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  1. This thread is getting to me, woke up this morning and this instantly came into my heid... And another... And a 3rd...
  2. They were the days, we didn't even get a new strip for the world cup back then. I got the top the year before for the Rous cup game against England. It was pishing doon that day and we were in the Celtic end, covered myself with one of those remember Bannockburn flags and all the yellow ran in to the white piping on the top, ragin
  3. I'm getting old 😪 it's taken me almost a week to remember this...
  4. bonzo

    Lions Tour

    Agreed, I've often said they will eventually be called the Sky Lions.
  5. Agreed, and I think I'm on the same page as @Tiny Timas to who it is/was.
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