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  1. RenfrewBlue


    It was the late 70s and had a wired remote control with about a 2 metre lead. Think it was a Panasonic but not sure. It was a short lived flirtation with the technological leading edge. 😁
  2. RenfrewBlue


    My Dad was dead before Messi came to prominence but he had a similar view as your Dad on Maradona. The only other players my Dad ever raved about were Puskas, Di Stefano and Davie Cooper.
  3. RenfrewBlue


    Cheeky young whipper snapper. 😁 I'm only 50 but my Dad was a big fan of Pele so I was possibly indoctrinated early on and was given a VHS tape when I was about 10 or so. I've watched loads of the old clips too.
  4. RenfrewBlue

    Racism in football

    Vivdly remember the abuse Walters got and it was Parkhead and Tyncastle as you say. Don't remember anywhere else being like that. I don't know the Celtic player and would have been too young to be watching the news or anything that would have highlighted it. Edit Apparently Wilson was born in Bangalore when his Scottish Dad married a Dutch Portuguese woman. The Wiki quote on abuse just says "He had dark skin tone and received racist abuse in his football career during Old Firm games against rivals Rangers and from supporters of his own club.".
  5. RenfrewBlue

    Racism in football

    Well said @Mox. Totally agree. Ever thought of standing for Parliament? 😉
  6. RenfrewBlue


    Let's face it. Winning the World Cup now is probably harder as there are more teams at the top levels during any competition. From that point of view would Maradona drag Argentina over the line now? Would the Brazil led by Pele achieve now what they did then? Probably not in both cases. While I can appreciate Messi, Ronaldo and Maradona, I just prefer Pele. It's probably down to my age and who I saw as a child. I don't agree about this Barcelona team being not very good. Without Messi they might not win the league but they are still a very good team.
  7. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Rangers

    Not seen any of the game but it sounds like the officials mate a rip roaring arse of the 2 biggest calls of the day. Doesn't matter who you support, despite what the obsessed eejits on here say, our officials are getting basic decisions wrong on a constant basis. There must be better out there.
  8. RenfrewBlue


    The viagra has affected Pele's eyesight then. I still think of Pele as the greatest of all time but he is a bit of a twat about it sometimes.
  9. Totally agree about social media. Everything is filmed these days so hopefully more and more of them are outed and banned.
  10. Don't think you're getting what I mean. Probably my fault for a pish explanation. It's like there's an excuse or it's OK to be a racist scumbag because they see people like them in positions of power. Does that help explain it a bit better? They've always been there but it's like they've come out of the cunt closet, so to speak.
  11. 2 Hearts fans arrested for racially abusing Motherwell player today as well as the moron from last week and his video of him shouting racist abuse at Celtic's Sinclair. Just further evidence of the poisonous effects of Brexit/Trump and the rise of the right wing or have these fuckwits always been there but were quietly awaiting their chance? Scumbags either way.
  12. Hopefully he recovers round about Hogmanay then. 😉
  13. Hopefully he recovers round about Hogmanay then. 😉
  14. I'm assuming Tierney is injured, as he's a big miss for the way Celtic like to play.
  15. Judging by the decision I'm not sure the ref knew what day it was, never mind if it was daylight.