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  1. Don't really think it's acceptable for players to be retiring in the middle of a campaign. Ultimately he's one of the better players in the squad and we could do with him in the playoffs. Can't help but feel he's letting the team down here.
  2. Toto Schillaci - Italia 90, seemed to come out of nowhere Jorge Burruchaga - Mexico 86, Maradona took all the plaudits but I just seem to remember his naming sounding dead exotic! Jorge Negrete - Mexico 86, I reckong I spent 80% of my life between the ages of 9-11 trying to recreate his goal against Bulgaria. Never did.
  3. I was thinking about this last night. At what point do you realise that if you don't have players that fit your system you need to change the system?! We've been playing the lone striker up front for God knows how long despite not really having anyone suited to the role probably since Miller retired, if even then.
  4. He's played there a few times for Portsmouth but I'm not sure he's done particularly well.
  5. I like big Ross McCrorie but he's never a centre half in a million years. His best position is in front of the back 4 and we've already got several better players in that position (including Ryan Jack which is the reason he's been shipped out of Ibrox).
  6. With these performances I’m not sure I want us to qualify. We’d get scudded in the competition proper.
  7. I assume if that's the case it would be a mental issue as he looked decent fitness/sharpness wise at the start of the season?
  8. I don't give a fuck if he's as good as Beckenbauer. He's choosing us because his first choice hasn't panned out the way he wanted. He wants to play for us as he "reckons he can do a job" not through some deep seeded desire to play for Scotland or even do his granny proud. I genuinely couldn't care if picking him is the difference between qualifying for the tournament or not. I'd rather lose with XI Scots/players who want to play for the jersey than win with XI who see us as some sort of consolation prize.
  9. Absolute amateur hour defending from Tavernier. He's been rotten for most of this season and could do with a spell on the bench but I don't think we've got anyone to come in and take his place. Maybe if we hadn't signed 22 wingers.... Back to the game, I thought Jack was the best player on the pitch before he went off and I was surprised at Stewart coming on for him and not King (who is also starting to look like a pretty baffling signing). Ojo was as good as a man down and how he stayed on for the full 90 minutes is a mystery. Morelos was very impressive again and continues to develop in to a cracking player with the discipline stuff looking to be under control. It was a really frustrating night. But for some poor finishing and a couple of cracking saves we should have been out of sight and top of the group but you can't defend so poorly at that level and expect to take anything. We now have 2 really tough games against Porto back to back and it wouldn't surprise me if we're still on 3 points after those.
  10. Don't think we'll win tonight as we continue to struggle on plastic pitches. I'd settle for a draw. Think Celtic will win relatively comfortably this time round although I did think that the first time!
  11. Half way through this latest series of Peaky Blinders and have to say I'm pretty underwhelmed so far. They seem to have developed Polly from a strong matriarchal type character to pretty much the most annoying person in. The scene where she's waiting outside the train station was just ridiculous. The Billy Boys stuff is laughable and how Brian Gleeson's Scottish accent got past God knows how many producers, directors etc and was classed as passable is an absolute mystery. Russ Abbot's was better when he was doing CU Jimmy.
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