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  1. Is that a... bib that you are wearing wee man? Please tell me you don’t have a Scotland dummy tit anaw?
  2. Oh yeah. Fuck you then and I hope you drink dirty Canadian water out the cup.
  3. Aye, next season will obviously now be the earliest it’ll be done again.
  4. Was in Ottawa visiting a friend a few years ago. -35. Very strange kind of cold. Never been a nervous flyer but I was a wee bit concerned on the way home when there were guys climbing onto the wings of the plane to de-ice them! Took me until about my third drink to relax 🤭
  5. Did he get the first sentence reference? That was my favourite bit 🤓
  6. Act happy then 🙄. It’s like giving your wife a present she doesn’t like. Nae pleasing some folk.
  7. I hold in my hand a piece of paper. It is a Velentine’s card from DD to Wee Ramy. It reads, “Stand free. Wherever you may be. Even in Ottowa. Unless you are standing in poisoned water; in which case you should move sharpish. We both hate huns, let’s call a truce. You stop banging on about sellic like an old Jungle alkie and I’ll stop rag-dolling you with wind-ups that you bite at every time.” Problem solved. Next; the Middle East. Please send my Nobel Peace Prize to: Mr Killiefaetheferry, Broughty Ferry, Sorry, Barnhill, Scotland. Near Parkhead. The real football ground where plastics are always welcome to spend their maple 🍁 syrup pound 🇨🇦
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