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  1. Is Neil not effectively Cummings wife’s boss ?
  2. Considering you posted this at the back of 7 in the morning, its not exactly a huge achievement. When do the wheels come off ? I reckon around 9am 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 👍
  3. Be interested to see who comes in for them. Never seen that much of them to be fair but Holt always looked a decent player
  4. Whats your thoughts on this ? Required clear out ?
  5. It probably made perfect sense when he typed it out hammered, around midday.
  6. No idea what youre talking about “Cellic pals” You seem to revel in hitting the whisky at all hours of the day, so lets drop your fantasy job thing. Now be nice
  7. Dry your eyes you raging drunk.. DUFC are going up as league winners, we were top of the league the entire season and top of the league when the league was called early, due to an unprecedented health issue that has killed hundreds of thousands. You should be glad too see us back spraying the tangerine pound in and around Ibrox next season. Although, I do hope you keep the Tannadice boycott in place. Thanks
  8. The guys a devious little turd. No despicable act on his part would surprise me. Rodent.
  9. Just bought a stack from that Derek bloke. Postage and shipping were a bit steep
  10. Trafalgar was awful when I was there. Half time, Ill give you that. 😀 As I say, compared to every other tournament its at the bottom for me
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