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  1. Fans of a certain club are setting up fake accounts and reporting trouble with photos of trouble from other hooligans at another time/place You have to be careful as i found out yesterday However the fanny that abused Iona Skye which let to a pile on was the same guy that was removed from a Ryanair flight by police for presumably being too drunk
  2. I see The Times are doing a piece on Murdo Fraser's travels to Seville for the cup final If there is trouble i hope that cunt gets caught up in it Rangers fan my arse
  3. I'd imagine Biden's views on Scottish Independence are a million miles away from Obama's
  4. 6 years they have flung this at her Nothing to do with justice - just that a big part of it would have involved Celtic ergo - a cover up
  5. I was implying that Unionists can be very selective when it comes to criticising SNP incompetence You have a Westminster establishment that implemented Brexit knowing full well what the consequences would be
  6. I wonder how the insidious fuckwits that have blamed Sturgeon for the best part of her tenure as FM in covering it up will react now
  7. The Bank of England have reported that Brexit is costing the UK £444 million A WEEK How's that for incompetence Malcolm ?
  8. A few "onion" bears arrested on arrival after abusing flight attendents Celtic Bar in Benalmedena visited last night and had it's flags burned on the street
  9. Only British Nationalists think the BBC is impartial when it comes to Scottish Politics It isnt - and the big clue is in it's name Anyone who had "voted Yes in 2014 and for the SNP in the last 8 years" would know this
  10. Have they ? Or is this just what you read on your Colonialist news sources ?
  11. Wanna do a count of the times i have said that there are white nationalists (Nazis) fighting on the Ukraine side to the amount of times you have said there are white nationalists (Nazis) fighting on the Russian side ?
  12. 😄😄😄 Better not search google for the Westminster politicians and British Monarchy cuddling up to McGuinness & Adams never mind Ian Paisley
  13. Because in almost every war since the Geneva convention was ratified it has only mattered after the War was finished Unless of course you are America
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