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  1. Just seen that there was another earthquake at 4.7 magnitude today. It could well open up more fissures 🙈
  2. This country is full of racist bigots and is policed by a bunch of workshy wankers. In conclusion I'm not sure what any of you are laughing at?
  3. That's OK m8, don't mind being corrected factually, fair play. The family are safe and sound in the UK now. Meanwhile the volcano is going off its chump so who knows what they will be returning to.
  4. I didn't realise smoking crack on a Wednesday morning was a thing. 🙄
  5. The position is up for grabs as far as I am concerned. O'Donnell has done a lot right and very little wrong for us but I get he is somewhat limited in an attacking sense. Patterson has potential but he's done nothing to nail down the position, in fact he was utter dug meat in the first half last night. Frankly if he can't nail down the position at club level he shouldn't be considered. There are other young RB's coming through, let's just see what happens.
  6. There is merit in what you say and it's all about opinions. However I don't agree. Our failings against Israel can be attributed to one thing... the midfield not controlling the game. Enter Gilmour/Mcgregor or Gilmour/McTominay. This allows us to get our full/wing backs high and exposing their obvious weaknesses in defence. Bitton & El Hamed eg are feckin hopeless at defending their penalty area, we just haven't asked them to do it often enough. If we can turn them towards behaving like an actual away team we can win. If we start man marking their best players we're fucked imo
  7. I see Slippy is an early favourite to replace the manager 🤣 Hopefully he stays put 👍
  8. Hopefully Newcastle get relegated this season. Their fans are getting on my tits already and it's only been one day 🙈
  9. I see you've picked McKenna. I haven't seen much of him at Forest, how's he getting on? I would worry Zahavi might be too smart for him. 🤔
  10. My family were 3.5 km away just outside the exclusion zone. They said that the worst thing were the constant explosions during the night. Although their house isn't currently in the path of the lava that could change as new fissures open up. Re the earthquakes, most of them were between 2.5 & 3.5 on the Richter scale. The higher end of that would be enough to wake you up during the night and maybe shake the house. There was one when we were there a few years ago around 2.7........I didn't feel anything tbh. Some of the videos they've put on the family chat are quite spectacular and there are many more online. One of them shows the church they got married in being swept away. I can understand people wanting to see this whilst it's active but it's all desperately sad for those who live there. I think the airport was shut for a while but has now reopened.
  11. Ridley Road looks promising 👍 Currently rewatching the Sopranos after many years. I had forgotten how funny some of it is. Great banter and very clever.
  12. Toss a coin between Patterson and O'Donnell and I think that will be the team. Key will be how high and how often the wing backs get forward.
  13. Absolutely no chance of the morally bankrupt Tory cunts on our board coughing for this and they'll probably get away with it. Shameless cunts, take responsibility and pay up!
  14. Just seen Slippys interview there. What a snide, condescending cunt he is.
  15. I've spent a fair bit of time on this beautiful but very poor island as I have family who live there (now evacuated to Tenerife). Hopefully they still have a house to go back to when the eruption is over but there's no telling when this will end or how much devastation it will leave behind. Anyway, when it is all over I would urge anyone who frequents the Canaries to pay it a visit and try and help this place back on its feet. It truly is one of the most stunning and unspoilt places I've been to in Europe. You can get a boat over from Los Cristianos or a short 20 minute Binter flight from North Tenerife. The only direct flights from the UK are with TUI from Manchester at the moment. 👍
  16. We're just no very good at tackling 😂 Re Porteous, I've no sympathy for him at all. He dives into challenges like that far too often. I keep hearing he's a young player and he'll learn but there's no sign of that so far. Stonewall red imo. I think the problem most fans will have is that we'll all have seen challenges like that where contact has been made but the appropriate action hasn't been taken this season. The most obvious one I could cite would be Halliday's potentially achilles snapping assault on Mcgregor on day one, deemed not even worthy of a yellow by Bobby Madhun. 🙄
  17. Only if you completely ignore the foul on Starfelt first 🙈 Ridiculous.
  18. We'll just need to suck it up till we get some players back. There's fuck all the manager can do but play the hand he has. A bit lucky to not lose and a bit unlucky not to win today if that makes any sense. I've rarely been less enthusiastic about a European tie than I am about Leverkusen on Thursday 🙈
  19. I said we'd need some luck with injuries this season 🙈 Giakoumakis does his calf in the warm up 🤣 I see a pattern developing here...
  20. We were beyond shite today, no complaints about the result. I just don't know what our problem is at Livi. Same shit different day!
  21. The thing that struck me about yesterday was the amount of people who said they were staying away from the town because of it. One business owner was quoted as saying they would likely lose a four figure sum on the days usual takings. It can't be right that we are simply giving over the city to these marches on a regular basis. There is a peacock type on display element to it all which I think if you remove takes away most of its appeal. Re-routing these marches and making use of green space where they are causing less disruption and annoyance has to be part of the solution moving forward. We cant go on like this every year, people have simply had enough of this shit although I agree banning it would be a mistake.
  22. It seems like many people are sick of this shit every year. But where and how do you balance peoples right to parade with those you might offend?
  23. I don't know much about jogging but fuck me I forgot how hard it is laying a laminate floor. Absolutely cabbaged! 😂
  24. Wtf you mean we got beat 4-3? We were 2-0 before ma bath ffs!
  25. Lots of positives from that mainly in attack but I'd like to see Carter Vickers alongside Julien when he's back. We need to buy a left back in January. Soro should have been emptied at half time there. Looked as though he was pulling a caravan at the 3rd goal they got. Some brilliant attacking play alongside some rank bad defending, real Jekyll & Hyde stuff. We are definitely not boring. Strap yirsel in Ramy it's going to be a fun season! 😄
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