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  1. VA and kumnio are the pricks pricks. Ia m away to the pub to watch rangers in the champions league. Might win might lose but it is a game of football. Thats all.
  2. Glad the season has started again. I think rangers have the strongest squad but would like to see the other clubs push them.and share the cups. I hope this season is a good one for Scottish football and especially Scotland. The celric fans will need to be patien with changes.
  3. I know. Your superior knowledge is los on me. So I don't understand. What I do understand is that rangers are back on the top though. Do you understand that?
  4. Ok. calling a football teams fans pondlife. Is that better for you?
  5. Good luck to rangers today. The raising of the flag for 55 has been a long time in coming. Will have a wee tear in my. Glory glory Glasgow Rangers.
  6. Why does it worry of concern you? Rangers are the champions. One sale of any of the players will bring the money in. Obsessed with rangers finance. The mind boggles . 56 this year and not be long until 60. But the dons fans on here will keep referring to the books. It is all they have.
  7. U put football stuff up. I reply maybe with a differentpoint of view. And u call that stalking???
  8. What is the stalking crap? When u cannot have a decent conversion and debate u call it stalking. Aye OK. I am not being stalked .I like to have a decent conversation without personal insults.
  9. No. Just bought a new house in Fife kid. No more rolling hills (but will keep the name as I loved it down there). I am not a mess kid. Got new business started and still doing some teaching. Have I ever commented on your life? No. Because that is personal and is out of bounds imo. This is simply a football forum. Not a forum where adults behave like kids and sling insults about.think about it.
  10. How do you know they are running up debt? You work in the same bank as scotty and got details of this? I don't know as haven't got access to their bank accounts. But you seem to know. Only thing I know is that rangers are champions and have millions of pounds of assets which a few will be sold in the next few weeks bringing in millions in profit. But hey ho. Stand on with your accounts and beliefs that rangers will fold again under Douglas Park. Stand on.
  11. If ramy was VERY abusive to you then report him to mods. Otherwise dry your eyes. You are abusive to me always and I don't greet about it you came on here and wished me and ramy would feck off this board . You won't dictate to me what I will do kid. Coming from somewhere in England who lists his hobbies as tennis and netball. But stand on kid.
  12. U don't have any apologies to give to me. But ramy never said a word. Your bile says it all.
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