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  1. Fairbairn

    league cup

    I think it's more than that and Scotty has said as much himself however this is a thread for slagging off Aberdeen fans so I'll let everyone get back to that!
  2. Fairbairn

    league cup

    Banter is all well and good but when you have people who flatly refuse to use any other name as if they are on some sort of crusade then it makes them look a bit silly. Banter like all good comedy is all about timing. These people still rolling out the "Sevco" line are like the aresehole mate every one has who still greets you by going "Waaasssssuuup" like those bloody Budweiser frogs!! Agree wholeheartedly with your second point which is why I'd never put up a similar quote from a Rangers blogger (wouldn't know where to find one tbh) and try to pass it off as almost an expert opinion.
  3. Fairbairn

    McCann away

    Shitebag. You didn't even try and spell Kishn Khish Khiznas Aye, good point!!
  4. Fairbairn

    league cup

    I've removed most of the quote as it's huge and I don't want to clog up the board however 2 points and then I'll back out of this thread. 1. Anyone who continues to use the term "Sevco" like it's some sort of badge of honour loses any credibility and comes across as a petty, immature child. 2. And of course a Celtic blogger will be coming from a stance of complete neutrality when it comes to all things Rangers!
  5. Fairbairn

    league cup

    My wedding night....
  6. Fairbairn

    Series Worth Watching

    A bit late to the party but I've just started watching Peaky Blinders. Rattled through the first series over the weekend and really enjoying it so far.
  7. Fairbairn

    McCann away

    So who you going to hate next Kumnio?!
  8. Fairbairn


    Or should that be hunbrage?
  9. Fairbairn


    It was the generalisation I took umbrage with.
  10. Fairbairn


    And that's bang out of order.
  11. Fairbairn


    It gave me a wee chuckle actually. Thought it was quite clever for once!
  12. Fairbairn


    They probably use it to keep the weans away from the (bad) fire!
  13. Just out of curiosity, what makes him a shitebag?
  14. You've basically just quoted my signature!
  15. Fairbairn

    league cup

    I make a point of going to the Heb pretty much every time I'm in Edinburgh. Not much too it but it's a cracking wee bar.