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  1. Decent performance, no injures, but probably should have score a couple more.
  2. The timeframes involved are quick too. For some reason I always though it was some slow build up, until I actually looked at it. Horriffic.
  3. Actually a good point. Undoutably we would lose the league, but 65m would secure us to after the next transfer window 😎
  4. Jack and McGregor (after a slow start tonight) starting to look very good together. Palmer was great tonight, and Gallacher has done well over both games.
  5. HMRC was after a headline case to force others to settle. Every other club settled until they came to us. HRMC basically said the bill was 'x'. That basicaly put off buyers for Rangers because the tax bill was so large. So if you were a shareholder, their is a potential claim against HMRC if they applied the wrong 65% penalty rate.
  6. Nah. We'll just go bust and come back again Utd fan in my boozer was saying that quite a lot of their squad arn't on long term contacts, so if they dont make it, they'll be let go to limit the damage.
  7. Remember Rangers was the test case after the larger English club settled their EBT liabilites at the time. This was all pretty much new law, and hadn't been tested. HMRC was looking for a target and applied the 65% penalty rate, probably on the basis at the time that Rangers didnt have the resources to challenge. Happy to send you across a copy of this weeks tax journal, which sets all this out.
  8. He is the guy who is friends with that flat earth dude that used to be on here, I'm sure.
  9. Great work with this. I'll be reciting it in pub later on !
  10. Kilmarnock will be joining at the quarter final stage at this rate.
  11. Conversly, we have tended to be poor after European games.
  12. Chance that Young boys may have already qualified by then...
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