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  1. Aye but you hate everyone who’s nae of the hail hail persuasion 😳
  2. VAR won’t much difference, probably be a Colum, Beaton or Madden sitting in the remote room making the calls 🤯
  3. They’re probably saying Aberdeen should have had a penalty & Mcgregor should have been sent off 🤯
  4. You'll have to beat Rangers yourselves to win anything & nae rely on other clubs taking points off them. Have you noticed if you put an R at the start & end of Ange you get a Ranger 🤣 RRRRRRRRRangeRRRRRRRRR
  5. Be back at Ibrox in 6 months time where he'll get to play Arbroath in the SPL next season 😜
  6. About time Celtic started taking points of Rangers themselves, we’re fed up keeping the league going for them this season 👍
  7. Nah, just the weegie ex old firm player showing through 😜
  8. Aye Morelos & Kent we’re doi what they do best, putting in cheap shot tackles & rolling about like stuck pigs if anyone came near them.
  9. Andy Walker a total wanker, says Kent 2nd yellow nae even a foul ffs
  10. Think most of it's already booked up, we've booked Kinlay House Hostel, looked & they still had availability in larger shared dorms. 200 yards fae Temple bar area.
  11. And they are scum as well, sadly all teams have idiots like that.
  12. Ibrox ones even more unreliable for counting trophies, it came up with 1 devided by 9 = 55 😜
  13. Been told that many times & will be plenty more, 18 till I die 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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