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  1. Im back to work, which helps a lot, but also in the middle of directing and producing a short video of all the kids from the football team, playing social distance football, it’s a load of pish really, but already clipped 5 videos together and my boy thinks it’s funny. If I’ve got permission from all the parents, I’ll post it on here when it’s finished, may even make a guest appearance myself.......
  2. No. Just fed up of rolling hills trolling, who seems to have gone very quiet on all fronts, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
  3. Interesting. We were talking about this yesterday when discussing our first football memory on tv. I asked some of my older pals if all games from tournaments were on tv, from possibly 74/78 onwards and none of them could remember. One was certain all games from 78 were on, another wasn't so sure and thought it may only have been the home nations games.
  4. We played uno last night. 2 hands before there was battles and cries of cheat all across the room. Kids FaceTimed their grandparents today, so that brought a smile to them. Got the Houseparty too, come in handy for my sisters 40th next Friday, ordered a cable to hook it up to the tv too.
  5. 🤣🤣 All jobs been out on the back burner for now, parcelforce just came.
  6. Flooring finished in the utility room today, just need to wait until I can get materials to finish the job off 🙄 Got the phone call to go back to work on Monday day for 2-3 weeks, so a bit of good news there.
  7. It wasn’t an exact science of a number. They estimated at £1,00,000+ from Scottish cup, refunds for tickets, no corporate, selling other tickets for the games, sponsorship, early season ticket sales etc etc. Some huns have went into absolute meltdown, thinking administration is coming, but dont realise if Aberdeen are set to lose out on 5,000,000 for loss of attendance and prize money, then Rangers will be set to lose at least 5 x that amount. Twitter has made some incredible reading since this was announced 🤣
  8. Being on a nice kick, I didn’t even contemplate saying that 🤣🤣
  9. I see exactly what you’re saying. I do t want to sit at home either and be paid 80% of my wages for doing fuck all either, but these are unprecedented times and could go for months. We have no idea where the next wage is going to come from. We were all asked to go on 80% yesterday, whether we’re working or not, simply in the hope that there’s a job to go back to after this clears up. Good luck everyone, the world has just went fucking haywire.
  10. I would agree, but it’s a yearly call. We do 20% a year to keep costs down as opposed to doing it every 5 years. Just have to wait and see what happens really. If it was up to me, I’d be at work doing them.
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