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  1. Yeah, they said "Hibs never sold the allocation for the semi, so up them"
  2. Pretty sure there used to be a betting thread on here called "Weekly donations" or something but I can't seem to find it. Anyone?
  3. Has anyone watched, "The wheel of time",, fuck me ,, how the fuck did this get made?
  4. Sell out yer semi final allocation and take it from there,
  5. Obviously it's only Irrelevant to fit the narrative, We couldn't have a headline like "X-hun who royally fucked up in China takes over as Hun Manager"
  6. Any decent telly won't have the wee "Wing things" even at normal HD, this smacks of a 55" £249 polaroid bad boy,, Admit it man,, c'mon
  7. My Mate, Dave Ross, Owns the Admiral, I'll pass on the feedback.
  8. The Waterloo bar will be hoachin,
  9. The Maintenance of the plan is 0.3% per annum, The other figure was the total for transferring to begin with, sorry for the confusion.
  10. Just started watching "Succession" and I already hate everybody in it.
  11. The whole thing is being dealt with by "Pension Works" at the moment who will advise me if I can transfer or not and then it goes to Royal London I believe, we're still very much in the "Advise" stage at the moment.
  12. Sorry no, It is db scheme , read it wrong soz.
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