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  1. On a player level we are very similar. They aren't some world beater. They took their chances, we didn't. The Czech Republic are in no way a good side, who are a level above us. Most of our players even play at a better level/teams than them.
  2. Nonsense. Czech Republic are in the last 16 and they are a very similar level to us.
  3. While they have better players in certain departments, Croatia have been really poor this tournament and for a while in general. They are nowhere near the team they were 3 years ago when they overperformed at the world cup. Players are older, many are out of form and many of the newer players aren't of the same quality. Yes they have better players but tactically like the Czech game we weren't set up right to counter it. It's an easy out to say they have better players or they made the WC final.
  4. We are out Bring on Nesbitt, Patterson, Turnbull and Fleck. Give them a run out at the EUrO's
  5. Clarke does know we are out if we don't win today? Our tactics have honestly felt like we are a low end SPL side playing one of the OF and hoping we hold on to 80 minutes and then have a go and hope we get something.
  6. Nisbett or Christie for Dykes. He's done, Ran himself in to the ground the last 2 games. Turnbull on for O'Donnell. Fraser to RWB.
  7. You could see that coming from a mile away. We have offered absolutely nothing in this second half. Clarke needs to ring the changes now.
  8. We need to make some changes. We have started this second half so poorly. We can't retain possession at all.
  9. Some of the lads look a little leggy after all the effort against England. I'd maybe bring on Nisbett or Christie for Dykes.Dykes looks like he is running on fumes. Forrest or Patterson for O'Donnell and Turnbull for Armstrong's. Turnbull's set pieces could be a big difference maker for us. Our set pieces aren't great from Armstrong and Robertson.
  10. I like many have slated O'Donnell following his performance against Czech Republic, I just have to say he had a good game. He was solid defensively, had a good range of passing and was unlucky with a fantastic volley.
  11. Even taking being injured a few days later out of it, I found it utterly bizarre that he (along with Robbo) played most of both games. Especially against Luxembourg. There was no need for him to play more than 45 minutes against Luxembourg in a friendly. In all honesty why even start him (give him 20/30 at the end for fitness). The game should've been used for squad players to stake a claim for a start.
  12. Ben Williamson apparently going on loan to Livingston. Had a fantastic 6 month loan at Arbroath and won their YPOTY. A very Good step up in loan level. Hopefully works out. Kai Kennedy probably going on loan with quite a few SPL teams interested. Will be interesting to see how these loans work out and how they progress. Rangers have a good crop of 19 year olds coming through at the minute. Maxwell and McPake could get similar loans after promising seasons in the Scottish championship and English league 2. Mebude and Dickson got released. Mebude didn't seem t
  13. We have similar levels of players, I think the difference is they have 2/3 of their best players in attacking positions. Swap one of Robertson, Tierney, McTominay, McGinn for a Striker or inside forward of a similar level and we'd get a lot better results. We've improved in these areas but we are still not able to create well or take the chances when we do. I'd also say their central defence and goalkeeper are a bit better than ours. We have the core of a decent team, the majority of our squad will be under 30/31 if we make the next EURO's. We just need to find our team p
  14. If results go against in September, I'd just start preparing a team to qualify for EURO 24. Ditch some of the more limited or older squad players and bring in some of our younger players. One of the goalies,O'Donnell, Gallagher, Fleck, McLean (he'll probably be back post EURO's), Taylor, etc Replace them with Clark (he's atleast playing weekly and at a better level than Gordon) Rooney (Not perfect but his massive improvement should be rewarded) Gauld (should've been at the EURO's) Ferguson (he still has a bit to go but McLean/Fleck are mostly there t
  15. Clarke has being defending O'Donnell in the press and saying he did nothing wrong and trying to turn the argument into who he plays for rather than O'Donnell's ability. It's pretty much all but confirmed he will start on Friday.
  16. I can't see many changes from Clarke tbh. Tierney, McGregor and maybe Adams coming in for Cooper, Armstrong and Christie. I think Clarke will stay loyal to O'Donnell. We won't be attacking a great deal and most of our attacks will come down the left. Clarke will probably prefer a solid defensive full back against England than an attacking FB in Patterson or a Winger in Forrest.
  17. Against Serbia he had Ryan Jack next to him to cover and play off of each other. They seem to complement each other well. Against Holland it was a solid team performance but I didn't think McGregor was very good tbh.
  18. Anyone else noticed in our last couple of games players don't pass often to O'Donnell when he is the best option offensively. I don't know if it is subconscious or tactical but it was noticeable at times today and very noticeable against Luxembourg. They'd either go themselves or switch to the left.
  19. Poor decision to shoot but that goal was Marshall's fault. He was 35+ yards from his goal
  20. Even if he was fit and fine playing an injury prone player (who's just back from injury) for 2 90 minute friendlies just seems bizarre. Same with Robertson playing most of both games. Felt stupid.
  21. He got it badly wrong with his subs and sub times today. The only one he got correct was Adams at Halftime. Forrest or Patterson should've been on at halftime for O'Donnell. It was beyond noticeable that we were offering absolutely nothing down the right side. Clarke changed it far too late. Forrest done far more in his limited time than O'Donnell all game. McGregor came on and didn't really do a great deal. Gilmour would have been a far more positive and creative change.
  22. Pretty much and he has been involved in big games (Antwerp, Celtic, Slavia Prague, etc). I'd have had Patterson or Forrest on at Halftime today.
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