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  1. dandydunn

    Golfers Forum.

    My mate has agreed to let me try that with my 60 tomorrow, I think he’s gonna bottle it though
  2. dandydunn

    Dons V Baggies

    Decent game by all accounts for a pre season friendly. Just a pity West Brom couldn’t have made more of an effort to get here and delay the kick off for half an hour. 40 minutes in a stadium is a long time to wait for a game of fitba to start
  3. Some rumours going about just now that Phil Foden has been in Aberdeen. Apparently a Man City “wonderkid”
  4. Rooneys transfer reportedly in the region of £375,000. Money to be used for Moult 😉
  5. dandydunn

    Europa league qualifiers

    4-6 What the fuck is happening there
  6. dandydunn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Surely they can’t hibs this
  7. Sitting in Glasgow airport reading the match report I’m the paper, wee man looking over my shoulder and he then gets a tap on the head and takes a double glance as the boy who’s photo was in is smiling at him he didn’t know where to look then casually seen the whole team walking through behind him. They certainly seemed like they couldnt give a fuck about the defeat. Got a wee holiday instead.
  8. Been a great servant for us, wasn’t played a lot last season and when it was, it was out of position. Can’t blame him and thanks for everything. ROOOONNNNNEEEEEEYYYYYY ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  9. Almost spot on, but you forgot to mention about him sitting on the bench for most of his of career. Armstrong being the exception.
  10. dandydunn

    World Cup Betting

    Productive overall for me. Didn’t win much during the matches, but today gave me, with bet365 offer, btts 1st half @8/1, I them put on btts 2nd half @10/3. Also took sky price boost of 4/1 for Mbappe to score anytime and had France to win overall @ 6/1. Made about £250 today with overall winnings of about £180.
  11. dandydunn

    Cove v Aberdeen

    He’s been given the all clear. Will be discharged tonight and monitored over next 48 hours
  12. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    I was the only one here that called that. His hand did move slightly lower towards the ball, although it was very harsh. VAR is killing football.
  13. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    I’m in Majorca just now, there was guys ditching kids left, right & centre when they realised it was on.
  14. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    France. Took them at 7’s before it started. Mon les blues
  15. Spotify plays the album, if you want it on shuffle, use the shuffle feature. For example, a quick look shows “The Stone Roses”, then a collectors edition and a legacy edition. Just choose the one that has 12 songs instead of 24 or 40.