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  1. I like that it took you more than one effort.
  2. I'm a football fan but I don't go filming people! Can the guy not be happy to see top fitba stars without the need to film it?
  3. Na, the guy filming it is the cunt. Why does he need to point a phone in their faces and film them? I'd have slapped him myself.
  4. Debian

    Independence Reminders

    Same, I don't think there was
  5. Debian

    Independence Reminders

    I was working in Dublin that week. I also had to work the Friday, so I flew home Thursday night, voted yes, stayed up all night, and then back to Dublin feeling broken.
  6. Kevin Clancy and his entourage were once again appalling at Ibrox. Morelos is clearly onside for one of the disallowed goals. As the balls played, the Dundee defender is behind Candeias and Morelos. VAR for me.
  7. Debian

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    And he didn't move from the Dons to the Gers. Thats the problem - at the Netherlands game there were cunts frothing over Jack. It's a minority but some have such a hatred it's fucking embarrassing.
  8. Debian

    St Faddy De Paris 11 years ago today

    Who cares. We never qualified and the goalie made an arse of it. Cunts like this still go on a out Gemmell in 78.
  9. Debian

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    It's happened to Rangers players in the past. It's also happened to one or two other players. We need to remember that like any other club or country, Scotland fans can also be and are cunts.
  10. Debian

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    Try that tomorrow when you're sober.
  11. Debian

    Let's give the girls our support in France

    Woman's football is absolutely horseshit. There's a lassie at my work who plays with Glasgow - I've joined her and a few of her team mates to play 5s at Glasgow Green in/around them training during the winter and I'm as good and if not better than them. That's me who hasn't played regular football for over 10 years. And I'm also not really that much of a player, an athlete etc etc. It's good they've qualified However, any one really interested in going are likely one of the old 10 pointers who have grouse feathers and are chuggers 👍
  12. Anonymity online is very important. I'm surprised you have and continue to give your details out, but each to their own.
  13. Had a chance at 26 to relocate to Mississauga through my work, and had it planned and flights booked. Three months prior to leaving, my work sold off their North American business that I was going out to Manage. Four years later, I'm married, bought a house and had a child! Without a doubt I would move in a heartbeat if/when the chance presents itself though. I guess now having the wee one means it would be selfish as my folks and my wife's family wouldn't see my daughter. Maybe when I'm older.
  14. Debian

    Fort William

    I guess if there was restructure in the Highland league with relegation theh could be gone for a long time. It's the equivalent of East Stirling being bottom of the 3rd division for so many years and eventually dropping. I believe they had a bad fire the other year (this may be wrong) but the insurance wasn't in place or wasn't paid out that has cost them dear.