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  1. Fairbairn

    Pete Shelley

    Not the best quality and it's not the full track but found this on YT.
  2. Fairbairn

    Racism in football

    I'd have been too young in the 70s to know of the Paul Wilson incidents ( in fact I'm not sure I've heard of him) but do remember a few incidents regarding Mark Walters when he first signed and I'm sure there is footage around somewhere of him taking a corner with bananas lying near his feet. Whether it was incident or incidents I don't recall enough to pass comment on.
  3. Fairbairn

    Pete Shelley

    Was at the Charlatans/James gig in Manchester on Saturday night and Charlatans along with Any Diagram from James and Nick McCabe from The Verve did a cracking version of Ever Fallen In Love as a wee tribute to Pete Shelley.
  4. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Celtic...

    To be fair, you can only beat what's in front of you.
  5. Not seen any of the game so can’t comment on that however this bit is absolutely spot on.
  6. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Rangers

    All the people! So many people!!
  7. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Rangers

    It’s only about 11am in Canada. Should you no be at work......?!
  8. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Rangers

    Ormond and who?
  9. Fairbairn


    I feel perhaps the most concerning, and disturbing, part of this TAMB suicide note has been somewhat over looked. Is Ormond looking in the mirror whilst he imagine's Phart dribbling chocolate? Or is Phart the messy eater with vanity issues? Ormond, we need you back to clarify these points if nothing else!!
  10. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I'm not so sure. Typically this season when we get a bit of momentum and positivity there seems to be a shite performance just round the corner. Arfield will be a big miss too as he's been in cracking form recently. Interestingly, Morelos going for an SPFL record of scoring 8 games on the spin.
  11. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Rangers

    I've been thinking that for a while as well!
  12. Fairbairn

    League cup final thread

    There's some right sore winners and losers on this thread!