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  1. dandydunn

    World Cup Betting

    Productive overall for me. Didn’t win much during the matches, but today gave me, with bet365 offer, btts 1st half @8/1, I them put on btts 2nd half @10/3. Also took sky price boost of 4/1 for Mbappe to score anytime and had France to win overall @ 6/1. Made about £250 today with overall winnings of about £180.
  2. dandydunn

    Cove v Aberdeen

    He’s been given the all clear. Will be discharged tonight and monitored over next 48 hours
  3. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    I was the only one here that called that. His hand did move slightly lower towards the ball, although it was very harsh. VAR is killing football.
  4. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    I’m in Majorca just now, there was guys ditching kids left, right & centre when they realised it was on.
  5. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    France. Took them at 7’s before it started. Mon les blues
  6. Spotify plays the album, if you want it on shuffle, use the shuffle feature. For example, a quick look shows “The Stone Roses”, then a collectors edition and a legacy edition. Just choose the one that has 12 songs instead of 24 or 40.
  7. We’ve got replacements for all 3 players you’ve mentioned, so I’ve no idea where you thing we haven’t replaces them. Are they any good, who knows, they’ve only played a couple of friendlies so far. All I’m saying is, let’s leave the judgements until the real stuff starts.
  8. Aberdeen, who have yet to play a competitive game, seem weaker than last season? Thats a very strange assessment to make. We lost McLean, who only really turned up for us after we signed him in loan, Christie, who didn’t really do much at all second half of the season and O’Connor, who apparently hated us anyway. Lets see what happens before we start discussing Aberdeen’s “cycle” ending again, we all know what happened last season. Rangers took 10 points off of Aberdeen and still couldn’t finish on top of them, maybe calm your expectations a bit
  9. dandydunn

    Europa league qualifiers

    Decent start for hibs, don’t you have a super fan base though? Where was everyone? Also, that kit is fucking awful.
  10. Neither were the runners up. Football is dead, it’s built up for the big dogs to get richer and nothing else. No disrespect intended to Celtic, (not often I’ll say that), but their neither wanted nor needed in the champions league now. Is it this season that England, Spain, Germany & Italy get 4 teams automatically into the group stages? Absolute farce of a competition.
  11. dandydunn

    Europa league qualifiers

    I’m sure everyone is shitting bricks at the prospect.....
  12. dandydunn

    Russia 2018

    Watched the game in a bar in Majorca, don’t think I’ve ever been so unpopular in my life when the second goal went in. 9 Scots in our company and absolute pandemonium when it went in. One lassie was screaming at the top of her voice all night, then instantly looked like she was ready to bottle me at full time My 10 year old doing a dance from Fortnite (whatever the fuck that is) with an L symbol on his forehead was particularly unpopular with her Makes the holiday all the more bearable now knowing that absolutely no one gives a fuck about the playoff match
  13. dandydunn

    Europa league qualifiers

    You seem nice. I only answered you, I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourselves and hope they’re up for it and not thinking about everyone else in the epl still on their holidays. Burnley
  14. dandydunn


    Probably to get rid of you