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  1. Yesterday was the 1st time my oldest met her newist cousin, she’s 8 months old 😢 We were quite wary of doing it, but it worked out that it was only 1 set of visitors at a time and both my nephews were really missing seeing trains from the back garden, they loved it 😂
  2. I can see it getting bad once the half pints of lite lager kick in 😂
  3. That’s all he’s ever done. 46 goals in an 8 year career ain’t gonna cut it I’m afraid.
  4. Was my loons 13th birthday yesterday, we had visits from grandparents & family at various points in the day (I know we shouldn’t have) but kept it all distanced and it was a cracking day to be in the garden. It worked out well as I managed to offer a drink to all the individual visitors and managed to keep going from 11am until about 6pm, celebrating his day with his visitors. Had a good sesh after that too as theres nothing else to do at night and the tv is shite 😀
  5. Mcburnie is mince and shouldn’t be near the euros squad.
  6. Turns out myself and Jim Beem have a mutual friend off of here. He says you’re a bigot. Horrible, horrible man that you are. There’s no place for people like you on this Earth.
  7. Correct and you can’t even see it 😂😂
  8. You’re becoming my new favourite poster, talking about me on different threads, but think everyone else has the problem. You have issues with how folk post, but behave the same way yourself. Thick as fuck really, but you stay on the moral high ground, we’ll be able to see you looking down on us easier. Utter bellend. Edit: I think he’s a bigot because someone told me so 😂😂😂 What a 🚀
  9. Then proceeds to call me several names, attempts to drag Ramy into it (which he just brushed off) and makes up a fictional story about me thinking I’m some sort of hard man on here. Pretty much everything he claims to hate about the board, was all wrapped up by him in about an hour, delusional doesnt even come close to what that muppet is 🙄
  10. More name calling? Who’s claimed to be “a hard cunt” or are you just talking out your arsehole once again? Bigoted cunt
  11. Ps Do you have anything to back up your earlier comment, as was asked to call someone a “bigot” apart from a photo? Or are you infact the bigot here?
  12. You called someone a bigot without anything to back it up You were called out and start calling calling people names You then respond with 😂😂😂 You then accuse others of being a thick cunt. You’ve made a complete cunt of yourself here, so have resorted to personal abuse instead of attempting to back up your claims. An utter fucking moron of the highest order that can’t actually see that what he accuses other posters of, is doing exactly the same himself, hounding me and saying the board doesn’t need that anymore, intelligence really isn’t your strong point, is
  13. Well done Saint J. Good to see the trophies distributed somewhere else for a change.
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