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  1. I have to disagree. Scotland had Stephen O'Donnell, Jack Hendry, Kevin Nisbet, Che Adams, John McGinn, Andy Robertson, Billy Gilmour and Scott McTominay all facing potential suspension from the play-off final should they be booked in the semi.
  2. He has been poor compared to others in the team such as afore-mentioned Gilmour, McGregor and McGinn. He plays for Man United yet in all the games for us I can honestly say I cannot recall one game where you could say he was our man of the match. A great example for me were the recent potential banana skin matches away to The Faroe Islands and Moldova. McTominay started in midfield alongside Gilmour and McGinn and the whole midfield lacked cohesion as a result. We toiled to create chances and did not like scoring until a late, late goal. After that we played Moldova away with Gilmour, McGregor and McGinn and looked far more cohesive and potent for it in an all-round more comprehensive display. We agree that if we have a full squad to choose from then no place for McTominay. Where we disagree on is how good McTominay has been so far for us. Hopefully, that will change. We all have opinions that differ from time to time or rate players differently or choose their own ways of how to rate players. Nothing wrong with that. We all want Scotland to succeed too its just that different people have different views on the best way to line-up.
  3. No I wouldn't say it was the problem. True that expectation levels are increased but Darren Fletcher had the same but he was a vitally important player for us and often put in great performances for us. With McTominay it may be (to me) that he does not excel for us. Sure he scored V Israel but how many assists has he had for us or how many games has he been a rock at the back? I struggle to name them. Of course McTominay will be the midfielder who steps in should McGinn, McGregor or Gilmour pick up an injury and I hope he can put on a great display to establish himself as a regular in the side. McTominay would, perhaps, have benefitted better if around five years ago when we had meaningless friendlies where the manager could experiment and try different players. That way we may have found out the role he can best do in the side or the best way Clarke can use him as I don't think he's worked that out yet and get the best from him.
  4. I am saying for who he plays for and all the fuss made of him he has been disappointing for us overall. It is weird. O'Donnell takes big pelters from many on here for being crap but invariably puts in good performances for us - hence he keeps his place in squads. McTominay gets plaudits for being great yet more often than not has disappointed for Scotland. Sure he scored V Israel but that should not be used to cloud the bigger picture. Maybe what grates with some here is that I judge players solely on performances for Scotland as to me that is what matters most of all. Gilmour and Patterson are prime examples of doing well (no very well) for us despite being very short of club football at that time. If McTominay comes into the side and does well I will be delighted and hold my hands up straight away. But I am old enough to know and remember that we have had several players held in high esteem for the clubs they played for and their good form for them but just did not deliver at international level. I do hope McTominay can avoid becoming another player in that bracket and we shall see.
  5. So predictable what will happen so think I will give it a miss. Questions cherry-picked with an anti-independence stance probably on a ratio of about three or four to one. Pro-independence guests having their answers cut short unlike the yoon guests.
  6. We shall agree to disagree then. Look through all our good performances of late and it has been with the midfield I stated. What is so controversial about not wanting to break up a winning team and formula?
  7. He has played in his chosen position for us too (midfield) and still not performed to the standards of Gilmour, McGregor and McGinn. At present we have a system and players in midfield that works so I am staggered as to why people want to change a winning formula by putting a player in there that has simply not performed for us. Madness.
  8. Scotland and Manchester United - two totally different settings. As we have seen so many times before with international football.
  9. I will believe that when I see it. Until then it is pure speculation.
  10. Don't get me wrong I hope he can turn into a star for us but we've been here before with players playing at big league clubs but failing to shine for Scotland. I just fear McTominay will be the same - that could change if he starts putting in consistent strong displays for us.
  11. And if we are going on what counts most of all the three best midfielders in a Scotland shirt currently are Gilmour, McGinn and McGregor. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  12. For Scotland? Great. And that is all that matters. We want/need players who are consistently very good in the dark blue - Gilmour is and McTominay is not. Simple.
  13. Slating him? No. Merely stating the facts. He has been way below his United levels when playing for us. It is undeniable. Our midfield has excelled with McGregor, Gilmour and McGinn and they are the three that should start there against Ukraine. If either of them are injured then McTominay probably starts.
  14. Disappointing for sure but Taro Daniel is no mug. He was a QF at last year's Australian Open. I just feel too much of Murray's game was off and when chances came along and you thought he could turn it around he let the chance go. That was disappointing - like a spark was missing. Now he has made comments about missing his family and you have to wonder whether that takes some of the full out passion and hunger for tennis away a bit.
  15. Well its very good news the yellows have been rescinded as we had a number of key players walking a suspension tightrope.
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