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  1. CamBFTLS

    Flight info ?

    I stayed in Northern Cyprus 2 years ago, was ok. Turkish side and a Casino on every corner, something to do with gambling banned in Turkey but its allowed in Cyprus?? Haven for the Turks. No hassles travelling from South to North then vice versa. Not allowed anything at duty free or very minimal (ie 50 fags). We got stopped and searched but wasn't too much of a hassle. I wouldn't have any worries about flying to Ercan and staying in North or travelling south and staying in South. Cheaper in North.
  2. CamBFTLS


    Hi Davy, I have sent money for 8. I only booked for 6, can you increase me to 8 seats please? Happy to help with Bus Steward, Cheers Cam
  3. CamBFTLS

    Where are you going to stay?

    Fly into Venice on the Thursday, then train to Rimini. Return via Bologna / Naples to Edinburgh on the Monday.
  4. CamBFTLS


    Can I get 6 seats please Davy Thanks
  5. CamBFTLS

    We're on our way.....

    6 of us 18:40 flight Friday from Edinburgh, via Heathrow and Athens, arrive Tirana on Saturday morning just in time to pick up tickets.
  6. CamBFTLS


    Just got ticket for one of our group on 0 points, number 2080. Got 4 spare tickets for home end now:-), free to a good home.
  7. CamBFTLS


    Cheers, I didn't realise it was 100%. I should read messages thoroughly 😁 We arrive a few hours before the buses leave so will have time for collection.
  8. CamBFTLS


    Same as me. My kids only got 2pts I think but I'm reasonably hopeful for them as well. All depends on the harvesters.
  9. CamBFTLS

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Hi Davy, Sent money for 6 seats. Im on Bus 20. I booked 8 seats, if you can fill the 2 seats great if not i'll pay for them. Happy to help with Bus Steward. Well done, cheers for organising all of this. Cam
  10. CamBFTLS

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, looking for 8 seats if possible. Cheers Cam
  11. Hi Jock / Watershed, sorry been a while since I’ve been on the TA board and just presumed id missed the chance of getting a bus.

    I have seen some guys posting regarding the latest bus.

    Do you have seats available?

    I would need 4 if you have them.

    My user name is CamBFTLS.

    If you do have seats I will arrange payment immediately.

     I've also sent you a mail.