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  1. It was one of the simpler ones! Unless Mr & Ms Priest's son is his real name of course.
  2. Named after the football club... named after the city... named after the saint.
  3. Triple points? "The band was named after a supervisor at a Thriftway in Montesano" The album and track speak for themselves. And the track name leads to a tap in for someone...
  4. Interesting. That could explain why they'd do such a potentially damaging thing like over-ruling Holyrood in the middle of the Scots' Tories Holyrood election campaging, on something the Scots' Tories themselves voted for (though it would look bad if overruling somehting they hadn't voted for too). Otherwise, the timing ooks odd. On the other hand they are supposedly also giving thought to having their own referendum. (Which again, completely undermines what their Scottish branch is campaigning on).
  5. In other news, I just saw an interview with Alex Salmond (on Sky, via internet), who says he would be advocating first rejoining the Single Market ahead of attempting to the join the EU. Also he was asked on what he'd do if Johnson said No, he said there were several options (was asked if one of them night be an indicative referendum, I think he said yes but there were several options....though didn't say what they were)...
  6. I don't think anyone's saying what people 'should' be talking about, but I'm just pointing out that it seems inconsistent to me, for those most vociferously saying this election should be about indy as top priority, or even to form a whole new party with indy as its priority, to then divert the debate into topics that are not to do with independence. For example the Action for Independence party seemed to be just about indy and that is fine and consistent. Or there is a Scottish Family party, that is for promoting certain family values, and thier whole campaign can be all about those thin
  7. Seems to me it's mostly people - like Alba - who oppose it who want to make it such an issue. Which is compatible with: ...which is fair enough. However Especially, those who say independence should be the priority, diverting the debate into a topic that has nothing to do with independence. In the middle of an election campaign.
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