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  1. On another front, saw that Andrew Neil interview with Swinson. I thought she probably exceeded (low) expectation, seemed less got at than Sturgeon or Corbyn, but only because she more or less caved in, drew in party ambition, rowed back on revoke, and apologised for her role on coalition. Made for an easier ride for her on the day, but may make selling Lib Dems harder on the doorstep.
  2. I see Wings is calling for Nicola Sturgeon to resign, one week out from a General Election Hmm
  3. I think the key to Johnson getting back in is that he promises to Get Brexit Done. And people hear that and they'd vote anyone to get it. In a sense you can't blame them, those 17.4 million who voted for Brexit and still waiting. It's unfinished business. If they put up an imbecile, criminal or talking horse, it could still be the right thing to do, to right what is perceived as a wrong. That's why all the attacks on his character and past record are futile. The tragedy of it (or the brilliance) is that BJ gets to bring in 5 new years of Tory rule on the back of that one piece of unfinished business. But more than that, the tragedy for his own voters is that he can't deliver a Brexit that will satisfy all his followers. He offers only a self-proclaimed 'polished turd' or 'surrender deal' that will keep part of UK under EU rule, that will loosen the bonds of the Precious Union. He is a weak cowardly man who could cave in to Trump, Russia and EU, right left and centre, but get the media to spin it as statesmanship. If I was a hard line Eurosceptic I'd much rather have a Redwood or a Dodds - or even Theresa May 😲 - fighting my corner. At least May had red lines. Johnson just has vague scribbles.
  4. I think someone said Johnson was essentially a print journalist. Good at a certain amount of wordsmithery and building up an argument (where racists sounding comments are taken out of context, honest guv). But poor verbal communicator/debater as others have said.
  5. I should add, that in terms of action, people should not get too distracted by this. When it was half of Scotland complaining, no one took notice. Now when half of UK is up in arms, let the rUK pull their weight. I seem to remember Ruth Davidson saying, a bit smugly, that while indy supporters were protesting Pacific Quay, they were leafleting. We can be sure that Cummings/the Tories benefit from any distractions.
  6. OK, *we* may have known of the bias, but I think this time it's different. No one cares too much about the BritishBC being pro-British in a corner of Britain. Free speech and all that. And it helps keep the Nats in their box. Then they came for Corbyn, but not so many sympathisers when smearing a few unpatriotic lefties that some on their own party detest. But when the whole opposition starts noticing pro-Tory bias on every front, iwhen the BBC even U-turns on their promise not to do MArr without Neil, everyone starts to notice it stinks. Not quite cricket. I think on this occasion, even people who normally support the BBC instinctively (as liberal, democratic, impartial) are waking up to their bias.
  7. At least if Neil didn't grill him too much, we'd all see it. + The fact Johnson doesn't want to do it is all the more reason to insist on it!
  8. "Khan was known to the authorities, having been convicted for terrorism offences in 2012."
  9. Treading carefully here, and with all due respect to the victims, are we even sure it's a terrorist incident?
  10. I don't always post what I like, but what I think people might be worth hearing. Of course, I'm more likely to like stuff I know, if you see what I mean.
  11. There's more than one! There are (from memory) ones on lunar eclipses, perseids (or leonids) and the flat earth (under various threads, including one about a 'weegie accent' IIRC).
  12. So the BBC is caving in to interview Johnson on Marr without commitment to him being grilled by Neil. Their excuse is the London Bridge incident. So a platform for the Churchill impersonator to look statesmanlike.
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