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  1. Yeah leave the wife and kids out of it arsehole.
  2. For once we are in agreement. No surprise to see Gove heavily involved either.
  3. You go around this board like a 14 year old gloating and being as antagonistic as possible and then whine like a piglet when surprise surprise you get some antagonism your way. Making statements about hating ALL rangers fans and that there are ALL cunts on here. Fuck them etc... That shit is out of order. Instantly you then try to transform yourself into the Rosa Parks of the tamb and we are all trying to troll / supress you. πŸ˜€ It is some attention seeking routine. A psychologist could have a field day no doubt. And for the record no one one here wrote-off Celtic you fantasist cretin. That fantasy only exists in your tiny little mind. The club that had won 9 out of the last 10 league titles and you like to prattle on about how folk on here were writing them off but you somehow against all the odds rocky style came back and gallantly won the league and now it is time for some payback on here... blah fucking blah drone wheeze... So why don't you ever quote all these posts? Because they don't exist you utter gob shite. Fuck you are boring. You bring it all on yourself and then greet about it. It is attention seeking, at some level you are getting what you want here.
  4. I have never seen anyone on here ever link this to Sturgeon in any way. It is tragic to try to make it about poor wee Nicola. She ain't the victim in this. I am more concerned about grooming gangs which is probably on going. Or are we to believe that all ended at the England-Scotland border. It is so easy to see how these things get swept under the carpet. Even now folk don't give a fuck. Mostly this issue (the CBC) is only ever raised on here as a sly dig by a closet hun. That is the extent of the 'care'. I had a thread going for a while on the industrial scale abuse of UK children which was far more recent. Yet folk are still going on about this abuse like it was yesterday. It is bizarre at best and at worst they are using the victims as a point scoring opportunity.
  5. He does not fall into that β€˜bracket’. He falls into that bracup. Due to being such a tit.
  6. Right on behalf of men the world over why not just clean it yourself. Surely after the second nag it would have been quicker. Have you and your husband got this weird couple thing going where jobs are allocated based on your sex? Or maybe I should say gender. So changing tyres, wrestling bears out the swimming pool and lighting the BBQ are down to you and he cleans the blinds?
  7. Looks like Malcom has a challenger for the crown. πŸ˜€
  8. Yeah amusing to go on the Trump thread to talk about Nazis when he can't (or rather won't) see them right in front of face on this one. It is hilarious. 'Sees' nazis where none exist for years and years.. then along come some real nazis... pretends they don't exist... nazis? what nazis, I don't see no nazis? It really is shameless. πŸ˜€
  9. I noticed the other day he completely lacks any sense of humour, there is just nothing there at all, a walking humour vacuum. Try to think of a single post that has put the thinnest of smiles on your face...I can't think of single one. And then the bizarre conception of what 'banter' is. Which it seems consists solely of acting like an obnoxious 90 minute bigot. Again... just does not 'get it'. It is like someone who is acting out the role of what they think a football fan is but in reality has not got a clue and so ends up looking foolish and boorish. The comments about hating rangers fans and they are all cunts etc would have got you banned on here back in the day because first and foremost this is primarily a Scotland board. That and being a boring, boring cunt.
  10. Looks like we are back in the eurocoven due to our mutual hatred of Russians. Oh my god this is truly nauseating. Are we going to now pretend all the mega-snubs of many years did not happen? (Yes) πŸ˜€
  11. He has got that total spoony Rick Astley appeal. πŸ˜€ (But I liked Rick Astley, this cunt is a total ****.)
  12. Never seen him in my life before this fiasco. Is he famous. (I am not looking him up.)
  13. So were all the 'acts' miming like the twat on the piano. (Yes)
  14. After seeing the other acts I am now fully backing Moldova. Mon Moldova.
  15. It was probably Austria and some one fucked up on the autocorrect. edit: no my mistake it is australia and it was that cock with a face veil. WTF.
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