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  1. Sorry but it is an inevitable fact. Michael Barrymore is a prime example as are others such as Dave Lee Travis and Robert Wagner. There is no erasing it. It isn't allowed.
  2. To Celtic in the here and now it may mean nothing but they should think ahead for this match's importance. Co-efficiency points are like gold dust and a strong finish to the group could help their cause in Europe next seaon.
  3. It would settle the ship a bit about confrontation within and give a united front look so could see the merits in it. I'd like to think (naively maybe) that everyone of a SNP persuasion are pulling in the same direction towards independence for Scotland.
  4. That just tells me what I think is inevitable if/when Scotland become independent. We will see a splintering of the SNP seeing a breakaway party form.
  5. Well as we all know the Tories have not been winners as in the biggest party in Scotland since the 1950s but Scotland has had to put up with Tory governments for around two thirds of those 60 years or so.
  6. Yup and yet when Owen dived to win a penalty against Argentina a few years later it was all fair game.
  7. Yes that sounds about right. I suppose that is why being in the EU was not for them. They weren't in the position they demand - issue out the orders and everyone kow tows to them.
  8. It is the UK government's way. One rule for them and one rule for everyone else. They have a deluded sense of entitlement to do as they please without any say so from anyone else.
  9. Yes I have said it plenty of time before on this board and others. Unionists think nationalism is some kind of a big insult they are dishing out. Fact is it is there amongst themselves and quite aggressive it is too. You could call it Imperialism where they live in a time warp in an age of the British Empire where Britain ruled over large swathes of the world without any come uppance. They ruled India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more but someone should tell them those countries woke up and smelled the coffee. They are all independent countries and far better for it. All that rema
  10. Come on. Even a senile 80-year-old ex-Celtic manager would have kept trophies rolling in given the squad there. Anyway the point is, if I were a Celtic fan I'd have seen the warning signs and they are now on their worst run in over 60 years results-wise. Can you see things improving for them? I can't whilst Lennon is there.
  11. Neil Lennon was the wrong appointment - a lazy appointment. Never go back is a well-used phrase in football and it nearly always turns out true. When Rodgers left the board lacked the imagination for a forward thinking manager with fresh ideas and they felt not much was needed at that time anyway given the lack of competition to them. Time for imagination from the Celtic board.
  12. Yes I was watching this morning. What a Trotters Independent Traders (TIT) he was. Got around to subject of independence then cut her off saying it isn't happening as BJ says no. As NS was about to explain how they'd go about things he cut her off mid-flight saying time was up. That is unionist TV for you.
  13. Hmm so he doesn't really feel that passionately about Britain then.
  14. I presume then he will move out of an independent Scotland to remain in this Britain he proclaims to love.
  15. There is only one yoon loon on here who has a raging hard on for UKIP, Brexit and Paul Dickov. You of course.
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