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  1. It took Griffiths 12/13 games to score his first goal for Scotland. Also he has only 2 goals from open play in 19 games. Griffiths like McBurnie doesn't really suit playing as a lone striker. They could actually work well as a tandem but I highly doubt we'll play 2 up front.
  2. Wasn't Campbell in the squad in November? Untill qualification is over he should still be eligible. Truthfully I always look at Scotland u21 squads with complete apathy as it doesn't matter how good a player we have. Gemmell will play archaic rotten route one football and completely negate their abilities.
  3. Didn't he say the reverse not long after that aswell.
  4. Southgate is extremely pro youth and Gilmour is the exact type of player he and the English have been dying for. Someone who can control the tempo of a game and move the ball in tight spaces in midfield. England are desperate for that type of player, as most of their central midfielders are tough tackling cdms, box-to-box mids or attacking midfielders. I'm not saying he'd start a game but he would in their next squad.
  5. They basically give you extra coaching and time on the field out with your clubside from 12-16, before, during and I think after school. I can't remember the exact numbers but I think it is roughly an extra 200 hours of football a year out with their club side's training. Celtic implementated a similar program before that at St. Ninians. It gave us Tierney and England Dembele 😅 Rangers after revamping their youth system a few years ago have followed suit. It's only been a few years and most of rangers best young players were already at performance schools. Kai Kennedy is one w
  6. The performance schools. The first class is 19 now. Outside of the Celtic (they have their own school) and English born lads the majority of our most promising youngsters are performance school graduates. They tend to have a much higher level of technical ability due to all the extra hours training.
  7. Patterson and Kennedy on the bench for Rangers. Patterson should've started but it's Gerrard so atleast it's something I suppose.
  8. Lewis MacLeod was the last rangers academy player brought through into the Scotland squad. Injuries ravaged his career.
  9. I'm sure you can only sign 2 year deals at 16 up here. Dembele at Celtics ends similarly at 18 as did Patterson's and McPakes at Rangers. On king he looks extremely promising and has very good technique for a CB. Hopefully he and Morrison at Bayern develop like we hope and we end up with a couple of decent CBs in 5 years. If Gerrard is still in charge I highly doubt it, being saying it since the start of the season Gerrard has no faith in Scottish youngsters. Middleton last season had a higher goals and assist to 90 minutes than Ojo does this season but Middleton was bombed out whi
  10. McGregor is a very good player but he is 27 in the summer and no club is spending over 20 million on a player of that age from Scotland. Same goes for Barisic, he's not Scottish but fans want the same for him as Celtic got for Tierney. If Barisic was 22/23 fair enough but he's 27.
  11. He was the best player on the park for rangers colts against ICT recently and looked technique wise a mile above everyone on the park. Hopefully he stats getting some gametime for the rangers first team. for that to happen though Gerrard would need to realise that Barker is a waste of human skin and Ojo has the footballing brain of a goldfish. So I won't be holding my breath. He doesn't turn 18 until next month so time is on his side but I'd still like to see him, Mebude, Patterson and McPake (if he can get his confidence back) in and around the first team before the end of the season. Th
  12. Remember the new competition starts that year, god knows what that will do to the coefficients. Say 3 teams from Greece end up in the conference league and win every group game against poor opposition (it most likely will be). If they keep the same points distribution and have 4 teams that would be 9 points from those 3 teams before you add in qualifiers. Unless they change the amount of points for the third tier competition then a lot of sides are going to yoyo from 13-20th every season.
  13. Rangers colts playing Inverness on BBC alba at the minute, currently 1 nil rangers. A lot of Scotland u19 team playing today. Rangers have been the better team and should 2/3 up. Mebude scored one and missed a sitter.
  14. Tbh the leagues need a complete rejig beyond the championship. Below level 5 it looks like it is going to be a complete mess in a few years with multiple divisions being set up on one side of the country. When the fifth tier was set up the colts should have been added then. They moved and created some clubs for that division, what was the point in that. I mean you could even add them to the new divisions being added. A pyramid system of 2 leagues for the third tier, 3/4 leagues for the forth tier (colts coming in at that level, that way no team loses their place) and then regional divisio
  15. Rangers U19s played atletico Madrid U19s in the knockouts of the Uefa league. We got a bit of a lesson, they were quite experienced with most having played a lot of games for the atletico b side in division 3. Lost 4 nil but had a few chances mostly from set pieces. Atletico for a youth side are ridiculously well drilled and play just like their main team. Patterson looked good offensively but struggled a bit defensively against Riqueleme, not surprising given Riqueleme is on the cusp of the atletico main team and was miles above everyone else on the park. Should be ahead of Flannigan and
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