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  1. We can however all continue to look down on utter wankers like you 😂👍
  2. I think you're a bit harsh on Hayes there!
  3. Spot on. Broadfoot managed to inject some excitement into a dreadful game. Worst tackle of the day was on McGregor, not sure who by but Madden didn't even show a card....an absolute donkey of a ref. Rough on Killie but I'll take it 👍
  4. Interesting to see Armstrong Oko Flex & Bayo on the bench. Be good to get a look at either 👍
  5. True, a great chance for us to bury any challenge though. I honestly can't remember the last time we played well down there so more hopeful than confident today.
  6. slasher


    Had a great weekend! What I can remember of it at least. Tried some herring shots with vodka which were disgusting. On balance I think I prefer Krakow but I would go back and do a bit more in Gdansk probably in the summer 👍 There's still an incredible amount of building work going on so I'll probably save a return visit for a few years time.
  7. slasher

    The Mighty Celtic...

    He did change tact on two occasions but left it too long in my view. To be fair there's not a lot you can do when 8/11 don't reach levels they're capable of but his attempt to turn Burke into a no 9 is starting to look like a vanity project to me. It was a joy at least to watch Daniel Parejo for 45 mins..... lovely footballer! 👍
  8. slasher

    The Mighty Celtic...

    That was a fuckin chasing. The glass ceiling continues to get lower but never mind there's plenty dough in the bank 😏
  9. The BBC have stage managed that beautifully, time for a new approach of uncooperation. The government of this country being treated like some sort of insurgency. Let's behave like one then, stop playing fair and hit where it fuckin hurts!
  10. Absolutely infuriating! I genuinely think the SNP should start a public boycott of this pish......it would serve them well.
  11. Comfortable win over Boy Band FC tonight. Not convinced Burke can reinvent himself as a no. 9. He's a fiercesome sight when he gets turned and running at people but I doubt he has the touch to play through the middle.
  12. Bobby Madhun has the gig at Todders tomorrow night. Get yer money on Tavernier for the first goal (penalty obvs) and a red card for Shinnie 😂😂😂
  13. Just seen the weekend highlights.....for fucks sake, the club's need to go on strike in protest at how bad the refs and governance are. Fuckin disgraceful!
  14. slasher

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Just seen that. I knew about his hand injury but not the knee. All the same our injury list this season has been constant. 🤒
  15. slasher

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Fuck sake Rogic out for 6 weeks and Boyata out till March. Wtf are they putting in the water at Lennoxtown? 😱