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  1. Apparently this guy was owed £600 from his boss, so he took a slight revenge
  2. You would like to think that Rangers, Celtic, Hearts & Talbot won’t get another slot on tv, but it’s Scottish football, so that’s more than likely 75% of the games gone already.
  3. dandydunn

    Golfers Forum.

    Got a game today for the first time since November. Felt good to be out again on summer greens still, +2 at the turn and must’ve gotten tired on the way back to finish with a +10 78 🙈 treble bogey thrown in at the 10th for good measure. Up in the greenside par 3 in one, pitched down and just missed the putt on the way back, tapped it with the back of my putter to hole it, twice 😂 put it a foot past and rolled it in for a 6 🛎🔚
  4. What was with all the battles outside parkhead last night?
  5. So Liverpool sacked Rodgers for probably not doing his job properly, then took his advice about players 2 months later? I think you need to lay off the drugs.....
  6. You’ll be waiting a long time, I know how to start my car and van, fill up petrol/diesel and screenwash. After that, I leave it to someone who knows what he’s talking about 😂
  7. That post was made with 0% bitterness 😂😂
  8. Stewart was as equally pish as everyone else, make no mistake about that.
  9. Basic weather rules If you can’t drive in the snow, don’t fucking drive, you’re just causing problems for everyone. Fine here, I’m golfing tomorrow, forecast for -2 to start them rising to zero by 9am, can’t wait.
  10. That was a piss poor performance, credit to Stenny, they had a game plan and stuck exactly to it. Not one player got pass marks today, although if we got beat, I wouldn’t of been overly concerned as I’ll be in Blackpool for the final 🙈
  11. Aberdeen being linked with a pre contract for Joe Shaugnessy and a loan for McTominay, but Celtic also interested to add to their other 39 midfielders.
  12. dandydunn

    Childhood heroes

    Met a good few of the Gothenburg lot, regularly have a chat with Joe Harper and Craig Brown in the golf club after they have done their hospitality bits and they have all the time in the world for the bairn every time he sees them. Got a photo with Mani when we were in Nice n Sleazys before the roses gig. Met Sarah Jessica Parker in New York. Never met any of the thunder cats, that’s a big regret.
  13. Shaving is a mistake. Veet is what’s most effective 👍🏽