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  1. killiefaetheferry

    Biggest Baws Award - 2018

    I thought he was a postie ?
  2. killiefaetheferry

    Biggest Baws Award - 2018

    Whole life and career ? Thought you were a new poster ? Have you followed his historical postings without joining the board previously ?
  3. killiefaetheferry

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    Yeah, Ian McCall should cut out that language 🤣
  4. killiefaetheferry

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    Would be funny, but even a replay would’ve good. Might see a few ‘neutrals’ in the Talbot end 🤫
  5. killiefaetheferry

    The 2018-2019 Scottish Cup

    Wtf is that butchers apron thing hanging over the boards to the left of the Ayr goal ?
  6. I’m rather disappointed and somewhat annoyed at this unwelcome news.
  7. Just got a tear in my eye when listening to the BBC show from Beechwood Park - Big D, Derrick McDicken in the audience, and still talking and taking the pish out Chick Young. My other big Killie hero was Jim Stewart. Got to meet him as a wee boy when he gave me a medal at The Centre in Stewarton at the Stewarton Annick awards night one year. Never been so starstruck. Who did you manage to meet ?
  8. Dear Santa, I've had fuck all off you for years and it's me that puts out the whisky and snacks for you and Rudolph so you owe me one - a belated present of making it be true that Greg Stewart is indeed, as rumoured, coming back to TTOP.
  9. You need to learn all the words to Paper Roses. 🌹 🌹
  10. killiefaetheferry

    Bad Habits..

    Jeezo leave Ramy alone you cynical bastards. You’d mumble too if your Mistress made you wear that ball-gag gimp mask all day.
  11. killiefaetheferry

    Bad Habits..

    Tooling about on here when I should just go and do something more useful instead. Like watching telly.
  12. killiefaetheferry

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Used to work with his Mum. Lovely lady.
  13. killiefaetheferry

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Bobby Linn is at Arbroath.
  14. killiefaetheferry

    Pension Advice Required

    Bumping this, hoping for advice. I have an old Final Salary Pension Scheme that I paid into for 22 years. Ive now changed career and I'm paying into another pension so it's separate. When I hit 55 years old, I'm aware there are some new rules but I'm still a wee bit confused about entitlements...... - If I take a tax-free lump sum out at 55, does that mean I have to 'start' the pension, so the monthly payments start ? I'm aware they would be much less than leaving it alone until 65. Ideally I'd like a wee financial boost out at 55, then leave the rest until 65; Is that possible ? - Also, does it make any sense to transfer my old pension into the new one ? The new one is not final salary, it's the Scottish teacher one. Thanks in advance for any advice.