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  1. There are other far less disingenuous examples too. The whole scheme is a disaster that wreaked havoc in many ways and more so by it now being totally curtailed/cancelled. To cap it all Sunak today had the nerve to make more promises and claimed his party is the only one that can be trusted. Utterly deluded.
  2. I leave on Tuesday evening so should be fine as should arrive maybe Friday or Saturday.
  3. What a f***ing mess..... 2030 World Cup: Tournament to be held across six countries in three continents -
  4. People like these have had their lives ruined by HS2 and now it isn't happening:- BBC News - Man forced to sell home for HS2 has 'lost everything'
  5. Nisbet is fit. He played last Saturday for Millwall.
  6. Also no mention of him in the Scottish players section too.
  7. The thing is, even if we qualify during this double header, we cannot go tinkering with the side and risk a drop-off in results as it will affect our seeding and in return deal us a tougher draw.
  8. No major surprises. Tierney out Taylor in and Cooper returns as does Jacob Brown. At least the Elliott Anderson matter seems to have been put to bed.
  9. I agree but we do not pick the squads. A fair few fans were against Ryan Porteous call-up but that has worked in our favour. Point being that Clarke has made unpopular decisions with some fans - some work some maybe not.
  10. Wherever it is on the original planned route hundreds have been kicked off their land and I know construction work has begin in London and just north of London into the Cotswalds. In any case those forced to sell up will not get their land back even if construction has not begun yet.
  11. The big issue being overlooked too are the hundreds of families kicked off their land to make way for HS2 and houses bulldozed - and now it isn't happening. Utterly disgraceful especially when you consider how hard those people fought against this.
  12. Okay he is no Kieran Tierney but who is? And to be fair to him he hasn't let us down when called upon. Plus I am putting myself in Clarke's mindset here and think that is what he will do. Lets face it we need a left-back as back-up to Andy Robertson and Greg Taylor (now that Doig in in the U-21 squad) is the prime candidate.
  13. I will sit tight just now. You'd be buying tickets blindly for fixtures you don't know the make-up of yet and you probably have a 1 in 10 chance of you buying a ticket and Scotland end up playing in that match.
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