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  1. Debian

    Next Manager?

    Sir Alex will not be anywhere near this as a mentor to anyone. Ffs.
  2. I'm with @slasher Board to Manager & Fans - the whole flipping SFA set up is a shambles. The problem is it is an exclusive club with certain few with their fingers in so many pies, and all keen to get their pals the gigs. That needs to end. Petrie, Maxwell, McRae and McLeish. Go take a hike! Maxwell should never have been given his gig, and Petrie is soon to follow McRae as he is the only person who has noted an interest in taking over as President. In my world, if that was my manager and he had overseen that result he would have been givens jotters and a new man would already be getting head hunted to take over. Then the fans, most are stupid alcoholics who just go along for a gig. Most couldn't tell you the starting 11 or have an ounce of footballing knowledge in them. The jolly craicsters of the TA, the no Scotland no Party. The fuds who think the Antti Niemi's no Finnished he's only 28 - GTF. Absolute weapons the lot of them. If you voted with your feet and boycotted home and away they would soon recognise the importance. Until such a time, you enjoy contributing to the failure.
  3. Has a point. How Mulumbu went so long without a booking and is then booked for a nothing thing was baffling. Kilmarnock should have been down to 10 even 9. Referee should also have sent off Goldson near the end... was a shocker of a tackle to take the boy out.
  4. Β£5k for paint. Fuck off
  5. Voted yes and took leave from working abroad to come back to do so Since then I'm dismayed by the SNP especially my local MSP and Cllr. Reneged on promises to help my estate and local community, lied to residents and actually managed to route a bus through our street (cllr is on GCC transport committee) and has since had to apologise - bus rerouted last Monday. Sturgeon is less the women she was back then - running the referendum campaign I believe she would have taken us through. Now she's all mouth and fuck all action. I'm inclined to still vote yes but it's all heart and little head. Don't see us getting any better under a UK government and can only imagine how the SNP would be. Likely end up in many fractious parties and have a number of splinters and ergo a whole new political party or 11.
  6. He's the best keeper we have. I'm sure someone will step up and do well and replace him. My understanding is he wanted to do this prior to the Nation's Cup but decided to stay put. The ban has hee haw to do with itπŸ‘
  7. He's only posting what he seen on Twitter. A bit far to label SEM a bellend
  8. My mates dad was the linesman that day, and had to give a statement at the court case. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. Home team takes 20% for 'expenses' and then after the SFA cut they split it 50/50.
  10. Suppose that depends on how much you needed to pay for them Derek?
  11. Was the keeper hurt or was it tactical for the pens? If the latter, it's a bit shite being subbed off for pens.
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