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  1. Is it just me or is there something perverse about applying a significant financial penalty as a punishment for spending too much money?
  2. Please tell me that's not a Celtic badge on a hat you wear to your work? PS - To keep the thread on topic, it's a wee bit cold here.
  3. He even subtly tells us that he can't afford shoes and has to throw flip flops at the telly that was gifted to him!!
  4. Some of our players definitely look leggy. Morelos was dead on his feet after about 50 minutes and should probabyl have been hooked then (albeit he did score a perfectly good goal, assuming the "foul" on him minutes before wasn't a pelanty).
  5. If we drop any more points before the Old Firm game (and Celtic don't) then that's it for the title race. Our record at Killie in recent seasons is abysmal so added to our current labouring form I'm not overly looking forward to tonight. I've more chance of spending the night with Helena Christensen (and her enjoying it) than Hearts taking anything at Parkhead so hoping that Gerrard has managed to get them out of their slump. Jack being back should make a difference.
  6. There's 2 (unrelated). The one Ramy was on his tiptoes outside of is in Finnieston, part of the "Teuchter Triangle"!!
  7. Fairbairn


    I've no recollection of the McCoist thing. To be fair to Fleck, there was far to much expectation on him at a young age which wasn't helped by the fact that he was badly misused by Smith and played out of position. Smith had a horrible habit of trying to shoehorn players in to a left midfield position that they clearly weren't suited for and Fleck's performances suffered as a result. To be fair at the time he'd have been up against the likes of Davis, Thomson, and Mendes for a central midfield position so he was always going to struggle for game time there at that stage. There's no doubting he was talented though.
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