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  1. The moon has to be reflecting light to behave that way. If you look at it through a powerful enough telescope you can see the shadows cast by sunlight...
  2. A light source that can do this is an extremely intelligent design...
  3. Toepoke

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Like Peter Crouch?
  4. Fascinating that the red comes from all the sunrises and sunsets happening at that moment on earth being reflected off the moon.
  5. Some good deals on the go at Travelodge Liverpool... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/digger-driver-smashes-hotel-during-15711322
  6. Plenty of great photos have appeared however... Last super blood wolf moon for 18 years.
  7. Never piss off a man with a digger.
  8. I think that was a 1960s record? Absolutely. Most of it was not in the charts though.
  9. Toepoke

    Tennis 2017

    Is Tsitsipas the next superstar of the game?...
  10. Set my alarm for half 5 but it had clouded over Ah well I got an extra hour in ma scratcher...
  11. Anyway I see the lunar eclipse will be at its peak at about 5:15am. Might set the alarm early...
  12. Well it's fairly obvious that it is true by observing the sky throughout the year. It fits the heliocentric model perfectly, unlike any flat earth model I've seen.
  13. That'd be nice. Haven't knocked any incarnation of Rangers out the cup since 1938!
  14. Cracking full moon out there, fingers xd it stays clear.
  15. The draw is certainly Abraham. 5th time in 15 years Killie have drawn Rangers in the last 16 or 32. Pish.