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  1. Shanklanda level is the championship Nisbet could be if he gets a move and given a chance Griffiths needs to get a grip of himself, his next contract could very well be his last if he doesn’t sort himself out, we all know what he can do.
  2. How many times have I said that they were better at everything than us tonight? Were out of our depth and you’re really stupid. Night
  3. Agreed, but if we keep the strikers that we’ve taken with us on the bench, then we’ll never know. Dykes won’t be the man that’ll score us goals, Adams maybe will, but he would need to be the focal point, not just hope that something drops off to him from some lumped ball that Dykes wins and knocks down. He certainly looks like he can play with the ball at his feet and run at defenders.
  4. Was it only Dykes and Adams having those attempts at goal? If it was, I’ll hold my hands up and say strikers are the only problem, but we both know it’s not.
  5. What’s your point? Creating chances dont win you games, taking them does. We’re not good enough to do that.
  6. You’re starting to see sense now, we created chances, but didn’t take them, in any of the 3 games, why is that? Because we’re out of our depth. Do you think they played reasonably well tonight and competed throughout the game?
  7. Is there an open top parade for having lots of shots on goal? Maybe we had what, 20-25 attempts at goal, with 1 goal? Other teams progressed by scoring goals, not just by trying to score them, that’s the major difference between us and them.
  8. If we don’t punt the ball from front to back, he won’t need to win headers, so that’s one issue resolved 😂
  9. See that part that you quoted, where I said I expected is to be down, if you look deep enough into that line in particular, then I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out fairly easily.
  10. Drop him completely amd play Adams up top. He looks like he has a lot more awareness of how football should be played.
  11. We weren’t good enough to get to the tournament, we snuck in through the back door by winning on penalties twice, scoring 1 goal in those 240 minutes. I was expecting us to finish bottom, but hoped for more, not quite sure what you’re trying to get at exactly? Sontou think performances like that are the stuff that will get us to a higher level?
  12. I’ve already said what I was hoping for, but expecting to be down. If you’re just too fucking thick to see what else I’m saying, maybe you should reread it instead of posting the same utter nonsense time and time again.
  13. Correct and we haven’t had the ability (or luck) at times to capitalise on them, we don’t belong at this lever (yet).
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