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    Next PM

    Depends on what you want the future of the UK to be. Boris would risk messing up the country. He may be the most cavalier about the union. You could imagine if things got difficult, him saying sod this, Scotland can sod off. I mean this is the guy who said f--- business. He could literally tell Scotland to f--- off and the Scots Tories would still be clinging to their precious precious union. Embarrassing. Gove would appear to be the opposite, the most dangerous for Scottish self-determination. He cares about the union and Scotland's place in it (and Northern Ireland too). And he has a zeal about him. He's the kind of guy who you could imagine him meddling with the devolution settlement, scrapping the Barnett formula, or other wheezes - anything at all - regionalism, federalism, communism - anything to put Scotland firmly in its place, in the Union. Even so that could backfire.
  2. Yes! THat's it. It was scratching away at me too. And reminding me a little of a guitar in Kristin Hersh's Caffeine which I coincidentally am listening to right now.
  3. "The girl in the red top - Angus Young in a woman's appearance?"
  4. "The first few times I heard this song I hated it. But now it has grown on me SO MUCH it has become one of my favorites!"
  5. Well not too bad predictions. Edwards (52'minutes) Edouard (62'minutes pen, 82'minutes) Brown booked too
  6. So far so good What do you mean by "unquoted?" Maybe Levein should do more unquoting?
  7. Sounds like the game needs a goal. Would be good for some Scots lads to get confidence up with some goals. I see Scotland under 17 Aaron Hickey in action (!) Apparently Hickey had a shot straight at keeper
  8. Very hard to call a favourite. These are not normal times. There is a civil war in there - possibly even three way (staunch Brexiteers, Remainers, and hedgers - those who were Remain and switched to be pro Brexit)... Then there's the voting system...
  9. So Europe has brought down another Tory leader. It's still over 20 years ago that the last Tory PM was actually kicked out of office by the electorate.
  10. Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Distinct possibility’ date for Scottish independence referendum could be brought forward if Boris Johnson becomes PM
  11. "Ruth Davidson is “baffled” by Theresa May’s offer of a second EU referendum, Times sources say, amid a Scottish Tory revolt against the prime minister. A source close to the Scottish Conservative leader said last night: “Fair to say we are baffled by this as a closing message before an election.” A group of Tory MPs met David Mundell, the Scottish secretary, to vent their anger at the plan, which they are concerned paves the way for the SNP to argue more persuasively for a second vote on Scottish independence. “We have been totally consistent in making the case against another EU referendum and then she goes and throws us under a bus with that speech,” said one Scottish Tory MP."
  12. does anyone know, has Change UK come out as explicitly unionist? i saw somewhere that they urged unionists to vote for the lib dems but that is not the same thing. but that doesn't rule them out being happy to see snp secure additional pro-eu seats. i am just curious if there would ever be a uk party so pro eu it would rather have snp shut out one of the brexit parties. not that change uk of itself is important.
  13. Yes that's what I meant. As many as four drivers being first to the scene.
  14. Not humour's finest hour but it could almost be a back handed compliment - the fact he was back up to racing speed. The cremation one, could almost be gallows humour, you could imagine him saying it himself. I read that James Hunt who was a friend said he was better looking after the crash. I guess it's all about context. Anyway... if they were really bad they would be unrepeatable.
  15. Some guy, some life. Read the last rites. Got back into the car after 2 races. I read he was pulled out the wreckage by other drivers. You'd imagine there would be stewards but maybe none nearby.
  16. Didn't Peter Houston serve as part time assistant manager to Craig Levein?
  17. exile

    Cyprus Game

    Looking forward to it! What could have been a low key but nervy must-win game should feel more like a new dawn (albeit must win) a great chance almost to snatch back a lost cause
  18. Great, was a boost to see the news for real. Great to see him talking up the team and prospects of qualification. Positivity!
  19. I have not been following the English football recently but note that Man City won the FA cup 6-0 yesterday. If that was Celtic winning the Scottish cup by that margin people would say it was evidence the Scottish game was predictable and competitive. On the other hand despite Celtic running away with the title the race for Europe was good, and if Scotland had 4 champions league places and 2 Europa leagues places up for grabs the race for 4th and 6th would make the league look as competitive as any on that front.
  20. I think I had Hearts, who were in top 3 at time, now sunk to 6th. Below Hibs even, and one point behind St Johnstone. Oh well. Well done Killie getting 3rd, quite an achievement.
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