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  1. Tierney didn’t look right to me some time before he went off I’d be surprised to see him on Saturday.
  2. Best I’ve seen from us in quite a while. As others have said McTominay & McGregor gave us excellent control in possession and worked hard out of it, i thought Hendry was very good bringing the ball out from the back as well. I missed any Queen drama arriving a little late as usual and you couldn’t hear anything outside, boos, clapping or otherwise. Anyway hopefully we take this form into Saturday, just need to find a decent boozer in Madrid to watch it 😎
  3. I think I’ll just have an extra pre match pint and avoid the inevitable arguments that will break out. The SFA really are fuds!
  4. There was a Scotland wide silence for Jock Stein some time after his passing and I’m pretty sure there were for Davie Cooper and Norrie McCathie, I can’t speak to on Bobby McKean?
  5. I can remember instances of both Embra clubs bursting silences. Celtic played Hibs shortly after Johnny Doyle died tragically, a few seconds into the silence there were cries of ‘Hibees, Hibees’ from most of them. I was also at a game at Hampden I’m sure vs Hearts after the death of Pope John Paul 2nd. Of course the jambos disrupted that, it was to be expected. I don’t think I’ve ever really forgiven the Hibby cunts for the first one though as (a) I couldn’t understand it and (b) it happened in my formative years. Anyway I’m rambling, my point is, it’s time to stop all of it, applause, silences, retiring shirt numbers etc. If fans want to pay tribute to a religious/ political figure or player let them do their own thing, leave everyone else in fuckin peace!
  6. Only 9 holes today, all the 18 holers appear to be shut for some reason 🤔 Anyway half a round or not i was magnificent 😂 Did a wee bit at the gym at my work afterwards then I’m going to build a gazebo this afternoon and I just might partake in my first drop of alcohol in 7 weeks 😃
  7. My best round of golf this morning since I went back to it…….cheers Lizzie 😃
  8. You can’t win ‘em all. The most annoying thing about today is that we’ve handed the huns a bit of oxygen after a dreadful performance from them yesterday!
  9. Well done to St Mirren! We’ve struggled against a low block before but that’s the poorest I’ve seen us in a long time. Still a bit of time to go but I can’t see us getting anything here.
  10. I think you could say the ‘bears’ and ‘bearettes’ as they like to be known were unimpressed 😂
  11. Dundee United fans burst the minutes silence at Ibrox, wonder if they’ll get the same attention as the green brigade 🤔 All’s well that ends well for the huns though as they score their first goals since Elizabethan times to finally earn a win!
  12. What you on aboot VA ? Every club in Europe is a member of UEFA including your own 🤪
  13. I’m not interested in what Rangers did, I didn’t mention it, if they did something wrong and got away with it good luck to them. I fail to see however they can punish Celtic for the banners the other night when they deemed the Ajax fans ‘Fenian bastards’ banner acceptable just a couple of years ago?
  14. You’re not following the script. Uncomfortable facts are deniable, convenient facts are facts. Simple!
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