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  1. Oh yes there were other reasons other than just the strikes but they certainly did not help issues.
  2. Oh I know but there were other real quality British cars out there. I bet BritNats are crying now because Minis - a British icon of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s are now German.
  3. For me Britain's demise came about due to the only two parties that are guaranteed power at Westminster - Labour and Tories. In the 70s the Labour Party backed unions who created strikes that ended up crippling the car industry and such-like and brought about its demise. Into the 1980s and the Tories went on its privatisation spree and killed off several industries as a result. So I would not put Britain's demise down to either nationalism or the EU but gross mismanagement by two parties who are guaranteed to form the UK government ad nauseum. That sayus a lot as to why I want independence.
  4. I don't but into that philosophy at all. Farage lives in an alternate universe. He somehow thinks the UK has been held back by the EU. He is living in cloud cuckoo land though. The demise of the UK as a world power happened long before the EU came into being. It happened in the 1970s and 1980s then on into the 1990s. Back in the 60s Britain led the way in car manufacturing, motorbike manufacturing, electrical goods manufacturing, coal mining, ship-building, steelworks and such-like. That succumbed a long time before the EU came to pass as a result of strikes and privatisation and poor production costs and rates. What area exactly does Farage or anyone of his mindset think Britain is going to suddenly thrive in. We do not manufacture any cars, electrical goods, coal, steel, ships or anything else of note.
  5. Well he aggressively defends the union and being a part of it. He believes passionately in the union just like nationalists believe passionately in independence for Scotland. I know which I would hold more pride in being a Scot. I deem myself as being more proud of Scotland and its ability to be an independent country tather than Brown who prefers sucking on Westminster's teat and insisting that is the way for Scots to be and be content with.
  6. This cretin loves trying to paint nationalism as some sort of evil. He does not stop to think he himself is one big nationalist - a BritNat.
  7. Also If SNP ran on a mandate for independence in 2021 then I could quite likely see Westminster seek to nullify it by ameding or creating a new act to prevent independence in those circumstances.
  8. The problem I have with that is how many independence supporters who are loyal Labour or Tory voters would bring themselves to vote for a party they may hate - the SNP. There are a lot more of those types out there than unionists think. So if the message of mandate for independence does not come across many may stick to their party allegiances leaving the SNP high and dry on around 40 to 45% of the electorate.
  9. Vote No to preserve place in EU. BROKEN PLEDGE Vote no for greater devolved powers. BROKEN PLEDGE Vote no to protect pensions. And now they won't to raise them to an age passed the average Scot's lifespan. BROKEN PLEDGE Then we had Gordon Brown wading in on eve of ref making promises and trying to turn it into a DEVO MAX issue. BROKEN PLEDGE Vote no to remsin in a 'a union of equals'. And when Scotland voted to remain in the EU it gets ignored and are given no say whatsoever in Brexit negotiations. BROKEN PLEDGE Vote no to keep the Royal Family (not that losing it would bother me in the slightest). Well this was broken before the referendum as Queen came out and rubbished it.
  10. A referendum that sees the winning side break so many pledges. Nah.
  11. Well if I were the Yes movement I'd ask Westminster to provide evidence within the Scotland Bill for the 2014 Independence Referendum about any part stating it was solely a 'once in a lifetime/generation' event. It did not and that is all that matters. If they want to point to what Salmond said then in that case can we hand a gun to Johnson so he can shoot himself in a ditch?
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-51082184 So in other words for Allister Jack there will never be a mandate for a second Indy Ref until a lifetime/generation has passed since 2014.
  13. Yes I get that. However, Jack and Johnson are using this totally false reasoning and making it into a legitimate reason for denying a second IndyRef and too many are accepting it as fact and a valid reason which it is not. Still I feel it just helps pull more voters across into the Yes camp.
  14. I am just gobsmacked that nobody else (that I have seen) have called him out about this.
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