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  1. Seems very unusual for someone cleared of all charges to be continually smeared across the media even after their day(s) in court as if the acquittal hadn't happened. It seems beyond normal now, if that's not an understatement.
  2. Sorry for contributing another death rate numbers post, but this is the first and only time I've seen a graph showing Scotland relative to others... https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/
  3. Faculty of Advocates statement: STATEMENT Gordon Jackson, QC, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates: “I have decided that the proper course of action is to self-refer this matter to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, and that has been done. It will be for the Commission to consider this matter. “To be clear, however, I do not regard Alex Salmond as a ‘sex pest’, and any contrary impression is wrong. I also deeply regret the distress and difficulties which have been caused, but given the reference to the SLCC it would not be appropriate to comment further.”
  4. I suppose it invites us to reflect on the motives of those giving aid (in any circumstances)... but as you said it doesn't mean it's not helping... depends on specific circumstrances I suppose
  5. Why do you say 'helping'? Don't you think sending medics, equipment, supplies etc is actually helping? Do you not think Italy are genuinely grateful - and maybe we will be too if it comes to it? Even if it's done for political motives, do you think we should refuse aid from those countries, if we are struggling, people are suffering?
  6. Here is another thought. since there are so many creative calculating people on here. Would it be possible to run some sort of shadow fantasy leagues, based on league teams' positions and records, plus random factors that would not be determined till the day of the fixture that would have been? (Is anyone already doing this, or else, how are actual fantasy leagues doing it?) The point would be to keep interest in each week going by as if the fixtures were taking place, and to string it out for whole easons, not just to it in one weekend, where results of fixtures would be determined not simply by track records or some pools panel hocus pocus (because that itn principle could be run 'now'). But would somehow build in a rangomd factor that could be somehow triggered by real things happening around the date of the fixture. Whatever that would be, it would have to be something clear cut and visible to everyone, (not a privately run random number). When I say "league teams' positions and records, plus random factors" I mean for example, the score on each shadow fixture could be some combination of: 1. League position (higher or lower; or more subtly, could allow higher points/same points/lower points and/or even higher points, smae point but above on goald difference, same points but lower.... etc. etc. in as much detail as you wish, in the normal ways of determining leaagues position when on same points) 2. Last x games' form (simplest would be x=1, i.e. just the last game) 3. Home or away 4. Random factor determined on the day (a national lottery number on saturday?) The effect (not the mechanism) would be something a bit like the "unofficial world cup" in the sense that anyone anywhere could work it out, (although that is based on actual events of live ongoing matches) Obviously I havent throught through the exact mechanisms yet but just put it out there to see if any thoughts. If it worked it could apply to any league, andywere , and keep people occupied to the end of the season?
  7. That's a neat answer. But if so, does the multiplier effect also apply to the lad with the shoes and 2 pokes of chips? In other words if [shoe] [shoe]=10 means [shoe]=3.16, then [lad][chips][chips][shoe][shoe] should be 5 x 2 x 2 x 3.16 x 3.16 =200? Then the overall answer must be 3.16 + 200 x 2 = 403.16? In which case you may as well give the lad the third poke of chips and be done with it?
  8. I guess it depends on what is the value of a single shoe. Is a single shoe worth half a pair of shoes?
  9. "I am writing from your future" A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future
  10. I agree that independence will be on the back burner for a while, at least officially. But unofficially, clearly people are still viewing the whole situation in indy v Unionism terms, and trying to politicise, or at least interpret, developments on those terms. I thought I heard Gove say - perhaps emphasise - "national solidarity". I suppose it depends what nation you believe you belong to. Some who consider Scotland their nation won't be swayed by a virus. Those who are ambivalent (Scots Brits) might be swayed how well or badly the governemts do, or what the economy will look like at the end of the day. And, who knows will happen to Brexit? Things may well resume exactly as they are 'when it's all over'. Like a new football season...
  11. Clearly it's not longer possible to spot what is a developed country and what is a third world country. China (and I think Cuba) have been sending out medical help to Europe; Britain is struggling but at least has an NHS; USA seems in chaos and denial, tragically.
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