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  1. Yes that could certainly be said. However, No voters last time need to be convinced to vote Yes and since Scotland voted to remain in Europe I can see why SNP are making EU membership an issue.
  2. We have been over this before. Given that the majority of Scotland voted to remain in Europe it would be lunacy by the SNP to try to start alienating the majority by softening their stance on EU membership. Sure they need to appeal to everybody but at the end of the day Scots (and other nationalities living here) really need to remember another indyref is about getting the golden goal......independence. Solidarity on that is key. Independence first and take it from there.
  3. Desperate yoons are now trying to play this one up. Really odd given that in 2014 they were using the EU membership as a bargaining chip as a reason to vote No. Only independent countries can decide to wage a phoney war on a Middle East country as UK did under Tony Blair. Only an independent country in the EU could say no to taking on the Euro and not have it forced upon them. And UK is so independent it is even choosing to leave the EU. Very odd. A non-independent country would be told you are not leaving. End of. Hard lines Yoons you really must try harder.
  4. I have no doubt errors were made on both sides. Brexiteers not thinking of all scenarios and Remainers perhaps being far too cock-sure that Remain would win and so prepared a weak case due to over-confidence. Personally, I am ambivalent about the EU issue. I can see reasons for being in it and reasons for not but either way independence has to be achieved first before Scotland can make those sort of decisions. For leaving the EU sure you can do your own trade deals and hold more control over all issues but on the other side of the coin there is much to lose such as use of services supplied by the EU and EU partners.
  5. Of course they will be able to. The Irish Border is a very complex matter and one that was always going to shape what sort of Brexit there would be. It really beggars belief that those driving the Brexit bus never once addressed it until way after Leave had won.
  6. A No Deal Brexit was never an option - let's be honest. And Brexiteers failed to address or even think about the most pivotal reason for why this was the case. Brexiteers never once mentioned what would happen in this idyllic No deal Brexit world of theirs to the Irish Border. The Irish Border issue was only ever going to remain as is to protect the Good Friday Agreement meaning a hard border was not an option and for a No Deal Brexit to happen it can only do so with a hard border going up in Ireland. And so that is where everything unravels. As if a soft border was to remain then some sort of trade deals or other solution tying the UK to the EU is necessary. Brexit No Deal - the great white lie.
  7. No sympathy whatsoever from me. She is a cold, heartless being. Her tears were for herself but never saw her shed tears for those that died due to Tory incompetence at Grenfell or showed any sorrow for her big part in Project Windrush when she let a junior colleague take the flak and lose her job whilst she got off scot free given that she was foreign secretary at the time chucking people here legally out of the country.
  8. The mind-blowing thing is the Tories seem to look up to a friggin' clown (Boris Johnson) as if he is some sort of god when he is a useless moron. Made a total arse of it as Foreign Secretary and just looks like a total clown as well.
  9. Is there any competent and viable options in the Tory party though? They have always been a nasty party and that will not change.
  10. Reasons of British pride? During the Second Boer War (1899-1902), the British rounded up around a sixth of the Boer population - mainly women and children - and detained them in camps, which were overcrowded and prone to outbreaks of disease, with scant food rations. Of the 107,000 people interned in the camps, 27,927 Boers died, along with an unknown number of black Africans. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When peaceful protesters defied a government order and demonstrated against British colonial rule in Amritsar, India, on 13 April 1919, they were blocked inside the walled Jallianwala Gardens and fired upon by Gurkha soldiers. The soldiers, under the orders of Brigadier Reginald Dyer, kept firing until they ran out of ammunition, killing between 379 and 1,000 protesters and injuring another 1,100 within 10 minutes. Brigadier Dyer was later lauded a hero by the British public, who raised £26,000 for him as a thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 1947, Cyril Radcliffe was tasked with drawing the border between India and the newly created state of Pakistan over the course of a single lunch. After Cyril Radcliffe split the subcontinent along religious lines, uprooting over 10 million people, Hindus in Pakistan and Muslims in India were forced to escape their homes as the situation quickly descended into violence. Some estimates suggest up to one million people lost their lives in sectarian killings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thousands of elderly Kenyans, who claim British colonial forces mistreated, raped and tortured them during the Mau Mau Uprising (1951-1960), have launched a £200m damages claim against the UK Government. Members of the Kikuyu tribe were detained in camps, since described as "Britain's gulags" or concentration camps, where they allege they were systematically tortured and suffered serious sexual assault. Estimates of the deaths vary widely: historian David Anderson estimates there were 20,000, whereas Caroline Elkins believes up to 100,000 could have died. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Between 12 and 29 million Indians died of starvation while it was under the control of the British Empire, as millions of tons of wheat were exported to Britain as famine raged in India. In 1943, up to four million Bengalis starved to death when Winston Churchill diverted food to British soldiers and countries such as Greece while a deadly famine swept through Bengal. Talking about the Bengal famine in 1943, Churchill said: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.”
  11. At the end of the day what will Brexit bring? Realistically I mean. In the current guise the UK will NOT be able to make trade deals elsewhere if May's Deal goes through. And No Deal Brexit will see the UK without a major trade deal so will be starting from scratch. Lots are banking on some sort of super deal with Trump. He is smart though. He'll know the deperation of the UK not part of the EU. He'll barter tough knowing desperation will have the UK take any deal to fill the chasm left by leaving EU. Also what with the Huawei situation you can kind of rule China out of potential trade deals.In short the UK will be playing with the weakest hand possible. That deal is not going to happen overnight either. Prices are certain to rise for produce that comes from the EU that cannot be denied. People have said to me that the UK can just get their fruit from further afield - eh yes fruit travels well over days - not. Will immigrants be stopped getting into the country on the strength of a signed piece of paper - I do not think so. Tougher borders? They may be but certainly not in Ireland so there is a flaw already there. What happens to the various services the UK uses within the EU such as ESA satellite systems? From what I have heard they will lose the use of them or incur great costs to go on using them. Police co-operation with such forces as Interpol will be under threat too. What can the UK do better by being on its own? If we were talking 50 or 60 years ago I'd be far more confident given that the UK had its own thriving car industry, motorbike industry, electronics industry, coal industry and ship-building industry but they have all gone now and we rely on other countries to supply us in those areas.
  12. Sorry but that old chestnut has been done to death about being in the EU is not independence. The UK was in the EU when it made all choices of an independent country. First it chose to wage a war in the Middle East based on a catalogue of lies where hundreds of thousands of people were killed as a result. Second it opted not to join the Euro as its currency. Thirdly, is it not now leaving (or trying to) the EU? All choices that Scotland in it's current guise cannot make. Independence is the goal to being self-governing. For being able to choose which path to take in this world and not being led blindly down a road in shackles.
  13. Well the talk now is you may end up with a split in the mobile market where certain mobiles only work in certain countries. The US market and beyond sticking with Android powered devices using mainly US components but will not work properly in the Far East and Huawei and other Chinese companies producing their own innards which will only work on their networks and OS.
  14. Personally, I think this is the US trying to protect Apple. They can see this growing threat from Huawei to Apple and so have tried scuppering it. First by banning them from sale in the US and now forcing Google to cut their services to Huawei masquerading it as Huawei products being spyware for the Chinese government. Spyware is on every phone in one way or another not just Huawei.
  15. That counts for nothing though as we saw with Berti Vogts.
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