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  1. I still think to a General Election from around a decade ago when Scottish Labour were almost wiped out in Scotland. On the live TV coverage Ken Livingstone hit the nail on the head saying Scottish Labour had to cut all ties with the Westminster branch to gain some form of traction and trust.
  2. Well I would say that should definitely rule Brown out. Such an operation will surely rule him out until late April at least. On top of that its not like he is guaranteed to walk into the Luton side or that his form for us has made him a must select if fit regardless of club form. That should mean sure inclusion of Lawrence Shankland but do not see where Ryan Fraser fits in given that Ryan Christie has occupied a striker slot in our squads for so long now. The hope for Fraser would be that Christie is named as a midfielder (where he has played consistently for Bournemouth) freeing up that striker slot for him.
  3. Or the only alternative in this decrepit union is more Tory sleaze. Depressing thought.
  4. McKenna starts for FC Cooenhagen today in a league game.
  5. For me it is not as vital if results are still coming despite the odd poor performance by one or two players. The need for change comes when results in key matches dry up.
  6. If Tierney is not fit then no point in playing the left-side pivot as we are much less effective. I would prefer to go to a back four with Robertson L/B and Hickey or Patterson R/B. And perhaps play a defensive midfielder in front of back four.
  7. And remember he has been in a largely winning Scotland side. If we had suffered losses in key matches and squad confidence was low then by all means look elsewhere but it isn't.
  8. One thing is sure that Lawrence Shankland, on club and international form, should be way ahead of Jacob Brown in the pecking order. Clarke is leaving himself open to heavy criticism if he perseveres with Brown over Shankland.
  9. Just to add I am not downplaying the importance of club form as an in-form player at club level usually brings lots of confidence into an international squad which is important. But does that guarantee a top performance for us? That depends on the individuals adaptability to international football in my opinion.
  10. What should more stock be put in? International form or club form when selecting our squads/teams? I, personally, put more stock in international form as that is the level that matters most if you are a Scotland form. We have players in the squad and first team regulars for us who may not always be in club form or getting regular club football but they can still be relied upon to deliver for us at key times. I noted comments saying Che Adams should be in the side over Lyndon Dykes for his club form. The thing is that has often been the case for Adams in club football form over Dykes. However, Dykes is the more prolific striker for Scotland and look at his key contribution in Oslo last summer. Another case is Craig Gordon but admittedly age may also play a part here. Gordon is perhaps one of our top five goalkeepers of all-time but because he is being kept out of the Hearts side by Zander Clark some feel that reason enough to select Clark above Gordon.. For Scotland Clark has looked very ropey and personally I'd feel far more comfortable with Gordon between the sticks for us but for others Clark getting first team football above Gordon (combined with age) makes Clark a better option for some. Not me. Also if we look back through the years there have been Scotland internationals who were highly-rated on club form yet for Scotland they were a pale shadow of themselves. I am thinking of the likes of Charlie Adam, Ollie McBurnie, Brian McClair, Charlie Nicholas and am sure there are plenty more. Clearly, well it is to me, some players are far more comfortable at international level and can raise their game when called upon and those players are important to us. For me club form is important to force your way into the squad but its more important what you do when there after all it is only Scotland's results that matter so international form/displays are more important to me. I know that will be an opinion that differs greatly from others but feel free to counter my argument.
  11. Reading the report I feel it may be erroneous perhaps mixing comments up from when he first got the injury as the report does say he has had a 'minor setback'. Being out until towards the end of the season would be more than a minor setback.
  12. This update was posted hours ago and it does not sound good as Frank says he hopes to see him again this season.
  13. I agree. Most likely be in Warsaw.
  14. Fixtures are out:- Thursday 5th September 2024: SCOTLAND V Poland 7.45 pm Sunday 8th September 2024: Portugal V SCOTLAND 7.45 pm Saturday 12th October 2024: Croatia V SCOTLAND 6.00 pm Tuesday 15th October 2024: SCOTLAND V Portugal 7.45 pm Friday 15th November 2024: SCOTLAND V Croatia 7.45 pm Monday 18th November 2024: Poland V SCOTLAND 7.45 pm
  15. Plus the unionist media will take his accusation, however ridiculous, as gospel.
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