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  1. Just donated £20 for the flag on the plane above Parkdeid 👉
  2. C'mon the Dons today. The guard of honour will be great at Parkhead.
  3. Ach well. An old saying is that it takes one to know one.
  4. That is a great thing. I had girls in Argyll who wanted to play football but there just wasn't enough demand there. So well done and keep it going.
  5. Maybe the scout went to Largs? Andy Goram was the same height as Big Daft Ramy. About 5 feet 8 with his hands up. But still went on to be a great keeper.
  6. So what has this thread now have to do with Celtic? A couple of pricks arguing over nothing relevant to Celtic.
  7. Absolutely. Young guys should be allowed to play with their school team. I run the school team down here and his dad is now first team coach at st johnstone. He would never dream of not allowing his son to play with the school team. SFA and clubs like Dundee Utd (and Rangers probably as well) have a lot to answer for.
  8. Get the young ones out on a park and make it simple. I remember a good friend of mine telling me his son had signed for Dundee Utd. He was 9. A load of crap imo. But never made it. The system is wrong here. Proof is always in the pudding. We all love football on here but the SFA have a lot to answer for. Rangers as well with their 'Academy'. That would be as well run as a shelter and I am a Rangers fan.
  9. John Gaghagan was one of the best after dinner speakers on the circuit at that time. Used to get him and seen him a few times at Fir Park at functions.
  10. Agree. We were brilliant under 9 in a row. But I this Rangers team is better.
  11. They are a good side so if Rangers go through it will be a good one.
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