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  1. Once again Andy's first serve letting him down.
  2. Absolutely incredible, coming back from two set points down too.
  3. What a competitor, absolutely sensational.
  4. I think it's the most listened to radio programme in Europe! 71 years old, can't go on for ever but he's left them quite a hole to fill.
  5. Nooooooooo! ☹️ Suddenly not so bothered I'm no longer WFH.
  6. You've clearly had a nice sleep and forgotten about last night's game.
  7. TBF they've been trying to do both for over 15 years now, a pretty difficult/ impossible juggling act and the cracks are starting to appear.
  8. Ewan Murray again... "It had seemed inevitable that Lafferty would play a key role in proceedings. This marked the Northern Irishman’s first appearance since the serving of a 10-game ban for a sectarian comment delivered in a nightclub. It represents the irony of ironies, of course, that the Celtic support who berated Lafferty here did so with sectarian language of their own. It is also puzzling that such garbage from the stands week upon week goes without punishment from the very same authorities who brought Lafferty to task. Scottish football does a fine job of pretending to be interested in offensive behaviour."
  9. His left arm is literally touching the ball there. And it has to go right through it to get to the goal. Absolute brain fart from Lafferty to attempt that clearance, but that's the law and it should've been a free kick to Killie.
  10. From IFAB:- it is a handball offence if a player: scores in the opponents’ goal: directly from their hand/arm, even if accidental
  11. Plus Celtic's first was handballed into the net and should've been disallowed.
  12. Both correct decisions, unlike Killie's penalty shout 🤬
  13. Absolutely, Killie would easily take 20k to such a final and Aberdeen would comfortably fill the rest. All conjecture though, need to avoid getting our arses felt this evening...
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