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  1. Looks like we are taking up the option we have on young Hickey. Also linked with a swap deal.... Benkovic for Ajer plus cash.
  2. I carried them home from the pub with all the tender loving care you would give to a new born baby 😍 Just had my first yin, no bad once you get the hang of pouring from a pressurised container 👍
  3. Getting one of these bad boys from the local pub tonight. It contains 5 pints of draught lager. A couple of daiquiris for Mrs Slasher as well to get our friends zoom birthday party going. I will post a drunken review later 🍻
  4. This is a type of bulk buying I can get on board with 🤣
  5. Aye, funny feeling Im no gonnae make a mint here lol
  6. Yeah, I worked in the blast furnace for 6 years.
  7. Posting this one off Amazon cos I'm quite proud of it 👊
  8. That's decent, don't let anyone scoff. 30 days of yoga was proper hard going . I've had a bit of garden graft over the last couple of weeks, promoting this feckin book and writing again. But looking like back to work some time next week for me, so party's fuckin over!
  9. Don’t like the wide white bit on the sleeve but other than that really good 👏 Im looking forward to seeing the Adidas Celtic kits
  10. Good stuff man, us celebs need to stick together 😘
  11. They're genuine am not that fuckin desperate 🙄 First one is a reply to my missus and screen shot Ma maw would be needing a ouiji board 😳
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