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  1. exile

    Nations League

    Hmm not sure how one is supposed to form opinion of future if dismissing consideration of past form. Just going by rankings and probabilities, maybe. But rankings are based on the past too.
  2. exile

    Nations League

    Yes I know that but when do we ever play in a three way group?* As I say, the nations league is new territory, everything we try to say about it is hypothetical, yet that doesn't stop everyone making predictions about the future based on past matches that happened in different circumstances. We're all just coming from it from different angles.... but seem to be drawing the same conclusions anyway * 1978 World Cup qualifiers
  3. exile

    Nations League

    It could be read in different ways. For one, the Republic might fancy they would be favourites to win such a three way group, but would only have done so by a whisker (if by goals scored) or not at all (if on head to head). Seen this way, the main difference between Ireland and us is that they managed to beat Germany. They probably had the self belief they could do it, whereas we probably didn't really believe it, but would do well to pick up a point. Perhaps a legacy of years of underachievement. But the tiered league format takes away any inferiority complex against top seeds. We 'only' need to beat teams around our own level, which we have shown capability of doing. Of course it's all hypothetical, but that is the nature of a league that hasn't happened yet. As I said earlier, the simple thing is just to win our home games and try to nick some away points.
  4. All those young groovers... where are they now?
  5. My knowledge of Eastern European towns and cities is disproportionately based on football fixtures. Craiova, Plovdov, Nis, Vladikavkaz...
  6. exile

    Nations League

    Looking back at the Euro 2016 campaign, the closest teams to us were Ireland and Georgia (they are now in League B and League D). If we imagine a mini league of us three, the standings were: Republic of Ireland W2 D1 L1 = 7 points Scotland W2 D1 L1 = 7 points Georgia W1 D0 L3 = 1 point So as long as we could keep beating teams a little worse than Ireland, and stop losing to teams a little better than Georgia, we should have a decent chance.
  7. exile

    Nations League

    When I first heard of all this Nations League stuff, I was a bit pessimistic, the idea of being in a League at a given level seemed to cement Scotland's status as a third tier side. And the idea that we could find a new way to not qualify while someone from pot D qualified seemed like a possible new low. However there is also the optimistic view that it gives a new direct chance to qualify by beating teams of roughly our standard. The question is if we are up to that, on the night (or, successive nights)...
  8. exile

    Nations League

    Plus there is a chance that if one of our play off opponents (who should be at our level) turns out to be surprisingly good, they could qualify directly for euro 2012, so we'd face slightly weaker (on paper ) opposition. But that's all too hypothetical. The main thing is to win our home games and nick some away points
  9. New album out around now. Sounds singable?
  10. And they'll be dancing in the streets of Trenčín tonight? after A S Trenčín beat Feyenoord 4-0