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  1. I remember McCoist trying to sign Craig Conway when he was leaving United and he went to Cardiff instead.
  2. There's a quiz for the smartest/dumbest thing but also another section where you can fill in all the countries/regions you've visited.
  3. Decent second round draws (on paper) for Rangers and Aberdeen. if Rangers beat Prishtina/St Joseph's they'll play either Cork City/Progres(shudder) or Cardiff MU. If Aberdeen beat Rops they'll play either Fola Esch (Lux) or Chikhura Sachkhere (Geo). Not so good for Killie who will play Partizan Belgrade if they progress the first round.
  4. I think they had made their minds up on who was guilty and didn't care by that point. Especially the rape squad wifey.
  5. That's what the press have said but not seen anything confirmed yet. Still leaves us 5 for 2 spots which seems a bit top heavy. Mind you I wouldn't be surprised to see Grezda leave in some shape or form.
  6. I link to think I'm relatively well travelled but my 8% "exploration" rate says otherwise!!
  7. Funny how the mind plays tricks on you. I was at the game and could have sworn McCoist came off minutes from the end when Killie were already winning. (My age addled brain may also have convinced me it was him that scored the goal!!).
  8. We're going to have more wingers than central midfielders at this point, and that's saying something! That's 7 at my last count (if Kent comes back which seems to be quite advanced).
  9. Are they not just different personality traits of the same gender?
  10. I see Celtic have tweeted about not being to reach an agreement with Turbull’s agent (specifically says the agent and not the player). Seems an unusual move. Obviously done to try and pressure the agent/player in to accepting the offer but not something you see clubs going public with usually.
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