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  1. Oh the dirty bastard. Canna stand folk like that. Appreciate your honesty 😘
  2. That’s about the size of it, it’s pointless. I’m hardly a saint on here, but if anyone took anything I say as serious, then the place is in trouble and if they have reported it, there’s nothing been done Only place you’ll see a honest post from me is on the golfers forum, the rest is just nonsense.
  3. I’ll assume that pm you sent me calling him all the things under the sun was sent when drunk then???????
  4. That’s how the mods work on here. Ban who they want and keep others. Same happened to me last year hen I was disputing with Trolling Hills and someone else about something. I got a ban and others else was off Scot free, I probably supported the wrong club. Ramy was out of order on that thread, but not 2 weeks out of order, as was the other balloon he was biting to.
  5. Nope and I really don’t give a fuck. You on the other hand epitomise a scumbag when you think things like that are even remotely funny. I wouldn’t wish that to happen to anyone and I’m sure if you have children now or in the future, you would have a different thing to say about it if one of them was sexually abused.
  6. Point scoring with child abuse doesnt go down well with anyone, many people thought you were being a bell end there 👍🏽
  7. If that’s the case, I’m gonna report it for real now.
  8. If you reported people that were out of order, the board would be a far better place 👍🏽
  9. You wouldn’t dream of what, calling me a name? You did that 3 posts ago. Stand on
  10. Ive had a quick look at your profile and the only interaction I can see between us is from the golfers forum and from when someone was asking about a Hibs bus in Aberdeen for a game last season. You’re indeed a very strange person, but given what you’ve posted before, I’ll assume you’re confused and made a mistake, apology accepted.
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