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  1. Spot on. I have a friend who supports Partick and is so tired of the "who do you really support" question he pretends not to hear it. If you answer "pardon" enough times apparently even the morons fuck off. 😂
  2. The number of red card challenges that Motherwell players get away with against us is unreal. 😉 I think fans do remember dodgy decisions that go in their favour, they just don't admit it. 😁
  3. I have no Idea if Lennon is a dinosaur but he certainly isn't as good as Rodgers. So I can understand players seeing a drop in standards, in their eyes, and being upset. Whether that impacts or not remains to be seen.
  4. That's right, I forgot Rangers have never had a decision go against them. I've still got plenty of tinfoil left over from Christmas if your hat needs any repairs. And as has been stated above, if the refs are out to stop Celtic, how come you've won so many trophies?
  5. I didn't say they weren't stupid wrt refs, I just said not as mental. You've actually proved it with the quotes. Rangers implied the ref was a cheat but only said he made mistakes. Celtic, by backing Boyd, are saying the ref is deliberately cheating them. The lunatic fringe on both sides are as bad as each other but they do have their own specialist subjects.
  6. As soon as one of the foreign refs missed an obvious decision for Celtic you'd want him hunted. It's what Celtic fans do. Always cheated, never defeated. Rangers fans can be equally stupid but for some reason aren't quite as mental about refs.
  7. It was just so long ago and there were so many bullshit stories I was finding it hard to remember what actually did happen. 🤔 I always wanted Rangers to go for him but it never seemed to go anywhere but the papers.
  8. I saw some tweets on the mad Kerrydale account. I thought they were being made up but apparently they were accurate quotes. I thought it was only bitter oranges that whined like paranoid children? Puts him up there with the big cry baby Sutton. 😂
  9. 😂🤣😂 Does that mean that Neil Lennon is barred from this thread?
  10. Hendry was a joke signing. He was at his level at Dundee. Hayes can certainly do a job domestically. And Morgan needs time to develop. So maybe Celtic could have waited but they should be trying to ensure he gets game time at a decent level otherwise its a waste.
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