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  1. I picked Dylan McGeogh first! ๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, Allan McGregor, Barry Ferguson, Stephen Hughes, Alan Hutton, Maurice Ross, Danny Wilson, Charlie Adam, John Fleck, Chris Burke, Ross McCormack, Dylan McGeogh, Nathan Patterson, Billy Gilmour, Kenny McLean, Barry Robson, Greg Taylor. So 16 (and I'm bound to have missed a few) which is probably better than I was expecting given Rangers lost their entire set up and spent a quarter of that 20 year period in the lower leagues. What we should be seeing now is the "benefit" of that time in the lower leagues where young players could have been blooded and developed without the comparative pressure of competing with Celtic and now making an impact in the Scotland team but for the time being that isn't happening. As mentioned above, the current crop of young players, and in particular Lowry, King and McKinnon (and McCann but he's NI) look as strong as they have for a while (throw Patterson & Gilmour in there too) so it does look as if the Academy is slowly starting to pay dividends but it remains to be seen whether they get the opportunities they need.
  3. I find it difficult to get excited about Rangers signing promising young Scottish players as so few of them get opportunities in the first team. Hopefully, as you say, that might change with the new coaching set up but I'll reserve judgement.
  4. Tierney is a cracking player, no doubt, and is the first name on the Scotland team sheet for me when he's fit but I can't help but feel this talk of Real Madrid being in for him is somewhat fanciful.
  5. I went in 98 and it pished down for 3 days straight (and I mean pished down). The site was like a quagmire and walking anywhere took ages as the mud was up to our shins. The band I most wanted to see was James and they very kindly decided to cut their set short so the crowd (and they) could watch England v Colombia in the World Cup so that was fun...... Got back to the tent on the Friday night/Saturday morning to discover it had been robbed and all of our rucksacks and sleeping bags had been nicked. We were literally left with the clothes we had on our backs. Long story but we couldn't get replacement sleeping bags (it was either fork out for new sleeping bags or have beer money the rest of the weekend...) so we spent the next 3 nights wrapping ourselves (and our mud caked clothes) in black bin liners and those reflective blankets marathon runners get to try and keep warm during the night. We may have also spooned. The mud was that bad and the ground that wet that other than when we were in our tents there was only one time the rest of the weekend we weren't on our feet. It was an absolute grind, utterly exhausting and one of the best weekends of my life!
  6. The last season of Killing Eve is without a doubt the biggest pile of self indulgent shite I've ever watched. I've got one episode to go and have literally forced myself to watch the last 4 or 5. It's really, really awful and a shame given how good the first 2 seasons were.
  7. I see Rangers have extended his contract till 2024. A bit surprised by that.
  8. Fair enough. I was on the outside looking in from time to time and thought it seemed he'd done OK but clearly not!
  9. I think Adam did OK for Dundee last year? Heโ€™s could probably do a job for a bottom 6 team Iโ€™d have thought. In saying that heโ€™s probably about the right age for us given our activity so far this summer!
  10. With Arfield, Davis and now McGregor all signed up itโ€™s good to see our ageing squad is getting the overhaul it needs!
  11. You may have listened to this as itโ€™s one of the original ones but Serial and the case of Adnan Syed is excellent. S Town is also a good listen.
  12. Where you seeing that? 1500 KO on the BBC link (games on the 28th are 19:45 and we're home to Motherwell).
  13. Opening weekend fixtures... Livi v Rangers Hearts v Ross County Killie v Dundee Utd St Johnstone v Hibs St Mirren v Motherwell Celtic v Aberdeen (Sun) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/scores-fixtures/2022-07
  14. Not just saying this but it does start picking up from here on.
  15. I think I read that his annual salary is more than the team that win the Scottish Cup get in prize money! And I think the Cinch deal is worth less than they pay for an advert on Spurs shirt sleeves.
  16. Not sure it will be the same venue, this one was in a big top that has been put up specifically for a series of summer gigs.
  17. Genuine question, what song and dance did they make other than not putting up the Cinch sineage (which I wouldnโ€™t class as a song and dance)?
  18. I was at James and Shed Seven in Ingliston at the weekend. Two of the best live bands about so it was, unsurprisingly, tremendous!
  19. As far as I can gather Rangers highlighted the conflict to Doncaster/the SPFL prior to the deal being completed yet they still pushed it through, presumably expecting that Rangers would just roll over. I can't really see how Rangers are in any way in the wrong here. I agree it's not a good look but it's yet another example of Doncaster being absolutely terrible at his job.
  20. I won't claim to know the full ins and outs but from where I'm standing it looks like Doncaster has been handed his arse. Rangers get to not display the Cinch branding but still get the financial benefits?
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