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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54262348?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story Well we've moved quick to get him involved.
  2. And do we know that he hasn't already asked him? There are many article (recently) of Bardsley talking about his career just now and nowhere does he mention an interest in getting back into the Scotland squad. Read into that what you will.
  3. Along the same lines, I'd heard he had asked for a 'time out' from international football. In that case - good riddance.
  4. No my point on it being created to destabilize the SNP could have been perpetrated from a unionist aspect. Get a unionist sympathiser within the party to make allegations or who has been close to Salmond and trump up a cuddle etc into something far more than it is. You then get a domino effect. Either unionists can use it say look who was running the last IndyRef campaign and if charges didn't stick then causes ructions within the party as it clearly has done and questions get asked of NS all at a time when IndyRef2 calls were being made around the bREXIT VOTE TIME.
  5. The only way you could see the upper echelons of the SNP being out to stamp on Salmond is if he had made sounds of wanting to make a comeback and retake his spot as leader of the SNP. However, there was no suggestion of that anywhere in the press or from him so I don't see how anyone can see him as some kind of political threat. You could turn this on its head to say the whole situation has been created to destabilize the SNP with Salmond the innocent pawn. That would make more sense to me.
  6. Yes I would agree with that. All the SNP are is a mouthpiece for independence like the Tories became the mouthpiece for Brexit.
  7. I think it is more important what Alex Salmond believes. He is at the heart of the matter here and has the power to end this here once and for all with one statement. The fact he hasn't is telling me one of two things. Either he thinks believes NS is behind this all and intends going to court etc to further clear his name. That is his right if that is how he feels and nobody can begrudge him that. However, he once spearheaded the independence movement and had us all believing it was his one clear goal in his political career but now seems to have abandoned that goal. Or that he is not sure who
  8. I know you feel strongly about this and I am far more open-minded. Right why would NS want to do this to Salmond is what I ask now? He had long since walked away (by his own choice) from the SNP and the Scottish political picture. I do not see any logical reason this would be willingly brought about (charges and court case) by the leader of the SNP when polls were beginning to show green shoots in the revival of independence. Any legal team/jusge/police when investigating charges always look for motives so give me one why the upper echelons of the SNP would bring these charges about.
  9. I have said it twice now and for the final time all I care about it independence for Scotland. Can you say the same? No man is bigger than independence for Scotland - or woman for that matter. This whole Salmond situation however it started, whoever started it and whatever happened cannot be allowed to derail independence for Scotland and neither should it but it most definitely can. It is fully up to Eck what he wants now and what he wants to do about it. And the same goes for the perceived other party - Nicola Sturgeon. If any of this is her doing then obviously she must know it a
  10. No more like a truce. Look I have said this before on here about Scottish independence. I am a selfish bastard all I care about is independence for Scotland. I want nothing to get in its way and neither it should. I don't give a crap about Salmond's wish for revenge/justice for those who may/may not claim framed him. And I could throw NS in there too. If she is culpable in anyway then she should step aside now. Quite easily done - settle out of court for example and give any reason for resigning as long as it does not impact the independence movement going forward. Two of the most influen
  11. Whenever, wherever it started is not really the point. The point is do those that really seek independence politically slash each others throats and end the independence dream right away. Or do they do the sensible thing and agree to halt their wars against each other until the main goal is achieved. Make a pact and agree to a full resolvement after independence is achieved would be the sensible thing to do as at pesent (polls-wise) we have never been so close to independence.
  12. Well it depends what is more important to him? Only he can answer that. If he wishes (depending on truth behind rumours) then he could quite likely end the independence dream for a generation. It would shatter SNP support and give Westminster all the ammo it needs to ramp up support for the union and the unionist parties in Scotland. With that it would set us back from the brink of a very promising position to being back on our knees.
  13. Key to any chance of IndyRef2 being granted is SNP getting at least 51% of the votes at next year's Scottish Elections. If anything sensational does happen and Sturgeon is ousted and things get messy in a leadership battle it opens the door to unionist media on their soapboxes and it would be inevitable that some easily swayed people would vote elsewhere. That would be my fear. The SNP would still remain in power I feel but there is no way they'd maintain the sort of showing the polls are predicting at present.
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