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  1. Isn’t Naismith is part of the coaching staff, I’m sure his studs will still be as sharp as when he played 😜
  2. One look at the spelling and you know it's nae Ramy 😉
  3. It all depends who is in the wee room deciding the VAR outcome, could be a lot of Bobby Maddens or Willie Collums making the calls 😖
  4. Was never gonna hit him wi it, anyone in red couldn’t hit a barn door 😜
  5. Ramy if you’re happy wi stealing a win against the worst performing Aberdeen team in years then a long season awaits you watching the poorest Celtic team in years 👍
  6. Celtic players goading Aberdeen supporters ......disgusting but not unusual, and I’m nae defending the one idiot scroat for throwing the one plastic bottle, he should be charged & banned.
  7. You’re slower than Aberdeen’s defense Ramy 🤣
  8. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
  9. Makes up for Jota nae getting one for numerous fouls 👍
  10. Ralstons that bad he could get a game for Aberdeen 🤣
  11. He should’ve been able to finish the game then, they hardly gave him a pass in the 1st half so he should’ve been ok 🤯
  12. Would be great if we could walk away from Pittodrie with 3pts never mind an away win😳
  13. Some of St Johnstone’s tackling was brutal & Madden let them off with it the entire game. Aberdeen needed to up the tempo but continued with slow build up for most of the game. Beginning to think Glass is out of his depth as a manager, start of 2nd half Samuels was causing saints problems down the left & was looking dangerous so Glass subs him 🤯 Ojo was his usual nonentity while Ferguson & Jet were very poor, terrible bit of management from Glass.
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