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  1. Years since I watched an episode of Monty Python but I remember them being a couple of minutes hilarity and 28 minutes of total silence. The spin off programmes were better (Fawlty Towers, Ripping Yarns, Rutland Weekend Television). The Python films are classics though. Anyway RIP Terry, always found him interesting to listen to, a shame how his days ended.
  2. What a life indeed. RIP Bobby. It was certainly bizarre that until this week there was a Scotland manager from the 1960s still alive. In comparison the oldest England manager still with us is from 1994.
  3. Watching Question Time last night it was interesting to see when Fiona Bruce asked the audience for a show of hands if they thought Harry and Meghan had done the wrong thing. Not one hand went up.
  4. Terrifying watching the video of the missile hitting the Ukrainian 737. Dozens of families left bereaved thanks to Trump's shit stirring.
  5. I think the 2010s were a great decade for the Scottish Cup. Decent spread of winners, some classic semis and finals especially, even in the last couple of years with Celtic dominating the finals were good games (apart from the Motherwell one). Just a pity my own team are absolutely rank rotten in the competition.
  6. Is correct. Nice record for the town of Blackburn to share though.
  7. Another bit of triv, Blackburn Olympic won the FA Cup in 1883 followed by 3 wins for Blackburn Rovers. 4 wins in a row from the same place has only happened one other time...
  8. Correct. Queen's Park reached 2 finals, losing both to Blackburn Rovers.
  9. Definitely Bremner, Giles and Yorath played together as international captains, not sure about an England captain. Trevor Cherry skippered them but later on...
  10. Classic trivia there. Another one, what was unusual about the finals in 1884 and 85?
  11. Aye Thursday night after Top Of The Pops, happened three years in a row.
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