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  1. I disagree with McCoist and Sutton; the sending off was sound.
  2. Same. Went in to collect on the high scoring Leeds Derby game but 3 corners each was not enough as you say - more than 3 corners each 😠
  3. Yes, yes I am. Only to have it as a reference for comparison with his other personas, like. Scientific innit.
  4. The one about mandatory nudey pics from new posters ?
  5. If it was the blootered guy that was dressed like a bride’s dad at 2 in the morning after the reception and had snot and drool all over him then the guy was probably just trying to give him a kiss. If it hadn’t been a charter there’s no way that guy was getting a plane 😂
  6. Scott Parker was appointed last week.
  7. I got 10/1 on over 2 goals, both teams to have 2 bookings and 3 corners each. Waiting on one goal and a Leeds corner.
  8. Thought it was the keeper that forced him into the mistake.
  9. Agree with you - have watched them a couple of times recently. Has re-ignited my desire to visit Bergamo. My wee boy has also developed a complete obsession with Taleggio cheese; it's costing me a fortune 😂
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