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  1. According to the stats guy in work there is a decent chance of sneaking into pot 3, depending on results.
  2. Odd. Playing your best midfielder in a position he cant play.
  3. Barcodes wouldnt scan, but would work when the number were typed in, suggests tickets were fine, but whatever was reading the bar codes wasn't functioning properly. Had the tickets been used before, the numbers also wouldnt have worked. Sure it will come out in the investigation anyway, whatever happened.
  4. Simple fact is that barcodes wouldnt scan, except when numbers were entered manually. Then the turnstyle closest to the gate stopped working all together at around 12.55. This is what caused the delays. Anyway, I suppose one good thing about that stadium is the decent CV that will make those jumping on the disabled roof easily idenifiable, and banned hopefully.
  5. One game in, and its all kicking off Love Scottish football.
  6. Don't think that correct. Bar codes wouldnt scan, but worked when the numbers were typed in manually. If the tickets had already been used, the numbers wouldn't have worked either. Seems like a defection, imo. Anyway, hope they idenify and ban the wee neds at the end. Could do with a clear out of some of the dicks in our away support.
  7. Article in the Spanish press the other day bemoning the lack of good quality centre halfs available in Europe. Made reference to an Italian coach saying the same thing. Both saying it was resulting in prices being pushed up.
  8. Be useful if Osijek go out tonight. In extra time at the moment.
  9. I think the conclusion is that its better than its been, but not great by any means. A lot of clubs rely on volunteers, etc.
  10. According to one of the other football blogs, this will be the 11th time he has said administration is coming His business model is to get clicks on his blog, for the advertising revenue. I actually feel quite sorry for the guy, he has mental health issues, which he has spoken openly about in the past. However it was his own fault that his career was ruined by the sectarianism stuff. Hope he is getting help anyway.
  11. Actually not according to the accountants. No Scottish clubs are showing signs of financial distress, according to the last Begbies Traynor report from May. Obviously things change, but its pretty good, especially compaired with the equivant English version of this report. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17671148.scottish-clubs-given-clean-bill-of-financial-health-with-attendances-on-the-up/
  12. dont think alcohol was involved. If i remember at the time, the conditions weren't great and I think he was going too fast.
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