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  1. The fact it goes further north than Northern Ireland does indeed make that a dreadful misnomer.
  2. Clearly the moderation isn't what it was. Although as it's in the fitba section, I recall Ms Mone on Off The Ball saying that she likes Rangers AND Celtic. Definitely a sign of OFTW.
  3. Yep very disappointing to finish third in a relatively easy group, as top seeds as well. Inability to score when on top in the crunch games proved fatal.
  4. Player of the match and picks up another medal 👍
  5. The power of TikTok. UK song probably has more votes than all entries this century combined!
  6. Robbo misses a sitter to win the FA Cup 😖
  7. Glad I've had a couple of beers to make it through Arbroath v ICT 😱
  8. Utterly disgraceful. Hopefully those responsible are held to account, if they're still alive...
  9. Ha ha that popped up automatically on YouTube when I was pished in front of the telly last weekend. Must've fallen asleep three times during it 🥴
  10. To be fair the BBC sorted that out a while back. ITV on the other hand...
  11. Yep, London has 73 MPs to our 59, which is why it looks bigger than Scotland there.
  12. New Paolo Nutini single, took his time but I think it's worth it 🙂
  13. Following on from the discussion in the 21/22 thread, similar to Rangers this year, my mate always insists Aberdeen sacrificed the title that season for European success. Quite some run of successful finals for Real but I think it may come to an end shortly...
  14. In a few months they could potentially have 2 European trophies but only 1 domestic title in their history, that'd surely some kind of record there...
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