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  1. Definitely in bad shape! Were bad in pre season at ibrox but put it down to us blowing them away. Stuart McCall to turn them around?
  2. Self confessed Fenian, so was one of the early adds
  3. Difference being the rules actually show it's a red, at the time I didn't know that. Good find though. Dermott Gallagher on SSN (Ref Watch) actually said no red to Edwards, but said Jack's was. go figure.
  4. You're at it. If that's the other way round Morelos is sin died and this board goes in to meltdown. Jack was sent off for the same last season. Full speed (watching live) you could see straight away the boy left his leg in and knew what he's doing.
  5. Well done @Rolling hIlls for the changes you @Pâté and the rest of the team have made. It looks great.
  6. I genuinely wonder at times what game Kevin Clancy thinks he is refereeing. How the tackle on Morelos went unpunished is utterly baffling; the boy will receive a retrospective red on the back of a review. Straightforward result today with the Utd keeper with a great display (MoTM despite conceding 4) and stopping an absolute drubbing. On to midweek against the Imps in Gibraltar and then a very difficult away trip to the Hibees.
  7. If we stopped the fannying about, we could go and get; Klinsmann Allardyce Blanc Might be a short term thing if they turn us around and are offered a club job but I would thrown a salary at them. Big Sam (even after managing England and being English) would get us going.
  8. Israel might take it easy on us?
  9. Rammy in the dressing room post match! Jack, McKenna, McGregor and Tierney having it out with Clarke and John Carver. Not a happy camp.
  10. Be thankful you can switch off the telly. There's some of us actually in Hampden watching it.
  11. When did Jon Daly join the Garda?
  12. Nice to see the Goon Brigade want to "Free Gazza"
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