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  1. slasher

    New York

    3 nights will go fast but ......... Josephine's is an experience for dinner (not cheap though) and cocktail bar at the Rockefeller has stunning views at night ($20 a cocktail and $10 a beer though). For something different look into the 'Ride'... it's a good laugh or Harlem pub crawl was excellent. Once you're out of cash the Staten island ferry is free at least! 👍
  2. A horrible period of the season but I thought we looked pretty good tonight overall 👍
  3. slasher

    Tennis 2017

    With Cillic out and Delpo looking out of sorts I can't see anything to stop a Roger/Rafa final.
  4. He has looked very good so far 👍
  5. Dunno that he has yin lol. Aye 8 games is a bit much but the power 5 have the rest of Europe over a barrel so we'll just have to suck it up!
  6. He might be on his holidays.....or maybe he's got a ban lol.......think it wis Ramy? 😁
  7. Great start for the Bhoys on the marathon run towards the group stages tonight! 👍
  8. Doesn't look like we'll have anyone new in before this first CL deadline. The club apparently 'haggling' over McGinn and Liverpool asking for guaranteed game time for Wilson ( no chance of that after the Musonda debacle ). Ach well, cannae say I'm too bothered about either to be honest.
  9. Funny that you should mention Celtic but they still talk about the 'battle of Burnley' back in 78 down there when Celtic fans wrecked the joint. A bit before my time but a shameful episode for the club nonetheless.
  10. Most clarets fans are brand new, every support has its mentalists. Importing some from your 'friends' down south.....that's a special kind of pathetic
  11. I should have added that I don't think adding a few dozen Spurs fans to the mix will be helpful, but if Aberdeen fans want to encourage that it's up to them.