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  1. dandydunn

    Golfers Forum.

    My dad and all his pals are playing the championship in September and are paying £180 alone for just the one round.
  2. dandydunn

    Golfers Forum.

    Signed up not long ago for a 3 day extravaganza at Carnoustie in April. Buddon on Friday, Burnside Saturday and Championship Sunday. Only played the Burnside before, so can’t wait to get onto all 3. Staying in the hotel too for a very reasonable price of about £250 all in.
  3. Good to see Hibs finally reacted to the smoke bomb thrown into the Aberdeen fans at full time and hope to catch the culprit. Which they will..... 😜
  4. dandydunn

    league cup

    Nah, £15 too, I was just wanting to see how quickly you’d answer 😂😂
  5. dandydunn

    league cup

    It certainly doesn’t. Ours were only a tenner for kids.
  6. Derby until January. Apparently he’s indicated to Lampard that he wants to stay for the season.
  7. Is say you’re clueless about football. Stevie May was outstanding tonight, work rate was 100%, fought for everything and caused Hibs defence no end of problems, you probably seen differently from your settee though.
  8. dandydunn

    league cup

    Clubs can’t win at all. Turns out there’s about 10,000 people in Aberdeen that work Sundays when there’s a semi on 🤡
  9. BT is excellent coverage of Scottish football, people that generally seem to know what they’re talking about and have a passion for what they’re saying. Will be disappointed to see it go.
  10. dandydunn

    league cup

    I’m still boycotting Gave my England ticket away to wee eck.
  11. dandydunn

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Mulumbu is horrendous
  12. dandydunn

    league cup

    18,000 sold and awaiting more arriving from Hampden.