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  1. OK, taking a cue from the Count of Tuscany (cue an encore?), how about royalty and other titles? Counts, Lords & ladies, Barons, dukes, earls, etc,,,,
  2. Maybe a trip to Barnard Castle is in order?
  3. I think Nicola Sturgeon could rightly be criticised for sticking to the "4 nations policy" too long, and not locking down soon enough. But by later showing the will to change things, to get in her own advisors, and to depart from what the UK Govt said it would do, and not follow them subsequently, has shown leadership that she deserves the credit for. Ironically, it was as if she had to be seen to be following the UK in the first place, and for it not to work, to allow her to change tack and be determined to go her own way thereafter. I wouldn't be surprised if Devi Sridhar has been a transformative galvanizing figure - with a strong confident voice of what is the right thing to do, with international clout. She has no need to defer to what Westminster is saying, she can go straight to WHO and international normal practice, and stuff British exceptionalism.
  4. BBC Good Morning Scotland actually covered the poll this morning. Must be because it's part of a series of polls pointing the same way (!). John Curtice said that support for independence had been rising through last year and this. He said during last year the switching was mainly Remainers but this year it was people from all sorts of previous voting preferences. Also he said an interesting point, it wasn't just because of Nicola Sturgeon doing well, or even the Scottish Government, but he suggested it could be because devolution was showing that Scotland could make a difference about decisions it took, he more or less said that people normally don't pay attention too much to what is a devolved power was, but because the virus affects everything/everyone, people were paying attention, and they could see that Scotland having its own powers could make a difference. (That of itself could also be an argument for devolution, but the fact it led to rise in pro indy support would imply that people are taking things to their logical conclusion)
  5. If social media is anything is to go by I see a few cases starting to emerge indirectly of older generation people thinking FM & Govt are doing good job - maybe because hearing directly via TV broadcasts, rather than filtered via news stories packaged with presenters paraphrasing FM then direct critiques by opposition politicians. Also these could be same people who can't get out to read their daily press diet of SNPbad headlines? Just a thought... could be why Murdo Fraser reduced to attacking the BBC for broadcasting FM live as if a "party political broadcast" without opposition.
  6. As I say, the question is how many, or what proportion. You estimate the vast majority, and that may be true. But then the spotlight then falls on who holds the power. Johnson as an individual Tory member (or when a back bench MP) may not care, but as PM, he'd on the whole rather not be the guy that 'loses the Union' The question then becomes when, or in what circumstances, does (what seems to be) the majority view finally prevail? In the case of NI, the answers could well be "already" and "Brexit." For Scotland, who knows?
  7. I think we have yet to see the fallout for what damage he's done to the precious Union by what he's done to Northern Ireland. In the parlance of 2019, he threw the DUP under the bus. He is putting a border of sorts in the Irish Sea. He did what Theresa May said no UK PM would do. He cast aside the "blood red lines" that the Scottish Unionists had nailed their colours to. By his concrete actions (NOT empty gestures like calling himself Minister for the Union), he trashed their authentic loyal piety to the construct (myth?) of the precious union. The arrangement can surely only weaken NI's ties to GB, and (even if only by default) strengthen links to other parts of Ireland. Not only that, but when Johnson's own ministers are reduced to boasting that the deal will give advantages to NI for being closer to EU, as Scotland (and Wales to some extent) look on in envy, that's a recipe for discord and a disintegrating union. The question becomes how many of the Brexiteer majority in the Tory party actually care. Those who actually genuinely care for the Union should be shocked and angry about Johnson putting the long term future of Union at risk for his own short term gain. Those who are simply English/British nationalists may not care if they "lose" Northern lreland or even Scotland., as long are they are liberated form the "European yoke"
  8. All right. How about Long songs (7+ minutes long?) Extended mixes allowed...
  9. Seems to me this reaction is the intention of the cartoon. You could do the same trick with a cartoon of a fascist-nationalist and a civic nationalist, to get the reaction "they're both nationalists... both as bad as each other".
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