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  1. This from the club who appealed & won Morelos’s red for kicking McKenna off the ball, hypocrisy at it’s worst 🤯
  2. Hope they gave you a guard of honour leaving the pitch 🤫🤫🤫
  3. Aye but there's hardly any guffy players or managers in any of the top team's, I look forward to the day sky goes tits up & english football goes bust.
  4. Probably claim the orange bit was about dels perma tan😡😡😡
  5. You could hear it loud & clear then all of a sudden it was as though sky blocked out the singing & put on a recording of a crowd clapping, definitely didn’t sound like it was from the same game. Must’ve been my imagination cos Andy Walker never mentioned it🤐
  6. After watching yesterday’s game I would say it’s nae just Celtic, Defoe throws his arm out & forearms Lewis, he then goes down like he’s the victim firstly to avoid a card but also in the hope he gets a penalty, outcome no card. Then we get Katics dive for the first penalty then makes a complete arse of himself to get a second penalty. Utter cheats & the ref was all to ready to assist them. That said Aberdeen deserved nothing from the game, admittedly a weakened team but Mcinnes negative tactics are pissing a lot of dons fans off.
  7. Since when did domination mean no corruption, in politics one goes hand in hand with the other so maybe the same in sport😜
  8. How do you know what I look at, most players do lots for good causes not just Celtic ones, my point was how little class most of the present Celtic squad has when they win or lose in comparison to some of the true legends from Celtics past.
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