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  1. Your post belies your bias. I'm in full hun mode because I see the hypocrisy on here for what it is? Youre proving my point. @kumnio doesn't appear to read my posts just assumes things but that's apparently OK because his made up shit suits everyone else and let's them fire out the Hun pish, yet again. Not one poster on here has called him a fantasist, yet you do that with me when my posts are even remotely like his. If you can't spot the hypocrisy then there's no point in arguing with you. Either that or you're happy to treat Rangers fans differently.
  2. Yet again you're making stuff up. Nobody has said he isn't all of those things. Your tinted specs are preventing you seeing the actual words posted it seems.
  3. I'll ignore the haircut line as quite frankly it shows you must be as old as me. The rest applies to probably 20% of all professional footballers, yet you only harp on about Morelos. You're welcome. 👍
  4. Where has anyone said the decision was incorrect? Go on, show me.
  5. Of course he does. That, however, doesn't make him unique. In fact as far as I can tell, almost every player cheats. So what's your point?
  6. I haven't mentioned the SFA, Motherwell fans were snowflakes today but they are not alone in being like this and I don't believe Morelos is a victim, he's more often the perpetrator. There are time wasters, narky arseholes and plain nasty bastards in every team but the shite on here would have you believe that it's only in the Rangers squad.
  7. The rush to the front of the stand to get their invective fired at the halfwit who'd just scored? And the snowflake patter isn't patter. It's just a handy shorthand. But thanks for the advice.
  8. I'm not saying the red was wrong. It wasn't. It's the snowflakes in the crowd and the 2 faced arseholes on here that get up my nose. And the fact they can't cope with their bias being pointed out.
  9. Your first sentence is utterly ridiculous. And your second is right. He should be able to cope without a get it up you, but surely the Motherwell snowflakes could cope too?
  10. Decent football fans? Bunch of hypocritical snowflakes you mean.
  11. And you can kiss my rusty sheriffs badge ya tadger! 😉 It's amazing how folk have assumed I disagree with the red card. It was spot on and daft from Morelos. I'm just pointing out the 2 faced twats on here, that is all.
  12. Did you read my post? And by calling me a Hun you're exposing your own bias. If it had been Scott Brown the Celtic fans would be looking for a sainthood for him.
  13. Where did I say I disagreed with the red card? My posts not about that decision. It was perfectly correct. My post is about you lot of 2 faced whingers. It's not me that'd be at home in an echo chamber site. It's you.
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