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  1. Boring game for the neutral IMO. Celtic edged it for me and deserved to win but Brown really is a classless wank😂
  2. Anyone watching the BBC -pre-match stuff ?? What the fuck is that graphic thing they have going on with Stewart & Thompson 😂😂😂🙈
  3. Murn fans, some help please. First time away at yours since the Love Street days. What are we looking at for a taxi from Queen Street Station to your ground ? Looking to avoid the walk to central, train to Paisley, then walk to the ground. Slight rain is predicted and I’m in a group of 4 lazy bastards 👍
  4. My favourite crass joke from back in the day involving a celebrity that was injured, was when ‘celebrity couple’ Blue Peter’s Sarah Greene and Radio1 DJ Mike were injured when pilot Mike Smith crashed his helicopter injuring Sarah Greene’s legs. It led to the shockingly bad ‘ what does Sarah Greenes legs have in common with her fanny ? ...... They both got fucked by Mike Smiths chopper 😳 Might be getting nostalgic here but I’m certain kids were much wittier back then,.
  5. Don’t ever fuck with a widely published and well respected author.
  6. Holy fuck, thats a real whose who’s who of utter cunts. Once the campaigning starts McDonald’s are going too make an absolute killing on their Thickshakes. 🥤🥤👍
  7. To be fair we can play better than that. A mixture of nerves and Neilson’s rather frustrating (IMO) overly cautions approach. Suspect Murn have more to offer as well
  8. Did you see that photo of Ryan Kent with a massive ‘ ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME” tattoo across his torso ? The same day he was given 7 out of 10 by the Daily Record for the Kilmarnock game . 😂😂😂
  9. 😂 Outrageous statement.........................but fair ☹️
  10. Very tight and very nervy. I initially felt we had blown our chance but having thought about it, might not be to bad a result. Pressure is surely on St Mirren to win on their own patch and seeing the St Mirren players at the end, it did look like they thought they had done the hard part. Also, no disrespect but St Mirren really didn’t look very good. ( neither are we obviously ☹️ ) Game is definitely there to be won and I’m looking forward to ‘ shit or bust’ Sunday in Paisley. Nice to see the ground pretty much full, good noise behind both goals and the Murn fans.
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