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  1. I don’t understand what there is to be gained by delaying the opening of the transfer window?
  2. He's the type of player we need. Whether he's the right one remains to be seen. Biggest problem from this season is that we rarely seemed to play him in the right position, a problem that's plagued Rangers managers for as long as I can remember (Basil Boli at right back, Duncan Ferguson outside left, Charlie Adam left mid, John Fleck left mid, Franny Jeffers).
  3. Hagi confirmed by Rangers. Fee closer to £3M + add ons (and being paid in installments, as is the norm these days) which seems much more reasonable.
  4. Looks like the decimal point on your keyboard is bust again mate.
  5. I wasn’t that far from the Rosevale, over on Apsley Street. Just near the retail park with Sainsbury’s and Argos etc.
  6. This is all true. I lived in Partick for 10 years and Ramy’s name was spoken in hushed tones the same way the street kids in The Wire spoke about Omar.
  7. Ah, I was probably about a mile or so in the opposite direction in Linwood. I bought my first ever underage carry out at Millarston Dairy!
  8. In what direction? The Linwood side or towards the Paisley/Elderslie way?
  9. The latter 4 won't be missed at all. Rossiter came up with a decent amount of potential but injuries look to have ruined him already. He looked good in flashes but 16 appearances since 2016 tells it's own story. Holt was a cracking player for us the season we won the Championship but just not good enough to take us to be a regular starter when we're trying to challenge at the top of the SPL. Foderingham was just unlucky that we signed McGregor back and his form has by and large been excellent. If Foderingham was our #1 I don;t think many Rangers fans would have too many complaints and I think he'd be one of the better keepers in the league however he's not getting in ahead of McGregor and is too good to spend another season warming the bench. I'd imagine young McCrorie will now be the backup to McGregor with the view to stepping up when he retires. Halliday, like Holt, I think would be a good signing for most SPFL teams. I know the majority on here don't like him, largely due to his uber Hun-ness, but while not a world beater I think he's a better player than most people give him credit for and given he can operate at left back, centre mid or a bit more advanced, his versatility will appeal to a lot of clubs. All in all though these are players who are probably lucky if they've averaged 10 first team games a season for the last 2 years so it makes sense to get them off the books and hopefully look to promote some of the more promising youngsters to take their place in the squad.
  10. Every single one of them looks like an auld guy that props up the end of the bar in the local boozer, mumbling something incoherent to you as you wait for your pint and Scampi Fries!
  11. He wrote a novel about 3 guys working in Ravenscraig. Pretty sure this is it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Steelmen-James-Lees-ebook/dp/B087V78DYN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=R481LRNAUPDB&dchild=1&keywords=steelmen&qid=1589974069&sprefix=steelemen%2Caps%2C189&sr=8-1
  12. Can't remember who it was but there was a regular poster a few years ago who for some time had thought I was a Falkirk fan! Fairbairn comes from a fake name I gave someone once when i was younger that matched my initials (Frank was the fake first name!).
  13. I liked Durie as a player for club and country but his second touch was a tackle pretty much his entire career.
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