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  1. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    That result today makes our defeat to France even more annoying 🤬
  2. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    Football players pretend to be hurt and rugby players pretend not to be hurt.
  3. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    If we beat them next year we get them to keep 😄
  4. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    Just said similar to Mrs B, when i grow up that's what I want to look like 😁
  5. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    Watching in the pub no sound.
  6. bonzo

    Six Nations 2024

    I'll take that after jow the first 10 minutes went as you said @StirlingEgg high tackle in the lead up to the 1st try.
  7. Went on a school trip in the 70s, don't mind much about it 🫣
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