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  • Welcome to the Tartan Army Message Board.

    This is the Tartan Army Message Board – the TAMB.

    For many years, the TAMB has been a place for Scotland fans to exchange views, information and travel advice. As well as performing these serious functions, this message board should also be a pleasant, provocative and amusing place to visit. As all Scotland fans know, having a sense of humour is an essential requirement when you follow Scotland, and it’s important that you bring your sense of humour with you when you log on to this board.

    The TAMB is actively moderated. It’s not compulsory to like all your fellow posters, and it’s perfectly acceptable to argue, but please refrain from personal attacks and abuse. The board’s moderators are unpaid volunteers who love Scotland and are prepared to donate their free time and peace of mind to protect this message board for all Scotland fans and guests. They are also fallible. If you think that you have been unfairly treated by a moderator, please remember that they are doing the best they can for the reputation and smooth running of the board. Good moderation helps to maintain a good message board, but it’s the posters that make it great.

    If you have just registered, you can expect to wait between 24 and 48 hours before you will be able to post. You will not be able to start a new topic until you have been on the board for five days.

    The Golden Rules

    1. The moderators' decisions are final.
    2. Respect your fellow board members, even when they don't deserve it.
    3. Abusive language and / or threats directed at fellow board members will not be tolerated.
    4. Racism, bigotry and libellous comments are not permitted and are liable to be deleted at the discretion of the board administrators. Perpetrators will be dealt with.
    5. Posting of, or links to, porn or offensive material (or what is deemed offensive by the moderators) will not be permitted.
    6. Threads should be kept relevant to the business of each forum; those which become irrelevant are liable to be locked at moderators’ discretion.
    7. Topics posted in the wrong forum will be locked. It will be up to the poster to resubmit to the correct forum. This is not the job of the moderators.
    8. Trolling and other forms of inflammatory posting will not be tolerated.
    9. Multiple IDs are not allowed - posters found to have more than one ID are liable to be banned.
    10. Repeated bumping of inert topics back to the top will result in the thread being locked.
    11. Using the TAMB for commercial ends is not allowed unless this has been discussed with the moderator team.
    12. Complaint threads are dull to read – especially for those not involved. This also covers discussion regarding bans/edits/deletions. “Bring back” or “Free…” threads will be locked at moderators’ discretion. Any discussions of moderator decisions should be done off-board by PM.
    13. PMs to other posters or board moderators are private. Posting their contents publicly without the consent of the relevant parties will not be tolerated.
    14. In the event of any doubt, refer to Rule 1.

    Anyone deemed to breach the above rules and guidelines can expect a cooling-off suspension, or a full ban from future posting. Bans are seen as a last resort, but will be used when necessary to preserve the reputation of this board and the reputation of the wider Tartan Army.

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