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  1. The irony being that both religions have kinda had their roles reversed when you compare progressive Ireland to wannabe John Calvin Ulster !
  2. That will be the Lib Dems as the new party of the Union and the EU in Scotland. Nawbags can have an easier conscience (in their own minds) by voting for them rather than the Tories Almost certain to be an SNP v Lib Dem election in Scotland and they will probably scoop up a number of seats due to tactical voting
  3. It was tongue in cheek However it is two different scenarios Ulster wasn't stifling the wishes of the English electorate As someone said - This week England realised they are in a Union and they dont like it
  4. Maybe the SNP know they will not win a referendum and have come to the conclusion that 300 years of brainwashing and enforced cringe wont be beaten for another generation Therefore the only alternative is to get English Nationalism to dissolve the union for them ...
  5. Less than a third of those who voted No in 2014 were "hard core Unionists" "Union at all costs" Curtice did a breakdown and warned Unionists in general of that It was those that were not convinced that made up the highest proportion
  6. There is a Secret League of Gentlemen who travel throughout the world hiring big diggers wherever they stay For decades they have been going out at night and burying bones that have been manufactured to appear 65 million years old
  7. They will during marching season, Rangers games and any other sectarian activity Far more so than now due to easier access And vice versa
  8. Our National Team has been blighted for decades by players who were outstanding for their clubs at home and in Europe but never the same when they pulled on the dark blue. Even Dalglish was criticised regularly However the point i am making is that we had more recognised outstanding club players in 1990 which was severely diluted come 1998 1990 - McLeish, Gough, McStay, Johnston, McCoist, MacLeod 1998 - Boyd, McKinlay, Jackson, Elliott, Whyte The make up of the 1990 squad was also younger (5 players over 30) compared to 1998 ( 9 players over 30)
  9. Anti Scottish sentiment being ramped up today #cherrycase Love it
  10. If you look at our squad for Italia 90 then compare it to the squads for Euro 96 and France 98 the reduction in talent is staggering
  11. Maybe there is hope for the World with The Donald He has fired John Bolton
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