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  1. Don't you confusing Ormond with fancy words! That's not fair.
  2. Last time I was on FB it was all about wummin showing you photos of there breakfast and other interesting stuff. Just because people don't use it doesn't make them sad. I prefer to go out and actually meet my pals. I have met some good people on this site though which is the only one I am on. And only because I love Scotland. Forever.
  3. Brilliant foty Ramy. I will sing a song in the Hebrides Bar today for you. What is your choice? And don't say You will never walk alone!!!
  4. I wasn't the one making accusations. Never have on here and never will. Kid.
  5. Oh and here comes the Oracle. Give someone one from the Borders is a loving term. Kid.
  6. And the level of conversation keeps improving by the minute.
  7. A wizard with words. Right. I will speak in your language. Am away aff tae the toon tae get a pint wi ma big fat pals ken. Wan o them is mingin like. Danke kid.
  8. Have you been accused of being someone that you are not? Didn't think so. That wee nyaff from America keeps accusing me of being someone else. All I asked was to put it to the touch. But the wee coward will just keep name calling. What would you do?
  9. A lesson on intellectual conversation. Because I studied at and teach at University, I am able to go and have a 'fun' life. Heading up to Edinburgh to see my Jambo pals shortly (no offence Ramy). You have a lovely day Ormond. One day you will accuse the wrong person kid.
  10. Take that as a no then. I knew a real man challenge would scare you. Now everyone can see the difference. Hurry along wee mouse.
  11. Honest men Ramy. With nothing to hide. Like yourself pal. If you are meeting that wee prick this year give him one for me.
  12. Something to hide Ormond??? Thought so. I could have taken you to court for accusations against me. But the bigger (not fatter) person. The bigger man will always apologise when they have it wrong. Instead of that you continue to be the man you are. It's easily spotted.
  13. Why don't we put it to the test? I will put up my picture and list of my close friends on here. Quite happy to do that as nothing to hide. The fat bit makes me laugh mind. C'mon now then big mouth?
  14. Have I ever been on your FB? Still no apology kid. Be a man for once and admit you got it wrong accusing me. Nah. Wonders will never cease.
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