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  1. In all the pro-Brexit campaigning all I ever heard were the promises of what the UK would get from leaving the EU but nobody brought up the Irish Border even though the ink has hardly dried on the deal that brought peace to Northern Ireland and took away the border checkpoints etc. which is pivotal to peace many would have you believe. When the bickering started when the real talks began about the Brexit Deal then that is when the Irish Border issue finally began to hit home to the Brexiteers and those in the ERG.
  2. Come on though lets face it this government are thick. Many Brexiteers within it never even thought about the Irish Border issue until a year after the Yes vote had been returned yet it is a massively pivotal part of what can be or not as the case is with a full blown Brexit that they promised.
  3. Exactly. We know Westminster's government is only interested in preserving and accumulating its wealth so something is not tallying here. The UK government is desperate to keep hold of Scotland - a Scotland that they tell us is potless, subsidized by the UK and too weak to survive as an independent country. It is clear Scotland has far more going for it. Unionists will not admit to it but their inability to answer why the UK government refuse to let Scotland go says it all.
  4. From what I've read (not seen it) part two covers a secret poll that showed Yes 4% ahead entering the last few days of campaigning that send Westminster government into a panic and is when The Vow was cooked up to turn the tide. The report says Cameron was panicked into action. Now if you read the report on the documentary it again leaves me with an unanswered question that unionists can never find an answer for. We are told Scotland is potless and in debt and cannot afford to run itself and is too small to go independent and is a burden to the rest of the UK so WTF are they so panicked at the thought of Scotland going independent? That tells me straight away that all the trash talking is total and utter scaremongering.
  5. What must be remembered here is that Labour have their own agenda. For them it is to keep that divide in the Tory party and that would happen if they were able to force May into agreeing to another people's referendum. I am no expert but I'd imagine it would not take too long to put on an emergency referendum. I do take your point about how they can have three votes on her crappy deal but undy has had one in three plus centuries and that is deemed as more than enough.
  6. I can clearly see May's Deal getting bullied through at the third attempt as she threatens those anti-EU members in her party that Brexit won't happen at all unless they back her deal. Labour are rumoured to be prepared to back May'd deal as well on the promise that May will then put the deal to a public referendum of some sort. I wonder how May'd Deal bringing about an orderly Brexit and how that will affect people's thinking on how they'd vote on independence?
  7. On the currency front of course it will take time to get onto a system and currency that works. People have to realise that it is 300+ years since we have been an independent country. The transaction will be tough make no mistake about that. There is going to be very little that will be easy about gaining independence and implementing it. However, I won't be put off by that as the alternative is far worse. Remain in a decaying union where we are trampled over by Westminster and treated like third class citizens where we get governments that we never vote for and we will continue to be bled dry. No thanks 300+ years is more than long enough. Give me the rocky, undulating road of independence over remaining under the thumb and in the gutter under Westminster's rule.
  8. No definitely not for a few reasons. Firstly, Nicola Sturgeon has always said we'd wsit to see if Brexit materialises and becomes a reality and then reassess. Secondly, there is already too much politically going on with Brexit that could see indyref2 being relegated to a sideshow. Thirdly, as I have said before, we need to wait as waiverers probably still cling on to a remote hope that we won't be taken out of the EU. Once that becomes a reality that will help convert more waivering undecided voters to vote Yes.
  9. The currency plan was talked about a couple ofvweeks ago. It was to remain with thevpound in the interim and then overca spellvof two to five years move to create own currency setting up a Central Bank etc. How is that going to work? All we can do it wait and see. The alternative? Vote No and await the calamitous after effects of Brexit which will be an even more terrifying leap into the dark.
  10. I am talking from a viewpoint of the three keepers being Bain, Gordon and Marshall.
  11. I beg to differ. Maybe Sullivan as third choice but not Douglas.
  12. Indeed and I admire him for going where is heart lies. He feels English and wants to play for them and that is how it should be.
  13. And to think you'll still get Scotland fans encouraging us to grovel to him.
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