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  1. Must be injured. He's the only one that apparently has professional pride. Can't stand Pogba. Completely over rated as only appears to really put a shift in for France.
  2. I don't see it like that. I see it more as a way of emphasising the fact that you don't have to be a Celtic fan to appreciate the quality of the man. Having said that it's also possibly just become the stock phrase and folk think it's expected of them.
  3. That's a bold prediction Parky. I think I'd go for Killie and Hibs the other way round but I agree Aberdeen will get 3rd. I'll predict Aberdeen 66pts Killie 62pts Hibs 59pts for the final standings.
  4. Great idea. I'd love it if there was a proper tribute to him at the final OF game. I know it's at Ibrox and there are enough rockets going to celebrate Fireworks night again, but surely to goodness the halfwits could shut the fuck up long enough for the football fans to celebrate a truly great Scottish player. If John Greig led a group of ex players on something on the pitch it should be a positive thing.
  5. I think the Killie Rangers result will depend on how the OF game went. If we win then Killie will likely beat us. If we lose the we'll be under more pressure to win.
  6. Forgetting the Rangers games, both Killie and Aberdeen will have to go some to beat Hibs. Higginbotham seems to have them playing really well and they're unbeaten under him in the league.
  7. Sad news indeed. Absolute legend of our game and will always be remembered as the first Scotsman to lift the European Cup and quite frankly a superb on field general. Beckenbauer was just the German Billy McNeill. As many have said, he was also an absolute gentleman and remember vividly meeting him and Danny McGrain in the WH smiths in Glasgow at a book signing. Both gave me a good natured ribbing for being a bluenose but they took it easy on me as I was just an awestruck 18 year old. I wanted to be a player like Ceasar or John Greig when I was a boy. True football royalty.
  8. I forgot. I can't possibly be impartial, I'm a Rangers supporter. How silly of me. Of course you'll be far more impartial what with it being your team involved. I haven't said that the red cards weren't warranted despite you continuing to imply that's my point. It's not. I think the ref was very inconsistent. And if you can't see the Aberdeen player grabbing McKenzies leg then can I recommend Specsavers. Admittedly that must have been the assistant's decision as the ref turned his back and ran off before the handbags started.
  9. Just seen the clip of Scott Brown diving to try and get a penalty. Embarrassing beyond belief. 😂😂 Should have been booked for the dive and booked for kicking the Hibs player with a third for being so blatantly shite at it. 😉
  10. Broadfoot - agree although it could have been a yellow if the ref was in a lenient mood. Findlay - how do you know what he was booked for? Cosgrove (?) was the instigator. McKenzie - try watching Sportscene. The replay is quite obvious. There's something going on and after a reaction he kicks out. It's a 50/50 offence. I'm not excusing McKenzie, just pointing out that he wasn't the only guilty party.
  11. I agree with most of what you've said but I think it needs qualified. Findlay's first yellow was fine too but why wasn't the Aberdeen player booked at the same time? He gave as good as he got and fell over like a big blouse from a wee push. Again McKenzie was daft but Ball was on the ground and looked to either nip or grab his leg. Either book or send off the pair of them. The decisions in themselves aren't too bad however not following through with the other half of the decision leaves the ref open to the criticisms he's received.
  12. It may not remove the controversy fully but it will get rid of a lot of it. Admittedly whilst the refs get used to using it, it will slow the game down but as they get better and actually use it properly I don't think it will make any difference. So much time is already wasted on the arsehole players surrounding the ref and moaning. The rules on the players waving the invisible yellow card are there but not enforced. If they were the practice would die out. This will apply to the "square window" sign too.
  13. Just beat Hamilton and match their results elsewhere and you're safe Jim.
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