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  1. That's the one. I'll be getting the train down
  2. Midjyttland charge was nonsense, Record have retracted the story, apologised and punted the reporter. 👍 Fans were behaved, few shouts here and there which were immediately pounced upon which was good to see. As for the 2nd charge, another 300 seats for our first home group game.
  3. Nothing as yet has come out about Legia sanctions (UEFA apparently have used uploaded clips to Twitter) so a stadium closure may still happen. I suspect if we go through this will happen or if we don't we get a suspended sentence for next season.
  4. About time UEFA stood up and the kick in the shiter the club needed. Tonight though gives me the fear, the amount of morons who'll be pissed up and start or someone who is defiant. Positively, most (not all) of my Twitter timeline is full of people backing the sanctions and actions. I'd rather get our house in order and rid it of the muck songs and try and move on.
  5. Earlier seasons on Peaky Blinders was better but you must watch expect us to be blamed on Sportscene by Stewart this week over this. https://twitter.com/ThePeakyBlinder/status/1166100236076556288?s=08
  6. That could and should have been double figures.
  7. I think they generically search for Sevco to find most.
  8. I've been away and saw clips of the goings on. This is a genuine question, how were folk getting tickets on their phones and getting through? Surely a steward see's someone trying to get in with a phone and not a ticket and sends them on their way? FWIW - The flak we are getting is definitely justified. Whether a roof can hold 1 or 100, I cannot fathom why you feel the need to jump on the roof.
  9. Surely everyone just puts him on ignore and the board reverts to the norm. The board being shite isn't RHs fault - people move on, and other factors, blaming him is a cop out.
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