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  1. What a lot of laughable shite. Everyone on the planet knew the instant they heard that it was a terrible decision and unquestionably due to deep corruption. The brass neck on Blatter pretending now he's only just worked out it was a horrific decision... shameless.
  2. 😃 One of the most mental posts I have seen on here and that is saying something.
  3. "The results amount to the best midterm performance for a sitting party in 20 years." Probably the least convincing result I have ever seen in US politics. Even more unbelievable than Biden getting 81 million votes in 2020.
  4. Slavery was only abolished in 1865 and the Jim Crow laws in 1965... it is really not that long ago. So for the so called 'modern day' democrats to call the republicans racists and white supremacists takes a truly remarkable brass neck. It is a complete role reversal from a historical perspective. That is why people are usually quite shocked to learn it was the democrats and not the republicans who historically were the slave owners and fulminating apartheid era racists up until as recently as 1965. One could argue racism is in their DNA and this is now projection on the republicans but who am I to say. It wont matter who wins.
  5. Yeah it surprises a lot of people to learn that it was the democrats who owned the slaves, opposed abolishing slavery and were responsible for all the Jim Crow Laws which were enforced until as recently as 1965! The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United States.[1] Other areas of the United States were affected by formal and informal policies of segregation as well,[2] but many states outside the South had adopted laws, beginning in the late 19th century, banning discrimination in public accommodations and voting.[3] Southern laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat-dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by African Americans during the Reconstruction period.[4] Jim Crow laws were enforced until 1965.[5] So I guess ending the democrats natural tendencies to enslave black people and introduce racial apartheid laws that stayed in force long after they were freed would be 'republican policies' which seem pretty supportable to me as an outsider. We can only assume from the deafening silence here and the sudden desire to talk only about right now that our democrat loving chum is (still) against these policies, of freeing the slaves and repealing the jim crow laws. Beyond freeing the slaves and ending racial apartheid I am running a bit low.
  6. Right on cue... 😃 Tough one... I'd probably go with 'Freeing The Slaves'.
  7. I think it is really noticeable how the traditional left of centre parties have changed. Tulsi Gabbard explains this in her Leaving the Democrats video. The Democrats used to be anti-war and now they are stacked with neocon warmongers slavering for it and with Russia this time. You see the same in the UK. Where are the antiwar voices now versus the left wing of old. Salmond used to be a rare thorn in Tony Blair's side during his Iraq war lies and we saw what they did to him... And what is also noticeable (especially on here) is this slavish allegiance with the current crop of Sturgeon SNP and the US democrats. Prior to 2014 I dont ever recall thinking the SNP support was inclined (or particularly interested in) one way or the other (republican v democrat v whatever in the US). But this current lot act and talk almost as if they are all one party with the US democrats. So you should definitely watch the Tulsi Gabbard video on why she left. There are lot of parallels with Sturgeon led SNP (IMHO. Woke war mongers. Not the combination you would really expect from the left of old.
  8. Oh dear. So turns out our american based troll and massive Ukraine war monger is a big democrat supporter. Shocker. 😃 It is amazing how foaming at the mouth for it these roasters are. I thought Bush and Cheney were as bad as it gets in the States but these current democrat wankers are different level psychotic morons. Looks like he popped his babychams and it went a bit to his head before coming on the TAMB steaming. No doubt re-surface in an hour or two. Could be early celebrations though looking at the results so far. Squeaky bum time in the senate, less close in the house. After the dodgeyness of 2020 cant say I am hugely surprised the democrats did 'better than expected'. What I am certain of is that it wont make a damn bit of difference (especially to me) which side 'wins'. When are the final results known. Wish I taken 40/1 on the democrats getting the senate. That looks unbelievable value right now.
