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  1. Apparently Salmond approached that wank Jim Spence about standing for Alba. Hopefully its more made up bullshit from Spence, if not thats a massive error of judgement from Salmond.
  2. Another gutting empty house for United v Aberdeen which could have been a superb away day and cracking tie. ☹️ Been some belters over the years although judging by this seasons encounters I'm not convinced we we will have another classic on our hands. Unfortunatley.
  3. Great striker but a bit of a dick. Not very funny either. One of many Glaswegians that strangely believe they are automatically funny.
  4. Never mind the players, the tops across the board are glorious compared to the current day abominations.
  5. Disagree. Kamara was well within his rights to panel the cunt. A 50p fine would have been adequate.
  6. Poor from EUFA. 10 games is fuck all. They had a chance (yet again) to lay down a zero tolerance marker but have shat the bed. Only the SFA can touch EUFA when it comes to cowardice.
  7. Just spotted this after my last post. As an Arab of 70's 80s vintage I've no love for Willie Miller but that was his ball all the way, Hansen definitely the culprit in that shocker of an incident. 😂
  8. If you need to unload anything borderline, I suggest posting during Prince Phillips funeral, the mods will be glued to the TV in full grief mode.
  9. 100%. The problem is, The trolls and the bait and grass merchants also happen to be among the most prolific posters.
  10. Quite a strange thing to get in a state about. 😂 I cant say it's something I ever paid much attention to.
  11. I remember the games well, I was 13 at the time and its still my favourite WC. I was at Italy 90 and France 98 but always felt 82 must have been incredible.
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