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  1. Aye I've got right back into watching Serie A last couple of seasons. I really like the football they serve up over there. As for the derby action yesterday - perfect time for Inter to play Milan. Milan having a blip now and Inter are currently red hot. Now looks like Inter's title to lose.
  2. Yeah definitely feeling like going to the games was taken for granted by many folks for a long time. What we would all give to get back to a game soon. My son has been training for 45mins a week at Stenhousemuir FC as that was the guidelines set out by the government for this latest lockdown for his age group. He usually trains two 75min sessions a week. Hope you get back to your coaching very soon mate, cheers.
  3. Know exactly what you are saying regarding visiting the small grounds etc and we are similar in that the wee man trains at Stenhousemuir FC, usually twice a week although that is curtailed at the moment due to the current lockdown. Hope our leagues get up and running again soon although I am feeling a bit pessimistic.
  4. Thanks for the update from the upper end of the Premiership ha. The matchday experience is something I am missing terribly and your post about missing Fraserburgh home games sums up how I feel about missing the Stenny ones, cheers.
  5. Nice reply incorporating the teams much further down the pyramid too - there must be so many fans feeling the same way I do. Good point regarding cost of match travel though. Something else to mull over.
  6. Thanks to all who replied to my post regarding feeling disconnected/unhappy regarding the ongoing suspension of the lower leagues. Appreciated and will reply to all shortly.
  7. I know most of all posters on here are supporters of Scottish Premiership clubs so what I am about to post may not resonate with you but I think it is worthwhile to ask the question anyway. With the ongoing suspension of all football in Scotland below the Championship does anyone else feel like the nuts and bolts of our game have been totally removed? I am a fan of a lower league club (Stenhousemuir) so I am directly affected by this but was just wondering if fans of clubs who are still currently playing are missing the lower leagues on a Saturday afternoon - even if it is just from the p
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55901819 Is this the same Stuart Baxter who was linked with the Scotland job numerous times about 15-20 years ago? If so, I didn't realise he was English and had such a way with words.
  9. Aye that would have been a better spectacle last night if the place had been packed with fans of both clubs. Thought the game was an OK watch - might have been better if they hadn't kicked off in 40 degree heat.
  10. All the chat on this page is about managers losing jobs/having a tough time (Dyer and Lennon.) I think it is only right to throw a bit of praise the way of Martindale and Goodwin as they are both quietly doing some good work at their respective clubs at the moment. Of course the real test will come for them in keeping these standards consistently but for now it is good to see some different managers enjoying some success with smaller clubs in the Scottish Premiership.
  11. Copa Libertadores final is on BBC redbutton/iPlayer/sport website tonight at 1950 UK time. Palmeiras v Santos at Maracana. Standard of play may not be as good as Serie A or La Liga but it's definitely something different and will have my attention tonight. Apparently both clubs have some young players who have the potential to move to bug European clubs soon so it will be interesting to see them playing tonight.
  12. Remember when the Tartan Army would sing "we hate Jimmy Hill, he's a poof, he's a poof" not even all that long ago in the grand scheme of things. The world has changed very quickly in relation to things like this.
  13. 2nd Semi about to begin. Who ya got Tony? Tough one to call but I will say Livi to progress after extra time.
  14. So far this season Celtic have only lost in the league to Rangers. They have had 6 draws compared to Rangers being unbeaten and having 3 draws.
  15. Night Stalker on Netflix is a very well done true crime documentary based on the case in Southern California in 1985. 4 episodes. Very disturbing content as the crimes are discussed in detail by the cops who were working the case back then.
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