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  1. Shocking call from the ref, never a 2nd yellow there.
  2. Hopefully they qualify through the group then...
  3. For thplinth... https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17910465.salmond-says-support-yes-60-per-cent-now/
  4. Agreed, horrendous disease. He battled it very well, RIP.
  5. Had an extremely swift pint in the Lord Nelson on a Subcrawl recently. Most of the clientele were misty eyed singing along with the above.
  6. As I said it would be doubtful that such an idea would be taken onboard, but football makes the rules. Eg. we had a requirement for a certain number of youth players in a matchday squad not so long ago, or back in the 90s when Italian clubs had a limit of 3 non Italian players in their teams. Anyway under my suggestion you could still have 7 non Scots in your team plus subs, so it wouldn't be that discriminatory.
  7. Yes I'll admit I saw it was an hour long and gave it a miss
  8. Would make a great partnership with Kelly Dalglish.
  9. Slightly different tone from Barroso's interventions before the 2014 vote... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-49690513
  10. Has the Kilmaurs one stopped? Used to be 2 parades every year when I was a nipper. I now live in a "posh" part of Paisley, and I've heard a couple going past the bottom of my street this year.
  11. It's a cultural thing, not necessarily a very progressive culture but a well ingrained one. Most towns and villages in west central Scotland have at least one Orange march a year. For the participants it's a social event that usually culminates in a tea, bev sesh, sash bash, punch up etc.
  12. It's been said before many times the best international teams have 11 captains on the pitch, doesn't matter where they are playing.
  13. Absolutely this. I mentioned on another thread it will take something like the imposition of a ruling requiring all SPFL sides to have a minimum of 4 or 5 Scots in their starting XI for any real difference to be made. And of course the chances of that happening are minimal.
  14. A great article and bang on the money. Handing this cash to the clubs would be a disaster. The SPFL's intent to develop Scottish youth is dubious. Our Premiership clubs and even into the Championship, are able to field teams with little or no Scots in them.
  15. Decent analysis. The concern for me is that similar sized countries like Serbia, Slovakia and Ireland have been performing better despite having domestic resources on a par with or even poorer than us.
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