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  1. In countries where it remains hot an orange actually is green in colour. Those orange bigot bastards at Hibs, Celtic and Nigeria.
  2. It's amazing evolution isn't it. Here we have an orangutan using the Internet.
  3. As per the RGB Colour chart it is genuinelly classed as mandarin.
  4. David Templeton and Scott Fraser have joined Burton Albion
  5. We hadn't, that's the point. Twatterers believe we have... up to our knees and all that. Big ill Phil deleted his tweet hasty when pointed out by all accounts.
  6. I'm more impressed we've brought back the black socks with red tops. The seethe on Twitter is phenomenal.
  7. It's mandarin! And it's the 20 year anniversary of the near start of the Dutch contingent joining. Xenophobe