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  1. It will burn more brightly as long as incidents like these go on. Remember that a heck of a lot of English people live in Scotland permanently and will have a vote in any future IndyRef. We should be looking to minimize these incidents and stop giving ammo for free to those opposed to independence.
  2. No but what it does is just refuel the fire that all SNP/Independent backers are anti-English.
  3. It is the bigger picture this will be used in though - all independence backers are anti-English.
  4. I don't follow you. The media are only looking for how they can use this news and you just need to look at the BBC's actually giving credence to Oliver Mundell's comments. They don't give a flying fig about what the protesters are protesting against. They are more intent on twisting this into an SNP-/Independence is anti-English-bad.
  5. The British union-obsessed media are not going to pass up such a chance to make this look like a purely anti-English protest which in turn fires up any swaying voters who were No voters but may be thinking otherwise.
  6. Sadly, twats will be twats. That is what those folk have been and if they truly do support independence then they have had a few days to see the damage their actions have had on the Yes movement. That alone should convince them to bin their rep[eat performance today. I have zero confidence though that it will have any effect on them.
  7. Would this report have been even reported though had No polled say 55% to 60% at the weekend. Definitely not. Like I said earlier there is a clear pattern which follows positive Yes polls or news. As sure as eggs are eggs the pro-unionist media will cook up, trump up and escalate anything they can into an anti-independence report in a bid to derail the momentum. Sad and demented individuals acting like spoilt brats.
  8. No worries. He has run it off. Looks a bit out of place in that position to me.
  9. Where did you hear that? These people need telling they are doing nobody any favours and will not acheive anything noteworthy for it.
  10. I'll leave you to continue your very odd agenda. I have better things to do than argue the toss over a player who has no interest in playing for us and who has scored only one goal at top level football.
  11. I do not doubt for one minute they are all genuine independence supporters - that is not my point here. Neither is it acceptable what they did - pretty brain dead actually. My objection is how the media, desperate to boost union spirits and support after the weekend polls, feel its fair to blame Sturgeon and the SNP for individuals seemingly not obviously connected to the SNP in anyway. I did not see Tories getting blamed for the thousands that flocked to Bournemouth beach a week or two ago despite social distancing being in place. And that, for me, just displays the clear agenda of the British media.
  12. Yes of course it is a daft thing to do. However, read a Tory MP and press response and it is more a case of 'let's blame Sturgeon'. I never saw her there or any other SNP MP's. There was not even a SNP flag around either for all we know they may vote Tory or Labour (unlikely I know but possible) but what the heck it is Sturgeon's fault.
  13. I agree but why am I not surprised to see this coming up in the media right now? It is a clear trend. Whenever there is a positive poll on the independence front it is guaranteed a few days later the media sling mud in the direction of SNP/independence supporters. The last round of polls were followed a few days later by blaming SNP for the Nike Conference business. Before that pretty certain the positive polls were then followed by the health advisor forced into resigning for similar things as to what Cummings did.
  14. I could reel off several players who have an even better strike rate at Champioship level than Adams who I would not push for a place in our squad. McNulty has a goal every two games in the SPL - far better than Adams has managed anywhere in his career and over his career has better strike rate and both have had lengthy spells of football outside the top flight of football. Oliver Burke has played in the top flight in Germany, England, Spain and Scotland and has scored at international level - I'd say those stats alone place him above Adams too. Hmm so I am deluded? I am not the one pushing for a player to be in the Scotland squad who has already turned us down. Sounds to me like you are the deluded one if you think Adams will play for us or it is even a possibility. And I suggest you revisit your knowledge on levels of football - I have not put forward anyone to play for Scotland who are currently playing at non-league level. Like Ersatz Thistle said stop twisting my words.
  15. Shankland is a proven prolific goalscorer - at every level he has played at he has scored goals on an average of a goal every two games. Adams cannot make that claim and himself has very limited experience in the top flight without being a glowing success. Adams has played at levels similar to Shankland with a far worse strike rate. Why? Yes Steven Naismith is 33 but can still do a job for us as seen with goals recently. So he will be playing in the second tier in Scotland? He has already proven his ability at the highest level. A simple answer for you - no I would not have him in the squad. Strikers would be Griffiths, McBurnie, Shankland and Naismith with likes of McNulty and Burke as back up. You are making the false assumption that because I (and others) don't rate him it is because he is English and that is irrelevant. I have been right behind many English-born players that have represented us over the years - could be because they had the desire to represent us whereas he doesn't. How you can go on pursuing this when he has already kicked you squarely in the nuts is beyond me.
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