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  1. Still shorts & tshirt weather for us just now. Handicap down to 7.6 now, be a struggle to keep that there, need cocnsostent scored in the 70’s for anymore cuts now.
  2. And by this, you have judged him to have a “bad habit” of diving, despite no media coverage and an admittance that you’ve seen him “once” 😂😂😂 You're a strange one.
  3. I always mean to go as I stay in cove now, but I’ve never actually made it along, so I’ve no idea really. Don’t really see much in the area encouraging folk along though, would be good to see them try to drum up a bit more support. Edinburgh City play their home gaMrs on a Friday night now, to try and get hearts/Hibs supporters along too.
  4. That was last year, still a horny little fucker at times 😂
  5. He’s not of age to hump anything that moves either, but what can we do…….😂
  6. Easier to explain with a copy & paste On your other point, it seems that it’s kinda set out like CL football, pretty much a closed shop for the top boys and if they fail to make it through the points, they’ll be picked anyway To produce its Ball Striking rankings, the PGA Tour combines a golfer's ranking in two other statistical categories, Total Driving and Greens in Regulation. Add a golfer's ranking in Total Driving and his ranking in GIR and you get his Ball Striking "points." But Total Driving itself is a combination of two other statistical categories, Driving Distance and Driving Accuracy. So it's actually a 3-step process to arrive at a PGA Tour golfer's Ball Striking standing. Did you follow all that? Not to worry. Here's an example of adding it all up. First, determine a golfer's Total Driving ranking. Let's say Golfer X is No. 53 in Driving Distance and No. 17 in Driving Accuracy. Fifty-three plus 17 is 70. That's 70 "points" for Total Driving. Where does that rank compared to other PGA Tour golfers? Fewer points are better, more points are worse. Let's say Golfer X's 70 points is good enough to rank him No. 14 in Total Driving. And he's No. 17 in Greens in Regulation (GIR). Now, Step 2: Combine his Total Driving ranking with his GIR ranking: 14 + 17 equals 31 Ball Striking "points." Finally, compare Golfer X's 31 "points" to all other golfers' Ball Striking points. Where does he fall on the list? If 31 points is the fewest, then Golfer X is No. 1 in Ball Striking on the PGA Tour. So: Determine Total Driving rankings; combine Total Driving and GIR rankings; compare that result to other golfers to get Ball Striking ranking.
  7. Harrington is an idiot, he says he wants a team of ball strikers, then picks Poulter.
  8. Are you taking it from the headline of “Glass ready to wield the axe”? Or is there some mad man convinced we’re good enough to sack a manager after losing one league game this season?
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