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  1. No idea was in a hotel room in Germany and 'flicking' through the channels and that German music video appears so had to take a picture. Robot, smoke, German guy in leather, silver glove, big curly hair, moustache. Perfect stuff.
  2. For a good few years it was absolutely brilliant. Laughed Learned things Got annoyed Annoyed people Changed my mind about certain things. What more could you want from a message board.
  3. Ah the good old days. Just heard about the demise of this institution. Phart is bang on. It still hanging up in my cupboard, arrived safely from Hong Kong. A legit price of merchandise.
  4. Must have missed it in between Eddard Stark copy and paste of articles by sevconian cheerleaders and Debian's profound musings.
  5. A flare as part of a military exercise near the airport. (Pre-informed as well)
  6. I saw the trailer at the Science Centre IMAX when i went to see Everest. It didn't dissapoint on that screen in 3d.
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