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  1. That's not an agenda. That's trying to push up their shite sales figures. You obviously think there's a reason behind this behaviour and I just wanted to know what you think.
  2. What agenda do you believe the papers have? Does anybody actually read them anymore?
  3. I really hope we do too. Fed up passing all our best players away to either richer clubs (Chelsea) or losing them because we don't play them. We should be trying to find games that these young lads can get blooded in and gain valuable 1st team experience.
  4. Only saw the first half but the boys looked really good and obviously a phenomenal result. Mair looked a decent keeper and the boys up front were really sharp. Pleased that the 4 boys from Rangers started and made a difference. Hopefully the entire team can make it onto the next stage.
  5. Looks like he's chucked it after being told he wouldn't be getting called up again. Nowhere near good enough anymore even with the low level of competition in our squad. Can't understand why he's lauded for trying his best. That's a basic minimum for international players. If you don't try your utmost, you shouldn't ever get called on again.
  6. He hit him with his appendage and injured him? McTominay must be popular with the ladies then. 😏
  7. Unless we drop another couple of pots we'll always have a team like that in our group. I'm glad Clarke gave different players a chance, especially in a game like this, so they get a build up rather than being chucked in against Belgium or Russia.
  8. Agree with this. Can't understand the criticism of McGregor. He's an excellent player who is currently off form at his club. Why would he be different for Scotland? Lazy of the coach to pick him, he obviously needs a rest.
  9. I'm glad he scored if even just to shut up the dafties like you. He's exactly the sort of striker needed to play against San Marino.
  10. Did you start one? If not, don't criticise others for not doing it either. It's hardly an important game.
  11. This is the problem, not the management, the players. There's no heart in any of them.
  12. Ferguson, Brown and Fletcher were leaders on the park. They wouldn't let their teammates lie down without goi g right through them. We have absolutely nobody like that just now. No leaders at all and it's horribly evident every time we concede.
  13. Exactly. They should do what is intended by the overuse of the word Hun on here and stop posting or using the TAMB. 🙄
  14. The players had a fresh start with the appointment of the new manager. There was no change in their attitude or effort levels. A major overhaul of the squad is required and I for one would be fine with ditching half of the dross from last night and blooding some of the younger guys in the next 3 games. Why pick Mulgrew again? Or Marshall or Snodgrass? Wasted jerseys.
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