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  1. They are also massaging the figures by not including those that are dying in care facilities or at home Boris's health is basically the squirrel
  2. 953 UK deaths with Coronavirus in last 24 hours Mass Burials in New York Yet throbbers like Peter Hitchens and Fraser Nelson are doubling down on anti lockdown
  3. They didnt stay anywhere near each other but Greaves has said "They had a lovely relationship"
  4. Not sure I think his alcoholism seemed to start after his time at Spurs edit Found this - very good https://www.theguardian.com/football/2003/aug/25/sport.comment4
  5. Had it all and years ahead of anyone else in the game at that time - even when Best came on the scene IMO I wonder if the 66 World Cup played a part in his alcoholism - im sure he has been asked and said it didnt but it surely must have had some effect
  6. Not looking good https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/apr/07/jimmy-greaves-in-hospital-as-fears-grow-for-england-world-cup-winners-health
  7. Just realised she was almost 40 when she appeared in Goldfinger (and when this photo was taken) Well played
  8. Just made Quisling Murray his shadow Scottish Secretary Didnt take me long to be proven right
  9. Aye she is fucked Has to go - despite the slevering hypocrisy of Yoon mainstream over Prince Charles who actually travelled while infected
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