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  1. Seem to be doing alright kid. 30,000 for an old legends friendly..... in Glasgow. Certainties for the league to break our current world record. Yep. Doing alright under the King.
  2. Just checked my coupon. £400 up. If carlsberg did weekends. Happy Monday 😀😀
  3. Got an economics class tomorrow morning. But the famous Glasgow Rangers are watching the league from the top. Glory glory Glasgow Rangers. Stand on.
  4. Just imagine. Welome up to Scotland one day kid. If you ever manage.. Stand on.
  5. Quarter of a million estimated now. Almost as many as we're in Seville 😗
  6. Great day. I see the point of some rangers fans making,, well,,, a point. But not for me. Football is football. Scotland is Scotland. But fair play to these guys and well done. Scotland forever.
  7. Aye ok. Started a thread about the march today and you are telling me where I stay. What kind of saddo does that? Sorry, just answered my own question. Is your name Rick btw. With a silent P?
  8. Funny wee boy. Just getting the bus from the borders. Early start. Scotland. And then Scotland. And always Scotland Forever. Any u guys in town today give me a shout. Mates pad overlooks meadows so will end up there. Stand on.
  9. I respect everyone's opinion. Just out the gluepot in Galashiels and heading home. I love my country. More than I love a football team. Stand on tomorrow.
  10. Good man. Looking forward to it. But unlike a broken pencil. There has to be a point. Guys on here over complicate things. Arguing about fiscal, monetary policy, Brexit and the list goes on with Google experts. The question is quite simple. Do we want to be run from our own country or another country? Maybe it's just my simple mind. I believe in Scotland running our own affairs. Simple.
  11. Hence lies the problem. You don't read facts. You presume then make up your own bile.
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