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  1. For a proud wee country we certainly have our faults. But so does every. Religious intolerance is not just a Scottish problem. Just so happens that our two biggest football clubs are religiously based. A Europa League (which Rangers are still in by the way, albeit by the skin of our teeth) for the smaller nations. Take the big clubs out and give the rest a fighting chance. Not being flippant but you know what I mean. There are countries similar size to ours who have the same couple of teams winning the trophies year after year. I am sure TV would pay for that and the travel costs wouldn't be that bad nowadays. Present situation excluded.
  2. So. An independent football panel will get rid of sectarianism? Dream on. Financial fair play? Over 100 years of the big two. Sorry pal. Being a bit pessimistic here. I totally agree with you but until Rangers and Celtic leave to join some kind of Europa League for the smaller nations. It wont happen. The pair are too big for this country and have been all this time. Because of bigotry. But we need to deal with facts as they are.
  3. Are Aberdeen and Celtic not backing Rangers? Nah. It's just the Huns fault.
  4. Boring!!! I will descend this thread if I want!! That is it already descended!
  5. We were based in Rimini. A 7 hour trip to Genoa. Murder. But the Sweden game was brilliant. The Costa Rica game was the worst one of my life. If I I had me Alan (I played with Bayern) that night I might still be in jail. Absolute imposter. But te game against Sweden and walking below the tunnel was brilliant.
  6. Only he will know. But he was a celtic guy. I, with my scotland hat on at that wish he would have went abroad as well. Like Lambert did just to improve his overall game. Might have made mcstay even better. It certainly improved Lambert. Hindsight!! Still was a wonderful player though.
  7. The Paul McStay, Duncan is talking about only got 76 caps. Murder aye!!
  8. Think Duncan may have been talking about Bob McStay who played with Burntisland Shipyard. He was a decent drawback.
  9. Aye, strange question from Duncan. McStay was a great player. My best experience ever at a Scotland game that day. Genoa.
  10. But I agree with you. He is a horrid person. He made us the laughing stock of the world in the day he played with no strikers. Never ever apologised for that. You reap what you sow. I remember reading an article from a world class player. (but cant remember who it was tbh, but was in the Daily Record. It was either Brazil or Holland) He said he was terrified of playing against Scotland because of Jordan and Dalgish etc. And he was so sad that that prick put out a team with no strikers. I don't mind managers making mistakes. But that man has never apologised for that and said 'I got my tactics wrong'. I don't usually swear on here but. No I wont. He is not worth it.
  11. You wont get PAID as an English teacher. In any capacity.
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