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  1. I'm experienced enough (old) to remember those times as well, potentially 3 sometimes 4 teams in with a chance of winning the league, 3 great european competitions which teams wanted to win. Scotland qualifying for tournaments without having to go through play offs, great footballing times. The Bosman ruling, agents, greedy disloyal players & shite television deals ruined Scottish football, throw in uefa & fifa's football for the elite rich club's plan & their corruption in deciding where CL finals & world cups are played has gone a long way to ruining football. Most
  2. The problem with Mcinnes is he thinks football is like a game of chess, very tactical, studied precise moves at the right time & a battle of wits with his opposing manager, we’ve played our best & most entraining football the all to few times he’s let the players off the leash, a couple of games later usually against the old firm he craps himself & reverts to the overly negative pish we’ve had to endure far to often.
  3. Obviously no under plastic heating & shite drainage, what we’re the prerequisites for allowing plastic pitches 🤔
  4. See the mighty Celtic have put their entire U19 team on furlough, pretty bad after spending £250K on the 1st teams holiday to Dubai, so in a roundabout way the tax payers are paying for the Dubai fiasco, couldn’t make it up ffs 🤬
  5. Outbreak of football with Hamilton v Motherwell 🤣 Agree about the plastic pitches, Surely they should be able to handle rain, not as tho the water has to drain through earth/mud to get away, maybe the little black powder/beads you see kicking up during games blocks the draining process 🤯
  6. No hissy fit, just pointing out how little your team contributes to Scotland’s national team by developing young Scottish talent, looks like Murray parks been a complete waste of money. Should maybe buy Hamilton Accies academy and bull-dose Murray park 👍
  7. Tell us how many games have players from Rangers football academy actually played for the 1st team, bet there’s not very many 👍
  8. We were playing better football with him, Watkins & Hedges linking play up, is it a coincidence that with Wright & Watkins out injured we’ve gone back to playing shite one dimensional Cosgrove/Main no tempo football.
  9. Probably more to do with having quota of home grown players in the squad & weakening another team.
  10. But were they on it for less than the governments 15 minutes close contact rule 😜
  11. Thieving pricks, need to start developing your own home grown talent instead of letting everyone else do the hard work. 🤬
  12. Got 10 years of Celtic gloating & is it triple or quadruple trebles gloating to pay back for so hope everyone piles in & gives them shit big time. And before anyone comes on & has a go about me using covid to bash Celtic I do feel deepest simpathy for anyone that has been affected by covid.
  13. Maybe the spfl seen this coming & cancelled the points docking of Kilmarnock & St Mirren so they didn’t have to do the same with Celtic, how’s that for a conspiracy theory😜
  14. That the same Kennedy who defended their social distancing & behaviour in Dubai just the other day.
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