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  1. Compared to some on the Alba list she's as pure as the driven snow lol. I wasn't aware of the party hopping or the OBE, what was it for? Anyway I've still not settled on a list vote yet. I'll probably dither right up until I get in the booth 🤔
  2. Nope, not buying it, especially on the list. Is she a tainted candidate in your view?
  3. Played 9 holes today. Short game saved me from utter humiliation 🙈 Off the tee I was an absolute bomb scare 😭
  4. Why do the personalities matter for Alba but not the SNP 🤔
  5. Is that a Dumbarton kit at the back? I had a trial for them and the jambos when I was 15. Edit to say, just seen its a GK kit.
  6. I used to play off 18 (16 on a good day) but I haven't hit a ball in anger in 25 years. Got a slot booked on the driving range this weekend to see how bad I am 🙈
  7. Snared a wee bargain on Facebook marketplace. Full set of golf clubs(unused) , a bag, glove and 20 titleist balls for 40 quid! Just need to hit a few balls now and see where I'm at 😁
  8. Cancelled my flights and hotel today, the more I hear about this the less appealing it becomes.
  9. North Lanarkshire m8. I actually think Alba might do quite well here but no way of knowing for sure. Voting SNP on the list would almost certainly be a waste though.
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