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  1. It's ok though. If a tranny rapes a woman in jail it goes down as a woman raping a woman. I am not actually taking the piss either. When a self ID 'woman' rapes a real woman it will not be recorded as a rape by a male. Rape suspects can choose to self-identify as female Rape suspects are able to self-identify as female, it was revealed after a freedom of information request by a feminist policy think-tank. Police Scotland said that if a rape or attempted rape was perpetrated by a “male who self-identifies as a woman . . . the male who self-identifies as a woman would be exp
  2. Ireland. Read the last paragraph if nothing else. The whole thing is SNP level woke bonkers, its wonkers. https://www.lawsociety.ie/gazette/top-stories/male-bodied-transgender-inmate-housed-with-women-prisoners/ Male-bodied transgender inmate housed with women Criminal defence lawyer Robert Purcell says that the Gender Recognition Act 2015 has placed the State in an impossible position with regard to transgender prisoners. The law is challenging for the courts and the Irish Prison Service, he believes, since there is, potentially, a safety issue for women inmates hous
  3. The SNP have not talked about independence for 7 years, except to get your vote, and then it is quietly dropped again. (By the way on that leaflet above that was fucking logo on the address panel. lol. To claim that was the SNP campaigning for independence is both sad and hilarious but also very apt.) I believe GRA is in the SNP manifesto, the manifesto that they just published a few days ago. God forbid voters discuss it critically. Also ALBA and the SNP are not an actual human being, they are political parties. I know some of you have a problem in this area but this is basic biol
  4. No one in Ireland knew it was passed from what I understand. But aye trust Dave78 I am sure it will be fine. Until he turns up, quotes the Yogyakarta manifesto, and then castrates your kids behind your back and dresses them up in his favourite frock and lippy.
  5. I jacked it a few months back. I never bothered complaining (what is the point) and the reason was 'selective modding'. Whether people appreciate it or not you are all contributing your 'capital' by posting on this board. It is your posts that make this board worth anything. If the person running it seems more like they are trolling the long term users, while showing no interest in the multitude of hun trolls who all appeared and who have fucked the board in large part by flooding it with some of the most minging patter ever seen by humankind... then it is hard to contribute time to
  6. During the inquiry Jackie Baillie asked Nicola Sturgeon a very cryptic question about whether she was aware of some story that the Daily Record was about to break sometime in 2018 but which it didn't in the end, and instead later ran with another story. Well it ties in with that Express story, allegedly. https://petercherbi.blogspot.com/2021/03/first-interests-judge-recommended-for_8.html It has since come to light this story was filed with a Scottish newspaper for publication in June 2018 – after several other newspapers refused to publish the story. According to now delet
  7. The Sun is only printing what many have already heard. Loon knows what this story is about. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5290002/nicola-sturgeon-snp-private-life-rumours-gossip-not-true/ And here is another that is doing the rounds which the Express this time has picked up on. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1418932/Nicola-sturgeon-news-snp-latest-sturgeon-legal-career There seems to be more to these stories than just idle gossip.
  8. Again here are the main plotters in the Salmond Stitch-up... there are others who are not named. Leslie Evans - Permanent Secretary to FM Liz Lloyd - Chief of Staff to FM Judith MacKinnon - Head of People Advice for SNPG Peter Murrell - CEO of SNP and Husband to FM Sue Ruddick - COO of the SNP Ian McCann - Compliance Officer of SNP Nicola Richards - Head of People for SNPG Barbara Allison - Director of Communications for SNPG It is everyone around Nicola. Her "inner circle". If you knew who the accusers were, the messages between them all... well let's just say th
  9. Yeah that is what I thought, the SNP have zilch basically, 7 years after the failed referendum where that lack of plan was considered a major weakness. That has always struck me as very strange, as if they are not preparing for it all it seems. All lip service. It is actually a very tricky thing to lay out but still...
  10. Ohh the Stirling Castle accuser... interesting choice. Again remember aaid is hiding behind the anonymity laws to re-smear Salmond, he was not at the trial and only the jury saw all the evidence so what is reported is limited. However Craig Murray commented about Woman K. For example the second original civil service accuser - who met Nicola's Principal Private Secretary on 21 and 22 November to discuss her allegation, 10 weeks before Nicola claims she knew - is the woman who claims Alex touched her bum during a photoshoot at Stirling Castle. Two eyewitnesses, immediat
  11. Have the SNP laid out their plan for currency and central bank come independence? I missed it. Can someone post a link to it? Ta.
  12. Yeah she was lying. Woman H especially should be in jail for perjury as should a few others surrounding Nicola. Smears, lies and hiding behind the anonymity laws. That is the game and always was.
  13. As usual a pile of cowardly aaid smears devoid of a scintilla of evidence or proof. Been doing it on here for years. Shit on his shoe more like.
  14. Not a great look. Has some of the history to this group, very dodgy indeed. https://sputniknews.com/uk/202104111082599323-scottish-government-funded-groups-back-lobby-for-law-to-allow-sex-with-adolescents/
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