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  1. The definition of "scenes"...
  2. Toepoke


    Makes up a bit for NZ's narrow defeat in the cricket.
  3. The match officials will probably outnumber the Welsh support! They might get the Nomads
  4. What a round from Lowry yesterday! Would be quite something if there's an Irish winner. Hopefully he doesn't suffer a repeat of the 2016 US Open...
  5. Funnily enough I always associate Las Ketchup with winter. First time I heard it I was working in Budapest and it was blaring out while people were wheeching around an outdoor ice rink in Heroes' Square.
  6. Well if Scotland manage to qualify for the Euros it absolutely will be remembered as a great season.
  7. I probably would have too if I hadn't pre-booked my holidays the same week...
  8. Used to love it if we were having a family slideshow and an image of Neil Armstrong on the moon would appear. In those pre VCR days faither decided the best way to record the historic event was to take a photo off the telly at 4am!
  9. 50 years ago this morning... https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/jul/17/greatest-photos-ever-moon-landing-shots-artistic-masterpieces
  10. Well exactly. 7 of the starting 11 have been in Scotland squads, our 2 Irish midfielders have been among the best in the league for the past couple of years. They should have taken care of that mob with ease, disagreements with the new boss or not. But as long as we treat early European rounds as pre season friendlies you're going to get results like this.
  11. Getting an utter bleaching from the Norwegians this evening, can't see it going well against the Dutch on Monday either!
  12. If it's like Tuesday it'll also be on the BBC red button and website.
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