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  1. Eh, is this all assuming if we win?
  2. exile

    Next PM

    The Tory leader race... Could you guess which two would be still going at the end?
  3. Andrea Leadsom 'Would Not Rule Out' A Second Scottish Independence Referendum "in reality all of these things would be up for negotiation. “I do believe in sovereignty, I do not believe that Scotland should have another independence referendum right now, I don’t think most people in Scotland would want that to happen. “But I would never say never.”
  4. It feels clutching at straws to think we might have conceded one less, and might even have scored one. But even then would have been 2-1. Just need to take it on the chin, the game we were not expected to take anything from. Let's hope we are full strength for the return fixture, and the Russia games, and no dodgy offsides.
  5. Time for substitution?
  6. Well maybe better to lose a goal on 45 than on 46+? At least there is time to regroup and learn from it
  7. Belgium 75% possession for first half, but 11-1 shots
  8. Belgium 75% possession but both teams with a shot...
  9. Kazakhstan 4 - 0 San Marino We are currently 4th in the table
  10. exile

    2-0 tonight

    I know what you typed. Why not tell us what you would be happy with?
  11. exile

    2-0 tonight

    More than happy if we win 2-0. Not happy if we lose 2-0.
  12. I know the odds and past experience will point to a Belgium victory but sooner or later Scotland need to get a result against one of those top teams, and why not start today? There are times we have played top ranked sides and got duly beaten and we console ourselves that it's the natural order, only for another team to come along and get a shock result, and then the mighty invincible power is reinterpreted as actually crumbling after all. So we must be ready and be set up to take that advantage when the opportunity comes.
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