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  1. Ehm...Because it is shorter. Wings did also post this immediately below the clip video. Check for your self... https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-logical-progression/#more-113273
  2. The other thing looking at all more... I have read the repeated post on here that wings seems to be obsessed about the GRA issue 'for some reason...'. And then that is left hanging with the implication being he must be transphobic or whatever. Well from what I can see that is actually a smear. This is much more than just about the GRA issue but it fits perfectly that his enemies would try to make out this was just an obsession about the GRA. This is their modus operandi after all, and it goes hand in hand with the identity politics - smear everyone who disagrees as a racist, sexist, transphobic whatever... on and on and on. I take it from the question above the Denise one was not a candidate. Whatever her role in the SNP she was targeted for signing the Woman's pledge. Massive negative publicity days before a GE. And all for the sake of internecine warfare from the woke faction.
  3. People are saying Wings has lost it for saying that whatever the outcome of the GE, NS should step down, and for saying it one week before the GE. Personally I don't think wings says anything like that without very careful consideration. It was obviously timed to be very shocking. These purges it seems have been the straws that broke the camel's back and convinced him that holding his tongue for the greater goal is actually pointless with NS in charge. So IMHO that article was not an ill considered rant and was instead an open declaration of (civil) war. He very knowingly crossed the Rubicon in that article. Be interesting to see where he goes from here.
  4. There is an article in the Times but it is behind the paywall. The guy who was just thrown under the bus (Hanvey) is saying (I think) that he and the other one were targeted by 'woke' members of the SNP because they signed the Woman's Pledge (which is against self-ID'ing). This is why they had their tweet history scoured and used to oust them from the party (as good as). This was an attempt to purge two SNP members because they did not go along with their woke bullshit. Barely a week away from the GE and these folk sabotaged two of the SNP's own candidates. And people think Wings is the problem here?! Seriously? I think what we are seeing is that the huge influx of new members post 2014 to the SNP has probably brought in a large swathe of failed labour activists who are now in effect attempting a reverse takeover of the SNP. Which is why independence is no longer prominent at all and instead it has been replaced with all this toxic woke identity politics shite. This GRA battle is actually a front in a much larger battle for the future direction of the SNP. Wings is raising serious alarm bells and I am pretty shocked considering his past contributions that he is so quickly dismissed. If the woke brigade succeed in purging the party of their enemies the SNP will be broken IMHO.
  5. He posted another article before that where he unearths a pile of 'dodgy' (by the SNP's own standards that is) tweets from so called 'woke' members. Can of worms the SNP have opened here... so they better be consistent or it will be seen as thinly disguised witch hunt. https://wingsoverscotland.com/two-woke-princes/#more-113188 "Most strikingly the deeply brave and stunning self-described Scottish Government equalities adviser and former penis owner Leeze Lawrence." I am not going to reproduce all the tweets but please someone tell me this nutcase is no where near advising the Scottish Government on anything. Putting the tweets aside there was also this little link. This was when she was a man... https://www.alloaadvertiser.com/news/13528197.raids-net-drugs-worth-pound130k/
  6. Lifted from the latest Wings post... https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-logical-progression/#more-113273 "So maybe we shouldn’t be entirely surprised that it ended up with this being the SNP candidate in what until 2017 was Alex Salmond’s seat."
  7. There are a lot of good posts in the comments section of wings website. Agree with most of what breeks says here also... Reading the comments it seems Joanna Cherry is the consensus pick to replace NS.
  8. I personally think that is an illusion (as do you judging by the scare quotes). Given the performance of the Tories since 2014 a few seats gained back from 2017 is a very poor return. Support for YES has flat-lined and the SNP have seemingly failed to capitalize on the huge second chance indyref opportunity that is BREXIT. Read the comments to the Wings article - the folk who criticize him are saying the same thing over and over - the phrase they are using is 'I will be holding my nose and voting SNP on the 12th'. Now ask yourself how that is possible given the mess the Tories have created since 2014. How is it possible to have inherited the enormous positivity and palpable sense that something fresh and new was happening (even despite the NO) and then in a few short years the party is on the verge of a split and people are having to hold their noses to vote SNP. I would argue a plank of wood could have led the SNP post 2014 and we'd be in better shape than we are now. NS has the best luck of any politician I can think of as leader. Put in that context I think the SNP have hugely under performed during her reign. The only thing holding it together at this point is the lure of getting independence. Once people lose hope that is going to happen anytime soon there is going to be a bloodbath in the SNP.
  9. It is a bit more than that IMHO. Seems like there is a faction in the SNP ( I'll use the 'wokerati' from Scozzie's comment above for want of a better name) who have been dangerously empowered by NS (who alas buys into all this toxic shite hook line and sinker) and who have now started purging the SNP of people who object to their views. It seems like there is battle going on for the heart and soul of the SNP post 2014. I am sorry to say but IMHO this is all down to NS. She is the one energizing this faction. The GRA stuff is just the tip of the spear. If they prevail with it the SNP will be fucked (and probably already is).
  10. The comments to the Wings article are worth a read. Considering the timing I was expecting a lot of flak but surprisingly a lot of people feel exactly the same way. Lot of people speculating that the SNP have been infiltrated... Regarding the GRA some of the comments by women are very interesting. This is about a lot more than the GRA.
  11. "So we’ll say what we’ve felt for quite a while now but bitten our tongue on in the name of the movement: regardless of the outcome of next week’s election, Nicola Sturgeon needs to stand down, and the sooner the better. In this site’s view, there is no chance whatsoever of independence being achieved under her leadership, and to be honest it’s been some time since we’ve believed she was even trying. The woke-infested SNP is a trainwreck. It’s time to get it back on the track." Could not agree more with Wings. My only doubt is that it is now maybe too late.
  12. Just look at the loathsome cunt that is George twat-in-the-hat Galloway. Opposed independence for Scotland as he was an international socialist whatever the fuck that means and then turned full on Billy Brit during BREXIT. Makes me glad he got his head kicked in. Ratbag.
  13. I almost posted the video above on your police thread for that reason. I just had that nagging feeling i'd seen a PFI/PPP thread on here. The search function on here is honking. I had to do a site search on google to find it. edit: the first video should be watched first obviously. It is rather shocking. The second video goes over the first but it draws attention to why is no one giving a shit about all of this.
  14. Interesting the role Leslie Evans played as well... This whole thing is reeking of corruption. The police just keep looking the other way...
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