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  1. Stu101

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Was a Rangers played called Faser Coyle around that time. Never played for the first team that I am aware of, but played in the U21 at the same time as one of my mates. Left to join Airdrie.
  2. Probably glad you were away...him tweeting a black livi player 'fuck off back to your own country' was a particular low point.
  3. Suspect you'll probably be of the first to go - your blood pressure being so high from all the seething Relax and take a step back- its only a game in the end.
  4. Christ. Hate to think what will happen when we eventually get to 55. They lost a game of football, for fuck sake.
  5. The boy is beyond awful. Keep hoping their is a player in there somewhere, but seems to get worse the more match fit he gets.
  6. Stu101

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I doubt any Rangers fan would be calling for him to be given a starting position, but the fact he gives us cover in two positions - both of which we are pretty short in - means he has to be up for inclusion. He's been pretty consistent all season. If you are determined to work back from before today - I've mentioned this on 3/4 occasions before (as have others).
  7. Stu101

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Merry Christmas to you too
  8. Fair play. That's a great achievement.
  9. Stu101

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Without a doubt. Sadly club bias affects a few on here.
  10. He still has overall control of the total time to be added- the referees discretion is final, in terms of the rule book.
  11. yes- heard it as 45 seconds as well. It's more of a guide, according to the boy who does the ref stuff in the Guardian.
  12. God Craig Thomson is abysmal. How anyone can miss an handball like that, I will never know. Plus gives a foul on Goldson when hibs were through - never a foul. Then manages to add on 2 minutes of injury time- for a half where five subs were made, and the physios were on at least thee times. To be fair, he'd probably released he'd had a shocker and given up by then
  13. Rangers with original Rolando and Van Persie. Lost out of Van Persie for a couple of million - as we couldn't shift another player. Think Celtic had a deal for Giroud accepted, but he didn't want to leave France at that time.
  14. That would possibly be the best draw for you guys. Still got some very good individual players, but just not clicking these days.
  15. Next game behind closed doors though?