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  1. Those famous best buds, Aberdeen and Rangers fans! Hands across the water!
  2. Saying you don’t care about Rangers and then saying you hope they get humped and cheering on their opposition within 2 posts seems somewhat contradictory.
  3. I can think of a couple on this board that fall in to that bracket.
  4. The "Onion" Bears thing is definitely fake. The pictures used are the same ones from when Man U fans got arrested a couple of years back. As well as the inevitable trouble that would follow it's a guarantee that there will be plenty of people making up shit and posting on Twitter etc over the coming days.
  5. I was going to post something similar last night and couldn’t be arsed. It’s like walking in to a small room with someone continually shouting at the top of their voice.
  6. The police have described the levels of anti-social behaviour as “unacceptable”. While it was “better” than the Rangers fans I don’t really think that’s something to be celebrating.
  7. I know it was due to necessity but good to see so many youngsters getting a run out for Rangers today. Hopefully a lot more game time for some of them next season. Lowry looks pretty special.
  8. Parklife had a great talent for getting under people's (myself included at times!) skin by not really actually doing anything!
  9. Was he the one that punched and America tourist in a casino and was quite proud if it?
  10. As much as it's benefited Ranger in recent seasons I agree that the safety nets are a bit of a joke. What's even worse is that there are 2 or 3 of them. Rangers dropped in the Europa after losing in the Champions League play offs and the Dortmund dropped in to the Europa after finishing 3rd in the group stages. If they insist on these safety nets then surely only at only one point in the competition is sufficient. And even worse, Celtic (as an example, not to do with them specifically before anyone goes batshit!) bounced from the Champion's League to the Europa to the Conference which is an absolute farce.
  11. Can’t disagree with that. I’ve a feeling though that we might try and get Diallo again next season. He’s started to look more like the player we were led to believe he was and think he might come on to a game if he’s more settled next year.
  12. Dear me. You can’t even win without going off on a rant about Rangers.
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