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  1. Netflix really does have some decent documentaries. ‘Murder Mountain’ about the Marijuana industry in California is good. ‘The legend of Cocaine Island’ is also good, the story of a likeable but rather dozy American going off in search of an alleged buried stash of coke. 😂 Bizarre story.
  2. It really was astonishing. Imagine tugging off the the guy who kidnapped and shagged your daughter and also shagged your wife. 😂 USA USA USA 😳
  3. The absolute Gammon Fest for “support soldier F’ seems like a deeply sinister factor
  4. Not looking good over there. Young lass armed with a notebook and pen blown away by those hardy souls at the New IRA ? ☹️
  5. No. You think going with tabloid style ‘bully’ and ‘gangster’ at this stage is not the wittering of a wank?
  6. Fuck me there is some right Sun reading Tory helmets on here 🙈
  7. Never met the guy personally but knew of him. More to the point, I know a good few folk who did know him and have nothing but good things to say about him. Chequered past for sure but the boy was shot outside his gaff with his bairn inside. Your comment suggests to me you’re a bit of a cunt to be honest.
  8. Wouldn’t be the first dozy American bird to fall for some absolute blethers from a Scotsman 🤔
  9. I’m sure it was Jason McAteer that was said to be in a nightclub with Liverpool players when Jimmy White walked in and McAteer shouted “ Hey Jimmy ! One hundred and eeeiiighty “ 🙈
  10. Yeah Armstrong was hoping to stay at United to finish is law degree but obviously money talks ( cheers Stephen Thompson ). Good lad to be honest. Grant Johnston is a Solicitor now .
  11. I remember seeing a picture of Bertie Auld jumping around in the hospitality lounge at Celtic, quite obviously steaming and quite obviously had pished his breeks. Long since retired mind you so maybe the norm.
  12. The Thumb Barry Ferguson Barry Robson. Anthony Stokes Gary O Connor Alan McGregor Paul McGowan Could probably be here all night ☹️
  13. Donald Trump tweeting that maybe dumping some water on it might help. Nothing gets past him 😂
  14. Express also hinted that McInnes was wearing jackboots and goose-stepped down the tunnel singing a Kraftwerk song.
  15. Dont take this the wrong way Hampden but I much prefer your political stuff 😂
  16. Jim Beem

    Us Masters

    Don’t get the massive wankfest over Woods. Comes across a horrible arrogant cunt. No time for the guy. That said, was it not a bit weird not seeing one single black person in the crowd ? Is the Masters held in 1950’s Mississippi ? 😂
  17. Surprised at the reaction to Ball’s challenge. I thought the second challenge alone was a straight red. Reckless and dangerous. Not saying he meant to do him but it was a crazy attempt. Never mind a 50/50, that was probably a 90/10. 😂 Deserved to go for that alone.
  18. Any links for the game ? What a load of pish this premier sports carry on
  19. I’m no lover of Rangers but when Durrant first came on the scene I remember thinking he was the real deal. Brilliant player. I think he was talented enough to make it to the very top. For a variety of reasons he never really fulfilled his potential. That’s my memory of him anyway. .
  20. Yeah you’re probably right but he just cant seem to get his shit together anywhere.
  21. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Watt ? He’s not a young laddie anymore 😳
  22. 😂 So, it looks like we currently have Cunt Bag & Ron Mod. Thats a start.
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