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  1. Exactly. Needs as much rest in between games as possible. And Robertson? Ffs why interpret his words so negatively? He’s clearly shown massive commitment in the past. Did he not fly against medical advice not that long ago? His wording was possibly unfortunate but only if we are looking for issues? His ankle is swollen. He needs to recover. Yes, the nature of the games may be influencing some decisions but I’m in the camp of seeing who pulls out in the new year when it really matters. If a break now sets up some players to rest some niggles which in turn makes it more likely they will be fit come the play-offs then I’d say the players and manager are being sensible and expedient.
  2. Always found tattoos distasteful. Until Gary Holt proved me wrong.
  3. The point is he’s not delivering a ball like that sitting in front of the defence. I’m not actually against your back 3 but Robertson needs to be wide left.
  4. Superb ball in from Robertson for Salah to make it 2-0 Liverpool in 14 mins.
  5. That's rich coming from someone who chasni made a decent post on here yet.
  6. You keep trash talking her on here, don’t be surprised if she smothers you in the night with her pilau. We would miss you though. Hopefully another poster with a very similar posting style and equally as hun-hating would replace you.
  7. My biggest learning has been to fry the onions really well until they are almost at the point of burning - then add spices. Gives you the sauce as they then break down during the cooking. Also some recipes which suggest coating the meat in a spice rub or marinade in advance. Fry the meat to brown it then take it out the pan and fry the onions in the remaining oil and juices.
  8. Hari Ghotra is my go-to lady for recipes. Great website. Videos of her doing each recipe. an idiot could follow it. Except my Mrs 😂. I do all of the cooking in our family. The kids like helping me at weekends, especially if we are making meatballs or pakora so they can get their hands into some squishing 😍
  9. Likewise. Made a mince and tattie (lamb and beef) curry last night with peas, peppers and chillies in it. Used some mixed pickle with garlic, ginger, coriander stalks and dried fenugreek blitzed into a paste for frying off with the onions and curry powder at the start. Need to keep it toned down a bit for the kids but got a choice of hot sauces to increase the heat for me. Tend to add tabasco or other hot sauce to most of my food.
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