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  1. The BBC has a summary here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50083026 The deal includes a provision for Northern Ireland to get to vote to consent to the arrangement every four years. The explanation does not mention Scotland's relationship to any of this, we are just part of the 'rest of the UK'
  2. Not at all. The audience were happy to listen to everything equally and without the usual jeers and groans. And... Fiona Bruce asked for a show of hands of those favouring Boris's deal - only three put their hands up!
  3. I don't think he's a Unionist plant, but I suspect a growing proportion of his posting followers are. I've probably posted plenty enough words on this topic already but will say, whatever you think of his political stance (which he's entirely entitled to), he doesn't seem to fulfil his own ethos: Where his site says "soaring above Scottish politics" he seems to have descended into the dirty party political fray, acting as if he is his own political party scoring points against rivals. And he seems far from acting like "There's no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit."
  4. B They do and they will. Not just the unionist parties, but the media coverage, which tends to airbrush out the 'treatment' of Scotland - nothing to see here. BBC reporting of the 'deal' - The UK coverage, they seem to be pushing the line it's some sort of achievement, that Boris has secured 'for the country', that many thought he'd never get. (i.e. indistinguishable from what the Tory propaganda is saying) Without pointing out, he only got it by caving in on things he swore he wouldn't do, and doing what May said no UK PM would do. The Scottish coverage just baffling, they seem to be utter bystanders, never presenting a Scottish angle different from the UK one. Our reporter in Westminster, but asking questions of the future of 'the country' meaning the UK. Ignoring the large elephant in the room that half the country is wondering if this will lead to independence or not. They ask the Tory what he thinks as if he is just another British MP, there is no questioning of the fact the Ruth's former troops were mostly loyal remainers and proud Scot unionists who would allow no red lines in the Irish sea, but they don't point out they capitulated and don't ask them about the effect on their #PreciousUnion.
  5. Right enough, though I don't suppose if matters if she identifies as a "new Scot" or not. Maybe I should have said You'd think they might have someone politically representing Northern Ireland. Maybe too busy reading Boris's deal. Will having someone from SNP plus another Scottish remainer be too much for the audience?
  6. You'd think they might have someone from Northern Ireland. Maybe too busy reading Boris's deal. Will two Scots remainers be too many for the audience?
  7. I see Varadkar says "there will always be a place for the UK if it wants to come back." Hmm, I wonder does that apply to Scotland? Maybe Better Together can tell us.
  8. #SurrenderDeal It looks like a reheated version of one of May's earlier failed deals, but with some of the Tories' precious 'blood red lines' removed. Will the Scots Tories really swallow this and put the desires and priorities of every other part of the UK ahead of Scotland?
  9. Yes, sometimes the fate of a nation seems to hang way too much on one party, one newspaper, one politician, one policy, one good performance in a TV debate, or election.... etc. That said, when support for a cause tips into the majority, it must gain an additional degree of resilience. When people like Billy Connolly start saying they're happy to go with the flow, I think that is significant.
  10. Postscript on Wings. There is a sort of gruesome fascination watching a once legendary site go into a sort of collective nervous breakdown. I don't mean the lead articles which are as sharp as ever (just, they're now more likely to be turning their barbs against the SNP) but the comments section, which is sort of tearing itself apart, it's literally got more people saying they're now giving up supporting SNP, and saying the first minister is a colonial administrator, she is against independence, and that the SNP have been infiltrated.... (!) If someone had wanted to infiltrate/spike/neutralise/ruin that site, they've done a great job. Still... the world outside is burning, there are more important things out there to be concerned about...
  11. I am afraid that I cannot claim any such foresight. I am always too optimistic. In the last tournament, I was pleased to face England as the top seed as I thought we could punch above our weight against them (well, nearly) and that could propel us to get past the other pretenders. Was not to be. For this one, we would have been relying on Russia having overperformed with home advantage, and reverting to being a mediocre side, but that turned out to be a faint hope. The hope now has to be that Clarke can turn things around like your highlighted text above. And, being optimistic, is there any chance we could get some momentum and lucky breaks? Imagine winning the next two games (or at least two good performances, even an away draw in Cyprus, but something where we show mettle and mental toughness in adversity, eg coming back from 0-2 to 2-2.) Then a home game in the play-offs, and a lucky break to get the next game at home and win it and qualify and get another home game in the tournament and win that? Yes I am getting carried away. But a very serious point is the fact that home advantage is a very real thing, and all teams who get it in a tournament seem to thrive on it (until recently, no one ever failed to qualify from group stages - till I think, Austria and South Africa). Look at Russia. Look at Japan (rugby). We have never had that tournament advantage. So who knows what we could do? To get to the finals, we would have to have just won 2 knockout matches, wouldn't we be then on a high? I know some have said they'd be embarrassed to qualify but I would bite your hand off (is that a phrase?) to get in on the back of 2 knockout victories. A bit of momentum. Like when a team who finishes in the lowest play-off position, with nothing to loose, beats the on-paper better teams, and get propelled to promotion... OK, enough optimism. But, we have to find belief we can do it, from somewhere.
  12. As the Catalan independence trials come to a head - independence leaders facing jail sentences on a range of charges from rebellion to sedition and misuse of public funds - it seems to me a no brainer that international recognition is key to getting independence. After all, one reason Scotland is not already independent is that no one (bar UEFA, FIFA, etc) recognises Scotland as an independent nation within a multinational union, but consider UK a unitary state, like the USA, UAE, etc. I see Nicola Sturgeon pointed this out today but some people clearly think just holding a referendum anyway, or that declaring a GE majority of seats, would work just fine. I must admit I struggle to see how this could work, and what a mess it would be if there was a referendum that unionists boycotted or that the EU refused to recognise the result of. Ironically NS called this an inconvenient truth, as opposed to telling the party faithful what they wanted to hear, while Wings over Scotland are diametrically opposite saying they are the ones pointing out the inconvenient truths rather than issuing 'comforting lies'. Who's right? Just as support for independence could be reaching a tipping point, there seem to be a lot of followers of the no. 1 independence blog site who now spend most of their time attacking the SNP, openly suggest giving up on voting SNP or removing the SNP leader. Coincidence?
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