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  1. There's a new video going around where he is getting quite a bit of abuse by the guy before he goes up to him. I'm not condoning McBurnie but if you're going to act like a clown to someone's face, then you can't exactly play the victim when he gives you some retribution. As a footballer McBurnie should know better than to retaliate and react, but I can only imagine how it must feel to have some random screaming, shouting and taking the piss out of you to your face. Especially when you are with your partner and she is having to hear all these awful things aswell.
  2. Celtic fans reliving the trauma of Lewis Morgan as a lone Striker. He's doing well for himself and if he continues this form, then he deserves a chance. We don't really have many wide players to choose from. I know we play without them but it's always good to have 1 or 2 in the squad, just encase we need to change formation. Like we did against Israel.
  3. He turned 21 a few months ago. He was 18 when he first broke through, so he seems a bit older. Middleton is contracted to 2023. He got a new deal when he broke through, so I'd guess he is on a decent wage and it might be hard for St. Johnstone to buy him permanently atm, it's why I thought loan again. If St. Johnstone want him permanently and can afford his wage, I'd be happy to see him join permanently. If they win the Scottish cup and get the European money on offer, they might take a chance. I like Middleton and I think there is a player there. He just needs to settl
  4. Glenn Middleton came on and completely changed the game for St. Johnstone. Set up the first for Kane and then scored at 25+ yard freekick. Davidson spoke about keeping Middleton another year, last month. Hopefully he gets another year on loan there and can finally find his feet. He has obvious ability but just needs to settle and get confidence.
  5. I believe his second position is CB. Given our sheer gulf of left backs, hopefully he transitions there as he gets older.
  6. He 100% should be in there (along with Patterson, Gauld & Gilmour), however he isn't a replacement for McLean. I don't think Turnbull has the defensive side to his game to play in our sitting CM's. For me he'd be further forward and be in the McGinn role. Gilmour would be the replacement for McLean. It shouldn't even be a debate about Turnbull & the other 3 going, especially with the extra places. They should be there and tbh should've been called up in march.
  7. I will be very surprised if he ends up at a top 6-8 side in England. Turnbull has absolutely wonderful technique and good vision but he has no pace and little athleticism. These are key in the modern game down in England and will stop Turnbull from reaching that kind of level. This doesn't mean he won't/is be a good footballer and that he should be going to the EURO's (which he should be). I just doubt he will reach the top end down in England due to his pace and athleticism.
  8. It is very worrying. We seem to have sorted most areas on the park except for GK. We then then have a promising players coming through in each position except GK. RB - O'Donnell has really improved and Patterson looks to be a star in the making. Ashby at West Ham looks another promising youngster and Hickey would be happy at RB CB - still relatively weak but a lot of our CBs have improved over the past few years. Hanley, Hendry and Gallagher are relatively decent players alongside Tierney, who has improved as a central defender during his time at Arsenal. Then you have Cooper, M
  9. It would probably be Hayes or Kennedy at LWB. Young Ramsey or McCrorie at RWB. Upfront they only have loan signings.
  10. The EURO's roughly a month away. If he goes and has an absolute stormer and keeps Kane quiet, he'd have no end of offers. I might have waited it out if it was me but looking at it now though, Hanley seems to be ahead of him. Then you have Hendry coming back in and McKenna doing well down in England. It might be hard for Gallagher to get a start at the EURO's. Very good signing for Aberdeen regardless. Are Aberdeen still looking at Allan Campbell from Motherwell aswell? A midfield of Ferguson, Brown and Campbell would be very good. It would put McCrorie to RB or CB tho
  11. Aberdeen have a rebuild job on par with Celtic's. They have quite a few interesting younger players and potentially signing Gallagher would be a fantastic signing. They will take time to gel and I think they will probably end up 4th. Hibs have probably the biggest chance. They have a good solid side, a fantastic young manager and if they can win the Scottish cup it would guarantee them £3-5 million from European football. If they do win the Scottish cup and keep the likes of Nisbett, Boyle, Doig and Boyle, while investing the millions from European football into the squad they could be a
  12. If a choice between Burnley and Norwich I'd probably go Norwich. While Burnley are a solid settled unit atm, they might be losing Dyche in the summer and without him, I'd say it is bye bye Burnley. Norwich play good football and they have a very good coach who improves players. While they went down last year they won a ton of plaudits and praise. Aarons, Pukki, Buendia, McLean, Cantwell and Lewis/Godfrey (before they left) all improved massively under Farke.
  13. With how average/poor he and Celtic have been it drops your value and clubs looking at you. The EURO's will be key for Christie with where he ends up. A great EURO's and the clubs he is linked with improve. I read his contact bizarrely ends in January. If that is true someone is getting an absolute bargain. With 6 months left on the deal, you can't command more than 2/3 million.
  14. SFWA Young Player of the Year nominees Lewis Ferguson (Aberdeen) Josh Doig (Hibs) David Turnbull (Celtic) Nathan Patterson (Rangers) I think Turnbull will win it, but for me it should probably be Doig. Doig has been consistently playing at a high level of performance all season at just 18, for the third best team in the country. Even as a big Rangers fans, I have no idea how Patterson has even been nominated. He has played less than 10 league games this season.
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