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  1. Should double it for failing, might stop them appealing every card.
  2. I was pointing out that the club takes action against fans who they deem to have embarrassed the club, {pity some others clubs don’t} they have always been tougher on their own fans at matches especially at Pittodrie, can’t count the number of times I’ve been told to sit down when away support stands for full game. They do need to grow some balls & stop taking the shit treatment from the pricks running the game from Hampden.
  3. Most Aberdeen fans on here aren’t laughing it off from the comments I’ve read, every club has its knuckle trailers who drag it down but the club itself tends to react to events pretty quickly & firmly e.g. the Morelos mattress banner & the guy giving Gerrard the fingers. Hopefully they can weed the pricks out & ban them.
  4. Maybe some of the Glasgow polis didn’t like the result on Tuesday 😱 don’t know what was being sung but they’ve surely heard worse week in week out at Celtic & Rangers games. I’m nae condoning singing sectarian crap but it’s never been an Aberdeen thing so don’t know why or who’s started it. Time to out the pricks who are doing it. Stand free.
  5. Morelos appealing his yellow for diving, was a bit of contact so maybe get it rescinded, then give him 4 retrospective yellows & the ensuing reds for his unpunished dives, justice served all round 👍
  6. 👍 it’s refreshing to get honest replies to questions on here, thanks.
  7. Only seen it on my phone so far but I’ll comment on it when I’ve seen it properly. Thanks for the reply 👍
  8. Not on the wind up here, did you think the Mcgregor tackle on Ferguson was a red.
  9. I’ll have a debate with you when I get a sensible reply, you obviously didn’t read my post or maybe it was a tad complicated for you🤯🤯🤯
  10. Just following what your clubs done after every red they’ve received, it’s called abusing the system but then again rfc have refused to take responsibility for anything they don’t like for years.
  11. Morelos red for that wasn’t rescinded ya balloon, read before you post your shit replies 🖕
  12. You’ll be flying Catalan flags at next home game along wi the Palestinian ones then.
  13. Why don’t they just ban the morons, hope you don’t wreck your armchair when you watch a game 👍
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