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  1. Every positive result in European club football for Scottish clubs is a positive step forward for Scottish football. Well done Aberdeen and Hibs.
  2. I do love how its Tories who are outraged with what he has to say. The same Tories who were happy to jump into bed with him over his Brexit views. The same Tories that rounded the wagons and stoically defended him when he broke COVID rules and drove 300 miles to visit a castle at the height of the pandemic. That just says that they are just as bad as him. On top of that what's this nonsense of pressure being put on Coco the Clown to apologise for his proven remarks about 80-year-olds dying during the pandemic? Apologise? Is that it? Jeez he is in the highest seat of power and yet an apology will suffice?
  3. He's right. He does know nothing about football.
  4. it is the sense of entitlement they have like it is their divine right to win. And on top of that trying to force that attitude onto the rest of the UK. FFS on BBC Breakfast Time this morning they were even trying to convert a happy Italian fan into an England fan.
  5. Okay so that tells me then that you think Tierney and Gilmour would have made no difference whatsoever to team set-up and improved the team? Here was me thinking they are widely seen as two of our highest rated players.
  6. They definitely had an easier group. That is not up for debate. Did they have a key player ruled out in two of their three Group matches? I don't think so. We had Tierney out V Czech Republic and Gilmour out V Croatia.
  7. Immense is stretching it considering Ukraine were damned lucky to have got that far and their leaky defence was exposed. Goals came at ideal times for England. An goal in the first five minutes settled them down and then two quick goals at the start of the second half killed off Ukraine. I won't greet or claim conspiracy if they win as all that does is make you look sad and deluded. We, as a nation, should be more interested in getting our own shop in order than greeting about another country.
  8. Agreed. Take quiet satisfaction in an England defeat but this stuff like wearing their opponents tops is plain embarrassing.
  9. Perhaps worth looking at. Play Adams up front with supporting from Fraser or Christie.
  10. I think a lot of that stems from this belief it makes them appear even more Scottish - it doesn't. I'd agree with much of what you say. It is a mindset stuck in the past and does us no favours. It just lowers us to the level of England fans and makes us look bitter and obsessed with them.
  11. Ditto. For me the detestable England fans drown out the decent ones. Their utter Bolshiness is nauseating and I just could not wish good things for them because of that alone.
  12. And without Tierney in the side playing four at the back. Just remember Albania got a player sent off early on too. If you want a return to that formation then you force Tierney into a centre-back spot curtailing (somewhat) his greatest asset of the attacking thrust he gives us.
  13. I just hope to god none of the Ukraine players wink tonight.
  14. Andy Murray lost 6-4 6-2 6-2 against No 10 seed Denis Shapovalov. He just never really got going and was not consistently hitting the ball well enough. As I thought Andy was self analytical afterwards and bitterly disappointed with his performance. When the dust settles though I sure he will feel much better knowing his body holds up to tournament tennis and he can still beat seeded players and recover and return to win his next match. That is a big step forward from where he was.
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