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  1. Could not believe Braga were 14/5 They have gubbed Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Benfica in the last 4 weeks Had them in a line with Man Utd sadly
  2. The Yorkshire Ripper Files : A Very British Crime Story - is still on BBCi Player Absolutely makes a mockery of the myths and lies still being spun today The only bit i thought they kinda glossed over was the secretions on the hoaxer letters to those found on the 1975 Preston murder and they also never mentioned Sutcliffe's "underwear" https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m0003v61/the-yorkshire-ripper-files-a-very-british-crime-story
  3. https://twitter.com/i/status/1228397899932930049
  4. That's only part of it I think what has happened is that in England when the Labour party try to become the Labour party they wont get elected and this is the fall out I wouldnt say they have wised up to the Labour party as has happened in Scotland but it is something similar
  5. Wait - you dont know that Accies record in cup competitions since they have been in the SPL is fucking abysmal regardless of the oppostion because the "ambition" is to stay in the SPL ?
  6. It's got to the point that most of the country probably just shrugs their shoulders at the apointment of Suella Braverman as Attorney General especially when there is very little scrutiny by the media The woman is an absolute fucking moron and should be nowhere near any political position never mind Attorney General She will do and say anything to keep herself in favour along with knowing the square root of fuck all
  7. Should in theory be an easy ride for Joanna and Val after today's developments Hopefully there are enough Yes voices in the audience to boo the fuck out of quisling Murray
  8. The short 2 minutes spent on Scotland in the Newsnight leaders debate with Starmer and Thornberry Laboursplaining Scotland was cringeworthy I fucking hate them
  9. Prior to this gaff i have always thought Long Bailey was the best candidate by a mile Anytime she has been on Question Time she has been really good Crazy
  10. Alex Cole Hamilton would have a field day with the number of days it would be closed (That's if it wasnt complete horseshit and another deflection)
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