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  1. I think you have a point. But for me, the question becomes how do you deal with it, how do you reorient and reinvigorate the economy to suit the new circumstances. I'd more trust a Scottish government to sort out what's best for an independent Scotland, than a British Govt to sort out a post Brexit Britain.
  2. The link is to a piece by Nick Cohen... he's a Guardian/Observer columnist... very pro EU, anti Scottish independence, pro Iraq war. So that explains him attacking BBC for being soft on Leavers, while he was anti BBC for picking a fight with Blair on Iraq, but would be happy for the BBC to be unionist as he doesn't like "nationalism".
  3. I thought 1998 better than 94, and it had worthy winners
  4. And by the same logic, Griezmann the worst of all because his antics helped him win the final.
  5. Rationally you may be correct but that is never going to make me like or toast this French side. Yes they took their chances but they had space because Croatia were chasing the game. Partly because the French were falling over and moaning to the ref. All down the years there are world cups and someone wins it it every time. Some are much loved worthy winners, and then there are the rest.
  6. ITV guy managed to mention Everton...
  7. I want to argue. You can win a game but you can't make people like you. This French team have too many moaners, play actors and time wasters.
  8. Pathetic. Incident too fast for anyone to see. Pathetic French players calling for it. Not classy at all. Definitely want Croatia to win now. If France win because of this it will be pathetic, football the loser.
  9. So the final's 4pm today? I thought this and yesterday's were at 7pm, completely missed Belgium England!
  10. scoosh - that's another word - so you scoosh your plants with water in the hot weather... but have never seen it written down And what about a scoosh case?
  11. In fact there is a news story here https://www.newstalk.com/Ryanairs-new-one-cabin-bag-policy-comes-into-force-next-week
  12. I flew with them recently and when the boarding queue got to a certain point, they started approaching passengers saying we needed to put luggage in the hold - even ordinary sized sports bags etc. The Ryanair person pointed to the little notice on the boarding card saying look see it says there (and the picture is of what looks like a handbag). Se everyone with a normal cabin sized bag had to put their bags to go into the hold. However (to answer your question) it wasn't charged. At least in my case. My guess is that the people earlier in the queue got away with it, but they keep an eye out for the cabin filling up and after a certain point start to enforce it. So it's what sometimes happened before, except this time they write in advance that you are not guaranteed to be allowed it on.
  13. exile

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    I put this on the other Croatia thread but probably belongs more here Of course there are lots of small countries so we would not be alone in trying to emulate Croatia. But maybe need to do it our own way - Iceland did it their way. But also, I think smaller countries may have 'golden generations' from time time time but are less likely to get to the top as regularly as the bigger countries. Smaller or medium sized countries that won stuff (Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Greece) have not tended to repeat the feat... at least in the 'modern era'.
  14. exile

    Croatia support thread

    Aside from natural talent two other things spring to mind The climate, and evolving a game that is suited to tournament climates... which could be assisted by summer football? But I know there are arguments against that too. And another thing that got me thinking, their league is not exactly renowned for being one of the top leagues but their players play in the top leagues. People growing up in Croatia must expect to have to travel, learn a new culture and language, to play for world class teams. Scots probably settle for taking their chances in the Premiership/Championship. Not much we can do about that? Going back to natural talent, then, I wonder if a bit of selective immigration from talented footballing countries would help (though it might not please the Rees Moggs of this world)... as an alternative to trawling the English leagues for people with Scottish grannies.
  15. I guess we could see later today... if one or other rises to the occasion it could confirm who edges it...