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  1. He’s undermined Lawwell’s apology for a start which I don’t think will be well received.
  2. Another Celtic player (unnamed) has tested positive for Covid.
  3. Our lull the last 2 years saw us drop a significant number of points. This time round we're not playing great but, other than yesterday, still winning.
  4. You literally started a thread giving in to us fuckers!!
  5. Going by what we’ve seen they’d find a way to fuck that up too.
  6. I can’t believe how much of a roaring arse Celtic are making of this. Aberdeen and Hibs should be kicking themselves for not having a proper crack at 2nd place.
  7. My favourite book. I reckon I've read it about 4-5 times now, the most recent being just before Covid came along! I always felt it would be better as a trilogy of films and think that was what was originally planned. Not sure why it changed to a series. From watching the trailer it looks like they've taken some artistic license with a few of the characters too. Stil, it has to be better than the awful 90s mini series with Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise and Molly Ringwald!
  8. I'd maybe add Paul Le Guen to that. His stock was very high when we got him after a few good years at Lyon. That went well.
  9. If they sell the assets now it's admitting defeat and I don't think the fans would accept that. They practically torched the place when they got knocked out of a cup for the first time in 4 years so there's no way they'd tolerate the board meekly accepting 10 isn't happening, even if the majority of people know it. It wouldn't surprise me if see a Robbie Keane/Craig Bellamy type signing this month on a short term loan.
  10. The pessimist in me is still refusing to believe we've got it in the bag. If we can get to the end of January still unbeaten (including a tricky tie at Easter Rd) I'll be a lot more confident.
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