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  1. LBC Breaking‏Verified account @lbcbreaking It's being reported tonight that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's given his backing to a second Brexit referendum.
  2. It's the PIAK Modus Operandi
  3. Yep Why wont she allow a second EU referendum ? Answers on a postcard to - It makes her refusing a Section 30 order look like a Colonialist It's so obvious
  4. I think if the UK leaves without a deal the different impacts of the scenarios with Scotland being part of the UK rather than not is massive
  5. Seriously ? I'll rephrase it England can do Brexit without Scotland being a part of the UK but the economic catastrophe that would result in the short to medium term would be incredible The pound has already crashed against the Dollar It will crash again after we leave the EU You will have to carry it around in a wheelbarrow if the UK doesnt have Scotland's resources to subsidise the impact of Brexit
  6. Which in this case is the same thing - England cant do brexit without Scotland
  7. All this is moot anyway Anything that happens between now and March 29 has shit all to do with Brexit The "UK" is leaving the EU on 29 March and everything now is geared towards keeping Scotland in the UK ..and to a lesser extent Northern Ireland This whole backstop/hard border in Ireland has very little to do with "going back to the days of the troubles" Northern Ireland voted to remain This is all about Scotland if you look closely
  8. The point they are making is that this is the worst Government in living memory ,if not in history, and Labour should really be streets ahead in the polls We'll see soon how scared the Tories are of a GE and it's not Labour they are that scared of but once again the UKIP vote If Labour were to come out as a remain party the Tories would call it tomorrow And as for Labour in Scotland - if that is indicative of the whole of the UK they are fucked http://scotgoespop.blogspot.com/2019/01/bewildered-farquharson-wonders-these.html
  9. These fuckers are far too dangerous to Govern - non starter or not
  10. No What happens is when bacteria are exposed to cycles of antibiotics some of them lay dormant to survive the antibiotic attack. Within days they evolve into a new adaptation which has developed a biological timer to survive the antibiotic exposure thus becoming immune That's why you are told to finish the course or it will be pointless
  11. https://www.thoughtco.com/how-evolution-has-been-observed-249896
  12. Speciation is the key word not variation Bacteria wont grow if it is killed
  13. There is plenty evidence of observed evolution and examples of such freely available to see on the web Studying how bacteria evolves for example helps scientists find cures As for larger organisms - we dont live long enough to witness the kind of evolution that turned the ancestor of humans and apes into us They did it with Lizards in the 70s - took some to an Island and decades later they had turned into an entirely different Lizard that their relatives on the other island were https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/04/080417112433.htm