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  1. Gilmour missing out tomorrow is a blow no doubt but the fact that we have several viable options available to replace him means it is not a fatal one. I'd like to see him stick with the same defence as the England game and plug Armstrong into the midfield
  2. Wonder if they're a bunch of Hacken Bassas........................... I'll see myself out.
  3. What I really hate about the social media era is the knee-jerk hot take culture it has fostered. Speaking as a heavy Twitter user this is unavoidable on there no matter how hard you work to curate your Time Line. There doesn't really seem to be a place for measured, sensible conversation anymore (maybe here ha ha). After the defeat yesterday the predictable "Scotland are shite" mob were out and about in force. If we had won there would have been a section of folks seriously believing we would be turning over the Italians at Wembley on July 11 and lifting the trophy. The truth as always is clos
  4. That's highly unfair to Brian Moore. I find him to be a very good and fair commentator. He is also critical of England when that is warranted. He was a prick when he played but for me he's one of the better commentators in rugby.
  5. Tierney missing today is a hammer blow. The way he gets us on the front foot with his aggressive runs from left centre back is a feature of recent Scotland play I have really been enjoying. Damn.
  6. With the Euros almost upon us I thought it would be a bit of fun to try and predict the 16 teams that will emerge from the groups. With only 8 teams being eliminated at this stage everyone should feel optimistic about getting out of the group. 4 points will get you through and occasionally 3 points are enough as if memory serves Portugal got through their group in 2016 with 3 points and ended up winning the whole tournament. Anyway have a go if you like and post your predictions, it might give us a bit of extra interest as the group matches are unfolding. my attempt Italy, Switzerlan
  7. I only watched it once and this was the exact reason why. The talking heads aspect really doesn't work with this type of thing. I just wanted to watch and re-live some of the classic finals from years gone by. As you say OP - ruined.
  8. Anyone else a bit peeved with this game only getting a 5 minute build up on Sky Sports? I mean what's the point in covering the game if you are only going to pay it lip service and make a half-arsed effort? Sky have numerous sports channels they could show this on with a 30min build-up. Even ITV which isn't a dedicated sport channel were on air at 1640 for the England friendly. It just doesn't make any sense to me - wouldn't want people to miss One to Eleven: Andy Townsend though 🙄
  9. Vodafone Lions tours really don't interest me. Should have been left in the amateur era. I'll leave it at that in case I end up saying something that upsets someone.
  10. Ha ha - sorry I shall give that team their correct name - the Sky Sports Lions. As for League Two nothing has been announced. Most clubs are looking at crowds of between 500-1000 so I don't see a problem with fans being allowed back for the season starting. Again though will just need to wait for an official announcement.
  11. I think the Hampden Euro 2020 fixtures will be used as test events. The Scottish Government also gave the green light for the UK Lions to play Japan at Murrayfield in late June. I think the permitted crowd for that is 16,500. After they size up the data from these events hopefully some info on this will be forthcoming.
  12. Ok it might just be a rumour but £15M would be an incredible amount for a Scottish Premiership team to spend on one player. Fair enough if they bring in this money via outbound transfers and they want to spend it all on one guy - otherwise this looks foolish.
  13. Thanks for reading mate. Much appreciated.
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