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  1. bonzo


    Jeez now you're asking, there was a few on the whitesands I think one was the coach and horses if memory serves me correctly they had live music.
  2. bonzo


    Been a few times and as Tartan McCole it's a cracking pub crawl.
  3. Even a wee bit of joy division on peaky blinders last night 👍
  4. Nah, Johnny rotten he's already admitted it.
  5. 18 eh, straight intae the devil's arms fur a pint.
  6. Nae worse than scambling about trying to finish work, get to Glasgow and watch it.
  7. I notice you use they and not we?
  8. No fae me they won't I'm on the train hame 🤬
  9. I'm that excited I'm shittin myself. Can't see any better than a serious dooing for us tonight. I'll still go though.
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