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  1. Ask him what he will be investing your money into. Safe ventures dont typically have high yields. What % in equities, bonds whatever.... Stock markets have done well in recent years (covid blip aside) but that can change quickly and you can be unlucky on your timing when you invest. So maybe do it in stages over time. Always good to keep a lump of cash as well. Then if the markets do crash you can take advantage of it. Golden rule is be diversified.
  2. So they release (accidentally or otherwise) a bio-weapon upon the population of the world and then expect us to trust them with the 'vaccinations'. Seems legit. 😀
  3. Google / Twitter / Facebook crossed the Rubicon a good while ago now. I don't even use Google for searches anymore, not in protest, I genuinely don't trust them anymore to deliver the results uncensored by all the woke garbage. I consider them all a serious threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech at this point. Need to be broken up or regulated or recognized as not a platform but a publisher, as they only allow certain views, like an editor of a newspaper( run by a bunch of woke twats). Totally drunk on their own power. They are in the same league as the mainstream media at this point, both pushing the exact same woke agenda (and it really is identical and in lockstep with the MSM which should be a huge wakeup call for some but isn't) perhaps even far worse in fact than them, due to their reach.
  4. Mighty me that is quite a vitriolic reaction there for a discussion on vaccine passports. The name David Davis rings a bell though... feel like I have heard of him before somewhere.... it is on the tip of my tongue... Oh! Was he the MP who blew the whistle on the Salmond stich-up in the House of Commons fairly recently, was it him aaid? Knew I'd heard the name somewhere. 😀
  5. Played 8 and only defeated once by unbeaten Denmark who have not even conceded a fucking goal yet. Just the two draws against our biggest rivals for second. 4 wins in a row sure sorted out a 'slow start'. I'm impressed. But it will all be for naught (probably) if we don't beat Moldova. Cant rely on Austria beating Israel.
  6. Sorry made an arse of those stats. 6 wins out the last 7 (not 7 out of 8). and Moldova would be 5 wins in a row. FFS. Cant complain about that IF we do it.
  7. If we beat Moldova then let the chips fall where they may. A win against Moldova (which would be our fourth in a row) and we can go into the Denmark game with no expectations and just play. Beat Moldova and no matter what the outcome after that I would consider this one of our best (failed) attempts and we can accept it with our heads held high. But beat Moldova first. That is an absolute must. See this through now and see what happens... we might get lucky (what am I saying). 😀 edit: if we beat Moldova that would be 7 wins out of the last 8 games with the only loss to Denmark.
  8. That is what makes you think. If they really cared about or even believed in what they were saying they would always take the least polluting option given the circumstances no matter what. But no they go out of their way to extra pollute just so they can look 'good', like they are doing something. Sadly I think this sums up the state of the environmental movement better than anything these days. went the way of the SNP long ago...
  9. Anger as generators moved across Scotland to power electric vehicles carrying VIPs to COP26 Large external generators will be transported across Scotland to power electric vehicles carrying dignitaries to a world climate change event in Glasgow. More meaningless and stupid gesture politics. It is not just the diesel generators running it is the shipping costs on a big dirty lorry no doubt. Just use an uber you twats.
  10. They will fancy their chances against us for sure. They like everyone else know we often fail to show up at these type of games. We are a bit of a schizophrenic side in that against the better teams we play quite well and against the lesser teams we play quite shite. Who are we? 😀 We are sort of like the footballing equivalent of Dr Jekyll and Mr Pish. Just depends on whether Steve Clarke has imbued his magic potion or not. 😀 Although honestly it seems to be the whole team as well. Maybe it is time we got a shit-hot sports psychologist in to sort this crap out. Hypno-toad them into thinking they are Maradona or something. It is maddening watching it swing from one game to the next.
  11. I am slightly concerned at the way the Faroes were carving us up at times. How they did not score is extraordinary. I'd be feeling a bit robbed if I was one of their fans. The early chance especially, when their player right in front of goal with us in utter disarray passed it instead of just putting his foot through it, was a huge let off. There were another two hair-raising chances at least in the first half that on another night would have been goals. We were lucky as fuck in that first half and at times in the second as well. edit Gordon played very well also, saved us. I am not sure what I think about how we will do in Moldova now. (shudder) I still felt Faroes were dangerous after 80 minutes at 0-0. If they had got the late goal and not us we would be sitting on our 'worst result ever'. That was not a comfortable 0-1 victory by any means. Clinging on by our fingernails 0-1 victory more like.
  12. Was driving me mental by the end. Patterson cross made the goal. It was more of an own goal than anything though.
  13. I can see them getting a late winner here.
  14. FFS they have been getting far more dangerous balls into the box ALL night. How they have not scored I don't know.
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