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  1. I've found taking a break can be good for the soul. You come back and it seems everything the same, same arguments, same gripes, same passions, you just missed out on agreeing or disagreeing. Anyway it just takes someone to see the light or get your point - whether Chomsky or Marr - to be worth it.
  2. Yes, you're right, Cook's blog omits the word "media". Cook's blog cited the tweet that paraphrased, but also cited, the original press release, that used the phrase "media contempt". I was just pointing out the discrepancy, and so, why the original claims were not as hyperbolic as in the blog, or if you prefer, why the blog could be said to be misleading, I don't see a problem using a current public interest case to discuss the wider 'shambolic' state of journalism.
  3. The exact wording in the quoted press release is media contempt of court. As if that is a different thing from 'any' contempt of court? That may explain the apparent discrepancy. Irrespective of guilt or sentence, the article raises questions about what the ruling says about journalism and whether mainstream journalists get more protection than others. Am curious to see how (if) mainstream journalists respond to that aspect.
  4. Will be interesting to see how the media and mainstream journalists cover this - if at all - apparently he's not handing himself in till Sunday, so that give another 2 days for all the weekend shows and pundits to offer their opinion. Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism (jonathan-cook.net)
  5. Thanks for that explanation. But even if we accept that strictly speaking there is a technical reason he could be prosecuted (and others not), many people will wonder why they still chose to to pursue and jail him. There must be lots of cases of breach of peace, acting drunken and disorderly etc where the police can use discretion to prosecute or just send home with a quiet word. Rightly or wrongly, they are in danger of creating a martyr of him, and giving him more publicity in the wider world than he would otherwise have had. A blogger reporting on a Scottish trial is one thing, but given his links to Assange and the sense of his being a whistleblower and thorn in the side of the British state, on other fronts, then jailing him raises the stakes on all sides.
  6. Team GB knocked out the Olympics football. I know it's reported on another thread but no harm ensuring the demise of their ignoble, even illegitimate campaign is noted here for the record.
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