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  1. I think Wings would be spending a substantial part of the fighting fund on a Panelbase poll to establish the likely support. If he’s actually serious.
  2. Somebody like Celtic should have tried to sign the guy when he was available for buttons.
  3. Aye the 'crush' thing is utter pish. Loads of room at those turnstiles. But if even a few dozen at the back decide to push those in front then of course those in front are going to get 'crushed'. If genuine Q codes (previously unused) weren't working then it's on Killie and the ticketing system. Otherwise it's a policing issue where fraudsters are being refused entry but refusing to move out the way. The clear message being sent to the supports like this 'rangers' and Celtic by the police is that if enough of you are prepared to go a bit mental then we will stand off and you can do what you like. God forbid if you are half a dozen Killie (or insert any other diddy team) fans standing at a football game, in which case you're getting lifted.
  4. Being suggested elsewhere that barcodes ‘wouldn’t scan’ because they’d been passed around and after the first use of any particular ‘barcode’, the system says no to subsequent scanning attempts.
  5. Albeit from a mis-hit cross. Big lad... right back?
  6. He's posted up a document from the court showing that the huns have to pay £450,000 to Ashley as a downpayment on his legal expenses (which the bold Phil says his source at Shirebrook quotes at 1.2 million) by August 16th. Apparently their own bill will be upwards of half a million, with the issue of actual damages yet to be determined.
  7. Apparently Ashley has just had a court find in his favour regarding merchandise/Hummel. Costing the Huns millions?
  8. I've been feeling sick to my stomach with the 'pure riddy' of Thursday. Couldn't bring myself to look at football reports or forums yesterday. 24 hours have passed, however, and I have 2 wee kids who have have changed my outlook towards Killie, Scotland and football in general. It's only a game. This is not how I felt about my team and football in general before my kids were born. I can understand why people need to take a break after a massive and embarrassing setback.
  9. Oh oh. British oil tanker grabbed by Iran. Wonder how this will play out?
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