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  1. The ones whose blood pressure was raised are the ones we could do without anyway. Permarage knob ends.
  2. I doubt it. We avoided one of the biggest wastes of space to fill a football Jersey. You did us a massive favour. 😂
  3. Simply not good enough. At 3-1 it was obvious we needed fresh legs on. In fact before that the right back Smith should have been hooked. Then to finally throw the sub on with 5 minutes to go and for them to give away the penalty! It was definitely a penalty and I have no idea how the ref took so long to decide that. The shenanigans after that kind of proves the ref just wasn't up to it. Have to put a large part of the blame for this on Shelley Kerr's head. She should have changed the right back at half time but bottled it. No subs until it was 3-2 was another fuck up. If half of the posters on here could see these issues why couldn't Kerr?
  4. Kerr is complicit as she should have seen what was going on. Sub just on has given away a penalty now. FFS!
  5. Smith the right back has been at fault for both goals. Not just her for the first one but she really is out of her depth. Why have we not made any changes yet? Half of them are dead on their feet.
  6. Totally agree. Constantly out of position and the argies are getting in behind her.
  7. Is it just me and my nervousness but is Emslie also having a stinker?
  8. No. No 9 is Weir. No 10 is Crichton, who hasn't been much better.
  9. Yep but it also doesn't help that Caroline Weir seems to think we are playing in blue tonight.
  10. The biggest worry is our right back, Smith. The Argie winger seems to have the beating of her.
  11. Yesssssss. Now calm down and consolidate possession.
  12. Very much this. 😁 Let's hope the women can break the curse.
  13. Japan can have bad games too. Add to the fact that there's a lot of talk about Argentinas ranking being a bit false as they haven't played as many games as the other teams.
  14. Not a good performance so far. Wonder if the 4 changes havent helped or if we just played above average against the English?
  15. Japan are ranked 3 in the world. It's a bit like saying the men are shite for letting Brazil score against them. A wee bit of realism would be useful here.
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