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  1. We seem to be in a place now where any contact in the box is deemed a penalty. It’s ridiculous.
  2. Massive 3 points for Rangers at Rugby Park, especially with Celtic being out of sight at half time. We don’t come close to digging that out under Beale. Credit to Clement, he picked the wrong team but changed it when it was clear it wasn’t working. I won’t be too bothered if that’s the last we see of Barasic in a Rangers jersey.
  3. And another! If that’s not worth another look for handball by Mayo I don’t know what is. The decisions are getting worse with every passing week.
  4. Some terrible decisions at Rugby Park too. Looked to me like Killie should have had another penalty and we should probably have had one too for handball. Ref not sent to the screen for either.
  5. Footage of the full exchange has been released. Pretty shocking. wl4mNFnqRpnwPoBr.mp4
  6. Given his tone in the rest of the interview it was clearly condescending. The reaction has still been a bit OTT mind you but then that's par for the course in Scottish football! Good to see Brendan starting to crack as much as his lips though!
  7. I watched the UEFA cup final on a dodgy stick that was about 2 minutes behind. My missus text me when Frankfurt equalised and I had to sit for 2 minutes knowing it was coming but not saying anything to my mates. Was excruciating!! Needless to say the phone was muted after that!
  8. Is it definitely Rogers that says that at the end? I've only listened to it once but it sounded more to me like someone in the studio saying it and I wondered if it was maybe Tom English complimenting the reporter for giving him a grilling?
  9. Rangers draw Benfica in the last 16 of the Europa league. We've got an excellent record against Portuguese sides but that's a really tough draw, especially when you consider we're the seeded team! As an aside, after the draw they explained the new European format for next season and I've not got a scooby how it's going to work!!
  10. Same family that went viral a few years ago trying to chase a bat out of their kitchen which is one of the funniest things I've seen online!
  11. Well there are 13 errors that they're admitting to in that report alone. That one just stood out to me due to the amount of opportunities they had to get it right before finally admitting it was wrong (when it's far too late). I actually feel sorry for the ref who got it right first time and was then put in a position where he is doubting his decision and sent down the wrong path.
  12. So, they've released the list of VAR errors in the second quarter and Cifuentes red card is on it. Just to summarise, the on field decision was a yellow. The ref was then asked to review it by VAR and it was upgraded to a red. Rangers then appealed and the appeal was dismissed (and Rangers fined) and we're now told the red decision was incorrect. How can it go through a VAR review, a rewatch by the ref, an appeals panel who have all got it wrong and now we're now told the initial onfield decision was correct?! Even by Scottish football standards that's some pretty impressive incompetency!
  13. That's some post for someone with a hangover!
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