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  1. This was our worst start in 29 years though.
  2. Am I right in thinking BATE Borisov are the only team from Belarus still in? Recon we can catch them?
  3. Great result. Awful in bits, but it came together when it mattered.
  4. Stu101

    Scotland u21 squad

    Great result ! Well played.
  5. Stu101

    Team for forthcoming matches

    Very confused by this. Forrest you could probably make an argument either way, but the other two have to start.
  6. Stu101

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Performances like that make you get over it more easily, trust me. Stopped going about 18 months ago and wont be back till things change. Not giving the SFA any more money. From the boys that went tonight, the highlights seem to have been a drunk guy falling down the stairs, and a flight between the people who think its cool to boo Ryan Jack and those who think its not.
  7. Stu101

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    I'd take a draw at this stage
  8. Stu101

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    True. Sorry I missed that part of the question. 73' it is then
  9. Stu101

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Probably drinking. I wish I was.
  10. Stu101

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    did we not lose by 4 to the USA?