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  1. Montrose v Hamilton Accies - was this some kind of simmering rivalry back then that has now been completely forgotten about?
  2. morrie21

    Russia 2018

    who y'all got in the final then? I think France 2-1 but will be wanting Croatia to win.
  3. I write about boxing but before the World Cup started I asked my editor if he would run some World Cup content on the site. Much to my surprise he said yes so I have been compiling the odd article during the tournament. My piece I wrote yesterday highlights this very topic. It is the Colombia vs. England section towards the bottom of the article if anyone is interested. http://nyfights.com/newsworthy/the-ot-world-cup-writing-volume-4/
  4. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Absolutely bang on. Cheers bro.
  5. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Yeah CC - boxing twitter all day yesterday was filled with I had it this way, my scorecard is better than your scorecard bullshit. Trying to explain to people that the judges don't have the same view as they do watching on TV etc fell on deaf ears in the main. I was sat about 6 feet behind the USA judge at ringside (the 117-110 card), he was slightly more elevated than me which makes a difference but my score of 116-111 was only one round out from the judge who had very nearly the same view as me. An 8 rounds to 4 fight with very close rounds didn't look unreasonable to me. I hope I was able to capture that sentiment in my article.
  6. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Did you think it was a wide decision or are you still to watch it Phart?
  7. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Hell of a fight last night. Postol pushed Taylor all the way. What a tough man. Excellent test for Josh and pleased to see he got through it. More people discussing the wide scoring of a couple of the judges, it bears mentioning, than actually lauding the fight. It was my privilege to cover it at ringside. Report below: http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/josh-taylor-wins-war-of-attrition-with-postol/
  8. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Thanks man. Yeah McGuigan is his manager and McGuigan's company Cyclone Promotions promote him. McGuigan's son Shane trains Josh . Yeah I enjoy writing about boxing and my editor is cool. It's a good site actually - some other guys on there who do excellent work.
  9. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Cheers for reading Phart. Appreciate it. Yeah he is one of the finest body punchers in the sport right now. I think it means he is signed up for year round drug testing.
  10. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Important fight for Taylor tomorrow night at The Hydro. On Channel 5 and they will do a good job but if you can I recommend heading along to support a fast rising Scottish sportsman. In the meantime check out my preview article below. Cheers. http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/josh-taylor-vs-postol-on-the-brink-of-something-big/
  11. morrie21

    Russia 2018

    From what i've seen the only one that I could say with any certainty that we could take would be Saudi Arabia.
  12. morrie21

    Russia 2018

    What does the World Cup mean to you?
  13. I'm gonna get wrecked
  14. morrie21

    Play offs

    Congrats to my Stenny boys. Great playoff campaign seals promotion to Div 1.
  15. morrie21

    Joshua vs Parker

    My initial thought on this one proved to be correct. Wasn't a great spectacle, more tactical and the referee's performance was awful. Parker seemed to be hoping that Joshua would run out of steam. He may have done in a faster paced fight but the way it went Joshua was largely controlling things behind his jab. As a boxing fan it was an interesting watch (although the ref frustrated the hell out of me) but I can see the army of casual fans who latch on to these events not being entertained.