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Rangers are Rocking; Scottys Financial insight inside.


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2 hours ago, stirlish said:

that's a good business model. "let's just aim to lose less money than Celtic."

I would imagine that Celtic have suitable funds to ride out some losses, rangers on the other hand....


The source is the "Ibrox news", next article is about straw clutchin

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I have better ones.   This is a bit long so bear with me. Earlier in 1997 when we were playing Sweden in Gothenburg, the night before the game we were in the Dubliner.   It was absolutely rammed

Ibrox would be empty if you had to can all the bigots.

If he bothers you that much just ignore him. Not one really for ignoring folk but you can only take so much sevco / Jesus / 9-11 pish. Crank.

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2 hours ago, Rolling hIlls said:

Dream on.  The facts are in every paper.  But keep dreaming.  I do miss the Bile on here though.Where are those old Dons lads that used to come on here with the Bile?  nowheretobeseen.com?

Not dreaming and never read the article. Read your post then seen the link was from Ibrox News and thought to myself that will be balanced! If it is indeed published in every paper then I am sure I will catch the article somewhere else. 👍

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