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  1. Celtic by 2. Davis apparently doubtful which will be a huge loss for us. Ojo needs to be nowhere near the starting line up.
  2. Hawd the bus. I had a season ticket at Ibrox for 25 years but gave it up a couple of years ago. Does that mean I’m not a supporter any more?
  3. Aberdeen throwing the hammer already I see. And the fans throwing pies.
  4. Don't disagree with any of that. The squad is ridiculously bloated with mediocre players who won't really get anywhere near the starting XI or in most cases the bench. Edmundson is clearly one for the future so as you say a loan for him might be best. Barker was obviosuly a panic buy as we didn't think we were getting Kent but even without him we still had ample replacements in Murphy (if fit) and Middleton as back up. POlster is another baffling signing along with King and almost smacks of the old McCoist mantra of "getting bodies in". Surely it would have made more sense to give one of the young CMs at the club exposure to the first team as opposed to the signing of King on what is probably a relatively high salary and then not have him anywhere near the matchday squads.
  5. We look to have been improving our youth set up gradually over the last few years under Mulholland however we’re still woefully inept at giving any of these lads a path to the first team. It’s no really surprise when you hear the rumours of some of the more highly regarded boys seemingly moving on as they just don’t get a chance with us.
  6. I'm still not sure who some of the characters actually are. The guy with the paint tin, the guy that fucked off the Berlin and the lookie likey lassie (although I think that'll be explained in the next one).
  7. That's not what I meant. Just that often when we go in to games where we're expected to win and in good form the wheels tend to come off. Suppose it's just the eternal pessimist in me! Pittodrie is always a tough place to go and regardless of form we rarely get it easy so I'll be expecting a tough game. I'd gladly take a 0-1 right now.
  8. This usually means the exact opposite! We've been in too good form of late so I'm expecting the wheels to come off at some point. Suppose I'd rather it was tomorrow night than Sunday.
  9. I'm about 3 or 4 episodes in to that and while I'm enjoying it, it is a bit confusing. Not helped by the fact that some of the characters have different names in 2006 than they did in 1984!! I'm just about following it but the missus is floundering!
  10. I need a new bunnet for the winter so I'm all over that!!
  11. I was at the Sheds in Glasgow on Saturday night. The Academy is a shite venue but what a show the Sheds put on. I reckon that's about my 5th or 5th Shedcember in a row and they get better every time (pun intended).
  12. You've not thought that through. If we were dinosaurs we'd never be able to get flutes to our mouths.
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