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  1. While I'm here - straight forward 4-0 win for Uruguay over Ecuador last night. Big win without having to break sweat really. Nice was to ease themselves in to the tournament. Chile v Japan is tonight then we will have see everyone.
  2. ha ha - I have often thought how good this would be. It would be a good trip for the fans and would give the players invaluable experience of playing in a tournament. Imagine the outcry from the clubs though if Scotland were involved in this edition of the Copa. As I mentioned in an earlier post the Copa is from next summer moving to the same year as the Euros which opens up opportunities for European countries who fail to qualify to play in a tournament I guess. I'd love to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in terms of how they decide who gets invited, how early the start putting it together etc.
  3. For some reason those associations are members of CONCACAF
  4. I don't think it makes it a joke - there is no qualifying competition for Copa America due to the small number of nations in CONMEBOL and they need to work with a suitable number for the tournament format. Normally CONCACAF provides the additional teams and due to the geographical proximity no one really notices. Mexico and one other normally get the shout but this year the Gold Cup is taking place at the same time so none of those teams were available. Copa America is occurring next year to bring it in line with the same cycle as the Euros so perhaps in editions to come we may see European teams who haven't qualified playing in it although the CONCACAF teams will be available when they move to this cycle. Brazil and Saudi Arabia being invited to the Euros would render the qualifying process for that pointless. UEFA has an abundance of nations in it so they don't need to go down that road.
  5. Certainly was. Argentina are a poor outfit though. Uruguay get their campaign underway at 2300 tonight against Ecuador.
  6. Starting tonight (well 0130 Sat AM for the opening game). Should be an interesting tournament. Premier Sports are showing it over here. Japan and Qatar the invited teams this time. Pretty good preview piece by Tim Vickery here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48600098 The stat about Brazil having won the Copa each time they have hosted it is pretty amazing and will pile the pressure on them this time. Who's gonna be watching? Who ya got? I reckon Uruguay could be streetwise enough to get it done this time.
  7. Yeah just can't see it being a competitive game, which for a neutral is a bit disappointing. Celtic will be motivated to get this treble treble thing and Hearts haven't won a game in over a month. Still I will sit down hoping to witness an enjoyable, competitive match but I will probably be looking for something else to watch when Celtic go in at HT with a 2-0 lead. Final score prediction 4-0 Celtic.
  8. Been putting this together over the last few days, published earlier today. Will just leave it here in case any of the Celtic fans (or anyone else) is interested to read. Good solid opinions from the Celtic season ticket holders I spoke to. https://www.spitballingpod.com/football/2019/5/16/celtic-fc-crossroads
  9. Agree wholeheartedly. I have gone from covering boxing to not even watching it in a very short space of time. It's actually becoming a stretch to call it a sport anymore as it is completely dominated by the theatre and politics outside the ring. Sickened with it. Thank god for WBSS.
  10. Really good bill and with it being WBSS there is no nonsense after it regarding who will fight who next. If Taylor wins he will face Regis Prograis in the 140lb final. Winner of Inoue v Rodriguez will face Nonito Donaire. I like the format. Superb chance for boxing fans here to see Inoue in the flesh. He'll go on to become an all time great.
  11. Nice breakdown of what you think will happen. I hope it plays out that way. Would be nice to see Higgins win it again. Cheers
  12. Interesting semi-finals ahead. Who are you picking to take it all Caledonian Craig? They flashed the odds up on Eurosport last night, the two surprising semi-finalists are outsiders despite being the consensus best players overall so far.
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