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  1. It is the beauty of the game that we can all pick a better team and formation than the manager. ut at the end of the day that is what he is paid for. As Dolly Parton said stand by your man.
  2. Didnt realise he had been there that long. But I still like the cut of him and if I were a Dons fan I would give him another year at least. good luck in next two games 👍
  3. Agree but think he has the makings of a good manager. Like I have asked the Celtic bhoys on here who would you replace him with? Scottish football has a habit of not sticking by their managers. You look at Fergie with Man Utd. One game away from getting the sack and the rest is history. Stand by your manager. I like the cut of McIness. Comes across as a decent and educated guy who is dedicated to the Dons.
  4. 3 points behind Celtic in League and Semi final of Cup. On a fraction of the budget the OF have. To me that is doing well. You should have nothing to fear in next two games. Celtic are ropey.
  5. McIness doing well? 3 points behind Celtic and chance to go equal on Sunday VA.
  6. It wasn't a Rangers supporter that brought it up. And I doubt the shoe manufacturer were aiming at Rangers supporters. It was a bigot on here who brought it up. Think about it. I will wear a poppy for my family who died. End of. People who feel the need to mock the poppy on here. Well, that is their perogative.
  7. It aint point scoring with me kid. Until the day I die I will remember those young men that laid down their lives for us to have a free country. As far as I am concerned the best wee country in the world. But I have my views on the first and second world wars. You have yours and that is ok. The guy that brought this up in the first place has different views towards Scottish soldiers who stood and died against Hitler. But that is his view. A bigoted one.
  8. It wasnt me that brought it up. But in answer to your question the answer is that because of those people fought and died for our freedom. I will wear a poppy. And nothing to do with football or bigotry. We are lucky to have that choice.
  9. And btw it wasnt me that turned this thread in to a non football theme. It was a wee bigot posting shoes with poppies on them. Remember.
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