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  1. Imagine, just imagine, if a small number of clubs had come out at the time and said we would all end up in court if the season was ended early. May be one of those clubs could have put this in some sort of report, or something, and then given a copy to all the clubs?
  2. Isnt it supposed to be done by machine, so that its random? Not a chance that is random.
  3. Doubt anyone is going to raise to the bate, sorry. Pre-order through the mygers club link, that was emailed to members. Otherwise it goes on public sale 1 August, including at House of Fraser (although I suspect they will have limited sales). Glad I could help.
  4. Papers seem to sugget he was mulling over a number of offers. I doubt he will be a free agent come the start of the next season.
  5. Court reports saying that QC for the SPFL admitted that the SPFL did receive the first Dundee vote at 16:48 🙄 Looks also like the SPFL failed to get the case thrown out- given that they are going into a second day tomorrow.
  6. Thanks, stopped following this a while back. There isnt anything rules that remotely covers this senario, I checked myself. You would thing they might consider adding something in for next season, given where we are currently.
  7. The corollary to this presumably being that had the SPFL played by the rules, they would have no case?
  8. This is exactly one of the points in Rangers dossier- that in trying to steer the clubs to one conclusion, the liabilites werent properly disclosed.
  9. May be this is why the spfl then decided to skip over it as a risk, when pushing for the first resolution.
  10. yeah, parade in the morning and a game in the afternoon. No need to bring a change.
  11. Thistle have raised legal action, have they not?
  12. Yup. Monumental fuck up by those in charge. Now off to court we go.
  13. I was thinking about this the other day. I think some benchmarking thing was to be published to show how the schools were doing. Might be due next year, possibly.
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