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  1. Well, a non-detailed black 'tic-tac' is hardly convincing. It's more the 'story' that they're trying to peddle. (There are no 'ET's' or 'big bang'/evolution of life on a flat motionless earth.)
  2. Took electric clippers to the sides as the hair starting to grow over my ears was bothering me. Pretty much a grey mohawk.
  3. "Firstly it delivers on a number of long held globalist objectives. A cashless society, mandatory vaccination, universal basic income, a surveillance state, restricted freedom of movement and a complete restructuring of the global economy have already been touted as necessary following the “pandemic.” All of these ambitions and economic realities existed before the pandemic first emerged in China."
  4. No one should be relegated in an incomplete season. Kelty and Brora up. 16 -14 -14, but unfortunately doubt everyone will survive.
  5. All crises are manufactured and controlled.
  6. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/2020/01/09/cha-ching-25-cents-gets-a-whole-lot-cuter-in-2020-with-bats-on-the-coin/
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