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  1. Looks that way but it will be in place whether fans are back or not.
  2. SPFL and Sky Sports have agreed a deal that will allow Premiership clubs to broadcast all 228 games to Season Ticket holders regardless of whether fans are allowed back in to grounds,. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6990855/spfl-sky-sports-broadcast-matches-season-ticket-holders/
  3. Mourinho apparently refused to let the Spurs players train this morning in protest at the clubs plans for the breakaway league and has been subsequently sacked!
  4. Allan McGregor has now saved penalties in Old Firm games in 3 different decades and Steven Davis has scored in Old Firm games in 3 different decades. Some stat that.
  5. Aye I can get why he wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I quite like him.
  6. Bit of a damp squib from Celtic. Expected then to come out all guns blazing with a point to prove but looks like most of the players have downed tools already.
  7. At least no one can accuse you of being fickle Ramy. A couple of days ago Howe was the arsehole’s arsehole for knocking Celtic back! 😅
  8. Cant call this one at all today. We do look to have taken the foot off the gas which is understandable and Celtic look to have picked up a bit however that was the same the last Old Firm games and they couldn’t beat us. We’ve conceded 3 goals at home all season domestically and I’d hope Kennedy’s daft comments would be enough to give us a bit of a gee up. Can see it being decided in ET/pens.
  9. I had the full Mexico 86 away kit and my old dear washed it with something she shouldn’t have first time and it came out lime green! And I still wore it religiously!
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