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  1. Ally Bongo

    EU Referendum

  2. Claire Perry eh ? Jesus fuck
  3. Daily Mail now pro deal and turned tail on their heroes
  4. Scotch Whisky Nicola Sturgeon‏Verified account @NicolaSturgeon Not long off call with PM. She tried to tell me Scotland’s ‘distinctive’ interests had been protected. I pointed out that there isn’t a single mention of Scotland in the agreement, that it disregards our interests, and puts Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage.
  5. No mention of Scotland whatsoever in the 585 pages of the UK Govt's draft EU withdrawal agreement per Alyn Smith
  6. It would be no surprise if they support the PM and get it through Scotland is going to get shafted big time and it looks as though there is fuck all we can do about it
  7. From the same analogy department that brought you running a country's budget is like running a house budget .....
  8. It's all gone Tonto https://www.conservativehome.com/thecolumnists/2018/11/daniel-hannan-mays-proposed-deal-it-leaves-us-facing-colonial-rule-from-brussels-of-the-sort-the-eu-imposed-on-bosnia-following-the-yugoslav-war.html
  9. For clarity this was NOT directed @HampdenLoon
  10. Ally Bongo

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

  11. That's the difference between Labour and the SNP The SNP have been pragmatic whilst Labour and Tories offer non commital pipe dreams so they dont lose votes - and that's being kind to Corbyn who has been useless if you are a Labour remain voter There comes a time when the piper has to be paid and both those parties are approaching that day fast There is absolutely no contest between Sturgeon and Corbyn with regards who has handled Brexit better unless you spend your days reading alt right websites and are developing some misogynistic traits .... And that's the thing about "playing" He is - She isnt He is playing for popularity and votes She is trying to protect Scotland's interests
  12. The Tories have already committed suicide All that's left is the coup de grace Could be anytime and with no deal Brexit fast approaching anything is possible
  13. Hunch If she doesn't gets the deal through Cabinet tomorrow (meeting them all individually tonight) then it will be defeated in Parliament and she will need to stand down Look at Boris's comments tonight amongst others