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  1. He forgot Scott Brown got sent off.
  2. Feel for the keeper. He's actually had a good 2nd half and then this.
  3. I'll keep that in mind, Jim, thanks. 😊 I've always gone to St Mirren games, especially when a poor student in the late 80s. Think you might be a few decades too late to get me to switch allegiances. Plus, from what I've experienced with my pals that support the Saints, I'm not mad enough. 😂
  4. Excellent result for St Mirren, slightly spoiled by Dundee winning. Rangers have effectively handed the title to Celtic with that performance. 18 shots with only 1 on target tells the story. Unless Killie can get a hat trick of wins at home to Celtic, I'd say the league is over.
  5. 2-2. Pretty sure Jim would be prepared for the equaliser and is probably even now sticking a fiver on a late Don's winner. 🙄
  6. Sadly I am at a children's birthday party in Falkirk at that point. Otherwise I may have been tempted to buy you a pint. Still 0-0 today after 15 minutes. Got to be positive. 😊
  7. So the Brexiteers won't be able to use their GPS and a torch to find their own arses then? 😂😂😂
  8. Oh dear. I'd go along to provide my support but I don't have a good record of seeing the Saints win. I'll maybe punish the kids when the weather gets better and take them along. 😉
  9. I've not been to see St Mirren this season for a variety of reasons. Are they really that bad? Is there no hope of avoiding relegation?
  10. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Celtic...

    The lack of movement was odd. It was the root cause of most of their problems. With the pace in the team they really should have done a lot better. Weah was interesting when he came on. Was good at taking the ball to feet but basically had zero impact on the game. Obviously a technically gifted lad and very quick but definitely needs a lot of work.
  11. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Celtic...

    As you say Parejo was excellent. Although I have to say I think McGregor could do the same thing given the right team around him. Starting to think Scotland might have a decent chance in the near future.
  12. Don't be daft, there was some sense in his post. You'll not see that coming out of Ibrox statements. 😉
  13. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Pretty much agree with all of this, although I don't think Burke helped himself as he kept making the wrong runs and the just stopped running entirely. He just isn't a Centre Forward at this level. Thought McGregor and Sinclair looked lively but needed better support to make an impact. And the new right back looked decent enough too. Rogers has essentially found his level in Scotland. He's tactically inflexible in Europe but doesn't have the players to be. Its fine against Scottish opposition as he has the better players then but against better teams he is unlikely to provide the tactics to win against the odds.
  14. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Aye. Sundays game will be a big test. If you win that then the league is probably done.
  15. RenfrewBlue

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Just realised Burke is on the pitch. In that case Brown is the 2nd worst Celtic Jersey. I've heard a lot of Celtic fans criticising Sinclair recently but he looks good so far, if they can get the ball to him.