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  1. So free movement for EU citizens to end on day one of Brexit. Does that mean hard border in Ireland on day one? (In other news... I see a bomb went off today in Fermanagh...)
  2. Plan to hold Scottish independence vote in 2020 thrown into doubt (Guardian) Or "Blow for Nicola Sturgeon as election watchdog says it must review indyref2 question" (Telegraph)
  3. Three die & Emilio Izaguirre among 10 injured in Honduras riots
  4. I see Corbyn now says Westminster should not block second Scotland poll And a Labour councillor who was so vehemently against independence she joined the Lib Dems Meanwhile here is an insight into the head of someone who claims to not care about countries or politics, just their own & family's wellbeing: How to win over a No voter: it’s the economy, stupid
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