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  1. And another thing to notice, they have the most popular posts in the thread, and the no.1 most popular post is, handily, Grim's "directory" of themes!
  2. Just noticed there is now (top right) a league table of posters on this thread. Someone on exactly 1000!
  3. It was this one, from the last theme (war & peace), that gave me the idea for materials...
  4. This looks like a useful explanation of the internal market bill. https://www.thenational.scot/news/18717069.everything-need-know-bill-ignores-values/ Seems to me that it allows Westminster to erase any distinctions between different standards set in different 'devolved nations' (so if England allows chlorinated chicken, we have to accept it too) and to allow Westminster to encroach on devolved areas, so in principle could reduce cashflow to devolved governments while spending from Whitehall and slapping a Union Jack on it. The crux is that it appears to be slyly applying an EU style
  5. Not sure that this revelation is going to turn many Yes voters into No voters.
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