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  1. Think Marshall would feel more comfortable playing up front 😜
  2. Think they’re looking for a hair of the dog tinny 😜well done for helping clear up the mess 👏👏👏
  3. Mcgregor would need to be involved in a physical encounter with an opposition player to get a knock, he just floats around doing very little during a game.
  4. McInnes seen ootside parkheid this afternoon 😴
  5. Thing is most other posters on here have RH on ignore so he creates other ID’s just to have someone to converse with, he’ll probably end up pissing his other ID’s off tho like he’s done with the rest of us 😜
  6. Rangers should start by banning the organisers of the march from Ibrox to George Square, Rangers pleaded with their fans not to take to the streets on Saturday yet an official Rangers fan group openly went against this and organised the march/gathering which the police had also refused to sanction. Make an example of these people who obviously think more of their own agenda than they do about to club they claim to love.
  7. They’ve had to play behind closed doors this season yet the Neanderthals have still run amok.
  8. How’s that nae a surprise, anyone who’s been to Hampden to see their team play Rangers would tell you the weegie polis are mainly huns, that one in the photo should be disciplined for encouraging/ignoring what happened yesterday.
  9. Eufa being the greedy bastards they are would probably put all returned tickets into their corporate sales so they would make far more money 🤬
  10. OK, so that alone confirms they're greedy pricks 🤑
  11. Going by recent cup final history between your two clubs I'm surprised you would want that to happen
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