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  1. I wrote this and it was published on Monday by the new site I write for, so guess who I voted for in the poll....... https://www.spitballingpod.com/football/2019/4/15/forward-thinking-required-for-scotland-to-achieve-goals When I was writing the article I had no idea the SFA board were meeting today. I just assumed they would persist with McLeish till it was too late so I was a little surprised by today's development.
  2. morrie21

    Israel Folau

    Yeah the crux of the story for me is the freedom of speech thing. It's an interesting aspect in all of this - whether you agree or not with what he posted he does on some level have a right to post it (although why you'd want to share such a viewpoint with the world is beyond me). Anyway I may write an article on this soon. It seems like the sacking is a result of breach of contract. He posted something similar last year and Rugby Australia let him off with a warning although they did insert social media clauses in his contract which he has now contravened. NO doubt the sponsor of the Aussie team, Quantas, put them under severe pressure to sack him.
  3. morrie21

    Israel Folau

    Australia and Waratahs fullback posted some extreme views on his instagram. The post can be seen in this short piece here. https://www.planetrugby.com/news/ra-criticises-unacceptable-israel-folau-anti-gay-post/ It's not the first time he has done this and apparently now Rugby Australia are going to sack him. It is a bit of a mine-field. I don't agree with what he is saying as I don't share those beliefs although I do think he has a right to express himself if he sees fit. At least he's honest about what he believes in. It looks like the modern affliction of silencing any point of view that may be offensive combined with Falou's need to share his views on Instagram will deny us the opportunity to see the world's best fullback at this year's rugby world cup. Any thoughts?
  4. I haven't read through this entire thread so don't know if this has been suggested - what about Shelly Kerr? Doing some good work with the women's team and is very professional in her approach and preparation. Perhaps a bit out of the box thinking but you know sooner or later a female will be appointed as manager in the men's game so why shouldn't Scotland be trailblazers here. She certainly strikes me as one of the best candidates for the job. I wonder if she's be interested after the women's world cup. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks Daviebee - fantastic info in your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to type all of that out. If I do go down the road of setting something up for myself I will use your post as a reference point. Cheers Parklife - thanks for the feedback and mentioning that website. I will have a look.
  6. Should probably have added that I'm interested in covering football, rugby union, tennis and I can turn my hand to an interview piece quite nicely. I won't be covering boxing in any shape or form for the foreseeable future. Thanks.
  7. Bit of a long winded enquiry here. Firstly what websites (apart from this one) do you regularly go to to get your football or general sports news. I'm not talking mainstream media here more so websites that are run by an individual or a group who may be open to taking articles/submissions. The reason I am asking is that I have recently stopped covering boxing but I would like to continue writing about sport in some way shape or form. I thought a good way to get back into the writing chair would be to cover Scotland's upcoming opening Euro 2020 qualifiers. Finally, failing a suitable outlet existing or wanting to run anything I write does anyone know anything about setting up your own website, how to go about it, costs etc? Any info and/or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts, on the Amazon platform is also very good. Caught it just before Christmas and would recommend. 10 short episodes so not too time consuming either.
  9. Money Heist on Netflix and Escape at Dannemora on Sky Atlantic are two that I recently watched and enjoyed.
  10. Sad to hear about this. Always enjoyed reading him. His articles on boxing are up there with the very best copy ever on the sweet science.
  11. morrie21

    European Cup

    Hopefully there will be no tear gas at Murrayfield on Friday evening. I definitely can say there will be no short sleeves though. Pleased you had a great time over there.
  12. morrie21

    European Cup

    Awesome stuff from Edinburgh in Toulon yesterday. The second half was exceptional, some of the attacking play and tries were the best you will see all season. It actually wouldn't have flattered Edinburgh if they'd put 40 points on Toulon. As it was the 28 scored were more than enough. Game v Montpellier at Murrayfield on Fri should be good.
  13. morrie21

    Tennis 2017

    Nothing really to add to this thread apart from to say that it's quality that the Tennis 2017 page is still going strong in 2019. Happy New Year!!!
  14. Thanks for the replies. Plenty of good listening out there it seems. Cheers.
  15. what's the low down on this? You watching this instead of Lomachenko?
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