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  1. Totally agree. I didn't think we were favourites anyway but after those games we're getting well beaten and unless there's a major reaction we won't win the league either.
  2. Shameful performance from Rangers tonight. These are the games that must be won to be proper title contenders. With a 2-0 lead we should never get pegged back by this Aberdeen side, who are frankly not very good. Some players may well have played themselves out of the team for the final and quite frankly I can't see us having an earthly on Sunday. Far too soft at the back and not actually playing that well elsewhere. Ach well, time for the January transfer rumours to begin.
  3. It might be controversial but unless it was on a free channel I wouldn't be watching Rangers v Stranraer
  4. Thank fuck for that. I thought my loyalty card for Huns'R'us was about to get cancelled.
  5. It's not faux, you are offensive. Why does the woman's sexuality need to be brought up? Its like us saying onanist instead of Macy37.
  6. You didn't use that word the first time. Faking innocence doesn't suit you.
  7. I got a warning and a suspended sentence for calling him out. Seems fair. 🤔
  8. I'm banned from there. Too Scottish or feniany or something. I can't remember and don't care. Frothing cesspit of fuckwits.
  9. They really are sad bastards. Their Butchers aprons are more important than actual people.
  10. Sorry mate, I should have given you some warning so you could prepare yourself. 😂 I just can't stand folk assuming things about you, just because you happen to support a particular team. If you have to define yourself by a football team, then you're a sad lifeless fucker. It's just a game.
  11. The Vanguard Bears have tweeted tonight that if you support Rangers you can't vote for the SNP. Interestingly they are currently getting told to fuck off by almost every responder. Glad to see my fellow bears putting these halfwits in their place. I've said it before, if you define your life by the football club you follow then you're a sad wee twat that really needs to grow the fuck up.
  12. Totally agree. These competitions become boring and pointless if it's always the same few teams. Look at the Champions league if you need a perfect example. Pretty sure the viewing figures for it must be declining as time goes on, especially in countries like Scotland or Belgium where the clubs don't regularly participate.
  13. Absolute nonsense! The rules are defined before the tournament starts and everybody knows them. We performed better than the other teams in our group. And the group was generated from a semi random draw. All this pish about we don't deserve it is just that. Pish. And apologies I'm not picking just on you. This is as far through the thread as I could keep my patience.
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