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  1. Colin McMenamin sacked as Stenhousemuir manager yesterday evening. It wasn't working. The club had hopes of going straight back to League One after last season's relegation but the early season form was more likely to see us involved in the trap-door game at the end of the season rather than a push for a playoff spot. Not nice to see a manager canned but I think the club have made the correct decision here. They need to get the next appointment right.
  2. At the top end I'd say former Juve manager Allegri (think he's taking a year off or something) and Luis Enrique. I know Enrique has had some devastating personal circumstances to deal with so he may be away from football for quite some time yet. Not gonna mention Mourinho as I think he is washed but plenty of folk disagree. At Scottish domestic level maybe names like Peter Houston, Jim McIntyre could be recycled and given another shot at it by a desperate club. I see Mixu Paatelainen is currently managing Hong Kong and Kenny Shiels is in charge of Northern Ireland's women but those were two other names that sprang to mind. Good question.
  3. Good win for Stenny against Welsh champions TNS in the Challenge Cup yesterday. Played well, went toe-to=toe with them for most of the 90mins (faded a bit last 10 which is when the full-time team got their equaliser) without two important players, Cook and McGuigan who were both rested due to niggles. Great effort from keeper Graeme Smith saving 3 out of the 4 TNS spot kicks in the shootout. Hopefully the team take some confidence from this and start motoring up League Two now.
  4. My preview piece for the upcoming games https://www.spitballingpod.com/football/2019/9/5/scotland-arrive-at-crucial-juncture-in-euro-2020-qualifying
  5. Didn't see the fight on Sat mate. As I said drifting further and further away from boxing. Doesn't surprise me the Sky commentary was horse shit though. They stopped being commentators a long time ago. Now just a cheering section for the Matchroom fighters. Junk.
  6. Heard this news last night. Happy the fight is going ahead but it looks like WBSS is over after this year. Putting this final on a Matchroom boxing card (Sky PPV) indicates they wouldn't have been able to meet the financial commitments going it alone. It's a damn shame as I loved the format. It was the one shining light for me in a sea of corruption and bullshit in pro boxing. After this I probably won't be paying much, if any, attention to the sport.
  7. Stenhousemuir are at home to TNS in the Challenge Cup. The hospitality at Ochilview is very good. Train to Larbert from Glasgow is about 30 mins, then 10 minute walk to the ground.
  8. And there was still time for heartbreak/wild celebrations at the end, depending on who you support. For neutrals, just needed to tip the hat and say Juve v Napoli entertained royally last night.
  9. I used to frequent a boxing message board where this type of thing happened frequently. Asking for meetups with the inference that fisticuffs may ensue if said meeting ever took place. The TAMB is peaking/hitting new lows, depending on your point of view.
  10. Really? I thought that just referred to the betting adverts before/at half-time of a game etc. Didn't realise it applied to entire competitions. If so the Betfred Cup and William Hill Scottish Cup will be no more also. Good riddance to the parasites I say. F 'em.
  11. I know they have to accept money from whoever is offering it but it would be good if we could move away from gambling firms.
  12. many would say they did "shit the game" in plenty of respects.
  13. Shame. Hope it happens next year then.
  14. For me yes. It is a Scottish tournament. The idea of Colt teams from the Premiership taking part should also get binned. No issue with Highland League or Lowland League teams being included - that adds a far more interesting layer to the competition than Welsh, Irish or Colt teams ever will.
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