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  1. It says a lot that losing a home game where you were leading 2-1 in the 91st minute isn't your worst result of the season (so far!).
  2. They are abysmal. They have 5 players in their squad with 10 or more PL goals in their career! They've spent obscene amounts of money on absolute dross including £15M to Burnley for Dwight McNeil, £10M to Man U for James Garner and going a bit further back £20M for Allan, £25M for Ben Godfrey and, worst of all, £30M for Alex Iwobi! Even their biggest sellable assets in Calvert Lewin and Anthony Gordon are bang average and they should have bit Chelsea's hand off when they were bidding £50M for Gordon in the summer. I genuinely don't think either of those 2 improve Rangers or Celtic's starting XI. They've regressed at a rate of knots since Moshri took over and one poor managerial appointment after another (with the exception of Ancelotti who was never going to hang around) has led them to hear where relegation seems inevitable. Their now looking at bringing in Bielsa who I don't see as an upgrade on most of what went before him and will have no time in the current transfer window to improve one of the worst squads in the league.
  3. Started watching Castle Rock last night. It's "horror" series set in the Stephen King universe so loads of nods and Easter eggs for fans of the book (first episode was based around Shawshank prison for example). Quite enjoying it so far and like King's books so enough to hold my interest so far!
  4. I read at the weekend it was closed! Hopefully they've sorted it all out by September, although at this point I don't actually know if I'll be picked to go.
  5. I’d have them both in the squad. Seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a glut of Scottish strikers in good form with Ross Stewart playing well too.
  6. I’m not sure I’m picking you up correctly? I don’t recall seeing anything from any of the governing bodies specifically condemning the IDS?
  7. Because football fans have double standards. I’m pretty sure there’ will be some people who sing the IDS who are outraged by The Billy Boys etc.
  8. Love Snowfall. It tends to make its way to iPlayer pretty quickly.
  9. Treason on Netflix is pish. A completely unbelievable plot with terribly written and dislikeable characters. All that being said, I'm strangely looking forward to the last episode! 🤯
  10. He looks like he can barely walk between the points. I'm genuinely in awe of him.
  11. It is ridiculous that players are expected to play 5 hour matches that go on until after 3am. And terrible for fans and staff too.
  12. Yeah they've got it listed as something else so just skipped by it when I was checking earlier.
  13. I checked Eurosport and couldn't see it. Back downstairs I go. I love working from home!!
  14. I'm only following the BBC commentary. Is it on anywhere I can watch?
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