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  1. Shshshshsh Don't mention leprosy.
  2. bonzo

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    Just along from the shopping center, quite close to the kilted kangaroo. It's just an old fashioned boozer.
  3. bonzo

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    Nobody has mentioned the port customs bar.
  4. bonzo

    Glenn Hoddle

    Always wondered what does the H stand for.
  5. Aye seen a Christmas tree in asda today with a digital counter saying 54.
  6. bonzo

    Glenn Hoddle

    Don't know that one, I was thinking power of a woman.
  7. bonzo

    Glenn Hoddle

    All 4 of them?
  8. bonzo

    Glenn Hoddle

    Fuck, here we go again
  9. There's a few of these on here hahaha Hahaha
  10. bonzo

    C Mon Portugal

    .....Just switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead.