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  1. The MSM and what is termed the left now (although not in traditional sense) have been fermenting this for years. Very noticeably all through the Obama administration and into the Trump one. Questions should be asked about why were American cops militarized to such an extent? The level of brutality for minor stuff is crazy at times. Instead this is being continually conflated into a race thing. That leads to anger and a sense of grievance. Which in turn leads people to thinking they are justified in taking revenge. Businesses are putting up signs saying "Black Owned" to try to save them for the looters. That is not a million miles away from ones saying White Owned. Lots of folk walking about with signs saying Kill Cops etc... I said a while ago that ANTIFA were very dangerous and it was dismissed. I guess we are going to see now.
  2. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-05-29/minneapolis-minority-business-owners-awake-to-destruction Personally I think the best solution now is for the police and national guard to withdraw. Let the looters destroy every business in the city and steal everything. Only then will we have justice for the man murdered by that policeman.
  3. Shooting civilians on their own property. Aye ok. Looks like a pistol discharged as the idiot was pulling it out his holster.
  4. Can you explain who you posting about? Was the cunt not sacked pronto and now facing charges for his crime? WTF do you want.
  5. To be fair he was sacked almost instantly and charged not that later.
  6. If you post on this board (or anywhere similar) you pick your words very carefully. You say exactly what you mean as best you can. Or you will get fucked. So when somebody replies to you misquoting what you said and then going off on a straw man fantasy of bullshit then forgive me for saying fuck that.
  7. Says the guy sucking Tory dick 24/7 come rain or shine. All those excess deaths are down to the ideology you espouse. All the shit policies and horrible cunts you love so much - we are now living the results. Did i say that is what you think? Did I say anyone was saying it? Och dont bother answering. Cant be bothered with these false premise discussions anymore.
  8. No she has not but folk cling to her doing marginally better as her actually doing a good job. It is totally pathetic cringe stuff.
  9. As far as I have seen it is the US Democrats and their slavish media who are endlessly inciting a race war. Been going on for a decade at least. Now seeing the fruition of it big time. The vast majority of interracial crimes are black on white. A lot of it really horrendous stuff. You just don't hear about it and instead every incident in reverse is magnified. They are really trying to set Minorities against Whites. It is working.
  10. So how would this 14 day quarantine be enforced then? In China they took you to a commandeered hotel where even if you were travelling with your spouse you had to stay in separate rooms, tested every day. On top of that they charged you a daily rate for room and board. So if someone flew into the UK to visit friends and or family and the only place to stay is with them how exactly would this quarantine work? Have they got hotels lined up like they did in China? I am betting no and it will be the usual half assed half baked too little too late bullshit that is the UK's specialty.
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