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  1. Rangers colts playing Inverness on BBC alba at the minute, currently 1 nil rangers. A lot of Scotland u19 team playing today. Rangers have been the better team and should 2/3 up. Mebude scored one and missed a sitter.
  2. Tbh the leagues need a complete rejig beyond the championship. Below level 5 it looks like it is going to be a complete mess in a few years with multiple divisions being set up on one side of the country. When the fifth tier was set up the colts should have been added then. They moved and created some clubs for that division, what was the point in that. I mean you could even add them to the new divisions being added. A pyramid system of 2 leagues for the third tier, 3/4 leagues for the forth tier (colts coming in at that level, that way no team loses their place) and then regional divisions below that for promotion, is what I'd like.
  3. Rangers U19s played atletico Madrid U19s in the knockouts of the Uefa league. We got a bit of a lesson, they were quite experienced with most having played a lot of games for the atletico b side in division 3. Lost 4 nil but had a few chances mostly from set pieces. Atletico for a youth side are ridiculously well drilled and play just like their main team. Patterson looked good offensively but struggled a bit defensively against Riqueleme, not surprising given Riqueleme is on the cusp of the atletico main team and was miles above everyone else on the park. Should be ahead of Flannigan and I'm disappointed in Gerrard that he got dumped for Polster despite impressing against Stranraer. Kennedy looked bright, technically gifted and not afraid to work hard. I think he could end up a box-to-box CM, like to drop central and deep from the left and drive forward with the ball. Mebude was quick, strong and hard working but still needs to develop the mental side of his game. He has learned off Morelos with his hold up and using his body to turn players. Still a long way to go but promising. McPake seems to have really regressed since last year. He was considered the best at this level for rangers, but a poor loan to Dundee seems to have absolutely destroyed the boys confidence. Probably wasn't ready for that level or the size/expectations of Dundee at 17. Truthfully it was a lesson of how far behind Scotland is at youth level and kind of showed the need for colt teams in the lower leagues,nearly everyone of atletico team had played a lot for the B side in a professional league and it showed. These lads aren't good enough for the first team yet but are too good for youth level in Scotland, to a point where it isn't challenging them to improve. Yes loans can help, but you don't really want to be loaning these lads out at 17/18 to clubs who could play different styles or have different coaching methods that could have a negative impact on the players development. Having 5/6 of the best club academies as colt sides wouldn't ruin the leagues and would give these lads valuable first team experience.
  4. Good for Scotland and Celtic. He is on like 20k a week, that's first choice keeper money. Celtic starting to get rid of quite a few backup high earners. We've been doing the same, still quite a few to go for both clubs. I hope to god someone is stupid enough to take Barker off us permanently.
  5. He's the Rangers version of Sutton. Both are idiots who should be nowhere near a panel of a game.
  6. McCrorie apparently had a good game, Holt was full of praise for him. Not an option yet (just 1 game) but if he transfers his championship form, to the premiership untill the play offs, surely he could be a shout for a squad place (not talking about starting fyi). Especially when the only first choice keepers seem to be Kelly and the lad at Portsmouth
  7. He did well, I gave up on the game when premier sports lost their coverage in the second half. I know Kennedy came on but I couldn't tell you how he played, as the game went down before he came on. I hope Patterson starts a few in the league, not a fan of Flannigan. Flannigan's limited offensively and is on a decent wage. Patterson while far from the finished article, is what Rangers look for in a fullback. Energetic, great engine and good with the ball at his feet. He only turned 18 in October, so plenty of developing left. Hope he kicks on.
