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  1. With no jury and in front of the same judge he pissed off during the Salmond trial. I'm pretty perturbed about how this has all played out. I was SNP all the way my whole life. I'll only vote for them now to keep out actual Unionist parties. Very deflated about their lack of progress on independence and the apparent targeting of critics within the Yes movement.
  2. Quite right, Ramy. Get them telt. Anyway, what's everyone having for tea tonight? I'm doing burgers and chips, home made chicken nuggets and coleslaw. Oh, my Celtic related bit is that Celtic are shite 👍
  3. If only there was another thing that Aberdeen fans are famous for, that I could suggest you try. You'd probably have more success with that one 😉
  4. Did you pound sand up your arse? I'm not sure if that was a Canadian insult or a cure for piles he was giving you.
  5. Sky bet have this listed as away goal do not count. Have I missed a rule change?
  6. 😂 There's a difference between opinion and total and utter bollocks, because words mean things 😂. Aaid was kind enough to hand you your arse on this. The least you can do is thank him 😁
  7. As has been pointed out, they are certainly not a 'settled' team.
  8. There's a bit of a debate on the Killie forum about priority in a ticket ballot with 3500 season tickets sold but the latest rumour is 5000 capacity agreed with the council so possibly a ballot for the remaining 1500 or possibly some Ayr fans? Would like them to have some of their supporters there. Always nice to have goodwill to those less fortunate than yourself. And they've been dealt a really bad football hand in life.
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