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  1. Victims FC are being clever here. Getti.ng their excuses in early. A big early imo but getting them in. Paranoid and worried. Not much change there.
  2. Celtic have backed his comments seemingly. Met Boyd on a few occasions at dinners. A numpty of a person. That's the kindest thing I could say about him.
  3. I think the rangers fans felt the same about ally mccoist. One of our own. Unfortunately with old firm fans, success comes before sentiment. I have nothing but admiration for Lennon. But tend to agree about the Celtic board. I think they took the fans for fools. Good news for rangers mind!! Proof will be in the pudding.
  4. I would not write of Lennon yet. He is backed in to a corner just now by the fans who say you will never walk alone. Lennon is made of strong stuff. Gerrard knows that.
  5. Back your manager pal. Good article in Record. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-lennon-defiant-response-celtic-18956048 It's when the chips are down that good men come to the fore. Wait a minute, I might get calls to ban me again from some for putting this in to the wrong thread! Back your team and manager.
  6. Hey. I was sitting reading an article about an ex manager of mines. I congratulated Celtic for the way they have handled it. Maybe it should have gone in another topic, ok. But to scream to mods to ban me??? Well, that's your entitlement. Can't understand why but you will have your reasons I am sure. Happy Sunday.
  7. I would not write of Lennon yet. He is backed in to a corner just now by the fans who say you will never walk alone. Lennon is made of strong stuff. Gerrard knows that.
  8. Ehm. Because I am backing Celtic here. He was my ex manager so entitled to an opinion I think. Celtic are a great club and have my utmost respect. All I said was that this could have happened to athey any club. These bastards are plausible. Stop taking it the wrong way. Had a couple of glenlivets and read the story in paper. Angers me. But not Celtic pal. Never Celtic, they are a great Scottish club and always will be. Stop taking things the wrong way Mr thistle. I will back Scottish football which includes Celtic to the hilt.
  9. Aye, a sad time indeed Barney. There are times when things do remind and provoke us at times in life. That's life I suppose. Just reading the papers and one of my first managers Junior was Jim McAfferty. Celtic have done the right thing and paid compensation to the victim or victims. I knew him when I was a player and would never have thought him capable of that. And neither would Celtic. Seems to be most of these buggers were involved with Celtic (that have been caught). Could easily have happened with Rangers or any other team. Sad movies. Anyway, You are depressing me ya wee ….. This is Saturday night and I am out on the town. Enjoy your night too pal. Come back Ormond!!!
  10. Apologies. You will never be as big a prick as me. Considering I am bigger than you. Wilmaaaaa. Your Ibrox disaster thing last week was a bit off though pal. The poster never gave that a thought. I have many pals who were there too on that day. As for Ormond, I take no pleasure but had to prove him wrong. You would do the same if I accused you of being someone you weren't. But absolutely no pleasure in that. Having a couple of Glenlivets then heading to the best pub in the Borders. If I bump in to Jim Delahunt he is getting it.
  11. Sevco (copyright Scotty) won't go to extra time tomorrow Scotty boy.
  12. You have a real ability to turn peoples words. I will give you that. I almost answered your quote about the Ibrox Disaster last week when you know the poster was not even interested in that but you tried your best. You seem to take delight in twisting peoples words, but hey we are all different. Never said Kenny Miller was a prick as any sane poster on here knows. But it's Saturday night so lets Twist again. That's the cork off the Glenlivet. Won't be needing that again. Kenny Miller is one of my modern day heroes just to let the record for you straight kid. I will sit back and watch who else you can turn their words in to something they are not. Stand on. Scotland Forever.
  13. He was the original wan up front idea. Worked his arse of for scotland. And only had himself to pass to. On another thread what the fuck happened to a partnership up front? Miller ran his heart out for Scotland. Improved his ability to score latterly in his career. A case of not been appreciated I think. Italy header I will never forget. Complete professional and still going.
  14. Coupons. Jim Delahunt knows about as much as me. the games crooked. Cmon Dunfermline cheer me up. Almost hitting the Glenlivet now
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