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  1. On the other hand https://goo.gl/images/6SWguW
  2. We would call them sannys. It was generic for all sports shoes, much like ginger was what you called any flavour of fizzy water.
  3. Cheers now, enjoy your beers. We'll be turning into the new god squad 😁
  4. Brilliant. I'm here aw night or until am pissed.
  5. bonzo

    Tennis 2017

    So do they keep the giant guys with the big serves on opposite sides of the draw. That would have been some final.
  6. You're upping the stakes noo lairdy...
  7. So you decided tae waste everybody else's Friday night 😂takes me right back tae some shit disco in Blackpool in the early 80s😲
  8. bonzo

    Tennis 2017

    That's over 8 full sets of tennis they boys will sleep the night😴
  9. bonzo

    Tennis 2017

    How knackered is the winner of this going to be on Sunday?
  10. bonzo

    Tennis 2017

    This is almost farcical, surely there should be a tie break in the 5th.
  11. We can all enjoy the final now.