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  1. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Celtic...

    I dont think a cellic supporter should be talking about suspenders and wankers. Just saying like ☺. ENJOY YOUR WEE STAY at the top bhoyo. Gerrard is coming (no pun) for ye x
  2. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Rangers

    These are the only two questions i need answered and then i will sleep at night.
  3. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Rangers

    Good one scotty. Two questions. Did god have a dad? Do aberdeen only try against rangers? (Sorry. Sevco) ☺
  4. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Rangers

    Rangers are two points off the top. Had a bad couple of games. Gerrard needs to stick to his best 11. Then 55 will be a foregone conclusion. Scotland Forever.
  5. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Hey. Thats not nice. I was out of order because mainly of yon jura. Mixing ma drinks and all that. No need for nasty comments about my mother though.
  6. Been to the highland park distillery in orkney a few years back in fact that year it had won the whisky of the year if i remember. Its a brilliant whisky. Had jura at weekend but i think i prefer ma glenlivet.
  7. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Rangers

    Aye, no guile. We should go for Forrest in January.
  8. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Rangers

    Over the top. Good decision by ref has is having a good game so far.
  9. I cut the atricle out. Pished by the way. Went to Hebs and on the Jura now with a log fire on. Scots wae hae.
  10. Brilliant article today in the Scotsman about Ally Brasil mate. He was my assistant mangager a long time ago. Works with Lothian buses now. Great guy.
  11. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Celtic...

    What to do is Ramy is take your kilt and bagpipes to parkhead. See how you get on. I would guess ridiculled for being Scottish?? What you think kid? Try it anyway.
  12. Rolling hIlls

    The Mighty Celtic...

    No you are Canadian Irish. Just saying like.
  13. Off out for a dram in Gala. Braw lads of Gala Water. Stand on.
  14. Jura is lovely mind. West End Hotel for Burns Night. Andy Chung. If you guys can make it. Then make it. In my opinion Andy is the best. Scotland Forever
  15. Rolling hIlls


    That was the the two owls that played pool and one potted the white by mistake. Two hits to who?