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  1. Saw them at the Merchant City festival a few years back. Remember thinking they were half decent, then being astonished when I noticed the armless drummer. The name escapes me also. Think you might be onto something with the "5" though...
  2. So Labour's Scottish leader seems at odds with their UK leader over this???
  3. No, just the author of his joke book.
  4. Toepoke

    Red card watch

    ...and then the same ref only books Boyata for a foul that looked more of a goalscoring opportunity than Devlin's. (For the record IMO both were yellow cards only).
  5. Honking goal to lose. We've been alright otherwise. Boyata's booking is sure to cause some controversy on the back of Devlin's red card.
  6. Toepoke

    Chas Hodges

    Sad news. A great character, pianist and bass player too.
  7. Toepoke


    McGeady certainly played with Scotland up to about age 15. It was all down to the nonsense over him not being able to play for Scotland schoolboys because he didn't play for a school team.
  8. Bizarre one! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3243886/rangers-kits-strips-shirts-on-sale-ryan-kent-villarreal-hummel/
  9. A quick look at the Wee Red Book shows that both Rangers in 98-99 and Aberdeen in 82-83 had 9 game runs before losing for the first time.
  10. Heard a stat yesterday that the same number of national champions are in the Europa League as the Champions League.
  11. I liked the spoof of Artur Boruc's t-shirt with that photo on it, "God bless the pup".
  12. Absolutely this. Always exercise your right to vote. Many people through history have made the ultimate sacrifice in order for others to gain that right.