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  1. Lets hope so. Skepticism tells me they'll side with the UK government which would be morally, ethically and democratically wrong.
  2. Given the sloth-like pace the Supreme Court moves at it may still be being debated by them on that date so I would take that with a pinch of salt.
  3. Yes I feel that supreme court will side with UK government too, sadly.
  4. I still find the fact that Scotland {according to the 'Act of Union'} being an equal partner in the UK does not have the final say on matters of referendums. All such issues should be in Scotland's hands always. How the f*** did we get to this stage? I mean look at marriage even if your parents do not consent to their son/daughter getting married they cannot stop it from happening.
  5. Great but the wording by Lord Advocate {I think it was s wrong} if Holyrood has 'competency'. Sorry that is downright insulting.
  6. I agree. And like you say countries that have gained independence from the UK or other countries do not want to rejoin. It is similar to countries in the Commonwealth who have removed the Queen as their head of state - no turning back for them. If independence comes about I think angst against it would fade aside from hardcore unionists. People would see the true face of Westminster and its government as they'd show themselves up even more as the bullies they are by making unreasonable demands and being totally out of order. That only steels people's resolve. Also an independent Scotland standing on its own feet will only serve to convince more people that the unionists were scaremongering all along.
  7. Yes a getting better type of performance. Next up for him is a match against John Isner in the Second Round tomorrow.
  8. It is not the kind of behaviour that will encourage Yes votes. However, perhaps it was stirred up by a very anti-independence article in the Scottish Daily Express about the march. I read it and the use of words is nasty:-
  9. I'd say it was more a case of them acting bolshe merely because it looks like he is heading for the exit with other bigger clubs sniffing around.
  10. Where have I done that? All I have done is stated facts with all the evidence we have in front of us. The way of international football rules is now anyway we could open a thread on so many players in world football born outwith Scotland about eligibility to play for Scotland that is how loose it is becoming.
  11. No it is nothing like the Nuremberg Trials actually. He can (and will) play for who he wants to and who he identifies with and at present that is England and has been for six years now.
  12. Yes I agree there. The Yes side need to be canny and use as many opportunities it can to turn No or Don't Knows to Yes - that is what will get us across the line nothing else. EU membership is a trump card to use as a carrot pushing for EFTA membership would bring some on board who may not have been before. We should also be pushing the facts to how much Scottish tax payers money is being spent on projects with nothing at all to do with Scotland. Projects such as HS2 getting no further north than Leeds. Projects such as the hundreds of millions going to the refurb of the Houses of Parliament. Projects such as the hundreds of millions going to the refurb of Buck House. That is many millions of pounds that would be spent on Scotland only in an independent Scotland.
  13. That is not what his career stats tell us so far:- Represented England at six levels. With no representation, or any evidence of interest in representing Scotland. I would not expect any different from someone born in Croydon in London and lived in England all of his life. Heck we have no evidence he has even walked on Scottish soil either. The only connection with Scotland is his mother who lives in England. And lets remember he has the Portugese blood of his father too with his dad, by all accounts nipping his ear to represent Portugal but he has chosen England.
  14. What I think is irrelevant here it is what Tino Livramento thinks that is key. As some speccy twat on TV once used to say: 'The clues are there.'
  15. Agreed but Tino Livramento has lived in England all of his life and represented England all of his life.
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