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  1. Jim Beem

    Movies 2019

    Yeah Fyre was good. Fucking idiots 😂😂
  2. You’re awfy touchy about yer teeth Chripper 😂
  3. Great away day at Montrose and a healthy travelling support. Bit of a buzz about the club for the first time in years. Cautiously optimistic for the future considering how bleak it looked at times. Long way to go though
  4. Are you a gardener ? Credit where credits due; you’re an absolute wizard with a spade. 👍
  5. Jim Beem

    Car crash

    Apparently the other (innocent) driver was a filthy Tim. STAUNCH
  6. Heartburn bar. What the fuck is that white stuff above the biscuit and below the chocolate ? Brutal.
  7. 🙈 definitely one for the wanky phrases thread. Where did this ‘snowflake’ nonsense spring from ? Its usually used liberally by rampant bellends ( no offence ) As far as the add goes, its a pile of cringeworthy dog shit, not unlike a good few other adverts to be fair,
  8. I always remember someone ( I think it was Danny Baker) suggesting that those bendy buses should make a loud accordian sound when they went round a corner. 😂
  9. Also worth commending him on getting right up the nose of a wide section of Middle England, simply because he is Scottish. The seethe from the Jeremy Bates and Tim Henman fan club was quite something. Top man.
  10. My money would be on a clearly disgruntled Alan.
  11. Not sure what he will do next but I believe he will ultimately be remembered as one of the finest ever Scotsman, and not just in a sporting context.
  12. Used to follow it keenly growing up in the 70s and 80s. Couldn’t really give a fuck about their game now and hardly ever watch any of it on TV.. The odd match of the day on in the background is probably the limit. Got a few mates down south that support different teams and still attend a few games a year. I tend to ‘cheer’ for my mates team but in my heart i really couldn’t care less if they win or lose 😂
  13. Jim Beem

    Bad Habits..

    I sometimes get blind drunk and take to the internet pretending to be a Canadian person . In reality, I’ve lived in Scotland almost all of my life. ☹️
  14. Jim Beem

    Star Sixes

    That was a decent meltdown he had 😂