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  1. Quality how this bad boy is unfolding in the 'Any Other Fitba' section.
  2. 🤣 gotta be top of the class at something I suppose 😂
  3. If yous go down the son of Strachan road look forward to League One football in 2023-24.
  4. Ramy - you do realise if Rangers lift the Europa Cup on Wednesday evening they will be in the Champions Lge next season and in POT 1 for the group stage draw.
  5. Reffing the Cup final next Sat. It's not an easy job but the standard of the officials in Scottish football is dire.
  6. Just checked in on the final page here to read the latest posts. I noticed contributions from Rolling Hills at the top of the page. What happened to that guy? Banned? Or did he just stop posting suddenly?
  7. Congratulations to Celtic, Kilmarnock, Cove Rangers and Kelty Hearts for winning their respective divisions within the SPFL this season. Celtic bested one team for their title, the other three sides had significant financial advantages over the rivals they bested to win their leagues. For Celtic, as Rangers found out this season, the real challenge is defending the Premiership title while dealing with a European run that doesn't shame your entitled fanbase - both Glasgow clubs supports are packed full of entitled pricks, my observation. For Killie, Cove and Kelty tougher challenges lie ahead as they step up a level next season. Cove and Kelty will be fine as they are ambitious and want to progress higher. Neither will go up next season but both will consolidate in their new leagues before making a run at further promotion in 2023/24. As a Stenhousemuir fan I am looking forward to League Two next season. For the first time in three seasons there is not a team with their name on the title before a ball has been kicked. It's wide open. Recruitment and good management will be key for getting on a good run next season. East Fife, Dumbarton (both relegated) and Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic (promoted, pending being able to overcome Cowdenbeath on agg; currently 3-0 up going into the second leg of the trapdoor game) will mean three new sides in the division next season. All to play for. As it will be in the other leagues, with the exception of the Premiership. It really is a poor league. Scottish football would benefit so much if the two big guns went to a Euro Super League, (as some Rangers director was discussing with media this week) leaving a competitive playing field behind. It won't happen but it would be better long term if it did.
  8. Choice of SPFL Playoff action on the box tonight... Premiership semi-final first leg - Inverness v Arbroath BBC Scotland 1905 kickoff League 1 final first leg - Edinburgh City v Annan Athletic BBC Alba 1930 kickoff
  9. Celtic manager got asked about this at his press conference. Good to see healthy discussion on this thread. Keep the opinions coming.
  10. Have heard that this event was marred by some offensive after dinner speaker last night. Eilidh Barbour walked out of the event along with several others according to reports. A tweet from Barbour has brought plenty of attention to this. It's sad to read that in this day and age, at an industry event involving the media who cover the national sport in this country the staple for the entertainment is racist, homophobic and sexist jokes. Surely as an industry the football writers/media are better than that. Surely as a country Scotland is better than that. If not it is a sad state of affairs that such a low bar is deemed acceptable. Details -
  11. I was in Dundee for a while on Saturday and just wanted to post that I had a good day and the place is looking good. Hadn't been there for about 10 years but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the city centre is. Has it been regenerated or upgraded. We arrived on the train so the area around the station was quite impressive and the centre of the city itself was much bigger than I thought it would be. Didn't seem to have as many empty units as my home city (Stirling) either. It was pretty busy with people out and about keeping the local economy ticking over and we visited a fair few pubs which we enjoyed. For all that it has a bad reputation the place was welcoming and seemed to be thriving. Well done Dundee. I will visit again before another 10 years go by.
  12. What's up with Aberdeen? In theory they could still sink into the playoff spot and need to play for their Premiership status. Any of the Dons fans on here worried about that happening?
  13. It's high time to eradicate "orange bastard" "fenian bastard" etc from the lexicon. It's just ridiculous and can get you lifted for a breach of the peace. If you think Madden is having a shocker why preface the insult with a sectarian term? Just yell "useless bastard" or "cheating bastard" or something of the ilk. No problem there in the main. I was on a train on Sunday and a couple of dimwits were belting out the Rangers songbook. This was at 1130 in the morning. Tried to be funny and suggested they should save their voices for Hampden but just got the usual response - "It's not illegal, you must be a Celtic fan ha ha ha" - waste of time with these people. They must have been still steaming from the night before as they were belting out F the IRA to a train carriage of folks who had no interest in them. Truly a circus act. Imagine thinking in any context this is acceptable behaviour.
  14. Should give this one to James McPake (sorry for spelling) - he was doing good work at Dundee before being harshly treated by them.
  15. Two decent derbies in the Scottish Cup semi-finals in my opinion. Not a staggeringly high standard or anything but enough to keep viewers interested till the end of both ties. Main takeaway after watching both games though is just how bad the officiating is in Scottish football. Beaton yesterday and Madden today were abysmal.
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