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  1. Scottish game in good shape. Great game. Game on but Rangers are too vulnerable at the back.
  2. 481 pages of obsession. Board will go in to meltdown when we beat our own world record. Keep it going lads.
  3. You are ya bugger:. Got me. Never been bad to anyone in life pal. Glad u are back on the board. Be nice to me now x
  4. Still at it with the Ron thing. Give it up kid. Everyone on here knows who I am. Still no apology from u. Or are you a bigger wind up merchant than me??
  5. I know. Hope you don't jump off either. The Gers are back with style. Handle it or be like some others who are like yon wee buggers from a sinking ship.
  6. Well done Dave King. All promises were delivered hence why some have left this board with tails behind their legs. There is not a team.........….
  7. You were right. What a goal. Game on Ramy. Looking forward to the final next month. Hopefully it will be close. But Rangers are still too vulnerable at the back I think and Celtic could punish them for that. Funny old game though!!
  8. What Colin Weir is doing is brilliant. I know he is 71 and loaded. But he is doing a great thing. Be nice to see Thistle prosper now. Well done Colin Weir. I just wish I had enough money to buy an elephant.
  9. You are a great asset to this board Ramy. Stand on pal and post more. A good man.
  10. Gotcha. Made my day already Macy! Not my biggest catch I admit but a fish is a fish. Scotland Forever.
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