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  1. I thought I heard the Spanish manager reported as expecting the Scotish team to be 'dynamic' and 'aggressive'. It would be nice to sink them with some skill.
  2. Seems there is a lot of defeatism out there, before a ball has been kicked.
  3. This week's Friday night 🧀 At least, I thought I heard spaceship noises (though you wouldn't hear them in space)
  4. well there's a bit that makes me think what it might sound like if washing machines made music
  5. ...yes, 10+ minutes in, I'd forgotten what I was listening to or why, until the scrap kicked in! 😅
  6. Space shuttle rocket booster nozzles apparently used for percussion.
  7. Apparently includes 'found sounds'; the marimba, the melodica and the shawm.
  8. Made me think of Van der Graaf Generator (not enough to post it though 😉)
  9. “I took the head off a snare drum and started whacking it with a wooden ruler, recording it through a Shure 57 microphone,” he says. “As I did that, I started twisting the hell out of the [API 550] EQ around 1 kHz on it, to the point where it was starting to sound more like a crash. I blended that with a snare I found in the Linn itself, which was a 12-bit machine, so it sounded pretty edgy to start with.” But the coup de grace for the sound was when Z pumped the processed and blended sample through an Auratone speaker set upside down atop another snare drum, which rattled the metal snares and gave the result some ambience and even more high end... The sonic result was closer to a hollow wood block sound than any snare found on a conventional rock record, and in becoming, along with Gift’s vocals, the signature of the song... " https://www.mixonline.com/recording/classic-tracks-fine-young-cannibals-she-drives-me-crazy-375247
  10. Well it's Friday and I had an idea for a new theme, a variaton on previous ones. Musical instruments or other things used to make music with. For things use to make music with that aren't musical instruments, they don't need to be in the title or band name, but it should be possible to hear them. First off, a musical instrument..:
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