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  1. The shortlist is apparently McInnes, Moyes, Ross, Gemmill, MacKay and Clarke. Colour me uninspired.
  2. Somewhere in the East of Canada an alarm has just went off......
  3. Not seen it reported anywhere else but The Sun are reporting that Billy McNeill has passed away.
  4. Does Candias not have something like 5 assists in the last 2 games? Don’t think I’d be so quick to drop him.
  5. You are completely correct. It seems I’ve lost the ability to count!
  6. They can’t officially win it next weekend even if we lose. We could still pip them on goal difference!!
  7. Pretty comfortable for Rangers so far. Hearts been quite poor. 2-0 approaching HT.
  8. May '77 UK - Deniece Williams; Free (Never heard of it) US - Eagles; Hotel California https://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthday-no1/
  9. To be fair to Brown other than that one incident about 5 years ago (and when he went to bed about 20 minutes before Ferguson and McGregor but busted) he's not normally one you hear or see out on the lash. He looks and acts like a bawbag on the pitch but suppose it doesn't mean he is.
  10. I actually wasn't aware the club had released a statement although I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I have no desire to look it up.
  11. Given the nature of the clubs down there it wouldn't surprise me if he's back at Killie before the seasons out.
  12. Paul Merson Charlie Nicholas Andy Carroll Jason McAteer Jermaine Pennant Dean Windass
  13. "Sliced to just 4,000". The away support at Killie that day will probably still be bigger than the gates of 3 of the 5 other games that weekend. I don't really see any issue here at all.
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