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  1. I’m loving this global warming lark. Shorts & T-Shirt for golf yesterday and kids football today.......in September. Brilliant.
  2. Hoban can’t play every game yet and they can’t really risk a multi million bid on a player to get a result against Motherwell. Taylor & Ojo are simply pish.
  3. Good luck to Derek & The Dons tonight in the Oil Gasico COYR🔴⚪️
  4. Theyve deleted the comments off of Facebook. One guy said Aberdeen should reimburse him because he’s signed up already to watch the game 😂 Some are still here actually https://www.facebook.com/263523567481/posts/10158560679452482/?extid=wE18iYQsewhauIZW&d=n
  5. With some Aberdeen fans cracking up at the club, because they subscribed to premier sports, despite no game being announced for the channel so far this season 🙄
  6. Great shot stopper in his time with Aberdeen. Very underrated by a lot of dons fans.
  7. That’s a bit disrespectful, isn’t it. No need for that whatsoever, disgraceful.
  8. They’re going ahead still, but further trials have been delayed until October I think. That should be the final nail in the coffin for any fans going to the Israel game and a very limited capacity (if anyone) at Scottish Cup semis.
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