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  1. McCrorie is so far down the pecking order for us though. He'd need a phenomenal rise to get in to our starting X1 let along matchday 18. I'd love to be proved wrong and think he'll have a good career but don't think we will regret it. Anyway, even if he does we'll get him on a Bosman
  2. It should always be given. The Roofe pen decision was ridiculous too, clear as day. Not sure a dull strength Aberdeen would have done much more today, and not being disrespectful but feel we could easily have stepped up a gear if need be.
  3. These look absolute horse shit. £8 😂
  4. Uefa control it all.
  5. 2-0 down after 10 minutes and we go on to win AET! I have a Keg of Lowenbrau Oktoberfest and a 16 year old bottle if Ardbeg ready for the night. Party if we do it and straight on to Skyscanner to look up flights from Glasgow to ... Glasgow.
  6. Given we are 2.1 up against 10 men I'd be disappointed if we don't win. At this rate we'll get Scotland 3x automatic CL spots.
  7. Can't be too confident? I'm expecting us to cope quite easily tonight and score a couple of goals.
  8. We all know what's coming next. A 6-0 aggregate over the next 2 games.
  9. What time are Celtic turning up? Only gripe is we didn't try to get out of 1st gear and get a few goals.
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