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  1. The stats say Scotland 61 % possession., shots 14:9 (on target, 3:4), corners 9:3
  2. I find it hard to ignore those three games, but. 😵 I'd rather think of the Celtic Park game for inspiration.
  3. If Scotland votes for independence, then by definition the majority of the electorate will be pro indy. It puts the ball in the court of the media. Do they shift with the electorate and accept the status quo, and run with the majority where their bread will be buttered? Especially as the new generation is more pro indy. There will always be a hardcore of unionists, but we saw with Brexit, that a lot of remainers accepted the result, and even parties staunchly Remainer turned pro Brexit or 'let's make it work'. But it's harder to say when the strings are being pulled from outside Scotland. Do they dig in and try to undermine faith in the new state, or do they wash their hands of Scotland and sell up? That's to say, if Scotland is already 'lost', why keep ploughing cash into loss-leading propaganda sheets? Maybe they'd cut their losses? Presumably the BBC would have to be split up, assets redistributed/repatriated, and whatever public service broadcaster in its place would presumably behave, at least, like the BBC post Brexit, accepting independence is the new status quo, and it's part of their job to serve the new state and 'make it work'.
  4. The Tories, are they trying to screw the country for all the cash they can get till they get kicked out? t "the UK is behaving a bit like an emerging market turning itself into a submerging market.” 😮🤡
  5. By your analogy, it's not necessary to persuade Unionists, it's fine to take independence only for the parts of Scotland where Yes is in the majority? The No voting areas of Scotland can stay in the UK as subjects of the Crown?
  6. But seriously, what sort of patron would it be good for SFA to have? Maybe an ex footballer? An advocate for women's sport? A super fan / ambassador?
  7. But, but... I guess the SFA must need a new patron? since it must be such an essential role, to disrupt a football match. What minor royal might accept the role of nominal Commander-in-Chief of the Tartan Army?
  8. I think you're proving @aaid's point. If Alba are the hardline equivalents to Sinn Fein, in 1918... What happened was that they failed to convince the Unionists, and lost almost all those constituencies that did not vote for them. To this day, all those areas in purple and light green, with the exception of one area in Donegal, are lost to the Irish state, and still chafe under the yoke of His Majesty King Charles III. Not a great model for Scotland, surely?
  9. That's why seeing "Finally" was nothing but welcome!
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