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  1. yeah, its an awful awful pitch. Just saying that the snow has now been lifted. No idea it its playable
  2. Pitch is clear now. Just seem some pictures
  3. Presume that means the £500K each club in the championship got in the last two weeks to keep them going, goes back to the Scottish Governement then? Anyone want a sweepstake on which club goes tits up first? Maxwell presumably trying to take the heat off the Doncaster after his shocker this week. At least I suppose they are asking this time.....
  4. We are lucky we have so many free slots to fit the replays of these games into. Oh wait....
  5. You've got to think that Celtic have a better youngster somewhere, than Duffy.
  6. Hibs will be disappointed tonight, but probably happy to escape without any infections. Turnbull is a class player.
  7. If it's a player that was in Dubai, then Celtic are fucked. Professor Bauld on Twitter just now confirming that all contacts who traveled would have to self isolate, in terms of the Scottish Goverment rules.
  8. Paddy? I would love that. Would have been pissed all the time
  9. Doubt anyone is going to bite, mate. Clearly caught. Red card probably harsh, but argualbly the correct call under the rules. Ref has been lenient imo. Main could, and probably should, have easily walked. Could easily have had a second penalty for the hand ball.
  10. What are the conditions like up in Aberdeen at the moment? Presume where the stadium is means that it gets less snow?
  11. Speaking to a Spurs fan last night. Stats guy. He was saying if Spurs get to the later stages in Europe (quarter finals) and stay in the cup, then the only way to finish the league down there in current timeframes, is for Spurs to have to play 3 games in six days at some point. You can see somthing similar happening up here. We havent had the same amount of games cancelled yet (or to catch up on), but it could easily happen. I think it will at some point. Also, anyone know, for example, why the rearranged Aberdeen v Celtic game wasnt played last year, when both clubs had a blank fixt
  12. Based on the chat down south today with the FA, I think this is a real possibility. Probably a two week suspension, with the league extended.
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