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  1. So free movement for EU citizens to end on day one of Brexit. Does that mean hard border in Ireland on day one? (In other news... I see a bomb went off today in Fermanagh...)
  2. Plan to hold Scottish independence vote in 2020 thrown into doubt (Guardian) Or "Blow for Nicola Sturgeon as election watchdog says it must review indyref2 question" (Telegraph)
  3. Three die & Emilio Izaguirre among 10 injured in Honduras riots
  4. I see Corbyn now says Westminster should not block second Scotland poll And a Labour councillor who was so vehemently against independence she joined the Lib Dems Meanwhile here is an insight into the head of someone who claims to not care about countries or politics, just their own & family's wellbeing: How to win over a No voter: it’s the economy, stupid
  5. Ok, glad that is cleared up. It is Wings commenters who have been slagging JK. Having said that I see JK and SC have been having a direct dialogue on Scot Goes Pop comments. And all sorts of unrest on Bella Caledonia (comments on editorial attacking SC), Some actual rational debate too
  6. We're not even halfway through August.... back to one European thread then....
  7. "James Kelly" (referring to the Scot Goes Pop guy) is separate from the "Anyone..." comment (not sure why both came out in red). I didn't mean to get into a "he said she said" spat (that is partly what I am complaining about) but it's on the current article's thread of comments about an hour and a half ago (I can be more specific if necessary). It is not the first time; the other day I saw a similar comment.To be fair I have seen comments in both directions, accusing the other side (pro v anti list party) of "whose side are you on" insinuations.
  8. On a different tack, here is some food for thought. Three most striking things seem to be: 1. Scotland is politically different from the rest of the UK. What is the difference?... 2. Huge decline in vote share in Scotland. Who are those people? The electorate that were not motivated to vote in 2017. So it looks as if there are a lot of people to be positively won over. 3. How small Scotland (Wales and N Ireland) compared to England. There is a view that Scotland is a proud equal partner in the Union, a view held by many nationalists and unionists alike. However it's easy to see (in the second and third maps) the electoral imbalance in voting power, and which country's voice counts most. The difference in voting patterns between Scotland and England, and the relative lack of weight of Scotland's electorate, seem inescapable facts that unionists, in particular, seem in denial of.
  9. Had a look at the Wings site and comments. It seems a lot angrier and more factional than it used to be. Many of the comments seem to be slagging off the SNP, Greens, 'wokes', Bella Caledonia, James Kelly, "Anyone against this idea is Yoon". etc etc. I guess I just find it hard to imagine this impression of 'Wings' appealing to a broader electorate. Still, we live in unusual times. In other countries, comedians and TV personalities have become politicians and presidents... While I realise the intention is not to split the SNP vote, people are openly offering to leave the SNP and signing up offering themselves as candidates. It's hard not to think it is helping wedge open and magnify splits in the pro indy electorate.
  10. Yes I get it, I can see why an 'authentic', non politician can be a breath of fresh air. But... well I think a lot of questions remain...
  11. I can see the appeal of a more passionate less managerial approach for rallying the troops in an actual campaign, versus the skills for running a country, diplomacy and negotiating treaties and securing constitutional details (when the time comes). My question is who are they attacking, who is getting the rocket, who are they winning over?
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