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  1. In broons defence he gets away wi that & much more week in week out without being punished, maybe forgot it was a foreign ref 😜
  2. They’ve pinched other teams best players for peanuts for years, if they’d offered real value for McGinn & McKenna they would be a lot better now. They demand big money for their own players but low ball teams in Scotland, nobody to blame but their arrogant selves 😱
  3. Midfielder at full back, full back he signed on the bench looks a bit stupid does it not ?
  4. Pedro caixinha would have won everything if he was Celtic manager over the last few years, even mark mcghee would’ve probably looked a good manager there 😳
  5. Take away all the advantages of wealth & we would see how good he is, look how he got on at hibs & did he not totally screw up at Bolton?
  6. Does Mike Ashley get a share of the tv money 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Risk assessment would advise nae away fans allowed in 😜
  8. I'm sure the people of Tel Aviv will appreciate every penny you raise for them.
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