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  1. I will hunt you down and kill you.
  2. I think plenty voted to leave on the basis that a really sweet deal was a rubber stamp job and that the UK held all the cards. The narrative I remember was that as soon as the EU woke up to the fact that ‘we’ would seriously damage them by withholding ‘our’ seventy-teen gazillion squillion quid, then they would roll over and ask for their sleekit cowardly bellies to be tickled. I take your point though, that a ‘no deal’ as a threat was not being presented as having any negative consequences, and a hardcore, as you say, were pushing for exactly that.
  3. It’s a shame your 2 new lady friends couldn’t help you find your bank card.
  4. This Killie fan was there. Got the shout that morning - somebody was ill so I jumped in. Good experience. We were sitting up high and beside the Stratford end. IIRC there was a Republican band on before the game and bottles were chucked towards the end... I think one smashed off the crossbar at the Stratford End. Celtic fans overturned a burger van before kick off.
  5. Yup. Both raised their hands. Compliance Officer job; 2 match ban for Tavernier. Could have taken the boy's eye out.
  6. Welcome to the board. It is one of the custom and practice rules on here that any claims must be substantiated with photographic evidence. Please post the evidence of these travels at your earliest convenience. Good luck with your studies.
  7. Disagree. The arm being out does make him bigger for the ball to get past him. Can understand the decision based on that.
  8. No problem, but there's only one question on my list that only you can really answer and it's obviously the only one that anyone on here is bothered about......now she might have been your girlfriend and you didn't, but did ye ?
  9. I remember Derek as a good poster a few years back, very good with info for those travelling to Japan. It's on my bucket list so don't go away from here Derek. 3 years and counting .....😂
  10. Correctamundo. This is fucking quality TAMB. What actually started the animosity in the first place ? If Derek and Blair were ok having a beer in Dublin, why did they fall out ? And why is Ryan now involved ? Who is this Japanese burd and was Derek riding her or not ? We deserve answers. And photos.
  11. Luckily I was in hostilities the 5-2 game. Got a wee bit of banter with big Drago. Was all quiet by the time we went for the train.
  12. I'm not big on the whole stats thing, but out of interest I had a wee look on Whoscored - McTominay had 8.66, only behind the 2 goal scorers in the ratings. Same old story, the guy who retains possession but lacks flair is always under appreciated by fans.
  13. Scottie and Ormond told me. Your bike is rubbish, your trainers are from Asda and your Celtic top is from last season. Loser.
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