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  1. Aye I was thinking more of their CL semi final and Europa League semi final appearances myself. What do you consider having a pedigree out of interest? Winning some trophy that disnae exist any more 30 odd years ago perhaps? 😂
  2. After the sale of Dembele we made a net profit of £21.5 m in that window. Even before it we had a net spend of £500,000. That's not great backing to attempt to compete in Europe.
  3. Correct. The chief executive has a lot to answer for but he's not responsible for us failing to beat the likes of St. Mirren and Killie. The manager needs to up his fuckin game!
  4. Villarreal have a genuine European pedigree, not something you can say about Rijeka, Groningen or Burnley. Folk trying to downplay the huns result in midweek just come across as petty tbh
  5. Relax, we're fuckin miles ahead at the top of the balance sheet league! 😁😁😁
  6. That was barking although we were marginally better with 10 men. The manager really needs to freshen up the approach in both personnel and system. I like big Ntcham but he looked like he didn't fancy it tonight. No issue with him getting sent off but the 2nd half performance of Dallas was appalling. Fair play to St. Mirren although I thought they might have went for the win a bit more in the 2nd half.
  7. slasher

    Pre match

    We ended up going to the Horseshoe and the China Sea pre-match lol. Went to Hootenanny post match. It was pretty crap to be honest but might give it another go some sunny afternoon 👍
  8. slasher

    Pre match

    Aye I totally agree about the drum, it's not the same any more. Sloan's is a cracking pub, don't think I've ever been in the Raven, that's a new one for me.
  9. slasher

    Pre match

    Thanks Mr. Humper. Might give it a go if the rain stays off 😁
  10. slasher

    Pre match

    Is hootenanny any good?
  11. slasher

    Pre match

    I like them, although I wouldn't take the wife to either on a Saturday night. Just looking for a wee change of scenery fella 👍
  12. slasher

    Pre match

    We usually do Alfredo's/Iron Horse pre match but fancy a wee change this time. Any suggestions?
  13. slasher

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    They should just do away with this compliance thing altogether, it's just a feckin joke now. How does Jack get away with saying a ref should be demoted as well? Just ridiculous!
  14. Spot on 👍 It's also important to note that plenty of Celtic fans backed Logan over the incident and wanted Tonev hunted. I should know I was one of them. There are more than a few others who have legitimate concern over the process by which he was convicted ( balance of probability) but I'm not one of them. In everything Logan has done since he has been an attention seeking prat. In short the boys a dick!
  15. slasher

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    The new compliance wummin seems a bit slow off the mark or are we just not gonnae bother now?