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  1. exile

    French Protests

    What debate?
  2. It was pretty shocking to see, even in the 1980s, though at the time probably called out as a few mindless knuckledraggers. Whereas in the 70s I seem to remember (via documentaries, ahem) that it was more routine for managers and maybe even commentators to openly make ignorant remarks, about certain players being OK to be wingers but not in more key positions of responsibility.
  3. Joanna Cherry on Sky news asked if she's trying to divide the nation says the UK is not a nation and it's already divided, says if there's another referendum and England votes to leave and Scotland votes to remain, there needs to be a second indy ref, and she wants to see Scotland an equal partner, along with England, in the European Union, rather than an unequal partner in the United Kingdom. Contrasts Scotland's unequal treatment in UK with the support Ireland is getting from the EU as an equal partner alongside France and Germany. Says it would be a shame for the EU to lose England 😏
  4. exile

    Article 50 can be unilaterally revoked

    If May eventually puts her 'deal' to the vote, and is defeated, then by what process would 'no Brexit' be triggered? A parliamentary vote served up to avoid a no deal Brexit? Then might that not cause some Brexiteers (and even some Remainers, uncomfortable with stopping Brexit) to reluctantly accept the May deal, as better than no Brexit at all? Who knows??
  5. There is direct racism like namecalling and an indirect version that I think Sterling was getting at, claiming the press pick on certain players in a way they wouldn't do if they were white. There was an article recently where Daley Thompson said something similar - he felt he was treated differently, called 'difficult' and so on - when he whistled at the national anthem he was condemned as being disrespectful but when Bradley Wiggins put his tongue out, it was seen as a bit of boyish irreverence. I paraphrase. The article was in the sunday/times and/or mail if people wish to track down for the exact wording. I draw attention to it (indirect) because it's something that is understood and claimed by those those who suffer it even if the rest of the population don't notice.
  6. exile

    French Protests

    Sorry to return briefly to London but it seems there are claims and counter claims from both sides (march and anti march) as to what happened; both sides calling each other fascists and racists and accusing the other side of violence. Can't be certain of where and when the reported salutes took place. Some claims the Brexit march was relatively small (and outnumbered by anti march protestors), drawing conclusion that the politicians' fears of potential threat of violence overstated (....to answer the original question). Overall, relatively low level disturbance and the level of arrest comparable to a football match... Back to France...
  7. exile


    I don't think it's worth the argument (you don't need to look far from here for examples). I imagine Messi himself would be embarrassed about some of the things people say about him.
  8. exile

    French Protests

    I'd say it already is nasty. People on the streets today with Nazi salutes and a hangman's gallows and noose for Theresa May for 'betraying' Brexit. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-betrayal-march-tommy-robinson-leads-supporters-including-man-carrying-noose-at-probrexit-a4012521.html I wasn't going to mention it as part of Brexit debate because it's not about the merits of leave/remain, it's more about the organisations directly involved in the marching, who are if anything damaging UKIP and Brexit allies.
  9. exile

    French Protests

    My first thought is that we did have protests, over fuel prices, in 2000, possibly the most serious unrest of this sort in the last 20 years, and they took care to avoid doing that again. Also, it depends who is doing the suffering. It's relatively easy for a few truck drivers to blockade some roads and cause chaos. Or for celebs to voice a fashionable cause, for that matter. Also, easier for students to organise collectively and protest with energy and perhaps less to lose. Compared to say, part time home workers, more isolated and dependent on their employers. And many of the most vulnerable who suffer under governments - the sick, the frail etc - are not in a position to take to the streets.
  10. exile


    I'm not defending Pele's pronouncements, I don't follow what he says, I was just referring to when his football did the talking. I'd say the comments against Pele above are more harsh or exaggerated than his original quote. I guess I wondered why.
  11. exile


    The one trick pony comment is ridiculous, but was surprised so many were so quick to defend Messi and trash Pele
  12. exile


    All of the above could be true. Still, not sure why people so touchy about Messi. Messi is arguably overrated. I imagine Pele thinks greatness is measured in world cups. Pele played and scored in three world cup winning sides, including scoring in two finals. Messi never won a world cup.
  13. In effect, the Cameron government was prepared to gamble on allowing England/GB to drag Northern ireland out the EU against its will, rather than spell out the implications or put in any brake or 'lock' against that happening. (Of course he couldn't, without Scotland expecting the same concession.) If only England had a parliament, perhaps she could vote to exit the UK and EU unilaterally and leave the Irish border to the Irish?