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  1. Main thing is we still have a decent side. Just need goals.
  2. Exactly. We move on and win. No person is bigger than the team. He will be a miss but we still have a good team.
  3. Will do so Craig. Nice to put a face to the name. Been in Croatia after the San Marino double header. Flight must taken about 20 minutes. Think it was a draw but good memories and photos of the Square.
  4. Souness has been great. And is a great.
  5. Who am I trolling again? Are you trolling me? I don't know. Just try to be kind and a Scotland Supporter. And I am not sad either kid. Love my country and started new business on Scotland. Always positive on here as well. Get a wee life kid.
  6. Aye, same team for me. Attack should be our focus. All or nothing.
  7. I would love him to score. Or any of us for that matter. But Dykes in particular.
  8. Need to start scoring Craig, take our chances. We are hard to beat but also need to score to win. I still have confidence in Dykes though.
  9. Clarke made a special mention of him at interview. Pleased for the guy.
  10. Create the chances and the goals will come. Confident of that. We are a good side now at last but need to take our chances. I believe we will. Having said that, I don't think we will go through. Probably goal difference or something as per usual. But we are getting there at least. Just hope we get a win on Tuesday. That would do me.
  11. 100% correct. Hopefully they will come on Tuesday.
  12. Don't fall out with me pal. On your note about Souness I agree. I met John Greig twice and an arrogant man who'm i didn't like. But I suppose that is what made them great players. Anyway, my new chick will be arriving soon and I will get her a Babycham. Looking forward to Tuesday. Sorry I got a we bit pissed off today. Woke up early and so happy but seen a couple of comments that got my goat. Should have ignored them tbh. Have a good night. If you send me your address I will send you that iron x
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