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  1. Loads out there. This is my favourites in my phone.
  2. https://www.scotchwhiskyauctions.com/auctions/search/?q=Macallan+edition+no2 Where are you based.
  3. The later bottles won't reach those heights. Initially released at 750ml for Taiwan and then the States. Very few bottles at 700ml!
  4. Debian

    league cup

    No, surely not... I thought you were playing a character with all the God stuff. Surely you're ripping it! Wee mad Jesus coming back to life... Big beardy guyGod in the sky, aye?
  5. Very fortunate after a cracking equaliser and shocking performance. Both were penalties thoughand well taken by the captain so no complaints in the end.
  6. Debian

    league cup

    You believe in heaven and hell. A grown man, I assume you are a grown man, openly uses that to validate his point. I cannot wait for Santa this year. The Easter bunny and tooth fairy have also made a visit to my house this year.
  7. Debian


    Super! I'll keep you posted on my plans
  8. Debian


    I am a nightmare on the swally!
  9. Debian

    league cup

    You had these in your favourites, didn't you.
  10. Debian

    league cup

    you don't need to be bullied, but not believing the truth is something you do well. Therefore it doesn't surprise me that you believe this.
  11. Debian


    it could be. Whats the complete route and I will take a swatch!
  12. Debian


    Currently on skyscanner trying to find a Friday out, and Sunday back route! This having children and having responsibilities really fucks with my social life.
  13. Debian


    All tickets will cost £4
  14. Debian

    league cup

    It is true though. However you wrap it up! Milne has tried to play poker and ended up being rammed with one.