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  1. Some folk have been critical of Sevco's interim manager... but I thought he was just Ducky.
  2. Been crazy busy trying to finish an addition and get it winterised before the bad weather. Anyway... Gonna have to dedicate this 10IAR to Slippy who had 3 chances to stop it (with the second biggest budget in Scotland) before making his "I see my chance" getaway from the madhouse. 👨‍🎤 "Slip slidin' away Slip slidin' away You know the nearer your destination The more you're slip slidin' away... " Scottish League Cups... 0 for 10(10IAR gloriously achieved!) 😁 Scottish Cups... 0 for 9(Going for 10IAR) Scottish Premiership Titles... 1* for 5 --------------- Total... 1* for 24 *The trophy was bought through a combination of going heavily into debt, and having a complicit Celtic. Sevco haven't made a penny profit in their entire (less than a decade) history. FACT!!!
  3. - the earth isn't a disc. - dinosaurs never existed. - a meteor has never (and could never) hit earth. You've posted this in an attempt to try and show the 'ridiculous impossibility' of the 'flat' earth, but none of the information in that video is true. Do you see the irony in mocking truth with the very same CGI that has deceived you into your impossible world view?
  4. The Atlanta connection is holding us back. Give us financial investment. Don't give us players or coaches.
  5. Simpletons attend 'covid party' and end up in ICU. Alberta, Canada...
  6. Rowan Atkinson could play him in a movie. Nailed it. 🤣
  7. We just had an unnecessary (2 years early) Federal election for $610 million where only 4 seats changed hands. The price of pencils alone was half a million. Plexiglass cost nearly $4 million. (What a waste.)
  8. Vaccine passports start today here in Ontario for restaurants, gyms, etc. (We'll see how it goes.)
  9. Apparently, Samuels only had 60 minutes in him.
  10. Sevco and Celtic dropping a combined 5 points today is good for Scottish football. Both Hearts and Hibs being undefeated at this point is good for Scottish football.
  11. Nailed it. Sevco games are platforms for their bile. If that stage were gone then we'd have hope of the hate fading.
  12. He's definitely losing the fans. Our best creative players (Hedges and Watkins) being injured just compounds things, but ironically, it's my opinion that if Glass didn't make the 7 changes v Raith that Hedges wouldn't have been injured and we'd still be in the League Cup. And we haven't won without Hedges since. It's a hard watch, mate. i didn't get that either.
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