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  1. £25m all in depending on many clauses etc. I believe he has the potential and his injury issues are only recent. He'll get over them. If napoli is an option I'd go Serie A over epl
  2. Away and shove a dildo up your arse kumface
  3. Whats the issue? Union flags at pittodrie and also with Killie fans in Wales last night.
  4. Shat it You were giving it the RH chat at the last game you weapon. Showed us your phone you balloon
  5. Shut up you tosser or I'll stamp a maple leaf on your forehead.
  6. No back until we win a title Ron. Just you stick to asking who Debian is on Facebook.
  7. He is actually a very good signing (imo). Played about 80 games in Serie A and now a regular this year I'm the Sweden team. I'm surprised we got him if truth be told as I'd have said he's too good for the Scottish game.
  8. For me, cos I'm no a fan dan. I'd gladly see Aberdeen Killie and the Tim's win if it boosts the coefficient for Rangers CL run in 2021.
  9. For the Fan zone = See Council Leader Definitely needs a good bit of work but there has been a lot done over the close season. Ahead of 2022 (150 of the original) there is a schedule of works. As for the debt. Yup, there's still going to be some. The debt for equity only wiped so much. It is to King and Co so I hold little concern. Anyway, get it up the Gibs
  10. Floating charges and negative pledges... Just wait Hibees... there will be blogs soon about this.
  11. Hey Cove. Still paying for sex on away trips mate?
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