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  1. Yes that's right. In the replay, it wasn't the strongest shot but Gordon had to make the save.
  2. Hearts need some kind of a break to turn the tide...
  3. Ooft, just pushed past the post by Gordon... ...Wright hits the woodwork
  4. Yes, the problem is not because the STV system results in horse trading to shut out the largest party, the problem is parties peddling false promises. Labour before the election explicitly signalling they wouldn't do deal with the Tories, to win anti Tory votes, and then using those votes to get into bed with the Tories afterwards. If Labour, LibDems could shut out the Tories at WM via STV I'd have thought most would be happy. Because they'd know in advance that that's what they'd be likely to do. Remember the shock of some who voted LD in 2010 to keep out the Tories, only to find them propping them up. They paid an electoral price for it at the next election.
  5. and didn't Dundee United have a small squad too?... maybe 20 players? I just checked, apparently McLean had claimed it was just 14, but was actually 20
  6. I still think Aribo's was a well taken goal. You're charging towards goal, defender at your heels, big goalie in front, keep your nerve and place it in the back of the net, when it mattered. What others couldn't manage to do.
  7. Was about to say the same, Roof coulda made the difference, nearly did.
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