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  1. You better not show your face before the Belgium game. I will punch you so many times you would think you were surrounded. Kidding pal. We are Scots and always will be. Good men are thin on the ground. Night mate. Scotland Forever.
  2. I am Barney boy. Need a ticket though. But I will be there pal. need to get back to the games.
  3. Beautiful weather and great to be a Scotsman. Nite fellows and lassies. One of my students tomorrow is doing a thesis on social media.. I wish her well.
  4. Barney. He accused me last night of being someone that offended a guy called Rossy. Still waiting for an apology. So anything he calls you I would take with a pinch of salt. A few people on here that just make things up. U don't. He does. Seemples. Scotland Forever
  5. If it is a waste of time then don't bother. Stick to the squash.
  6. If you don't watch it why are you commenting on it? Either competition. Stick to netball in Hampshire kid. Imagine posting on a football board then say you are not interested. Laughable 🌙
  7. Macy was on here saying not one celtic fan had been charged and was asking for proof.. Then it was in the papers. Never heard Macy apologise. That's all. Anyway, If you are wrong you are wrong. Thplinh bhoy accused me yesterday of being rude to a boy called Rossy. Never heard of him and never heard back as way of an apology from thplinth. But hey ho. It takes all sorts.
  8. Like the lies I told when Macy asked for proof? Unfortunatelty it landed in court where the ref had his family threatened. Never really heard from Macy since by a strange coincidence. nolies heare kid. Just facts. Roll on next Sunday when the Gers hump them as usual and the victims complain about the referee. As usual. Cannytakeit.com.
  9. When do these gits ever grow up? When Rangers hump them next Sunday it will be the referee.
  10. Victims are us putting a complaint in against Willie Colum. Penalty decision. Maybe find out where he lives and the lodge he is in. Fabulous.
  11. It's ridiculous. Cello fans need to get a private investigator in to the referee today. Maybe find out where he stays and the pub he drinks in. That would be a start. Can't have rangers winning without blaming the referee. Or breaking his windows. Stand on
  12. Keep the obsession up lads. Keep it up. Glory glory Glasgow rangers.
  13. Not interested in Northern Ireland. This is a Scotland board.
  14. Imagine a Scotland where we were all Scots. People of our wee country didn't call each other scum.Imagine that. I will dream but live in Bonnie Scotland. For the rest of my life. Nevever ever flit to a foreign country and whine about being a Scot. True Scots stay here.Scotland Forever.
  15. And now maybe mr thistle or the wee boy in England will be calling for my head to the mods as my post above has so many sectarian issues! Anyhow. I am away to church. They say they have free wine there. That will do for me. Stand on.
  16. Must be difficult for you to listen to players that have played at the highest level. Then calling them not the sharpest knifes in the drawer. (really ignorant btw) Who did you play with again? And please pm me your cv with all of your degrees. These guys played at the highest level and entitled to an opinion. Which you obviously read or listen. These guys should be our heros. But nah. On social media we are far too clever. Scottish Football Forever. Put it down all you like but I love my team, my country and Scottish Football.
  17. Surely the sfa should be following uefa in closing parts of the ground. 3000 fans now can't go on Thursday. Surely the message will sink in now. To many surely's. Happy Sunday 😀
  18. Don't even know what you are talking about kid. Don't remember a Rossy. But if you can tell the board when he told me to f off then I will politely go away and never post on here again. But I suspect you are lying. But please prove me wrong kid.
  19. Another true Scotsman. Who doesn't live in Scotland. I live in Scotland kid and would never live anywhere else. Where do you live again? One life. I am Scottish and live in Scotland. Full Stop.
  20. He is that boring that you responded. Is it your opinion that matters a fuck? Or is anyone else allowed an opinion? Its alright, even when the sun shine.
  21. Disappointed. Every post has been against me today. Though I was going to break the record of everybody hating me in 24 hours. Snow can burn your eyes but only people can make cry. Scotland Forever. And in case you are asking. Got my Glenlivet.
  22. It is longer than a long shot unfortunately Barney. Some folk just like to swear and curse and call people names on here. By the grace of God we are not like that. Let them come let them come. Scotland Forever.
  23. I will report back. Try to make it non sectarian so that certain individuals wont report me to mods. That's fish off the menu. Could be seen by the thistle bhoy as sectarian as this is not Friday. Patheticism at its finest. As they say in Spain. Scotland Forever.
  24. Off for a meal with my new girl in the borders. Leave u with 'we are the people'. Wait until the usual suspects accuse me of being sectarian scum and want me banned. Pathetic. Have a great non sectarian night 😗
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