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  1. This is car crash stuff. One poster abusing everyone who dare question something and making himself look ridiculous over several posts. If anyone wants to know how this message board has died, the prime example is right there for all to see.
  2. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6799306/celtic-rangers-old-firm-trademark-half-anything-statement/amp/
  3. Not quite sure what that has to add to my comment, but fire on anyway 🙄
  4. League in the bag and still getting offside goals to count 🙄
  5. The second red card was never a red and the first was very debatable.
  6. Willie Collum should be removed from his position immediately. He’s a disgrace.
  7. The first bounce on the road was incredible, 2 cars slammed on the brakes 😂😂
  8. The first one was travelling at an affa rate of knots, I’m convinced it ended up in pittodrie car park 😂😂
  9. Getting back into things now, all going well last Saturday, a cut was on the horizon, then 2 balls went over the fence on 17 and it was goodnight Vienna, tomorrow is a new day 😂
  10. Nowadays, the big leagues can finish 6th, win the Europa league, finish 19th the next season and be european champion (unlikely I know) but that’s how daft this european football has become.
  11. Last lost a European final 39 years ago today. Happy Gothenburg Day everyone 🔴⚪️⭐️⭐️
  12. This was initially given as a freekick to Hibs by Madden 🤔
  13. He’s been quoted this week as saying he has been told he will not have to rely on free transfers, but I wouldn’t expect any million pound signings to be walking through the door.
  14. He’ll be out on loan for a couple of seasons, but I’d imagine itlll be championship or league 1 teams that’ll get him.
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