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  1. Rolling hIlls

    Safe Standing

    On your sense of history. Who was it that saved Ra Cellic from dying?
  2. Rolling hIlls

    Safe Standing

    Keep dreaming x
  3. Rolling hIlls

    Safe Standing

    Billy Bowie won't decide. Scottish Football authorities will decide. Like every other country who's top flight has banned plastic pitches kid.
  4. Aye, that's the answer. Let the seats get fixed every 2nd week. Perfect solution. The smoke bombs melted part of the plastic pitch. Ans I think you will find quite a few folk died in the songs about the IRA. Or maybe I am wrong 😎
  5. Rolling hIlls

    Safe Standing

    As much as Stevie G is an international icon and sports superstar.... I don't think his back gairden constitutes top flight football 😎
  6. Hey Macy, Rangers have the same problem probably even worse with sectarianism. But breaking seats is plain vandalism. The decent supporters should be trying to pinpoint these gits as well. After a great win for Celtic on Sunday these cunts have put a nasty side to our game which is the talking point and not the game itself. They should be ashamed of themselves but won't be. It will be another badge. Fighting with plastic seats and winning.
  7. Seems to be a theme here. I fell sorry for the Celtic directors having to fork out every second week for an element of scummy support. Surely they can be identified nowadays.
  8. Wish I was as 'fat' as Boyd. Brilliant.
  9. Pure class Twitter by Kris Boyd this morning. Picture with arm in a sling and saying he was 50/50 to make the rangers game on Wednesday. That is the way to answer the morons in the best fans in the world brigade. Well done Boyd.
  10. Ok they weren't. They were about the flower pot men of the old brigade. La la la la 👍
  11. Ask Motherwell what the GFITW do to their seats at every game. Whether they win or not. Whether they are rivals or not. Must admit I heard a few IRA songs even I hadn't heard of yesterday. Their reprtt, repertiou, rapertee,... Their song book is growing. But only a minority who had loudspeakers.
  12. No tears here bhoyo. When football does that to you it's a sad day. Well done on victory. I will have another dram for you!! Cheers.
  13. Last week ye's all said he was past it as he got taken to the cleaners by decent players. Now he is great again. His shot was going over the stand never mind the bar. He never got Broadfoot sent off. Broadfoot did that all on his own and has virtually handed the Tims the plate. Crap game on a false pitch. But congrats on the league. Rangers performance yesterday proved that we are not up to the job yet and can't win without Morellos. This Glenlivet is going down fast but true.
  14. Aye, puts things in to perspective.
  15. I thought when you got hit by a coin these days you had a delayed reaction then dived to the ground holding your face. Last time I saw that at tynecastle that's what happened. Boyd never bothered his (big) arse about it. Good man.