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  1. Why the racist post Scotty? Finally outed yourself what you are. A horrible bitter racist.
  2. Debian


    Were due to support Big Country at an upcoming gig - pulled. Anyone listened to Scattyboo?
  3. Debian


    Was it his own shite or hers he ate off her face...
  4. Make something for Porn.
  5. Debian


    You need a new supplier mate.
  6. Anyone on here collect Arran Whisky?
  7. https://www.theredcard.org/news/2014/04/10/show-racism-the-red-card-welcomes-sfa-charge-against-leigh-griffiths-for-racist-singing
  8. Surely you're ripping it
  9. Err, I have zero for him. He's a disgraceful human being. Awaits response.
  10. Your hypocrisy is cringeworthy Ramy!
  11. His statement is fair, but how much compassion can you have for a racist?
  12. Debian

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    Nice to see Jack is still being abused by Aberdeen fans. Forced out of Souls in Aberdeen along with multiple tweets threatening him getting a doing. Fucking moronic
  13. Yeah, it's a bit daft especially considering today for Kilmarnock as a whole. I'm guessing now Rangers lowball and Killie will accept to get rid of a player the wants want rid...
  14. What ban did Christie receive from the stamp on Morelos?