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  1. killiefaetheferry

    Le Tour 18

    Was on Porte, and a wee outsider each way on Tejay. Got Thomas at 8/1. Could be interesting between him and Froome. Noticed Froome protected him today.
  2. killiefaetheferry

    World Cup Betting

    My mrs made me cash in my potential 850 at 230. Was going to wait until they beat Croatia so well done her πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
  3. Hopefully just the 2 world wars too, but, like, these days ......
  4. 2 world wars and one world cup πŸ€—
  5. With childish glee, this is a point i have made to "England fans" on several occasions. One belter was a Leeds fan in Greece. Getting on fine with him as he sat there in his England shirt, giving me the usual lip, with 2 Greek bartenders getting occasionally involved. They were properly pishing themselves laughing when it turned out I had been to see England in the flesh 5 times compared to his zero πŸ˜‚
  6. killiefaetheferry

    Sweden support thread

    Fock uff.
  7. killiefaetheferry

    Sweden support thread

    Did you really pull a guy up for his spelling ? Don't be a cont.
  8. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    I'm firmly in the ABE mindset. It's just how it is. I even want the huns to win if they play against Ayrshire's wee team.
  9. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    aye it just encourages the morons πŸ˜‚. On another note, my 50 on England at 16s is now on offer as a cashout at 230. Would you ?
  10. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    The usual nonsense from non-football people. I have to admit it annoys and amuses me in equal measure, the amount of folk who jump on the football bandwagon once every year or two for a big game or tournament, and try to have conversations about the 'footy'. They genuinely don't get that people like me (and you lot) live and breathe the game obsessively (some of us to a dangerously unhealthy extreme 😎) on a daily basis πŸ˜‚. Explaining the whole football rivalry thing as not being 'anti-English' does get really tedious but there is certainly some fun to be had by subtly establishing with them that they know fuck all about football, despite watching the BBC coverage 🀨
  11. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

  12. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    Maybe not if diving is no longer a booking offence.
  13. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    Great game. Getting on the bookings. Think the floodgates might open after the first one.
  14. killiefaetheferry

    Russia 2018

    There's only one John Guidetti, he's got hair like sp...doh !
  15. killiefaetheferry

    Columbia support thread

    I'm hoping England win 😁