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  1. Went up to watch Cove v Dunipace today, for a team that plays there every 2 weeks, the amount of times cove punted the ball high and far was ridiculous only for it to be 10 yards short of its intended target. Two quick goals at the start of the 2nd half killed it at 4-0 and ended up 7.
  2. Their opposition had players from Stoke, Ross County & St Mirren in their ranks
  3. Is it on premier? I couldn’t see it on 1 or 2. Im on dazn 6 😬
  4. The way refs have described it to our kids is that if their hands are at 4,5,6,7,8 o’clock and it hits, it’s not a penalty, if they’re anywhere else, it’s a penalty, whether deliberate or not.
  5. Complete implosion in the 1st 10 minutes and then utter dominance with no end product. VAR made to work hard tonight 😬
  6. Interesting that you find yourself having to jump onto everything I post, even when I’m not interacting with you.
  7. Are the Celtic commentators watching from a broom cupboard?
  8. His next post will be about how you’re my wee pal and we’re ganging up on him in our “kleek” 😂😂😂
  9. No matter how many times he’s told, he’s absolutely convinced you’re a Utd fan 😂😂😂
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