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  1. I agree, until we know what flavour of brexit, it will not be clear what the alternative is. all positions are minority positions (with the possible exception of 'none of the above') and the game is to get your minority position to be the biggest minority. Look at all those parliamentary attempts to get a different deal - they all failed. I mean, if you pit independence against all possible unionist outcomes, the combined unionist position may won. But if you pit it against a specific reality, who knows which way the cards would fall? If Britain ends up with a hard Brexit, then it makes sense to court the pro EU ex-No vote, and hope the anti-EU yes vote will call for Yes despite Brexit. If Britain ends up with No Brexit or a Brexit so soft that Leavers think it's as good as still being in, then it would seem to make sense for a Yes caomaign to leave the question of EU open, to court the anti EU (ex) Yes vote. The bottom line being, lest Scotland decide. Who knows?
  2. These days Craig Brown and Andy Roxburgh are considered a golden era, so being difficult to beat wouldn't be a bad thing for starters.
  3. i think the acid test on this issue is: what do Labour do in Wales? We hear very little about what they are up to there. Surely they are in the same boat as the SNP in Holyrood. They have to deal with Tory austerity and make choices about what to do about it. So my question (to Labour) is, what do they do in Wales? Have they ushered in a socialist utopia, are they leading they way or lagging behind?
  4. IndyRef2 won’t be far behind an SNP-Labour coalition - Lesley Riddoch
  5. Thanks. My guess it would be human fly or garbage man. (But if it's gone, does that mean I can post again?)
  6. Aha, I remember posting the Cramps but couldn't remember what or when.... and I recall a reply with a live show in some kind of institution...
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