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  1. Spitting venom mair like .. "The SNP asked people to lend them their vote" ........
  2. So did the Brexit party Dumfries was another close one but the SNP won that too
  3. 20% of Wales population are English - nae surprise
  4. If the SNP win the Borders then surely that is a sign (with the exception of the Lib Dem weirdos up in Orkney) It would be fucking great if it was a landslide The BBC are doing everything they can to avoid the Scottish results at the moment
  5. It looks like it might 45% in west dunbartonshire 41% in renfrewshire And also won the fucking Borders with 28% !
  6. SNP smashed East Ayrshire https://www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk/news/article/european-parliamentary-election-east-ayrshire-results
  7. Seeing on twatter that the SNP have won the highest share of the vote in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City
  8. Impossible as Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain and if they "respected the referendum result" then they ignore the democratic deficit of UK wide elections
  9. That would be portrayed as a shitty result for the SNP in terms of "material change in circumstances"
  10. And to think some Dundee Utd fans would have preferred to play the Accies .....
  11. Ally Bongo

    Next PM

    I know you disagree when i say most things have a relevance to keeping Scotland tied to the Union however ... folk need to start listening as to what is in the future edit - has the board changed with the posting of videos ? Used to be simply copying video address then pasting
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