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  1. Impressed by Patterson. Looks like his time has come. He needs to be playing regularly now, so does he go on loan next season? I'm assuming that Tavernier slots back in to end the season?
  2. To be fair, at least they weren't jumping up and down on the roof of the disabled supporter's section.
  3. Pretty classy when trashing seats in the away end across Scotland...
  4. We're not talking about the fans. Although I'm not enamoured with the supporters either after just getting megged this afternoon off my pals's wee boy, Daniel. He was actually wearing full hoops as well. Dads 10 - 14 Boys. 2 v 4 😂
  5. Thank fuck for European football at 3pm on Saturday 😂
  6. Anyone willing to do a wee retweet would be nice, thanks.
  7. That was hilarious 😂. He's come across as eccentric, at best. Didn't like the question so asked the interviewer if her partner in the studio was 'pulling her strings' 🤯. He obviously had a prior problem with the guy in the studio - referred to him again when complaining about the questions he was being asked. It was funny in a cringey way.
  8. Thanks to you all. It's now down to 44 quid a month, cutting out all the stuff she doesn't need 👍. The interesting bit is the 15 quid a month for multiroom she's been paying for the last 4 years. With one telly in the house and no mini box ever ordered or delivered. Fucking bandits. £720 pound refund, please.
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