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  1. Wee bit like the movies thread - just got this showbox app on my tablet and it's got hundreds of different series on it. Anybody recommend any worth watching? Am about halfway through Homeland - quite enjoying it and have watched Peaky Blinders (which I found surprisingly good). Tried Game of Thrones but gave up after about half a dozen episodes. Was ok but not my cup of tea. Any recommendations??
  2. Same for me (but if choice was Scotland winning the Euro champs would go for that by same mile)
  3. Sitting in house with my top on cursing the sfa. Think it's a sell out tonight so can imagine they will be feeling pretty smug about things. Will be sticking to my guns for this campaign - struggle to see me going back in the near future. Arseholes (sfa not the fans going!)
  4. Ha - was on the other bus - that was a fine time at the truck stop - think it was drunk dry. Wasn't really up for drinking after getting mugged in Rome night before but the 'party' at the truck stop soon had me back to fighting fit!!! Also have to say no complaints about the buses (except really struggled to find the one going to airport after game - they all looked the same to me but would say perhaps my own fault!!!)
  5. I don't post on here very often - but can I just say this must be one of the most bizarre/amusing I've read. Sometimes the madness on this board cheers me up no end!!
  6. Cheers - I have sent him these (apart from locking him up - don't have opportunity to do that!!). He is the tightest person I know and under other circumstances would just tell him to **** off but votes too important
  7. Mate voting after work is verging on no - 2 reasons he is giving: 'Listened to an impartial economist on newsnight last night who said we will be paying 8/9 pence more in income tax under independence' and 'what about the 400 million cuts to the NHS'? Anybody help - I'm not so good at answering these things. Every vote vital i'd say Cheers
  8. The wee bit of Dalry I live (Carsehead) is 5 yes 1 no 1 undecided (the wife - sure she's a Yes but playing hard to get) and 7 who don't say. Plenty of daughters 16/17 yr old school chums are yes
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