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  1. I'm using this as my post signature (once I work out how to do that....) 😎
  2. Think he wanted to retire before the start of the League of Nations, but was talked into staying on. Probably just decided it was time now. Edit: just seen this has already been said.
  3. He had a good 6 months two seasons ago. That's is. Butland, Pope, McCarthy and Heaton are all better. Gordon Banks probably better at the moment.
  4. Ha, nah you miss-understand. My money was on 'junkie with bottle' tonight. Disappointed it was some wee ned with fists.
  5. Suppose if your fans turned up, it might become a wider issue. Otherwise, we're probably all safe 😉
  6. Aye, it was nice it was just a friendly wee kick about tonight. Thanks for not launching bottles, or anything.
  7. Ah gotya. Not going anywhere with that tbf. Seemingly the ticket sales are looking very healthy for the replay.
  8. Are the ticket recepits for the cup games not split 50/50%?
  9. Depends what you consider 'interesting' (its from Companies House and its legit - you can see it online) There have been a number of securities over those assets over the last 18 months (i seem to recall), which have been subsequently discharged. Suspect this happens when the club draws down under the facility agreement thats in place.
  10. The ref needs downgraded for saying he didnt see it... when he is 20 yards away and looking directly at the incident. So, either (i) he is a liar, or (ii) incompetent, either of which should result in a downgrade.
  11. Thought Aberdeen were far the better side in the second half. We were hanging on badly at points
  12. This all seems to be slighly getting to you, big chap. Maybe step away for a bit- try to get some perspective. Its only a game, remember. Celtic will still win the league and the is no masonic conspiracy to stop them otherwise.
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