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  1. Slippy G’s got all the answers to Scotland’s football ills, pity he wasn’t so vocal about some of the major ones which his club if not encourage certainly don’t try to cure. Well said Mcinnes 👍
  2. Agree agree with most of that apart for the Morelos learning bit, he won’t learn until the rangers publicity machine stops putting out excuses for every stupid thing he does. With his natural ability it must really piss you off when he does the things he does.
  3. If people in England don’t give a shit about an English football competition why should we, better idea would be to just have the champions in the top European competition that way the smaller nations might actually get a fare crack at it like before, bit radical but why not stop all the money fae Sky ruining football.
  4. I was trying to use a term that covered all non white players,
  5. Makes you wander what Celtics coloured players think, or any other teams for that matter when they hear an opposing coloured player being racially abused by their own fans, time for them to call out the racists, after all by being coloured themselves are they not being abused indirectly by the morons who only see colour in an opposition strip.
  6. That backward oddball was backed & defended by both the club & supporters until he left, Logan still gets all kinds of abuse from Celtic fans.
  7. Did anyone get done for racism against Shay Logan, same venue & same fans.
  8. Henceforth to be known as sir Alf of Bogotá 😇😇😇
  9. Apparently it’s seen as a sign of respect back home in Columbia so it should be ok here 😜
  10. Genuine question, what came first the imbecile shouting or the cut throat fae Morelos, nae justification for either to react the way they did & both should be hammered, the fan banned fae every stadium for years & Morelos for numerous games due to his past record as well as the potential of starting a riot on Sunday.
  11. You just post shit all the time, must be time for a new identity again.
  12. We were discussing your team, I am aware that not all clubs supporters think or behave the same. Apparently it’s only a minority who sing the bigotry shit👍
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