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  1. Great to see Rangers getting a mention in this saga. When have Rangers done this please? Answers on a pile.
  2. Certainly looks as if he has earned his way to this contract Ramy. I hope they are all wrong mind 👍. 55 is coming to a Mall in Canadia near you soon kid. Stand on x
  3. Brilliant pal. Coronation Street just about to start so be back in 30 minutes!! In seriousness you guys are doing a great job. Some folk are only happy when they are complaining about something. Right, Gary is not looking well in Corrie. Stand on.
  4. Touche!! I am of the generation who doesn't understand trolling. A laugh and banter is all TAMB2. Life would be a boring world without that. In my opinion of course 👍 Scotland Forever. Sorry, is that trolling?
  5. You only get banned if you throw personal insults slick. Try it, it's not rocket science.
  6. Bored. I wish Cellic were playing. Big daft Ramy comes on and cheers me up. He will be away down the Mall just now. 4 in the family. All with the Cellic new tops on. Proud as punch. Wee Henrik listening to the tales about how the big fella could have been a player if it wasn't for his flat feet. And wee Jorge saying 'dad, let it be'.
  7. Not keen on a band with Lennon in it. But if you are asking it probably would be 'Help'. Which is ironic as I have just dropped my new I-phone down the toilet.
  8. Certainties this season. League will be won by xmas for the gers. Don't you just love super sunday? I get out almost every weekend now but have to check in for 8 tomorrow morning. Scotland Forever.
  9. True words. I think Barry Ferguson comes close though in his days as captain.
  10. The only seethe I have seen on here is from Tims seething at Lennon's appointment. Or am I missing something? I was one of first to congratulate.
  11. Wishful thinking kid. Gerrard and Lennon can't even be compared. That will be the deciding factor next season. Gerrard is a a few classes above and the Celtic supporters like yourself know that. Hence the wailing. I thought you were all Neil Lennon. Only when it suits it seems. Poor guy will be affected by the negativity from the support which is even better for the Gers. Happy Sunday. We are all Neil Lennon!
  12. We will need to ask the Ottowa Oracle. Then we will be enlightened. Once he sobers.
  13. As a Rangers fan I am delighted Lennon has been anointed.
  14. Congrats Ramy. The big two Lions in the sky will be smiling down. Don't get too pished mate!!
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