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  1. RenfrewBlue

    league cup

    I can completely get the lack of attraction in the journey and hassle these games entail. I have similar feelings about Scotland games and I dont actually have that far to go. I didn't realise that Aberdeen fans were so fed up with McInnes though. Didn't you lot end Celtic's 5,000,000 game unbeaten run last season? And with Scotty's confidence in betting on the Rangers v Aberdeen league record with me this season, I had (mistakenly it seems) assumed a level of confidence amongst you for the games against Rangers. Genuinely surprised if the Dons fans are staying away due to this.
  2. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    See Sbcmfc's post. I didn't realise it was like that either until I read it on a news site the other day in relation to Lafferty. Knowing how intelligent Big Kyle is he probably didn't realise this either and thought he'd get away with it.
  3. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    I was meaning you're from deepest darkest Ayrshire. 😀
  4. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    Scotland could certainly have used the rule before but I'm not sure our FA has the balls. After all it could have been used with Griffiths this time but nothing. So I'd be shocked if they ever use it.
  5. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    You would know. You live in Staunchland! 😀
  6. RenfrewBlue

    Morton takeover

    No, but then I'm not a forensic accountant so I wouldn't have the requisite skill set. Can you show that I even exist and that I'm not a bot? An equally nonsensical question.
  7. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    Fuck political stuff. NI are entitled to do this, so it's just tough and they should accept it and move on. The ball is now in Laffertys court and its up to him if wants to keep playing for his country. The support can moan about as per. It'll mean nothing and influence nothing. I'd rather those "supporters" fecked off as well.
  8. RenfrewBlue

    McCann away

    Phoning Jim Traynor would induce tears in many people. 😀
  9. RenfrewBlue

    McCann away

    He didn't appeal because he realised he'd made an arse of himself. He is a liar though.
  10. RenfrewBlue

    McCann away

    He didn't trip himself. Have a look at the video. He just dived. He didn't try and ride the tackle either. He just falls over. He anticipated contact but instead of avoiding it he just threw himself to the ground. It's called diving. Plenty of players do it, from lots of different clubs. It's still cheating and it was a really obvious example. The funniest thing about it anyone saying it wasn't. Still not as pathetic as Lafferty's pretend headbutt or old Boydies dive a few years back but right up there in the top 5.
  11. RenfrewBlue

    Morton takeover

    The English FA wouldn't let them. Our FA will do FA.
  12. RenfrewBlue

    Northern Ireland - Lafferty

    Totally agree. That or they're expecting Lafferty to say sorry. Can't see that happening though.
  13. Cheers. You'd be surprised. My Sony sometimes charges quickly and other times it's an overnight job. Feckin useless. Battery also dies on its arse regularly during the day. Especially now its knocking on a bit. That's part of the reason for not sticking with Sony. Too expensive and shite battery life.
  14. Thanks Euan. Not seen these before so will have a look and see what they offer.
  15. RenfrewBlue

    Morton takeover

    Its already done the world over with feeder club arrangements. Its not new.