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  1. Aye and you could only list 5 subs and not choose from the whole squad. Dalglish wasn't even on the bench for USSR! Watched West Germany 86 last night. Thought we played well apart from a few moments and were really unlucky. The breaks just seemed to favour the Germans. The open goal McAvennie had when the ball just got knocked away from him was agonising!
  2. I also find it a bit bizarre now watching a game with only 2 subs, pass backs to keepers, and the referees deciding how much time to add on.
  3. Dasayev's save from Jordan's header was brilliant. Good shout for a penalty with the handball also. Chivadze had an absolute howler for our goal too, which I guess kind of evens the score with Hansen and Miller Still a favourite moment from watching Scotland, seeing big Joe's toothless yell after scoring. "YA F**KIN BEAUTY!"
  4. The whole passage of play was a shambles. For some reason McGrain came on for Strachan when we were chasing a goal, Danny went charging up the right wing, collided with Alan Brazil and the ball went out for a USSR throw. They punted it up the park, Miller and Hansen both went to cover the gap left by McGrain and the rest is history. I was also reminded about how frustrating a player Souness could be. Great on the ball, but you would often see him let players sail past him and leave it to others to win it back.
  5. Just skimmed through Holland 78 and USSR 82. Interesting to see the press conferences with the managers at the end. McLeod looked like a man on the edge of a breakdown. Stein was as scunnered as the rest of us were. Don't think I'd watched the Soviet game in 38 years, still as frustrating as it was then. But they were 2 evenly matched teams and a draw was probably the right result.
  6. Plenty of Scotland fans have got time for English players, doesn't mean we're supporting them when they wear the white shirts though.
  7. Their average age was probably close to the squad's.
  8. There was a discussion about that other pitch a while back, I believe it's the playing field at Holyrood Academy. I mind the prefabs too, my uncle used to get parked there for games in the days when car ownership wasn't as extensive!
  9. I think that photo might actually be from 1960, Real training at Rugby Park when over for the European Cup final. Would explain why the kids still look like war refugees. The game in 65 was actually Puskas' last in the European Cup, he was 38 by that point and putting on the beef. Played the Albanian champions Nentori in the preliminary round. The first round proper was actually the last 16. The good old days in Europe!
  10. I think it's the team for the England game in 1968, which for some reason was in February hence the snow. Although according to this Gilzean didn't play maybe he was replaced late on? https://www.11v11.com/matches/scotland-v-england-24-february-1968-230163/
  11. Assistant Archie Knox to the left of Brown, goalkeeping coach Alan Hodgkinson to his right.
  12. An odd thing about the 74 finals is that some of the games used a plain white ball (eg us v Brazil) when the official ball was the black and white panel design.
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