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  1. Exactly. We've had decades of idiots from the Big 2 parties ballsing up the country. Even if the SNP are no smarter they are at least in the same boat as us.
  2. RenfrewBlue

    Indy Ref 2

    Sorry Mario but I'm a bit busy tonight. Can we sack York tomorrow instead? 😉
  3. RenfrewBlue

    Europa league qualifiers

    Rangers at 0-0 at half time. So far it's been mostly Rangers in control, according to the report with just a 5 minute spell for Shkupi.
  4. Bartley is a good footballer but wasn't physically strong enough for Scottish football. He's also more injury prone than Darren Anderton, the original sicknote.
  5. RenfrewBlue

    Cove v Aberdeen

    Thank goodness for that. Really don't like seeing head clashes when the players hit the deck like that.
  6. I was in Rhodes on my holibags and in a happy and benevolent mood. Hence the disgusting positivity in my post. 😉 Totally agree with what you've said. It's almost got to the point that Scottish teams will be excluded from the top European competition as we just don't bring enough cash to the table. It's pretty much a pointless exercise these days.
  7. RenfrewBlue

    Russia 2018

    You're probably right but I was thinking of performances in an England shirt. Scholes did not have many of those.
  8. Excellent result for Celtic in what could have been a banana skin tie. And with all 3 Scottish teams winning weight get a tiny boost in the Co-efficient yet.
  9. RenfrewBlue

    Russia 2018

    Don't know Foden but will keep an ear out for him in the future. Wiltshere is a busted flush. He's never going to be what his potential promised now. He's also never going to be fit until he learns to look after himself both on and off the pitch. The Ox is OK but nowhere near international class.
  10. RenfrewBlue

    Russia 2018

    Who? The last World class midfielder England had was Gazza and he was in the team that made the semi in 90. And the opposition was far better then too.
  11. RenfrewBlue

    Russia 2018

    Fair assessment missing only one thing. You have no international class central midfielders. That's the fine margin that will lose you game after game. If you had a Modric or Pogba even, you might have a better chance. Not sure if theres any youngsters that fit this bill coming through but it's what I'd try and find, if I was Gareth Southgate.
  12. Officially they are Mandarin Orange. Apparently that's what Rangers are billing them as. Honking cash ins on the brain dead rejects section of the fanbase is what I call them.
  13. You're right, it's not a problem. However the press like to play on the fact that no famous current player has come out openly. Theyre doing this because they are fishing and would stalk anybody who did come out looking for scandal or shite to print. It's how the scumbag press works. And how the moronic celebrity obsessed part of our "culture" likes it. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells just wants good players doing their job.
  14. I tend not to watch the BBC but I have explored the ways of avoiding the licence fee and its pretty much impossible. Admittedly this was a few years ago but I doubt anything has changed. Plus with small kids in the house you have to have a TV. It's child cruelty otherwise.
  15. And how do you stop funding them? The licence fee is now virtually nailed on unless you have no tech capable of showing TV. And why should you have to go back to the 40s to get peace from this sort of shite. We should have decent representation but due to numbers it's never going to happen and we can't not pay as the law is set up to prevent that option.