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  1. I've yet to hear a Celtic fan who isn't delighted his career went down the shutter. Contrast that with Billy Gilmour leaving Rangers for Chelsea, other than a few roasters, most Rangers fans are happy he is doing well and hope he becomes world class.
  2. Like uche being linked to celtic, right before Rangers play hearts, in the hope it spurs him onto a good game.
  3. Our youth system was in a shambles for years before our rebuild. Many young players where given a chance in the first few years and outside of McKay and MacLeod none where good enough. A lot of the players Given first team football back then, are in the lower leagues. Warburton started a rebuild of our youth systems, then Allen came in and revamped then. Our current era of youngsters are miles ahead of what we had back then.
  4. We looked a lot better in the second half, when we played the ball more into feet. Having watched the youth teams this last week, I honestly feel like these lads want to get the ball down and play but are being told to play it long. We have midfielders in the u21s/U19s who are great on the ball and have an eye for a pass but our defender's keep going long in both age groups, and that style especially doesn't suit the U19s, we have no physical presence, especially against a gigantic German team. I know it sounds hypercritical after a win, but it is just something I have noticed. That aside it was a fantastic performance and in the second half I felt we where the better team and should've had a penalty. On a side note how bad where the Germans for diving and going down at the slightest bit of contact I'm not sure who my MOTM was but Dapo Mebude came onto an amazing game in the second half, his touch and skill where fantastic. That sequence where he just skipped past 3 players before being taking out by the 4th. When was the last time you saw a Scottish player doing that? McFadden probably. I really hope he gets some game time at Rangers this season. We have a lot of very exciting young prospects, I have a real hope for the future. Mebude, Campbell, Kennedy and McPake all have the potential to go very far in the game, let's just hope they and the rest of squad get some game time over the next year or 2.
  5. Only Gilmour still qualifies for the U19s. The cut off for this year qualifying is 1/1/2001.
  6. Not our best xi but truthfully, we need to start thinking of the future. We are getting pumped with our best team, so in reality it won't make much difference in getting guys like Gilmour, Hickey and Johnston in early, you know before their 25/26th birthday. Marshall (literally no one else ATM) Hickey McKenna Porteous Robertson/Tierney Johnston Mcginn Gilmour Mctominay Fraser Mcburnie Sadly McBurnie is the closest thing we have to a decent striker, Burke has woeful decision making and seems better outwide, shankland hopefully gets a decent move and continues his fantastic form at a higher level, Hornby seems roughy around the edges and like it will take quite a few years before he becomes the player we hope, Griff is sadly finished at this level. Hopefully in midfield Turnbull kicks on when he returns and adds a great goalscoring option to midfield. Goalkeeping wise Mccrorie has been getting rave reviews in the championship and is seen as the natural successor to Shagger when he retires. Another at Ibrox who is considered one of if, not thee most promising since Gilmour, is 15yr old CB Leon King. Obviously won't be near even the u21s for years but has been playing well above his age groups. He is in the Scotland u17s and has played in the rangers u20s/u17s since 14. Definitely one to keep your eye on. We really need to take the Wales and n.ireland approach and call up decent youngsters and get them used to the team and formation, some will fail, some will succeed, but where we are right now, we need to take that chance and build for the next euro campaign. Hell even Ireland did it with Connelly this week.
  7. Dickson-peters has 10 at u17 and 1 at u18. Lo-everton has 5 at u17, 2 at u18 and is in the U19s squad at the minute. McGlynn made his u18 debut in the training camp in Turkey last month against Cameroon. Encase you where wondering, Hickey has 3 u17 caps and is in the u19 squad.
  8. 3 Scots in the premier League version as well. Joe McGlynn at Burnley, Tom Dickson-Peters at Norwich and Sonny Blu Lo-Everton at Watford. Premier League players aren't included on that list, so it's good to see 3 in the premier league version. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/oct/09/next-generation-2019-20-of-the-best-talents-at-premier-league-clubs
  9. If Middleton can improve his final ball, he looks like he could be a fantastic wee player. I'd like to see him on the right cutting in on his left foot. He looks to have a pretty decent shot.
  10. If rangers get to the League cup final, it is something like 7 away games out of our next 8 league games. The Ross county game would be rearranged, if we make it. What ever happened to the good old days of one at home, then one away and so on. The random generated fixture list, just makes a convoluted mess.
  11. Quite like the fact their goal song is "L'amour toujours" it gives a really party vibe and sounds a great atmosphere everytime they score.
  12. In the championship but Mccrorie had a very good game for QOS and got MOTM. Hopefully he kicks on as Scotland really need a keeper and as a Rangers fan, I think McGregor will be retiring in 2021 or 2022. He has a lot of potential and hopefully takes a step up in loan level next season. I Doubt he will be near a Scotland squad again but Greg Stewart had a fantastic game against Aberdeen and seems to have massively stepped up his efforts in training.
  13. Not really. He's a proven premiership player hitting his prime, with a decent goalscoring record. If Glenn Murray at 31/32 can go for 4 million, then 8 million for naisy is a decent deal
  14. He was decent if he came up against a defender who hadn't played aginst him or seen him play before. As soon as you watched him once or twice you realised his one move was to try and smack the ball past a defender and run onto it. 7/10 he'd hit the defenders foot as he had had literally no awareness or body movement. He did get lucky quite a few times, where the ball would bounce of the defender then back off him to send Wylde free... that was probably his best trick lol
  15. I wouldn't mind it being introduced here as it would force youth coaches to train them about passing and movement rather than the age old method of punting the ball to the big kid up front. I used to hate heading the ball as a kid when it had been frosty. It was like nutting a pebbledashed wall
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