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  1. Easy to say. However, he probably felt he made the wrong decision watching us at the Euros but was it really a choice? I don't think it was. Scotland never came calling, he wanted international football and used his Australian connections to play for them.
  2. Again, if I were English, I'd be very concerned how often teams of the calibre of USA and Iran have picked apart their defence. Those teams did not have the quality in attack that the likes of France, Belgium, Spain and Brazil have. England will get to the quarters I reckon then get found out by the first top notch side they face. We saw in the Nations League how easily the top teams expose that defence.
  3. The sad thing I garner reading messages here is that the independence movement has good numbers but not dedicated enough to votingvYes. On the other side of the coin the No side is far more steadfast and dug in to vote No regardless of whatever shit Westminster deals them.
  4. Well as I remember that time posters on here were yelling for more. There were calls for extreme measures such as UDI so cannot see what posters here really wanted? Too little action and the SG was lambasted and asking for a referendum was wrong too.
  5. Iran had a whole different mindset in that match though. Negatively set out to play for a draw and they paid the price - not helped either by losing their keeper early on. They are a long way behind your big hitting nations yet still scored twice against England. The undoing of England here will be their defence.
  6. Iran fully deserved that - nobody can argue with that. Wales never got a look-in. Surprised by how dominant Iran were. It could have been five. Wales getting a first glimpse of life after Bale maybe? He was ineffectual almost anonymous well I am sure his international career will end after this World Cup.
  7. I am thinking you are confused and you are speaking about after the Brexit vote as there was certainly no banging of the drum after 2014 result. All that happened was Salmond resigned and there was a fair few months of upheaval so no time for any drum beating. That started after the Brexit result - as it should have.
  8. I agree. The Tories are itching to clip the SG's wings even more on previously devolved matters.
  9. Agreed on all points. He sort of comes across as a mini-Ronaldo - its all me me me. Brazil certainly looked a better team without him - a different team even. But will the coach have the balls not to play him? I don't think so somehow.
  10. Did you have to dig in the bin for your betting slip given that 3-2 looked impossible after a sterile first half ended 0-0 in Portugal match?
  11. I think some digging should be done into the Act written up for devolution. The Supreme Court mentioned that in its reasoning for its decision stating in that it states any decision on independence was reserved to Westminster. Just how much input into that and its wording was created by anyone other than a unionist. How much input did a pro-independence party, group or even person had a say in this. I would say none. Yet it is legally binding today in a far different political landscape. It needs updating to account for this surely but realise it will never be agreed to by those that chain us in this union.
  12. No I see it as purely confrontational. Organise (if there is the will and spirit) to hold their own marches on their own dates. Do not hang around the roadside of a planned and official march looking to bait people.
  13. The yoons always try holding a token gesture demonstration at independence marches. Standing by roadside in cluster in UJ regalia with a megaphone.
  14. You see that is just the wrong mindset. The end goal is Scottish Independence - the end of 300+ years of living under Westminster rule. The opportunity of self-governance. The opportunity to choose our own path in this world. The opportunity to choose our own government that makes ALL the decisions. I'd bet a bottom dollar you stand far more chance of ousting the SNP if we gain independence than if we remain in this union. Now IF the next election is defacto referendum then I am sure each party will make it clear which side they are on. If you so wish you vote Alba or Scottish Greens or the SSP. It is still a vote for the cause.
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