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  1. We don't have space in the squad for him. If we're bringing him in I'd want to see Barker and Murphy released, Hastie out on loan and Grezda euthanised.
  2. Body’s comments were a bit daft but the whole thing has been blown massively out of proportion.
  3. I’ve been on fire the last 2 weeks. Had Katic 22/1 anytime against the Danes, Morelos 4-1 at 35/1 in the return leg and Defoe 3-0 at 18s on Sunday. In addition I got a 23/1 4 timer up on Saturday. I’m assuming that’s me for the next 3 seasons.
  4. Not sure Miller deserves to be on the same list as most others on this thread.
  5. They couldn't really complain about that though given they were pumped out by a team with significantly less resources than them.
  6. I said the exact same thing about Celtic last night....
  7. Rangers signing Andy King on a season long loan from Leicester. I was starting to worry that they 10 players we have that can play in midfield (not counting wingers) would leave us a bit short so glad that’s been addressed. Surely to god there must be outgoings imminent to this bloated squad.
  8. Josh. James isn't that young anymore!! (And not really ours to be sending anywhere!! )
  9. Seen that earlier. Ranked lower than Lincoln Red Imps and The New Saints too. I'd have thought they'd have been a good bit higher considering they've been in the CL group stages relatively recently.
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