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  1. Richard Leonard really letting the Colonialist cat out the bag for anyone that was still in any doubt Most of Scotland wont give a shit though that Scotland needs permission from England to use their democratic right of self determination Even worse was him completely ignoring what has happened since 2014 and why Indyref 2 is on the table
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/sep/20/558m-year-old-fossils-identified-as-oldest-known-animal 558m-year-old fossils identified as oldest known animal
  3. Nick Eardley‏Verified account @nickeardleybbc NEW: Labour will commit to opposing #indyref2 in next UK manifesto. Party sources claim it will give Jeremy Corbyn a mandate to refuse to give @scotgov the power to hold another referendum if Labour wins power. Announcement due at conference
  4. Give it a rest in peace Chas Chas is on the left
  5. They didnt want to appear biased by having pro brexiteers Julia Hartley Brewer or Kate Andrews on again So they wheeled in Camilla Tominey, Royal expert (?) and associate editor from the Torygraph who is twice as bad as both of them
  6. Ralph Milliband exposed the Labour party for what it really is It is every bit Establishment and Unionist as the other English parties Ever since the Labour Party came into being as a non-socialist organization, socialists in it have nursed the hope that, some day, they would succeed in transforming it into a Socialist party, the instrument of a fundamental recasting of the social order, the agency for the creation of a Socialist Commonwealth and a “society of equals”. This transformation of the Labour Party was to be accomplished by steady socialist pressure upon the leadership through the constituencies, the unions, the parliamentary party, Annual Conference, etc. This was the work to which such organizations as the ILP, the Socialist League, Victory for Socialism and other groups addressed themselves inside the Labour Party; and other organizations, notably the Communist Party, have at one time or another devoted much effort to the same purpose from outside the Labour Party. Alternatively, the Labour Left inside the party occasionally hoped, not merely to persuade the leadership to adopt more progressive policies, but actually to capture the party, and to substitute its own voice for that of the existing leaders; such hope certainly existed in the early ‘fifties, when it was believed on the Left, rather unrealistically, that Aneurin Bevan might win the struggle for the leadership of the Party, and when it was also believed, whether realistically or not is a moot point, that this would mark a dramatic shift in the bias and policies of the Party. For the most part and at most times, however, the Labour Left has been well aware of the fact that it stood no chance of capturing the Party and it has therefore been content or at least resigned to gain some footholds in the apparatus (e.g. in the constituency representation on the National Executive) and to try and influence the party leaders by pressure, persuasion and manoeuvre; with the ultimate hope that, somehow, some day, the Labour Party would not only call itself a socialist party, but actually act like one.
  7. More Yes than the last time How could you not be
  8. Ally Bongo

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

  9. Ally Bongo

    Independence Reminders

    Today's memories are worse with all the shit at George Square
  10. His profile says it all All thats missing is Quisling https://twitter.com/mevbrown
  11. Ally Bongo

    Independence Reminders

    When your birthday happens to be 18th September it follows you the rest of your life ....or until the next one And yes the FB memories are hard to look at
  12. Ally Bongo

    NFL Thread 2018/2019

    The Browns havent been favourite for a game since 2015 They play The Jets on TNF and they are
  13. This is fucking incredible Out of everyone BBC Scotland could have got to interview they picked dumb and dumber For clarification Dugdale plays the part of dumb