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  1. I think this came from one of those mad Celtic blogs. Lord Carloway at paragraph 4 of the judgement on the recalling motion to the intermin inderdict (which the SPFL lost) The petitioners specialise in the sale of new and used cars. They have a longstanding commercial relationship with Rangers. This includes advertisement by Rangers of the petitionersโ€™ business. A written contract has been in existence since June 2015. It was renewed on 17 May 2021.
  2. I think that was only in relation to the original notice they had to send to the SPFL. Presume they would had needed to, as part of the arbitration. Otherwise I wouldnt think they had an argument.
  3. Had Rangers not done what they did, they would have breached their contract with Parks. The reason the league has this rule is for this exact reason - to avoid clubs breaching existing sponsorship deals. Suspect the SPFL will be on the hook for a rather large amount of legal fees too- considering they seem to have lost at every stage.
  4. First year law student could have told them the same. Chist. Be very interesting to know the insurers position.
  5. Having the massed pipes and drums churn up the pitch for 30 mins pre game, was, in hindsight, awesome shithousery against the better footballing nations.
  6. Is there anyone against this? only seen him in the old firms, and a couple of other games, but that would seem like a bit of a no brainer to me?
  7. Sadly there is no physical way to get back home post game. One car is going to drive, but we cant fit 8 in it ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Sorry - just catching up, but Lowry got injured in youth team defeat to Sevilla in Feb, and then again following the 3-0 Dundee game (his return game following the Sevilla injury). Think he was out for a total of six or seven weeks during the second half of the season- which is a fair amount considering he only made his debut the last weekend of Jan. Hopefully see lot more of him this coming season.
  9. Yeah, we've now decided to avoid on that basis. Just too much hastle. Fuck Scotrail. This is some quote. Phil Campbell, ScotRail's head of customer operations, said the operator was "doing all we can to help football fans head to Hampden and cheer on the national team". How? ๐Ÿ˜†
  10. yeah, however looking at the picture in the paper this morning, that's not the route I've taken before to get into that part of the stadium (although that was a few years back). Wonder if they have changed it? Easier to get into the other end, as its not far from the station.
  11. I mean, it's sort of disrepectful that the rest of the league hasn't just rolled over and let us consentrate on the big one. but anyway... we'll struggle on ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Quite a few in the Rangers end, and along the front. Fair play to the Celtic fans with the Ivory Coast flags Obviously cheaper.
  13. Think we did deserved today. But any club that is holding off voting for VAR, should be made to watch both semi finals. Big enough to say that things went our way today, but ive called out Madden enough times on here for being inconsistant.
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