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  1. Haud the bus. You made me think this was Castore and not the old Ashley deal; which I thought was only 5p in the Β£. What's the financials for the Castore deal?
  2. Bolingoli with a cheeky Spanish trip and no isolation. 3 points to Killie and Celtic St Mirren postponed surely.
  3. It's a 1 legged tie, most likely at home or if not it will be a neutral venue
  4. @PΓ’tΓ© was definitely a Mod, but can see his acc is banned. πŸ‘ I'll fire him a message.
  5. Of course he would have. He will also have subscribed to RangersTV today. He's for the watching is Scotty...
  6. All 8 are from the same household aye? No wonder Sturgeon called them out there.
  7. Aberdeen to be deducted points and Saints to be given the 3 points seems to be the fairest outcome.
  8. can't register anyone for the game so its likely to be him unless they go left field and play Barker or someone with pace through the middle.
  9. He can play up top, or out wide I believe. Hasn't really kicked on at Anderlecht but Kompany has struggled in his 1st year. Be interesting to see how we line up now with him and Itten
  10. Wait and see, McKenna plays centre forward and scores a hat trick
  11. Hearts and Thistle arbitration case kicked out
  12. I know mate, just noting what I saw. I see there is an updated response just released with relaxed testing to once per week now.
  13. Celtic players were bussed in to Parkhead yesterday on 2 buses. I saw them on my way back form Cuningar Loop with the wee one at lunchtime.
  14. Castore website doing preorders www.preorder.rangers.co.uk From 1st August, High St retailers including Greaves, SD or any other who've purchased at CPU from Castore can stock and sell. πŸ‘
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