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  1. 14th means entering at the 3rd qualifying round instead of the 2nd qualifying round.
  2. Games to watch out for 13 - Denmark 1.125 behind Kobenhavn vs. Malmo. Avoid defeat and they are through. They are unbeaten so I would expect them to atleast draw and go through. 14 - Czech Republic 0.925 behind Slavia are away to Dortmund who are chasing qualification and Slavia are already out. I'd be very surprised if they took anything. 16 - Cyprus 0.125 ahead APOEL are through and host Sevilla at home. Both sides are through (Sevilla guaranteed top), so it could play out to nothing. Sevilla have won 5 out of 5 and could want to get 6 out of 6. 17 - Greece 1.075 ahead Olympiacos are at home to Red Star Belgrade in a straight shoot out for the 3rd place Europa League drop down. Olympiacos looked a lot better side than Red star in their last encounter but lost after going down to 10. Olympiacos would probably do better than red star in the knockouts, so a draw with red star going through would probably be better for us 18 - Serbia 1.375 ahead Red star mentioned above. Partizan out and at home to Astana. Probably a win. 19 - Croatia 1.500 ahead Dinamo Zagreb are at home to man city. Dinamo are currently 3rd, with second place Shaktar at home to Atalanta. If Atalanta defeat shaktar and Dinamo fail to defeat man city, then Dinamo would be out. To go through to the champions League knockout stages, Dinamo would need to defeat man city and shaktar would have to draw or lose against Atalanta. I feel Zagreb will get a draw and probably go into the Europa League knockout stages. For Scotland, I doubt Celtic will put out a strong team, as they are guaranteed top and will probably lose or draw to Cluj, to put out Lazio. For Rangers, if Porto fail to win, then Rangers are through regardless of their result. I doubt Porto will drop points against Feyernord at home. Young boys know they need to come and win at Ibrox, the only way they get through with a draw is if Feyernord defeat Porto. Rangers are unbeaten at home in Europe under Gerrard, so I'd say a draw is a likely result, if young boys push for a win then I could see rangers countering and picking up the win.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5049026/rangers-kai-kennedy-bayern-munich-manchester-city/amp/ Give me Brandon Barker anyday 😅😅
  4. I said shaping into. You are judging them based on their entire career, whereas our current generation are 23-26 McTominay is a similar level to D.Fletcher at the same age. McGinn is around the same age as Lambert when he signed for Motherwell. Fergie started off brilliantly but injuries stunted his progress and he reshaped his game due to the injuries. Aaron Ramsey is a better player and if you played one cm, then fair enough, but he is surrounded by championship/league 1 players and young guys who aren't first choice at their club. I'd rather McGinn, Mctominay and McGregor over Ramsey and 2 championship players.
  5. Lb 😅😅 I'd say CM is starting to shape into that, I'd say we have the best CM out of the home nations (minus England)
  6. I do feel this is a problem, that needs to be addressed. The only thing I'd say in our defence is currently at the club (not out on loan) outside of Barjonas and Mayo nearly all of our young players are just 18 or younger. That being said the likes of Kennedy, Patterson, Mebude, etc should all have been in match day 18s this season, yet no youth player have since McPake against st. Josephs. The major problem is squad bloat, we've signed players to replace our back ups but not having been able to move them on. This results in guys needing minutes or reserve games for fitness. Hopefully with a better DOF we can move on a lot of players. I'd personally punt Haliday, Polster, Edmundson (on loan, no point in 4 CBs when 3 are fighting for the same position), King (cancel his loan), Docherty (I think he'll come good but Gerrard clearly doesn't fancy him), Barker (pointless, pointless signing, thanks Allen), Murphy (out on loan to hopefully get back fit). That's nearly 35/40k in wages Foderingham, Flannigan and Haliday are all out of contact at the end of the season and probably off.
  7. U16s won the u16 development league yesterday and are thought to be our best age group. When you also consider the current u18s are unbeaten in the u18 league and the previous generation of u18s are now in the semi's of the wafer cup and the knockouts of the uefa youth League, it is looking very promising for Rangers and Scotland. I really hope Rangers and St. Mirrens colt performances this year, can lead to colt teams being admitted to the League system in the next couple of years.
  8. He has to be at the very least be in the squad. Said it pre injury as well, he was ripping my club a part at times (rangers). Definitely 1 of 4 youngsters I'd have in every 23/25 man squad. Other 3 are Gilmour, Porteous and Turnbull (when fit)
  9. Need Neil McCann upfront alone crossing to no one, as they are all 30 yards back, f£#k me that was a bleak time.
  10. I think he might still have been in the rangers academy at that point. We had him until he was 12/13 and would probably explain why he is one of the only Celtic PS players.
  11. Tbf he came on and did well against Rennes. While it was a weak Rennes side (8 changes), those players were still of a decent quality.
  12. Not if you were a Rangers fan. I've never been so happy to be turned down by someone. When you think back to the midfield Aberdeen had 3 years ago, they should've done a lot better than they did.
  13. Truthfully the only player I'd asks if they'd be available for the playoffs is Allan McGregor. Fletcher is slightly better than what we have but Naismith has formed a nice partnership with McGinn and Christie and his style suits them. If Naismith gets another injury then we may need Fletcher but everyone fit then I'm on the fence. Brown is still a quality player and has a will to win but I'd say him being the squad, doesn't make much of a quality difference with everyone fit. A few injuries and I'd probably be giving him a call though. McGregor is the only one that is a massive, massive jump in quality to what we have. Would be shite on Marshall but considering this is our best chance at qualifying for atleast 3/4 years, we probably need to put sentiment and loyalty aside for a better player. Let's be honest here while we missed chances in the nation's league game, it was a couple world class saves (that Marshall isn't really capable of) that got us over the line. With how poor defence is, I genuinely worry what happens when they likes of Haaland, Odengaard and King come up against our defence. They will have chances due to their attacking quality. From what I've seen of Marshall recently he is an average mid table championship keeper. He isn't going to produce game saving saves, McGregor can.
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