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  1. As a bit of a distraction i have to say this is absolutely phenomenal My obsession with train sets ended when i was about 11-12 however i still have a wee bit of the bug left to appreciate this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50403561
  2. Replace SNP with Scotland because that's closer to the truth Scots will get what they vote for has never been more apt
  3. To be honest part of me wishes a clausewitz for Scotland in that the voters reject the SNP in favour of the Unionists and Scotland is burned to the fucking ground The nawbags might vote for Independence then if they havent fucked off to the greener fields of England first
  4. I have to admit that there must be better than Blackford Even Hosie was streets ahead of him
  5. The ERG and The Brexit Party have already set the narrative for civil disorder in the last year or so and it's been ramped up since Theresa May left It will also be the end of the Conservative Party as we know it to be replaced by some Farage/ERG entity
  6. Think you should step back and think about the consequences of that IMO thats why it will not be reversed
  7. It's what Extreme Unionists turn to when they are under pressure and it's been frequent the last few days Prominent Scotland In Union Colonialist Merryn Somerset Webb basically wrote most of Kirstene Hair's script yesterday with an outburst on twitter regards education Nick Robinson just tried it with Blackford on Daily Politics
  8. Welcome back Pammy Ally Bear became Ally Bongo Glasgowredz became Uddyredz and got banned from both here and twitter Brant Grebner also got banned from twitter sadly
  9. From Glasgow tomorrow And to shore up the soft Protestant No Vote they are wheeling on Angela Haggerty
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/evangelicals-have-been-reshaped-into-the-image-of-trump-himself/2019/10/28/f37f5154-f9c0-11e9-ac8c-8eced29ca6ef_story.html White evangelical Protestants are fully disrobed. And it is an embarrassing sight.
  11. Dont know so much AFAIK The Paisley Express has been trying to smear her weekly since she was elected It's owned by what used to be Trinity Mirror - same English owners as the Record
  12. A lot depends on the SNP vote on December 12 However i am almost certain there will be a legal route if a formal request is denied and that will be made clear to a Westminster Govt privately beforehand There are a lot of equations however NS is correct that a "Now is not the time" stance will become untenable if the SNP keep winning elections
  13. BBC Scotland runs an NHS bad story daily for the last 5 years - despite NHS Scotland being the best performance wise in the UK Unionist Politicians attack the SNP weekly with Scottish NHS bad stories - despite NHS Scotland being better than those in England, Wales and NI Unionist media run with regular Scottish NHS bad stories despite NHS Scotland being the best in the UK Tory Politicians attack the SNP regularly in Westminster regarding Scottish NHS performance - despite it being the best in the UK Today Boris Johnson threatens to take the Scottish NHS under Westminster control - despite it being the best run NHS in the UK Scottish Tories laugh with glee
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