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  1. Forgot to say I've parked This Is Us at season 4. God knows when I'll have time for the 2 hour special that ushers it in 😳 Aye LA Law was great.... no as good as This Life but 😜
  2. Can't say I noticed any particularly bad acting Tidy but I'll take your word for it 👍 On another note I'm glad I persisted with the West Wing, seasons 4 & 5 were outstanding and I have thoroughly enjoyed it without rushing home to see the next one if that makes sense.
  3. I think he was channelling his inner self the time he ran on the park to batter fuck out Willie Collum at Hampden. He's an absolute embarrassment along with the fuckin clowns in the board room 😔
  4. Lennon making an absolute cunt of himself in the presser 🙈 Self awareness 0 Celtic 5 🙈
  5. Don't think Hibs deserved any more tbh. Johnston, Harper and McGregor were infuriatingly bad and we really struggled physically. Livi will get more points off us at the weekend.
  6. Looking forward to seeing young Cameron Harper tonight, looks like a pler 👍
  7. We might as well go for full comical Ali mode tonight. Get the fuckin disco lights on and stick Frimpong in goals 👍buzzin' for it!
  8. They might have to. The calendar is rammed as it is and I'd imagine the Euros will take presidence over everything else? If there's a major outbreak at a couple of clubs it'll be all over I'd reckon.
  9. I've heard Barkas caught Covid..... but it's OK he quickly dropped it and is OK to play tonight 😜
  10. It'll be based on the seating plan I'd imagine m8. Personally I would have had no issue if the game had been called off and Hibs handed a 3-0 win 🙅‍♂️
  11. This is the list I've seen most prominently, doesn't look too bad actually all things considered.
  12. Lots of 'lists' circulating but they all seem to agree Julien is the one who tested positive. That's right, the guy who's out injured for the rest of the season but we decided to take him to Dubai, presumably to cheer him up 😂
  13. Ive seen a list but not sure if it's accurate. All our strikers were on it apart from Klimala and all keeper's apart Hazard
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