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  1. That's a bit of a myth. Yes the fight ended on a sour note with the low blow and Duran had employed rough-house tactics throughout the fight but he was well on the way to a wide points victory. Maybe they should have let Buchanan box on as he probably deserved to hear the final bell that night for his bravery. Duran was 21-years-old back then and his performance versus Buchanan really announced him as a future great.
  2. While he had his biggest fights in the 80s Duran's career actually touched 5 decades. He made his pro debut in 1968 and had his final bout in 2001. I think the only other boxer who has this distinction is the legendary Jack Johnson (1897 debut, 1931 final fight).
  3. Discovering the greatness of a new album for the first time. Simple pleasures are the best! Nice thread by the way, hope it takes off.
  4. There's a Hearts season ticket holder at work and I mentioned this to him on Friday night when I saw him. His response was "naw we don't want him (Ross). Anyway Roy Keane has been linked with the job."
  5. Surely, if they've got anything about them, they will approach Jack Ross
  6. Great win for Taylor last night to complete the job of lifting the Muhammad Ali Trophy. He beat a tremendous fighter in Prograis and is entitled to feel very proud of his achievement. Going by my Twitter feed he is really starting to get some recognition and respect from the fans over in America too - most of them picked Prograis pre-fight although some ultra sharp boxing minds from over there were on Taylor.
  7. Watched the first 3 episodes of City On A Hill (Sky Atlantic, Showtime in USA) and enjoying it so far. Set in Boston in the early 90s - has Kevin Bacon playing a corrupt FBI agent. There are 10 episodes so looking forward to watching the rest of it when I get a chance.
  8. Thanks, man it's always tough when there is a tragedy in the ring to justify the appeal of boxing. I am out of the loop a bit as I no longer watch much boxing or cover it - the politics and nonsense outside the ring left me exasperated. However I do still love the sport and the athletes that participate in it. Overall I feel boxing still does more harm than good in society in terms of giving young people an outlet, helping them to get/stay fit and build confidence. For those who choose to pursue it at the professional level, well the risks are clear for all to see. This year alone there have been 4 ring deaths that we know about. I'm not saying there is any great conspiracy but there will be cards taking place under the radar in places around the world so who knows what goes on there. Anyway the 4 deaths we know about are all devastating for everyone involved in boxing. I would never advocate for boxing to be banned but some serious questions must be asked. Namely why, in 2019 when medicine and sports science knowledge have never been more advanced, is this happening. Is it just bad luck this year? Or is the depth of knowledge on nutrition allowing fighters to regularly complete dangerous weight cuts therefore making them more vulnerable come fight night? Any solutions would need to be agreed on across the board too which is difficult considering all the different governing bodies and indeed the international nature of the sport. A fighter's medical history may disqualify him from competing in one territory but 10 others would pass him to box in their part of the world. Perhaps round/bout length, weight of gloves, time in between rounds could be looked at with a view to making things safer while still making the sport attractive to those who want to watch it. May all the fallen fighters who lost their lives in the ring RIP and spare a thought for their opponents too. Those athletes will never be the same again.
  9. Should be meeting regularly for a "Monday session" 🍻
  10. Trash. The fact people are interested in this sums up modern culture (or lack thereof) for me. Saw a headline about this on the bbc Sport website. Really??? Standards have fallen.
  11. Stenhousemuir appoint Davie Irons as permanent manager. Irons had stepped in as a caretaker but then declared himself available for the position as his work circumstances now allow him a job in football again. He did well when he was at Ochilview before. Hopefully something similar this time - looking forward to seeing a bit better style of football and the team climbing up the League Two table a bit.
  12. Colin McMenamin sacked as Stenhousemuir manager yesterday evening. It wasn't working. The club had hopes of going straight back to League One after last season's relegation but the early season form was more likely to see us involved in the trap-door game at the end of the season rather than a push for a playoff spot. Not nice to see a manager canned but I think the club have made the correct decision here. They need to get the next appointment right.
  13. At the top end I'd say former Juve manager Allegri (think he's taking a year off or something) and Luis Enrique. I know Enrique has had some devastating personal circumstances to deal with so he may be away from football for quite some time yet. Not gonna mention Mourinho as I think he is washed but plenty of folk disagree. At Scottish domestic level maybe names like Peter Houston, Jim McIntyre could be recycled and given another shot at it by a desperate club. I see Mixu Paatelainen is currently managing Hong Kong and Kenny Shiels is in charge of Northern Ireland's women but those were two other names that sprang to mind. Good question.
  14. Good win for Stenny against Welsh champions TNS in the Challenge Cup yesterday. Played well, went toe-to=toe with them for most of the 90mins (faded a bit last 10 which is when the full-time team got their equaliser) without two important players, Cook and McGuigan who were both rested due to niggles. Great effort from keeper Graeme Smith saving 3 out of the 4 TNS spot kicks in the shootout. Hopefully the team take some confidence from this and start motoring up League Two now.
  15. My preview piece for the upcoming games https://www.spitballingpod.com/football/2019/9/5/scotland-arrive-at-crucial-juncture-in-euro-2020-qualifying
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