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  1. killiefaetheferry

    Scotland v Israel - build up and thread

    In the Jewish tradition and culture, the waving of hands and making loud percussive noises by striking the palms of the hands together, is regarded as a last resort in ridding your territory of demented shrieking demons.
  2. killiefaetheferry

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Can't say he's not going for it.
  3. killiefaetheferry

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    Happens every time about an hour before k.o. A bizarre belief that we will play 2 up front. I know, i know........
  4. killiefaetheferry

    Your line-up to play Albania and Israel

    He seems to be in a bit of form for Swansea.
  5. killiefaetheferry

    John Fleck

    Aye, hes a conundrum. Not quite a Maradona and doesn't really resemble a Cristiano Ronaldo. You could argue that he doesn't play in their positions right enough. More of a Lothar Matthaus or a Paul Lambert really, but not quite as good. Probably more similar to a Jean Tigana or a Ronald De Boer, but maybe not quite as good. Of course he is not at the level of a Gary Dicker or an Alan Power unfortunately but decent nonetheless.
  6. killiefaetheferry

    The Brexit Thread

    The women of the Indus, paddy fields etc .....
  7. killiefaetheferry

    The Mighty Rangers

    You are all very welcome. Enjoy your winnings in Albania
  8. killiefaetheferry

    The Mighty Rangers

    Willie Miller slating the defending of both teams. Rightly so. I'd fancy my chances of scoring against either of these mobs and it's about 20 years since I last scored a goal in competitive football for Dundee Uni 😂 (get it up ye St. Andrews 😎).
  9. killiefaetheferry

    The Mighty Rangers

    What the actual fuck just happened in that first half ? Stevie Clarke could make an absolute fortune in Russia on this evidence 😂
  10. killiefaetheferry

    The Mighty Rangers

    What a game in Moscow !
  11. killiefaetheferry

    The Mighty Rangers

    13/2 shot for a Spartak win, 3 goals in the game, 5 Spartak corners and 2 hun bookings.........
  12. killiefaetheferry

    What currency?

    https://wheresmollie.com/2018/07/albania-top-tips/ This lassie's blog has Revolut as working but a £7 local withdrawal fee.
  13. killiefaetheferry

    What currency?

    Revolut is tremendous. Used it since it launched a few years ago. No issues, and full interbank exchange rates.
  14. killiefaetheferry

    The Brexit Thread

    Honestly, BoJo was only positioning himself as a guy who could punt a decent campaign with no hope of actually winning. It was like a fucking school homework project to him. All to impress the 1923 Committee.
  15. killiefaetheferry

    The Brexit Thread

    Take 2 was their plan all along. They themselves underestimated how easy it would be to dog whistle the xenophobic cunts into their nefarious enterprise. Not a clue what to do about it when they won 😂