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  1. Scotty CTA

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Aberdeen Celtic Killie
  2. Scotty CTA

    Stan Lee RIP

    I love Marvel. (He didn't come across as very nice, though.)
  3. One reliable person's truth v one unreliable person's version, as it turned out. It isn't something that would be recommended.
  4. Scotty CTA

    Outlaw King

    He probably framed it or auctioned it.
  5. Countries get threatened and attacked, though. No one hates wars more than those that have to fight in them. (My Dad hardly said a peep.) Once a mason reaches the third degree of 'enlightenment' he becomes a 'master' mason. The tribunal discovered otherwise. Anyway, here's Shay with my great-nephew a few months ago... A great guy who has suffered racial abuse and continues to suffer slander. You called a red. Was it justified?
  6. Hibs could of got something had Kamberi squared the ball when Joe Lewis was caught outside the box and McKenna had to sprint toward his own goal line (leaving MacLaren all alone). I hate it when any of my players are selfish or wasteful, so the Hibees must have been pulling their hair out at that one.
  7. He looks like a rock star... (Irrelevant either way.) We feel he'll come good again. His assignment of getting to and harrying the Hibs defenders was carried out extremely well right from the opening kick-off. If he had gone for a one-touch goal instead of a two-touch attempt, he'd have been on the scoresheet (but that's coming). He's most likely played himself into the starting 11 of the League Cup Final.
  8. Scotty CTA

    Outlaw King

    Wullie... Were you 'Terrace' or 'Gardens'?
  9. OK... Got the entire replay under my belt now... We have the advantage of being able to follow May closely week in and week out. We know where he's been, and he's definitely coming on (and we're encouraging him). I've always said that I don't mind losing fair and square as long as we put in the effort. Tonight, Stevie (although he didn't score and perhaps should have) definitely put in the effort. Credit to both teams for trying to play football in that. GMS motm. A very well taken goal. Honourable mentions to Logan, Lowe, Shinnie, and Ferguson. Effe solid again, and Porteous has a future (despite that wee blip). No, you're not clueless. You just know your team better than you know ours.
  10. Scotty CTA

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    It's spelled phonetically. People say 'Zander' and not 'Ander' as the 'x' has already gone with 'Alex'. Alex-(z)-ander The 'lazy z' comes from where the 'x' and the 'a' meet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway is Mulgrew healthy? Would like top see McKenna and Devlin (for mostly selfish bias reasons).
  11. i've just watched the first half and Stevie was well up for it. Excellent work rate in difficult conditions.
  12. Scotty CTA

    Outlaw King

    TBF, this film had more than 2 decades to take on board and correct/avoid the criticisms levelled at Braveheart. Also keep in mind that Braveheart (which doesn't get credit for the things that it had right) told our story to many in the world for the first time.