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  1. The tories have a unassailable majority for five years. More like ten. The SNP have constitutionally painted themselves into a corner, a political dead end. This thread is just a big talking shop with no realistic path to independence whatsoever. if I am wrong spell it out then.
  2. https://newspunch.com/adult-star-jenna-jameson-hollywood-is-run-by-pedophiles-who-sacrifice-and-torture-children/ There was about four threads on going I could have posted this on... lot of fucked up convergence going on.
  3. I am still amazed the huns blew it last year. It was theirs for the taking. Just seems like their arse collapsed at the prospect of winning it. Give them a lead this year and I doubt it will be clawed back. We've seen these near misses before and then the team (aching for a title) that lost out comes back very strong. Man Utd maybe when Leeds won it from under them and Liverpool when Man City edged them last season for example. Rangers are very fucking hungry. Let them get in front this season at Celtic's peril.
  4. If you search for this kids name on google it is hit after hit saying man kills boy with zero interest in the race angle all of a sudden. Can you imagine how they would be playing this if it was race reversed.
  5. Aye, I had. To be fair I thought it was a TL:DR type post but reading it again I took it the wrong way. Apologies.
  6. Uh oh. Why now? Something piss you off on another thread? That is less than three words a minute BTW.
  7. I guess you ran out of your daily allowance of snidelies.
  8. Labour slowly went fucked over decades of power in Scotland. It has taken the SNP under sturgeon six years. Six years... after she was given 56 out of 59 seats, I don’t think it could have happened faster unless we had such a dodgy leader.
  9. You get tore in every night after you have had a few... you boring pisshead cunt.
  10. The board is probably costing the people running it money every month. Consequently they are not prepared to put a single second of additional work into it, like moderation or replying to PMs, etc.. I expect it will just disappear one day. You will miss it if it happens. I dont know why the owners tried to shut it down so abruptly and unexpectedly and then held onto it so tightly when others were looking to take it over.
  11. Nor me. On balance it is probably better (for this place) you don't.
  12. It has been uncomfortable to read for a while. It is bullying. Occasionally it is very funny but then it goes nasty again. Ramy however has a huge and very fragile ego on him. He was pulled up for making literal GIRFUY posts not that long ago but when folk round on him he goes all 'forgive them Lord they know not what they do'. All the self referential vanity ( i am a legend here etc), endless selfies... he is inviting it. I think he enjoys the attention in a fucked up way.
  13. This is like Zimbabwe level corruption and just as ham-fisted and crude. It speaks volumes on the levels of corruption in Westminster. And I am sure the name Prospermill is an (tongue in cheek) insiders joke. They are laughing at us while they do it.
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