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  1. Life doesn't evolve, and there aren't any 'planets' that we can land on. We have creation, stars, wandering stars, with lies and illusion backed by CGI. I was wondering what the hold up was. What does William Hill's say? Don't you hate that?
  2. Is that you, Ramy? TAMBers don't 'own' threads. The forum is 'Anything Goes'. Opposing views and opinions aren't supposed to be censored or forbidden on message boards.
  3. If only. Few are Bible-believing. I believe by faith. In truth, there are no facts (just 'facts'). EVERYBODY believes EVERYTHING by FAITH. There has never been a book written in the same way as the Bible. - The Bible was written by the Holy Spirit through about 40 humans. - who wrote from 3 different continents: Asia, Africa and Europe… - in many different places: the wilderness, prison, traveling, islands… - at different times; covering a span of about 1,600 years… - who did different kinds of jobs: fishermen, kings, shepherd, a herd
  4. There's a big difference between 'in with a shout' and 'the League is gone'. You planning to lose the next 2 two Sevco games? I say that both are very winnable.
  5. 🤞 I was on pins and needles. How can anyone say that NASA having a daily budget of $52,000,000 in return for CGI is a waste of money? Lets be honest... It'd be for the best. Steady. But that's all the sheeple need.
  6. I didn't. I'm simply stating that Soro got away with uncalled fouls, and if they were called then he'd be in the same boat as Ferguson. If you want to go by facts, Aberdeen were never awarded a penalty (which has nothing to do with the 'fact' that they should have had one). More 'inane ramblings'... FACT - Celtic are 15 points behind Sevco (having played the same number of games). FACT - Celtic have 2 games left v Sevco this season. FACT - 15 points minus 6 points = 9 points FACT - Celtic dropped 9 points in January alone. FACT - At least Aberdeen hav
  7. Aye, the ref called it down the line. Lets go by his stats. :roll eyes: Ferguson won the ball (off his chest/chin) and was about to take a shot, only for the ref to call it back for a (non-existent) handball. Celtic got the calls, Aberdeen didn't. It's just how things are going for us at the moment.
  8. Yes. St. Mirren recently got a penalty against us when the opposition player and the ball were even closer to our player (Hoban) and Tommy's arms were even in a more 'natural' position than Celtic's defender. There are 'self-serving' calls for consistency, but this one is legit. Then Soro escaped the same fate.
  9. Bain had it. Ferguson was desperate for the equaliser, but he was late. No harm done. Just the frantic last seconds of a very close game.
  10. Compared to what we've been witnessing the past 10 games, and considering we were away to Celtic (and the ref) I'm quite happy to type out g-r-e-a-t.
  11. Nope. You should 'Follow Follow' your team a bit closer.
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