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  1. You are an idiot, But probably too much of an idiot to realise it.
  2. His point is he loves to have a dig at anything celtic related, He's a fanny
  3. Thought you had left? new it was too good to be true
  4. Can you not download other browsers on your tv? I know i can
  5. To Re-use an oldie,, It's not a fucking airport, no need to announce your departure
  6. Anybody mentioned how The mandalorian is actually better than star wars yet? or is that sacrilige?
  7. I reckon you have shown your true colours today, A lot of posts you go on about harmony and we're all scottish malarkey,, when in reality you are nothing more than a dyed in the wool rabid Hun, I know it really hurt you Celtic winning today but you know something kid? I'm sure it won't be long till your mob win their first trophy. Might well be the league, might not, but until then , go fuck yourself
  8. You are absolutely right, I humbly apologise, My use of the word "Your" instead of "You're" is unforgivable, Stand up,, wee fella
  9. That was a request. not personal abuse, here's some personal abuse for ye, your a cunt
  10. There's personal abuse right there, And you call yourself an educated man?
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