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  1. No not painting you in that way but attitudes need to change as in simple acceptance of what Westminster says is not an option. The defacto route is the only avenue I see open to us at present which is disgraceful given pro-independence parties (SNP chiefly) have won every election in Scotland for over a decade. If we win that defacto election then we must do something with it. I take your point about no majority of votes but many may vote on party politics and there are independence supporters who vote Scottish Labour, fewer who vote Scottish Lib Dems and fewer still that vote Scottish Conservative. All these election wins and we are still dancing to Westminster's tune - something has to change.
  2. I agree. From within the party she cannot alienate herself from the core of the party. Ash Regan did that and her leadership campaign was dead in the water as a result. Unity is needed now. Humza would do well to build bridges with her and work together to rebuild.
  3. And the sub-servient nature of sitting waiting for permission from Westminster is equally a disgrace and treacherous act but we do it.
  4. Wouldn't be a problem. I thought he did well on Saturday but looked to pick up a knock as he was down stretching his leg at times.
  5. I see us lining up something close to this:- 1. Angus Gunn 15. Ryan Porteous 5. Grant Hanley 6. Kieran Tierney 22. Aaron Hickey 3. Andy Robertson (Capt.) 8. Callum McGregor 4. Scott McTominay 7. John McGinn 11. Ryan Christie 9. Lyndon Dykes
  6. Agreed but it is understandable given Humza Yousuf's track record. But I know one thing - a unionist party will NEVER get my vote. I shall stick with SNP and Alba become more of an option too before I'd ever consider any other option.
  7. No I don't think it is. We only hear newspaper tittle tattle about players who are clearly unsettled at a club which Billy Gilmour certainly is. McGinn is settled at Villa who are not looking to sell and he seems content there hence nothing for the media to feed off or bother digging for links.
  8. There is nothing the SNP or any pro-independence party can do to gain independence. The Supreme Court ruling showed us that. The disenchantment should be saved for the undemocratic Westminster governments and for sub-servient Scots sponging off Westminster and living in chains with glaikit looks on their faces. The only clear plan needs strong leadership and commitment to the cause. Make the next Scottish Election a defacto independence referendum and if a majority of seats are won by pro-independence parties then declare independence. Throw a spanner in the works and see how Westminster reacts and make the world sit up and take notice of how undemocractically Scots are being treated by the unionists.
  9. Matchday 2 of 8 as we only have four opponents in our group. I am hopeful of a good result tonight. This is not the greatest Spanish team so as long as we do not pay them too much respect and show no fear then we are in with a shout but top performances needed from all.
  10. To be honest I did.not hear the booing of Jack or Gunn. I agree about the atmosphere being very flat though. That could be down to a combination of things. I think there was a lot of nerves amongst the fans realising it was a potential banana skin and what with a brand new untried goalkeeper and other untried faces in there such as Porteous and Jack getting a rare start it heightened the anxiety. Couple that with the kick-off time of 2pm not allowing much of the way of drinking time pre-match and that does not help. Hopefully, the atmosphere will be far improved tonight.
  11. Georgia's recent results was only good enough for them to finish fourth in group of five for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and likewise fourth in group of five for the last Euros.
  12. Based on several factors. Based on the set of results both sides have obtained in the last few years. Based on the average value of each player in each squad. Based on where each player plays club football. The only Georgian player talked about is the bloke at Napoli.
  13. Well if you consider we went to Ukraine a few months ago and came back with a draw then that is source for encouragement especially as we had injuries and a raging virus in that squad. Also Ukraine are player-for-player a patently better side than Georgia.
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