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  1. "You can hear the Scotland fans voicing their frustration and booing in the background. They won't accept San Marino scoring a goal, that's how crucial it is for Alex McLeish that Scotland keep a clean sheet. The fans want a 4-0 or 5-0 but it's not looking likely so far." Billy Dodds
  2. "O'Donnell is fine for games like San Marino but he is really there because we have nobody else at right back." Except our striker who went off injured. Good thing he never risked it on astroturf (when we actually needed him).
  3. I'd be surprised if he isn't the first sub on the pitch (barring injury).
  4. Yeah, I was at that one... October 2000 Scotland: Sullivan, McNamara, Elliott, Hendry, Dailly, Naysmith, Gallacher, Cameron, Hutchison, McCann, Dodds. Subs: Gould, Weir, Boyd, Holt, Davidson, Dickov, Johnston. Matt Elliot finally broke the 0-0 in the 71st minute.
  5. McKenna is the future. He should start.
  6. Best thing is that this game came quickly. Both will be extremely determined to do their best.
  7. "All across the nation Such a strange vibration People in motion There's a whole generation With no explanation People in motion People in motion... "
  8. "Tuesday night’s William Hill Scottish Cup quarter-final replay defeat to Aberdeen at Ibrox means the Dons have beaten Rangers in every domestic competition for the first time in history." (And all by clean sheets.)
  9. And where did I do that? What did I say that wasn't true? Go on... (Dons fans don't care if Slippy is Protestant or Roman Catholic. If they did, they get it right.)
  10. Yes, but the prerequisite of being a b*stard in order to gain membership in the first place hardly helps the situation. (Again... Slippy isn't Orange, isn't a member of their Order, and doesn't frequent their Lodges.) All he did was become the first Sevco manager in their 7 year history to lose to Aberdeen in all competitions (and all by clean sheets) in the same season (and the delirious Dons fans unfortunately used a very poor choice of nonfactual wording to get it up him).
  11. Please explain the whataboutary. The obvious difference being that the Sevco and Celtic supports largely really do hate people based on whether they identify as Protestant or Roman Catholic. Aberdeen fans could care less (and unfortunately those at Ibrox chose an ill-informed song to get it up Slippy).
  12. Police = masons Sevco = masons No The only reason it would appear that it's not would be because of the amount of Sevco and Celtic supporters throughout the country. It actually was in this case (but I wish that they never even approached the subject). Slippy is a Roman Catholic and nothing derogatory was uttered along that line. (It would be like calling me a "sad muslim whatever" or "a black whatever".) It wouldn't make sense. First, you'd have to actually be what they're adding the 'bar steward' to for this to go anywhere. Tonev called Logan a black c*nt (which is a no-no because Logan IS black. Slippy isn't orange. Sevco supporting freemason polis who can't handle the result are the ones that are pretending to be most 'offended'. "We'll get those sheep, yet."
  13. There's always a worry that my years of hard work will go for naught, but it's always great when someone else gets it (and it's nice to be appreciated). Thank you.
  14. Seriously? He jumped the queue because a desperate Sevco needed his name. So by that reasoning, McCoist can only improve?
  15. Hopefully you never will. Oh, they exist alright. Good. Yes, it is. Correct. Down with sectarianism. No, just a wee reminder that it would actually be 1. ( "And one is a lonely number... ")
  16. Should be a retrospective yellow, but that would be considered picking on Sevco, wouldn't it?
  17. I was just having a wee laugh. (No need to put the boot in.) The Dons historic trophy haul? I've seen them win everything domestically (plus two European trophies). (You've seen Sevco win nothing.) No, you've kept it going. Exactly. "Who are they? Who are they?... " And I thought that I was the only one who posted prophetically.
  18. What's not so impressive is having the second largest player budget for the past 7 seasons and having nothing to show for it except 9!!! managers (including Murty twice). I'll do one every year. It's a journey. "Going for 0 for 55" Unfortunately for 'them' they're going to have to spend (and they can't afford to spend).
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