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  1. Ah the old, I was fishing for bites. When what has really happened is you’ve been backed in to a corner and rather than own it like a man you’re trying to convince us that it was all part your plan all along like some troll mastermind. You’ve played the country bumpkin simpleton role on here quite well for a long time but it’s pretty clear to see you’re a snidey wee man who takes digs at others and fakes outrage for things he’s quite happy to indulge in himself.
  2. You openly and repeatedly admitted to calling referees “orange bastards” (or something very similar to that) when watching the game in a pub. When I told you that was bigoted behaviour you tried to justify it by saying it was OK as you only spoke like that in the pub with your pals. It wasn’t that long ago and we had a pretty heated discussion about it over a few days so if you don’t remember it you might want to get your noggin checked. Either that or you’ve got selective memory.
  3. Ramy, it wasn't that long ago you defended your right to use bigoted language in the pub watching the game. I'm not sure you're in much of a position to take the moral high ground here.
  4. Except in pubs in Canada when there’s an Old Firm game of course.
  5. I was quite surprised to see King wasn't in the U21s.
  6. Someone mentioned to me earlier that Declan Gallagher has been called up but I can't see anything to confirm it.
  7. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever picked up on that!
  8. Not fishing but what sectarian lyric was added to GSTQ?
  9. Don't switch on your telly. Go for a walk or climb a hill. It's easily avoidable if you try.
  10. Yip. It’s all a massive conspiracy and the entire footballing world is out to get Celtic. You have no idea how deep this goes.
  11. The Turkish team scudding Fiorentina makes the Hearts result look a bit better!
  12. Good win for Hearts. Only seen the last 20 minutes or so but the boy Lewis Neilson has been impressive.
  13. The thing that gets me is all the people going "awwwww" as opposed to " well that clearly never happened"!!
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