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  1. exile

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Naismith scores for Hearts
  2. I'm pretty sure it's there. I tried the test again on a different computer. I think the questions are in a different order but the answers are the same choices, but presented in a different order. Pished was there! You can also add your own suggestions, and in some cases can skip without answering. Some of the questions, you have to answer a definite answer though - like tea, dinner or supper.
  3. No! I said it's yet to be seen what a deal to rejoin/remain in the EU would entail. Let's remember the EU did not offer any support to the Yes cause in 2014, but since then they have been much more positive about the prospects of an independent Scotland in EU. So there is clear room for movement. You lament polarisation on social media, but have you considered if your own posts might ever come across as polarising? You seem happy to blame almost anything on 'nationalism' - you even tried to argue that the trains don't run on time because of nationalism! Have you ever acknowledged there could be any benefit to Scottish independence? Otherwise your point of view seems no different from the staunchest British nationalism, about which you seem in complete denial. You seem genuinely committed to the Remain cause. So, would you support an independent Scotland in the EU?
  4. Answer questions about how you say things, and it can guess where you're from! Covers dialects all over Britain and Ireland https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/02/15/upshot/british-irish-dialect-quiz.html It works great (or, pure dead brilliant, depending where you're from!)
  5. I don't think I remember that far back I chose the one I did cos I thought it had stronger more distinctive bass and drums
  6. Depends what you mean by foreign criminal. Someone who moved here as a kid and got done for not having a TV licence?
  7. Had another look at Your Cheatin' Heart. Realised pretty soon I didn't remember much or anything about it. Probably missed half of it at the time. Found it a bit of a disappointment to be honest. Whereas Tutti Frutti had as sort of relentless drive to it, Your Cheatin' Heart seemed just to get more complicated and contrived and eventually coincidental. Didn't really care much for most of the characters, or what driving them, or what happened to them. Tilda Swinton's character too cold and unresponsive, and John Gordon Sinclair's too gauche. The love interest such as it was seemed unconvincing, though maybe it was deliberately downbeat and unconsummated. Everything pretty bleak and miserable by the end, amounting to not very much (a parable of life?). But not as gloriously tragic as Tutti Frutti.
  8. Of course it's yet to be seen what a deal to rejoin/remain in the EU would entail. That could take care of the ÔéČuro, VAT on childrens clothing and farming and fishing. But needless to say, we can't be giving away powers on farming and fishing that we haven't got yet - the powers the Tories wish to keep in Westminster. There is no certainty that UK will be reducing immigration in the first place - the Tories have already had the powers to do so since 2010 but failed to. Therefore, there's no reason to suppose immigration would be going 'back up' to pre Brexit levels. There is a serious debate to be had on immigration and the economy, but it can't be made based on a succession of trite one-sided soundbites. Can we be allowed to imagine a scenario where some of the exodus of jobs leaving the UK due to Brexit could be tempted north in the event of Scotland independent in Europe? If so when perhaps the "immigrants" could include highly skilled professionals, and bankers 'refugees' from the City, and so on, people who would be helping serve Scotland's growing economy. "Tens of millions to Brussels" is not money simply going into a black hole somewhere in central Belgium, but it's funding strategic projects including all those EU funds for peripheral areas like getting roads and bridges and harbours in the Highlands that Tory Westminster would rather spend on "national" projects such as Crossrail 2. It also funds things like research and development, that you may recall, Britain and Scotland get a disproportionate share of, back, because we outcompete other European countries for it. Anyway, if Scotland decides it doesn't like those European terms, we can walk away, without seeking permission from Westminster Tories. I think it's called taking back control.
  9. Sounds like you must support an indy ref and a chance to put the above to the test? Bring it on!
  10. Basically, someone you'd never heard of, saying something you thought they probably thought already, but if it was said the other way around, you'd have been equally unsurprised.
  11. Turns out it was because BBC's favourite unionist proceeded to talk over Hyslop, about Salmond, and so they couldn't broadcast it. But of course they left in his full rant uninterrupted, and broadcast it all over Twitter. So there are questions about right to reply and whether it was fair to leave the impression that Hyslop had almost nothing in response. https://www.thenational.scot/news/17430795.revealed-question-time-secretly-edited-snp-answer-to-unionist-plant/ Actually more damning than that is that on an audience question about (i.e. against) independence, apparently there were 9 questions from the audience, and only one was from a Yes voter. Across the programme as a whole, unionist audience members were given over 3 minutes, while pro-indy voices from the audience were given less than a minute.