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  1. Like I said earlier we'll only know when he reveals where he is to stand as a candidate and who to represent. If it is as a SNP candidate then we can all rule out him blaming Sturgeon - I mean no way on Earth would you canvas for a role that would see him answering to someone he thought had stitched him up. In short - he stands as a SNP candidate then that absolves Sturgeon of blame. If he stands as an independent or under a new political party of his creation then that would certainly point towards him blaming Sturgeon and wanting to damage her and the party she leads as way of recompense.
  2. Okay but let us recall the verdict. I would say the jury arrived at the verdict due to gaping holes and inconsistencies with facts which has me (and even you or other staunch SNP supporters) about the worrying issue of liars being afoot amongst the SNP - IF, of course, they are SNP members as the evidence heard would seem to suggest.
  3. Of course there has to be anonymity for rape victims - no disagreement from me there. However, when as the charges have now been thrown out then if there was a conspiracy here (as it would seem there was) then these people need identified as they themselves have committed an illegal act. Okay I know we have not got to this stage yet but what if Alex Salmond wanted to press charges? Would the accused then be named anyway as he was named and shamed in the press?
  4. WTF has coronavirus to do with a country being independent? Ireland is a smaller country than Scotland and is actually coping with coronavirus better than the UK.
  5. A bit rich though of Gove. Lets remember that unionists often refer to Scottish nationalism as some kind of evil disease but I suppose British nationalism is perfectly acceptable?
  6. Of course. But what is the effect of the shitstorm and who is it directed at? We only know it is certain figures in the SNP but until we hear from AS we will not know who that is. At present with the corona virus ravaging the country everything is on hold and we have no idea when things will return to a semblance of normality. It may be 3 months, 6 months or maybe not even a year. If it is that long we will have an idea by where he stands as candidate for 2021 elections and who he stands for. As an independent then that says to me that his blame lies with NS. If he stands as a SNP candidate it would say it is with lesser figures at the SNP.
  7. It will be a shitstorm only if Alex wants to make it so. The Salmond case has gone much under the radar due to the corona virus. People have had other things on their mind the past few weeks so the case has not been at the forefront as it would have been if not for corona virus. That lessens its effect but if AS wants to he can re-ignite that shitstorm with what he may know (or not) about upper echelons at the SNP.
  8. Nah more fixated on outing Westminster and its seedy, dark background.
  9. I would be mightily surprised if not. It has certainly happened in recent times as we've seen with Jeremy Corbyn painted as racist and May being clearly undermined by Johnson during Brexit negotiations which would see her downfall. Yes I know these weren't via serious charges but it is still back-stabbing and I'd be gobsmacked if there hasn't been cases akin to Salmond's at Westminster. The Jeremy Thorpe issue springs immediately to mind. But in any case we are now indulging in supposition that Sturgeon was behind this all. Until Salmond actually comes out and fully accuses her then all we are doing here is indulging in supposition. What we know is that people within the SNP made allegations (found to be false) about Salmond but that is it.
  10. True but the latter has also happened many times in Westminster.
  11. Well it depends on how you want to paint the picture. Play it smart (and accurate) then independence backers have every right to say Scottish government don't sweep anything under the carpet - even one of their own (and once top dog) will have accusations fully investigated. Whereas what happened to the Right Honorable (there is a laugh) Ted Heath who had plenty of allegations made about him - oh yes Westminster conveniently lost the files on him and other Tory figures. That is the way the Union deals with things. That is how I would be painting it.
  12. At the end of the day how Salmond plays this will tell us who he has an axe to grind with. I mean I cannot see why Salmond would want to run as an SNP candidate if he feels Sturgeon (leader of the SNP) tried setting him up on rape charges. I mean come on that would be plain daft having an axe to grind with someone you'd need to take/follow orders from who you once were the boss of. Just no. He will stand as an independent. That would cause more damage (potentially) to those that set him up if it is Sturgeon et al that did that.
  13. You can look at it two ways though. There are many who support independence but refuse point-blank to vote for the SNP and instead vote Labour or a few even vote Tory. A new independence-backing party could hoover up those who vote for unionist parties at present who refuse to vote SNP but back independence. That would only erode away at the unionist share of votes. And should SNP voters jump ship then it would only be to another pro-indy party so I do not see the damage done unless it allows a Tory or Labour candidate steal a seat due to split Indy votes.
  14. I'd say best way forward is for a forming of another independence supporting party. It may happen in two ways. Perhaps started by Alex Salmond who realises or feels he wants no part of the SNP now and so starts his own rival independence party and stands in a seat himself in the north east to get the ball rolling. Or maybe he will rejoin the SNP and force that party to splinter into two. Who knows? As long as it does not halt the push for independence then I am okay with it.
  15. Sky saying he has spoken about standing for a seat in the North East in 2021. Cannot be for SNP.An Independent? Or a new party?
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