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  1. Might as well use the alphabet system, works well at the start of the season 🤣🇮🇩
  2. Huns coach Beale i think his name is says league should be decided on league positions at the halfway stage of the season, wonder who that would benefit 🤡
  3. Aye agree, but anyone following Scotland needs their heads looked at 🤣
  4. Anyone booked for Slovakia yet, 2 booked Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Vienna 13-15 November.
  5. You bet they have, brass neck to say the old club broke the rules & owns the debts but new club still has the history 🤯
  6. Got enough of them already 😜
  7. Jack played full back for Aberdeen a few times & apart from being a bomb scare there he was missed in midfield.
  8. Ok I surrender, apologies if I doubted Forrest’s contribution to Scotland’s recent success. 👏👏👏
  9. I didn’t say I would have them in the team, I was trying to point out that others have been no better than them but continuously get picked. Shinnie was awful in Kazakhstan but so were the midfielders in front of him & the managers tactics.
  10. Forrest’s 5 goals came in the 2 games I said he was outstanding, the other 32 games he was totally anonymous. I never said Shinnie or McLean were better players but you normally notice them during a game whereas Forrest can be invisible.
  11. How many caps has Forrest got, how many games has he been absolutely dire, he did have a run of 2 games where he was outstanding but normally a wasted jersey.
  12. Even worse Ryan Jack or James Forrest 👍
  13. Shinnie plays for derby, McLean plays for Norwich 👍
  14. That’ll extend the working life of the stadium seats 😜
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