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  1. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    Will be there with the girls. Possibly not the most risky prediction to suggest they may score more than the men did v the Faroes.
  2. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    Full time 0-2, should have been much more emphatic but a winning start for Pedro.
  3. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    1 up at the break, should be further ahead though. Hopefully we don't come to regret that. They're playing in the new MTK stadium which replaced the ground used in Escape To Victory.
  4. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    The road to World Cup 23 begins tonight in Budapest...
  5. They are pretty much the same as in 1903, just with seats and a roof. The vast majority of cash spent in the 1990s upgrade was on the South Stand.
  6. Great photo here from 1904 showing how Hampden was an out of town stadium when it was new. Clincart farmhouse in the foreground with terraces of Hampden built on the fields behind it. The recently constructed tenements on Somerville Drive are in the background too. The farmhouse went on to become part of the pavilion at Lesser Hampden...
  7. Medvedev gubs Djokovic in straight sets! No calendar slam for Novak.
  8. Understandable that Raducanu's achievement takes centre stage but also yesterday Gordon Reid along with Alfie Hewett completed the first "calendar slam" in wheelchair doubles...
  9. RIP
  10. Must be the most unexpected win from out of nowhere since Becker won Wimbledon.
  11. These stats are unreal...
  12. Very weird with the electronic line calls too. Sensational performance, the first of many slams for her I'd say.
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