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  1. Limassol is a lovely place. Got married there 3 years ago. Unless the guy in the hotel was having us on, Roman Abromavich has a gaff on the beach, just along from the marina. The rumour was that he had never been to it and his pals use it as a holiday home 😂
  2. What makes you think they’re “chavvy and scummy?”
  3. Dons badge for me on my leg, fading away though. Need to get it touched up next time I get inked.
  4. Funny that, he was on off the ball today and they were talking about it.
  5. Best: Pink and the pink/yellow/white stripes Worst: Rest of them
  6. I’ll push a tikka masala if there’s a glass of milk to hand......
  7. Correct, why do you think this is happening? Ill answer it for you, it’s because he’s ditched the hoof ball tactics and is actually trying to get the team to play football. They’ve shown they can do that, but when he sets his team up not to lose or to sit on a 1 goal lead, that’s when he looks like a moron and deserves all the criticism he gets.
  8. Wel you can’t leave it there, let’s get nostalgic. I’m on nights, so I’ll be here for hours 😂😂
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