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  1. morrie21

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    Rangers fans go to Glasgow Warriors games?
  2. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    Appreciate you reading the piece Dairbee. It's a compelling fight and the case can be made for either man getting the job done in his own way. It all adds up to a must watch event. Cheers.
  3. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    Thanks for reading and that is a perfectly reasonable stance you have regarding the upcoming fight.Timing is everything in boxing so this one has come along at what Wilder and his team will be regarding as the perfect time to face Fury. As you know from reading the piece I think Fury will prevail in this contest but I fully acknowledge that he could be KO'd at any moment from one of Wilders unorthodox bombs. Fight might not look pretty but it is a must watch matchup. Cheers.
  4. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    wrote this piece about the man himself the other day. Hoping to grab an interview with him before he hits camp for the Wilder fight but those MTK managed fighters are a bit funny about talking to any writers these days. http://nyfights.com/boxing-latest-news/tyson-fury-comeback-is-going-to-plan/
  5. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    yeah really good stoppage from the Aussie fighter's corner. He was about to take some unnecessary serious punishment so their timing was good. As for the Thrilla in Manilla trainers yeah good point on their contrasting stances. Perhaps Dundee thought Ali could make it through another 3 minutes whereas it was getting dangerous for Frazier in terms of completely losing his eyesight if he had been permitted to fight the final round. Futch did the right thing. Anyway I wrote up the Belfast card if you care to read mate. Cheers http://nyfights.com/newsworthy/windsor-park-delight-for-carl-frampton/
  6. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    He is regarded as the lineal champion as Wlad was before Fury dethroned him. I don't keep up with that so can't explain the exact timeline as to how this happened but the lineal title was declared vacant and Wlad won it when he defeated Ruslan Chagaev in 2009.
  7. If they get a TV platform would probably sign up. As it is not at the moment.
  8. morrie21

    Tyson Fury

    Fury's master plan is coming together. I like him to beat Wilder.
  9. Montrose v Hamilton Accies - was this some kind of simmering rivalry back then that has now been completely forgotten about?
  10. morrie21

    Russia 2018

    who y'all got in the final then? I think France 2-1 but will be wanting Croatia to win.
  11. I write about boxing but before the World Cup started I asked my editor if he would run some World Cup content on the site. Much to my surprise he said yes so I have been compiling the odd article during the tournament. My piece I wrote yesterday highlights this very topic. It is the Colombia vs. England section towards the bottom of the article if anyone is interested. http://nyfights.com/newsworthy/the-ot-world-cup-writing-volume-4/
  12. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Absolutely bang on. Cheers bro.
  13. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Yeah CC - boxing twitter all day yesterday was filled with I had it this way, my scorecard is better than your scorecard bullshit. Trying to explain to people that the judges don't have the same view as they do watching on TV etc fell on deaf ears in the main. I was sat about 6 feet behind the USA judge at ringside (the 117-110 card), he was slightly more elevated than me which makes a difference but my score of 116-111 was only one round out from the judge who had very nearly the same view as me. An 8 rounds to 4 fight with very close rounds didn't look unreasonable to me. I hope I was able to capture that sentiment in my article.
  14. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Did you think it was a wide decision or are you still to watch it Phart?
  15. morrie21

    Josh Taylor

    Hell of a fight last night. Postol pushed Taylor all the way. What a tough man. Excellent test for Josh and pleased to see he got through it. More people discussing the wide scoring of a couple of the judges, it bears mentioning, than actually lauding the fight. It was my privilege to cover it at ringside. Report below: http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/josh-taylor-wins-war-of-attrition-with-postol/