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  1. Not as if Tonev was known for being a racist or had previous for abusing players in that way 😳
  2. Well said, mans a knob but doesn’t deserve things thrown at him, maybe needs to be less in people’s faces for while & hope things calm down a bit.
  3. No different from Lennon, Scott Brown & Kris Boyd then, as i've said Logans nae the smartest whereas the others I've mentioned are supposed to be, Boyds even got a newspaper column to spout his wisdom 😳
  4. The bullets in the post is from one group of fans/people who cling to a hatred hundreds of years in the making and don't want to change. My point about Logan was that most clubs fans are guilty of abusing players/officials with very little done about it by the clubs, if celtic came out and condemned the abuse Logan gets it would reduce the risk of trouble same as my club should be doing more about the morons who still sing about Durrant !
  5. Still ignoring the fact that Logan has had terrible abuse from celtic fans & players since he called out a celtic player for rasism, yet you wet your pants when Lennon gets abuse, Lennon is just as big a knob as Logan but Logans nae the brightest cookie in the jar whereas Lennon is supposed to be an intelligent person. Whoever threw the coin at Lennon, punched the keeper or threw coins at the refs assistants deserve to get hammered in the courts & banned from football for life.
  6. Does that not count for Shay Logan giving a wee bit back at celtic end of last season or is the treatment he got from celtic fans & at that game celtic players different ?
  7. Not the first club recently to suffer at the hands of this so called independent/neutral group of shysters, I do think he was looking for contact which didn't happen so he looks guilty of the charge but the SFA's head of refereeing should not be writing to DSA with the comments he did, perhaps he would be better explaining how the referee's panel worked and came to their decisions.
  8. Was he only cited after Rodgers complained about it or were they looking at it already, shows how Rodgers reacts when things aren’t going his way and he’s under some pressure, greeting faced prick moaning about everything.
  9. Cowardly bastards trying to make it look as if they debated it thoroughly before announcing their sentence, or maybe Rodgers managed to speak to them afore his game started. I see McKennas victim has recovered enough to start tonight’s game🖕
  10. You can break down anytime you want to, sounds like you’re more than half way there already.
  11. Probably doesn’t show up thru green goggles 😜
  12. You called slasher coz you talk pish all the time?
  13. Aye broons always the poor wee innocent victim, can imagine the outcry if Shinnie or Logan had snatched Rodgers instructions oot of broons hands, green brigade would of gone mental. He’s an arrogant arsehole.