  8. Tavernier out for 3 weeks. There's a decent chance Nathan Patterson could get some game time. He started our recent friendly and was probably the best player. Very, very reminiscent of Hutton in his him pomp. Positionally a bit to go but looks ready for man's football. We have 6 games in that 3 week period, I can see him starting a few as Flannigan isn't the kind of fullback that works in our system, he's too limited and defensive. Kai Kennedy and James Maxwell played in it aswell, Mebude would have but he was ill. Maxwell was a bit nervous at first but came on to a game and looks promising (I don't think he is ready for first team football yet) , sadly he is another LB. Kennedy wasn't involved much and I can't really pass judgement. Mebude's illness came at the worst time, could've been a great way to stake a claim to back up Defoe while Morelos is suspended. Instead Greg Stewart will probably be his back up. Keep an eye on McPake, since coming back from his failed loan at Dundee, he has been hitting the gym while injured. He has bulked up and looks a tank. With a lot of bloat leaving this window, we hopefully could see some given a chance now and then. Also worth baring in mind the majority of our promising young players are 17/18. The older ones mccrorie's, Kelly, Barjonas, Middleton and mayo are all out on loan. Just need to punt Barker now, useless wet wipe that he is.
  9. Inter Miami. Could be good for him. They Will have world class facilities and a good coaching staff. He isn't good enough for Celtic atm, so It might just be what he needs to revitalise his career and get to that level.
  10. https://theathletic.com/1508679/2020/01/05/its-about-the-small-details-the-bigger-stuff-comes-anyway-how-robby-mccrorie-is-plotting-to-be-rangers-no-1?source=shared-article He really needs a Premiership loan next season and probably should have gotten one this season. We seem to like loaning to the championship as it lets the players train with us 1/2 times a week. A very promising goalkeeper and someone I have really high hopes for. By far Rangers most promising young goalkeeper, we let Liam Kelly leave to livi as McCrorie was more promising and had a much higher ceiling. I think another loan to a higher level next season will happen. Hopefully the season after he returns and challenges McGregor for number 1. They seem to be trying to follow a similar development path with McCrorie like they did with McGregor. With McGregor stepping down to number 2 as McCrorie turns 23/24. Hopefully it works but even it doesn't, I can see McCrorie leaving Rangers and having a very good career.
  11. Funny 🙄 Scott brown gets nowhere near the abuse Morelos gets and the horrible thing that a rangers fan shouted to Brown about his sister was banned. The abuse they got/get was terrible, Lennon like Morelos brings it on himself a bit but there is a clear undercurrent to it, even when religion is taken out of it with Lennon. The guy that abused Scott Sinclair was banned. What do you think of the racism and abuse of Shay Logan by chance? I seem to remember some "staunch" defending by Celtic fans. I can see where this going and I actually can't be arsed playing a game of whataboutery/titfortat with you. So I'll leave it at both sets of supporters have some absolute roasters, racists and bigots. Both sets of fans are full of hypocrites, who only see the bad in the opposition and the good in their own and will use mental gymnastics to say you can't have a point because you support X and they've done this. There's stuff in my own support I can't stand or defend and won't (like some of the Lennon stuff), I hope you have a similar point of view.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50955557 Fair play to McGregor that is some amount of minutes, a true testament to his ability and engine. I can only imagine what he would be at if Celtic go far in Europe and Scotland make the EURO's.
  13. Cosgrove, Christie, Dykes, brown are all nasty players and Christie is quite the diver. None of them even remotely get the hate he does. I bet you probably think the hate sterling gets is justified and has nothing to do with race. Banned good one. Internal investigation with absolutely no outcome more like. Tavernier and Kamara were both racially abused in march nothing happened (check the fare report) Yes perhaps we should defend it like Celtic.
  14. There was a nonsense rumour started that Morelos and Christie had a scrap at fulltime in the tunnel and Morelos booted him in the baws. Truth is Christie has a burst blood vessel in his baw and left the stadium right after he was subbed. If their was any truth in it, Morelos wouldn't have been allowed to leave the country. He is currently doing his charity stuff in Colombia atm.
  15. If they liquidate what happens with the national team? Are they kicked out and have to reapply. I also seen UEFA gave them a multi million pound loan a few months back. They lose 3 sponsorship at the end of the season and have Delaney back in charge
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