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  1. You would think there must be However i don't think at any time Wings has suggested there has been any personal gain from the "embezzlement"
  2. I can only imagine it is a combination of the media scrutiny that would arise plus an admition of a massive drop in memberships and donations When the SNP membership numbers were at their height i'm sure i mentioned on here how healthy their finances must be when you consider there were 120,000 members Even at the lowest membership rate of £1 that's a bare minimum of £100,000 every month and if you average it on £3 a month it's £300,000 Where was it all going ? Spads ? Staff wages ? Maybe it was being spent correctly on all these things and when the memberships started to fall they didnt cut cloth
  3. Wings has seemingly been on the ball right from the start £600,000 was raised by the SNP through campaign funding and was supposed to be ringfenced for an Independence campaign It was obviously spent on other things and when the SNP were asked where it was, Murrell and others have "cooked the books" to pretend it was still there. How that translates into a two year investigation and the Procurator Fiscal taking someone to court for it i have no idea
  4. Embezzlement is not always a form of theft or an act of stealing, since those definitions specifically deal with taking something that does not belong to the perpetrators. Instead, embezzlement is, more generically, an act of deceitfully secreting assets by one or more persons that have been entrusted with such assets. The persons entrusted with such assets may or may not have an ownership stake in such assets. Will be interesting to see what the PF makes of it
  5. They have two hours He was taken into custody at 09:13 on Thursday and is being questioned by Police Scotland detectives. Legally, Mr Murrell can be held by police for 12 hours of questioning.
  6. What's the odds on "released without charge" ..again ? If that does happen there should be a fucking rammy
  7. I see Mairi McAllan has glammed herself up and went with blonde highlights She must be the Sturgeon camp's next choice v Forbes
  8. Like mostly everyone I'm fed up saying Humza is a liability and needs to go However it's got to the state of a cringe every week The SNP will be lucky to win one seat at the GE if they go into it with him at the helm He must sit in front of his phone thinking - what can i tweet in order to lose some more SNP voters
  9. What about alcohol? Awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer, however, is not anywhere near as high. A recent survey suggests only 13 per cent of people understand cancer is one of the health risks associated with alcohol consumption. We don’t yet have the same vast body of evidence for the effects of alcohol compared to smoking, but we do know that alcohol itself can directly cause damage to cells that can trigger cancer, and there is evidence that alcohol consumption increases the risk of seven different types of cancer – that of the mouth, throat, voice box, oesophagus, bowel, liver and breast. Moderate drinking In an attempt to increase public awareness, a new study published in the journal BMC Public Health has estimated the cancer risks associated with moderate alcohol consumption, and drawn a comparison with levels of smoking. The authors of the research, from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Bangor University and University of Southampton, found the risk of cancer from drinking one bottle of wine a week was equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes a week for women and five cigarettes for men. If non-smoking women and men drank a bottle of wine every week, their lifetime risk of cancer would increase by 1.4 per cent for women, and one percent for men. In real terms, if 1,000 women and 1,000 men each drank one bottle of wine per week, it’s likely that around 14 extra women and 10 extra men would develop cancer at some point in their life. Heavier alcohol consumption On the surface, five or 10 cigarettes a week doesn’t sound like a lot. But we need to put that into drinking habits of the nation. The Office for National Statistics reported in their recent 2019 survey that 60 per cent of adults in the UK report they drink up to 14 units a week. That’s quite a lot of people with a moderate increase in risk. The survey also revealed that 17 per cent of adults – so more than the number of smokers in the UK – reported the drink between 14 and 50 units and 4 per cent reported drinking 50 or more. How do these levels affect risk? The BMC Public Health study also looked into heavier levels of alcohol consumption and estimated that drinking three bottles of wine per week (around 30 units) could increase lifetime cancer risk by 3.6 per cent in women and 1.9 per cent in men, or 36 in 1,000 women and 19 in 1,000 men. That’s apparently the equivalent to smoking roughly eight cigarettes per week for men and 23 cigarettes per week for women.
  10. Did you actually read what BIS said ? They wanted ALBA to have a speaker so they asked them first If ALBA had committed they would not have asked the Greens knowing they would not stand beside ALBA (presumably on their women with cocks stance)
  11. They will pay for any arms we give them They will not pay for RAF Jets helping them afaik
  12. No doubt there will be an imminent stooshie about that and it will be moved
  13. Not a good look from the best FM we have ever had
  14. We were paying the USA back until 2006 for the lend lease program - i think it was just us that paid them back and the Russians gave the middle finger So that was for Ships, Tanks, Guns and Ammunition that we used ourselves. We didnt pay for the military hardware that the US used themselves for fighting in Europe Therefore we will be paying for the cost of us defending Israel however by that rule of thumb i expect Ukraine to be paying us back for the next 60 years Unless they do what the Russians did in 1946
  15. Pete Wishart trying to "defend" the "both votes SNP" tactic emphasises how the SNP are good wee Parliamentarians always abiding by the rules It's a lie because they could have easily got around it @PeteWishart But there’s no way we could ask people to vote for another party. It would be electoral suicide and political arrogance at its most gratuitous.
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