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  1. With the draw they both have you have to fancy both teams to reach the group stages now. So we'll be improving considerably, hopefully.
  2. RenfrewBlue

    Europa league qualifiers

    Pretty accurate summary Barney. He really does have a voice to go into a coma with.
  3. RenfrewBlue

    Europa league qualifiers

    Morellos really needs to learn to not get involved in the wind ups.
  4. RenfrewBlue

    Europa league qualifiers

    Let's hope the cops have given them a nice heavy dose of instant justice. It's the only language these scumbags understand.
  5. Clyde your posts are, as ever, far more useful than anything in the MSM. Fingers crossed for Rangers and Hibs tomorrow and then let's see what they can achieve with a bit of confidence behind them.
  6. I totally misread that earlier. Thought it was a new contract. In that case, a bit more of a gamble then. Must have shown some potential previously though so time will tell.
  7. Don't know anything about the lad other then United just gave him a 4 year contract. Which implies he has something about him they think will develop. Could be a cracking deal in it for the Dons.
  8. Absolutely daft thing to do by Brown and it appears that the ref was looking right at it. Yellow at worst. Naismith deserves a yellow but based on the definition of reckless or dangerous I'd say Hayes could have had a red for the challenge that led to the handbags. No wonder he pretended to be injured.
  9. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Rangers

    Credibility? FFS you actually care what folk on here think about you. 😂
  10. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Rangers

    No, Belfast is currently in the UK, despite a lot of people wishing otherwise. I was using the Novo thing in the same way that Parky asked why I hadn't commented on a variety of incidents involving idiot Rangers fans. I hope you're going back to fling the tired whataboutery argument at him too? 😀 And thank you for answering the question. Could you maybe help teach Ormond about how that principle works while you're at it? 😉
  11. RenfrewBlue

    Hearts v Celtic

    I meant has he just got lazy? I just fancied a wee comparison at the same time. I think Sinclair smiles a bit more too.
  12. Lovely finish but woeful defending to let the lad who crossed it get in so easily. Why was the Celtic defender trying to wrestle him instead of just blocking the cross?
  13. RenfrewBlue

    Hearts v Celtic

    Is Sinclair a one season wonder or has he been shackled by injuries? He was pretty much unstoppable in his first season, was borderline most of last season and now, according to the Celtic fans on here anyway, he's mince. A touch of the Negri's?
  14. RenfrewBlue

    Hearts v Celtic

    So a stick on yellow then? 😉
  15. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Rangers

    Yes. I know, I get the difference between a question and a statement and I know that Belfast isn't a foreign city. I do look like an idiot, don't I.