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  1. Fairbairn

    Ayr Races

    In which case I stand by what I said!!
  2. Fairbairn

    Ayr Races

    I first went to Toldeo Junction around 1992-1993 so it's unlikely our paths would have crossed! The only pub I've ever been barred from in Paisley was the old Cafe Borgia for saying something "unforgivable" to the guy behind the bar. He wouldn't tell my mates what I said and I have no recollection of the event so to this day I'm none the wiser!!
  3. We were fecking rancid in Europe back then though. Pumped out by Levski Sofia the year before and then struggled to get past Anorthosis Famagusta before not winning a single game in the group stages the year after (including 2 spankings by Juve).
  4. Probably not as it's just opened the bidding war even wider.
  5. Where's your no surrender spirit?!
  6. I've a feeling Celtic will get a result tonight.
  7. Fairbairn

    Ayr Races

    Now there's a blast from the past!! Albeit I wasn't frequenting quite as early as 1981!!
  8. Fairbairn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Were do we need to be for 2 CL (qualifying) spots?
  9. Declan John away to Swansea for £800K. Not bad for a player we signed for nowt in January. And you know, his name....
  10. Rangers have apparently accepted a £3M bid from Ipswich for Josh Windass! £3M!! Josh Windass!!! Also rejected a £2M bid from West Brom for Tavernier, and rightly so!
  11. Did we not pay £1M for Ian Ferguson back in the day?
  12. Fairbairn

    The Mighty Rangers

    I'll be using that!!