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  1. The same old conversations seem to be arising again. Who do we have that’s Scottish and wants the job? Absofuckinglutely no one. The world is a big place and there’s managers out there that would love a chance to manage international football. Too many people seem to think we need a Scottish manager and are happy to slate our only foreign one, who happens to be the last man to take us to a play off (a real one, not a mini league kick about).
  2. Shed Seven in November now for me. Possibly Happy Mondays in October too. Also gonna see Deaf Havana, Idlewild, Fatherson, Lucia and Pins at the brewdog agm in a couple of weeks. Only heard of Idlewild, anyone any ideas on the rest
  3. I stopped reading after McGregor is the best keeper in Europe, I’m sure the rest was really interesting though.
  4. You would be wrong, that top is excellent, as is this one.
  5. I agree he isn’t a fullback, but that’s where he had to play. He’s probably played that position half a dozen times in the last 3 years, hence why I find your attack on him being at fault all the more bizarre. That doesn’t make any difference to sod being pish though.
  6. Was it the away defeat to Israel that he was caught out time and time again for his poor positioning that resulted in at least 1 goal lost in the match. He was murder and you have to be able to see this, I admire you standing up for a player in your club team, but best to call it as it actually is.
  7. Why? Because he had the dentist and couldn’t get to his work? I had dental surgery last year, was back at work 4 hours later.
  8. I love how defeats like this get so I tense with club rivalries thrown in. Yes, Shinnie and McKenna were poor, but everyone was, they never lost Scotland the game tonight. We were without several shoe in starters, but having a thrown together team like that should still have won. Mcleish has to go now, but I think my favourite part was the people that claim sod is the answer to right back, he’s already been shown to be honking at international level. Absoutely no passion shown out there tonight and instead of the players applauding the fans, they should be knocking on every fucking hotel room door and personally apologising for that shambles.
  9. Nope. I’m a pilot, I hope people arent in a hurry to go anywhere.....
  10. I would say £6 has to come off for adult and over 65 should be the same as over £75. Everything else seems pretty reasonable.
  11. Yup, the more people pay it, the more likely is is to rise again. One of the reasons I stopped going to Scotland games.
  12. An extra 600 tickets were released yesterday too, I’m sure they’ll all be snapped up by mugs.
  13. I don’t, but there won’t be very much getting done Thursday afternoon unless it involves watching football on an iPad.
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