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  1. Fairbairn

    Bari Tits Up

    The Bari. There, it's done.
  2. Fairbairn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Aye sorry that is Thomson. He’s not the most inspiring.
  3. Fairbairn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Posts on here as Rorinho I think. Or at least used to.
  4. Fairbairn

    World Cup Betting

    Of the 48 groups stage matches 11 finished 2-1. 8 of those 11 were won by the team considered to be the favourite (the only contentious ones I can see would be Switzerland beating Serbia and Croatia beating Iceland but I'd say the first teams in each case would have been favourites). If you'd bet a tenner on each game you'd have outlayed £480 and at average odds of 9/1 you'd have got back £720 so a profit of £240 (50%). One of my mates actually bet both teams to win 2-1 in quite a few of the games and although that doubled his stake some of the outsiders winning at a price much bigger than 9/1 (Japan v Colombia and Saudi v Egypt) meant he returned a pretty tidy profit.
  5. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

    I'm going for France, Belgium, England, Russia all BTTS. Pays around 2000/1!!
  6. Fairbairn

    Gigs 2K18

    Will be trying for McCartney tickets when they go on sale next week. I'd imagine it'll be one of the last times he plays up here given the last one was nearly 10 years ago. Quite glad it's in the Hydro too as opposed to Hampden.
  7. Why would they spend additional money to pay for Scottish studios, presenters commentators, crew etc when they've already lumped up God knows how much for the current set up? Would they need to do the same for BBC Wales and BBC Norn Iron (if such a thing exists) as well to appease people there? It just doesn't make sense from a cost POV apart from anything else. I'm a bit fed up with the moaning from people every 2 years when a tournament comes round. They qualified (again), we didn't (again). IMO they're perfectly entitled to blow their own trumpet as much as they want. Until we get a seat at the table and don't feel we're getting fair representation then we just need to suck it up, or switch it off.
  8. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

    They’ll never have a better chance of getting to a final. Nothing to fear on Sweden and they’re perfectly capable of beating either Croatia or Russia should they get to the semi.
  9. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

    Where are you seeing that on Skybet?
  10. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

    Most of the "big" teams have been.
  11. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

  12. He also said that Spain are "by far the best team he's seen in the tournament"!
  13. Fairbairn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Well this thread has taken an unexpected turn!
  14. Fairbairn

    Russia 2018

    How many Aussies will now be thinking that Meiklejohn is a good ,strong Polish name?!