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  1. I see O Sole Mio round the corner is closing on the 1st Feb are 55 years trading. Had many a boozy "working lunch" in there back in the day!
  2. I'm pretty sure there's an insinuation here but I can for the life of me figure out what it is......
  3. You say he deserves a run but where does he fit in? Edouard is your best player and when fit undroppable so there's not really a space for him. Even this Polish boy seems an expensive bench warmer at £3.5M although I assume he's been bought to replace Edouard if he's moving in the summer. I am a bit worried that from a Scotland POV people are expecting a bit much from Griffiths. He's our best option up front but take away his 2 goals against England and he's done very little in a Scotland jersey.
  4. That was cringey as fuck, as was the female detective trying to come over all "bad cop" and force the woman in to confessing. Sounded like a wee lassie that had seen a couple of episodes of Hill Street Blues.
  5. It was in the tabloids earlier in the week that Celtic had someone watching him at a recent game. As you say he’s a big Rangers fan but the Scott Allan affair showed us that goes for nothing these days!
  6. I said to the missus it was like something out of Airplane or Naked Gun where every time it cut back to him it had moved to a more ridiculous angle!! I'm sure I know the older defence QC from somewhere as well (not court!). Something really familiar about him.
  7. Considerably, I'd imagine.
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