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  1. I can just about remember the RFC balance sheet prior to them going tits up... I had a good look at it just before I predicted their imminent collapse. I seem to recall that the equity section had accumulated losses of about 125 million and that was pretty much the entire capital that had been put in since its inception 100+ years before. It was a loss making machine but it always survived because some mug in one form or another was willing to keep bank rolling the losses. That changed when they got the bill from HMRC for tax evasion on a huge scale, at that point the loss became so big no one was prepared to step forward. So unless they do something similar to the EBT's (unlikely after 2012) and as long as fresh blue nosed mugs are willing to keep them solvent it could easily carry on for 100 years just like the ill fated predecessor club. As an 'investment' it is horrific. As a vehicle for financial doping to win a tin pot league it serves its purpose.
  2. Hmmm state funeral.... ... mind when Maxwell stole all the Mirror pensioners pensions.
  3. I am hoping that the anti trump delirium spreads into the thinking of the oddsmakers. Between now and the point this is all over there will be another low point for Trump. At that point you may have a window. Will never be as good as first time around...
  4. Please kev send me a PM if it gets that mad... I am not a betting man so don't follow it closely but I will make an exception for that. (How many times are people going to trust the polls! lol.)
  5. We are a long way out and anything can happen but if the odds are stupid high against it happening... I'd be betting heavy on a Trump landslide. Forget the polls. No cunt admits to supporting Trump... until election day.
  6. Aye same as in 2016. Not a chance they said... Landslide. The democrats are so shite it takes my breath away. There is one (or maybe two) candidate(s) who could beat him. Not in a million years will they get nominated.
  7. If you can get good odds on a Trump landslide, bet heavy is my tip*. * as at 19/7/19
  8. You know this I am sure. The theory seems to be that pedophiles are what they are looking for because a) they are naturally soulless fuckers without a gram of human empathy. How the fuck can someone rape a baby only months old? They are psychos. And then b) it also means you are unquestionably one of the club because you are totally blackmailable. Saville was protected I'd say with certainty, by whom and for why... guesswork.
  9. I am also pretty much out at this point. I feel about the SNP now how I feel about all the other parties. Near total indifference. In fact I think they get a massive free pass because they cloak themselves in Independence. Truth is they are potentially far worse than the others due to massive arrogance on their part.
  10. I think people are also buying into a lot myths when it comes to immigration. Apparently this is still the only major report to come out of parliament on it. HOUSE OF LORDS Select Committee on Economic Affairs 1st Report of Session 2007–08 The Economic Impact of Immigration The conclusions start at page 58 and are not overly long. Read them.
  11. You are assuming that but you have not got a clue if that is correct. 400k was only mentioned when the author was pressed by the media for a number and the 400,000 figure quoted. But even if we assume it is correct - so only doubling it then. Did you bother to actually take a look at the report itself. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5afc0bbbf79392ced8b73dbf/t/5b0a988c352f53c0a5132a23/1527421195436/SGC+Full+Report.pdf High levels of net immigration are the central plank to the SNP economic strategy. They are a bit vague on the numbers funnily enough (they seem well aware that it would not be popular) but there is one section that gives you an idea... Reading this report it is very clear the SNP have given up on keeping Scots in Scotland (which is why we have a 'problem') and are effectively just planning a mass replacement program. No money or incentives for indigenous Scots for having kids but a big package of measure (including money) to bring folk in instead. They mention New Zealand a lot... 400,000 is a low number, be sure of it. And of course it begs the question what happens when the economy stalls again - is it more immigration? I'll bet it is. Furthermore net migration to Scotland implies someone else must have net emigration. Those countries will then face the same economic problem Scotland faces and will take similar countermeasures. We are just shuffling the issue around and this 'cure' is an illusion. It is like countries lowering corporation tax to bring in companies, it just forces other countries to lower tax rates and you get a race to the bottom.
  12. I don't think it is a 'fake' passport either. It is a genuine Austrian one with genuine visas in it apparently. Makes you wonder how he got it (legally or illegally).
  13. And yeah that is 400,000 wager earners apparently so once you factor in the family members that join them 1,000,000 might actually be a conservative figure.
  14. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/scotland-must-double-migrants-to-save-economy-vv2w3nbb2
  15. I think I may have posted the link on this thread but the SNP think tank have suggested bringing in 400,000 migrants. I believe this is before family members who will follow so it is more like 1,000,000. That is like Germany inviting in nearly 17 million immigrants. They proposed taxing Scots to pay for them to come. I wonder why they do not give tax breaks to Scots to have more kids. Instead they want to tax them extra to bring in foreigners. Who will most likely not vote YES.
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