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  1. And it looks as if the ERG will now back May's deal rather than have no brexit
  2. it's assumed she will announce the date of her resignation Aubrey Allegrettiā€Verified account @breeallegretti Theresa May will address Tory MPs at the 1922 committee at 5pm tomorrow.
  3. It's not as funny as "right wing" Jews that think right wing extremism starts and stops at Muslims .... I like Jim Jefferies
  4. Players today are far fitter and healthier than they were in 74 resulting in the game being way faster So no The same would apply to any teams and players of that era compared to today with the possible exception of Brazil 70 who were ahead of the time but they still would struggle over 90 mins
  5. Another defeat for Theresa This one could be massive Ministers resigning to vote against the whip too
  6. I think most people, including me, werent per say embarrassed, but just found it staggeringly short sighted. The SNP do a good job of trying to keep their noses clean and i'd imagine the strategists were every bit as dumbfounded as everyone else because it's just ammunition for everyone that is anti SNP - left and right However in the whole wasps nest of selfies it's not exactly up there with for example The Queen and Martin McGuinness and what was she supposed to do ? Be rude and refuse ? And lets not forget, there is still a vast deal of respect for Blair and Campbell amongst the non internet generation in Scotland - certainly more than they have for Scottish Labour Doesnt excuse it but on reflection it could have been worse
  7. There are two sides to this It is possible that she realises either; Brexit cannot be stopped If it is stopped or we have a Brexit without leaving the EU England will go into meltdown If there is a second EU referendum England will go into meltdown regardless of whether remain or leave wins - if remain wins social meltdown and if leave wins economic meltdown And when the shit hits the fan she can take the moral told you so highground
  8. The only way the SFA can prove everyone wrong is immediately go to Steve Clarke and see what he wants and get him in ASAP
  9. Apart from the obvious (Lafferty is 31, been in the National Team for 13 years and has 70 appearances) (Griffiths is 28, been in the National Team for 7 years and has 19 appearances) both are completely different players in style and more importantly build. Lafferty is a strong running battering ram type of forward and is suited to playing up front on his own with little support Griffiths isnt
  10. Russia didny waste any time in Kazakhstan 0-4 And they are really mediocre
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