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  1. If we get him hope we use him better than last season, needs to be played in more attacking role than he was.
  2. Be some pre contract, think he’s got 2-3 years left on this one😜
  3. Has previous for kicking players, did it against Aberdeen got sent off but later rescinded, seems to have a charmed life 🤬
  4. We seen that when he was on loan, doesn’t need to do it with his ability 😱
  5. Seen a few cheating examples already today, how many times has broon fallen over when under pressure, he’s a real cheating bastard.
  6. Game was fucked at Hampden when Celtic got a penalty that wasn’t one & not even in the box, a double cheat 😜
  7. In the good old days when football was a mans game he would have but with today’s contactless game he did what 99% of players would have done & went down when he felt the hand on his back. Just listen to most ex players on tv saying a player was clever dangling a leg out to win a penalty when it’s really cheating.
  8. Why are you doing it when Hartson does such a wonderfully impartial commentary, is he not available 🤢🤢🤢
  9. Probably learned it off Christie when we had him on loan😜
  10. you're a fucking halfwit. We didn't deserve anything the way we played most of the second half, gave celtic to much respect as usual. Hartson forgetting he's being paid by BT, his comments were absolutely disgraceful.
  11. That’s been Leveins style of football for years, thugs.
  12. Bought an Aberdeen season ticket for years knowing I’d miss at least half the games due to my shift pattern then they brought in the stand free membership where you paid £10 to join but didn’t get a designated seat, still got priority & discount on tickets, you picked which seat you wanted out of what was available, great system 👍
  13. Outside the box but definitely a foul, Dallas thinks that’s a penalty 😜