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  1. Easy enough. Should have been far more comfortable, though.
  2. Edit: hold on- do 2 come in from the nations league?
  3. Anyone work out how 6 teams are seeded and 4 arn't? Shouldnt it be 5 and 5?
  4. He called him a 'turd' and then pretty much insinuated that he never wanted to see him again, let alone manage him.
  5. Ramy doesnt do facts, but well done for trying.
  6. If you are reading Kerrydale, then they probably are saying that.
  7. Any action being taken on the state of that ? (presume not).
  8. Nah, clear now- if you can follow the SPFL rules, and the ruling today. Leave you to work that out for yourself 👍
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