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  1. The off centre buttons will give Castore the excuse to release a 5th strip this season with the buttons in the right place. I'm all for the club making money from merch given the clusterfuck that was the commercial deal under Ashley for a number of years however Castore seem to be releasing a "special edition" range of clothing every other week.
  2. If Dundee Aberdeen isn't on live why is it a 6PM KO?
  3. Born in England to a Portuguese father and Scottish mother. Has also represented england right up to U21 level.
  4. There's a realistic possibility we can secure second with just a win against the Faroes. If we get 3 points on Tuesday night and Denmark beat Austria (which they likely will) and Austria then beat Israel at home in November then if my maths is right neither of them can catch us. Obviously we want as many points as possible for the seeding but those results aren't that outlandish so 2nd place is getting closer.
  5. Watched the first episode of Ridley Road in iPlayer last night. Decent start and looks like it might be good.
  6. I take it Rolling Hills has been banned? Not seen anything from him for some time.
  7. I know. With refs, SFA, SPFL in our pocket it was always doomed to fail.
  8. Hibs appeal against Porteus' red card has been rejected. 'Mon the Establishment!!
  9. Going by this thread there's more than just Rangers/Celtic fans at it.
  10. He's a teacher at a school in Glasgow, he's not exactly on the Rangers payroll.
  11. So Ramsay isn’t allowed to say non racist things to Furashi because a completely unrelated person once said racist things to/about him. Another example of hysterical nonsense and totally undermining the impact of genuinely racist incidents. What a bell end.
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