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  1. Interesting to see how this develops... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9484141/FIVE-Premier-League-teams-sign-European-Super-League-snub-UEFA.html
  2. Must be a Canadian thing, all my rellies over there are mad for the royals.
  3. Ian Foote didn't have a large French fan club either... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/thierry-roland-football-commentator-known-his-faux-pas-7880380.html
  4. Both good news stories for the TA?
  5. Yep, Sunday Mail team of the season 74/75. Unsure if Mr Foote was the ref of the year or the 4th Rangers player
  6. Looks like it... Btw I think the original photo must be earlier than 1977. Andy Gray signed for Villa in 1975.
  7. Tom Harris still seething at losing his seat more like.
  8. Personally I'm happy to have been vaccinated. This is a particularly horrible illness that I'd rather not have even a mild case of, given the apparent long term health impact on many people. If being vaccinated also reduces the possibility of me passing the virus on then I'm also willing to have taken the risk of any side effects from the Covid jag.
  9. Only 30 guests but live on 30 channels. Surely puts paid to any suggestion Rangers are "the Queen's XI"? Arranging her husband's funeral to clash with an Old Firm game at Ibrox, she clearly doesn't give a monkey's about them.
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