😂 standard for me and my mates to stand outside that place asking older lot to get us our carry outs, Unfortunately for us once or twice our money was hoovered we were told to feck off and they disappeared under The Arches into that lovely residential utopia Ferguslie.
  5. The now demolished Millarston High Flats.
  6. Shud have read “fit first ever Windscreen” can’t edit for some reason 🤷‍♂️
  7. Anyway Slasher, I reckon I will relate to your book, I lived less than a mile from the Linwood Car Plant, I was 16 when it closed down my old man and several of my uncles lost their jobs. The closure left mass unemployment in the area, my old man was a fitter in the production line, he won a competition within the factory to fit the first ever Hillman Imp (Reg was IMP1) which apparently was the last job to be done as it came off the line. The car was in the transport museum in Glasgow when I was younger, not sure if it’s still there now. Good luck pal
  8. You’ve got bigger diddies? 🙀 ooops sorry misread
  9. Feck off you, you’re a Supporter of the Mighty Paisley Saints. Slasher, you should be giving TDYER commission as she messaged our wee Whassap group and I’m sure everyone on there I’ll buy it ( all 4 of us 😂). Just purchased it, particularly looking forward to the chapter “The truth about Rossy and me”. Joking aside all the best nothing but admiration for you, the old saying “we all have a book in us”, but to actually do it is fantastic.
  10. Without a doubt we would have went done the same road as Hearts. But being a wee diddy club nobody outside Paisley would have given a flying feck. To be honest Fairbairn I’m not actually bothered if we went down, the best seasons we’ve had in the last 25 years have been in the 2nd tier. It’s over 30 years since we finished in the top half of the Premier. I just don’t get Rangers stance tho, does any Rangers supporter actually think they can catch Celtic? If I supported your team I’d be quite happy to hand the title to Celtic so you could always say ‘what if’, and at the same time if I supported Celtic I would want to Win it and not handed it. So is Rangers agenda (hopes) just to have the season null and void?
  11. As I’ve posted previously Slasher, St Mirren played Hearts in the last game before lock down, we won 1-0, if Hearts had won we would be bottom of the league instead of 9th. How do you think they would voted if they won that game?
  12. Saw them at O2 last month, Was disappointed they never played that tune. Weekend in London, Stereophonics on the Friday night, Arsenal v West Ham on the Saturday, seems like a different world now from when we used to be able to do stuff like that. Or kip at someone’s huge big massive mansion in Bridge Of Weir after a St Mirren game lol
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