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  1. It's a fairly irrelevant question now that a win guarantees qualification in 3rd with the added bonus of a potential game at Hampden.
  2. Typically 92 was the only emphatic victory, when it didn't matter. Hopefully it's repeated tonight 🤞
  3. Doctor on Radio Scotland this morning saying the fact this hasn't resulted in a bigger outbreak shows that the squad have been doing a good job of following the guidelines. He said Billy could've caught it from something innocuous like a drinking glass. Pure bad luck
  4. Another night on front of the telly for our biggest game of the century so far. Bit of a scunner but at least I'll have a few beers to get me through it 🍺
  5. 1954 and 58 too. In 54 we had to beat Uruguay to force a play-off (no goal difference in those days). Lost 7-0 1958, had to beat France to get a play-off with Paraguay, lost 2-1.
  6. Tonight's games could take Group B out the equation too. Hampden now most likely IMO.
  7. Belgium win tonight and any winning score will do v Croatia. Increased chances of next game at Hampden too 👍
  8. This is like watching South Korea v Uruguay 1990!
  9. 'mon Danny, keep em out for the Killieboys 🇦🇹
  10. 'ere you go... Basically if there's a 3rd place qualifier from groups E and F along with us we'll be at Hampden.
  11. The way our luck is going today Austria will score twice in injury time to equalise 😕
  12. I was a wee bit worried the Croatia game might have come too soon after Billy's efforts on Friday. Not going to matter now anyway 😕
  13. They forced a team to play on minutes after one of them almost died. They will give zero f**ks.
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