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  1. It's footage more than a picture isn't it? Yeah looking back it was 24 hours after he was pictured in central park with Epstein and also Epstin by then had been convicted. Looks like press were hanging around filming all day as they also got Epsteing leaving with another young girl an hour before.
  2. I've no idea I just have the raw numbers to look at, I've no idea what the best practices are for management of something like this, just what pops up in my head with the limited knowledge i have. I'd also be more cautious but then I don't have a business and i'm an unpaid carer so hardly losing out in a fortune in wages etc. So easy for me to be cautious as nothing on the line. It's really starting to ramp up now world wide, one of my smart friends (geneticist) reckons it wont ever go away will have to keep innoculating against it as it mutates... Shouldn't have phone the cant!
  3. I mind Parklife got 3 days in the clink for calling him "Mr Scotland" the vitriol was insane... How he survived that i'll never know.
  4. I don't understand why Spain is quarantine when France is not, it's using the past and not projections of the future to make policy. It's a moving target you throw where it's goingto be not where it is. Last i looked France 7 day average was 3 times higher than Spains and projected to be a lot higher too. I'd not be travelling anywhere it's irresponsible as i said a few pages back this is just the beginning.
  5. a million new cases in 5 days world wide.
  6. I thought Dave made the joke cause the references with "Cultural Marxism" outwith Jordan Peterson the aforementioned are/were the two most vocal sources to it's danger i know about. Shows what I know.
  7. As someone who has never really contemplated buying a house it's irrelevant to me. Thousands of pounds is a lot of money though would defo factor into decision making.
  8. I've been wearing a maskfor ages now, and that's as someone who used to think they were basically pointless. The evidence they aren't keeps getting stronger and stronger though especially for Covid due to how it transmits in droplets.
  9. Actually reading more and more it's becoming increasingly unlikely , just the way the original data was presented gave more of an impression it was plausible.
  10. Not sure how true this is as it's literally a shit tonne of info to try and process but very weird.
  11. I just had "You've said that you won't lift quarantine restrictions on people travelling from Spain. Does that include the Canary Islands and Ibiza?" to go on I never watch the daily briefing i just read the source material. Seems enough ambiguity between mainland Spain and Spanish territory for it to seem reasonable when read. you have places like Melilla which is Spanish but attached to Morocco. However it's not a surprise if it was just a spurious question. I'd have used Melilla as the trip up point personally.
  12. To be fair that's a decent clarifying question for loads of folk won't know if Canary Islands are Spanish etc.
  13. This isn't going to go away. The majority of folk i see still aren't wearing masks of any sort. It's looking less likely there is any sort of long term immunity. This isn't the beginning of the end.
  14. That's fucking horrific. Lets hope the murderers can be identified.
  15. She said in an interview Monday that she thought she was sending a private message, but the comment was shared publicly on Facebook. โ€œThis was an error on my part,โ€ she said.
  16. Was going to say "biggest cunt in politics" is perhaps the deepest talent pool in human competition history.
  17. Cheers. Nutrition is key to weightloss i've found. Can't out exercise a bad diet unless you're doing an olympians work load and i'm far from that!! I've lost 114lbs as of this morning. I was 316 lb's last July when i booked up to go to Kenya and decided i had to sort stuff out or i would end up having vultures following me around all safari. ๐Ÿ˜› It was pishing down so much the car park had huge puddles i just had to run through so a treadmill in a gym would have been welcome for me! I agree with the analogy though, also so many folk just sitting staring at their phones!
  18. I have been on a diet for 10 months and did loads of walking in the last 10 months so i think that built up some sort of aerobic fitness, now i'm a lot lighter so can up the speed to a trot. It's surreal cause i can mind my first c25k session( 16th May) it was jog 60 secs walk 90 and do it 8 times and after it i was dreading the 2nd week as had to run for 90 seconds lol. I did the 10k in 62 mins 21 seconds and counting my warm-up and warm-down ran for 73 mins 13 seconds. I'd have broken down greeting being told i'd have to run for that long 7 weeks ago. I'm using a Garmin watch and using their work out plan, it had me doing these things called "strides" 8x20 second effort with 45 second break inbetween on wednesday. I thought to myself yes basically a day off, ran the strides as all out sprints about killed myself and my legs are still feeling it. Turns out just meant to run at a higher cadence , really feeling ym age on those ones. Yeah folk look at me funny when they realise i just run laps of a carpark, i just use social distancing as an excuse, I just prefer, sometimes if it's dry i might add in a lap of the fitba fields at the side, but i leave them for the dog walkers normally.
  19. I started couch to 5k 50 days ago and today ran my first 10k. I run round the carpark at the sports centre it's just over 400M a lap and that way I don't see anyone as it's shut down atm. I have a dread of it taking ages to get past walkers cause i run so slow! So i just trundle round lap after lap in my own wee world.
  20. Got to love when folk's partisanships so bitter the sexual abuse of children is nothing more than a tool to point score with. Wild shit.
  21. I'm going to get the last word so you pair might as well stop trying to get it. Not answering questions in a debate disqualifies you from partcipating in said debate in my opinion as well. You have zero credibility when refusing to answer.
  22. I'm just back from a run, it's still warm enough that the rain is a pleasant cooldown.
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