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  1. Rolling hIlls

    league cup

    Its football scotty. U and every one on here does not follow a business.
  2. Rolling hIlls

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    No. Seeingly i am big ron 🎩☺
  3. Rolling hIlls

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    Agree. As said before i walked out at half time in cardiff. Belgium was even lower than that as it was an important game. As it was in czech when we were up 2_0 at half time. Fuck it we will come back. Trust in mcleish. Just spoke to hin there in aldi. Nice guy
  4. Rolling hIlls

    McCann away

    And so the hun and the cunt come out again in the same sentence. Bile.
  5. As i said here i think the league is great this year. Our international team had a bad result but i truly believe we are on the up. I would love another team to win the league. Hearts, hibs, dons, killie etc. But it is looking good imo. But bearing in mind i am a jaikie so what does my olinikn maiter! Glad to see the board on here have kept it going. All Scotland fans.
  6. Rolling hIlls


    Thats my glenlivet finished. Its great being a jaikie like mcleish. So many folk like to have a kick. I am away to tesxo
  7. Rolling hIlls

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    I was there too pal. And we got kept in for 20 or 30 minutes to watch them celebrate for qualifying.
  8. Rolling hIlls

    Back McLeish

    When u cannot support your own. But that will make me and mcleish jakies. Get yer whippet and buckfast out.
  9. Rolling hIlls

    Back McLeish

    Correct. I have something in common with alex. Both get called jaikies on here. He will come back.
  10. Rolling hIlls

    Back McLeish

    In the hebs with good scotland men. Sorry for that.
  11. Rolling hIlls

    Back McLeish

    Enough for u to reply.
  12. Rolling hIlls

    Scott Brown

    How much did u? I know how much he put in. Remind me how u put in again?
  13. Rolling hIlls

    Back McLeish

    Nicest think i have been called on here.
  14. Rolling hIlls

    Jensen Weir

    Mental illness is not good Parkie. I go to see a ventriloquist every week. Its not helping but I can talk for Scotland now. Canny spell either 🤡. Take care Parkie. Going to hebs.
  15. Rolling hIlls

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    Aye that is the lowest pal. But hey ho. It is a beautiful day in Scotland and I am of to Hebs for a song or 10. Take care man and next time you visit give me a shout.