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  1. https://twitter.com/pieandbov/status/1334512858856648709?s=21
  2. Motherwell gained half as much wins this afternoon as Hearts did all of last season.
  3. No one knew there was a massive peak was on its way, it was all the same weekend the mini lockdown kicked off here, but the principal is the same. They wouldn’t have the balls to treat Aberdeen, Celtic or Rangers this way, everyone knows that.
  4. Sorry, that was me. My alarm went off and I reported you thinking it was the tamb........... But seriously, they clamp down on everything now, any mention of someone being called a cunt and it gets removed and a violation is sent. Ive had a few trips to the sin bin funnily enough, just because people are stupid.
  5. We all know what that means. Out the door very soon, probably sooner if Milan pump them badly.
  6. Sounds interesting. Hopefully taking my boy for his first away trip, no chance of tickets, but this could be a way to keep his interest up instead of watching me scoofing from midday in Trafalgar Square. He can watch me scoof with a bit of culture about him instead 👍🏽
  7. Doesn’t suit the agenda, whether they like it or not, Lennon is well suited to Celtic and deserves all he gets. Greets when he’s threatened or under pressure, but thinks it’s acceptable to threaten a woman that her throat could be cut. Utter scumbag.
  8. Ah, fuck it, I’m bored with you now. I’ll maybe get you to run to me again tomorrow. Good doggy.
  9. Haha, I’ll give you that one. From now on, things like that are gonna be called a “Ramyism”
  10. You were born in Glasgow (maybe) you’re not a Scotsman though, you’re as Canadian as maple syrup.
  11. Tried it with you? I don’t even know who you are? Have we had any correspondence before?
  12. I don’t need google maps, I could find piers all over MY country, somewhere I’ll never turn my back on, unlike others who think their opinion counts in a foreign land, it doesn’t, no one cares what an ex pat thinks 👍🏽
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