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  1. Kicking off in Leicester Square apparently. 2pm 😂😂🤦🏻
  2. In what way ? Not being a dick, serious question.
  3. After watching our turgid display against Kelty last night, I'd be happy to donate another £10 in 8 months time Jim. 😳
  4. 😂😂 i thought it was mcann, after he turned down the 10 million offer.
  5. Did the Dees have a sell on clause when you bought him ? Cos if they didnt that would be pretty funny
  6. It does seem pretty clear now the utter disdain Sturgeon has for your average football fan and football club, away from the glare of publicity (EUROS) She has no idea, or just doesnt care, what it means to fans and what it brings to the local economy and communities. She has made a massive fuck up here.
  7. Agreed. Sturgeon should stick yer man Thplinth in her team to get her telt and freshen things up. Ying and Yang
  8. I'm a 'hard yes' voter and Sturgeon is a disgrace. There is no chance she will oversee a successful independence campaign. Her and her cronies are happy ticking along. Pathetic
  9. 😂😂😂 🤥 Even managed to squeeze in a Big Jock Knew. 🤦🏻
  10. Looks like a good signing, seen a lot of Motherwell fans speaking highly of him and wishing him well. Assuming Benji will be away sooner rather than later, if we get a few quid for him and Carson straight in as our number 1 thats not a bad bit of business. For us anyway 😂🤦🏻
  11. He's absolutely praying there is some ammo to whip out the 'paedo' card. Very strange behaviour.
  12. Of course he knows this. An utter train wreck of a human being and loves the whole sectarian thing, revels in it. There are still loads of them like this.
  13. Ferguson stuff on that utter cesspit at Rangers was good to hear but by his own 40 odd years to late. Its not a surprise that club are still dripping in sectarian sludge.
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