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  1. Ha Ha. A wordsmith as well!! Well missed on here Scotty. Away to get my Glenlivet and see if there are any Sevco scarves at the same time. When you back in Scotland? Sure Jaws and the sons would love to meet up with you again. The football park in Armadale is vast. You could do a speech there. The Billy Graham of Armadale. And if you advertised that then because of the name Billy it would be a sell out. hope you well mate.
  2. See what you mean Scotty. Nah, Jaws from the Dale is still alive! Just like Rangers 👉
  3. Just heard on Sportsound that his wife Linda recently passed away as well. Nice tribute on Sportsound for him.
  4. But this isn't a sevco in crisis thread Scotty ma man. Its a Rangers thread. Why don't you start a sevco thread if you don't believe a Rangers thread could exist?? Seems like a bit daft to me 👉
  5. It was the centenary cup final in 1973. He sclaffed it in with his studs for the winner for 3-2 against Celtic. I was on management duty one night at the college and had to wait till all the lecturers had signed out. His wife Linda taught a flower arranging class and she was always at the coos tail. All I wanted was to sign everyone out and get home for a pint. Eventually, fed up, I went away round to her class. Tam was sweeping up the debris. Linda said 'everything alright?' I said naw naw just take your time! Had a wee blether with him. They had a flower shop in Lanarkshire somewhere. If you watch how he played against England in 77 I didn't realise how good a player he was as well as a hard tackler. His tackle against Channon remains one of the best tackles in a Scotland jersey. If you haven't seen it watch it on you tube.
  6. Agreed, just as you are allowed to have your views on other posters comments. I don't repeat things. Scotland Forever.
  7. Fair enough. I choose not to hate other clubs or wish them harm. I am interested in the whole of Scottish Football. Everyone entitled to opinion though.👍
  8. If they had we would have found out about it by now. Both clubs aren't that stupid.
  9. Ok. What I don't get is the fascination over a football clubs shirt deal. I am a Gers fan and only interested what goes on the park. This obsession by fans of other clubs intrigues me though. Maybe someone could do a Thesis on it.
  10. Scotty adds value to the Board. But the fixation on calling them Sevco is long past its sell by date. It doesn't affect me or the other gers fans on here. I just cringe for Scotty when I see it as it is childish. Apart from that Scotty!!!
  11. Sad to hear the passing of Tam Forsyth. Played in the 77 game and was immense Worked beside his wife Linda at the college and he used to come in and pick her up. Gentleman.
  12. Yer obsession with one club is not a healthy one pal. I take it you know the ins and outs of every other clubs strip deals? Or is it only ever The Rangers? What kind of deal did st mirren get?
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