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  1. I reckon Hayes will be back up the road and see out his career with Aberdeen
  2. We’re just doing stableford with our group of boys just now. 23 points by the 8th and nailed one down the middle on the long par 5. Standing over my 2nd shot, I was already counting the 4 points for a birdie as I had a stroke too. One duck hook into the shite later and I was walking off with a 7 and 10 points accumulated for the back 9 😂😂
  3. Sunburnt my nose on the golf course yesterday. Wore a cap today, didn’t help much, now got daft panda eyes from my shades and half a red nose 😳
  4. Madchester music, Roses, Oasis, Monday’s etc etc The Jam & Weller’s reincarnations, Madness, The Clash, too many others to mention Eminem & NWA More recent would be Catfish & The Bottlemen, Blossoms, Sam Fender, Liam & Not Noel (funnily enough) Hate anything purely made on a computer with other people’s music and passed off as their own, which pretty much includes every DJ 🙄 in the world, it’s a load of absolute shite I also have a massive dislike for Chris Martin, can’t pinpoint why, but he just seems like an utter cunt, but can produce a decent track, Parachutes is a fantastic album.
  5. Clubs been cleaned, gps charged and clothes looked out. Shits getting real....... 🏌🏽‍♂️⛳️😀
  6. There’s a sign up in pittodrie that says something about the first recorded passing rules or something like that was from up here. I’ll try and dig it out, I’ve a photo somewhere. Doesn’t prove anything though 😂
  7. I’ll be happy to hit 80 on Friday & Saturday. Haven’t swung this year. Fuck taking the wife though, golf is an outlet 😆
  8. Correct. Some of the comments have been brilliant.
  9. Yesterday was brutal. The portal went online at midday and crashed immediately with no one able to get times. We eventually got later in the afternoon to accommodate all 12 of us. We also have a guaranteed time for a Saturday medal, but obviously only 2 can use that at the moment. One of the boys can’t manage it, so we only needed to scrape one public one for then, which we managed to get this morning, so all good so far. Need to try and get some stuff sorted for every day next week, I’ll be out everyday if I can and she’s more than happy to get a rid of me for a few hours.
  10. 7:48 booked for Saturday 😀🏌🏽‍♂️⛳️
  11. I called my wife a bampot the other night and she burst out laughing as she hadn’t heard it in years. Bide is widely used in Aberdeen, an example of being, if you were telling your pal about someone that you were trying to find out about, you would ask “fars he bide, or fars he fae”
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