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  1. I was never a chas and dave fan but I always liked this when it gets rolled out on late night BBC programs.
  2. Likewise your first post for ages without a mention of your hatered of huns 😁
  3. bonzo

    Liz Fraser

    The countess of cleavage... The bond girl that never was 😥
  4. bonzo


  5. bonzo


    You'll love it as a family, the airport in miniature wonderland is brilliant.... Enjoy.
  6. bonzo


    I take it you mean miniature wonderland? It's a great place to see. Boat trips on the alster and the elbe are good too. The zoo is also well worth a visit.
  7. A woman in labour shouting the usual stuff "get this out of me, give me more drugs" She turns to her husband screaming "you did this to me you fucker you put me through this agony". He casually whispers in her ear " if you remember I wanted to stick it up your arse and you told me to fuck off it would be too painful "
  8. bonzo

    Free Speech

    Ok I'll take hawf a dozen 😀
  9. bonzo


    There's a million despicable ####s out there the world is full of wife beating tossers Gascoigne is public eye your next door neighbour isnae.
  10. bonzo


    Aye right 😁