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  1. He's a good example of a person who doesn't simply have one 'nationality'. I suspect that he generally regards himself as English but that he is also proud of having a Scottish heritage. Professionally, his profile would be better served by playing for England and he would have more chance of winning something etc. On the other hand, he has a lot more chance of getting any caps at all with us. Very much a case of hoping for England but also happy to play for Scotland if we are his only offer.
  2. Hmmm... a 6 foot 3" centre half who has already played for Scotland at youth level, getting a start in Serie A you say? How very interesting 🍿
  3. I'll be honest, I've not actually seen him play. Well done to him if he gets a move to a higher level, but all of our centre backs are currently playing at same or higher level, mostly higher.
  4. Yeah, so if your investments return 10% then obviously you're adding 35k in the first year. Do I understand correctly that you're 'retiring' from work and the pension pot will be your only income until you qualify for the State Pension as well? And that this is why you're talking about taking a monthly sum out? Fair enough. I'd just advise to be clear on what fees are being charged. Euan is suggesting iii and I'm currently in Pension Bee. They charge me approx 0.7ish percent to manage your sort of amount. What percentage is your IFA asking for? He might be entirely reasonable in what he charges you. Good luck.
  5. I'm going to have a big acca at half time in the next round of games after checking which countries need to get some yellows so as they serve suspensions before a play off. Wee bit of homework ahead...
  6. The good news, based on my experience of our last visit to Chisinau, and it's hotels, is that the wallpaper sticks to the wall.
  7. I've got Primary 3's that could work it out. You're not trying hard enough and there'll be no smiley face for you if you don't try your best. I know you can do it!
  8. Ffs, do I need to do everything around here? Page fucking 18 🙄
  9. Any of our players on one yellow need to buy second yellows against Moldova to ensure suspension v Denmark as the suspensions do carry over into potentially 2 play off games.
  10. I can see McTominay stepping out to become a 4-4-2 if we are on the front foot.
  11. Slicker is highly rated. Would expect him to get a hand on that though.
  12. Looking forward to it. They were very good against Turkey away. The Danish team have had some excellent results this year though. Tough one and a good test against top quality opposition.
  13. Been quite happy with Pension Bee. Bvery easy to understand and manage. As per the other thread, about 30% growth in about 16 months. Shame it's my wee pension 😂. Just sent the form today to transfer my big pension but haven't decided where to put it yet. May leave some with Origen, the company appointed by Tesco with the low transfer fee, put some in Pension Bee and explore the suggested ii company.
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