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  1. killiefaetheferry

    Continental players

    That's worse than the Juniors !
  2. killiefaetheferry

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    where you getting it ?
  3. Not everyone's cup of tea but I do watch it. Currently laughing after doing a double-take at Man Utd's all white away kit. Except it's not 😂. Looks like the kit man washed the white tops with the red socks - looks fucking honking but somebody somewhere is getting paid to design abominations like that 🤣
  4. Are you doing this in character the whole time ? Admirable stamina.
  5. killiefaetheferry

    Scotland u21 squad

    The results against the bottom side are taken off for the purpose of determining the 4 best runners up - a rule which just might benefit us.
  6. In relation to any particular TAMB member or just a generic term of endearment ?
  7. So is 'huns' ok, but not 'inbred huns' ? Is it the implied suggestion of incest among huns that was crossing the line ?
  8. I saw Oasis at Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto, supported by Travis. Joined in the smoking of the local speciality (when in Rome etc) and for the first time in my life would have been unable to tell you who Killie were playing that weekend 😇
  9. killiefaetheferry

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Fraser got 65 minutes. Maybe needed the run out. Laid on a goal.
  10. killiefaetheferry

    Phoenix Patterson

    He tweeted applause to his wee brother Kane for his call up to our 17s a couple of weeks ago. Full name Phoenix Maclaren Patterson 😂. Must be some serious parental pushing going on ! Wasn’t aware of him but appears to be seriously highly rated.
  11. killiefaetheferry

    Indy Ref 2

    Based on my experience in this area, I concur.
  12. killiefaetheferry

    Indy Ref 2

    The only thing that’s clear is that we simply can’t see all the relevant details of the issue from the reports. Fairly sure it’s going to be about technical procedural details - employment law hinges on an organisation strictly following their stated procedures and/or common practice. This is a separate issue from the nature of the actual allegations.
  13. killiefaetheferry

    Indy Ref 2

    Be interesting to see how this develops. Would expect that the procedures in place are already compliant with Employment Law. In my previous career I oversaw this stuff. It was mandatory in bullying and harassment cases for the accused person to be suspended on full pay (investigatory suspension) while the issue was investigated by interviewing any witnesses. No contact with the accused would be permitted so I can understand why Mr. Salmond’s offer of mediation or arbitration has been declined. The accused person would then be invited to an Investigatory Meeting where they would be presented with the case against them and asked questions.
  14. killiefaetheferry

    league cup

    Really ? Hey Scotty ......
  15. killiefaetheferry

    On Line betting.

    Perhaps you should consider using some punctuation; possibly immediately before 'fkucknut', and arguably just after 'arse'. Your writing shows promise and I would like to read the end of your sentence. Well done.