  9. Sometimes it is useful to read what the other side are saying... not sure about the blog so will copy the article. A few years ago I would have thought it was too far fetched... The point about Biden and Harris though is correct. They were selected and the folk really running the show are really dangerous. Malcolm may well be right about this WEF / Klaus Schwab stuff... The Trojan Horse Presidency by Dmitri Orlov for the Saker blog The US midterm elections are nigh and, as I happen to be a good and patriotic Russian national, it behooves me to meddle in them. Election-meddling is an example of Russia’s soft power, which is much nicer than Russia’s hard power, so you should be glad that it’s still on offer. I am on record saying that “The United States is not a democracy and it doesn’t matter who is president” multiple times in multiple places, and I stand by that statement, which I believe to be a provable statement of fact. Statistics show that there is zero correlation between public preferences and public policy decisions but a strong correlation between business lobby group preferences and pubic policy decisions. Thus the US is not a democracy (rule by the people) but an oligopoly (rule by business groups). From this it follows that it doesn’t matter who is president because both parties of the Democrat-Republican duopoly are owned by the same set of business groups. And so it doesn’t matter who is president and your vote means nothing? Granted; but then does it matter WHETHER there is a president? Methinks, it does! What if the president is an organo-servo-robot, a senile puppet, backed up by a vice president specifically chosen for being even more feeble-minded? This is an excellent ploy for putting in power an extremist group that is only tangentially related to the usual business lobbies that determine what gets done in Washington. Don’t think of some vast and amorphous “deep state”: executing such a power grab requires tight coordination, some amount of secrecy or, at least, discretion, and, of course, vast sums of money. Think instead of a singularly well-endowed evil oligarch and his multiple minions whom he has carefully groomed and insinuated into positions of power. The overall goal of such an extremist group may well go far beyond the usual interests of business lobbies, such as preserving shareholder equity, a wider spot at the federal subsidy trough, knocking down transnational barriers to trade and movement of capital, lower business taxes and so on. These zealots may well have an altogether different view of the future in mind, in which a tiny group of ultra-rich owns everything while the rest of us own nothing but, being made tame and docile through all sorts of medical and technical manipulation, feel happy about this state of affairs… like so many animals in a menagerie… not too many animals, mind you: drastic population reduction is likely a key goal of theirs. What might the overall goals of this organization be? It’s not exactly a secret. Here’s a sample, taken from the “Goals 2030” document from the 2018 conference at the Complexity Institute in Santa Fe: No private or personal property. Guaranteed basic income for all who accept this “new normal.” Cash free society; digital money (as a method of social control). Hydrocarbon ratings for states and companies. Tight social controls (via drones, facial recognition, etc.) Rationing of all consumption, including energy and natural resources. Patents on all seed stocks and restrictions on food production for personal use. Almost total elimination of livestock. The remaining population to be fed a vegetarian diet augmented with artificial protein, insects, etc. Population reduction through sterilization and birth control. Enforced vaccination. Ban on alternative forms of medicine. Erasure of sexual (male/female) distinctions. Child sterilization and castration (chemical and/or surgical). Some people may recognize in this list various items that have been on offer for some time at the Davis conference and other venues. That famously went nowhere when the perennial Davos maître d’, a Mr. Klaus, if memory serves, teleconferenced in Putin and Xi to ask them whether they’d like to go along with such a plan. The two answered that, no, they have plans of their own that serve the needs of their people. This threw a large wrench into the works. The plan (I am guessing) was to use the senile grandpa and his idiot sidekick as a Trojan horse to infest the White House, then use that position to destroy America, and then use America’s rotting corpse as a staging area for launching similar attacks worldwide. But if Putin and Xi, and with them 80% of the world, are having none of it, then what? Fight a war against Russia and China in tandem, and lose it? What then? And so they now wait for the inevitable. Russia is done chewing through the original Ukrainian military and its Soviet-era weaponry stockpile and is now halfway through chewing through any remaining Ukrainian raw recruits (old men and children, essentially), plus NATO mercenaries and NATO’s weaponry stockpile, all without breaking a sweat. It is now gradually disabling all public works throughout the Ukrainian territory, much of that work being done using a low-budget artificially intelligent flying chainsaw called Geranium 2. (We Russians like names like that. A 152mm cannon is called Hyacinth B; a 240mm self-propelled mortar is called 2S4 Tulip. Would you like to smell our flowers?) The lack of electricity, heat or running water gives the remaining half of the Ukrainian population a very good reason to pack their suitcases and head West. Those 15-20 million additional ornery Ukrainians demanding to be fed and housed will be sure to do wonders for Western morale. This will come at a time when Western restrictions on the import of Russian energy will begin to seriously bite. People won’t be pleased. Do you think the not even particularly shadowy oligarch whose minions who are currently running amok in the White House have a plan for dealing with the horrible mess they have created? No, they do not. They are freaking out. Worse yet, they are losing narrative control. The Biden presidency no longer looks real; it looks like what it actually is: a hoax. And if he isn’t real, then who are the cockroaches that have been running amok in the White House these past two years? At this point, only a very silly person might think that Biden, who can barely read an entire sentence from a teleprompter without stumbling at least once, keeps shaking hands with ghosts, calling out to dead people in the audience, needs multiple tries to correctly name the country on which he has spent $20 billion, was able to review, never mind write, those 100 presidential orders he has signed, 19 of them during his first week in office. Then who did write them and why? Wouldn’t you like to find out? I can’t tell you how to vote, but I can tell you this: in some states (not all) there is a specific way you can vote to make it more likely that we will find out who these cockroaches are. Flushing them out of their hiding places in positions of power and stepping on them would come next.
  10. Hmmm no chat about the mid terms I see... 😉 Looking at oddschecker for US politics... Trump favourite to win in 2024 with DeSantis second favourite and Biden third. The mid terms though... Congress Republican Majority 1/10 Democrat Majority 8/1 Senate Republican Majority 1/500 Democrat Majority 40/1 Looks like Biden is heading deep into lame duck territory. They'll probably have to cheat again to save him. Someone has to. The world is not going to burn itself.
  11. Nearly burnt the house down with one of these. One of the mirrors fell off and I had glued it back on and left it sitting on the desk.... ...a little while later I was sitting there using my PC and suddenly I notice there are wisps of smoke coming out the machine and an acrid plastic burning smell. Assumed it was shorting out somehow and switched it off. Still smoking! The low morning sun had caught the mirror and was melting a sizeable hole (about the size of penny) through the plastic housing of the desktop. Found it just before it started melting the components inside. The frightening thing is if that had been on fabric or a couch I am pretty sure it would have caught alight. I guess it was on the 3X magnifying side and acted like a magnifying glass. Really dangerous household item! 😃
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