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  1. Just on the boat to La Palma from Los Cristianos. Best flight ever from Prestwick, parked right at the terminal, nae queues and u can still get mwi on the plane! 😎
  2. Some suggestions that quarantine restrictions might be lifted for the Canaries which would be helpful to me at least. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book m8, cheers 👍
  3. It's not irritated me at all. Just sounds a bit too cuddly for me to be getting that accolade. Anyway I've been to one and it doesn't even match Lanarkshire derbies imo, sorry 🙅‍♂️
  4. I suppose the biggest risk for us is a spike whilst we're away causing flight cancellation. Even then we are staying with family in a villa. The local town, Los llanos is pretty much back to normal. Lockdown, when it came over there was strictly enforced with severe penalties for transgression. As you say you have to make your own judgement. It's not entirely risk free for us but there are mitigations that help, oh and the flights to Tenerife cost less than half the usual fare at this time of year 😎
  5. We fly out on Sunday. The island we are going to has had 7 cases and zero deaths throughout the whole pandemic. If wee Nic wants me to quarantine when I get back fair enough. It'll cost me 9 days annual leave I could do with hanging onto but other than that I'm not arsed. 🙅‍♂️
  6. I was, a very pleasant evening it was too. Didn't realise I'd attracted the attention of the boards resident arsehole. 🙅‍♂️ Edit to say, I didn't mean you lol
  7. Gave up on (a) queen of the South and (b) Schitts Creek and (c) White Lines. I can confirm all three are unadulterated fuckin drivel! Apologies for the harsh lingo but I feel like I wasted half a fuckin week on this shit. I shall check in for some TAMB good cheer from Las Canarias next week, oh and to have a laugh at Brassrubber 🤣
  8. Fuck it! I've just booked 2 weeks in the Canaries. Leaving on Sunday from Prestwick 😎
  9. Hope so, the weather is so fuckin shite I've actually just happily agreed to go to IKEA 😩
  10. Aah taking on the brother hun philosophy I see, losing is the new winning 😂
  11. Started This Is Us on Prime. The first couple of episodes have me intrigued. Anyone seen this before I plough headlong into 4 seasons?
  12. Ive just noticed Wigan have gone into administration so we'll probably be looking at an Arthur Daley type cheapie for Marshall now 🙄
  13. It's not too hard to imagine he would be happy with what we were offering really. It's circa 70k a week for 2 years vs whatever we came up with most likely on a 4 or 5 year deal. An extra 2 or 3 years security at a club he knows and somewhere he is valued? The opportunity to stay on the premiership gravy train and maybe get back in the mix for England are pretty big carrots however. Anyway I wish him well, he was excellent for us 👍 As for a new keeper there are quite a few good options that would cost us less and hopefully we won't hang around now we know this deal is dead.
  14. Cheers, glad you enjoyed it 👍 It's sold a few in the US, Canada and Australia and bizarrely one in France I noticed today. Its up to around the 1300 mark now and we will look at getting it into some retailers but I guess it kinda needs a big bump from somewhere to take it to another level.
  15. The deal for Forster was fee agreed and the player happy with the financials. Looks like he's pulled the plug himself after being offered a shot at making himself first choice down there. Disappointing but there are plenty of decent (probably) cheaper alternatives out there 🙅‍♂️
  16. Can't see Gordon being capped again now he's dropped down the league. As for Fraser, I'd expect to see him wind up at Everton or somewhere similar 👍
  17. State of this 😂 Cares more about the title than his own clubs relegation. What an absolute weirdo!
  18. Thanks for posting lads! Much appreciated 👍
  19. I would agree he could be very funny at times but an odious prick just as often. Saying that, I'd settle for debating with him on here right now as the 4 women in my house are currently subjecting me to Mamamia 2 at full volume 🙉
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