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  1. Jersey Jim

    league cup

    When we were at Livvy last season the traffic was utter chaos due to 2,000 travelling fans, how do they cope when the Old firm, Hearts and Hibs visit with treble that support? Around half the Saints support missed the kick off.
  2. Jersey Jim

    league cup

    🤣🤣 Edited to say only difference is I thought the pub was ok 😀
  3. Jersey Jim

    league cup

    Don’t make the same mistake me and Marky who posts on here made. Got the train to Livvy North went to the Saltire next to the station ( good pub ) then got a cab 20 minutes before kick off, went about 200 yards and got stuck in traffic due to the massive Saints support,ended up walking and missed the kick off.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Saints fan and totally delighted McGinn has moved to Villa, great bit of business by our former chairman. With his brother Stephen captaining us to the championship last season and the 3rd brother Paul playing well for us I think it’s time for a statue of Mrs McGinn to be commissioned at St Mirren Park. 🤣
  5. So St Mirrens biggest ever transfer fee received will be from a deal between 2 other clubs.
  6. Great player, it was baffling why Barnsley never gave the lad a chance.
  7. Jersey Jim

    Europa league qualifiers

    Burnley have just paid £15M for a defender from championship side Middlesbrough ( who I’ve never heard of ) puts into perspective what Aberdeen were up against. Edited to say I’ve heard of Middlesbrough but not the defender 😀
  8. Jersey Jim

    Europa league qualifiers

    Watching the Hibs game on hesgoal.com
  9. Jersey Jim

    Europa league qualifiers

    Any links for the Hibs game ?
  10. Jersey Jim

    The Weather thread

    Day 20 of no rain in Jersey, longest since records began, thunderstorms forecast for later this evening. Where is it your flying to today again? Jinx Minx
  11. Jersey Jim

    league cup

    3rd penalty shoot out win in a row for St Mirren. By all accounts very lucky last night against QP. Our championship winning side from last season has been dismantled ( including the management team ) don’t think in all of my years of following St Mirren I’ve went from such a high to a low in such a short period of time. Giving Stubbs a 3 year contract could turn out to be a costly mistake 😢
  12. Jersey Jim

    Europa league qualifiers

    Is the first leg of the Aberdeen game on telly this week?