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  1. As I understand Dapo has been here most of his life and schooled here.
  2. Would be best if @TAMB1 edited your post @dandydunn? Anyone googling that may get directed to the site.
  3. Killie get a better manager once Clarke goes to Scotland and you are fucked. Nothing else on the horizon to do any damage
  4. By all accounts Hastie is going down south on loan to League 1 with Bury next season.
  5. Yeah my mate joined up and always gets good tickets. Front tables at the Ally Pally and Winter Gardens last year for the final.
  6. Clarke has done wonders with Killie. He went in with zero expectation and has to be commended. I just don't see it happening at Scotland for him.
  7. It WAS one face painter and he has since been paid 👍
  8. From my view point it looked a stick on red. God knows what that clown Clancy saw.
  9. We won't get rid of him and i think he'll likely be first choice next season. Hard as fuck full back who's not scared of a tackle! The tackle on Rogic was a good old school tackle.
  10. Would be surprised if he's not playing in the championship again next season.
  11. Be lucky to make 16th or 17th in the EFL Championship, let alone the EPL Premiership.
  12. There's a new rule. You choose your appeal date.
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