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  1. thplinth

    EU Referendum

    Just click on his post above that I quoted and scroll down the page. Someone (Rossy maybe) has a go at him for being anti snp which was then followed up by an accusation of misogyny. We just had the same thing from someone else on another thread. Little tag team it looks like.
  2. thplinth

    EU Referendum

    This is what earned the false accusation of misogyny. Turned out was bang on the money, again. Hmmm I think people may have to accept the fact that you are not a piss taking troll and may actually be quite good at this SNP forecasting lark. I suspect you probably do have your finger on the pulse a bit through your contacts. People should maybe listen to what you are saying a little more. (I still think you are too optimistic but I will bow to your opinion at this point and wait and see.)
  3. Aye you might start to think making continual false accusations against people that criticize their cult leader was their MO.
  4. Oh yeah he is treading the very thin almost invisible line to being PM a lot more adroitly than Sturgeon is to finding independence. His strategy of letting the other side implode is working (as long as they decide to keep imploding). He is very soft though. It may fall into his lap. But if it did what would he do?
  5. thplinth

    Outlaw King

    I assumed all the English characters were gay from their accents.
  6. I think everyone accepts that Corbyn has stuck by his principles admirably and consistently for decades even when deeply unpopular. I personally like the guy from what I have seen and think he has been shafted quite a few times in recent years. My question is - is he now electable? I had a quick read of his wiki page recently which is no doubt unflattering. That said, I think it would be fair to compare voting for Corbyn as the same as voting for Tony Benn if he was younger and running for PM today. So iIf elected would Brexit plus Corbyn (/ a Benn protege) provoke a significant economic recession in the UK. Politics and economics would collide and both momentarily agree to fuck over the UK government to teach us a bloody good lesson. If the economic horses are spooked by Brexit then surely throwing Corbyn into the stable straight after is going to send them spooked^(LSD). As for that potential economic and political mess pushing Scottish folk to independence and indyref2, yeah, Brexit + Corbyn could = the dynamite formula needed to move that political mountain, but it could also just blow us all the fuck up for a good while and cause people to retreat under the 'wing of the union'. Brexit plus May or Corbyn. Wow. Long way since 2014 choices.
  7. Two months ago maybe but not now. Political suicide. Plus we'd be waking up in a corbyn winter wonderland.
  8. It is less than six weeks to Christmas day. Not even in the dreams of a lunatic would anyone call a GE before then. Least of all once bitten twice shy Theresa May.
  9. Are you Harry Clarke by any chance?
  10. Kaiser Hills is probably more historically appropriate.
  11. You made this slightly bizarre reply to me for reasons only known to you. ("...just go and stay in Russia then" - eh?!) It is clear you had not watched the film. If you had you would have realized it was nothing to do with anything you drivel on about in your reply. "They did not die in vain"... yes yes very emotive but again you seem to have imagined this being something do with my post. It does not matter if you are trolling or genuinely just like this but you are a massive waste of time either way so I'll not bother replying so much going forward.
  12. Who says i don't? You should apologize for being so rude. Your post is reeking of assumptions and prejudice, quite the little poppy nazi aren't you Fuhrer Hills.
  13. Funny as you just massacred a whole platoon of strawmen for fuck all reason. You are the General Haig of the TAMB. I am going take a wild guess here that you did not even bother to watch the vid before posting your slavering drivel. Maybe understanding the reasons for the war better is respecting the dead more than posting teary eyed sentimental shite.
  14. This was another post that I'd forgotten about but which now especially seems very prescient. It is even worse in my view as genuine socialists are at least semi rational. The ideological cancer that has it seems got into the SNP and is taking it over is all this poisonous identity / 'progressive' politics... This pish. It is an absolute political dead end and will cost the SNP big time as sadly this is the road upon which Nicola has embarked. IMHO the evident cult around Nicola is actually far more tangible and real than the alleged cult ever was around Alex. And you will note her strongest acolytes on here are typically deep identity politics ideologues. I think you have to suspect this is because this is what Nicola herself believes is the future of the SNP. She is going to do a lot more damage before folk wake up to it I think. The SNP would likely be in power for 5-10 years at least post YES if it ever happened. They could fuck things up so badly in that time with all this garbage that they tarnish Independence irrevocably. I am not sure I could trust them to be the vehicle for achieving Independence at this point and as much as I want it I'd struggle to give them my vote now.
  15. thplinth

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    Did anyone read Salmonds statement on this a while back - I cannot copy and paste it here but here is the tweet - click on the statement and then be sure to click the arrow on the right for the next two bits. In particular about the comments about the actions of Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-45294504 I am assuming it this person. "Leslie Evans (born 11 December 1958) is the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government. In this role, Evans is the principal policy adviser to the First Minister and Secretary to the Scottish Cabinet." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Evans It has seemed to me from the start of this that Sturgeon has been more than happy to sit back and let Salmond get thrown under the bus. How about she comes out and agrees that the internal judicial process by which Salmond has been accused and then had it all made public is a fucking disgrace (that presumably she oversaw being implemented).