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  1. Good shout. Be some xmas night out tae!
  2. If. That should be our national motto!! Some on here with Bile towards McLeish and showing their true colours. The man tried his best at every level for club and country. So mock him if some of you will. It won't be me. And I have met him personally but that is not clouding my judgement. Easy to criticise from a keyboard when you have never actually achieved anything. I am proud of McLeish and all he has achieved. Time now to get someone new in but have the same dignity McLeish has shown then you will be better people for it. The prick that started a thread called 'yeeeees'. Fanny.
  3. For all you have given Scottish football. You have left with your usual standards. Dignity. You are a legend and always will be. Scotland Forever.
  4. Fir Park was where I was taken when I was a boy for a few years and had the old top with the diagonal on it. But then started to get taken to Ibrox so changed but hated the bigotry. I would say 40% well. I would rather see Well winning the Scottish Cup than Rangers next season as Rangers will win the league 👍 No a patronising hun though mate. Going to start going back to club games again and Fir Park will be next. Mate is a Livi fan so fancy that too. Lost my love for going to games but enjoyed Tynecastle couple of weeks back. No bigotry and good atmosphere.
  5. I dont know the ins and outs phart but at least they have kept it going. It cheers us up!! All i saying is folk should be a bit more respectful. Have a laugh andaa wind up. And good debates which i enjoy reading from u plinth and others about politics etc.. none of this scum pish which is simply......... well Bile
  6. If it wasnt for the mods and the people that have backed the board there would be no board. I got banned a couple of weeks ago and rightly so as i got riled and shouldnt have reacted. Its the name calling especially 'scum' that lets the board down. In our hearts we are all scotland supporters. I thoroughly enjoyed the hearts game last week and the dons supporters werre terrific. Great atmoaphere. The other rangers guys on here are like myself and cant abide bigotry. But still get labelled withe scum word. Any expletives like that should earn a ban imo. If ormond is banned again he deserves it. He even accused me 'for a fact' that i was big ron ffs. And called me fat. That is just child speak. I know i lile a wind up on here but never nasty to folk. Scotland and gl........ u know the rest 👍
  7. I knew hamish husband and met on many occasions abroad. Nicer guy u wouldnt meet. Probably sick of all the bile on here. Love to meet him again.
  8. Thats right. Acht u will get them every country i suppose. Just hopefully a spike up here at the moment and will pass. Taking a coconut in to a game seems quite funny at first. But surely that person intended to throw it at someone on the park. I am sure the guy with lighter never did that but lost the rag. Crazy.
  9. Agree . It was worded poorly but total over reaction. He will be getting threats from the vigilantes now. I am sure he would never have meant it in that way and just talking about abuse in general. Genuine question to the timaloys on the board. Did rangers fans sing songs about scott browns sister last week? Watched it in pub so never heard? I would hope they didnt or then i would be genuinely ashamed. And would understand his reaction at end. Fitba fans?????
  10. Out of curiosity does this happen in england? Dont watch english football so dont know the answer. As i said cctv should be used better nowadays. These ultras do add a bit of noise and colour but throwing stuff at players crosses the line.
  11. And not a bigoted bone in my body btw. U have made me going to get pished 🙋
  12. Things are what they are thistle. 100 years of a catholic side against a protestant side aint going to change in our lifetime. So one is as bad as the other. Hence why we are scotland supporters. I am just glad scottish football is better this year. And it is. Right. I was off the glenlivet last couple of days and u have just made me feel like a large one. A glenlivet that is!! Aye fuck it. On holiday from my male modelling job tomorrow. Gloves that is. Scotland Forever.
  13. Apart from the bananas thrown at mark walters. Apart from that....... but i do agree there isnt really the race thing here now thank god. Just religious. Btw there was a huge union jack at the hearts aberdeen game last week right next to the aberdeen support. So i disagree it is only the big two where religion is concerned. Dont know if that counts as religious but if that was rangers supporters which they do it would be seen as religous i am sure.
  14. Not at all ma pal. I meant it from all these wee neds. Rangers ones too so dont pick me up wrong. Just hooligans them all. But surely the clubs and police must know the main areas where they sit. Loonies and should be locked up and shamed. I dont care if rangers fans or not. Does that make sense?
  15. Why is this the craze now? Ultras? Ultra dicks. Get the cctv straight on to them at every game. Pricks.
  16. Pal was at jambos hibs game and as much as ig pains hin to say he thought it wasa decent game.
  17. Agree. Thought well played very well. Same as when i went to hearts game last week against aberdeen. Not much in it all. I am not taking the push when u say this but i think the standard of football in scotland is good as i have seen. Unfortunately not a lot of scottish kids coming through. But agree on your assessment about the 3 0.
  18. All down to opinions. 3 0 is a humping. In anyones opinion. Game is about the onion net.
  19. Scotty. I am a wee bit lished in gala. U make yourself look a hypocrite thougj pal. No one calls jesus jeezo. Get over the hate which u guys are supposed to preach. Its rangers. Whether you like it or not.
  20. You get the board in to a linguistic adventure. And just proved my own point. Lose the hate kid xx
  21. Still think rangers could nick the title. Last of the glenlivet for me. Big guy from hearts should be top priority. Great attitude.
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