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  1. Gordo would certainly pull in a few more votes than Leonard, mainly from the Tories though.
  2. Empty supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland... https://www.politico.eu/article/supermarket-pleas-mount-as-brexit-leaves-ni-shelves-bare/ Meanwhile... https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/ireland-awarded-over-1bn-from-eu-fund-to-offset-brexit-impact-1.4456771?mode=amp
  3. I've been taking 25ug vitamin D pills since the summer after reading a report from Hong Kong about the huge difference in survivability between Covid patients depending on the level of vitamin D in their bodies. They do say it's the one vitamin that's almost impossible to get via your diet, so therefore the best supplement to take. Especially somewhere like Scotland with so little sunlight most of the year.
  4. The precedent's been set, they could play it after the summer. Wouldn't mind it if we get an away trip to Peterheid.
  5. Ties will clearly not be getting played on 30th January...
  6. It's never been a union of equals, apart from the colours on the flag. Even in the first united parliament after 1707, Scotland only received 45 MPs from a total of over 550.
  7. Well it's wrong to say Scotland is a sovereign country for one thing.
  8. Covid deniers in George Square yesterday. Meanwhile I'm hearing a third member of staff at Tescos in Greenock has died in the outbreak there 😕
  9. The Mail unsurprisingly politicising immunisation (hopefully it's far from the truth though).
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