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  1. Was through in Edinburgh for the Bruce Springsteen gig on Tuesday night and it was fantastic. 3 hours of non stop rock and roll in the sunshine. Came away from it with a fair spring in my step (although still not as spritely as 73 year old Bruce!!).
  2. Potter. Although I’d imagine he’ll get an EPL gig next season. Can see him at Everton actually.
  3. Jesus, the guy has been here for 6 years. Morelos!!
  4. If Ross County win Killie are in the playoffs against (most likely) Partick. Any other result in that game and it'll be Ross County in the playoffs barring a miracle at Fir Park.
  5. I'm pretty sure that the still they showed on Sky and that's been seen on Twitter etc isn't what the flag went up for. When Shankland headed the ball forward he clearly wasn't offside as McGregor and 2 defenders were between him and the ball however just after that it looked like the ball may have came off Ginnelly (I think) and back to Shankland and that point he was in line with one player and another on the line before be tapped it in. I'm pretty sure the flag and check were for that second phase and whether he was in line with or ahead of that player. Sky very briefly showed it but kept going back to the one that was a million miles onside.
  6. Fair point. He also seems to be in the running for the Leeds job but guess that would depend on them staying up, which I don't think they will.
  7. I see a few bookies have Postecoglu as favourite for the Spurs job now that Arne Slot is staying with Feyenoord. Interestingly Rodgers seems to be joint or second favourite with most of them. Could we see Ange going to Spurs and Brendan back at Celtic?
  8. I'd have kept Arfield for another year but no issues with the others leaving. Will be interesting to see the recruitment over the coming months.
  9. I didn't mind The Night Agent. It's normally the type of thing that I'd get fed up with for the reasons you mentioned but for some reason I managed to stick with it. Late to the party but we've just started Succession and it's fantastic. Every single character is an utter arsehole but each one is played brilliantly and it's very watchable. We're about 2/3 of the way through the first season and thoroughly enjoying it.
  10. I've only seen the goals from yesterday's game and I'd say he was at fault for 2 out of the 3!
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