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  1. Look at the phrases used by Cameron. Those are ones more than someone worried about losing face. We keep getting told how we are a financial burden whenever the talk of independence comes up so why are they so desperate to hold onto us? Remember that Cameron is a Tory. The Tories live and breathe wealth and assets it is what their party is all about so I cannot see how he or any others who feel Scotland could not survive financially as an independent country can be so concerned about Scotland going independent to the degree he goes to the Queen to try to get her to influence the result.
  2. Yes I would agree with this. Just like all the unionists who say they'd leave Scotland if they left the union. Tosh.
  3. Why move to Scotland though? They are staunch die-hard unionists - seems to me the perfect place for them would be England where that view point is far more welcomed there and no danger of calls for independence.
  4. They pulled every tactic in the book and still mo yoon can tell me why they went to such desperate levels to keep hold of such a burden:- BBC News - Cameron 'sought Queen's help' over Scottish independence https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49733588
  5. As things stand now I cannot see the SFA even giving a moments thought to revamping Hampden. Firstly, they need to sort out matters on the pitch first. Secondly, it would be foolhardy to chuck millions in to increase the capacity at a time when attendances are falling. In short I cannot see them even considering any revamp untoil things improve greatly on the pitch.
  6. Team-wise as a team they might be but considering the players we have available compared to those teams that should not be the case.
  7. Rennie quite clearly fishing for the unionists votes in Scotland:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-49706904
  8. Perhaps the phrasing I should have said is potentially we should be far better than them. You could put it down to various reasons as to why they beat us such as better work ethic as a team, better organised defensively and more motivated.
  9. Considering the players we have available to us then yes we should be considered as better than them. Robertson was in the Premier League XI team of the season and is widely regarded as one of the best left-backs in Europe. Ryan Fraser was up amongst the best for assists in the EPL. The likes of Kazakhstan and Israel do not have players like that at their disposal.
  10. Excuse me if I am being naive but why have these marches been allowed for so long? Seems to me that it is no more than groups using them to do a bit of political chest thumping in public. Okay I have attended marches supporting Scottish Independence but that is a lot different in my view. It is a march to demonstrate the power of voice and will behind the push for independence but what is it with these other marches?
  11. One thing that cannot be denied about the Brexit Yes campaign is that they never gave a thought about what would happen to the Irish Border. Quite ludicrous really. All the talk was about taking back control of laws and borders but Jack about the most important border of them all - the Irish one. Sorry but that key factor means that a No Deal Brexit was never a possible outcome without a Hard Border going up.
  12. Hard core perhaps the wrong term then. But those inclined to vote No numbers more than those inclined to vote Yes - not by much but still a difference. The indyref polls tell us that. On top of that the election vote share tells us that with a fractionally higher percentage of voters voting for unionist parties over those backing independence.
  13. I did say just under 45% perhaps 43%. It would tally that the figure is around that mark given that all indy polls never puts No vote anything under that in polls.
  14. I have said it before and will say it again. As things stand you probably have a hard core 40% of Yes voters who will vote Yes whenever another IndyRef is called. Probably there are around just under 45% hard core unionists who will vote No whenever IndyRef 2 comes about. That leaves the Yes side to try to convince about 15% of voters to vote Yes. Many of those don't knows/waiverers/overly cautious voters (if we were to have a vote BEFORE Brexit) would want to know the outcome of Brexit before being converted into a Yes voter. They would still hold on to a faint hope that a deal would be signed on Brexit or that it would be cancelled and so would not have the courage to vote Yes. On top of that Bitter Together 2 no doubt would point out that this IndyRef was never really anything to do with EU membership as the Yes side could not even wait to find out the outcome of Brexit. That will only put more potential Yes voters off.
  15. I never thought of that but my point still stands. As long as we have almost half of the population either supportive or open to the idea of independence the dteam wont die.
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