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  1. The lady's not for turning...
  2. Born in 1940 according to Wikipedia.
  3. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    Just like Julie Fleeting, Rose Reilly etc. I know from experience Ayrshire wummin are not to be messed with right enough.
  4. Toepoke

    The Weemin

    They did really well, I was fearing the worst after the first half but they gave as good as they got after the interval. Shelley Kerr seems like a shrewd tactician, she could probably do a job in the mens game.
  5. Bojo reckons this deal will make the UK a vassal state. We know the feeling bud...
  6. Mentioned in the movies thread, but seems appropriate here. A must watch IMO (only available til the weekend)... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0brzkzx/they-shall-not-grow-old
  7. There was much to be taken from it. The hopelessness of war, the dangers of blind obedience, the fact that your enemy is a potential friend with a different leader. I just kept thinking of what my grandpa and his comrades must've been witnessing. The fact that the film was so realistically enhanced made that sensation all the more clear.
  8. They Shall Not Grow Old was utterly mesmerising. Good that every secondary school in the UK is being shown it as I'd say it's educationally essential.
  9. Jings. Tam Dalyell will be spinning!
  10. We voted for it, can't complain (especially if you were No).
  11. Toepoke

    Outlaw King

    A 2 part trilogy? That would indeed be groundbreaking stuff.
  12. As their records go, agreed. Although they always looked like a great live act.
  13. Most offensive thing for me is the poppy stuck to his pockies.