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  1. 16 year old Scottish CB Ben Nelson made the bench for Leicester tonight. 19 year old Aaron Pressley made his debut for Brentford on Tuesday. Came on the last few minutes up front. Son of Stephen Pressley.
  2. You are right, far too early to write him off. He's not long turned 21 and has moved to a new country. Ligue 1 is also a top 5 league and at a side who finished 6th last season. They haven't started this well this season and he's maybe come in and not done as well as they hoped. It's a struggle to get in a team if you don't start well. He seems to have very good control for a big man and I can see him having a decent career.
  3. Gilmour got the last 5 minutes of the Chelsea game. Chelsea have won the group so I'd expect him to start next in the final game next week.
  4. Is Turnbull not still in isolation? If not he'd just be out of it. I Doubt he'd be fit to start.
  5. Their next league game is against st. Johnstone who haven't lost in 10 games. Who's last defeat was a 2 nil against Celtic when they conceded 2 90+ minute goals. Given Celtics current form, I think there is a half decent chance they could drop points against St. Johnstone. A stubborn turgid Killie in the next game isn't an easy game either when you are off form. I would still expect them to win but they aren't easy games, especially when you are off form.
  6. He came on at right back and after a bit of a nervous start (understandable at 16 on a plastic pitch), played quite well. He put in a wonderful cross for Jermaine Defoe. It was 18 year old Ciaran Dickson that really caught my eye though. He's not one that's always talked about compared to Kennedy, Kelly, Patterson, etc but Dickson has absolutely wonderful technique on the ball, looked very calm in possession and wasn't afraid to get stuck in out of it. I can see him going out on loan in January to the championship for some first team football. Definitely one to keep your eye on.
  7. 16 year old Leon King on for his debut for Rangers now.
  8. Dickson and Middleton on with 35 to play. Dickson has looked neat and tidy at cm, only 18. Middleton is playing at LB. Hopefully King gets on soon.
  9. He is our back up RB. He'd have started at Falkirk, like he did against Stranraer last season. There isn't a break until mid march from now, Tav will need rested here and there. Patterson will get minutes in that period.
  10. McLaughlin starts for Rangers 16 year old Leon King on the bench, along with Ciaran Dickson and Glen Middleton. Patterson would've started if it wasn't for the U21 covid outbreak.
  11. Whoever wins the Scottish cup or finishes third (if Rangers/Celtic win the SC), is quids in next season. You go into the Europa League playoff, so regardless of the result you are playing group stage football. I'm not sure on the finances of the Conference cup, but you'd expect 1.5-2 million plus bonuses for wins. Then you add in the TV revenue payment, 10 year coefficient payment and 3 matches at £30 a pop for 20,000 fans (Covid permitting). Could end up with 5/6 million in extra income. The teams won't also be as bad as people make out. It will be a slightly worse version of the current
  12. I was joking. If you read the rest of what I wrote I said we need the strength and depth, but I'd feel bad for those who'd have to miss out after working hard to get us to qualify.
  13. Do the ultimate FU. tie them to us in world cup qualifiers in March, then leave them out of the EURO squad. Truthfully I don't know what to do. we do need strengthening post EURO's but these guys gave zero f**ks for us, untill we qualified for the EURO's and could take the EURO spots of guys who earned us qualification. I mean there is no denying that Che Adams, Angus Gunn, Ryan Fredericks, Karlan Grant, Matt Targett, Joe Bryan and whoever else pops out of the woodwork, gives us much stronger strength in depth. But What kind of message does it send though? You can do well but
  14. Pretty much this. I know he can be effective in his cameo's but can you really run the risk of taking a player to the Euro's, who can only play 30 minutes of a game? Dykes gets injured or suspended, then Mcburnie (or whoever we take) goes down injured pre match. You are left starting a guy who can only handle 30 minutes of a 90 minute game.
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