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  1. Of course and serious questions should be asked of the validity of it. Questions asked on was it impartial and unbiased? Certainly not. If we look into it I'd bet everyone who worded that act/bill and agreed to it and signed it were of a strong pro-union persuasion. Where is the fairness in that?
  2. I'd have Patterson in over Palmer but given injuries and loss of experienced players from the squad in Jack, McLean and McBurnie I can see Clarke opting for the experience of Palmer especially if Gilmour, Turnbull and Gauld (all uncapped) make the squad.
  3. More to the point surely the validity of such a bill should be called into question. I have no doubt that all the terms, conditions and laws within it were compiled by, signed by and agreed to by those with a strong pro-union belief. Who was speaking on behalf on the non-unionists at that time?
  4. I am more depressed at the complete unfairness that Westminster alone decides on the fate of Scotland's place in the union even above Scotland itself.
  5. The depressing and wholly frightening thing is listening to various news outlets with legal experts, MP's, ex-MP's and pundits on the matter of the union now even after a pro-indy majority has been returned. The vast amount of opinion comes across as downright nauseous as they seem to have no qualms about the union being totally undemocratic about this. To his credit it was only Andrew Marr yesterday who repeatedly asked Gove how Scotland could leave the union if not through a referendum etc. These arseholes needs to take a step back (and a lot of them are non-Scots) on offering opin
  6. I don't doubt there are some but nowhere near as many who voted for unionist parties but support independence.
  7. So another news report on breakfast time from Ayr and it brought opinions from various people and we got a third person admitting they voted Labour but would support independence. Further evidence that the pro-indy support do not always vote SNP. Unionists are quick to insist not all SNP voters back independence but never seem to want to accept that the same is in reverse. In the last few days on the BBC website and on TV though I have seen three people say they voted Labour but would support independence but no such view from SNP voters.
  8. Those four common reasons you have been given I'd answer with:- 1. That terminology was used as a rallying call to get voters out voting and was made not thinking that two years later Scotland would lose EU Membership despite voting otherwise solely because we are in this union. 2. That is the unionist view and if it is true then it displays how the unionist model is not working. 3. Nonsense. Scotland is one of the biggest supplier of renewable energy with wind farms producing a massive amount of energy in what is a growing market. Livestock such as Scottish Beef which is 75% of
  9. No it is Brent Spiner - better known for plating Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation and several of the spin-off films.
  10. People that back Alba I have absolutely no problem with. If they feel that is the party for them that is going to influence independence in a meaningful way then sobeit. However, this complete denial in accepting Salmond is a busted flush really is harming the party. Various polls on leaders showed us he is even less popular in Scotland than Boris Johnson ......wow.....I didn't think that was possible. On top of that because of what has gone before he is damaged goods and we've seen before with the likes of Michael Barrymore and John Leslie who were both cleared too that there is no way back.
  11. We have to have ideas/policies in place that BetterTogether2 can't pick holes in like last time on stuff like currency and EU membership. If we go in with no real plan then we are done.
  12. Fully agree once again. If we want to make a case for independence where Scots choose their future then they have to display that in matters such as EU membership. Yes I know how we voted in the UK Brexit vote but that was under totally different circumstances and conditions.
  13. That is too far down the line at the moment and it would be prudent if they held the line that they'd offer people the chance to decide on the EU should we become independent. That stance would keep all people with an open mind on independence.
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