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  1. Only thing gone right for them all season - if it happens.
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    Could be I'm reading too much into it. Some of these young players have played a lot of games and may just need a rest!
  3. Hertsscot


    Yes Doig was also a noticeable absentee. Just wondering whether I'm reading too much into it.
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    Nice to see King and Lowry called up for u21 and Elliot Anderson back in the squad. I notice neither Ramseys not there. Injured, dropped or full squad?
  5. Rangers have been to three European finals in my lifetime, unfortunately the only one we won I was too young to remember. I think when we look back we'll see a team that has over achieved in Europe. The limitations of individual players was shown up last night. I don't think any of the players from last night would feature in a greatest ever team, although a couple might make the squad. It'll be interesting to see who Gio picks for Saturday.
  6. I suspect you're right. Let's hope it doesn't get to that.
  7. Ramsey just hasn't worked out. Potentially it could have been an excellent loan signing but it's just not happened. I wasn't surprised he missed the pen. , just sums up his time with us. I would not blame him for having his pen. saved, plenty of good players have missed them. If anything I'd be critical of Gio as I thought he should have been given more time to make an impact.
  8. Close run thing. Thought Bassey was immense. Davis was excellent when he came on. We got better as the game went on. If I'd been an EF fan I would have been gutted if we lost but I'm not, I'm a Rangers fan and so am gutted we lost. Overall we should be proud of our achievements in Europe this season. I know not every football fan in Scotland would have wanted us to win, but hopefully it shows Scottish football isn't the pub league some people think it is.
  9. Only seen them against a weak Georgia team but u17s looked good (certainly in comparison to our u21s). It's often said that you learn more from adversity than success so I hope that this will be the case here.
  10. I would not be worried if he signed for them. The Bees have done very well this season, though there have been a few clubs that have struggled in their second season after getting promoted.
  11. According to BBC, Brentford in prime position to sign Hickey.
  12. I think the other question is how committed is he to Scotland. He didn't feature in the last u21 games, hopefully there's a good reason for his absence because the midfield in those matches was not great, particularly against Turkey.
  13. A lot of Rangers fans are idiots. I can say that because I'm one of them. Rangers fan that is. Though my wife might say I'm in the latter category as well.
  14. I'm presuming the last sentence refers to Fraser rather than Rhodes.
  15. Any Hibs fans on here? It's all looking rather underwhelming or any cause for excitement?
  16. Well done. It was a poor start to the season but Ange did well to turn it around. I think Celtics January window was better than ours and that was a key factor.
  17. I think it's only in the last couple of years that we've seen that happen with elite English clubs. Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea have until recently just bought success. Most EPL teams have very few English players so I guess those who do break through (Foden, A-A, Mount, James etc. must be very good.) Problem with Scottish football as you point out is that it's not due Bruyne keeping you from getting a game but some non-Scot journeyman.
  18. Some papers reporting Calvin Ramsay to Liverpool. Obviously not going to get a sniff at their first team for a while with Alexander-Arnold ahead of him and not that much older than him.
  19. Thanks to S.T.V. candidates I voted for actually got elected - first time in my life. Two of my top three!
  20. Let's hope not. Our club have more than its fair share of idiots in its fan base. Go there, team plays well, fans behave and we can be proud of our achievements whether we win or lose. I think it's understandable that fans of other clubs might want us to get beat but hopefully any Scottish success reflects well on the domestic game and gives the lie to all those people who dismiss it as a pub league.
  21. Superb stuff, the team has shown some character to get to the final. Well done guys!
  22. My dad was born in Dundee before settling down south at end of WW2. Early-mid 1970s we were up visiting his friends, first time me and my sister had visited. Don't know what she was expecting but she burst into tears! Was up there five years ago for an interview and was impressed, lots of rejuvenation, particularly by the waterfront. It even had sunshine!
  23. Boris Becker going to jail. How the mighty have fallen.
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