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  1. There were three 4 team groups. Second in those played off rather than qualified automatically. We lucked out as our group runner up was drawn to play the Oceania group winner. The other play-off ended up being Belgium v Netherlands!
  2. If Austria have Sabitzer back for the play-offs they'll be a different proposition to the team we played in September.
  3. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    Hopefully the men enjoy a better night against Ukraine at Hampden than the ladies are currently experiencing.
  4. True but a game against Austria or Wales at Hampden to qualify would have been epic. If we get past Ukraine I'd make us underdogs in the final now.
  5. Very deflated after that final draw. It was all going too well 😕
  6. I thought the first teams out the hat in each section would be playing for a home final, but it seems they do a follow up draw after the teams in each path are decided to see who plays for that privilege. Getting a bit tense 😬
  7. I've never felt scared of Wales before we played them. Trouble is they keep beating us.
  8. Jordan Peterson? My faither will have been all over that! And what kind of name is Mims???
  9. All being well Gilmour should beat Dalglish's record. It's been a longstanding problem for Scotland that our squad cap count is much less than other smaller countries that do well. There's no substitute for experience at this level.
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