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  1. Having your season and plans put on hold due to the actions of another club that had nothing to do with you ? As a United fan, you’ll excuse my lack of sympathy for Hearts on this occasion, even though they have a point. Fuck them. 👍
  2. Probably helps ‘playing asleep’ when that hideous wife of his makes a move. Pair of mutants
  3. No disrespect to Motherwell, great signing but is that not a strange move, what do Killie fans make of it ?
  4. Thats what I don’t get. You would think they would go for someone intelligent and a good speaker, even if it was an ex journeyman pro it would be more engaging. Its like they have gone out their way to hire the services of the thickest cunts in football and lets be honest there is some serious competition. Boyd, McFadden, McCann etc - loathe, like or love them you have to concede they lack even the most basic levels of intelligence. They are, across the board, monumentally thick.
  5. Seeing a few images of the train on fire/derailed and if they are legit, it looks fucking brutal ☹️
  6. Covid Cabs. Same company that taxied the AFC half-wits on their tour of Aberdeen.
  7. Scrappy game last night, thought a draw would not have been unreasonable, we certainly did not do enough to win though. Both sides seemed to give away daft wee fouls all over the pitch which continually broke up the game. Still more positives considering where we were. Much more aggressive, positive and organised than the shite under Neilson. Thats Hibs, Motherwell and ST Johnstone, all decent sides and I feel we have easily held our own. In fact, Hibs may be a shout for third this season. Another couple of shrewd signing from Mellon and I think we will be fine. Kris Boyds utter hatred for United kept rearing its head 😂😂 He cannot help himself. Lovely stuff 👍
  8. I seem to recall Geddes being the over age player in the under 21s ? Maybe that’s what’s in your mind ? I could be talking shite as well mind you but it seems to ring a bell.
  9. With the exception of Clangers ( who I would not begrudge a cap) the rest at least fall in to the ‘thank fuck’ category
  10. Interetsingly enough, that call up for Swanson came at a time when he was going through severe mental health problems. Depression etc. Was hardly mentioned at the time but United had paid for him to go in the priory to help him.
  11. This tournament format is ridiculous, even more so in the current climate.
  12. Spot on. Same wee clique every time. No surprise they are also the biggest drama queens on here. Stir the pot, sit back and act all outraged when Ramy inevitably flips his lid.
  13. That dude behaved like Anne Budge before Anne Budge was even a Hearts thing.
  14. Tried to erase those names from my memory. 🙈 To be honest you could add Neilson to that list. A Good guy but a total negative, cautious bottle merchant of a manager
  15. I’ll go with that James. Said before the season started our target should really to be aim for a comfortable 8th or 9th. Basically to avoid a relegation dog fight would be a success. Suspect you lads the same ? As I say, its early days but really encouraged by the new manager. Huge improvement already compared to some of the teams Neilson set out and he’s only worked with the players for a few weeks 👍
  16. Back to the season. Early days but Micky Mellon could turn out to be one of our best appointments/signings in many years. 👍
  17. The club are vicariously liable for the actions of their employees. AFC themselves would not even argue this so Ive no idea why you are 😂
  18. Thats total ‘Footsoldier’ behaviour. Weirdos.
  19. If Aberdeen were informed that tomorrows game was awarded to Saints 3 v 0, I doubt they would have even complained.
  20. Credit where credit is due. McInnes recent statement is spot on, fair play to the man.
  21. St Johnstone should be given the 3 points. Setting a precedence across the board No doubt about it, the players clearly fucked up and Aberdeen have to carry the can for this. I’d hope and suspect the players will be given a severe fine by the club. No axe to grind with AFC. All clubs are paying small fortunes for regular testing to get the season started and these helmets go out 8 handed ? Fans have shelled out good money for season tickets to help clubs out in difficult times knowing full well they will be missing out on seeing some of the matches on their ticket. A bit of restraint shown by the players for a short time isn't to much to ask for. Whether they were bevvying or not is irrelevant.The point of players and clubs having the routine testing is to keep them in these wee bubbles or whatever the fuck so the games can continue. These cunts never even lasted a week. .
  22. NO PYRO NO PARTY. To soon ? 😳
  23. One Scotland. Many minters. Same few folk, same routine. It is so bad it is quite comical
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