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  1. I work in the rail industry and this looks like it is very serious indeed. Off work today so following the story on the BBC News channel. Latest info they provided is that NHS Grampian have gone into major incident protocol at the nearest hospital and Nicola Sturgeon has called it a major incident with serious injuries. Hopefully the news doesn't get worse but it looks grim. Suspected landslip derailed the train. My thoughts with colleagues involved and everyone else at that scene today.
  2. Pretty awesome being on the last warning after 2 weeks of the season.
  3. I hear that the other 40 clubs may be asked to vote on whether or not to relegate Celtic and Aberdeen to the Championship. Doncaster is desperate for the Premiership to continue uninterrupted in order to save the Sky deal.
  4. If these idiots that kick a ball around for a living can't stick to the fairly simple rules that have been laid out in order for them to get back competing then the government will shut down the league. Selfishness of the highest order.
  5. Premiership clubs have a major advantage in this this season given their lower league counterparts will be coming into the opening group games cold. Tough ask for any of the smaller teams to progress. That being said I'm quite happy with the draw Stenny got - Livingston, Alloa, Airdrie and Edinburgh City.
  6. This draw was usurped by the Scottish League Cup draw at lunchtime.
  7. As it should be. The gulf in resources for those two clubs is astronomical. Celtic have a squad full of international footballers and could afford to leave a £3M goalkeeper out yesterday while Hamilton sign jobbers from the National League in England and mix them in with some youngsters and other pros who haven't exactly set the world alight elsewhere. I get that you're happy your team won but maybe save the OTT banter for when you are up against stronger opposition or under the cosh a bit in an away game.
  8. I don't watch or pay any attention to the EPL so my contribution to predictions on scorelines from it wouldn't be worth the message board space they took up. All the best though and hope the charity does well.
  9. F the EPL. Wouldn't it be better if a Scottish workplace (I am assuming you work in Scotland here) ran a Scottish Premiership predictions contest?
  10. Good point with the mental health stuff. Hopefully Griffiths can work his way back to full fitness and form - it would certainly benefit the national team if he does.
  11. Welcome back. I suppose this issue is a decent jumping off point to get this thread back to the subject of Celtic FC. As a fan of them what do you think they should do? Give Leigh Griffiths one more chance or cut ties with him and look elsewhere? I'm not a Celtic fan so don't know the ins and outs of their squad but if Griffiths is ostracised then are the existing forwards within the squad good enough to pick up the slack? What's that Polish lad they spent some cash on like or the player Shved (sp)? Cheers
  12. You lads should meet for a pint and sort this out face to face instead of the endless bickering on here.
  13. Brand new rivalries are formed every minute of the day on here it seems.
  14. Was a mixed night for him. Played the full 90. Got off to a shaky start when he was deployed on the right hand side of midfield. Madrid identified his unwillingness to track back and Mendy and Rodrygo were on the rampage early. Manager switched him over to the left flank after about 25mins and he had a much better time of it there. He was tracking back more diligently (I guess the manager had a word with him about his defensive duties). Towards HT he produced a great run and seriously tested Courtois with a shot on targert. Once Madrid made it 2-0 after 50mins I went to bed as I had a very early start for work this morning so not sure if he produced any notable moments in the 2nd half. Commentators were saying Burke has mainly been used as a sub there this season but this was the first match under a new manager so it was good to see him getting a start. On 3 La Liga games left though then I guess his loan will expire and it will be back to West Brom.
  15. Oliver Burke getting the start for Alaves tonight against Real Madrid at Alfredo Di Stefano. Kicking off in 7mins on La Liga TV if anyone interested.
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