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  1. When we play how we can no one in Scotland can touch us and with the resources we have that's how it should be. That said, we were excellent today. The Killie fans optimism made a pleasant change from the whining of the shepherds on here. 👍
  2. I'm loving the optimism of the Killie fans and it's well founded based on results over the last year. While I hope they collapse like a dodgy sunlounger today it wouldn't be the worst thing for Scottish football if they got a result. Good luck to them 👍 That said, as always, 'mon the hoops! 😁
  3. slasher


    A good old fashioned face off could have settled this. 👀 I'm a bit confused though......if we get Ormond International, Rolling Hills, Ron and big Ramy in a room together, how many people have we got? 🤔
  4. Agree with that again. Hayes wasn't great but he certainly offered more than Sinclair. He should have brought on Forrest for Ntcham and switched Hayes over to the left. What's happening with Morgan.....he seems to have disappeared again?
  5. I agree with all of that, however some of the managers decisions were baffling last night. Ntcham left mid? Leaving Forrest on the bench the whole night when we are struggling to create against a makeshift defence? Failing to address the obvious problem a deep lying Scott Brown was causing? I'm not prone to overreaction, so let's just say it wasn't Brendan's finest hour
  6. I'm not worried either way 👍
  7. I thought you had me on ignore. Obviously took me off for a nosey 🤔
  8. I'm really not interested in interacting with you thanks. 👍
  9. Fair enough. Just pointing out the failings of the ref to the duopoly conspiracy theorists 😁
  10. Nice to hear some positivity on the board! As for Saturday, we'll see 👍
  11. Congratulations to Mr. Humper and the rest of the Killie fans on going top. We'll see the league leaders on Saturday! Our manager and players need their baws kicked for that sloppy display. Dreadful team selection and substitutions from Rodgers tonight. Scott Brown caused a lot of our problems tonight with his starting position being way too deep. Fair play to Motherwell but if Clancy does his job properly we'd have been 2-0 up at half time.
  12. slasher

    The Mighty Rangers

    What we have here is a failure to communicate!
  13. slasher

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Yassss Big Ramy! I'm heading out to get blutred! 🍻
  14. slasher

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    Had a brilliant night in Stirling! Ended up in Molly Malone's after the kilted kangaroo and no. 2 Baker St. Herman's was awesome for dinner and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks to all who contributed! 😀 Yeez are all magic! 👍
  15. slasher

    League cup final thread

    Too many loose passes from us today, we were very wasteful. Fortunately the sheep had nothing more than endeavour. The green and white juggernaut continues. What a time to be alive! 😀