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  1. I had 6 of these that I got at £95 a bottle. At auction they're not getting the price at Tyndrum but a healthy return.
  2. My wife life Nikka, last 3 bottlesI've bought her are Nikka from the barrel, Coffey malt and Coffey grain. For a c£35-40 a bottle you can't complain for a good dram for a cheap price.
  3. I managed to get 2x of the sherry release from Berry Bro Rudd and have the most recent summer and winter releases. Owner Alex Cuthbert of Daftmill alps runs the FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/373712386872/
  4. I didn't think you had teams in both Europa league and the new diddy euro cup? Def confirmed?
  5. Joe Aribo filled in at left back when we made the Barasic change and looked immense for 25 minutes. Definitely not saying we will go through but mentally for the tie that was massive last night to not only take a doing but come back and win.
  6. No worries. Would very very surprised if our pitch inspection isn't early doors tomorrow. I'll be amazed if it is on.
  7. Gers game Was circa 2 hours. Brechin was early doors today. Game in England last week called off 5 minutes before kick off. depends on the circumstances Raymundo
  8. Waterlogged park, and it is actually getting heavier in Glasgow.
  9. Rangers postponed and rearranged for tomorrow. SPFL are baffling. There's no way the games on
  10. I think the incorporation will happen in time. Pre East juniors joining the East there really wasn't too much between the South and East. Unfortunately the top teams in the East Prem will continue to dominate in its current format and leave the South with little chance. I've caught a few games this season; best being the South Challenge Cup between Gala Fairydean Rivers (LL) and Newton Stewart (SoSL), with the South team losing by 2.1. There's always going to be hammering though at these levels and eventually over time it should sort itself if the West incorporates and we end up with potentially a West Central/Glasgow and a West Ayrshire/South possibly similar could happen in the long run if the East Juniors join at T7 or T8. The need for additional play off spots will happen. There's talk of 2 up 2 down from the lowland league and there needs to be at least 1 automatic place in to league 2. Winners of HL/LL play off replace team 10th, with the Losers of that play team placed 9th? It'll be interesting to follow over the next few months.
  11. Banks O'Dee and Culter have both been down the South West and apparently tried to get in to the Highland League. Full expect the HL will need to look at opening up and creating a similar structure. Does open the possibility of 7pm midweek games for Luncarty FC (just north of the Tay Bridge boundary line) away to Orkney. Obviously common sense would regionalise it. This is massive IMO. If It all goes ahead I'd fully expect to see bigger leagues eventually at L1 and L2 too.
  12. As many will now be aware following BSC Glasgow (Scottish Lowland League) and Auchinleck (West Juniors) there are teams below the SPFL who can give clubs a game and a half. Following discussions over the past few weeks, it now looks likely that a West of Scotland Football League will be created for next season that is to be administered by the Scottish Lowland League. They currently oversee the East of Scotland League. This step will likely see a number of the top Junior sides jump ship to 'senior' football for the 20/21 season. We likely have a number of chaps on here who follow their local Junior team. What's the thoughts of them coming in to the Pyramid Structure? We can see how well Kelty and Bonnyrigg has done this season and in League 2 Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City (2 most recent promoted teams) lead the charge. Could we soon see Pollok Juniors, Kirkintilloch Rob Rob, Bonnyton Thistle or even Drumchapel Amateurs find a way in to the SPFL. Makes interesting viewing for anyone who follows clubs at this level.
  13. Assuming this Morelos racism thing is another fake video at Killie?
  14. "Let us be clear here. Every single journalist or commentator who played down this racist incident or tried to cast doubt on it even happening, was well aware that Rangers had reported it to the police, that the police were investigating and that it was referenced in the match delegate’s report." Why would the match delegate reference a racial incident that didn't happen?
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