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  1. Another poster described his posting as relentless which is a great description. It’s the same Sevco pish post after post after post for years on end and it’s done with the sole intention of winding up other posters. If that’s not a troll I don’t know what is. It’s either that or he seems to think that he’s on some sort of Crusade to educate Rangers fans as to what “really” happened and if that’s the case it’s pitiful.
  2. Yet if he were Rolling Hills or Ramy he’d be a troll. There’s certain posters that ruin the board, Scotty is one of them.
  3. I like both players but unfortunately neither are good enough to get in the team at the moment. Both too good to sit on the bench (if even that) so hopefully the both get a decent move.
  4. Pretty routine win for Rangers tonight but still feel we’re missing something in the middle of the park. Still, 9 points out of 9, 7 scored and none conceded. Can’t complain too much.
  5. Keeping a 30 goal striker for a title push isn’t the worst thing in the world. It does bring up questions as to how we’ll keep the lights on this season though.
  6. You'd think it could be reasonably assumed that endangering the lives of others can be classed as gross misconduct in any workplace and they'd be in a strong position should it come to it.
  7. I'm confused now as to whether we're talking about the plumbing issue here or the old underwear?
  8. Expelling Aberdeen and Celtic from the league seems like the only reasonable solution. Throw in Dundee Utd for good measure....
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