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  1. Jim Beem

    Russia 2018

    TAMBS first ever plastic chair throwing square go.
  2. Jim Beem

    Russia 2018

    He could have been but he was not professional enough. His boozing and wife beating put paid to reaching his potential.
  3. Jim Beem

    Russia 2018

    Scholes is the only world class player England have had for a number of years
  4. The top is tangerine, continuing there obsession with United 😀
  5. Jim Beem

    Scottish player transfers

    I’m sure Luke Shaw was more than 25 million and what’s more, it was about 5 years ago and also, he is complete pish
  6. Jim Beem

    Scottish player transfers

    You could have easily doubled that if Tierney was born and playing in England.
  7. Jim Beem

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    Fuck that . The most backward ‘country’ in the civilised world.
  8. I know you’re trying to be clever here and in some way, try and save face after making such a cunt of yourself about Hillsborough recently but I’m afraid in trying to equate the two events, it has simply taken you right back down cunt alley. For a start, I’m not sure who you mean by ‘ in relation to the charges than those handed out to the murdering cunts responsible for Heysel “ Do you mean the 14 Liverpool fans that were ultimately convicted ? Or the Belgian Officials that were convicted ? Or maybe you mean the Belgian Police Officer that was convicted ? What about the chap from the Belgian FA that was also convicted ? I think the only folk that got off were EUFA. Your post is all over the place and you seem to be comparing dog turds with cat piss to make a point. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are 15 or 16 and have had a bottle of Strongbow. 👍
  9. Jim Beem


    Had that with the Poles when Slasc Wroclaw pitched up at Tannadice and that was only 7 years ago. Thousands of them, really horrid cunts attacked anything that night, kids, pensioners, females. Easily the worst crowd Ive ever seen in Dundee and that goes back to the 70’s.
  10. Correct Phart. I doubt the establishment thought for a minute that the families of what is essentially a bunch of scouse football supporters would ever do what they did. Their arrogance was astonishing
  11. Great news. Although, being cynical and I hope not, but it would not be surprised if he somehow gets off. Peter Hooton, writer and former singer of the Farm has written some really good stuff on this. The lead up to the day itself let alone the aftermath is fucking ridiculous. I read a comment the other day about the Tories, basically along the lines of 1. Hillsborough 2. Orgreave 3. Grenfell Fucking horrible country we live in sometimes. These cunts at the very top are the worst of the worst
  12. Jim Beem

    Russia 2018

    100% agree. Its staggering that even seasoned ex pros, constantly dismiss countries like Columbia. Any country that does not have a scattering of players playing in the EPL are immediately discounted. There is no prospect they have any clue about Columbia.
  13. Jim Beem


    Yeah that was absolute mayhem. Worst Ive seen by some distance. People out to inflict serious harm that day. Both sides if truth be told
  14. Jim Beem

    Russia 2018

    Englands back three are stinking.There is no getting away from the fact