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  1. Dont know about anyone else but last Sunday my young cousin came round and brought her 2 year old girl Isla Isla hadnt been well for about 3 weeks before this but was "much better" On Tuesday morning i knew something wasnt quite right but tried to ignore it Come Tuesday night i was absolutely fucked - shivers, headache, sharp intakes of breath and painless exhales - all night and right through to the next day So tired all i wanted was to sleep but as soon as i hit the pillow my mind started racing and REM sleep was impossible - does anybody know how brutal that is ? I have been the very same every night since then and i stink even after coming out the shower I have never been as unwell for such a long time - tested negative 3 times Was actually hoping it was Covid
  2. It's always the more holier than thou staunch types that turn out to be complete cunts isnt it ? Not only the literal dictionary definition of a Quisling but an extreme sectarian nutjob while being an atheist at the same time A stain on decency never mind Scotland
  3. Widespread protests in Iran after the killing of Mahsa Amini who was arrested for breaking hibab regulations About time - would be too much to ask for the regime to fall
  4. Liz Truss says she is preparing to be an unpopular Prime Minister "Preparing to be" ? We have to grin and bare the rising energy costs She will instigate civil unrest even earlier than i thought
  5. There are more outlandish conspiracy theories that millions believe in The lack of investment and infrastructure we have put into our National game compared to the likes of other smaller nations is embarrassing
  6. Everything Unionists are doing now is to shore up their support for the Union Whether it's producing fake polls regarding support for the Union after the Queen's death and letting the MSM run with it or this action by the SFA It's a win win for them - if it is impeccably observed then we are all wee Unionists at heart If it is disrupted the London media will have a field day with the small number of Nats that did it The SFA is one of the biggest Unionist cabal's there is and they realised long ago that the success of the Scottish National Team can have a bearing on Independence which is why our game is in the state it is
  7. In no way am i defending the Green Brigade however i am still waiting on Rangers condemning those that sang 1,2,3,4 Popes gone but the Queen lives on fuck the IRA for years- not to mention the other bile that is heard every week
  8. Both Unions are weakened unless you think Charles is more popular than The Queen
  9. Tory run South Ayrshire Council have lit the Wallace Tower in Ayr up in Red, White and Blue to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth
  10. That was "Living in a Box" by the band "Living in a Box" who also had an album called "Living in a Box" As you can guess i fucking hated them and their pish song It was played endlessly and still is whereas The Smiths and The Stone Roses et all werent From what i have heard the Dundee Utd fans werent singing the same song/tune sadly
  11. Sorry A bit tetchy with all the shite that's going on
  12. Fact Following the trial, on 23 August 1305, Wallace was taken from the hall to the Tower of London, then stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield.[51] He was hanged, drawn and quartered—strangled by hanging, but released while he was still alive, emasculated, eviscerated (with his bowels burned before him), beheaded, then cut into four parts.[52] Wallace's head was dipped in tar and placed on a spike atop London Bridge. His preserved head was later joined by the heads of his brother John and his compatriots Simon Fraser and John of Strathbogie.[2] Wallace's limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling and Perth. A plaque, unveiled 8 April 1956, stands in a wall of St. Bartholomew's Hospital near the site of Wallace's execution at Smithfield. It includes in Latin the words "Dico tibi verum libertas optima rerum nunquam servili sub nexu vivito fili" (I tell you the truth. Freedom is what is best. Sons, never live life like slaves.), and in Gaelic "Bas Agus Buaidh" (Death and Victory), an old Scottish battle cry.[53]
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