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  1. Before reading the list i was... Farage? Naaaaw. After reading the list I was... Farage? Hmmm looking better... I mean just look at it.
  2. Those two things alone make you really wonder (military pilots as well) but also the high powered CV of the authour and the very mainstream media channel that it was published in... very unusual... normally all things UFO are fringe... hence my original post. But hey ho that seems a long time ago now.
  3. It was quite a nasty little post looking back again... made a couple of attempts to twist things... check out the venom in the replies. https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/12946-biggest-baws-award-2018/&do=findComment&comment=496210
  4. It is not just all of the above. He has tried to character assassinate Scotty on more than one occasion. The attempt to smear him as a racist was probably the most 'revealing' one. Very unpleasant character behind that... Clearly has come to the board with baggage / grudges from another identity but feck knows who. I really would be surprised if who I had thought it was could be that snide and vindictive so I give up guessing at this point. One thing is for sure is he wont be able to resist for long. I actually wondered if the bizarre and banal "what's your favourite colour' type threads were to make the endless trolling less obvious. It is really boring as well. Just look at the last few pages... screws up the thread.
  5. Since I posted that link to the news story you have posted nothing but troll pish. When you look at the all the posts you have made on this thread (quoted by phart) they are all pretty much troll pish. For someone worried about the thread being only about 'proper science' you sure post a heap of juvenile troll shite pish.
  6. Unfortunately there are a few other troll twats about as well and that seems to be the goal.
  7. If you are saying that is what you meant when you posted... "It's a thread in the main about proper science and technology that I've posted on many times. It doesn't need your mentalist conspiracy bollocks clogging it up." Then no I think you are just acting the clown now to avoid the obvious. You made a cunt of yourself. You shoot from the hip without fact checking and are really quite prejudiced it seems. See you around.
  8. Don't be a worm about it now. You were the one who acted the rude prick (for the umpteenth time) out of the blue. So what exactly did you mean by the above, explain. What conspiracy theory? Not much to ask Mr Integrity considering your posts above. So WTF are you going on about? Let's hear it brains.
  9. Ahh more honking patter. Am I trying to chat you up? proper old school scientist it seems. You posted to me remember? I am just trying to work out what you are talking about. Seems to me you made a cunt of it above and now are trying to act the clown as you are unable to explain your comments nor admit you made a mistake (and a prize prick of yourself as well). If you are going to be a smart arse it help if you are actually smart. So lets' hear it brains - where is the conspiracy theory ya muppet?
  10. You said it not me. Previous to that you said the article was 'pish' and 'drivel'. So what part is untrue or false? And again what is the conspiracy theory? Do explain.
  11. It is. Maybe now you can explain where the' conspiracy theory' is brains? Do explain.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-48333923 Pretty shocking that this is happening in the 21st century.
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