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  1. Hmm I am not so sure. Dykes is missing one game and is sure to be back for the Denmark game. The only way I'd see Clarke picking an additional striker is if Adams is injured. We all know Adams will start against Moldova possibly alongside Nisbet or Fraser so Shankland or that other extra striker would be redundant.
  2. He started for Beerschott today and played the full 90 minutes. No goal though and they lost 1-0.
  3. I agree but far more chance of McBurnie than Harvey Barnes getting a call-up. 👍😂
  4. The OP should know better than to listen to desperate speculation from SportSound pundits. FFS they were shooting in the dark asking for far left of field strikers Clarke will call up for the Moldova game but for what reason? Dykes is missing one game and Adams more than likely will start. No way does Clarke dip in and pull an untried, untested and uncapped striker out of thin air and whats more play him in such a massive game for Scotland. If he adds a striker to the squad (which I doubt he will) it will be Shankland or the likes of McBurnie and neither would play against Moldova.
  5. There are many reasons to expect flak though. Perhaps from Harvey Barnes himself or family in believing he'd do the dirty on England. He's made his decision and until he decides otherwise then that is the way it will stay. I can happily say I will never openly tout and scrounge another country's player in a post on the TAMB.
  6. And Scotland complete a famous win over Bangladesh to win their opening match at the 2021 T-20 World Cup. Scotland win by 6 runs.
  7. Scotland on course for an encouraging win in their opening match against Bangladesh in the 2021 T-20 World Cup.
  8. Started out as England U-16 and England U-17 level. Switched to Scotland for U-18 (three games) and then reverted back to representing England at U-18 and U-19.
  9. I can say from first-hand personal experience that the RMT have been given no choice. The alternative being thousands of redundancies for ticket offices closures across Scotland and do not get me started on Tory blue Serco who run the Sleeper franchise.
  10. Granted. I'd say there are maybe around 5000 who you could say the opposite of who never represented anyone else.
  11. His England U-17, England U-18 and England U-19 career.
  12. Why though? He has pledged his allegiance to England. I see it as disrespectful to him to assume he will shaft the country he has pledged allegiance to after all those years. Leave him to concentrate on his England career.
  13. Yes it happens. Doesn't mean I have to be happy or accepting of it.
  14. The pundits are wetting their pants about a player that has never played top flight football and has a worse strike rate than those with top flight experience that are available to us. On top of that they are assuming that, all of a sudden, a player wants to play for us who has shown no such inclination in his life representing another country for his whole career so far. In any case this has been discussed. Dykes is probably the only striker that would have missed the Moldova game as can't see Christie starting that. Adams will be fit and start that game with the likes of Nisbet or Fraser who could play alongside him and for the Danish game both Dykes and Christie will be available. No way will Clarke be plucking untried strikers out of the air and plunge them into such a massive game for us. If another striker is added to the squad it will be a tried and tested option such as Shankland.
  15. Which equates to: 'Oh sod it my England are not coming calling. Oh well there is always Scotland.' No thanks.
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