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  1. Thought we did really well tonight 👍 The makeshift defence was bound to be a bit ropey at times but there were a lot of positives besides that. A really good start for us as we tiptoe through the minefield of CL qualifiers 😀
  2. I can't really say that I share Mr. Hills optimism about the season ahead. I don't know much about the players the huns have signed, they may well improve them but our transfer business thus far has left me cold. Add to that the sheep look as though they have decided to play hoofball next season a la jambo style and I'm not too impressed. Who knows maybe the new investment at Hibs will bring something interesting, the new boss at Killie will bring something different and it'll all be fantastic. But I suspect it won't be too long before we're all bemoaning the lack of quality and complaining bitterly about refereeing standards and the appalling governance of the game as per. If it wasn't for 9iar I'm not sure I'd even bother with it this year tbh.
  3. We kind of hold all the cards here. The player is not agitating to go, he's on a long term deal and financially we've no need to sell unless someone hits the magic number. My gut feeling is he'll stay 👍
  4. It sounds like Arsenal aren't willing to hit the asking price but are willing to weight any deal with a couple of loans. Napoli are in for Icardi and James so I'd guess would have to sell to buy Tierney as well. I suspect this will rumble on for a while yet 🙄
  5. Vanderwank sumed up in 2 posts. Total drama queen or should that be quine? 🤔
  6. Certainly more sensible than the shite you and Dandyhun have been posting 👍
  7. I'm not making anything up. His name has been raised on numerous threads that have feck all to do with him or Aberdeen. As regards Turnbull I've only seen one source claim there was an improvement in any offer, no confirmation on that tho.
  8. The shepherds on here use any excuse to get 'poor' Shay into the conversation lol. Congratulations though, this must be the most tenuous link yet 🤣 I certainly wouldn't want him........cos he's shite.
  9. The short answer to that question is no, almost certainly not. Apart from being a valuable unfiltered source of news Twitter is full of utter pond life!
  10. Celtic fc have been giving Turnbull 'abuse'? I don't think so. If the boy signs he'll be welcomed same as every other player. 👍 Twitter is not really a place for you I don't think.
  11. Didn't see that from anyone on here? I have seen fans of the 'family club' elevate him to hero status, wanting public parks named after him. Also, fans of other diddy clubs creaming themselves over his apparent snub to Celtic......... now that is funny!
  12. Rangers scattergun recruitment is almost as bizarre as ours. We desperately need a RB and CB...... so let's go out and get an attacking midfielder! (or not as the case may be) 😂
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