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  1. I'd say if the SNP get 40+ seats it will have been a fair election. 45 - 49 seats a good election and 50 or over a superb election.
  2. That just beggars the question of why does the Brexit Party exist? Obviously, they were set up as a means to ensure/force a No Deal and complete exit from the EU. Since Boris' deal is certainly neither of them and Brexit Party refuse to stand in Tory held constituencies then they are totally going against their reason for being. Unless, of course, they know or have been told something by the Tories that we haven't yet. I mean, a thought here, Boris' deal has virtually been flung on the rubbish tip so what happens if (as looks a good possibility) the Tories win a majority and try to push through a new No Deal Brexit?
  3. A bit young I know but Mhairi Black would suit a leader's role. She commands respect and is passionate about Scotland and independence and is sharp as a tack.
  4. Absolutely. This hits the nail on the head and is the point I was trying to make earlier. We need to be totally steadfast in our beliefs and be prepared for every eventuality. Independence was never going to be easy but we must bekieve it will all ne worth it.
  5. Right I get what you are saying now. You are talking about during any upcoming independence referendum campaign the Yes campaign should be insisting there will be no hard border to re-assure people. What I was getting at was speaking from a voters view point people should not be put off by the prospect of a hard border - if they are not prepared to accept that possibility then they are not ready to vote for independence.
  6. I suppose it is something akin to some Scotland fans who feel they must hate England. It gives them some sort of false sense it makes them even more of a supporter. Like they have a perceived idea of what is a must for them.
  7. Thank you. Somebody who sees the angle I am coming from.
  8. At the end of the day though it seems to me that it needs both parties to agree. Now we can see by Westminster's contant blocking of IndyRef2 that, should another ref come about and Yes wins then Westminster will then do all they can to make things as awkward as possible such as demand hard border. That being the case then what? Scotland knuckles under and calls it all off?
  9. The thing is there may very well be no way of avoiding a Hard Border. That being the case it is best to mentally prepare people for that possibility. Lets imagine we get another stab at independence I can guarantee that Better Together 2 will be playing on the Hard Border issue relentlessly especially if they realise Scots don't have a stomach for it. Yes2 should be covering all bases on this. Sure say they will look to avoid hard borders but also make it clear that hard border is possible if Westminster plays hard ball but that won't deter Scots.
  10. Yes I understand that but what is more important? Independence and self-governance away from Westminster or an extra two hours onto a journey home?
  11. I don't see how or why. Why do you think Better Together harp on about Hard Borders - purely as a deterrent hoping Scots will think stuff that I can't be arsed with that. Well I'm sorry if thats the attitude we'll never be voting for independence.
  12. My thoughts on things like a hard border and immediate financial hardship in the interim is that we have to be prepared to make sacrifices. If we are going to be put off by hard borders then all I can say is we don't want it enough if we can't put up with a little inconveniences when travelling between England and Scotland adding say another hour or two onto your drive home.
  13. My guess is the Tories will be desperate for his seat seeing as he is the leader of the SNP at Westminster. They plotted successfully to unship Angus Robertson so will try again here and will try to find the best candidate to stand against him.
  14. My point stands though that those countries got very close to getting allowed in and have a far poorer economy than Scotland.
  15. She did and got told by May: 'Now is not the time.' Didn't she?
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