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  1. I was there for a few hours yesterday, a great day, didn’t see anything untoward apart from a guy pishing in a bus stop which is never good. There was an awful lot of pyro though which never goes very well. All in all it’s not something I’d like to see us make a habit of.
  2. I quite liked it apart from the fact nobody offed that cow Wendy 👍
  3. Maybe the huns should have thought better of spunking £ on Aaron ‘the tampon’ Ramsey (in one week out for three) or Amad ‘global superstar’ Diallo? Of course Ramsey might redeem himself in Spain next week but failing that those two look like a very poor use of resources.
  4. Celtic’s net spending for this season is roughly -9m 🤣
  5. slasher


    Some good gen there troops, we will almost certainly do the city tour, cheers 👍
  6. How many of you have come across some of these wine soaked arseholes on Scotland trips, tossers like Bill Leckie for example. They’re not all bad but It can’t be any surprise surely that many of them are out of touch and lacking in awareness?
  7. Shameful opportunism from NLC. No surprise that they jumped aboard this bandwagon in the run up to an election. I see that despite losing they are trying to cobble together another grubby coalition with the Tories and wriggle into power again. Hopefully Clyde get sorted with a short term lease at Airdrie or Hamilton before finding their way back to their natural habitat in the Southside @glasgow jock 👍
  8. It’s not a version, it’s what happened. I had an important meeting at work when I got back so wasn’t caning it. I had literally had 4 pints when that kicked off. One of our company lived in Valencia and he told us later that the hooligan unit were basically drumming up business and had used the excuse of the odd punter straying beyond the perimeter of the pub and a couple of people on the road to attack.
  9. Even after they’ve beaten a family along a road including two young girls who clearly didn’t understand what they were demanding? After they beat an old man to the ground who walked towards them arms outstretched asking what it was they needed? There was no problem until two vans appeared opposite the pubs and after a short time specialist cops emerged to antagonise people for nothing. Yes people reacted but are we supposed to allow cops to knock fuck out of people just because they are cops? Not where I come from!
  10. That’s not what happened. Tell me if provoked and attacked by a foreign police unit or any established force of authority is it our duty to take a doing?
  11. The facts are out there. Maybe you can explain where your original account came from?
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