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  1. He was on a hiding to nothing, coming on for the second half at 4-0 down. They'd been bullied all over the park but he at least brought some aggression and tackling, getting a yellow for his troubles. But they didn't lose any more goals... Hickey was very good. How many players have done a season in Serie A as a left back then a season in England as a right back? 😂 I noticed how comfortable he was using his left foot as much as his right. He looks a complete footballer and he could easily play in midfield if required.
  2. Agreed, great day. Nothing to be scared of on this evidence. Top 6 the target. Next 2 games could dampen my enthusiasm, though 😬
  3. Hope Livi hold on for a point, just to keep things interesting.
  4. About to move and a neighbour I know said he's happy with Sky. Basic 25 and Superfast ( kids gaming 🙄) for 34. Dropping landline. Thinking of Sky Glass telly too if anyone can advise?
  5. You got a dagger at your nipple yet, to go with your Masonic tattoo? 😉
  6. So his political opponents started to turn up and do some shouting to counter his shouting? 😂 He was spouting shite all over and then went off crying and calling it 'intimidation' when he started to get called out on it. It was a deliberate Unionist tactic. Any time they were challenged, they went running to the media. I don't believe that you don't understand this; more probable you are buying into it and looking for a repeat.
  7. Got him at 8/1 when he was 3 off the lead 😎👍
  8. Aye, yesterday in Menorca 😂 Gave in by lunchtime and self-medicated 😎🍺
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