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  1. Honestly, for myself not really. I don't have a lot of interest in the coaching side of things and find it an incredibly easy course to do; it was a necessary tick the box exercise. I don't doubt though it will help a lot of people and the guys who took our courses were very good and enthusiastic - I was lucky in that we had a 'guest' appearance at on of our sessions from Neil McCann and honestly his attention to detail was second to none. He'll be a very good coach one day. You're right though, Neymar would like have been pushed out and there is still an reliance of focus on being the
  2. It's no a big hitter. Yeah, the computer side of things is shite and you'll just end up with a load of nerds with C badges.
  3. I've 1.3 myself, needed it to assist with my Clubs SFA License - have been looking at going down the C route at some point this year.
  4. Fortunately regardless of fans being in or not, I've secured an 'Admin' gig with the SFA due to having a good pal in there and will be at all games due to be played at Hampden.
  5. Haha, once Covid GTF this cunt will be on a MWI trip - having kids changes you mate.
  6. I'm off to sing the Rebs and feed my dug - Bobby Sands!
  8. Aww can't be besmirching Maurice can we now! Good old Hun so he is. Doesn't fit your agenda eh.
  9. I mind being at an old school SFA event in the early 2000's and some cultural songs started flowing from both sides of the Old Firm - Dundee Utd Hall of Famer Maurice Malpas got fair in to the Sash.
  10. Knackered after watching that, but some great resiliency and fight back and more coefficient points in the bag.
  11. Of course it is; I was at the one for Scott Arfields birthday, there must have been about 60 folk at it and all the First Team squad were there.
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