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  1. "travelled the world on an inheritance for 8 years" before the attacks I read somewhere... extensively in Pakistan about whose people he posted glowing reviews... I am not reading his shite but I suspect the mentalist did not have a problem with someone being 'not white'... I think he had a problem with what he perceived was happening to white people in their home countries. The clue I think is in the title of his manifesto... "The Great Replacement."
  2. I forget how many terrorist attacks we have had on white people by 'non whites' in the last few years (umpteen) but this happens and it is immediately white supremacism... no other explanation possible. Why were none of the other attacks characterized as middle eastern or Islamic supremacist or whatever... Maybe loony boy perceived 'we' were under attack. His manifesto is a mess, claims to be a communist etc...
  3. You have to wonder what it is about you Alan that marries you to every utter cunt cause going.
  4. The mods deleted my reply to you. I posted a link and before it posted words which were to the best of my memory.... "I really don't think I can warn you enough how bad this is. It will be probably the worst thing you have ever seen in your life. It is horrific." So in short go fuck yourself. You want a journalist to watch it and report back to you in cotton wool. Some of us would rather see what happened with our own eyes. What kind of warning do you want? A ghoul is a cunt who watches it for pleasure. This about watching it to see what happened. Trust me you'll never watch it again.
  5. oops sorry that post above was not directed at the OP. should have read the thread properly.
  6. I've got no issues with any thread as long it is funny. No one would. The main problem with this board is the loss of its sense of humour. FFS... now especially even the trolls on here are boring, boring bastards.
  7. I don't like arguing believe it or not. I'd be happy to post my posts and for no one to ever reply to be honest (unless I ask a direct question but yeah...).
  8. You replied to my reply... to aaid (who has me on ignore)... in an somewhat emotionally charged post... I just thought fuck it I'll knock one back for a change. edit: I dont even see what was wrong with my reply to your post looking back.
  9. Yeah that is not pure appeal to emotion shite. It is easy to look at one death and think taking away a small freedom from all to avoid it justifies it. It is hard to scale up the loss of that small freedom to 5 million people versus some grief wracked mother dragged up by you greeting faced fecks. Where it does become noticeable is when the endless list of tragedies that need fixing strip you of most of your freedoms. God luck with the Finns.
  10. ha ha. no bother. The central banking question is a real question though. Somewhere in that 2.5 hour vid above this unusual guy nails the question... It goes along the lines of... why do we as nation states need to borrow money at interest from any 3rd party when we could just print it ourselves from the same blank paper (like the 'central bank' does) but at no interest? We are then enslaved by the interest because countries are not run for profit... but they are made to now. It is the biggest non discussed subject in all our lives. How does money work and who 'owns' it. This subject is not talked about 100% by every politician no matter what creed.
  11. There is an even bigger keeping up with the Joneses thing going on with these wanks than you can imagine.
  12. You are a bit of a retard at times. You don’t justify these changes by quoting some persons mum whose son was knocked down as a justification. That is an appeal to emotion. When you remove freedoms from 5 million people on the back of a few incidents you need to do a cost benefit study. Using your dumbass thinking we should lower the speed limit to 10 miles an hour to eliminate all road deaths. If anyone disagrees they should speak to the mum of the recently deceased mum. It is thick ass shit.
  13. So you are putting it off indefinitely but only at present as well? Seems like you are contradicting yourself. If the rule allowing you to put it off can change at some point then you can never say indefinitely. Anyway why agree even in principal to join a currency union when it inevitably means you be forced into political union as well or the currency will fail? Why do you think the Euro has such big problems, lack of political union, meaning you have big winners (Germany & Netherlands) and big losers (take your pick). The EURO is the meat grinder of nation states, it is a device to force political union and anyone who joins it will face a hard time getting out of it before it is too late. The fact they make you promise to join is really fucked IMHO. Says a lot about what their overall goals are here. The end of nations states in all but name. What is that pish about riding on the back of a dangerous beast... and how it is getting off it that is the really tricky part.
  14. https://consortiumnews.com/2019/02/22/john-pilger-the-war-on-venezuela-is-built-on-lies/ So not a dictator. There is plenty of food. Electric sabotage an acknowledged tactic of the US for provoking a coup and used many times in the past in very similar situations. Medicines shortage is due to the US imposed sanctions. No paramilitary oppression of 'any' protests - but instead your boy Guaido formed a 200 man paramilitary force to renter the country with, only to be told 'Naw, too much' by the Colombians. Is there anything you ever post on here that is not a complete lie / reversal of the truth Alan? Guaido on the other hand is a bona fide quisling cunt. Again very telling that you back the absolute shitbags every single time. I have no doubt you'd be supporting Pinochet if times were changed. Just when you think it would be hard to feel any more contempt you find a way to make it happen. I dare say when it descends into civil war with 1000's killed you will slink back under your rock never to be heard of again on the subject. Like you do on every issue you talk shite about on here.
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