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  1. Planning on going to a beer hall or two on the Saturday night, my wee boy is 40 on the 15th 🍺🍺🍺
  2. How about giving points on how far away fae Hampden you live, e.g. Glasgow area = 1/2 point, Perth/Dundee =1 point, north England =1 point, Highlands/north east Scotland =2 points etc. That would be a fair way to reward loyalty for those who incur more expense & time attending games at Hampden. I'm nae being serious with my suggestions but you obviously weren't either, I hope 🤔
  3. If we are such a burden why are they so desperate to keep control & subsidies us
  4. If it was a bloke & he had said “good lad” no one would’ve been upset & had a hissy fit about it, the whole worlds gone woke pc crazy.
  5. Any chance of rangers getting bumped down the leagues again 😜
  6. Take it you’ve been to all of these in the past then going by your description of the people who attend 🤔
  7. Could ask the SNP to raise this matter at the next Westminster opposition party question time 🤔
  8. From memory when purchasing a multi match package the points are added for each game after that game has been played, I think you normally get an extra loyalty point each time you renew your membership.
  9. Do they not have huge NHS waiting lists, local councils strapped for cash, politicians of all parties caught embarrassing themselves and leaders (Boris, truss & Sunak) being total liars.
  10. More like Fawlty Towers and Hammer house of horrors alternative games 😵‍💫
  11. Aye but could play in goal if needed, Goldson has proven many times he could 😜
  12. 2 goals went to var but this punch on Miovski didn’t, Miovski needed a couple of minutes treatment, that’s the sort of thing var should be checking 🤬
  13. Var is running/ruining the game totally, in the Aberdeen v Celtic game the linesman didn’t flag for offside with the Celtic player 2 yards offside yet in the second half the same linesman flagged Miovski offside when it was quite tight 🤔at last night’s Aberdeen v Motherwell game the linesman flagged Miovski offside when at most he was 2 inches offside if he even was, that’s the linesman not var but var intervened probably 7 times with only 3 needed looking at, last night’s game could’ve lasted for 120 minutes due to var & Motherwells time wasting from kick off 🤬
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