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  1. "The scenes were typically Scottish." The Hibs fans were wrong to cross the halfway line and challenge the Sevconian support. Both Rangers and Celtic fans were a disgrace. Scotland's shame.
  2. Rangers received a 5 year ban from Europe for their hun behaviour. That's nothing to brag about. (Then there was the 3 years Sevco had to wait as a brand new club before they were eligible to play in Europe for the first time.)
  3. It's a little known fact, but I was the one behind the 'VICTORY!' sign. If I can figure out how to post a photo (now that tinypic is gone) I'll be able to show you my mates and I with it just after we painted it.
  4. My cousin (Alison) painted them and her brother, my cousin Hamish (with the flag) still had one of them in his loft and donated it for the AFC museum.
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