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  1. Callum McGregor said after the game today he's now looking forward to his holidays.
  2. Rangers must be fancying their title chances next season now? Are any Celtic fans happy with this appointment? Certainly none I've spoken too are jumping through the hoops...
  3. Seeing the replay it's a certain penalty. Keeper was insane.
  4. Hearing his recovery from the accident discussed on the radio there. Puts the talk about Tiger Woods at the Masters being the greatest sporting comeback into perspective!
  5. The favourite never wins a Tory leadership race, a fairly safe bet he won't be then.
  6. As told by my old man at the time:- The hare was so confident of beating the tortoise he volunteered to race blindfolded. As they lined up at the start the hare asked to feel his opponent's face just to check it wasn't a ringer. Grabbing the tortoise's head in his paws he went...."His skin is rough and leathery..... he has no eyebrows or ears....I'm not racing him.....he's Niki Lauda!"
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