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  1. Do you think that is what happened (repeatedly) to Justin Trudeau?
  2. Was he wearing his one of many Al Jolson faces? Cant remember... oh my. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49763805
  3. It is very funny in a way in a very dark way You'd think folk would be more like...'hang on a minute here...' But no. Imagine a country where the most famous woman in the country could put in writing to her friends that if she dies in a car accident it would be a murder arranged by her husband, and when she does die by those exact means, a public inquiry is held, and her husband is not called to testify... That is power. It is in our faces. We are powerless. It is a demonstration.
  4. What I imagine they will do is, if Ireland unites, and in the period before where people will be allowed to choose, they will establish a residential foothold in both Ireland and probably Scotland or other parts of the UK. They will then as a result end up with a dual nationality status and use Scotland to hedge their bets. The UK government will be delighted as it adds to the chaos in Scotland and post united Ireland and so will bend over backwards to making this easy for them and messy for us. Ireland will be politically lost to them... Scotland however could be seen as the last bastion that can still be 'saved'! Fuck most of their ancestors were probably Scottish to begin with no? They emptied the gaols in Scotland and sent them over... perhaps it will be painted as the great return.
  5. It also came out that the person who shouted out the staged question to the queen as she came out of the church at Balmoral (and that she gave her 'people should think very carefully' threat / advice answer) was a 100% set up as well. The palace arranged for the stooge to be there, throw out the prepared question and then she dropped what was obviously considered to be the most damaging reply they could get away with. Amazing she gets to be angry at being shown up as a liar and a fraud yet what we are supposed to be pissed off at is her getting shown up for it and not it itself.
  6. So what is the argument here... the people who fought a vicious bloody civil war to remain part of the UK would not move to the UK in the event of their worst outcome happening (total defeat) because 'moving house is too much hassle'?! lol ok then. The fact the head of their political movement has said they would do the same bounces off you like it means nothing. It is really not worth arguing about. I am clearly not changing your mind and I know sure as fuck you have not changed mine. If it happens then we will see.
  7. Arlene Foster herself has said she would probably move if Ireland united. I am sure she is just a one off eh. Fact is no one knows. Some will leave, probably the hard core, and Scotland will be the preferred destination. I have stated my opinion as have others. Folk saying the know what would happen with certainty are the ones who are full of shit.
  8. Cheers, never saw that. Seems like a veiled criticism. He's never going to make it direct but it does lead you to that conclusion, that the SNP are actually underperforming given the once in a lifetime opportunity this incredible mess is throwing up. I so wish he was not shackled by this court case during this period. It really is very convenient.
  9. Lot of speculation without watching the video or trying it. Bizarre. If you try it, do it 100%. For example don't think you can have a wee splash of milk in tea or coffee and get away with it. You can't. Anything that is going to provoke a metabolic response WILL break your fast and you are essentially starting again. Water and that is it. Three days in you are not hungry. It is true. I read about all this years ago and found it very convincing. Did a two week fast on the back of it. From memory, once you have cleared all the food in your system your body switches into a kind of repair mode. It is like it takes advantage of not having to digest food to do all the internal DIY jobs it needs to catch up on but couldn't when it was having to work to process (typically a lot of very poor) foods. Digesting food is not a cost free exercise, it was like the body is gradually falling into disrepair as a result of the work it does to process food and especially if you are eating shite, e.g. heaps of sugar etc... It makes sense, your body is turning shite into acceptable fuel for you, but at what cost? You body is paying the price. So it needs a chance to do some internal housekeeping and famine / fasting is when it does it. From an evolutionary point of view early humans (the vast majority of our biological history) would have had prolonged periods of feasting and famine (fasting) just as animals do. It would have been a regular and natural thing. Now most people never miss a meal. Maybe that is like not taking your car into the garage ever and just driving it continuously until it breaks. What if your body used famine to attend to other crucial business internally? You are never giving it a day off... I also understand the only thing that has ever been proven to significantly extend lifespan in animals (including us) is severe calorie restriction. I saw one experiment where they had two monkeys (baboons maybe, siblings maybe,). One had food on demand, press a lever and food fell out, the other was restricted to (i think) 2/3 of the 'normal' calorie intake (it could have been even 50% or less I am not sure). The differences after years were amazing not just in the extended lifespan (and it is not insignificant the extension). It was literally everything. The other monkey was slow, dull and of course a bloater. The restricted one was sharp as fuck, bright eyed, youthful and in mint condition... That tells me we are all eating far too much generally. Never mind horrifically bad foods. What have you got to lose by trying it? Except about a stone and a half. :) edit: usual caveats about checking with your doctor if you have preexisting medical conditions.
  10. Taking The Deal is stupid. We'd simply be a lot better off just cancelling BREXIT and staying in the EU. It is not BREXIT by any description... it is that Burger King sketch.
  11. People in Scotland (if you trust the result) voted to stay in the United Kingdom. A few years later we had a vote about staying in the EU as the United Kingdom. The majority decided to leave the EU. For folk to be bleating about how their neighbourhood did not vote Leave so there is a 'democratic deficit' blah blah is like some cunt complaining how FPTP means the winner takes all and they have 'no representation'. That is how the system works you stupid cunt. When the SNP won 56 out of 59 seats due to FPTP I dont recall the whiners on here crying about the democratic deficit for all the folk in Scotland who did not vote SNP. It is democracy when you win but a democratic deficit when you lose by the same rules. Fuck off.
  12. You do not know that. I do not know that. What happens Dave if you are wrong... and a real heap of those nutters do come over?
  13. If only it was true...that wales would take the hit. ...the SW of Scotland will face the full force of it... if it happens. It could be transformative. Obviously not in a good way.
  14. I would agree with Kev above. A large amount of the maddest orangest cunts from NI will simply come here if NI unites with SI. (Like Mad Dog Adair did when he was chased out.) Face it the only country even slightly like home to these nutters is Scotland... you should think a lot about how that is even possible.
  15. How about we just leave the EU like ‘we’ voted and see what happens? There was a referendum, the whole country voted... how about we respect that?
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