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  1. Only because of the special treatment they get, just want an even playing field nothing moreπŸ‘
  2. Aye that was the Brown one, horrendous tackle, 2017’s recent enough & it started the rescinds fiasco.
  3. Scottish footballs passed saving, recent record of appeals is unbelievable with old firm players having reds rescinded for violent tackles (Brown, Morelos, Jack) & even Mcgreggers kick at the weekend being ignored/sanctioned , it’s beyond corrupt πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š run by & for 2 teams only 🀬. Time to get away fae west coast influence & move to Murrayfield.
  4. They know what middle age is, they still live in them
  5. RDFH64

    Match points change con

    That sounds to sensible a system for them to work, hope your right πŸ‘
  6. RDFH64

    Match points change con

    Probably nae got them yet but will when they update the points, how about you? Going by how they've screwed up over the last few months & the Hungary ticket debacle I've no confidence in them getting anything right.
  7. RDFH64

    Match points change con

    Your a lot slower with informative comments than your are with the sarcasm πŸ‘πŸ»
  8. RDFH64

    Match points change con

    In what way am I wrong, do we only lose 1 point?
  9. RDFH64

    Match points change con

    Bit of a con that pre change points transferred into the new system as 1 point but when an away game is played now we will lose 2, unless i've picked it up wrong should have come over as 2 points.
  10. RDFH64

    Random ticket pick ups

    Picked ours up at 17:00, one or two others looking for the pick up point, wasn’t the easiest to find.
  11. RDFH64

    Random ticket pick ups

    Got pick up message yesterday, not a problem, save me fae having to look after it for a few weeks πŸ‘
  12. RDFH64


    Got 2 tickets, wee bit of a faf about wi family & friends but probably down to me being a πŸ’»πŸ΄
  13. RDFH64

    Boat Trip

    Hi, their flight gets in at 16:30 so probably to late
  14. RDFH64

    Boat Trip

    HI my sons keen so I'll confirm 2 places, 2 others might be up for it but they don't arrive till the Monday so depends on timing. Cheers Gordon