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  1. Absolutely spot on but unionists are desperately trying to cloud the issue here. Remember that the current SNP debacle is absolutely nothing compared to, say Tony Blair leading the country to war based on lies yet we never had the integrity of Westminster called into question.
  2. You will get no argument from me there.
  3. Sad to see Gilmour not even on the bench for Chelsea today.
  4. All evidence Salmond has he was openly offering it to the hearing to look at by envoking the Scotland Act. It is the law that is hindering things here. It all needs outed NOW or else this definitely will not end on Wednesday. Let all evidence bee seen and then there can be no more 'oh but what about this' and 'what about that' cropping up if some evidence is blocked.
  5. Well it could have all been stopped in its tracks before it got started. Mediation (at least one of the complainants would have accepted that) but the Government never offered it, And then when the case was clearly destined for embarrassing failure it could have all been ended with dropped charges but for some unfathomable reason the SG ploughed on regardless taking it to court and so eventually leading to this hearing. Salmond, of course, shoulders blame to for having roaming hands and starting the ball rolling but the SG had it within their powers to deal with this far better
  6. I said the same thing following Salmond's appearance at the hearing. We cannot afford for this to rumble on. Get all evidence in and then no questions can remain unanswered.
  7. I was impressed by his case the other day but sorry I totally disagree. The polls for independence moved into the positive territory which it never got to under Salmond's leadership. And I am certain many women would be put off voting Yes with his involvement - it is unavoidable. And then what a field day the unionists would have too. Free ammo.
  8. Well I'd personally feel better if it was the blip over the current hearing and once it is water under the bridge support for Yes will rise again. Conversely, in any case, another Scottish Election poll was released yesterday and still had the SNP to get 52% of the vote share - surely that indicates still a strong body of support for independence given that everybody knows what the SNP is standing for in May.
  9. Well the point stands. No being ahead by a point 18 months ago would have been seen by unionists as disastrous.
  10. It is a case of how the mighty have fallen. Listening on social media and TV the yoons are acting as if they've won the World Cup with the news of a Daily Mail poll suggesting independence is now at a 50-50 split. Yet they never felt the need to refer to polls or totally dissed the previous 22 showing Yes ahead.
  11. Apologies Sarwar - you know him? The new Scottish Labour leader who spends Sunday morning on TV spouting utter shite.
  12. Hold on a minute. I am not political expert but where within the Labour party does it state a lasting devotion to support the union come what may? Also Anwar (when on TV a couple of Sundays ago) began his canvassing saying he wanted to make Scottish Labour more appealing to Scottish voters. He was then asked did that mean they'd look to change their stance on another independence referendum? He replied that no he would not be changing that stance and used a Westminster-esque terminology in why not as in he felt 2014 dealt with that and he did not believe in a second referendum. So basical
  13. Well until they wake up and smell the coffee - in realising that around half the population wants independence and alter their stance on that front they (at the very best) will remain scrambling for crumbs in the form of seats in Scotland. They either conform or die. At present they are choosing death.
  14. Of course but on the other side of the coin..... We are here because of failings in the Scottish Government's handling of the allegations. Question to be answered being why the sudden haphazard change to harassment policy expunging ex-First Minsters who were covered by the 2010 policy. Why mediation was not offered as Salmond states one of complainants said it was not offered to her? Where the leak came from about the case? Why, when all evidence showed the case held little water and was set to fail that the SG did not retract the case before it got to court avoiding this shit storm? Why
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