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  1. I know mate, just noting what I saw. I see there is an updated response just released with relaxed testing to once per week now.
  2. Celtic players were bussed in to Parkhead yesterday on 2 buses. I saw them on my way back form Cuningar Loop with the wee one at lunchtime.
  3. Castore website doing preorders www.preorder.rangers.co.uk From 1st August, High St retailers including Greaves, SD or any other who've purchased at CPU from Castore can stock and sell. πŸ‘
  4. 2x lots of folks in your house but 30 folks in a pub. These rules are a fucking joke. Who in their right mind wants to go in to a pub in 3 weeks time.
  5. Debian

    Closed doors

    Not a chance; we will be in the 2nd wave by then
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